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January 18, 2022
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About this title


The music scene in 1970s New York is still awash in sex and drugs, but rock 'n' roll is giving way to an era of punk, disco and hip-hop. Desperately trying to navigate the changing landscape is American Century Records founder and president Richie Finestra, whose passion for music and discovering talent has gone by the wayside. With American Century on the verge of being sold, a life-altering event rekindles Finestra's professional fire, but it may leave his personal life in ruins. Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter are among the creators of the hourlong drama series, which stars Bobby Cannavale (HBO's "Boardwalk Empire") as Finestra.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 14, 2016

Also Known As: 唱片啟示錄, Vinyl |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
rock 'n' roll
music business

Company Credits

Production Co: Sikelia Productions, Jagged Films |  See more »


Sara Wilson
as Glam Rocker
Stephanie Domini
as American Century Secretary
Aly Mang
as Glam Rocker
Michael Ross Davis
as Elvis Back Up - Gospel Guys
Braeson Herold
as Mitch
Tara Layne
as Downtown Folk/Sassy Girl at Club
Evelyn Spahr
as Checkout Girl
Rich Petrillo
as Roulette Player/Vegas Hilton Check-in Guest
Michael James Fry
as Music Industry Executive
Madison McKinley
as Nicole
Daniel Gold
as Dancer
Dominique Johnson
as DJ Kool Herc
Vladimir Komarov
as A Man in the Bank
Book Boards
as American Century Alibi Artist
MacKenzie Meehan
as Penny
Fletcher C. Johnson
as New York Dolls Bassist, Arthur Kane
David Demato
as Coventry Heckler
Adam Wade McLaughlin
as Trevor
Aldo Sergi
as Galasso Associate
Michael Ien Cohen
as Led Zeppelin Photographer
Samantha Strelitz
as Female Recording Studio Back Up Singer with Cardigan
Dominick Sabatino
as Blue Collar Rocker
Charlie Sausa
as Moose
Kent Sladyk
as Businessman
Zebedee Row
as Robert Plant
Samantha Buck
as Allison
Ralph G. Morse
as Guitarist
Celeste Octavia
as Max's Kansas City Rocker
David Rossmer
as Buddy Stengel
Dante Jayce
as Classic Rocker
John Cameron Mitchell
as Andy Warhol
Alexander Mercier
as Apple
Travis Quentin Young
as Johnny Ramone
Christian Peslak
as New York Dolls Singer, David Johansen/New York Dolls Vocalist, David Johansen
Kelly P. Williams
as VIP Backstage Concert Goer
Clara Wong
as Amy Wen
Thomas J. Bellezza
as Bouncer/Roadie
Christopher Jack
as Drug Dealer
Dustin Payseur
as Duck/Nasty Bits Lead Guitar
Ari McKay Wilford
as Conway Twitty
Mike Wilson
as Hells Angel
Wills Weller
as Pink Fairies Vocalist, Twink
John Cenatiempo
as Galasso's Thug
Luke Robertson
as Rafael
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Vegas Hotel Pool Guest
Armen Garo
as Corrado Galasso
Cameron McIntosh
as Warhol Boy
Kevin Dohrenwend
as Photo Journalist
Kendell Hinds
as Dancer
Janel Tanna
as Glam Rocker
Dustin Ingram
as Alice Cooper
Frankie Verroca
as Old Rummie
Burton Mazzone
as Banquet Photographer
Catherine Stephen
as Janis Joplin
Jesus Padilla
as Harlem Passerby
Jon L Peacock
as Music Executive
Lou Martini Jr.
as Mario Tempera
Frank van Putten
as Von Kinkel
Brandon James Ellis
as Wizard Fist Lead Singer
Dieter Riesle
as Waiter
Alonzo Wright
as Birthday Funk Band Sax Player
Fabrizio Milito
as Bartender
Cassandra Clark
as Shari
Magdalena Crujeiras
as Trudy
Tom Shane
as Oasis Swinger
Matthew William Jones
as Louis
Basilica Bierl
as Party Guest
Steve Routman
as Nelson Kleinberg
Katie Perpall
as Malibu Party Girl
Brian Patrick Murphy
as Open Shirt Heckler
Chris Angerman
as Led Zeppelin Guitar Tech (2016-2016)
Alexandra Avrami
as Mercer Glam Rocker
Sean Dylan Kraft
as John Cale
Ian Hart
as Peter Grant
Luke Carr
as Pink Fairies Guitarist, Paul Rudolph
Rose Ftz
as Blue Collar Rocker
Paul Jude Letersky
as Oasis Club Member
Armando Riesco
as Paul Bezak
Christian Paul Sherwood
as Business Man
Katrina E. Perkins
as Subway Passenger
Oakley Boycott
as American Century
Lance Lapinsky
as Jerry Lee Lewis
Joe Remy Dolinsky
as Police Officer
James Jagger
as Kip Stevens
Ian Unterman
as Todd
Kareem Bunton
as Bo Diddley
Stephen DeRosa
as Rabbi
Philip Radiotes
as Buddy Holly
Jenelle Sosa
as Oasis Club Hooker
Jim Bracchitta
as Harlan Reed
Sink Lindsay
as Groupie
Greg Vrotsos
as Detective Voehel
Migs Govea
as Chelsea Hotel Resident
Lena Olin
as Mrs. Fineman
Jonathan Rosen
as New York Dolls Lead Guitarist, Sylvain Sylvain
KJ Rothweiler
as Clubgoer
Jo'ell Jackson
as Bobby Blue Bland
J.C. MacKenzie
as Skip Fontaine
Jon Campolo
as Mike Bruce
T.J. Meyers
as Luntz
Gregory Bastien
as Otis Blackwell
Scott Stangland
as Eaton
Victor La Mantia
as Emcee
Joe Passaro
as Marco
C.P. Lacey
as Little Richard
Chuck Taber
as Doorman
Max Curnin
as Bearded Drag Queen
Brandon Michael Arrington
as Rec Room Party Guest
Delius Doherty
as Otis Redding
Paul Ben-Victor
as Maury Gold
Paul Vincent Rapisarda
as Subway passenger w/guitar
Brent Charles
as Party-Goer
Jack Doyle Smith
as Otto/Nasty Bits Bassist
Adam Griffith
as Gerard Malanga
Joe Caniano
as Leo
Michael J. Burg
as Hans-Jorg Vietz
Michael Wren Gucciardo
as Junkyard Attendant
Penelope Bailey
as Candy Darling
Shawn Wayne Klush
as Elvis
Anthony Vaughn Merchant
as Dwayne
Noah Bean
as David Bowie
Steven Ciceron
as Newspaper Stand Owner
Jake Turner
as Micky Dolenz
Josh Philip Weinstein
as Relative
Bill Rowell
as NYPD Tech
Steve Colson
as Piano Player
Joey Rullo
as Party Guest
Angelica Boccella
as Oasis Hooker, Blue Dress
Nadia Kay
as Baby Jane Holzer
Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer
as Moira/Moira Yankovich
Ursula Anderman
as Oasis Club Member
Alex Ammerman
as David
Phil Cappadora
as Officer James Magill
Dylan Nowik
as Jackson Browne
Max Kumangai
as Chris Kenner Back Up Singer #3
Matt McAllister
as Monitor Mixer
Erik Liberman
as Event Planner
Justin Haffner
as Birthday Funk Band Bass Player
Justin Osterhaler
as Lou's Driver
Bob Greenberg
as Harvey
Beth Dodye Bass
as Buck's Crying Mother
Allen McCullough
as The Amazing Randi
Kevin Carolan
as Engineer
Laurence Blum
as Norm
Jeffrey Bassin
as The Velvet Underground Roadie
James Thomas Bligh
as Cop #1
Roger Grunwald
as Mustachioed Polygram Exec.
Kati Rediger
as Nico
Michael Kostroff
as Allen Charnitski
Lorenzo Beronilla
as Press
Candice 'CJ' Johnson
as Bronx Dancer
Mlé Chester
as Cristina
Robert Popa
as Madison Square Garden Security
Andy Nordin
as Mercer Rocker
Richard Cline
as David Crosby
Branden Marlowe
as Record Company Executive/Mercer Security Guard
Christopher Moser
as Led Zeppelin Manager
Michael Simon Hall
as Jazz Enthusiast
P.J. Byrne
as Scott Levitt
Anita Soto
as American Century
Julie T. Pham
as Tibetan Girl 1
Ken Marino
as Jackie Jarvis
Chris Matesevac
as Ballroom Dancer
Matt Bogart
as Robert Goulet
Leslie Kujo
as Bob Marley
Tony Jarvis
as Birthday Funk Singer & Guitarist
Richard Mark Jordan
as Barry
Maria DiFazio
as Club Manager/Rocker Lady
Ella Steinbeck
as Tracy
Sean Gill
as Long-Haired Rocker
Nika Ezell Pappas
as Onlooker
Erica Eladia-Santiago
as Glam Rocker
Holly Googe
as Elvis Backup Singer
Ato Essandoh
as Lester Grimes
Lauren Lomma
as Groupie
Tod Rainey
as Record Executive
And Palladino
as Bat Mitzvah Waitstaff
Jamie Theurich
as Pedestrian
Tim Intravia
as Engineer
Chap Melford
as Oasis Clubgoer
Frederick Piña
as Untitled
Jarrod Goolsby
as Glam Rocker
Wesley Tunison
as Gram Parsons
Jessica Valencia
as DJ
Nicola Fiore
as Classic Rocker
Anita Sabherwal
as Oasis Hostess
Victoria Domnick
as Glam Rocker
Karen Morris
as Funeral attendee
Angela Raymond
as Glam Rocker
Rich Campbell
as Sound Engineer
Douglas Smith
as Gary/Xavier
Joseph Scarpino
as Blue Collar Rocker
Jesse Stier
as Elvis Fan
Natalie Prass
as Karen Carpenter
Aku Orraca-Tetteh
as Peter Tosh
Pavel Shatu
as Party Goer
Dave Shalansky
as Stuart Blume
Geoffrey Molloy
as Male Event Assistant
David Vadim
as Hilly Kristal
Stephen Sullivan
as John Lennon
Ksyn Cason
as Dancer
Justin Craig
as Long Haired Musician
Nathan James
as Drug Dealer
Athena Colón
as Antoinette Galasso
Wesley Miles
as Glen Buxton
Freddy Giorlando
as Coventry Heckler
Joey Ryan
as John Ford Coley
Jaster Leon
as New York Dolls Guitarist, Johnny Thunders
Lawrence Jansen
as Doorman
Michael De Quinzio
as Umbrella man
Kevin T. Collins
as Radio Station DJ
Emily Vazquez
as Rocker
Raymond T. Williams
as Tuffy
Christopher Piatt
as Blue Collar Rocker
Jonny D'Ambrosio
as Johnny Thunders
Emma Gordon
as Oasis Swinger
Michael Kaves
as Graffiti Writer
Alex Agard
as Chris Kenner Back Up Singer #2
Danny A. Abeckaser
as Rock Venue Doorman
Dan Hodapp
as Hilton Hotel Clerk
Viveca Gardiner
as Middle American
Dave Stishan
as Ray Sawyer
Brandon Ballone
as JizzaBella - Drag Queen
Hayden Frank
as Jan
James Vincent Boland
as Jeff Starship/Joey Ramone
Peter Tahoe
as Concert Promoter
Surya Botofasina
as Chris Kenner
Barbara Tirrell
as Gert
Guillermo Acevedo
as Tito Puente
Sandra Elizabeth Rodriguez
as Estella
Chris Monty
as Chick Brauer
Kelly Aaron
as Wife of Record Label Executive
Alex Bento
as Ronnie Finestra
Erik Alex Cruz
as Drug Dealer
Syhaya Aviel Smith
as Talkative Sedgwick Hooker
Peter Grosz
as Nate Druker
Kenneth Pattengale
as England Dan
Orli Hersch
as Karen
Joe Fionda
as Oasis Club Member
Katie Kocik
as Elvis Fan
Nori Ortiz
as Cocktail Waitress
Kati Sharp
as Vivian
John Ventimiglia
as Lou Meshejian
Catherine Harris-White
as Ruth Brown
Maury Ginsberg
as Doug
Martin Cartegena
as New York Dolls Drummer, Jerry Nolan
Lucy Engelman
as Coventry Rocker
Frances Eve
as Patty
Ilona Cheshire
as Desk Clerk
Mickey Theis
as Eddie Cochran
Ben Mayne
as Billy Name
Mike Steinmetz
as Danny Goldberg
Emily McNamara
as Female Event Assistant
Christian Navarro
as Jorge
Ken Forman
as Hugh
Ben Brock Wilkes
as Pink Fairies Drummer, Russell Hunter
Jett Salazar
as Mercer Rocker
Champian Fulton
as Female Recording Studio Back Up Singer
Isaiah Richardson Jr.
as Birthday Funk Band Sax Player (Tall)
David Drake
as Delphine
Stephanie Corbett
as Heroin Addict
Gene Jones
as Colonel Tom Parker
Olivia Wilde
as Devon Finestra
Chris Cardillo
as Music Executive
Tamika Lawrence
as Starr
Connor Hanwick
as Lou Reed
Andrew Dice Clay
as Frank 'Buck' Rogers
James David Rich
as Record Executive
Victoria Meade
as Girl in Gold Shirt
Holly Zuelle
as Groupie
Lara Allen
as Woman in Bank
Jack O'Connell
as Theatre Manager
Erin Birgy
as Maureen Tucker
Emma Cooper
as Led Zeppelin Groupie
Lino Del Core
as Blackjack Dealer
Jessica Spangler
as Model
Daniel Crosby
as Sterling Morrison
Joseph Dimartino
as Detective/Oasis Club Member
Carla Rhodes
as Max's Kansas City Patron
Kerri Rose
as Oasis Hooker, Yellow Dress
Chuck English
as Rec Center Attendee
Harrison Cofer
as Jimmy Page
Lawrence J Murphy
as Beach Frisbee Thrower/Malibu Party Guest
Ray Romano
as Zak Yankovich
Jay Klaitz
as Hal Underwood
Shana Kaplan
as CORE Rocker
Rodrigo Lopresti
as Danny
Adam Feingold
as Cousin
Matte Osian
as Libor
Karen Marie Richardson
as Birthday Funk Band Female Vocalist
Julianna Pitt
as Pan Am Stewardess
Steve Ferrarie
as Entourage/Hanger on
Bill DiVita
as Bob the Photographer
Jill Larson
as Bellamy
Erin Cole
as Sylvia
Bo Dietl
as Joe Corso
Katie Rose Summerfield
as American Century Office Girl
Irving Louis Lattin
as Howlin' Wolf
Cory Kastle
as Rocker
Tom Sierchio
as Galasso Victim
Kristoffer Cusick
as Ondine
Tara Bruno
as Music Industry Wife
J. C. MacKenzie
Jen Emma Hertel
as Brigid Berlin
Jae Greene
as Lonnie
Juno Temple
as Jamie Vine
John Francomacaro
as Dee Dee Ramone
Robert Funaro
as Tony Del Greco
Keston John
as Topcat
Jeff Biehl
as Zeppelin Stage Manager
Bobby Cannavale
as Richie Finestra
Thomas Lyons
as Friendly Manager
Christianne Greiert
as Music Industry Wife
Giancarlo Dittamo
as Subway Passenger
Daniel J. Watts
as Hannibal
Richard Short
as Billy McVicar
Malcolm Xavier
as Johnny/DJ
Anna Sherbinina
as Irina
Blake Alan Deemer
as Hannibal Concert Photographer
Holly Moore
as Elvis Fan Girl
Giovanni Celentano
as Bobby Scalia
Martin Abrahams
as Movie Theater Vagrant
Ephraim Sykes
as Marvin
Nathan Blaney
as Passenger
Brian Calì
as Stage Manager
Griffin Newman
as Casper
Antonios Papadogiannis
as Roadie
Tina Benko
as Gloria
Annie Parisse
as Andrea Zito
Michael Gam
as Pink Fairies Bassist, Duncan Sanderson
John Rue
as Musician's Lawyer
Brian Hutchison
as Agent Seeley
Celia Au
as May Pang
Max Movish
as Coventry Punk
Tommy Davidson
as Nasty Bits Guitarist/Nasty Bits Second Guitarist
Johnny Alonso
as Gibby Oasis Club
John Brodeur
as Singer-Songwriter in Nightclub
Thomas Gardner
as Nolan/Nasty Bits Drummer
Morgan Nichols
as Tony Bennett
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen
as Ingrid
Emily Tremaine
as Heather
Ty Taylor
as Lester Grimes
Rachel Kastner
as Glam Rocker
Carrington Vilmont
as Ernst
Liam Lane
as Cory
Max Casella
as Julie Silver
Kandé Amadou
as Sweet inspiration (Elvis' singers)
Val Emmich
as Alex
Brett Schneider
as Stephen Stills
Darryl Reuben Hall
as The Cleaning Guy
Vince Nudo
as John Bonham
Paul David Miller
as Bearded Drag Queen
Till Schauder
as Polygram Exec.
Eric Blondo
as Birthday Funk Band Trumpet Player
Jack Quaid
as Clark Morelle
Billy Eric
as Homeless Guy
Hannah Townsend
as Topless French Maid at Party
James Dwyer
as Store Clerk
Ben Foley
as John Paul Jones
Jason Cottle
as Detective Whorisky
Alex Van Zeelandt
as Glitter Girl
Susan Heyward
as Cece
James Kautz
as Salesman
Mike Dudolevitch
as Mick Ronson
Ari Werlein
as Glam Rocker (2015-)
Bianca Madison
as Nora
Ben Rezendes
as Dennis Dunaway
David Proval
as Vince Finestra
Geeta Pereira
as Oasis Club Hooker
Nigel Swinson
as Harlem Kids
Pauline Sherrow
as Principal Dancer #4
Nick Vivid
as Stu
Chris Anderson
as Guitar player
Clinton Charles Jones
as Glam Rocker
Rony Clanton
as Horace
Holly Glasser
as Record Label Assistant
Mickey Jaiven
as Partygoer at Andy Warhol's Factory/Partygoer at Mercer Arts Center
Brian Shoaf
as Male Recording Studio Back Up Singer
Ivan Goris
as Rico
Josh LaCount
as Rocker
Don Puglisi
as Stanley Bard
Belle Smith
as Jenna Finestra
Flora Wildes
as Pineapple Girl
Michael Drayer
as Detective Renk
Carson Kelly
as Dean
Shavey Brown
as Chris Kenner Back Up Singer #1
Maria Di Angelis
as Oasis
Jacqueline Honulik
as Flight Attendant
Rudy Renelique
as Banquet Waiter
Roberta Wallach
as Lydia
P. J. Byrne
Rob Barnes
as Wade
Blake DeLong
as Neal Smith
Pernell Walker
as Smiling Sedgwick Hooker
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as Denny Selby

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 10 Episodes




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