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October 27, 2021
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About this title


It's 1667 and 28-year-old King Louis XIV has finally taken over sole command of France. When he commissions Versailles, Europe's most beautiful palace, the nobles seek entry into the lavish residence, which they do not realize is meant to imprison and control them. Among the ruler's prime targets is his younger brother, Monsieur. There's also romance in King Louis' life, as his queen, Marie Theresa, tries to tame his wandering eyes and win his heart back from his mistress, the English king's sister. Love, power, betrayal and war are all part of daily life in Versailles.

Country: France, Canada

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: November 16, 2015

Also Known As: ヴェルサイユ, Βερσαλλίες |  See more »


Plot Keywords

royal family
historical fiction

Company Credits

Production Co: Capa Drama, Incendo Productions |  See more »


Paul Bandey
as De Blaye
Augustin Rousseau
as Musketeer
Harry Hadden-Paton
as Gaston
Marie-Agnès Ganga
as Nabo
Victoire Dauxerre
as Adele de Vasseur
Gianluca Matarrese
as Merchant
Nicholas Mead
as Augustin
Yves-Pol Deniélou
as Footman
Tom Ainsley
as Benoît
Hannah Arterton
as Soeur Hermione
George Webster
as William of Orange
Dominique Pinon
as Lunatic
Gilly Gilchrist
as Jacques
Ernesto Costa
as Tristan
Tosin Cole
as Kobina
Noémie Schmidt
as Henriette
Jack Ellis
as Prison governor/Prison Governor
Vincent Moussie
as Young Nobleman
Raphael Acloque
as Deserter
Charles Martins
as Pascal de Saint Martin/Young Man
Audrey Quoturi
as Noblewoman
Dag Leonardsson
as New Messenger
Marine Pédeboscq
as Lady in Waiting
Sonia Gleis
as Nymph
Tygh Runyan
as Fabien Marchal
Colin David Reese
as Nobleman
Hélène Dars
as DARS Hélène
Anatole Taubman
as Montcourt
Dominique Blanc
as Anne of Austria
Romane Coumes
as Prostitute
Pascal Duthuin
as Warrior
Jessica Clark
as Palatine
Diana Stewart
as Abbess Sybille/Abbesse Sybille
George Blagden
as Louis XIV
Cédric Martin
as Guard
Sarah Winter
as Louise de La Vallière
Jean-Hugues Anglade
as Man in the Iron Mask/The Man in the Iron Mask
Holger Daemgen
as Emissary
Daniel Horn
as Nobleman
Raphael Roger Levy
as Mike
Max Hayter
as Villette
Keith Bartlett
as Golovine
Maximilien Seweryn
as Prison Guard
Quentin Faure
as Burly Man
Benedita Pereira
as Princess Isabella Braganza
Julie Maes
as Madame Maquart
Steve Cumyn
as Colbert
Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux
as Sophie's Friend
Chloé Oliver
as Noblewoman
Hélène Church
as Delphine - Lady In Waiting
Symone Beligbia
as Aida
Antoine Blanquefort
as Doctor
Julian Eggerickx
as Ugly Soldier
Jean-Baptiste Sagory
as Young Nobleman
Lizzie Brocheré
as Claudine
James Joint
as Father Pascal/Père Pascal
Maddison Jaizani
as Sophie
Suzanne Clément
as Madame Agathe
Pip Torrens
as Cassel
Jerome Borenstein
as Tomas
Anna Cottis
as Lauren
Gabriel Brown
as Guard
Gaëtan Wenders
as Warrior
Joseph Olivennes
as Musketeer
Bénédicte Liot
as Whore - Opium Den
Ken Bones
as Cardinal Leto
Mark Rendall
as Thomas Beaumont
Alain Churin
as Priest
Clement Toyon
as Di Marco/DiMarco
Catherine Walker
as Maintenon/Scarron/Francoise de Maintenon
Christian Starr Lassen
as French Rider
Max Delor
as Monsieur De Reynaud
Axel Gallois
as Guard
Julien Sarazin
as Bastien's henchman
Stuart Bowman
as Bontemps
Amira Casar
as Béatrice
Alexandre Foin
as Drillaux
Barnaby Apps
as Veteran
Tim Loane
as Olivier
Pascal Henault
as Bastien's Henchman
Crystal Shepherd-Cross
as Madame De Reynaud
Greta Scacchi
as Madeleine de Foix
Calum MacPherson
as Big Fella/Big Man
Rupert Vansittart
as Throckmorton
Nathaniel Spender
as Louis XIV (10 Yrs.)/Louis XIV (10 years old)
Allan Mac Horn
as André
Olivia Gotanègre
as Françoise Parthenay
Francois Carpenter
as Architect
Peter Hudson
as Dr. Masson
Matt Vladimery
as Fan/La Roux
Nathan Willcocks
as Luxembourg
Alice Wall
as Charlotte Parthenay
Sabrina Bartlett
as Mathilde
Armen Georgian
as Taxman
Evan Williams
as Chevalier
Serge Feuillard
as Robiquet
Ned Dennehy
as Father Etienne
Elisa Lasowski
as Marie-Thérèse/Marie-Therese
Alexander Vlahos
as Monsieur Philippe d'Orléans/Monsieur Philippe D'Orleans/Monsieur Philippe d'Orleans
Selva Rasalingam
as Barek
David Stanley
as Louis XIII
Cécile Dominjon
as Noblewoman
Joe Sheridan
as Louvois
Geoffrey Bateman
as Bossuet/Bishop Boisset/Bishop Bossuet
Cédric Vallet
as Head Musketeer/Swiss Guard
Dan Rosson
as Austrian Minister/Austrian minister
Margot Maricot
as La vieille dame
Matthew McNulty
as Guillaume
Fairbairn Alan
as Nervous Man
Jérémy Parisi
as Garde rapproché du roi Louis 14
Jessica Hinds
as Palatine's Lady in Waiting
Daphne Patakia
as Eleanor
Michèle Clément
as Noblewoman
Daniel Lapaine
as Charles II
Pascal Lopez
as The Frondeur
Anna Brewster
as Montespan/Madame de Montespan
Marie Askehave
as Delphine
Camille Rutherford
as Odile
Jessé Rémond Lacroix
as Messenger
James D. Sheppard
as Turnkey
Derek Hutchinson
as Giovanni Cassini
Jenny Platt
as Jeanne
Andrew Eldridge
as Astrologer
Sinan Bertrand
as Voyant
Keith Farquhar
as Nobleman
Cédric Weber
as Wine Waiter
James Flynn
as Cavanel
Jacky Pratoussy
as Delphine's father
Blaine Pettebone
as Musketeer Hugues
Fabien Hagege
as Footman
Paul Spera
as Courier Boy
Nathalie Boyer
as Noble Woman
Carmen Cabello Sanchez
as Marie-Thérèse's Lady in Waiting/Housemaid/Queen's Maid
Patrick Albenque
as Tutor
Sofia Atman
as Housemaid
James Clack
as The Dauphin/Dauphin
David Coburn
as Libéral Bruand
Zachary Fall
as Young Priest
Steven Elder
as Rebel Soldier
Conor Lovett
as Dutch Minister
Allain Naron
as Monsieur Delbart
Nicolas Perrault
as The Invisible Man
Fu'ad Aït Aattou
as Violin Player
Anthony Flanagan
as Bastien
Alexia Giordano
as Nymph/Young Woman
Frances Pooley
as Marie-Louise
Stéphanie Campion
as Madame Secretan
Nathalie Portal
as Hooker/Noblewoman
Trixie Lhomme
as Soeur de crecy
Thierry Harcourt
as Le Nôtre
Frankie Wallach
as Angélique
Rory Keenan
as Leopold
Marcus Griffiths
as Annaba
Xavier Bonadonna
as Junkie
Théo Frilet
as Young Soldier
Chloe Hollings
as Housemaid
Yohann Chopin
as Jaubert
Roger Grinstein
as Villagers
Cassandre Dagon
as Noble
Sébastien Corona
as Young Spanish
Nicolas de Lavergne
as Lord Arrundel
Ace Bhatti
as Sultan of Bijapur
Gabrielle Lazure
as Mother Superior
Prokash Roy
as Spice Merchant
Tom Neal
as Messenger
Phareelle Onoyan
as Isabelle
Alexis Michalik
as Rohan
Georgina Leeming
as Companion
Audrey Kouame
as Coco
Noah Labastie
as Bontemps' son
Tony Martone
as Le tanneur
Franck Brusset
as Nobleman
Vincent Chaumont
as The Cook
Isabelle Katz Liza Pivert
as Middle-class woman
Kate Colebrook
as Montespan's Friend/Solange - Montespan's Friend
Isabelle Ziental
as Chambermaid
Valérie Thoumire
as Madame de Beauvais

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3




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