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October 24, 2021
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"Politics is about people," former Sen. Selina Meyer is fond of saying. Unfortunately, the people Meyer, a charismatic leader and rising star in her party, meets after becoming vice president are nothing like she expected, but everything she was warned about. "Veep" follows the new VP as she puts out political fires, juggles her public schedule and private life, and does everything within her limited powers to improve her dysfunctional relationship with the chief executive. Meyer's trusted -- and some not-so-trusted -- aides include chief of staff Amy, spokesperson Mike, secretary Sue and right-hand man Gary.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 22, 2012

Also Known As: Fru vicepresident, Віце-президент |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (12, 16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

political satire
vice president
usa politics

Company Credits

Production Co: Dundee Productions


Victoria Anastasi
as Prayer Group Participant
Jay McCord
as Funeral Attendee
Victoria Vance
as Beatrice Hausman
Andrew Burrill
as White House Staffer
Justin Holt
as New Hampshire Resident
Mirabelle Lee
as Halo Bryce
Julien Ari
as Guess Your Age Guess Your Weight Carny
Sheri Lahris
as White House Staff
Adam Lustick
Gus Zucco
as Spectator
G. Maximilian Zarou
as Hotel Manager
Tony Romito
as Furlong Staffer
LaMonica Garrett
as Freddy Wallace
Taylor Owen
as Lizzie
Paul Fitzgerald
as Owen Pierce
Crystal Hayes
as Alethia James
Jim Epstein
as Food Executive
Matthew R. Staley
as Statue of Liberty Protester
Sean Murphy
Michael Hitchcock
as Greg Morehouse
Liz Mamana
as Young Woman
Leila Joe
as Ellen McLintock
Brenna McDonough
as Sandra O'Neil
Yvonne Erickson
Jeffrey Klemmer
as News Reporter
Miska Kajanus
as Finnish Security Guard
Cesar Azanza
as Bailout Staffer
William Fichtner
as Felix Wade
Brad Hamerly
as Brad
Vincent Conway
as Mike's College Mate
Peter Banifaz
as Oleg Petradze
Joe Sabatino
Juliet Adair Pritner
as Mrs. Brewer
Kaelan Denali Dickinson
as VP Staffer
Danielle Nottingham
Jim O'Heir
as Mr. Brookheimer
Gene Terinoni
Raymond Ma
as Zhang Shengxi
Freddie Mangano
as Waiter
William Kaffenberger
as Detroit Press
Mike Hernandez
as 2nd Justice
Michael Merton
as Minister
Jonathan Darden Reed
as Ben's Staff
Todd Jeffries
as Focus Group Member
Lauren Cox
as Pig Roast Guest
Paul Edney
as US Navy Doctor
Steve Sanders
as New Hampshire Reporter
Greg Crowe
as Weird Guy
Ilana Kohanchi
as Lia Tanz
Eduard Osipov
as Desk Clerk
Charlie Fagan
as Square Dance Caller
Kevin Laughon
David Proffitt
as Secret Service Agent
Tim Moran Jr.
as Furlong Staffer
Sumalee Montano
as Joyce Cafferty
Dan Mersh
as Car Park Guard
Martha Saunders
as Mrs. Saunders
Chad A. Fehr
as Parent
Jesse Robinson
as Bartender
Patricia DiZebba
as Secret Service Agent
Ameenah Kaplan
as Female Butler
Chuck Baron
as Speaker
Douglas Nelson
as Paul
Michael Mack
as Paul Burton
Leanne Hayward
as Supporter #3
Ke'Andra Samone
as Cassie
Marcus Brandon
as Baseball Player
Anna Chlumsky
as Amy Brookheimer
Silawn Lewis
as Campaign Supporter
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Selina Meyer
Dennis Hunter
as Mikado Singer
Lonnie M Henderson
as Press Reporter
Phillip Chorba
as Nurse
Justin Doescher
as Selina's Secret Service/Secret Service Agent
Cormac Bluestone
as DC Reporter #2
Wim De Groof
as Finnish Reporter
Terry McConnaughey
as News Photographer
Christopher Morrow
as Secret Service Agent
Greg Salvato Jr.
as Political Supporter
Jean Smart
as Imogene Walsh
Kyra Locke
as Flight Attendant
Todd Bobenrieth
as Factory Worker/Hearing Spectator
Dan Bakkedahl
as Roger Furlong
Mary Grill
as Melissa Conners
Ben Elliott
Anthony Muniz
as CBS Stagehand
Jared Wernick
James A. Howard
as Marine Corps General on Joint Chiefs of Staff
Russo Shanidze
as Georgian Newscaster
Erik Mueller
as VP Staffer
John Judy
as Secret Service Guy
Mark Salas
as Congressman/News Camera Person/White House Press Photographer
Colin Stinton
as US Ambassador
Abby Walla
as Uber Employee
Al Maffei
as State Department Official
Janelle Froehlich
as Stewardess
Doua Moua
as Questioner
Joey Perillo
Alan Searcy
as Geeky Young Guy
Camryn Gulbranson
as Well-wisher
Frank Rich
as Chief Justice
Anne Lane
as Assistant
Casey McDougal
as Kelly
Alan Davis
as Concert Fan
Vashti Gray Sadjedy
as Concrete Sales Representative
Jeffrey Moss Charles
as Airport Rally Sign Holder/Pledge Supporter
Margaret Newborn
as 90's Rally Member/Bowling Alley Supporter
Stephanie Cookie Carson
as Rally Supporter/Town Hall
Zak Orth
as Jim Owens
Heidi Gardner
as Amanda White
Frank Root
Philip Greene
as Sound Man
Claire Brooks
Eugene Young
as Reggie
Hayden Livesay
as Dan' s Lackey
Mark Irvingsen
Sally Phillips
as Minna Häkkinen
Justin Fortmeier
as Military Cadet
Tayler Howard-Goergens
George Kardulias
as Attorney/Business Traveler at Tehran Airport/Member of Audience During New Hampshire Debate/Mr. Cunningham/Self
Michael A. MacRae
as Big Guy
Robert Pine
as President Stevenson
Stephen DeCordova
as Franklin Washington
Chau Long
as Young Intern
Josh Caras
Ian Bonner
as Conference Attendee
Dayne Catalano
as Carny #1
Thomas Lee Johnson
as Reverend Terrence Clark
Carson Pak
as Elliot
Julie-Ann Elliott
as Jill
Andrellos Mitchell
as Restaurant Patron
P.J. Brown
as Phil
Matthew Shea
as Catherine's Guest
Jonathan Mankuta
as Congressman Jefferson
Zach Woods
as Ed Webster
Julian Lerma
as Churchgoer
Gregory Divers
as Reporter/Chung Supporter/Meyer Campaign/Senator/White House Press Corps
Craig Sechler
as Brian
Richard Pilcher
Ryan Hanifl
as Jug Band Banjo Player
Louise Bennett
as CNN Newswoman
Mia Juel
as Mourner
Mark Towns
as Bluegrass Bandleader
Wendy Rosoff
as Square Dancer
Lamont Easter
as A-Team Secret Service Agent/Secret Service Agent/White House Briefing Room Reporter
David Bromley
as Conference Attendee
Paul Fahrenkopf
as Journalist
Amy Wilson
as Congresswoman Angstrom
Scott Swope
as Convention Attendee/Factory Worker
Ken Ivy
as Little Richard
Gary Ray Moore
as CIA Agent
Amber Marie Hunt
as Waitress
John A. Taylor
as State Dinner Guest/U.S. Congressman
Sterling Sulieman
as Storm
Gale Nemec
as Congresswoman
Nayab Hussain
as Alida
Chuck Taber
as Bar Patron/Mall Patron
Tim R. Worley
as Congressman/Tim The Handicapped Congressman
R. Emery Bright
as Marine Hayward
Mike D. Anderson
as Secret Service
Toks Olagundoye
as Kemi Talbot
Bob Cusack
as Michael Cunningham
Mike McVearry
as Secret Agent
Bebe Wood
as Student
Harry Zinn
as Pundit
Hassan Said
as Qatari Entourage
Frank Bliss
as Political Dinner Attendee
Rosemary Knower
as Mother
Wayne Wilderson
as Wayne
Loretta Burnette
as Rally Supporter/Town Hall
Richard Evans
as VP Staffer
Patricia Parker
Tahseen Ghauri
as Pedestrian/Rally Supporter
Nicki Micheaux
as Nyaring Ayun
Gary Cole
as Kent Davison
Gary Ayash
as Staffer/Businessman/Congressman/Congressman at White House Formal Dinner Party/Convention Party Attendee/Convention Security Guard/Detroit Protester/Funeral Mourner/Joint Session-Congressman/Onlooker/Party Goer/Staff Assistant/Still Photographer/Town Hall Meeting Attendee/Townfolk/Traffic jam
Seth Morris
as Bill Jaeger
Edward Pfeifer
as Dinner Attendee
John Badila
as Peter Spittock
Caroline G. Pleasant
as Ashley
Nancy Lenehan
as Nancy Ryan
Julie Ann Garvey
as Fundraiser - Wife
Elizabeth Gmaz
as Campaign Staffer
Mir Rizvi
as Marine
Robert Arce
as Senator Summerlin
Lori Titus
as Brunch Guest/Town Hall
Cody N. Carter
as Military Soldier
Yoshi Sudarso
as Mason
Suzy Nakamura
as Anna
Tara Garwood
as White House Staffer
Megan Lee
as Swimmer
Chris Jehnert
as Boyfriend at Fair
Sherry Skinker
as Felicia
Brian Morvant
as Drunk Reporter
Steve Dantzler
as Bud
Dean Li
as Uber Exec #2
Thomas Keegan
Nadia Tumanova
as White House Press
Hyla Matthews
Larry Hull
as Selina's Secret Service
Coco Leigh
Al Sotto
as VP Staffer
Myles Humphus
as Secret Service Agent
Sarah Sutherland
as Catherine Meyer
Stephnie Weir
as Penny Nickerson
Claudia Kastellanos
as Factory Worker
James C. Bristow
as Lance Williams
Muneeb Rehman
as Mamoon
Navid Negahban
as Abbas
Dan Simons
Will Dinsmoor
as Bullpen Staffer/White House Staffer
Lawrence Terrill
as White House Staffer
J. Emerson McGowan
as The Chef
Tom Myers
as White House Staffer
Kristopher Boutin
as Nevada News Reporter
Mark Gessner
Andrew Barth
Brian Cogley
as Jonah's Intern/Jonah Intern
Evan Allen-Gessesse
as Reporter
Ruby Matenko
as Ruby
Teena Byrd
as Funeral Mourner/Grindcore Industrial Concert-Goer
Kumail Nanjiani
as Statistician
Brendon Sinclair Wilde
as Campaign Staff
Marla Aaron Wapner
as Selina's Seamstress
Richard Betts
as Reporter
Raymond Ramsden
as Secret Service Agent
Jason Waszak
as Secret Service Agent
Kirk Penberthy
as Introducing Senator
Shane Callahan
Edward Daniels
as Clovis Employee
Declan Mulvey
Forest Baker
as Mourner
Steve Lebens
as Chief Officer Renehan
David Joyner
as Congress Clerk
Jully Lee
as Leslie Calhoun
Connie Lamothe
as Senate Staffer
Dean Austin
as Captain
Waymond Lee
as Senator Yinui
Jessica St. Clair
as Dana
Band of Horses
as Themselves
Nancy Leroy
Lauren Potter
as Polly
Olivia Dodson
as Bar Patron/Formal Hotel Guest
Chris Game
as Maitre D'
Kimia' Workman
as White House Rep
Kara Gibson
as Wyoming Delegate
Hugh Laurie
as Tom James
Phillip E. Walker
as NV Camera Man
David Cohen
as Campaign Supporter/Congressman/Gary's Attorney
Joseph D Fisher
as Press
Bella Shaw
as CNN Anchor
Felix Quiñones
as Jorge - Townsperson
Ellen Adair
as DC Reporter/Reporter
Terrence Currier
as Father
Jessica Hansen
as Mother with question
Lynn Favin
as Assistant
Nico Evers-Swindell
as Colt
Ashley Smith
as Tom's Line Guy
Jimmy Tingle
as Nick Spooner
Hazel Anne Raymundo
as Reporter
Reid Scott
as Dan Egan
Arvin Lee
as Korean BBQ Host
David T. Zimmerman
as Campaign Staffer
David Murray Solomon
as Limousine Welcoming Crowd Member
Leonardo Ciacci
Kevin Heffernan
as Fast Food Executive
Joe Hall
as Vassar Dancer #3
Livia Treviño
as Election Official #7
Wil Bradford
Shaira Barton
as Receptionist
Nathan Ferguson
as Ralph Simmons/Staff
Sindy Nurse
as Pow Girl
James Ross
Morgan Walsh
as Nurse
Sam McCrea
as Capitol Hill Staff
Kacey Leigh
as Staffer
Manny Martinez Hernandez
as Paparazzo
Jon Barinholtz
as O'Brien Aide
Jill Redding
Shannon Welles
as Catherine Eaton
Annie K. Fox
as Townsperson
Robert D. Heath Jr.
Charlie Hall
as Eddie Axler
Joanna Becker
as Book Store Patron/Marine
Jeremy McLain
as Secret Service Agent/Wedding Guest
Eddie Clark
Lindsay Burdge
as Reporter
Sasha Olinick
Kevyn Bashore
as Congressman/Head of State/Jonah's Supporter/Selina Supporter
John Slattery
as Charlie Baird
Bonnie Bentley
as Emily
Derrick Dover
as White House Staff
Drew Dayton
as Jordan
Liam Ferguson
as Military Colonel
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as Poultry Association Woman
Ptolemy Slocum
as Cody Marshall
Colin Bishopp
as Book Store Patron
Samuel Fishman
Tom Gambrill
as Reporter/TV News Reporter
Chad Tyler
as Staffer 2
Ron Michaelson
as Mayor Walker
Ben Brewer
as Funeral Photographer
Valerie Grace
as Israeli Prime Minister's wife
Damian Forest Light
as Florida Rally Supporter
Heather McPhaul
as Tracy
Brian Michael Jones
as Secret Service Agent
Rick Foucheux
Tommy Hunter
as Tommy Hunter
Laurie Mann
as Reporter
Lawrence Whitener
as Bluecollar Diner Patron/CNN Crew/Fundraiser VIP/Injured Longshoreman
Adam Zanzie
as Fairgoer/Ryan Supporter/Videographer
Timothy Buck
as Book Store Patron
Tiffany Carr
as Delegate
Rod McLachlan
Zoe Bournelis
as Staffer
Kathleen Randazzo
as Secret Service Agent
Kristoffe Brodeur
as Colonel Hunter
Leslie Fleming-Mitchell
as Senator Willis
Josh Willmore
as Campaign worker
Lee Chen
as Female Translator/Lu's Translator/Translator
Skya Chanadet
Palma Lawrence Reed
as Clerk
Tzi Ma
as Lu Chi-Jang
Susan Chuang
as Fertility Doctor
Jack Bowden
Nasir Phillips
Bethany Hoffman
Joshua Skidmore
as Brandeis Singer
Emma Jacobson-Sive
as Elizabeth Moorehouse
Vincent Del Rio
as Security Guard
David Kuskie
as Bearded Stanford Student
Karen Malina White
as Kimberly
Deborah Stone
Richard Barlow
as Secret Service
Emily Sucher
as Girl with Camera
James Doherty
as Reporter
Jorga Caye
as Ballot Counter/Mourner/Office
Calum Blackstock
Jay Viera
as Airforce Major
Joel Flynn
as Secret Service Agent
Andre Faulcon
as Navy Steward/Thornhill Team
Tara Ward
as Reporter
Gil Glasgow
as Election Official #1
Lawrence Neumeister
as Party Guest
Ernest Thomas
as Omar al-Saleh
Tony Moore
as Dinner Patron
Alex Tortora
as Photographer
Sawyer Mosteller
as Sawyer
Martin Mull
as Bob Bradley
Alejandro Chamorro
Faye Yvette McQueen
as Secret Service Agent
Andrew Ballard
as Rally Reporter #1/Reporter #2
Mallory Mckenzie
as Patriotic Woman
David Douglas
as Stage Manager
Jane Morris
as Willa
Phil Notarange
as Lobbyist
Terrie Snell
as Mrs. Griffin
Jon Douglas Rainey
as Official Photographer
Sabrina Flores
as Erica
Ryan Shams
as Iranian Translator
Dwayne Colbert
as Mover
Timothy Hayes Lynch
as Mike Dudley
David Hill
as Funeral Attendee/Reporter
Morris D. Small
as Secret Service Agent
Caitlin McColl
as Girl 1
Wayne Shearer
as Congressman/Press
Christina Ritter
as Marine/White House Press
Sharyn Kmieciak
as Chung's Staff & Fundraiser Guest
Kelvin Davis
as Secret Service Agent
Kristi Faye
as Chung's Staffer
Dave Fairbanks
as Brunch Guest/Congressman/Fundraiser Dinner Guest/Fundraiser Guest
Megan Grano
as Donna
Sean Pratt
as Doctor
Chike Johnson
as Secret Service
Mark Vincent
as Secret Serviceman
Jessie Ennis
as Leigh Patterson
Dan Mintz
as Vendor
Concetta Tomei
as Connie DiBenedetto
Barbara Rosenblat
as Diane Appleby
Rachel Daigh
as Social Aide/Social Aide Carmen
Kelly Frazier
as Deputy Press Secretary
Pete Garvey
as Fundraiser - Husband
Chris Condetti
as Reception Guest
Kyle Edwards
as Club Patron
Michael Echols
as Mover
Yuli Zorrilla
as Rosa Sanchez
Leah Huebner
as Bethany
Saraya Chanadet
Desiree Marie Velez
Sasha Issenberg
Toby Huss
as Quartie Sturges
Michael Delaney
as Larry
Shannon Lanier
as Presidential Secret Service
Nancy Lantis
Tony Hale
as Gary Walsh
Seth Barrish
as Ben Haim
Scott Zeiss
as Arkansas Onlooker/Party Guest/Pig Roast Guest
Jackie Cabrera-Funn
as White House Press
David Harbold
Tom Gore
as Reporter
John Wells
as Reporter/Bartender/Cafe patron/Diplomat/Office Staffer/Spectator
Brad Leland
as Bill O'Brien
Sara Amini
as Secretary
Ursula Whittaker
as Elisa Burke
Barry Shabaka Henley
as Fast Food Executive
June Diane Raphael
as Helen Wright
Murphy Dunne
Gregory Jones
as Secret Service Agent
Emily Rutherfurd
as Sally Newfeld
Jesse Williams
as Israeli Secret Service
Cedric Stewart
as Presidential Officer
Ted Mattison
as Lieutenant Governor
Deb Hiett
as White House Reporter #1/Reporter #1
Stephanie Lesh-Farrell
as Handler
Matthew Kacergis
Justin McLachlan
as Waiter
Ed Jewett
as General Mercer
Rachel Burkhardt
as Swim Team Captain
John Harrington Bland
as Lyle
Matt Oberg
as Buddy Calhoun
Eugene Alper
as Murman Shalikashvili
Dan Verkman
as Member of Mike McLintock's Wedding Party
James Wong
as Jim
Stewart Skelton
as North Carolina Delegate
Todd Aaron Brotze
as Dr. Abernathy
Matt McCluskey
Susan Berger
as Maryland Delegate
Mark Roman
as 90's Rally Member
Broocks Willich
as Butter Woman
Mikayla Kelley
as Trophy Wife
Chagmion Antoine
as CNN Moderator
Debi Bradshaw
as Buddy's Secretary
K Callan
as Judy Sherman
Lauren Bowles
as Monica
Mimi Kennedy
as Mary King
Maria Cecile Callier
as Staffer
Shari Elliker
as Andrea Tandy
Chris Dinolfo
Shane Tunney
as Brett
Jay Pennick
as Heckler
Christopher Morris
as Newsreader
Ken Arnold
as Neil
Buckley Sampson
Troy Christian
as Square Dancer
Kelsey Squires
Racheal Seymour
as Woman Cop
Michaela Watkins
as Patty
Connor Ratliff
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Brian
Laura Avnaim
as Restaurant Patron
Patsy Grady Abrams
as Mrs. Reeves
Becki Dennis
as Iowa Civil Servant #1
Jane Macfie
as Tourist Woman
Regen Wilson
as Press Guy #2/Reporter #2
Mark Falvo
as Press/Reporter/Factory Worker/Hearing Supporter/Reception Guest
Vincent Teixeira
as Secret Service Agent
Christopher Michael Davis
J.P. Manoux
as Congressman Clark
Maddie Howard
as Ruby
David DeBoy
as Bob Jeffries
Luke Frey
as Speech Writer
Pierce Cravens
as Kyle
Erica Burns
as Dive Bar Patron/Rally Supporter/Selina Well Wisher
Steven Soto
as Clovis Employee/Funeral Guest
Mike Monroe
as Senator
Melinda Roeder
as Rebecca Boundy
Glenn Wrage
as Joe Thornhill
Bob Rumnock
as Election Official #6
D'Arcy Carden
as Congresswoman
Monnae Michaell
as Senate Clerk
Davis Neves
Brian Huskey
as Leon West
Mary Lee Adams
as Intern
Da'Vine Joy Randolph
as Roberta Winston
Thomas C. Hessenauer
as Cal
Robert Olausen
as Brunch Guest/Business Type at Lobbying Firm/Meyer Campaign Supporter/Well-wisher
David Fern
as Congressman
Brey Chanadet
Cara Jaye
as Administrative Assistant
Melvin Caldwell
as Senator Murray
Geraldine Waters
as Maria Holland
Dave Ferrier
as White House Photographer/Campaign Staffer/Debate Attendee/Factory worker/Funeral Attendee/White House Staffer
Brian Harrison
as Military Veteran
Robin Zerbe
as NH Campaign Staffer
Graham Winton
as Aidan Grant
Brandon Morris
Donald Ross Jr.
as Baseball Player
Bus Howard
Lorrie Odom
as Factory Worker #3
Chelsea Alden
as Renee Holt
Janet Devine Smith
as Supporter/Campaign Donor/Donor
Dan De Luca
as Wedding Photographer
Aleksey Solodov
as Father
Lauri Hendler
as Heckler
Ajay Vidure
Sade Katarina
as Finnish Embassy Staffer 2
Heather Haney
as Jeanine Doolittle
Terrence Shingler
as Maddox Team Member/Marathon On-Looker
Rowan Joseph
as Bernie
Andrea R. Baker
as VP Staffer/White House Reporter
Henry Hall
Kate Burton
as Barbara Hallowes
Christina Herrick
as Reporter
Rusty Amodeo
as Delegate
Megan Anderson
Ron Perkins
as Sam Finnigan
Christopher Meloni
as Ray Whelans
Callie Hersheway
Hanna Juurakko
as Embassy Staffer #1
Meredith Hagner
as Debralee
Toshi Calderón
as Children's Hospital Pedestrian
Tisha French
as ICU Nurse
John Newberry
as Police Officer
Veronica Cruz
as Rally Reporter #2
Phil Abrams
as Rabbi
Erin Rye
as Singer
Amy Brenneman
as Regina Pell
Jeff Blim
as Stage Manager
Philip N. Williams
Frederick Falk
as Reporter
Jesse N. Holmes
Kathryn Klvana
as Injured Woman
Christopher Crutchfield Walker
Raynard Harrison
Usman Ally
as Mohammed Al Jaffar
John Ross Bowie
as Focus Group Member
Winslow Corbett
as Reporter
Phil Hawn
as Congressman Baines
Dakin Matthews
as Balloon Salesman
Valeria Volynkina
as Government Intern/Intern
Tiffani Barbour
Rhea Seehorn
as Michelle York
Dan Manning
as New Senator 2
Kate Comer
as Secretary
Adam Scott
as Tonight Show Host
Kat Wisener
Jonathan Hadary
as Sherman Tanz
Brian Foreman
as Campaign Supporter/VP Staffer/White House Police Officer
David Pasquesi
as Andrew Meyer
Patrick Fischler
as Ken
Jack De Sena
as Hayden
Liz Chuday
as Press Reporter
Keegan-Michael Key
as Jordan Thomas Jr.
Camila Greenberg
as Nurse Sandra
Jamie Donnelly
Warren Sweeney
as Chairman Steve O'Brien
Anais Lee
as Halo Bryce
Polly Humphreys
as Congresswoman Hayes
Kevin DeKimpe
as Brandeis Singer
Art Frankel
Tommy Lee Taylor Jr.
as White House Staffer
Makeda Declet
as Denise
Amber Gwin
as NH Campaign Staffer
Andy Rivera
as Biker/White House Dinner Guest
Anthony Elfonzia
as Honor Guard
Francie Glick
Brad Morris
as Paul
Rebecca Gethings
as Bank of England Lady
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man in Crowd/Well-wisher
Larry Derr
as Book Fan/Server/Server at Birthday party
Emily Pendergast
as Beth Ryan
Jody Matzer
as Sailing Club Member/State Trooper
Andrew Thacher
as Dr. Weisglass
KC Wright
as Staffer #2
Brando McKenzie
as Alonzo Montez
Kandis Mak
as Square Dancer
Michael Alban
as Creepy Dude
Sarayu Blue
as Dr. Mirpuri
Kelly Mumme
as Deborah
Vickie Warehime
as Secret Service Agent
Dominic Pace
as Murman's Bodyguard
Matthew Gooley
as Dream Metrics Analyst
Mary-Alice Farina
as Finnish Embassy Guest
Tony D. Head
as 1st Supporter
Anthony Wanzer
as Police Officer
Misan Akuya
as Race on looker
Ian Roberts
as Governor John DeVito
Michael Salconi
as Cardinal Branzini
John Bucy
Mayank Saxena
as Nikhil
Emily Buntyn
as White House Tour Guide
Mike Hayes
as Mel
Joy Haynes
as Bitchy Woman
Azhar Khan
as Sound Guy
Danny Doherty
Samuel Ray Gates
James Whalen
as Bartender
Alfredo Tavares
as Debate Audience/Pennsylvania Photographer/Tenessee Press
Kristine McKinney
as Rally Supporter
David Rasche
as Jim Marwood
Robert Poletick
as Bill/Lobbyist #1 (Frank)/Man
Ulysses E. Campbell
as Father
Neil Casey
as Matty Curtis
Cathleen Trigg
as News Anchor
Paula Rich
as Karen
Nick Clifford
as Event Coordinator
Ian Martin
as Dave Wickford
Erica Rhodes
as Date #2
Mary Catherine Garrison
as Sophie Brookheimer
Ken Holliday
as Air Force Officer/Air Force Officer - State Dinner Guest
Craig Cackowski
as Cliff
Kimelia Weathers
Ernesto Rosas
as Ryan
Lorenzo Jones
as Press Reporter
Jill Basey
LaVonne Rae Andrews
as Marjorie's Grandma
Remy Auberjonois
as Vince Hessler
Reverend John Atom
as Janitor
Danielle Demski
as Reporter
Sharrie McCain
as White House staffer
Jaci Jones
as Campaign Dinner Guest/Maryland Staffer
Ben Harris
Scott Charles Blamphin
Arash Mokhtar
as Iranian Offical #1
Victoria Fratz
as Campaign Staffer
Robert Randolph Caton
as Harold
Patton Oswalt
as Teddy Sykes
Tish Graves-Dawkins
as Annette Splett
Ellyn McLaughlin
as VP Staffer
DeMark Thompson
as Air Force Major
Kevin Dunn
as Ben Cafferty
LaShawn Banks
as Derek
Melanie Nicholls-King
as Ms. Bennett
Jayson Ward Williams
as Staffer
Chris Conlon
as Secret Service Agent
Priyanga Burford
as Reporter
Michael J. Lyons
as Jim Wiseman
Dave Anthony
Morgan Smith
as Candi Caruso
Thomas Lennon
as CBS director
Marc Goodman
as Senator/Attorney General/Cabinet Member at Swearing-in/Dignitary at conference/Funeral Attendee/Press Reporter/Veteran
Neal McNeil
as Reception Guest/Secret Service Agent/Waiter
Mo Gaffney
as Deborah
Phil LaMarr
as Paul Graves
James Downey
as Jim Caldwell
John Brennan
as Priest
Emma Adele Galvin
Trey Robertson
as White House Staffer
Lizzie Prestel
as Clara
Ben Elliott Paez
as Chad
Michael Blumenstock
as Reporter 2
Lance Baldwin
as Doctor
Elliot Decker
as Elliot
Kathy Najimy
as Wendy Keegan
Luis Caballero
Jessica Chaffin
as Congresswoman Gellardi
Iris Crenshaw
as Pedestrian
Allison Janney
as Janet Ryland
Russell John Obber III
as Metal Band
Delaney Williams
as Joe Walker
Karl Bury
as Father
Peter Chiamardas
as Congressman/Astronaut/Factory Worker/Political Supporter/Reporter/White House Press
Michael N. Dunlop
Kelly L. Moran
as Member of Congress
Richard Pelzman
Jeremy Bent
Peter Muggleworth
as Coder
Randall Park
as Danny Chung
Monica Haynes
as White House Staffer
Brian J. Carter
as Reporter
Robin Dorsey
as Reception Guest
Rasik Ohal
as Secret Service Agent
Melany Ochoa
as Melany
Serena Rasoul
as Campaign Staff
Noel Tessier
as Caterina Montez
James Kinstle
Babs Winn
Kyle Flynn
as Reporter
Blake Kaiser
as Student
Brent Jennings
as Anthony Holland
William McHattie
Bernard Bygott
as Secret Service Agent 4
Michael Christian Alexander
as Secret Service Agent
Adi Stein
as Government Worker
Nirmal Ray
as Bodega Clerk
Christopher Farrar
as Antione
Diana DeLaCruz
as ER Nurse
Dutch Johnson
as Rick Youngblood
Harris Yulin
as James Whitman
David Horton
as South Dakota Delegate
Nancy Dobbs Owen
as Square Dancer
Matt Pierce
Leslie Awender
as Congresswoman
James Matthew Poole
as White House Staff
Keith Lawson
Sebastian Faure
as Arab Audience (Auditorium)
Brooke Mulkins
as Campaign Staffer/Rally Supporter
Sylvie Borschel
as Reporter
Antjuan Bunn
as Marine
Sheldon Vila Widuch
as Congressional Aide
Ted Borodaeff
as Finnish Embassy Guest
Aaron Miller
Saginaw Grant
as Marjorie's Grandpa
Matt Walsh
as Mike McLintock
Lauren LoGiudice
Julia Farino
as British Reporter
Benjamin Jeran McGinn
as Jonah's Housemate #3
James Mahony
as Secret Service
J. Anthony Pena
as Stage Manager
Leo Solomon
as Rahim
Vaughn Bullard
as Mark - Campaign Staffer
John Paul Andrews
as Brunch Guest
Shawn-Jeray Hinton
as Navy Officer
Rachel Camacho
as Campaign Worker
William Waddell Jr.
as White House Staff
Lee Armstrong
as Cowgill's Nephew
Andy Cameron
Keith Fine
as Factory Worker #1
Barbara Allyne Bennet
Steve 'Stevieweevie' Jones
as News Show Staff
Silvia Busuioc
as Nadia
Jose Antonio
Ben Cook
as Walt
Jose Luis Munoz
as Congressman
Sean O'Pry
as Brady
Candice 'CJ' Johnson
as Rally Supporter
Sybil Harris
as Tamara Lipton
Tara Brook
as Square Dancer
Tom McGowan
as Congressman Moyes
Steve Kuzj
as News Anchor
Eric Messner
Ross Mackenzie
Paul Olsavsky
as Funeral Attendee/Spectator
Kiva Jump
as Reporter
Bruce Drummond
as White House Staffer
Susan Duvall
as Roasting Lady
Edwina Findley
as Dee
Van Epperson
as Town Elder
Ivar Brogger
as Dr. Ron Addis
Emily Peachey
as Caterer
Jonathan Bray
as White House Security
Treisa Gary
as Election Official
Rena Strober
as Crystal
Jamie Hodge
as Campaign Rally Supporter/Campaign Supporter/Fundraiser & Event Planner
Laurie Cole
as Laurie
Christine Guerra
as Townsperson
Ted Taylor
as Dr. Greybear
Mark McKinnon
as Baseball Player
Caroline O'Grady
as Swimmer
Chelsea Schwartz
as Jonah Staffer
Chris Perillo
as Staffer
Justin Edwards
as Rob
Allan C. Gagner II
as Light Operator
Rick Overton
as Congressman Spencer
Bobby J. Brown
as Crazy Long Shoreman
Timothy Simons
as Jonah Ryan
Luke Matheis
as Iowa Supporter
Susan Isaacs
as Dr. Diane
Christopher Carlson
Harrison Wright
as Kid in Commercial
Luke Van Bergen
as Campaign Staffer
John Jarvis
as Dan's Party Goer/Rally Supporter
Dylan Mattina
as British Prime Minister
Bolton Marsh
Nick Jaine
as White House Staffer
Jonathan Lee Taylor
Katie Foster
Richard Tovish
as Secret Service Police
Joe Hansard
as Joe
Wes Johnson
as Peter
Jill Donnelly
as Mary
Venk Potula
as Officer Brown
Bernie McInerney
Bo Foxworth
as Hoyt Steptoe
Julie Mun
as Female Staffer/Reader
Bill Lee Brown
as Chief White House Usher
Eliza Shin
as Reporter #2
Terry Loveman
as Israeli Secret Service
Maria Zyrianova
as Nadia
Joseph Forsstrom
as Stage Crew
Eileen Faxas
Eric Buarque
as Iowa State Police Officer/Police Officer/Presidential Secret Service
Scott Adsit
as Greg Hart
Fatima Gloria Shahzad
as Meyer Campaign Staffer/Party Worker
Issam Tahan
as Chauffeur
Meredith Holzman
as Rachel Hortenthall
Nick Fontaine
as Sam O'Keefe
Zana Dortch
as Rachel
Vicki Radolinski
Marcus Anderson Jr.
as Marine
Kaleina Cordova
as Lisa's Best Friend
Andrew Daly
as Keith Quinn
Eduardo Lezcano
as Cameraman Press
Geoff Pierson
as General Stattler
Ayanna Tihun
as Sudanese Child
Owen McKenzie
as Jorge Montez
Sufe Bradshaw
as Sue Wilson
Ryan Shukis
as Funeral Attendee
Alex Drummond III
as Student
Michael Pemberton
as Dexter
Michelle Arthur
as Rich Alabama Woman
Ross Degraw
as Joint Chief
Paul Scheer
as Stevie
Sarah Strasser
as Waitress #2
Bontia Cartwright-Thornton
Brad Masters
as Marine
Erica Vittina Phillips
as Maitre D' #2
Reid Sasser
Jane Collins
Victor Pagan
as Homeless Man
Alexis Matthews
as Lisa Jones
Rick Scarry
Adam Chanler-Berat
as Mark
Kevin Murray
as Sam
Spencer Trinwith
as Sound Guy
Kirsten Gulbranson
as Well-wisher
Wil Love
as Phillip Dorsey
Kristina Linder
as Finnish Journalist
Nigel Gibbs
as Keith
Travis Grenke
as FBI Agent
Danny Wolohan
Valerie Spencer
as Protestor
Anita Moore
as Race On-looker
Dan Franko
as Eric
Caroline Redekopp
as Marjorie's Mom
Patrick McDade
as Mr. Brookheimer
Orlagh Cassidy
as Sally Davenport
Emilyanne Spencer
as Clovis employee
Dori Mizrahi
as Muhammed Hamid
GiGi Erneta
as JoJo Weaver
Troy Vincent
as Congressman Cotterill
Nelson Franklin
as Will
Evan Arnold
as WH Reporter #5/White House Reporter #5
Exie Booker
as Secret Service
Mary Joy
as Mrs. West
Ron Heneghan
as Jack
Damion Poitier
Ashleigh Biller
as Nikhil's Fiance
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as George Maddox
Saphina Chanadet
Sowande Tichawonna
as Politician
Carolyn Mignini
as Governor Cecile
Anna Magoulas
as Governor's Chief of Staff
John Peddie
as Race Supporter/Resturant Patron
Joe Higgs
as Father of student
George Ludden
as Campaign Supporter/Congressman
Lindsey Kraft
as Cassie Langley
Armen Weitzman
as Male Sensitivity Trainer
Evy Bjorn
as Finnish Reporter
Bernadette Sayre
as Catherine's Friend
Talia Thiesfield
as Lawyer
Aidan Wolfe
Barrett Goode
as Student
Andrew MacLarty
Sarah Siadat
as Reporter #3
Jeffrey Wells
as Bored Spectator
Kevin O'Rourke
as Blake Stewart
Morgan Lester
as Felicia
Nick Wyman
as Quincy Carter
Shira Bethea
as Assistant/Reporter/Staffer
Lindsay Dyan Epp
as Bar Patron/Rally Supporter/State Dinner Guest
Michael Edwin
as Congressman Baxter
Tracie Thoms
as Alicia Bryce
Christina Miller
as White House Press Correspondent
Chris Moss
as Square Dancer
Sloane Letourneau
as Clay
Andrew Leeds
as Jackson
Peter Grosz
as Sidney Purcell
Avi Kulawy
as Metal Band
Lilli Stein
as First Campaign Hostess
Eric Supensky
as Presidential Secret Service
Stephen Root
as Judge Walsh
Towanda Underdue
as Senator
Draaco Aventura
as Marine One Presidential Escort
Michael Torpey
as Jason
Rick Kumazawa
as Event Server
Polina Frantsena
as Mila
Tracy Flynn
as Diner patron/Funeral Attendee/Producer
Jossan Robinson
as Campaign Staffer
Dana Brancato
as Reporter
Jean Villepique
as NY Times Reporter
Meryl Hathaway
as News Reporter #1
Alison White
as Focus Group Member
Phil Reeves
as Andrew Doyle
John Carroll Lynch
as Lloyd Hennick
Lisa Robbins
as Mrs. Brookheimer
Darren Boyd
as Peter Mitchell
Dawn Douglas
as VP Bullpen Staffer
Shawn Gonzalez
as Marine
Deanne Bray
as Julie
Ian Scott McGregor
Marybeth Wise
as Janet
Tanya Davis
as Staffer
Brandon McCoy
Armand Schultz
as Alex Barry
Tina Simmons
as Reporter
Eddie Jones
as Chuck Furnam
Brian Habicht
as Clinic Protestor
Courtney Friel
as Fox News Reporter/Fox News Anchor
Alan Brooks
as Senator Lowell
Ben Hammock
as Press/DC Press Corps/Conference Registration Attendant
Jennifer McCormick
as Bullpen Staffer
Clea DuVall
as Marjorie Palmiotti
Dave Gold
Brendan Calton
as TV Tech
Natalie Cassell
as Funeral Guest/Hotel Guest/State Government Official
Consuelo M. Edwards
as VP Staffer
Laura Niemi
as Pundit
Debbie Hartner
as Bull pen wife/Press Photographer/Reporter/VP Honoree
Wayne Alon Scott
as Sound Guy
Preston Bradley
as Congressman
India de Beaufort
as Brie Ramachandran
Matt Gulbranson
as Secret Service Agent
Beka Sikharulidze
as Georgian Police Officer
Damone Paul Jackson
as Congressman Sefton
Logan Bennett
as Staffer 1
Patricia Kalember
as Sarah
Robert Negendank
as Priest
Emily Fleming
Daniel Jenkins
as Ian
Dominic Jackson
as Server
Hector Hugo
as Alejandro Montez
Harold Cornish
Jenny Steadman
Montanna Gillis
as Dan's Wife
Noelle Bonhomme
as Lt Commander
Troy Evans
as Montana Congressman
Brendan Petak
as Congressional Staffer
William L. Thomas
as Martin Collins
Ken Bulcroft
as VP Staffer
Chasty Ballesteros
as Casey
Jayk Gallagher
as John Corbin
Dennis Ross
as Russian Skinhead
Heather Olt
as Political Reporter
Chris Moore
as Metal Band
David J. Smolar
as Pharmacy Assistant
Kevin Joel Anderson
as Bar Patron
Beth Littleford
as Mrs. Furlong
Benjamin Loeh
as Protester
Bob Ari
Paul Wallis
as Bar Regular/TV Cameraman/Clovis Employee/Homeless Veteran/Iowa Book Signing Autograph Seeker/Press at Bike Rally
Johnna Leary
as Campaign Staffer
Donald Imm
as VP Staffer
Gavin LaNasa
as Student
Christopher Moynihan
Carlos Acuña
Samuel Platt
as Sam
Adriana Uy
Craig Rhodes
as Statistician/Statistician 3
Bob Hurley
as Patron
Jamie Denbo
as Focus Group Leader
Blanca Araceli
Charmel Catrell
as Reporter in the Crowd
Bill Eissler
as Finnish Secret Service
Adrianna David
as Biker Chick
Stephanie Burden
as Iowa Civil Servant #3
Idrees Degas
as African Military Dictator
Pete Burris
as Colonel Jeffcoat
Reuel Belt
as Cop
Ella Jay Basco
as Ella
Matthew Bowerman
as Office Employee
Ethan Phillips
as Mr. Wallace
Alexander Kanellakos
as Buddy Supporter
Dave Foley
as Osmo Häkkinen
Jim Titus
as Reporter #1
Luisa Vitor
as Nurse
Matt Bishop
as Shaun
Justyn Christofel
as Bartender/Patron
Gita Pullapilly
as News Anchor
Tim Ryan
as Howard
Karen Vicks
Ali Dash
as Catherine's Friend
Montana Roesch
as Kim
Juanita DeSilva
as Staffer
Kristen Marie Kelly
as Beth
Marcus LaRon
as Secret Service Agent
Alexander Pennecke
as Factory Worker
Amy Parochetti
as Staffer
Diana Villamonte
Anne-Marie Cusson
Jake Arrieta
as Jake Arrieta
Alison Anne Daniels
as Carol Hallowes
Ken Maurice Purnell
as Race Onlooker
Chelsea Townsend
Hillary Styer
as Gov. Chung's Staffer/Hotel Guest
Samir Patel
as Congress Child
Lawrence Ballard
Brian Nuesi
as Reporter
Allen Rueckert
as Reporter Allen
David Schaal
as Landlord
Chris Kies
as Congressman Edgar Hausman
Ian McCleary
as Secret Service
Nina Hodoruk
as POTUS Line Girl
Caitlynn Leary
as White House Staffer/Waitress
Bill Heneghan
as Don Watson
Katie Aselton
as Stephanie
Michaeleen O'Neil
Joshua Bennett Schwartz
as Marine
Bob Sorenson
as Doctor
Pamela Nash
as Fundraiser Guest
Carla Saylor
as Citizen at Campaign Sites
Isaac Dean
as Fadi
Mark E. Young Sr.
as Political Fundraiser/Reporter Mark Peters/Turkey Association VIP
Abbey McBride
as Dr. Walcott
Liz Forde
Christa A. Feldi
as Gun Show Vender/Stil Press Photographer
Phil Mallon
as New Hampshire Campaign Staff
Jeff Jocoy
as Iowa Supporter
Brian Doyle-Murray
as George Huntzinger
Andy Buckley
as Ted Cullen
Dana Powell
as Kelly
Eugene Cordero
as Buzzy Kanahale
John Bozeman
as Senator Nelson
Ayden Mayeri
as Layla
David Beach
as Mr. Rakes
Xavier Wolf
as Gary's Nephew
Sam Richardson
as Richard Splett
David Beeks
as Security Guard
Tiara Jackson
as Race On-looker
Laurie Perez
Michael McKean
as Governor Ballentine
Eddie Matz
as Peter
Brittney Aleah
as Courtroom Reporter
Lyon Beckwith
as Angry Latino Biker
Selenis Leyva
as Governor Ramos
Janet Anderson
as Ruth Forrester
Chris Wolfe
as Clovis Employee
Soufiane El Khalidy
as Bartender
Michael A. Ross
Chris Luensman
as Race On-looker
Tim Baltz
as Craig Jergensen
Caleb Pierce
as Blake Stein
Talulah Shadrick
as Ellen McLintock
Jon Norman Schneider
as Reporter/Reporter 2
Saam Bozorgmehr
as DJ
Lennon Parham
as Karen Collins
Marc Unger
as Sean
Keith Sellon-Wright
Carolyn Wilson
as Election Official #2
Aaron Wiggins
as Reception Guest
Judy Go Wong
as Platform Engineer
Tony Lam
as Xiao Jintong
Margaret Colin
as Jane McCabe
Tom Gammill
as Lord Wolfbane
Emily Vitek
as Barista/Young Woman
Roland Angelo Crisolo
as Camera Man
Alonzo Bristol
as White House Staffer
Mauricio Ovalle
as El Cabeza
Lawrence Cameron Steele
as Burly Longshoreman
Elise Edwards
as VP Bull Pen
Andrea Savage
as Laura Montez
David Weisenberg
as Dr. Robert Weinberg
Carly Dreizen
as Bullpen Staffer
Susan Kelechi Watson
as Sue's Friend
Jim Palmer
as Jim Palmer
Diedrich Bader
as Bill Ericsson
Nikolas Krieger
as Randall Keegan
Elyse Brandau
Kevin Dorff
Steve Mones
Peter MacNicol
as Jeff Kane
Hayden Saunier
as Spa Woman
Reef Karim
as Dr. Sengupta
Phil Levesque
as Marjorie's Dad
Fernando A. Mico
as Conference Attendee/Maddox Team Member/Platform Engineer
Colin Holmes
as NH Staffer
Sean O'Grady
as Clovis Employee
Mary Holland
as Shawnee Tanz
Jennifer Grace
Christian LaBella
as Presidential Speech Writer
Stephen Fry
as Nikolai Genidze
Rose Abdoo
as Judge

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