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January 27, 2022
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About this title


The story of two families living at opposite ends of the freeway. Bess Denyar is a doctor with a posh mother, Margaret, an architect husband, Danny Bright, and 13-year-old twins, Oscar and Edwina, at a private school. Bess is stunned when she learns she's adopted, but even more so when she meets her birthparents, Wayne and Julie Wheeler; and her three siblings: Amber, Kayne, and Brianna. The 'bogan' Wheelers, who head up a drag-racing team in the outer suburbs, are thrilled to discover the daughter they thought they had lost.

Country: Australia

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: August 15, 2013

Also Known As: Upper Middle Bogan, Не с того поля ягодкаBess of Both Worlds |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), United States (TV-14)


Plot Keywords

white trash
biological parents

Company Credits

Production Co: Gristmill


Natalie Heslop
as Mrs. Prendergast
Robyn Nevin
as Margaret Denyar
Rohan Nichol
as Matt
Sue Jones
as Pat
Wayne Hope
as Tony
Christopher Billy
as Gay Couple Man 2
Sonya Scriberras
as Mother
Martin Dingle Wall
as Evan
Dave Warneke
as Conway
Diana Green
as Female Guest
Don Bridges
as Big Issue Guy
Nores Cerfeda
as Patient
Frances Wang-Ward
as Dr. Wang
Anne Edmonds
as Cecelia Banks
Tom Milton
as Luchevsky
Wil Greenway
as Carlo
Kim Ross
as Extra
Syd Brisbane
as Farmer
Arenwy Abiyie
as Ari
Mike Frencham
as Craig
Naomi Kilmany
as Adriana
Luke Gibson
as Man/Wayne's Client
Tony Martin
as Barry
Chris Goodall
as Gay Couple Man 1
Yoshaan Vincent
as Delivery Guy
Noel Herriman
as Lawnmower Man
Diamando May
as Miranda
Robyn Butler
as Cathy
Rueben Liversidge
as Waiter
Tahu Marumaru
as Surgeon
Claudia Greenstone
as Anoushka
Anthea Kondos
as Nurse
Mark Mitchell
as Dr. Mortimer
Kane Felsinger
as Sam
Richard Davine
as ATM Man
Simone Buchanan
as Kirby
Molly Daniels
as Ashley
Craig Pilkington
as Stage Manager
Andy Matthews
as Mr. Wilson
Robert Tripolino
as BJ Amenta
Bert LaBonté
as Constable Miklis
Eddie Baroo
as Scary Patient
Patrick Brammall
as Danny Bright
Nicholas Bell
as French Man
Maddy Jevic
as Brianna Wheeler
Chloé Boreham
as French Woman
Tamala Shelton
as Chloe
Glenn Robbins
as Wayne Wheeler
James Liotta
as Andrew Green
Jessica Borg
as Nurse
Madeleine O'Shannassy
as Shop Assistant
Lilah Williams
as Mackenzie
Shaynna Blaze
as Self
Kaida Bernardo
as Ming Le
Jennifer Wong
as Cleaner
Jason Gianginis
as Extra: Spectator
Ethan Deterling
as Broccoli Kid
Travis Bird
as Man in Lycra
Steve Bastoni
as Benji Amenta
Heidi Arena
as Cassie
Alexis Van Maanen
as Georgia
Debra Byrne
as Susan
Bobby Fox
as Conrad
Chloe Foster
as Waitress
Scott Brennan
as Trent Van Winkle
Addison Davies
as Brianna (aged 3)
Winefred Diasnes
as Patient
Helen Rollinson
as Dr. Larson
Michala Banas
as Amber Wheeler
Garth Ploog
as Mickey
Lara Robinson
as Edwina Bright
Sally McLean
as Cath
Louise Crawford
as Hostess
Marco Chiappi
as Mr. Lloyd
David Serafin
as Steve
Lilly Valentine How
as Taylor
Isabella Richardson
as Chloe
Ted Green
as Kevin
Harper Allchin
as Kayne (aged 5)
Bob Franklin
as Bob
Tony Moclair
as X-Ray Man
Scott Parmeter
as Race Official
Clarke Richards
as Dr. Lucas
Glenys Armstrong
as Zumba Instructor
Gareth Yuen
as Lin
Molly Joy How
as Madison
Najib Bahrami
as Ticket Collector
Eleanor Webster
as Hockey Teacher
Steven Gates
as Mr. Papps
Diana Nguyen
as Nurse
Sebastien Harvey
as Harley
Rhys Mitchell
as Kayne Wheeler
Patrick Harvey
as Tyler Van Winkle
Annie Maynard
as Bess Denyar
Tony Wilson
as Policeman 2
Laura Dunemann
as Receptionist
Dougie Baldwin
as Shawn Van Winkle
Peter Flaherty
as Stall Holder
Thi Reynolds
as Ruby
Ben Knight
as Jason
Scott Cam
as Self
Dinesh Mathew
as Dr. Bandi
Isabella Salas
as Sophie
Dylan Murphy
as Nuts
Scarlett Hall
as Amber (aged 7)
Lee Beckhurst
as Mr. Villovic
Sarina Rowell
as Smorgy's Customer
Lucy Durack
as Michelle
Roz Hammond
as Sandi
John Leary
as Terry
Geraldine Quinn
as Kathleen
Xavier Gouault
as Drag Race Attendee
Ryan Coffey
as Dean
Faith Seci
as Evie
Ben Ridgwell
as Brian
Amelie Everett
as Child
Robyn Malcolm
as Julie Wheeler
Paul McCarthy
as Maitre'D
Brett Whittingham
as Delivery Man
Harrison Feldman
as Oscar Bright
Alicia Banit
as Jodi
Khaled Khalafalla
as Younis
Tim Potter
as Derek
Hayden Leith
as Bloke
Alison Bell
as Clara
Naomi Davis
as Sonya
Tegan Higginbotham
as Jess
Cory Michael Dawson
as Student
Nicole Freeman
as Sophia
Max Dossetto
as Caspian
Justin Anderson
as Travis Van Winkle
Dave Thornton
as Troy Van Winkle
Nicole Nabout
as Sales Assistant
Justin Hamilton
as TV Man
Kim Gyngell
as Mr. Widdicombe
Lana Golja
as Brooke
Lily Jones
as Madison
Elise Jansen
as Miss Ogilvy
Jacqueline Brennan
as Celia
Tim Bell
as Chairman
Stephen Hall
as Digby
Greg Carroll
as Keith
Kimberley Heberley
as Art Gallery Waitress
Newnest Addakula
as Orderly
Ben Grogan
as The Smash

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 8 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3




Awards & NominationsSee more »

AACTA Award 2014



Best Television Comedy or Light Entertainment Series



Best Screenplay in Television



Best Performance in a Television Comedy

Logie 2014



Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program

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