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January 18, 2022
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About this title


Goes behind the scenes to show us how our favorite foods were developed and are manufactured. Each show is usually grouped around a theme (Halloween, snack foods, candy, etc.), and tours of the factories that produce Twinkies, Lemonheads, beef jerky, and so on are shown.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 1, 2001

Also Known As: Unwrapped with Marc Summers, Unwrapped

Parents Guide: United States (TV-G)


Company Credits

Production Co: Food Network, High Noon Productions


Phil Reis
as Self - Pizza Lover
Hans Richter
Roger Barr
as Self - Guest
Bill Ihle
as Self - Representative, Cushman's Fruit Co.
Andre Boom
as Self - Plant Manager, Vlasic
Bill Rivers
as Self - President, Biglerville Historical Society
Tim Walsh
as Self - Representative, American Licorice Co.
Dave Danhi
as Self
Mark Strickler
as Self - VP of Marketing, Papa Murphy's Pizza
Peter Vermeulen
as Homself - GM of Juice
Jason Glade
as Self - VP Sales & Marketing, Taffy Town
Derek Glade
as Self - VP Operations, Taffy Town
Grant Achatz
as Restaurateur/Self - Chef
Nikysha Maxie
as Self - Manager, Papa Murphy's Pizza
Kent Byrom
as Self - General Manager, Carolina Foods, Inc.
Glenn Peters
as Self - President, Nature's Kick Corp.
Andrea Wayland
as Waitress
Dave Klabunde
as Self - Director of Sales & Marketing, Annabelle Candy Co.
Anthony Marciona
as Self Thats A Nice!
Paul Carter
as Self - Stemilt Horticulturist
Dorinda von Stroheim
Rob Sanders
as Self - Marketing Manager, Glory Bee Foods
Stuart Zaro
as Self - Representative, Zaro's Bakery
Lee Bjork
as Self - Co-Owner, Wisconsin Natural Acres
Coy Sevier
as Self - Turkey Leg Historian
Steven Jackson
as Self - President, Hungry Howie's
Brian Brushwood
as Self - Magician
Jeff Harris
as Self - R&D Director, Combos Snacks
Jill Feuerhelm
as Self - Marketing Manager, Blue Bunny
Pete Thornfield
as Self - Dir. of Marketing, Frito Lay
Marc Summers
as Self - Host
Mitchell Whitley
as Self - Cheesy, Employee, Mozzarella Company
Steve Cook
as Self - Founder, Maine Sea Salt
Heidi Daly Ford
as Self - Dir. of Marketing, Cape Cod Potato Chips
John Nese
as Self - Owner, Galco's Soda Pop Stop
John Wayne Carlson
as Self
Milton Karl
as Self - Representative, Zaro's Bakery
Jeff Newell
as Self - Dir. of Operations, Cape Cod Potato Chips
A.J. Aumock
as Self - Freschetta Authority
Tim Hackl
as Self - Operations Mgr, John B. Sanfilippo & Son
Dennis Tran
as Self - World's Fastest Pizza Maker
Terry Wehling
as Self - VP of Operations, Ameritab Industries
Theresa Kain
as Self - Representative, American Licorice Co.
Emily Kime
as Self - Pennsylvania Apple Queen
Tom Von Ruden
as Self - Line Manager, Malt-o-Meal
Tom Mathison
as Self - Apple Patriarch
Steve Spangler
as Self
Annabelle Altshuler Block
as Self - Owner, Annabelle Candy Co.
Douglas J. Schulz
as Self - Founder, Wisconsin Natural Acres
Paul Scarborough
as Self - President, Carolina Foods, Inc.
Dan Meyer
as Self - Sword Swallower
David Brandon
as Self - CEO, Domino's Pizza
Jeffrey Sanfilippo
as Self - CEO, John B. Sanfilippo & Son
Ken Millage
as Self - Apple Authority
Dustin Nichols
as Easter Bunny
Chuck Hummelmeier
as Self - Representative, Sassy Cow Creamery
Ellen Gordon
as Self - President, Tootsie Industries
Tim Heitmann
as Self - Owner, Popcorn Palace
Gina Cockrell
as Self - pop Artist, Popcorn Palace
Paul Prudhomme
as Self
James Baerwolf
as Self - Representative, Sassy Cow Creamery
Chick Boren
as Self - Plant Mgr, Tootsie Industries
Randy Ingolia
as Self - Plant Manager, Freschetta
Graham Cragun
as Starbucks Frappuccino Interviewee
Randy Culp
as Self - Apple Butter Expert
Lee Anne Wong
as Self
Michele Grant
as Self
West Mathison
as Self - Apple Expert
Natasha Wad
as Self
Paul Atwood
as Self - Atwood Farms
Otto von Stroheim
Susan Karl
as Self - President & CEO, Annabelle Candy Co.
Michael Fox
as Self - Representative, Frito-Lay
Chance Elm
as Self - R&D Director, Malt-o-Meal
Franklin Mooney
as Self - Representative, Zatarain's
Ross Valdez
as Self - Representative, Frito-Lay
Homaro Cantu
as Self - Executive Chef, Moto
Clark Ziegler
as Self - Manufacturing Mgr, Frito Lay
Nelson Kane
as Self - Apple Museum Guide
Matthew Caito
as Self - Apple Marketing Guru
Elonia Chavez
as Self - Quality Controller
Dudley Passman
as Self - Representative, Zatarain's
Paula Lambert
as Self - Owner, Mozzarella Company
Alan Turanski
as Self - Operations Manager, Glory Bee Foods
Sven Koch
Gary Heck
as Self - Owner, Korbel Champagne Cellars
Paul Ahvenainen
as Self - Dir of Winemaking, Korbel
Stefan Aps
as Self - Sr. Branding Mgr, Vlasic
Allen Cushman
as Self - Representative, Cushman's Fruit Co.
Daniele Baliani
as Self - Culinary Counselor, Freschetta
Mark Schlereth
as Self

Seasons & Episodes

Season 2

2002 | 24 Episodes

Season 3

2003 | 6 Episodes

Season 4

2010 | 3 Episodes

Season 5

2004 | 2 Episodes

Season 6

2004 | 3 Episodes

Season 7

2005 | 1 Episodes

Season 8

2004 | 3 Episodes

Season 9

2004 | 2 Episodes

Season 10
Season 11

2005 | 9 Episodes

Season 12

2005 | 8 Episodes

Season 13

2006 | 13 Episodes

Season 14

2006 | 13 Episodes

Season 15

2007 | 14 Episodes

Season 16

2007 | 13 Episodes

Season 17

2008 | 13 Episodes

Season 18

2008 | 13 Episodes

Season 19

2009 | 13 Episodes

Season 20

2009 | 13 Episodes

Season 21

2010 | 12 Episodes

Season 22

2010 | 12 Episodes

Season 23

2011 | 2 Episodes

Season 24

2009 | 2 Episodes

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