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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Viking Ragnar Lothbrok is a young farmer and family man who is frustrated by the policies of Earl Haraldson, his local chieftain who sends his Viking raiders east to the Baltic states and Russia, whose residents are as poor as the Norsemen. Ragnar wants to head west, across the ocean, to discover new civilizations. With assistance from his friend Floki, Ragnar builds a faster, sleeker fleet of boats to help him make it to the Western world. Through the years Ragnar, who claims to be a direct descendant of the god Odin, continues to struggle with Earl until the two face each other in a final battle for supremacy. Following that, Ragnar goes on a search for new lands to conquer.

Country: Canada

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 3, 2013

Also Known As: Viikingit, ヴァイキング 〜海の覇者たち〜 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16, 14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

historical fiction

Company Credits

Production Co: World 2000 Entertainment, Take 5 Productions |  See more »


Blake Kubena
as Prince Askold
Tallulah Belle
as Jorunn
Cian Gallagher
as Saxon Servant
Conor Hegarty
as Viking/Rus Soldier
Maude Hirst
as Helga
Ellyn Jade
as Nikani
Des Carney
as Waerferth the Scout
Conn Rogers
as Canute
Josefin Asplund
as Astrid
Adam McNamara
as Thorhall
Eddie Drew
as Odin
John Wolfe
as Viking Warrior
Albano Jerónimo
as Euphemius
Philip O'Sullivan
as Bishop Edmund
Faolan Barry
as Aethelred (young)
Wesley O'Duinn
as Warrior 1
Michael Power
as Ivar's Bodyguard/Captain of the Guard
Danny O'Connor
as Messenger 1
Rex Ryan
as Soldier
Yuri Ribeiro
as Viking Warrior
Carmen Moore
as Pekitaulet
Elijah Rowen
as Asbjorn
Gary Murphy
as Bishop Unwan
Keith Ward
as Blacksmith
Carl Shaaban
as Jesus
Laurence Foster
as French Archbishop/French Bishop
Tyrone Kearns
as Dead viking
Duncan Lacroix
as Ealdorman Werferth
Mabel Hurley
as Young Lagertha
Andrei Claude
as Ganbaatar
Jake O'Loughlin
as First Saxon Boy
Isabelle Connolly
as Anna
Jonathan Ryan
as Noble 3
Clodagh Downing
as Midwife
Caitlin Scott
as Judith's Sister
Tristan McConnell
as Greenland Settler/Grey Viking/Saxon Warrior/The Merchant
Anthony Brophy
as King Svase
James Oliver Wheatley
as First Warrior
Luke Pierucci
as Frankish Farmer
Noah Syndergaard
as Thorbjorn
Hannah Behan
as Shield Maiden
Nabil Massad
as Papal Legate
Adam Goodwin
as First Scout/Saxon Noble
Mishaël Lopes Cardozo
as King Hakon
Jamie Maclachlan
as Aldwin
Aisling Reid
as Harold's Servant
Daniel Aherne
as Viking Warrior
Richard Ashton
as Thorvard
Aron Hegarty
as Mercian Commander
Seán McGillicuddy
as Osric
Eddie Jackson
as Monk
David Michael Scott
as Nils
Moah Madsen
as Gunnhild's Servant
Amy De Bhrún
as Jarl Hrolf/Ingergird
Erik Madsen
as King Hemming
Ben Robson
as Kalf
David Maine
as Royal Servant
Fionn Foley
as Bell Monk
Sam Doyle
as Saxon 1
Jessalyn Gilsig
as Siggy Haraldson
Katheryn Winnick
as Lagertha
Gabriel Byrne
as Earl Haraldson
Russell Balogh
as Bishop Aldulf
Steve Cash
as Wolfgar
Ferdia Walsh-Peelo
as Alfred the Great/King Alfred
Sophie Vavasseur
as Princess Ellisif
Rudi Kennedy
as Young Man
Cameron Hogan
as Magnus
Lexi Rose
as Angel of death/Old woman
Gaia Weiss
as Porunn
Dylan McDonough
as Papal Secretary
Svea Killoran
as Asa
Guy Carleton
as Patriarch/Russian Priest
Carrie Crowley
as Elisef/Ellisef
Dagny Backer Johnsen
as Snaefrid
James Browne
as Messenger
David Sterne
as Gudmund
Orlaith Doherty
as Shield Maiden/Rider
Olga Wehrly
as Saxon Woman
Edvin Endre
as Erlendur
David Lindström
as Sigurd
Fredrik Hiller
as Jarl Thorkell/Thorkell
India Mullen
as Aethegyth
James Quinn Markey
as Ivar
Wesley French
as Peminuit
Tristan Heanue
as Blacksmith
Simon Coury
as Saxon Priest
Donal Logue
as King Horik
Ian Brooker
as Bishop
Robert Follin
as Berserker
Aaron Lee Reed
as Viking
Siobhan Kelly
as Egil's Wife
Charles Last
as William Son of Rollo
Alicia Agneson
as Freydis/Katia/Ivar's Slave Girl
Roisin Murphy
as Elsewith/Queen Elsewith
Nathan Gordon
as Monk
Acahkos Johnson
as Ne'pa'tes
Ciara Ivie
as Young Iceland Woman
Bryan Quinn
as One-Eyed Man
Aoife Byrne
as Shield Maiden
Riku Rokkanen
as Viking
Alicia Gerrard
as First Woman
Angus MacInnes
as Tostig
Tony Condren
as Executioner
Jerry-Jane Pears
as Idun
Jouko Ahola
as Kauko
Robert Fawsitt
as Drunken Saxon/Saxon #1
Gary Buckley
as Vik/Vik (Ellisif's Husband)
Kelly Campbell
as Ingvild
Alex Mills
as First Young Viking
Karin Floengard Jonsson
as Shield Maiden
David Murray
as Lord Aethelwulf
Victoire Dauxerre
as Nissa
Gary Kenneally
as Bjarke
Brian Fortune
as Injured Noble
Jim Roche
as Saxon Scribe
Gavan O'Connor-Duffy
as King Frodo/Housecarl 1
Moe Dunford
as Aethelwulf
Nathan Hughes
as Slave
Diarmaid Murtagh
as Leif
Katie Castle
as Shield Maiden
Jill Harding
as Judith's Maid
David Ryan
as Northumbrian Reeve
Declan Conlon
as Wigstan
Sean Duggan
as Monk
Ceire O' Donoghue
as Third Young Woman
Josh Donaldson
as Hoskuld
Ed Murphy
as Gardar
Niall Cusack
as Abbot Lupus
Eric Higgins
as Knut
Cillian O'Gairbhi
as Saxon Warrior #2
Lothaire Bluteau
as Emperor Charles
Celine Nihicidhe
as Shield Maiden
Peter Dillon
as Viking Scout
Marcus Lamb
as Physician
Brendan Conroy
as Blind Driver
Simon Boyle
as Priest
Jordan Coombes
as Shield Maiden/Shieldmaiden/Viking Settler
Anna Åström
as Hild
Jack McEvoy
as Helgi the Lean
Jens Christian Buskov Lund
as Olrik
Gail Brady
as Wife of Drunk
Steve Wall
as Einar/Uncle Einar
Charlie Kelly
as Egil
Rebecca Grimes
as Female Servant #2/Shield Maiden
Michael Johnston
as Messenger 2
Marco Ilsø
as Hvitserk
Conor Madden
as Eric Trygvasson
Bryan Baker
as Drunken Northman
Anna Sheils-McNamee
as Young Nun
Jonathan Milshaw
as Messenger
Mark Quigley
as Kiev Noble/Saxon Guard/Saxon Soldier/Viking/Wessex Noble
John Mulvey
as Viking
John Kavanagh
as The Seer/Pope Leo IV/Seer
Michael James Ford
as Noble 2
Lucy Johnson
as Shield Maiden
Kristine Kenina
as Shield Maiden
Morgane Polanski
as Princess Gisla
Brian Kearns
as Viking Warrior/Kattegat Villager/Wounded Warrior
Patrick O'Donnell
as Dealer
Aidan O'Hare
as Clergyman
Ann Skelly
as Ethelfled
Michelle O'Flaherty
as Shieldmaden/Shield Maiden
Chris McHallem
as Ealdorman 2/Saxon Noble/First Saxon Noble/Noble 2
Dean Ridge
as Magnus
Steve Wilson
as Horik's Companion
Joe Doyle
as 1st Older Viking Man
Shane Robinson
as Kattegonian Man
Roanna Cochrane
as Slave Girl
David Shannon
as Ealdorman 1/Noble 1
Aisling Goodwin
as Shield Maiden
Emma Willis
as Gyda
Ian Meehan
as Frankish Officer
Tim Creed
as Orlyg
Ross Magee
as Boat Captain
Christopher Dane
as Condemned Man
Mei Bignall
as Thorunn
Adam Behan
as Ivar Scout/Warrior 1
Niamh Hogan
as Shield Maiden
Lorena Weldon
as Bjorn's Victim
Robert MacDomhnail
as Viking Warrior
Kieran O'Reilly
as White Hair/Viking Rider
Allan Keating
as Saxon Priest
Frank Prendergast
as Bishop Cynebert
Ben Smith-Short
as Second Saxon Boy
Connor Rogers
as Canute
Gemma Weston
as Shield Maiden/Mercian Guard
Tadhg Murphy
as Arne
Daniel Paton
as Rus Officer #1
Ben Roe
as Guthrum
Lenny Hayden
as Viking #1 Farmstead
Alyssa Sutherland
as Queen Aslaug/Princess Aslaug/Aslaug
Mark McAuley
as Envoy
Aoife Maloney
as Chief Priestess
Claire Jenkins
as Earl 3
Alex Payne
as Rus/Viking
Cathal O'Hallin
as Hvitserk
Jonathan Kemp
as Wigea
Luke McQuillan
as Rus Sentry 2
Emily Fox
as Harold's Servant
Laura Sibbick
as Shield Maiden/Saxon Woman
Chris Tallon
as Viking
Stephen Rockett
as Hvitserk
Jefferson Hall
as Torstein
Gustaf Skarsgård
as Floki
Alexis Forbes
as Grim Giantess/Old Woman
Thomas Quill
as Icelandic Settler
Rosalie Connerty
as Angrboda
Matthew O'Brien
as Saxon #1 Farmstead
Eva Bartley
as Midwife
Ross Matthew Anderson
as Lagertha's Father
Martin Phillips
as Old Monk
Dez McMahon
as Haraldson Kinsman
Amy Donnelly
as Shield Maiden
Vincenzo Di Tommaso
as Terrifying Creature
Cathal Sheahan
as Earl 2
Melody Sorensen
as Kattegonian/Rus
Chris Gallagher
as Monk
Eve Connolly
as Thora
Michael Redmond
as Rus Soldier
Nicolas Van Beveren
as Stranger
Maria Guiver
as Oleg's First Wife
Ivo Alexandre
as Bishop Leon
Jonathan Delaney Tynan
as Lord Cuthred
Cormac Melia
as Ubbe
Adam Copeland
as Kjetill Flatnose
Edward Linard
as Rus
Amber Jean Rowan
as Floki's Slave Girl
Laurence O'Fuarain
as Hakon
Shashi Rami
as Slave Trader
Keith McErlean
as Lord Denewulf
Richard McWilliams
as Saxon Scout
Rob Malone
as Thorgrim
Alexander Ludwig
as Bjorn Lothbrok/Bjorn Ragnarson
Huw Parmenter
as Roland
Elinor Crawley
as Thyri/Thyri Haraldson/Thryi
Elizabeth Moynihan
as Gunnhild
Darren Cahill
as Aethelred
Barbara Griffin
as Sorceress
Keith Anderson
as Horik Nobel
Rob Walsh
as Aelle's Cleric
Hilary Rose
as Female Servant #4
Laurence Falconer
as Rider
Søren Pilmark
as Stender
Kathy Monahan
as Eira
Jack Nolan
as Earl Jorgensen
Ronan Summers
as Herigar
Cian Quinn
as Olaf, Son of Igolf
Sinead Gormally
as Tanaruz
Rachel Walker
as Shield Maiden
Greg Orvis
as Siegfried
Jennie Jacques
as Judith
Luke Shanahan
as Ubbe
Anna-Maria Jopek
as Female Skald
Stephen Cromwell
as Kattegonian
Alvaro Lucchesi
as Pagan Priest
Derry Power
as Older Man
Jack Walsh
as Scotus
Edmund Kente
as Bishop Swithern
Jennifer Florence
as Shield Maiden
Owen Roe
as Count Odo
Oisin Murray
as Tarben
Gary Farrelly
as Young Boy
Paul Reid
as Mannel
Patrick Murphy
as The Saxon
Mark Kelvin Ryan
as Ragnars Recruit/Viking Youth
Brent Burns
as Skane
Des Braiden
as Father Cuthbert
Anton Giltrap
as Guthrum
Phillip Lewitski
as We'jitu
Ian Gerard Whyte
as King 3
Gerard McCarthy
as Brondsted
Katie McCann
as Harold's Servant
Owen J. Barton
as Warrior
Rachel-Mae Brady
as Young Woman
Stav Dvorkin
as Baltic warrior/Collaborator
Travis Fimmel
as Ragnar Lothbrok
Lauterio Zamparelli
as Viking/French Officer
Linus Roache
as King Ecbert
Markjan Winnick
as King Angantyr
Billy Gibson
as Ulf
Oliver Price
as Galan
Aine Hayden
as Old Woman
Michael Judd
as Village Elder
Graeme Redmond
as Slave
Kal Naga
as Ziyadat Allah
Paul Ward
as Hairdresser/Priest 2
James Cosgrave
as Birthmark Viking
Steven Blades
as Rus Officer #2
Kristy Dawn Dinsmore
as Amma
Sebastian Vermeul-Taback
as Osiric
Adam Traynor
as First Viking/Warrior 2
Sandra Voe
as Witch
Sean Tracy
as Egbert
Lianne Bowley
as Shield Maiden
Lenn Kudrjawizki
as Prince Dir
Peter Michael Dillon
as Alfred's Mounted Bodyguard
Laura Flynn
as Shield Maiden
Tony Owen
as Older Man
Niall O'Brien
as Second Young Viking
Tomi May
as Jarl Olavosonn/Jarl Olavson/Jarl Olavsonn
Bryan Larkin
as Wiglaf
David Wilmot
as Olaf Andwend
Serena Kennedy
as Anna
Gabriel Constantin
as Commanding Officer
Ciaran O'Grady
as Greenland Settler/Kattegat Defender/Viking/Viking Man
Tamaryn Payne
as Widow Ordlaf
Conor Ryan
as Second Noble
Malcolm Douglas
as Cyneheard/Ealdorman 3/Noble 3
Nathan O'Toole
as Bjorn Lothbrok/Bjorn
Holly McCredden
as Shield Maiden
Andy Kellegher
as Saxon Warrior #1
Ruby O'Leary
as Gyda
Amy Hughes
as Shield Maiden
Maxim Boshell
as Ivar's Axe Boy
Gwynne McElveen
as Farmer's Wife
Jay Duffy
as Ari
James Craze
as Bul
Neill Fleming
as King 2
Emma Eliza Regan
as Aoife
Lee Hunter
as Saxon Scout/Second Scout
Rick Burn
as Warrior/King 1
Muireann Bird
as Harold's Servant
Charles Sans
as Viking Elder/Dead Viking Elder/Elder Viking/Injured/Viking Warrior
Liam Clarke
as Gudmund
Morten Suurballe
as Sigvard
Ian Beattie
as King Brihtwulf
Ian Lloyd Anderson
as Naad
Ida Nielsen
as Margrethe
Scott Graham
as Frodi
Ragga Ragnars
as Gunnhild
Lee Bennett
as Eastern Rus Noble
Donal Gallery
as Second Viking
David Byrne
as Bandit 1
Aoibheann McCann
as Skadi
Ben McKeown
as Crowbone
Karen Connell
as Angel of Death
Anthony Kinahan
as French Sentry
Mark Lavery
as Ivar's Male Slave
John Merriman
as Second Mercian Archer
Eddie Elks
as Olafur
Tom Hopkins
as French Archbishop
Finn Gillespie
as Young Viking
Lucy Martin
as Ingrid
Martin White
as Bandit 2/Housecarl
Katherine Devlin
as Natasha
Andrea Scholer
as Wet Nurse
Fiach Kunz
as Viking Messenger
Breffni Holahan
as Sister Annis
Dean O'Neill
as Viking Warrior
Ciaran McGlynn
as Saxon #2 Farmhand/Saxon #2 Farmstead
Michelle Beamish
as Female Servant #3
Michelle Costello
as Female Servant #1
Ciara Hilliard
as Shield Maiden
Sean Condren
as Saxon Warrior Scout 2
Bosco Hogan
as Lord Abbot
Barry McGovern
as French Archbishop
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
as Bishop Heahmund
Eimear O'Grady
as Shield Maiden
Michael Hirst
as Executive Producer/Self - Writer
Daryl McCormack
as Young Arab Man
Ivan Kaye
as King Aelle
Michael Hough
as Frightened Warrior/Warrior #2
Craig Whittaker
as Hakon
Caroline Simonnet
as Shield Maiden/Mercian Guard
Thorbjørn Harr
as Jarl Borg
Jessy Danner
as Shield Maiden
Jasper Pääkkönen
as Halfdan the Black
Danila Kozlovskiy
as Oleg of Novgorod/Prince Oleg the Prophet
Karen Hassan
as Therese
Caoimhe Garvin
as Young Saxon Girl
Will Guppy
as Chamberlain
Einar Selvik
as Shaman
Tim Fellingham
as Viking Messenger
Deborah Wiseman
as Second Woman
Gerard Miller
as The Stranger
Kevin Flood
as Old Man
Bobby McGlynn
as Blind Beggar
George Blagden
as Athelstan
Alex Høgh Andersen
as Ivar
Martin Maloney
as Vigrid
Brian McGuinness
as 2nd Older Viking Man
Seán T. Ó Meallaigh
as Prudentius
Lulubelle Earley
as Jorunn
Alexander Downes
as Noble 5
Pagan McGrath
as Woman
Trevor Cooper
as Earl Bjarni
Clive Standen
as Rollo
Amy Potter
as Woman
Niamh Algar
as Second Woman
Ciaran McMahon
as Rus Official
Renars Latkovskis
as Rus Guard
Neil Watkins
as Viking Council Noble
Morgan C. Jones
as Law Giver
James Murphy
as Ansgar
Noella Brennan
as Gudrid
Matt Ryan
as Peasant Man
Eric Johnson
as Erik
Sam Lucas Smith
as Edwin/Saxon 2
Cillian O'Sullivan
as Eirik
Jordan Patrick Smith
as Ubbe
Marty Maguire
as Second Saxon Noble
Alan Devine
as Ealdorman Eadric
Patrick Kelly
as Monk
Cathy White
as Ealswith/Elsewith
Lalor Roddy
as Fisherman
Vladimir Kulich
as Eric
Mark Fitzgerald
as Warrior
Lauren Farrell
as Female Slave
Alexander Campbell
as Second Warrior
Ross McKinney
as Frankish Farmer
Michael Liebmann
as Saxon Messenger
Martha Christie
as Roman Prostitute
Noni Stapleton
as Pagan Priestess/Priestess
Steven Berkoff
as King Olaf the Stout
Sarah Greene
as Judith
Marko Leht
as Torturer
Lochlann O'Mearáin
as First Noble
André Eriksen
as Black Cloaked Figure
Frankie McCafferty
as Sinric
Leah McNamara
as Aud
Paul Booth
as Saxon Officer
Neil Keery
as Alexei
David Coon
as Roman Relic Seller
Elijah O'Sullivan
as Sigurd
Maciej Rychly
as Pipe Player
Deirdre Mullins
as Peasant Woman
Dave Boyle
as Saxon Warrior Scout 1
John Hogg
as Third Young Viking
Adam Winnick
as Viking Warrior/Black Dane Viking/Rangvald Harald's Captain
Fiona McGeown
as Earl 1
Matthew Ralli
as Spy
Gary Kane
as Rus Sentry 1
Elodie Curry
as Asa
Kevin Durand
as Harbard/The Wanderer
Dave Rowe
as Guard
Georgia Hirst
as Torvi
Niall Ó Sioradáin
as Chief Priest/Pagan Priest/Priest Uppsala
Kevin McCann
as Man in Kattegat
Paul Kealyn
as Blacksmith
Muiris Crowley
as Third Saxon Noble
James Flynn
as Eadric
Danila Kozlovsky
as Oleg of Novgorod
Peter Gaynor
as Lord Edgar
Gina Costigan
as Runa
Eoin Leahy
as Rus Soldier
Jinny Lofthouse
as Shield Maiden/Hild
Jee Hewson
as Shield Maiden
Chris Peters
as Rus Soldier
Joseph Duggan
as Viking/Ivar bodyguard
Donna Dent
as Rafarta/Woman
Dianne Doan
as Yidu
Sandy Kennedy
as Sylvi
Conor Marren
as Saxon #2
Ray Stevenson
as Othere
M.E. Lewis
as Old Warrior
Dave Curry
as Mercian Commander
Ryan Henson
as Hali
Paul J. Coffey.
as Noble Man .
Jack Olohan
as Viking Farmer
Chris Powell
as Rus Captain
Elshka Lane
as Katia's Servant
Sean Bingham
as Rus Soldier
Colm O'Brien
as Tower Sentry
Eamonn Draper
as Bishop
Lemuel Black
as Viking/Rus
Kris Holden-Ried
as Eyvind/Dom
Aaron Monaghan
as Burgred
Karima McAdams
as Kassia
Chooye Bay
as Old Man in Market
Simon Jewell
as Frankish Officer
Jack Hickey
as Warrior #3
Carolyn Murray
as Blacksmith's Daughter
David Pearse
as Svein
Michael O'Flaherty
as Clergyman 2
Jonathan Gunning
as Magician/Priest/Wessex Fool
Desmond Eastwood
as Messenger
Shane Lynch
as Moneylender
Melissa Maria Carton
as Young Mother
Damien Devaney
as Wilfred/Priest 1
Will Irvine
as Brother Cenwulf
Amy Bailey
as Queen Kwenthrith/Princess Kwenthrith
Dafhyd Flynn
as Adam
Oran Glynn O'Donovan
as Igor
James Jake Martinez
as Young Monk
Nigel O'Neill
as Viking #2 Farmstead/Viking Farmer
Mark Huberman
as Louis
Aonghus Og McAnally
as Messenger
Brendan McCormack
as Leof
Conor Lambert
as Viking Trader
Isaac O'Sullivan
as Alfred
Conor O'Hanlon
as Alfred
Peter Franzén
as King Harald Finehair
as Envoy

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 9 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 20 Episodes

Season 5

2017 | 20 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 20 Episodes




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