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January 17, 2022
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Vengeance Unlimited’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Mr. Chapel is a man without a past. His M.O. is to send people who have been wronged by the system, or by criminals, clippings of other people he has helped out. He then offers them help in return for either 1 million dollars or a future favor they're to do him. Chapel then sets out to bring justice to the criminals, using elaborately plotted scams and some subtle violence as necessary.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 29, 1998

Also Known As: Razbunare fara limite, Oman käden oikeudella |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG)


Plot Keywords


Company Credits

Production Co: McNamara Paper Products, Warner Bros. Television


Jennifer Hetrick
as Judge Ackerman
Fred Sanders
James Coburn
as Boone Paladin
Ken Jenkins
as Jack Humphrey
Tim McLoughlin
David Brisbin
as Coroner
Michael B. Silver
as Michael Dearborn
Ryan Bollman
as Kevin Battles
Brad Greenquist
as Deputy Dave Webster
Don Rutherford
as Thomas' Doctor
Phil Hawn
as Manager at Book Signing
Lauren Tom
as Samantha
Dakin Matthews
as Gov. Luke McElroy
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Aung Myint
Cotter Smith
as Stan Garcos
Michael Zurich
Kathleen York
as KC Griffin
Lewis Van Bergen
as Tim Scanlan
John Aprea
Hartley Silver
Frankie Thorn
Tim Thomerson
as Krendle
Francesco Quinn
as Col. Oscar Ponce
Dina Merrill
as Ellen Hayworth
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Mayor Bob Laird
Lindsay Taylor
as Becky Thomas
Frankie J. Allison
as Luke Sanricci
Jerry Hauck
as IRS Agent
Alan Blumenfeld
as Anthony Martinelli
Clyde Kusatsu
as Judge Clyde Kurosawa
Natsuo Tomita
as Mr. Shimaro
Rex Ryan
James Wong
as Detective
Rick Pasqualone
as Internal Affairs investigator
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Capt. Jesse Fisher
Miguel Sandoval
as General Rumano
Louis Herthum
as Coner Gulch/Conner Gulch
Bobby Garabedian
Nurit Koppel
Marcy Goldman
as Female Witness
Philippe Bergeron
as Dr. Jeff Grant
Harris Yulin
as Judge Harold Wabash
Karen Austin
as Dr. Lorraine Simmons
Scott Patterson
as Detective Tom Swain
Karen Lorre
Cordelia Richards
as Ellie Stensma/Ellie Stenzma
Sage Parker
as Laurie Carver
Markus Flanagan
as Gifford Marshall
Raymond Ma
Tony Denison
as Sheriff James Broll
James Newman
Wanda De Jesus
as District Attorney Rosalie Hanson
Robert Mont
James Pickens Jr.
as Mr. Hobbs
Jerry Mathers
as Lucas Zimmerman
Alexia Robinson
as Marian
James Avery
as Judge Christopher Washington
Mel Jackson
as Jay Jackson
Bruce McCarty
as Joe Melvoy
Senta Moses Mikan
as Gina
Rick Peters
as Brian Buckingham
Robert Carradine
as Darin Carter
Mushond Lee
as Military Officer in the Bar
Tom Wood
as Deputy Rick Hubbell
Lisa Langlois
as Helen Clemente
Travis Fine
as Capt. Aaron McClane
Jere Burns
as Steven Jensen
Al Leong
as Self
Richard Gross
as Detective Prockess
Tom La Grua
as Barry Hutchens
Brett Wagner
Suzanne Ford
as Barbara Harrington
Robert Miano
as Michael Sanricci
Vanita Harbour
as D.A. Vanita Jackson
Albie Selznick
Christopher John Fields
David Bickford
as Dr. Elway
Clare Carey
as Pam Broder
Gregg Henry
as Edward Pike
Charmaine De Grate
as Eric Fleeks
Amanda Pays
as Gail Dawson
Rex Linn
as J.J.
Tony Devon
as Darren
Paul Bartel
as Dentist
Clint Culp
Cliff Potts
as Donald Block
Harry Perry
as Street Player
Bart McCarthy
Gunther Jensen
Elizabeth Barondes
as Vivian Pratt
Scott Rabinowitz
LaReine Chabut
as Lucy Hargess
Dayton Callie
as Chuck Bidally
Chris Jaymes
as Jimmy
Christian Clemenson
as Agent Stuart Brownsteen
Jeff Austin
as Lester
Al Israel
as Joey
Garth Wilton
Scott Alan Smith
as Associate
Steven Schub
as Joseph Budnick
Donald Willis
Dale Kasman
Lisa Thornhill
as Theresa Greco
Suanne Spoke
Jeffrey Pierce
Brian Gaskill
as Derek Wolf
Lauren Moore
as Colleen Brennan
Akiko Taguchi
Leslie Hope
as Mrs. Thomas
Darin Cooper
Heather Dawn
as Debbie Newton
Lesa Corryn Whittington
as Sheriffs Wife
Marshall Bell
as Frank Newton
Richard Jamison
David Clements
Michael C. Mahon
as Eddie Faragut
Sandra Ellis Lafferty
Ray Laska
Markus Redmond
as Nate Cross
Brion James
as Franklin Dekker
Allen Cutler
as Rick Delaney
Frank Ertl
as Grisby
Tom Dugan
Kimberly Huie
as Jackie Jackson
Kristen Cloke
as Harrington/Tamara Simpson
Shawn Huff
Christopher Gorham
as Jason Harrington
Patricia Gaul
as Alice
Jonathan Sweet
Katy Boyer
as Lauren Mason
Tobin Bell
as Teddy Hix
Greg Grunberg
as T.V. Show Host
Michael Whaley
Michael Harney
as Officer Carl Witherspoon
Keith Sellon-Wright
Gina Gallego
as Suzie
Thomas Bellin
Claudette Sutherland
as Decker
Amanda Carlin
as Col. Hammond
Charles Emmett
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Priest
Daniel Roebuck
as William Hargess
Richard Beymer
as Douglas Bradford
George Meyers
as Cop
Ray Wise
as Jack Schiller
Larry Williams
as Surveillance Cop
Kamala Lopez
as Elena Amayo
Twink Caplan
as Madeline Chessly
Richard Gilbert-Hill
Tom Billett
as Kevin
Ken Takemoto
Niklaus Lange
as Steve Broder
Todd Allen
as Senator Thomas Hayworth
Krystal Benn
as Caroline Hargess
Michael Madsen
as Mr. Chapel
Mark Kiely
as Officer Jeff Mason
Louisa Abernathy
as Jury Foreman
Jarrad Paul
as Adam Krieger
Keith Szarabajka
as Dr. Alan Walker
Christian Leffler
as Eric Harrington
Bill Blair
as Man In Phone Booth
Rafer Weigel
as Ben Newton
Jennifer Bransford
as Tilly McGinniss
Scott Allan Campbell
as Otto Carson
Skip O'Brien
Raphael Sbarge
as Steve Bazini

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1998 | 16 Episodes

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