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January 19, 2022
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About this title


Documentary series investigating unsolved mysteries in history.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: October 9, 2002

Also Known As: 歷史謎團, Unsolved History |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Termite Art Productions


James Kyson
as Korean Co-Pilot
Chris Leigh
as Self - Body Model Designer
J.V. Martin
as Narrator
Lee Grossman
as Dennis Sullivan
Murry A. Dorty
as Self - Historian
Gregory A. Gale
as Conspirator #1
Linda Willis
as Self/Self - Witness
Serdar Kalsin
as Cortez
Hans Van Sumeren
as Self - Hydronamics Expert
Sherri Gladu
as Self
Jo Weber
as Self
Jeff Jonas
as Self
John Rodgaard
as Self - Photo Analyst
Eric Kieron Davis
as Robert Frost
John Pullum
as Hypnosis expert
Kelly Sticksel
as Self - Laser Specialist
Joe Lockard
as Self - Radar Operator
Michael Downey
as Troyor
Eric Hamburg
as Self - Author
John Michael Priest
as Self
Roy Haggard
as Self
John DeVirgilio
as Self
Patrick Faucette
as O. J. Simpson
David King
as Self - Forensic Pathologist
Michael Klinger
as Self - Audio Specialist
Stanley Klos
as Historian Manuscript Expert
Chase Neuheart
as Nostradamus
E.D. Smout
as Self - Eyewitness
Nicholas V. Cozzi
as Pharmacologist
Nellie Connally
as Self
Peter Hsu
as Self - Engineer
Dana Ross
as Self - Photographer
Nikolai Luckow
as Self - Computer Animator
Malcom McCuaig
as Conspirator #3
Neil Morrissey
as Narrator
Steve Harvey
as Self - Laser Technician
Gary Kross
as Self
Eric U. Lowman
as Union Artilleryman/Union Soldier
Paul Bishop
as Self - LAPD
Mike Yardley
as Self - Sharpshooter
Kermit Tyler
as Self
Chuck Holloway
as Self - Hawaii Undersea Research Lab
Gary Sullivan
as Conspirator #2
Mark Chadwick
as Self
Jeff Bearden
as Davy Crockett
Ed Galea
as Self - Evacuation Specialist
Troy Hartman
as Self
Wesley Phipps
as Self - Body Model Designer
Glenn Bates
as Australian Soldier
Pat Buskavich
as Self - Structural Engineer
Alex Cristic
as Self - Ballistics Expert
Tom Noche
as Self - Geologist
Waltraud Grüter
as Self - Survivor
Craig Stadley
as Self - Surveyor
Alfred de Zayas
as Self - Author
Jason Metzger
as The Dead Red Baron
Lawrence Ryan
as Self - Laser Technician
Nancy Harding
as Elizabeth Evans/Patricia Newcomb
Sara Diaz
as Tina Mucklow
Michael Selig
as Self - Flight Simulation Software
George Pearl
as Self - Photo Analyst
Mary Moorman
as Self
Ron Jones
as Self - High Speed Camera Technician
Jon Stewart
as Self - UCLA Seismic Simulation Designer
Steve McWilliams
as Self - Photographer
Brian Danner
as Paris
Jan Jirasko
as Self - Deep Sea Explorer
Joe Cook
as Self - Photo Analyst
Dan Galiaso
as Conspirator #4
James W. Clarke
as Self - Expert
Will Lehner
as Self - USS Ward
Kathleen Kern
as Narrator
Charles Scawthorn
as Self - Earthquake Damage Assessor
Henri De La Place
as Self - Mayor
Andy Biache
as Self - Photo Analyst
Lawrence Cornfield
as Self - Chief Building Inspector
David L. Smith
as Self - Radar Specialist
Richard Hansen
as Self - San Francisco Historian
Jack Travis
as Self
Gladys Hansen
as Self - San Francisco Historian
Laura Samant
as Self - Project Engineer
Scott Hartwig
as Self
Terry Kerby
as Self
Richard Levi
as Lee Harvey Oswald
Heinrich Korella
as Self - Survivor
Heinz Schön
as Self
Jay Skaggs
as Self - Witness
Rachel Binder
as Nostradamus' Wife/Sarah, Accuser
Burl Burlingame
as Self - Author
George Reis
as Self - Forensic Image Analyst
Anthony Beevor
as Self - Author
William Seale
as Self - White House Historian
Jim Dorman
as Self
Cade Courtley
as Self - Navy SEAL
Orion Barnes
as Conquistador Soldier/Diomedes
Jim Daniels
as Self - Fighter Pilot
Alan Bennett
as Self - Historian
Harold Lucas
as Self - Photo Analyst
Tamarah Murley
as Jacquelyn Kennedy/Mary Ann Moorman
Roy Werner
as First Officer Bill Rataczak
Hayati Akbas
as Aztec Fighter
Alexander Von Richtofen
as Self
H.B. McLain
as Self - Motorcade Police Officer
Eric Jay Beck
as Greek Fighter
Emile Bergeron
as Self - Imaging
Heather Burton
as Mary Todd Lincoln
Talia Segal
as Byck's Hostage
Taylor Gerard Hart
as The Gunman L.O.
Scott Christensen
as Self
Douglas Martin
as Self - Graphic Designer
Gary Mack
as Self/Self - Sixth Floor Museum
Steve Marshall
as Homer
Bray Poor
as Narrator
Tim Furlong
as Robert F. Kennedy
Stockard Channing
as Narrator/Self - Narration
Nick Papadakis
as Agamemnon
Jon McPhalen
as President John F. Kennedy
Brian W. Fuesz
as Self - Flight Simulation Software
Albert J. Wong
as Geologist
Eric Elsesser
as Self - Seismic Structural Engineer
Gary Tang
as Self
Guy Meadows
as Self - Lab Director
Tony Austin
as General George Armstrong Custer
Dave Schwartz
as Self - Seismologist
David Wiegman
as Self - White House Press Photographer
John C. Wiltshire
as Self - Investigator
Frank Robinson
as Self - Gunsmith
Adam Lamas
as Col. Bernd Von Heften
Rudin. Lenny
as Self - Photo Analyst
Dale Gibson
as Carriage Driver
Tom Kramer
as Karl Uecker
Chad Zimmerman
as Self - Chiropractor
Mike Bergmann
as Self - Naval Architect
Hillary Styer
as Clara Harris
John David Dehaan
as Self - arson investigator and forensic scientist
Billy Parker
as Self - Centex Wing
Robert Hering
as Self - Former German Naval Officer
Mark Waggy
as Self - Photographer
Jeff Gray
as Self - NOAA
Orville Nix Jr.
as Self
Juan Carrillo
as Self - Los Angeles Coroner's Office
Garry James
as Self/Self - Ballistics Expert/Self - ballistics expert
Phil Rasmussen
as Self - Former Pilot
Paul Stillwell
as Self - Naval Historian
Matt Evans
as Self
Gary W. Gallagher
as Self
C.D. Grojean
as Self
Gordon Seitz
as Self - Geologist
Payson Burt
as Duelist
Dale K. Myers
as Self - Computer Animator
Ron Martinelli
as Police Shooting expert
Roger Replogle
as Self
Daniel Martinez
as Self/Self - Historian/Self - historian/Host
Mark Feuerstein
Marika Taylor
as Marilyn Monroe
Frank Doescher
as Self - Model Builder
Colette Sandstedt
as Self
Hiller B. Zobel
as Self - Associate Justice, Superior Court of Massachusetts
Tina Towner
as Self/Self - Witness
Vincent Bugliosi
as Self
Mike Sode
as Hiker/Hostage/Suicide bomber/Trail Hiker/Trojan Warrior
John Wallace
as Self - UCLA Seismic Simulation Designer
Eva Dorn
as Self - Survivor
Kenneth Swedberg
as Self - USS Ward
Daniel Whang
as Self - UCLA Seismic Simulation Designer
John James Nazarian
as Self - American P.I.
Dave Perry
as Self - Historian
Dan Longletter
as Self - Digital Photographer
Joe Zimmerman
as Pat Garrett
Joe Jennings
as Self
Bill Rataczak
as Self
Robert Lindsay
as Narrator
John Joyce
as Charles Guiteau
Regina Mocey
as Eunice Murray
Bill Garzke
as Self - Naval Architect
Larry Dambra
as Self - Photo Analyst
Jack Boatwright
as Self - Seismologist
Dan Twyman
as Spanish Priest
William Lange
as Self - Underwater Photogapher
Paul DiMilla
as Tainter
Phil Chamberlain
as Self - lab technician
Anna Wendt
as Nicole Brown Simpson
David C. Hernandez
as Greek Fighter
Charles Misulia
as Self - Historian
D.D. Stenehjem
as Self - Audio Specialist
Sarah Brookman
as Self - Radiologist
Javier Brito
as Aztec Priest
David Kobzantsev
as Sirhan Sirhan
Corey Browne
as Host
Steve Quimby
as Soviet Air Traffic Controller
David E. Long
as Self - East Carolina University
Bob Lauder Jr.
as Patrick O'Leary
Hakim Isler
as Hakim Isler

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2002 | 20 Episodes

Season 2

2003 | 23 Episodes

Season 3

2004 | 6 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Western Writers of America 2003


Western Writers of America

Best Documentary Script

News & Documentary Emmy Awards 2004


News & Documentary Emmy Awards

Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Graphic and Artistic Design

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