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January 17, 2022
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About this title


CEOs from some of Canada's largest corporations disguise themselves as average people and join their own workforces in order to better understand how their companies work at the most basic levels. Each episode of "Undercover Boss Canada" features one CEO as he or she tries to perform jobs that are often dirty and demanding, working alongside real employees who do these jobs every day. As they progress in their missions, the executives learn firsthand how their own decisions directly impact the lives of their employees, and later the CEOs use their new knowledge and experience to make improvements to their companies.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: Canada

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 2, 2012

Also Known As: Undercover Boss (CA), Undercover Boss Canada |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Alliance


Daniel Langevin
as Marketing Director of Mexx Canada/Self
Nell Halse
as Self/Vice President Communications Cooke Aquaculture
Cindy Lee
as CEO T&T Supermarkets/Self
Don Souter
as Husband of Gail/Self
Glenn Cooke
as CEO Cooke Aquaculture/Self
John Rogez
as Self/Vice President Information Technology of Home Hardware
Margaret Kordas
as President of PJ's Pet Centres/Self
Jane Riddell
as Self - COO: GoodLife Fitness
John Rothschild
as Chief Executive Officer East Side Mario's/Self
Doug Morgan
as Director of Calgary Transit/Self
James Chiu
as President & Co-Founder Mandarin Restaurants/Self
Irene Chiu
as Director of Marketing Mandarin Restaurants/Self
Kriston Dean
as Director of Merchandising & Marketing: Purdy's Chocolate/Self
Karen Favelle
as CEO of Purdy's/Self
John Kazmierowski
as Boardmember of Mr. Lube/Self
Fory Musser
as Self/Vice President Strategy of Tervita Corporation
Nathan Hubbard
as Husband of Kristine/Self
Erich Boehm
as Narrator
Justin Di Donato
as Self/Son of Nick and Nadia
Daryl Parisien
as Husband of Karen Stintz/Self
Louise Moffat
as Malcolm's Wife/Self
Jerry Tuggle
as Self/Senior Vice President of Corporate
Domenic Primucci
as President of Pizza Nova/Self
Alanna Free
as Self/Vice President People & Culture of GoodLife Fitness
Ryan Romanowski
as Self/Son of Ed
Karla Stevens
as Self/Wife of Blair
Nima Niknejad
as Niknejad, Nima
Blair Stevens
as Co-Founder of Wok Box/Self
Linda Haldane
as Self/Wife of Scott
Stuart Suls
as President and CEO of Mr. Lube/Self
Frank Macri
as Director of Franchising of Pizza Nova/Self
Richard McConnell
as Self/Vice President People and Organization VON
Terry Davis
as Executive VP and COO of Home Hardware Store/Self
Dean Johnson
as President of Sodexo Canada/Self
Brian Scudamore
as Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK/Self
Paul Dillon
as Self/Vice President Sales, Marketing & Service of Canlan Ice Sports
Andy Clark
as Founder and Executive Chairman of Clark Builders/Self
Nick Di Donato
as President of Liberty Entertainment Group/Self
Stacey Halliday
as Director of Marketing PJ's Pet Centres/Self
Alice Romanowski
as Self/Wife of Ed
Michael Julius
as Self/Vice President Research of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Brian Bacon
as Director of Finance of 1-800-GOT-JUNK/Self
Rick Smiciklas
as Self/Wild Wing CEO and Founder
Lauren Johnson
as Daughter of Dean/Self
Gregory F. Roberts
as CEO of Mary Brown's Chicken/Self
John Muszak
as Self/Vice President Marketing of GoodLife Fitness
Kristine Hubbard
as Operations Manager of Beck Taxi/Self
Adam Corrin
as Director of Franchise Support of Freshii/Self
Brandi Halls
as Director and Brand Communications of Lush Cosmetics North America/Self
Matthew Corrin
as CEO of Freshii/Self
Melanie Haldane
as Daughter of Scott/Self
Erin Muldoon
as Daughter of Gary/Self
Rita Toporowski
as Self/Vice President Planning and Development of Second Cup
Cody Muldoon
as Self/Son of Gary
Eldon Smith
as Director of Wildlife Toronto Zoo/Self
Dave Perkins
as President and CEO of Molson Coors Canada/Self
Terry Krulicki
as Board Member Premiere Van Lines/Self
Karen Stintz
as Self - TTC Chair
John Tracogna
as CEO of Toronto Zoo/Self
Barry McLellan
as Chief Executive Officer of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre/Self
Paul Goddard
as CEO of Pizza Pizza/Self
Scott Haldane
as National CEO of YMCA Canada/Self
Lynn Caron
as Operations Project Controls Lead of Clark Builders/Self
Michael Sneyd
as CEO of Skyline International Development/Self
Pat Marshall
as Self/Vice President Communications of Cineplex Entertainment
Tina Chiu
as Chief Operating Officer Mandarin Restaurants/Self
John Gunn
as President of Mexx Canada/Self
Adam Rothschild
as Self/Son of John Rothschild
Mark Wolverton
as President and CEO of Lush Cosmetics North America/Self
Shannon Muldoon
as Daughter of Gary/Self
Nadia Di Donato
as Creative Director of Liberty Entertainment Group/Self
Kirsten Flynn
as Self - Vice President Premier Van Lines
Chantal Gunn
as Self/Wife of John
Luca Di Donato
as Self/Son of Nick and Nadia
Tina Lee
as Director of Strategy and Operations T&T Supermarkets/Self
Katharine Schmidt
as Executive Director: Food Banks Canada/Self
Sharon Goodwin
as Self/Vice President Quality and Risk VON
Les Schmidt
as Katharine's Husband/Self
Judith Shamian
as CEO Victorian Order of Nurses/Self
Gary Muldoon
as President of Orkin Canada/Self
Sebastian Fuschini
as Self/Vice President Franchising Pizza Pizza
Ed Romanowski
as CEO of Bellstar Hotels and Resorts/Self
Stacey Mowbray
as Self - CEO Second Cup
Alysha Clark
as Daughter of Andy/Self
Paul Nonis
as Self/Senior Vice President Operations of Cineplex Entertainment
Naheed Nenshi
as Mayor of Calgary/Self
Joey St. Aubin
as President of Canlan Ice Sports/Self
Nalini Barma
as Self/Vice President Human Resources East Side Mario's
Malcolm Moffat
as Executive Vice President of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre/Self
Michael Souter
as Self/Son of Gail
Gail Souter
as General Manager of Beck Taxi/Self
Kelly Brown
as Self - Chief Legal Officer: Molson Coors Canada
Ellis Jacob
as President and CEO of Cineplex Entertainment/Self
David Patchell-Evans
as CEO of GoodLife Fitness/Self
Susan Rothschild
as Self/Wife of John Rothschild
Lisa Lisson
as Self - CEO: FedEx Express Canada
Savannah Smiciklas
as Daughter of Rick/Self
Gord Nelson
as Chief Financial Officer of Cineplex Entertainment/Self
Neda Smiciklas
as Mother of Rick/Self
Richard Andersen
as President and CEO of Northlands/Self
Tamara Morgan
as Self/Wife of Doug

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Awards & Nominations

Canadian Cinema Editors Awards 2012


Canadian Cinema Editors Awards

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality

Canadian Screen Awards, CA 2013


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Direction in a Reality/Competition Program or Series


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Writing in a Lifestyle or Reality/Competition Program or Series

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