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January 21, 2022
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About this title


It features stories told through a distinct reporting lens, immersive narratives and fresh perspectives on the important - and sometimes controversial - issues defining today's culture.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: November 1, 2019

Also Known As: Vice Investigates, VICE InvestigatesInvestigations by Vice |  See more »


Plot Keywords


Charlet Duboc
as Self - VICE Correspondent
Krishna Andavolu
as Self - VICE Correspondent
Josh Hocieniec
as Self - Course Participant
Steve Salvatore
as Self - Co-Host, Doctor & The Diva
Kira Peralta
as Self - Austin, TX
as Self - Monsta X
Josh Nerius
as Self - Former Measles Patient
Katrina Karkazis
as Self - Bioethicist & Anthropologist
Don Spencer
as Self - 2nd Amendment Association
Mark S. Roberts
as Self - Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh
Eduardo Guimarães
as Self - Press Advisor to Eduardo Bolsonaro
Melody Lauer
as Self - Firearms Instructor
Igor Matvienko
as Self - Presidential Council for Culture and Art
as Self - Monsta X
Sheila Ealey
as Self - Author and Activist
Earl Conaway
as Self - Attorney, Fisher Law Office
Janette Calderon-Rivera
as Self - Manager, Western Pacific
Jair Bolsonaro
as Self - Brazil
JoanMarie Asher
as Self - Jay Asher's Ex-Wife
Lars Smith
as Self - Course Participant
Jared Kushner
as Self - Senior Advisor to the President
Andrea Yearwood
as Self - High School Athlete
Henrietta Fore
as Self - Executive Director, UNICEF
as Self - Monsta X
Siyoon Yoon
as Self - Student, Def Dance Academy
Maybe Baby
as Self - Friendzone
Karina Vlastnik
as Self - Founder, Steep Tea Co.
Monsta X
as Themselves - K-Pop Band
Shane Smith
as Self - VICE Founder
Marina Silva
as Self - Fmr. Minister of the Environment
Joe Lindenberger
as Self - Ethan's Dad
Payoshni Mitra
as Self - Advocate
Emmanuel Macron
as Self - France
Raken Ali Ouda
as Self - Houthi Fighter
Ethan Lindenberger
as Self - Vaccine Advocate
Alzo Slade
as Self - VICE Correspondent
Christina Love Lee
as Self - Contestant, Superstar K3
Isobel Yeung
as Self - VICE Corespondent/Self - VICE Correspondent
as Self - Monsta X
as Self - Illegal Logger
Ahmad Mansour
as Self - Manager, Museum of the Resistance
Queen Mathilde
as Self
Dariana Hart
as Self - Austin, TX
Sebastian Coe
as Self - President, IAAF
Andrew Wakefield
as Self - Anti-vaccination Activist
David Keyes
as Self - Former Spokesman, Prime Minister of Israel
Daniel Guajajara
as Self - Forest Guardian
Cuiabano Lima
as Self - Rodeo Announcer
Jackie Schlegel
as Self - Executive Director, Texans for Vaccine Choice
Saad Hariri
as Self - Lebanon
Sarah Davis
as Self - State Rep., R-Harris County
Yvens Paranhos Vieira
as Self - Brazilian Armed Forces
Rick Remington
as Self - Course Participant
Tim Michetti
as Self - Regional Ops Head, Conflict Armament Research
Harrison Ford
as Self - Actor
as Themselves - Hip Hop Group
Lindsey Graham
as Self - R-South Carolina
Rosa Elena Jerez Masaquiza
as Self - Ecuadorian Representative, CONAIE
Homero Tarrago Neto
as Self - Civil Police of Pará State
Adecio Piran
as Self - Journalist
Ari Fuld
as Self - Activist
Doris Dyen
as Self - Dor Hadash Congregation
Mustafa Ghanim Ahmed
as Self - Houthi Fighter
Del Matthew Bigtree
as Self - Host of The HighWire
Cassandra Crifasi
as Self - Center for Gun Policy and Research, John Hopkins
Dua Al-Showaiki
as Self - Saudi Escapee
Mark Irwin
as Self - Gun Owner
as Self - Hip Hop Artist
Sebastian Walker
as Self - VICE News
Chase Strangio
as Self - Attorney, ACLU
Annet Negesa
as Self - Former Elite Runner
Yang Sun Kyu
as Self - CEO, Def Dance Academy
Kweon Young Chan
as Self - Founder, Celebrity Suicide Center
Roger Pielke
as Self - Director, Sports Governance Center, University of Colorado, Boulder
Hillary Simpson
as Self - Founder, Crazymothers
Lacy Waller
as Self - Mom, Immunize Texas
Hye Jin Lee
as Self - Professor of Communications, USC Annenberg
Mya Binkley
as Self - Friend of Ethan
Will Mooneyham
as Self - Gun Owner
Ivanka Trump
as Self - Advisor to the President
Elias Guajajara
as Self - President, Commission of Araribio Indigenous Leaders
Todd Wolynn
as Self - CEO, KidsPlus Pediatrics
Mujahid Majed Yahia Ismaeel
as Self - Yemeni Resistance Giants Brigade
Steve Aoki
as Self - DJ and Music Producer
Jillian Bearden
as Self - Elite Cyclist
Jinny Suh
as Self - Mom, Immunize Texas
Abdulkhaliq Murad
as Self - Houthi Fighter
Kimberley Locke
as Self - Co-Host, Doctor & The Diva
Dmitry Dzhulai
as Self - Former Anti-Extremism Officer
Bill Peduto
as Self - Mayor of Pittsburg
Hassan Rouhani
as Self - Iran
Jonathan Perlman
as Self - New Light Congregation
Katie Cotterell
as Self - Manager, Pizzaiolo
Cairale Wolff
as Self - Labor Enforcement
John Johnston
as Self - Firearms Instructor
as Self - Monsta X
Benjamin Netanyahu
as Self - Israel
Tim Harper
as Self - Second Amendment Activist
Haeryun Kang
as Self - Freelance Journalist
Sarah Mire
as Self - Pro-vaccine Mom
Aleksandr Samykin
as Self - Head of Anti-Dealer Regional Division
Donna Insalaco
as Self - Charlie Hallowell's Business Partner
Maximila Imali
as Self - Elite Runner
Nikhil Jain
as Self - CEO and Co-Founder, ObEN
Jair Oliveira
as Self - Rancher
Brian Hook
as Self - U.S. Special Representative for Iran
Gianna Toboni
as Self - VICE Corespondent/Self - VICE Correspondent
Ahmad Tibi
as Self - Deputy Speaker, Knesset
Josh Hersh
as Self - VICE Correspondent
Sophie Raud
as Self - K-Pop Fan
Jay Asher
as Self - Author, 13 Reasons Why
Carolyn Ban
as Self - Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence
Paulo Barreto
as Self - Senior Researcher, IMAZON
Ngozi Nnaji
as Self - Andrea Yearwood's Mother
Chad Hermann
as Self - Communications Director, KidsPlus Pediatrics
Mimyo Yongmin Moon
as Self - K-Pop Music Critic
Rob Conroy
as Self - CeaseFire PA
Yvonne Chaka Chaka
as Self - Singer, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
as Self - Yemeni Resistance Giants Brigade
Charlie Hallowell
as Self - Chef, Restaurant Owner
Robin Wright
as Self - Contributing Writer, The New Yorker
Tarana Burke
as Self - Founder, Me Too Movement
Siwoo Hong
as Self - Student, Def Dance Academy
Paula Radcliffe
as Self - Former Elite Runner
Seyed Hossein Mousavian
as Self - Former Iranian Diplomat
Khalid Bin Salman
as Self - Deputy Defense Minister, Former Ambassador to the U.S., Saudi Arabia
Elijah Wickander
as Self - Course Participant
Johnny Isakson
as Self - U.S. Senator, Georgia
Steve Cornelius
as Self - Former IAAF Representative
Dan Zwonitzer
as Self - R-Cheyenne
Matthieu Reeb
as Self - CAS Secretary General
Joshua Hathaway
as Self - Psychologist, Coach
Ashley Jeffery
as Anti-vaxx nutjob
Melissa Hayden
as Self - Boyfriend Killed by Former Boyfriend
as Self - Hip Hop Artist
Mikhail Degtyarev
as Self - Deputy, Russian State Duma
Jeff Leach
as Self - State Rep., R-Collin County
Doriane Lambelet Coleman
as Self - Law Professor, Duke University
Micky Rosenfeld
as Self - Superintendent and Spokesman, Israel Police
Mahmoud Abbas
as Self - Palestinian National Authority
Jeff Richardson
as Self - Edmond Police Department
Crocky Boy
as Self - Friendzone
John Correia
as Self - Firearms Instructor
Bernadino Guajajara
as Self - Forest Guardian
Beth Hoffman
as Self - PhD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
as Self - Director, Who Do U Love?
Joanna Harper
as Self - Medical Physicist
as Self - Hip Hop Artist
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
as Self - Founder, Children's Defense Fund
Jerome Adams
as Self - Surgeon General of the United States

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2019 | 8 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

American Cinema Editors, USA 2020


American Cinema Editors, USA

Best Edited Non-Scripted Series

News & Documentary Emmy Awards 2021


News & Documentary Emmy Awards

Outstanding Feature Story in a News Magazine

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