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January 17, 2022
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United States Of Tara’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Tara, a professional woman, artist, wife and mother, diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly referred to as MPD - Multiple Personality Disorder) stops taking her medication and struggles to unite her "alters" (alternate personalities.) As the seemingly disparate portions of her psyche seek to combine and peaceably co-exist, Tara, her husband, their kids, family and friends deal with the fallout, life and various morons who do not know their schizophrenia from their MPD.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 18, 2009

Also Known As: Tarin svet, Sva lica Tare |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dysfunctional family
family drama
mental illness
lgbt teen

Company Credits

Production Co: DreamWorks Television


Annamarie Kenoyer
as Madison
Seth Gabel
as Zach
Carissa Kosta
as Desk Clerk
Kelli Goss
as Adina
Lucy Butler
as Doreen Mydas
Ethan Cohn
as Dark Nihilist
Karl Makinen
as David Bell
Erik Soderbergh
as Skunk
Caitlin Mulvey
as Dreamgirls Singer
Rachel McVay
as Hell House Girl
Michael Hitchcock
as Ted Mayo
Louis Fasanaro
as Parent
Heather Miller
as Ballerina
Scott MacDonald
as Larry/Larry Pierzynski
Jeffrey O'Connell
as Drummer
Alice Hunter
as Unique
Eric Tiede
as Employee
Jade Pettyjohn
as Kammy
Kevin Symons
as Don Hubbard
Dana De La Garza
as High School Student
Shiloh Fernandez
as Benjamin Lambert
Alexia Aleman
as Ballerina
Ian Jensen
as Tall Guy
Jackie Geary
as Kirston
Rachael Soglin
as Waitress
Rosemarie DeWitt
as Charmaine Craine
Lauren Weedman
as Heidi Sawyer
Brian Sacca
as Kurt
Frances Conroy
as Sandy Gregson
Guilford Adams
as Tom
Kevin P. Farley
as Social Worker
Hayley McFarland
as Petula
Andrea Moyer
as Flight Attendant
J. Marvin Campbell
as Deputy
Susan Chuang
as Laurie
Lester G. Reynolds
as Tattoo Artist
James DuMont
as World Weary Businessman
George Brett
as Self
Denise Vasquez
as Art Walk Vendor
James McCauley
as Trip Johanssen
Billy Jayne
as Ed
Chuck Spitler
as Large Man
Michelle DeLynn
as Judi Johanssen
John Corbett
as Max Gregson
Ashley Bell
as Tonya
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
as Nurse
Kevin Manwarren
as Ray
Cathy Shambley
as Bunny
Bailey McAlevey
as Baby Cassie
Megan Hubbell
as Samantha
Aaron Christian Howles
as Noah Kane/Noah
Gillian Vigman
as Abby
Dan Bakkedahl
as Mr. Kern
Jeffrey G. Barnett
as Student on Bike
Yara Brighton
as Ballerina
Jane Morris
as Woman #2
Peter Howard
as Dr. Mullen
Viola Davis
as Lynda P. Frazier
Paul Distefano
as Jesus
Elyse Dinh
as Dr. Wu
Mike Randleman
as Man
Pamela Reed
as Bev/Beverly/Beverly Craine
Kevin Gould
as Jock #1
Kennedy Barnett
as Bowler
Michael J. Willett
as Lionel
Dave Allen
as Schreiber
Potsch Boyd
as Paramedic
Nick Lorenz
as College Student
Rowan McAlevey
as Baby Cassie
Patton Oswalt
as Neil
Ryan Flynn
as Dishwasher/Dishwasher Brother
Marlowe Peyton
as Little Girl
Zosia Mamet
as Courtney
CJ Johnson
as College Student
Sarah Colonna
as Woman #1
Rachelle Limback
as 2nd Goth Girl
Melanie Hutsell
as Waitress
Jared Winkler
as Ballet Spectator
David Costabile
as Fishman
Sheridan Crist
as Art Agent/Book Collecter/Hell House Convert/Hell House Staff
Sammy Sheik
as Hany
Sam Schuder
as Kimmy
Doby Daenger
as Mental Patient
Devon Woods
as Little Tara/Young Tara
Ken Hudson Campbell
as Caterer
Leandra Ryan
as Corn Maze Girl
Robert Picardo
as Dr. Smolow
Dougald Park
as Charles
Henry Monfries
as Rory
Cynthia Rube
as Real Estate Agent
J.R. Nutt
as Demon Tour Guide
Lony'e Perrine
as Spa Attendant
Tony Hale
as Mr. Orel Gershenoff
Tava Smiley
as Big Hair Fierce Mommy
Amy Argyle
as Receptionist
Jessica Chaffin
as Mrs. Fox
Joey Lauren Adams
as Pammy
Solomon Burke Jr.
as Man in Mask
Nino Nava
as Drama Student
Craig Gellis
as Luther
Rick L. Dean
as Wedding Guest
Robin Weigert
as Jenny
Dean Francois
as Spectator
Derek Houck
as Waiter
Jason Sarayba
as Korean Son
Alex Pulido
as Classroom Student
Courtney Fleming
as Ballerina
Beth Shea
as Breast Intentions Celeste
Stephanie Courtney
as Beth
Mary Pat Gleason
as Masseuse
Eddie Izzard
as Dr. Hattarras
Timothy Leon
as Bowler
Jefferson Black
as Pool Shark
Joel Gretsch
as Dr. Holden
Corina Boettger
as Gang Girl
Grace Bannon
as Ballerina
Chris Flanders
as Jeremiah Dunst
Tyler Shamy
as Kevin
Lucille Soong
as Korean Grandmother
Valerie Mahaffey
as Dr. Ocean
Seth Morris
as Michelle
Jeremiah Hu
as Nerd #1
Layla Wyoming
as Little Charmie/Young Charmaine
Daniella Monet
as Paige
Shannon Tweed
as Knatasha Knightblade
Diane Baldwin
as Club Waitress
Michael A. Templeton
as Airline Passenger
Elizabeth De Razzo
as Angry Server
Rob Moran
as Pastor Hitch Maurio
Phillip Collins
as Dancer
Frank Ruotolo
as Man
Mim Drew
as Carol - Mayor's Wife/Mayor's Wife
Brett Wagner
as Bouncer
Keir O'Donnell
as Evan
Tye Olson
as Alex
Chris Pisano
as News Reporter
Yamil Urena
as Columbine Boy
Jeremy Radin
as Doctor
Daniel Kountz
as Fourth Doctor
Fred Ward
as Frank
Aron Rosenthal
as Young Neil
Dee Ryan
as Maddy
David Connell
as Elderly Man
Jessica D. Stone
as Lady Macbeth
Jadin Gould
as Kimmy
Griffin Gluck
as Monty
Tammy Dahlstrom
as SkyKans Gatekeeper
Bellamy Young
as Flight Attendant
Clarinda Ross
as Mimi/Young Mimi
Toni Collette
as Tara Gregson
Ross Mackenzie
as Perry
Joe Dietl
as DJ
John Bishop
as Kyle Rhodes
Sean Donnellan
as Cop
Shawn Carter Peterson
as Curator
Alex Spencer
as Goth Girl
Kevin Brief
as Neighbor
Van Epperson
as Minister
Brie Larson
as Kate Gregson
Andy Mackenzie
as Mustachioed Man
Bill Dempsey
as Impound Worker
Ken Marino
as Mike Connor
Mitch Gavin
as Art Critic
Adam O'Byrne
as Hot Dog Vendor
Miki Ishikawa
as Olivia
Waymond Lee
as Coach Air Passenger
Jessica St. Clair
as Tiffany St. Claire
Matthew Del Negro
as Nick Hurley
Jessica Sonneborn
as Nay Nay
Joanna Strapp
as Red Head Fierce Mommy/Red Head Fierce Mommy (Scene Deleted)
Michael Yavnielli
as Cheerful Cop
Justin Reed
as KSOP Student
Brenna Gwyn Snowe
as Girl in Restaurant
Nate Corddry
as Gene Stuart
Mallory Low
as Gentlewoman
Joshua Leonard
as Ricky
Costa Nicolas
as Shawn Scapa
Keir Gilchrist
as Marshall Gregson
Galeit Sehayek
as Gretchen - Stage Manager
Lance Barber
as Sully
Lise Simms
as Alex
Matt Braunger
as Jarrett
Teresa Huang
as Doctor/OBGYN
Ryan Eggold
as Tevin
Desiree Taylor
as Nurse
Maura Soden
as Jana Hubbard
Maria Zambrana
as Pajama-Clad Neighbor
Kathleen Noone
as Mimi
Hilary Barraford
as Lori
Paige Brown
as Patriotic Singer
Riki Lindhome
as Daisy
Andrew Lawrence
as Jason
Patricia Belcher
as Gloria
Ed O'Ross
as Dwayne

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 12 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2011 | 12 Episodes




Awards & NominationsSee more »

Australian Film Institute 2009


Australian Film Institute

Best Actress

Casting Society of America, USA 2009


Casting Society of America, USA

Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Television Series - Comedy

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