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October 21, 2021
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About this title


The murder of high-school student Lilly Kane shook the seaside town of Neptune, California to the core. For once popular girl Veronica Mars, it meant the loss of her best friend and being ousted from the affluent crowd that she once thought were her friends. Her father, Sheriff Keith Mars, found himself voted out of his job after making some unpopular accusations about the murdered girl's family. In response, Keith opened his own private detective agency. Now, Veronica, with her sardonic wit and a few new friends, works as his assistant while also navigating life as a high school (and later college) student.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: September 22, 2004

Also Known As: Weronika Mars, Veronica Mars |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school
private investigator
teenage romance

Company Credits

Production Co: Silver Pictures Television, Stu Segall Productions |  See more »


Kendall Rose
as Jodie Levine
Gwendolyn Oliver
as Choir Teacher
Chris Ellis
as Reverend Ted Capistrano
Matthew Bilodeau
as Connor
Robyn Richards
as Shania
Brian Oblak
as Roger
Todd Christian Hunter
as Assistant Coach
Scott Vance
as Bob Sargent
Lucy Lawless
as Agent Morris
Juan Monsalvez
as Mexican Cop
Kim Kutner
as Roxie
Nathan L. Davis
as Anchor
Adam Kaufman
as André
Jack McGee
as Mr. Murphy
Francisco M. Martinez
as Allen/Cop/NUTT Supporter/Parent
Sean Rose
as Gram O'Dell
Daniele O'Loughlin
as Tory
Brooke Thomas
as USNN Newscaster
David Tom
as Chip Diller
Justin Foley
as Pizza Guy
Lylah Michelle Dixon
as Corny's Friend
David Magidoff
as Jeff Ratner
Philippe Bowgen
as Perry Walsh/Mole Man
Jonathan Bennett
as Casey Gant
Melissa Hoover
as Shelly Pomroy
Kat Coiro
as Collette
Paul Edney
as Hotel Guest
Trevor Wooldridge
as Spring Breaker
Cody Renee Cameron
as Dancer #2
Virginia Williams
as Heidi Kuhne
Marat Oyvetsky
as Yevgeni Sukarenko
Dustin Hess
as Spaghetti Server
Ameenah Kaplan
as Loretta Cancun
Brian Ritter
as Danny Barry
Jessy Schram
as Hannah Griffith
Erik Eidem
as Larry
Alexandra Fatovich
as Waitress
Cristina Balmores
as Dawn
Nelson Mashita
as James "Jim" Cho
Tom McCafferty
as Fireman Bill
Richard Grieco
as Steve Botando
Bradley Joseph
as Felix Toombs
Jason Beghe
as Cormac Fitzpatrick
Kristopher Logan
as Morty the Homeless Man
Julie Lowery
as Singer #2
Ryan Devlin
as Mercer Hayes
Chevonne Burton
as Cute Girl
Jacquelyn Ross
as Passing Coed
Bob Gunton
Krista Kalmus
as Claire Nordhouse
Benjamin Seay
as Randy
Tangie Ambrose
as Jalisa Jones
Mary McDonnell
as Jane
Michael James
as Student
Robert Sudduth
as Jason Cohen
Tessa Thompson
as Jackie Cook
Clifton Collins Jr.
as Alonzo Lozano
Skyler Shaye
as Natalie Landers
Sam Huntington
as Luke Haldeman
Matthew Alan
as Gorya 'Gory' Sorokin
Bobby Edner
as Justin Smith
Andrew Levy
as Adam
Robert Matthew Hoglund
as Caroler #5
Dana Davis
as Cora Briggs
Cassidy Horn
as Ms. Starr
Charisma Carpenter
as Kendall Casablancas
Nathanael Johnson
as The Guy
DeAnna Driscoll
as Distraught Woman
Jim Jansen
as Walt Harvey
Patrick Fabian
as Professor Hank Landry
Robert Maschio
as Sports Guy
Kate McNeil
as Betina Casablancas
Ryan Coyle
as Margarita Vendor
Theo Rossi
as Norris Clayton
Michael McMillian
as Pete Comiscky
Janora McDuffie
as Kim
Valorie Curry
as Jane Kuhne
Karenssa LeGear
as Cat Fighter
Jerry Shea
as Leon
Norman Black
as Deputy
Juliette Goglia
as Heather Button
Andrew Tinpo Lee
as Jim
Bradford Anderson
as Ryan
Cole Williams
as Derrick Carr
Vanessa Lee Chester
Paris Hilton
as Caitlin Ford
Courtney Taylor-Taylor
as Courtney
Grace Eberle
as Jillian
David Blue
as Beefy Resident
Laura Roth
as Nicki
Jennifer Dorsey
as Mel's Assistant
Shanna Collins
as Pam
Lorenzo Rodriguez
as Juror
Kristen Bell
as Veronica Mars
Matthew Patrick Davis
as Customer
Brian McGovern
as Doctor Bernard Mitchell
Janene Possell
as School Nurse
J. Francisco Rodriguez
as Herc
Marcus McGee
as Trent
Victoria Bruno
as Malone
Mak DeGennero
as Brock
Randy Mulkey
as Sheriff Clapton
Adam Hendershott
as Vincent "Butters" Clemmons
Jeffrey D. Sams
as Terrence Cook
Christopher Fairbanks
as Sebring Man
Jake Green
as Kevin Ricks
Steve Guttenberg
as Woody Goodman
Michael Crider
as Lawyer
Mandy Gill
as Honey
Kyla Pratt
as Georgia
Kunal Sharma
as Brett
Matt Thompson
as Mr. Spivak
Micah Brock
as Student
Azita Ghanizada
as Amira Krimani
Roman Carter
as High School Student
Abby Miller
as Blonde Female Caller
Suzanne Cryer
as Grace Schaffer
Kirby Howell-Baptiste
as Nicole Malloy
Michael Hyatt
as Woman's Studies Professor
Nat McCormick
as Tad's Lackey/Ted
Cameron Meyer
as Mrs. Hills Honors Ad
Mather Zickel
as Calvin Linden
Jackie Debatin
as Madame
François Chau
as Hu
Nikea Gamby-Turner
as Vanessa
Leigh Scarritt
as Carla
Courtney Gebhart
as Natalie Mackenzie
Michelle Hayden
as Cart Girl
David J. Lee
as Officer Sasaki
April Nelson
as Ready Renee
Cher Ferreyra
as Fern Delgado
Ari Graynor
as Jessie Doyle
Charley Rossman
as Manny
Lucas Grabeel
as Kelly Kuzzio/Wanna Score Boy
Whitney Anderson
as Kim's Friend
Reuben D'Anthony
as Darrell/Darrell Fennel
Laura San Giacomo
as Harmony Chase
Nicole Scalese
as Cheerleader
Leonard Wu
as Hamilton Cho
Venus DeMilo Thomas
as Rebecca Porter/Reporter #2
Brian Kimmet
as Brant
Steve Monroe
as Gabe
Jeremy Glazer
as George
Irene Olga López
as Leticia Navarro
Norman MacKinnon
as Video Clerk
Ashlee Buchanan
as Cat Fighter
Angelica Bridges
as Sugar Jones
Monique Gaffney
as Homeroom Teacher
Charles Shaughnessy
as Budd Rose
Anne L. Nathan
as Blind Date #2
Michael Kostroff
as Mr. Pope
Inger Tudor
as Restaurant Manager
Gil Birmingham
as Leonard Lobo
Drew Kenney
as Volleyball Player
Chris Wiley
as Band Dork
Christine Estabrook
as Madame Sophie
Mel Fair
as Doctor
Jonathan Halyalkar
as Omar
Greg Baine
as Mike
Amelia Alvarez
as Amy Pope
Michael E. Rodgers
as Colin Nevin
Daniel Bess
as Cole
Alexandra Harris
as Grace/Grace Manning
Lisa Thornhill
as Celeste Kane
Tiffany Lowery
as Medical Professional
Ken Marino
as Vinnie Van Lowe
John J. York
as Randall
Joshua Harto
as Donald Fagin
Kevin Foster
as Conductor Frat Guy
Haaz Sleiman
as Nasir Ben-Hafaid
Ken Merckx
as Paparazzi
Brigitte Tamar
as Bartender
Christopher Dempsey
as Deputy
Martin Yu
as Mr. Wu
Eric Ladin
as Derrick's Brother
Kristin Dattilo
as Carla Cotter
Billie Jones
as Cindy/Nadine
Artie O'Daly
as Rookie Deputy
Jaime Ray Newman
as Mindy O'Dell
Christine Lakin
as Susan Knight
Skyler Dennon
as Shop Merchant
John Bennett Perry
as Principal Alan Moorehead
Helen Taylor Ryu
as Caroler #6
John Kellar
as Dash
James Molina
as Thumper
Jermaine Williams
as Bryce Hamilton
Ruth Stehle
as Mrs. White
Kurt David Anderson
as Donaldson
Cameron Bender
as Nathan
Paityn James
as Arriana
Jennifer Gareis
as Cheyenne
Carole Davis
as Sabirah Krimani
Mido Hamada
as Daniel Maloof
Deana Tucker
as Sly's Friend #2
Naima Mora
as Ms. Dumas
Connor Chavez
as Darren
Shontae Saldana
as Gang Member
Charlie Koznick
as Drew
Rebecca Kitt
as Juanita Gant
Orestes Arcuni
as Honus Wagner
Jesse James
as J.D. Sansone
Patrick Wolff
as Hector
Ryan Eggold
as Charlie Stone
Bethany Clayton
as Councilwoman
Harrison Myers
as Owen
Robert Gunton
as Clerk
John Sylvain
as Car Wash Boss
William Regan
as Martin
Marcos De Silvas
as Officer Soto
Sam Vaghani
as Nutt Opponent
Lukas Gage
as Cory
Zac Henry
as Mouth
Frank Gallegos
as Dodie Mendoza
Bridget Hoffman
as Ellen Sinclair
Andre Boyer
as Jerky Dude
Wendy Worthington
as Drugstore Clerk
Enrico Colantoni
as Keith Mars
Alex Solowitz
as Tyler Carr
Jeremy Ray Valdez
as Marcos Oliveres
Caleb Steinmeyer
as Charlie
Shannon Beth Coogan
as Caroler #4
Kevin Gregg
as Clerk
Angela Casassa
as Carly
Sean Sedgwick
as Roadhouse Waiter
Denise Gossett
as Charlie's Mom
Dianna Agron
as Jenny Budosh
Meredith Roberts Quill
as Cute as a Bug Manager
Blythe Auffarth
as Betina Marone
Benito Paje
as Corazon Soliman/Phuong
Carey Scott
as Guy with Camera
Kevin Symons
as Mitch Redding
Mark Gadbois
as Man
Denney Pierce
as French Teacher
Gary Weeks
as Detailer
Elaine Brammell
as Martha
Leslie Durso
as Receptionist
Vanessa Chester
as Maureen Thorthon
Christie Fite
as Astrid
Amy Rider
as Charlotte
B.J. Britt
as Rashard Rucker
Rachelle Lefevre
as Marjorie
Lenny Schmidt
as Officer Wozowski
Rick Peters
as Dr. Tom Griffith
Verina Marcel
as Enriquefreaaque69
Lisa Pedace
as Randi Doyle
Ian Ward
as Rodney Goodman/Rodney
David Giuntoli
as Sneed Batmen Guy
William Bumiller
as Mr. Lee
Ed Begley, Jr.
Chan'dre Collette
as Student
Brandon Hillock
as Deputy Jerry Sacks
Alia Shawkat
as Stacy Wells
Creagen Dow
as Ferret Boy
Sandra Rice
as Caroler #7
Aaron Ashmore
as Troy Vandegraff
Max Greenfield
as Leo D'Amato
Richard Keith
as Brian
Hector Anthony
as Freshman Boy
Emily Happe
as Barb
Anne Tran
as Hotel Clerk
Lisa Long
as Jessica Fuller
Dendrie Taylor
as Tori Sansone
John Maynard
as Ned Applegate
Chase Penny
as Rival Frat Guy
Furonda Brasfield
as Beverly Simms
James Jordan
as Tim Foyle/Lucky
Andrew Friedman
as Mayor Mark Dobbins
David Douglas
as Vincent
Rob Thomas
as Johnny Scopes
Farhang Pernoon
as Django
Tyler Alvarez
as Juan Diego
Shelley Wenk
as Juror - Foreman
Alex Scarlis
as Jimmy/Karl
Kenny Beers
as Student
Abegail Zee
as Forensic/Parent
Brianne Davis
as Wendy
Caitlyn Knisely
as Sarah Kilts
Matt Czuchry
as Charlie Stone
David Barrera
as Carlos Oliveres
Glenda Redfield
as Kim
Kyle Searles
as Richie
Richard Romero
as Chief
Keith Morrison
as Keith Morrison
Norma Maldonado
as Maria Oliveres
Barry Livingston
as Coroner
Misty Connelly
as Kelly
Anna Rose Hopkins
as Lauren Goff
Ivonne Coll
as Knitting Grandmother
Ryan Judd
as Ted
Jay Brian Winnick
as Reggie
Jacqueline Antaramian
as Amalia Maloof
Tiffany Watson
as Officer #1
Heather Brittany
as Pep Squader
Logan Miller
as Simon
Stephen Walters
as Nurse
Teddy Dunn
as Duncan Kane
Danielle Hoetmer
as Councilwoman Jenna Sylvester
Deborah Zoe
as Joanna
Kurt Boyd
as Gamer
Annie Hinton
as Judge
Tristan Poje
as Government Teacher
Jared Hillman
as Jackson Douglas
Tamika Katon-Donegal
as Anchorwoman
Corey Bringas
as Panting Sophomore
Amy Scott
as Nadia Fassano
Dan McLellan
as Driver
Paul Karmiryan
as Alex Maloof
Charlie Weber
as Glen
Kayla Ewell
as Angie Dahl
Beth Triffon
as Manager Kelly
Lee Smith
as Conductor's Buddy
Jesse Matthew Bernstein
as Proctor
Blake Shields
as Officer Harrison
Dominic Goodman
as Warren
Ursula Whittaker
as Single Mother Waitress
Amy Main
as Hot Myspace Girl #1
Jorge Ordonez
as Store Clerk
Chanel Marriott
as Tawny Carr
Michael Grant Terry
as Sully
Wyatt Fenner
as Film School Director
Michelle Wolff
as Deputy/Female Deputy
Samantha Klein
as Michelle Thompson
Alison MacInnis
as Shelly
Will Roberts
as Lawrence Vandergraff
Juliette Jeffers
as Dr. Chambliss
Ben Belack
as New Deputy
Herve Clermont
as Booker Woods
Roy Werner
as Barry Randall
Josue Aguirre
as Santiago
Ian Bamberg
as Bryce
Steve Bean
as Homeowner Association Guy
Yoli Mapp
as Waitress
Alain Uy
as Marty
Michael James Thomas
as Campbell
Daran Norris
as Cliff McCormack
Vladimir John Perez
as Deputy Hoover
Ray Auxias
as Dime's Flunky
Greg Wayne
as Sam
Julie Gonzalo
as Parker Lee
Arturo Medina
as Day Laborer #2
Adam Rose
as Max
Kirsten Baird
as Spring Breaker
Elden Bennett
as Room Service Waiter
Ashton Moio
as Craig
Lauren Bowles
as Karin Mackay
Rachael Meyers
as Uni #2
Amanda Seyfried
as Lilly Kane
Cindy Hogan
as Mrs. Lee
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Dylan Goran
Christopher Babers
as Jack
Marcello Thedford
as Super Huge Deputy
Drancy Jackson
as Off Camera Boy
Julie Pop
as Patty Wilson
Malcolm Xavier
as Leshawn
Keasha Lee
as Office Staff Member
Randy Seidman
as Clown/Raver
Nathan Frizzell
as Fred
Todd Bosley
as Meta
Lauren Krause
as Reporter #1/Reporter #2
Candace Moon
as Tracy
Ari Lerner
as Albert Hauser
Patricia Hearst
as Selma Hearst Rose
Tina Majorino
as Cindy 'Mac' Mackenzie
Alisha Soper
as Attractive Woman
David Grant Wright
as Samuel Mackenzie
Lorelei Shellist
as Mrs. Drake
Kasey Mahaffy
as Russian Lit Student
Andrew Michael Harlander
as HS Dance DJ
Michael Cera
as Dean
Robert Clark
as Seth Rafter
Sandra McCoy
as Scarlett
Kyle Scudiere
as Hearst Maintenance
Melissa Leo
as Julia Smith
Alyson Hannigan
as Trina Echolls
Annie Campbell
as Molly Fitzpatrick
Matthew Barker
as Restless Student/Sid the Organizer
Alan Heitz
as Barton Netherfield, Sr.
David Patrick Green
as Biology Teacher
Stacy Edwards
as Stephanie Denenberg
George Griffin
as Stoner
Annie Quinn
as Pregnant Woman
Percy Daggs III
as Wallace Fennel
Toni Trucks
as Phillise
Sarah Jarman
as Spring Breaker
Paul D. Roberts
as Desk Manager
Cynthia LaMontagne
as Catherine Lenova
Christopher Carley
as Travis
Kimberly Stanphill
as Caterer
David Manning
as Frat Brother
Lindsey Tusing
as Beth
Richard Neil
as Foreman
Darline Harris
as Delores
Babs Olusanmokun
as Kizza Oneko
Nelsan Ellis
as Apollo Bukenya
Aryn Nelson
as Prom Student
Maurice P. Kerry
as Student
Trever Love
as Spit Baller
Kristin Cavallari
as Kylie Marker
Kirk Fogg
as District Attorney
Edi Gathegi
as Zeke Molinda
Anastasia Baranova
as Lizzie Manning
Elizabeth Karr
as Professor Lisa Tonin
Nataly Peña
as Annoyed Spring Breaker
Mark O'Leary
as Triton Initiate
Christopher Mur
as Paul Mann
Koury Brown
as Curator
Jeff Rector
as Mayor
Dawnn Lewis
as Marcia Langdon
Adam Wylie
as Grant Winters
Brent DeBoer
as Brent
Brian Hatton
as Driver
Logan Fields
as Edwin Fuller
Scott Michael Morgan
as Karl
Rachel Roth
as Wanda Varner
Mike King
as Lars
Mary Chris Wall
as Karen
Tarina Pouncy
as Sheila
Matthew Carey
as Hans
Jowharah Jones
as Yolanda Hamilton
Mai Arwas
as Angie
Paul Rudd
as Desmond Fellows
April Doctolero
as Student #2
Dannah Feinglass Phirman
as Carol
Reem Kadem
as Girl
Noel True
as Olympia
Sarah Vincelett
as Shelby
Paul Ganus
as Harvey Greenblatt
Taylor Sheridan
as Danny Boyd
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn
as Catholic School Girl
Fabiola Francesca
as Receptionist
Elizabeth J. Carlisle
as Ms. Carlyle
Nate Luis Silva
as Pedestrian
Adam Scott
as Chuck Rooks
Eric Beck
as Dr. Levine
Zachery Ty Bryan
as Caz Truman
Patrick Fischler
as Russell Marchant
Josie Loren
as Chloe
Monica Allgeier
as Miranda Apfel
Scott Barry
as Tony
Sydney Tamiia Poitier
as Mallory Dent
Jennifer Blanc
William Gardiner
as Lars/Singer
Clark Duke
as Don
Reginald Ballard
as Homeless Man
Mario Ardila Jr.
as Arturo/Future PCH'er Boy/Mugger "Arturo"
Jerry Zatarain Jr.
as Pan Wrestler
David E. Taylor
as Steve
Max Arciniega
as Cervando Esparza
Corinne Bohrer
as Lianne Mars
David Dantes
as Bass Player
Anthony Anderson
as Percy "Bone" Hamilton
John Prosky
as Ethan Lavoie
Jeremy Roberts
as Mel Stoltz
Nicole Marie Monica
as Dance Team Advisor
Paul Price
as Private Davis
Seraina Jaqueline
as Inga
Ross Kohn
as Jack Artman
Brad Morris
as Sul Ross
Erica Gimpel
as Alicia Fennel
Chris William Martin
as Josh
Zadran Wali
as Deputy
Erik Clabeaux
as Hall Monitor
Anthony Azizi
as Rashad Krimani
Carlee Avers
as Bonnie Capistrano
Colin Kim
as Bob
Jesse Fremont Allis
as Rat Boy
Linda Bailey Walsh
as Linda the Caterer
Jessica Scheid
as Rose
Marc Istook
as Tim Davids/Reporter/Reporter #3
Keri Lynn Pratt
as Hallie Piatt
Jake Sandvig
as J.B. Riley
Alanna Ubach
as Silvia
Ashleigh Morghan
as Lusty Lisa
Francis Capra
as Eli 'Weevil' Navarro
Carlie Westerman
as Lauren Sinclair
Erin Frigo
as Female Officer
Jennifer Kretchmer
as Elmire/Jenny
Elijah Anderson
as 09er Kid
Walker Clark
as Pizza Guy
Rider Strong
as Rafe
R.J. Cantu
as Student #2
Michael Muhney
as Sheriff Don Lamb
Deron McBee
as Hank 'Ziggy' Zigman
Cyrus Arnold
as Barton Netherfield, Jr.
Jack Sway
as Seemingly Interested Guy
Scott Alan Smith
as Roger Hearst
Phil Tyler
as Menthol Mike
Adriana DeMeo
as Darla
Julia Lehman
as Lizette
Bart Fletcher
as Jimmy Wilson
Dawn Olivieri
as Maggie
Nicky Birdsall
as Audience Member
Sarah Hyland
as Alyssa
Josh Duhamel
as Magnus
Rudy Martinez
as Gabriel
Jackie Tohn
as Resident Advisor
Sabin Lomac
as Jerk 09er
Wana Lee
as Furious R.A.
D. Elliot Woods
as Ernie Sayers
Patton Oswalt
as Penn Epner
Marco Dapper
as Super Hot Guy
Rodney Rowland
as Liam Fitzpatrick
Kimberly Barnett
as Jessica
Krysten Ritter
as Gia Goodman
Russell Fung
as Chinese Student
Rosina Reynolds
as Dean Harlow
Christopher B. Duncan
as Clarence Wiedman
as Mary Mooney
Luke Frydenger
as Peter Ferrer
Izabela Vidovic
as Matty Ross
Ian Inigo
as Small Kid
Philip A. Tesoro
as Caroler #8
Onahoua Rodriguez
as Claudia
Katie Mitchell
as Rose Manning
Alicia R. Cole
as Assistant
Jonathan Chase
as Josh Barry
Paul Galliano
as Anthony Martin/Rico Suave Nerd
Curtis Andersen
as Guy Abruti
Brad Surosky
as Punk Rock Kid
Dan Castellaneta
as Dr. Kinny
Isaac Cheung
as Michael
Kyle Secor
as Jake Kane
Jane Lynch
as Mrs. Donaldson
Joey Lauren Adams
as Geena Stafford
Xander Pakzad
as Dweeb
Eric Jungmann
as Gil Thomas Pardy
Kyle Gallner
as Cassidy 'Beaver' Casablancas
Rudy Dobrev
as Renny DeMouy
Saige Thompson
as Abigail Montgomery
Hakan Wildcat
as Frat Boy
Antonio Jaramillo
as Waiter
JD Pardo
as Rick
Robert Bastron
as Student #1
Rueben Gonzáles
as Detective Sanchez
Leticia LaBelle
as 09er Girl
Sean Andrew
as Logan's Friend
Christopher T. Miller
as Gamer/Theatergoer
Mary Lou Flesh
as Secretary
Butch Klein
as Andrew
Chris Salcedo
as Border Patrol Official/Customs Agent
Wesley Mann
as Ned Flanders Type
Rachel Rosenstein
as Jenna
Galya Vidal
as Josefina
Patricia Place
as Mary McDonald
Hugo Garcia
as Officer Vasquez
Kari Coleman
as Deborah Hauser
Travis Van Winkle
as Patrick Nickerson
Mark L. Young
as Jimmy
Chris Christensen
as Caroler #3
Jason McMahon
as Baseball Player
Molly Lorenne
as Fader #3
Chet Grissom
as INS Agent
Vince Grant
as Thurman Randolph
Adam Rudder
as Party Goer
Hector Atreyu Ruiz
as Angel
C.S. Keys
as Agent Wills
Michael Albala
as Executive Type
Michael Charles Roman
as Wilson Behan
Carsyn Spencer
as Young Veronica
Andrew McClain
as Moe Flater
Ryan Gimbel
as Viet Nguyen
Allie McCarthy
as Partying Teen
Brittany Ishibashi
as Emi
as Backup
Andy Morrow
as Zeek
Kristen Mengelkoch
as Cathy
Tyler Poelle
as Orgon
Monique Coleman
as Gabrielle Pollard
Tracy Littlejohn
as Student Announcer
Cara Christensen
as Caroler #2
Jovi Olivas
as Female Prisoner
Mike Gaarde
as Hart
Sterling Macer Jr.
as Uncle Rucker
Anneka Nishijima
as Girl #2
Michelle Fabiano
as Adrianna
Nick Puga
as Stew
Jamie Chung
as Flirting Girl
Jack Owen
as Reverend
Madison Dylan
as Girl in Bar
Tim Chiou
as James
Elvin Lai
as Favorite Band Sucks T-Shirt
Marty Ryan
as Bernie
Tina Molina
as Reception Clerk
Nick Alvarez
as Owen
Tracey Walter
as Manager
Erin Noyd
as Southie Player #1
Annie Abrams
as Kimmy
Kevin Sheridan
as Sean Friedrich
Maliah Hudson
as Ophelia
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Dr. Finnegan
Laura McLauchlin
as Milf
Julie Chen Moonves
as Self
Theodore R. Mercer Jr.
as JW
Toy Valentine
as Fader #1
Max Bernstein
as Musician
Hermie Castillo
as Loyd
Scott Knight
as Johnny Ludden
Jaye Razor
as Belmont
Patrick Cox
as Tayler Carr
Dylan Mattina
as The Mayor's Nephew
Cliff Weissman
as Avi Kaufman
Lee Ann Kim
as Anchor Person/Moderator/Reporter #1
Audra J. Morgan
as Rhonda Landers
Lindsey McKeon
as Trish
Simon Anthony
as Lawyer
Cherisse Osei
as Fader #2
Wallace Langham
as Courthouse Clerk
Aaron Paul
as Eddie Laroche
Eliza Shin
as Councilwoman Teresa Visinare
Jason Hopkins
as Jason O'Dell
Armie Hammer
as Kurt
Justin Lang
as Shane
Anouar H. Smaine
as Recreation investigator
Judy Ho
as Jilly Ho
Jocko Marcellino
as Pit Boss
Christina Ulloa
as Hot MySpace Girl #2
Jesse C. Boyd
as Lenny Sopher
Brandy Ernst
as Singer #1
Brad Ashten
as Nick
Mina Alexander
as Dawn
Drew Robinson
as Singer
Cassie Benavidez
as Nurse
Geoff Pierson
as Stewart Manning
Angelo Middione
as Deputy Barker
Amy Laughlin
as Holly Mills
Gabriel Sousa
as Gizmo
Miriam Korn
as Marlena Nichols
Ryan Shukis
as Uniformed Cop
Kyle Erby
as Deejay
Sam Horrigan
as Brian 'Pop' Popovich
J.K. Simmons
as Clyde Pickett
Melissa Reneé Martin
as 09er Girl/Ashley Banks/Mean Girl/Sly Girl
Michael B. Silver
as Professor David Winkler
Brennan Taylor
as Gerry
Jason Rogers
as Student
Bonita Friedericy
as Evelyn Bugby
Shari Headley
as Vanessa Hamilton
Kip Martin
as Gordon Peters
Jacleen Haber
as Blind Date #3
Norman Large
as Professor Corrigan
Joel Bissonnette
as Jeremy Masterson
James Joseph O'Neil
as Father Patrick
Bill Parks
as Angry Gary
Kevin Tostado
as Student
David Starzyk
as Richard Casablancas
K.C. Clyde
as Deputy Gills
Karly Rothenberg
as Mama Carr
Pedro Rodman Rodriguez
as Motel Clerk
Ryan Pinkston
as Danny Rossow
Michael Len
as Bruno
GiGi Erneta
as Mrs. Goodman
Kevin James Brando
as Caroler #1
Spencer Ward
as Blake/Blake Long
Mark Chaet
as Professor McGregor
Thomas Nelson Webb
as Bailiff
Lauren Stamile
as Renee
Richard Ellis
as Cocaine Johnny
Robert Curtis Brown
as Captain of Industry
Linda Castro
as Mrs. Murphy
Cassie Hernandez
as Andrew's Wife
Charles Duckworth
as Kelvin Moore
Ka'imi Kuoha
as Pink Hair
Joshua Moore
as Ben
Brigitte Graham
as Angie's Friend/Pep Squad Girl/Student Newscaster
Kevin Smith
as Duane Anders
Bethany Unwin
as Student
Michael Mitchell
as Bronson Pope
Gary Ballard
as Professor
Greg Thirloway
as Jeff Cotter
Erin Cronican
as Assistant/Security Guard
Jason Dohring
as Logan Echolls
Jacob Jackson
as Husky Kid
Kevin Skousen
as Joseph Mann
Megan Henning
as Sabrina Fuller
Kathleen Parker
as Journalism Teacher/Mrs. Stewart/Teacher
Boo Arnold
as Doctor
Parry Shen
as Hsiang 'Charleston' Chu
Gerren Hall
as Spring Breaker
Tracey Needham
as Kathleen Barry
Erin Tyler
as Party girl
Rachel Andersen
as Know-It-All
Helen Eigenberg
as Dr. Andriotti
Joe Williamson
as Male Solo Dancer
Matt Bush
as Billy Greene
Don Worley
as Judge Ferris
Atom Gorelick
as Wilson
Katie Leclerc
as Crystal
Tiffany Loui
as Nurse
Jordan Tortorello
as Jake
Michael Ausiello
as Blushing Guy
Billydave Wammo
as Heckler
Ralph P. Martin
as Weevil's Boss
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as Spaniel Man
Ryan Drummond
as Associate
Jeffrey G. Barnett
as Surfer
Tony Noakes
as Stuart Fuller
Christian Clemenson
as Abel Koontz
Claire Titelman
as Mandy
Moritz J. Williams
as Attractive Man
Alan F. Smith
as Coach Fry
John Ciccolini
as Mechanic
Travis Schuldt
as Conner Larkin
Steve McCarthy
as Lead Singer
Ben DiGregorio
as Limo Driver
Leighton Meester
as Carrie Bishop
Chris Lowell
as Stosh 'Piz' Piznarski
Delilah Andre
as Julia
Jonathan Chesner
as Corny/Physical Therapist
Courtnee Draper
as Darcy
Nikki McCauley
as Blue Stripper
Mark Styles
as Boy at Keyboard
Samm Levine
as Samuel Horshack
Britt Daniel
as Britt
Chelsea Logan
as Taylor
Daniel Bondor
as High School Student
Johnny Kastl
as Eddie Nettles
Timothy Lee DePriest
as Tommy Shaw
Emmanuelle Vaugier
as Monica Hadwin Greenblatt
Dwight Ketchum
as Skatepunk
Einat Tubi
as Jen
Robert Ri'chard
as Mason
Pablo Soriano
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Tracey Rooney
as Jill Hooks
Joss Whedon
as Douglas
Amanda Walsh
as Meryl
Carl Solomon
as Rabbi
Eliza Coupe
as Karsyn
Jeremiah Lorenz
as Alan
Cress Williams
as Nathan Woods
Josh Temple
as Dex
Tim Sitarz
as Mountain Man
LeAnna Campbell
as Carly Hearn
Cheyenne Haynes
as Tess
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
as Ben
Paula Marshall
as Rebecca James
Daniel Farber
as Darren
Brian R. Norris
as Lout #1
Crystal Fambrini
as Murdered Sorority Girl
Chandler Duke
as Erik
John Branagan
as Security Guard
Mark Ciarrocchi
as Marvin Chase
Jamen Nanthakumar
as Older Boy From Van
Sarah Shirene
as Dancer #3
Lauren White
as Gang Member
Deborah Vancelette
as Sandra Bolan
Wilmer Calderon
as Chardo Navarro
Kim Yarbrough
as Judge Deforest
Brian Casey
as Rock-a-Billy Loser
Forte Rodriguez
as Officer
Alex Ball
as Political Consultant
Tyler Foden
as Ronald
Bryan Handy
as Marcel
Robert T. Nanninga
as Tattoo Artist
Luke Spencer Roberts
as Andy
Trae Crowder
as Chattanooga Charlie
Charles Maceo
as Uni #1
Carl Bresk
as Coach Preppernau
Amber Ojeda
as Cat In The Hat Raver/Cathy/Jasmine/Sly's Friend #1
John Bisom
as Hotel Manager
Kristin Lindquist
as Marianna Mahnovski
Rachel Rogers
as Bratty Little Girl
John Nutten
as Other Player
Marcy Goldman
as Bank Teller
Sean McHugh
as Volunteer
Amanda Noret
as Madison Sinclair
Kenna Wright
as Shae/Shae Fennel
Ray Proscia
as Ice Cold Man
Rebecca Larsen
as Desk Clerk
Anna Campbell
as Tina Callis
Maria Valdez
as Young Mother
Andrea Rosenthal
as Laura Hildebrand
Paul Grace
as County Jail Officer
Ryan Hansen
as Dick Casablancas
William Corkery
as Mario
Mark Kubr
as Menthol's Friend
Beverly Sanders
as Elaine Van Lowe
Danielle Vernengo
as Jen
Shannon Dee
as Dancer
Janice McQueen Ward
as Woman
Jessica Chastain
as Sarah Williams
Harry Hamlin
as Aaron Echolls
Chastity Dotson
as Nish Sweeney
Alona Tal
as Meg Manning
Bruno Amato
as Ex-Con
Michael G. Canaan
as Vic Sciafarra
Mim Drew
as Pamela
Natalia Baron
as Carmen Ruiz
Samantha Brown
as Cora
Jason Weissbrod
as Arnold
Joaquin Perez-Campbell
as Domonick Desante
David E. Willis
as News Anchor/TV Newscaster
Windell Middlebrooks
as Happy
Daniel N. Butler
as Student
Jessika Aerin Hughes
as Bookish Female TA
Jennifer Austin
as Assistant
Fred Stoller
as One Hour Photo Clerk
Jackson Gann
as Troy
Virginia Hawkins
as Bridget
Laura Bell Bundy
as Julie Bloch
Miko Hughes
as Stoner Dude #1
Beverly Bremers
as Nurse
Michael Otis
as Jack Montana
Tom Connolly
as Harry
Chuck Raucci
as Boat Salesman
Lisa Rinna
as Lynn Echolls
Olivia Milo Pence
as Lisa
Gay Storm
as Prosecution
Steve Rankin
as Lloyd Blankenship
Robert Baker
as Liam
Sam Sarpong
as Dime Bag
Matt McKenzie
as Tom Barry
Michael Drummond
as Ryan Mackenzie
Graham Sterling
as News Anchor/Reporter/Reporter #2
Kim Stolz
as Stacy
Duane Daniels
as Van Clemmons
Tim Altbaum
as Karaoke MC
Phillip Andre Botello
as Student #1
Lizzie Murray
as Blind Date #1
Robert Allen Mukes
as Imposing Guy
Loren Freeman
as Danny Cleaver
Rajkumar Gross
as Boy
Tanya Chisholm
as Nancy Cooper
Megalyn Echikunwoke
as Rain
Joshua Levine
as Pencil-necked Geek
Wayne Nickel
as Janitor
Jeff D'Agostino
as Tad Wilson
Lee Weaver
as Walter
Wayne Thomas Yorke
as Insurance Agent
John Zacchino
as Guard
Linara Washington
as Pauline Elliot
Erin Chambers
as Amelia DeLongpre
Madison Mae
as Helen
Marco Rodríguez
as El Despiadado
Ed Begley Jr.
as Cyrus O'Dell
Steven Williams
as Tom Daniels
Lisa Jay
as Melinda Button
Bruce Nozick
as Sam Bloom
Daniel Rhyder
as Party Guest
David Sampen
as Room Dweller/Spring Breaker
Eve Gordon
as Emily Williams
Chip Joslin
as Ed Argent
Adam Bitterman
as David "Curly" Moran/Curly Moran/Man in Loud Hawaiian Shirt
Tommy Snider
as Harry Greene
Jake Arnette
as Mr. Friedrich
Jon Michael Souza
as Luis/Paramedic/Passing Motorist
David Merheb
as Food Court Employee
Tara Jackson
as Party Girl

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