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October 27, 2021
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About this title


Based on the best-selling Stephen King novel of the same name, "Under the Dome" follows the residents of Chester's Mill, Maine, as they find their small town suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by a transparent dome. While some people start to panic, a small group of citizens -- led by Army veteran Dale Barbara -- tries to maintain some semblance of peace and order, while also attempting to learn the truth about the mysterious barrier, the purpose behind it -- and, most importantly, how to escape it.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: June 24, 2013

Also Known As: Pod kopułą, Under the Dome |  See more »


Plot Keywords

small town
based on novel or book
police officer

Company Credits

Production Co: Amblin Television, Baer Bones |  See more »


Jeff Glor
as Jeff Glor
Gia Mantegna
as Lily Walters
Alex S. Taylor
as Diner Patron/Armed Townsfolk/Church Goer/Miller/Rough Patron/Town Folk #2
Dean Norris
as James 'Big Jim' Rennie
Michael Brady
as Ray Garcia
Rey Hernandez
as Otto
Jim Vogt
as Patient/Resident
Alexia Stip
as Town Person
Kevin Sizemore
as Paul/Paul Randolph
Meghan H. Jones
as Chester's Mill Resident
Joshua Cook
as Chester's Mill Resident
Shaun McMillan
as Assault Team
Chevy Lamont Cofield
as Police Officer
Bobby Akers
as Miller
James McDonald
as Diner Patron
Kayla Narron
as Townsperson
Matthew Warzel
as Whistling Miller
Rob Koebel
as Big Jim's Gang Member/Chester Mills Firefighter/Chester Mills Resident/Looter/Member of Big Jim's Gang
Jason Davis
as Mr. Alcott
Kurt Barner
as Hazmat/Soldier
Brandon Marski
as AA Convict/Kinship Miller/Miller
David-Alexander Coley
as Chester's Mill Resident/Thug
Nick Andrews
as Towns person
Darian Hines
as Miller/Townsfolk
Kelley Davis
as Kay Fannon
Brad Billups
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Diner Patron/Joe's Guard/Junior's Digger/Mining Miller
Robert Crayton
as Diner Patron
Al Vicente
as Dell
David M. Smith
as Farmer
Jason Claspell
as Business Man
Roger Floyd
as Beau Griffith
Eddie Cahill
as Sam Verdreaux
Jimmy Gonzales
as Volunteer
Kristi Booher
as Chester Mill Resident/Chester's Mill Resident
Christy Grantham
as Frantic Woman
Joe Montanti
as Chester's Mill Townfolk/Diner Patron/Big Jim's Army/Church Member/Mad Towns Folk
Rahsheem Shabazz
as Young Soldier
Gary Weeks
as Norrie's Dad - Michael
Meagan D. Westbrook
as Teen Girl
Samantha Mathis
as Dr. Alice Calvert
Raheem Babalola
as Ted
Brian Distance
as Guard
Edward Gelhaus
as Skinhead
Austin James Parker
as Young Sam
Allie McCulloch
as Dava Bloom
Michael Zovistoski
as Eva's Guard
Ray Stoney
as Dres Johnson
Philip Odango
as Chester's Mill Resident
Sherry Stringfield
as Pauline Rennie
Pablo Bobadilla
as Motorist Husband
Rachelle Lefevre
as Julia Shumway
Nancy Rouse Hodges
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Farmer
Rusty Burrow
as Chesters Mill Townfolk
Jacalyn E. Stanley
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Beth Gosnell
as Diner Patron
Ruben Vidal
as Latino Gangster #2
Dan Chandler
as Ronald
Kevie Penny
as Townsfolk/Psych Patient/Psych Ward art student
Dale Raoul
as Andrea Grinnell
Zeeko Zaki
as Customer #2
Bonnie Cole
as Big Jim's Army
Macsen Lintz
as Jason
Britt Robertson
as Angie McAlister
Gissette Valentin
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Jim Templar
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Megan Ketch
as Harriet Arnold
Christopher Johnson
as Thug #3/Volunteer
Marlo Scheitler
as Woman in Front of Church
Brett Cullen
as Don Barbara
Adrian Eugene Graham
as Orderly/Town Resident
Dave Blamy
as Employee
Joseph Milton Hodges Sr.
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Townsfolk
Andrew Vogel
as Carter Thibodeau/Carter
Troy Rudeseal
as EMT
Leon Rippy
as Ollie Dinsmore
Andrew Kochman
as Young Junior
Fernando Martinez
as Miguel
Josué Gutierrez
as Gangster
Derek Roberts
as Duncan
Darrell Rackley
as Army Sergeant
Colin Ford
as Joe McAlister
Max Ehrich
as Hunter May
John Merical
as Chesters Mill Resident
Jimmy Ace Lewis
as Psych Patient
Josh Turner
as Jeter Brother
Mary Austin
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Chester's Mill Local/Diner Patron
Gianna Lorenn Singleton
as Townsperson
Jo Ann Mason
as Clinic Patient
Josh Carter
as Rusty
Zuri Adele
as Mother
Madison Jade Harris
as Girl Lighting Candles
Bryant Prince
as Aidan Tilden
Ayana Johnson
as Townsperson
Audrey Blackwelder
as Chester Mill Townsfolk
Lori Stamm
as Miller
Kwajalyn Brown
as Nurse
Bruno Mello
as Hunter
Melissa Veal
as Townsperson
Christopher L. Bullock
as Church Attendee
Kylie Bunbury
as Eva Sinclair/Dawn
Jack Champion
as Aiden Tilden
Matthew Cornwell
as Male Customer
Matt McHugh
as Farmer Killian
Paul Shaplin
as Big Jim's Army
Ryan Shams
as Groundskeeper/Last Insurgent
Darryl Booker
as Townsman #1
Nicholas Farrior
as Kid Drawing Dome
Karla Crome
as Rebecca Pine
Kendrick Cross
as Orderly
Jason Bigart
as Army National Guardsman
Sarah Ellen Wright
as Townsfolk
Joseph Milton Hodges Jr.
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Townsfolk
Drew Michael Hershner
as Hazmat Quarantine Scientist
Hannah Jelinovic
as Charlotte/Charlotte Chastain
James Alcorn
as Young Junior
Linds Edwards
as Waylon Dundee
Leila Lottering
as Patient
Julianna Barkas
as townsperson
Shelton Grant
as Guard
Bess Rous
as Abby DeWitt
Bailey Ingersoll
as Diner Patron/Townsperson/Chesters Mill Townsperson/Freezing Person
Gregory French
as Farmer/Ollie's Army Soldier
Teagan Heesch
as Teenager
J.D. Morgan Jr.
as Chester's Mill Resident
Natalie Martinez
as Linda Esquivel
Charles Alan Ratliff
as Frank
Estes Tarver
as Tom Tilden
Zena Marie Hennen
as Chester Mill Resident/Diner Mourner
Samantha Worthen
as Scared Miller
Corinne Johnson
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Lia Zazzali
as Julia's Sister-In-Law
Quincy Villanueva
as Nurse Beth
Scott Parks
as Guard
Curt Willis
as Soldier
Cody Mark Hanna
as Townsfolk
Evan Gamble
as Larry
David Schifter
as TV News Reporter
Ben Yemba
as Military/Firefighter
Shea Lenkaitis
as Townsperson
Mare Winningham
as Agatha Seagrave
Fred Galle
as Rescuer
Julie Kendall
as Joe's Mother
Alexander Koch
as James 'Junior' Rennie
Eriq La Salle
as Hektor Martin
Sherri Robinson
as Townsfolk
Jay Gates
as Fire Volunteer
Ryan McNeil
as Chester's Mill Townfolk
Luke Donaldson
as Scotty Fannon
Randy Grazio
as Chester's Mill Resident
Tia Hendricks
as Audrey Everett
Jeff Chase
as Boomer
Zach Hanner
as Food Mart Manager
Wil Smith
as Chester's Mill Resident
Dane Northcutt
as Neighbor
Deborah Childs
as Older Woman
Arianne Martin
as Georgia
Mike Vogel
as Dale 'Barbie' Barbara
Charlon Turner
as Onlooker
Kevin Hall
as Fighter #1
Chris Sepulveda
as Townsfolk
R. Keith Harris
as Peter Shumway
Matthew Davis
Vince Foster
as Kyle Lee
Stephanie McIntyre
as Young Miller/Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Diner Patron
Brent Gribble
as Townsfolk
Mark Guy Thompson
as Looter
Kevin Cassidy
as Thug #1
Melissa Austin
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Chester's Mill Local
Michael Tourek
as Wendell
Jonathan Edwards
as Diner Patron
Adam Poole
as Greg
Peter Muggleworth
as Psych Ward Patient
Crystal Martinez
as Nurse Adams
Jeff Fahey
as Sheriff Howard 'Duke' Perkins
Dann Florek
as Colonel Walker
Don A. King
as Mr. Feldman
Bryleigh Anne
as Townsperson
Jaret Sears
as Clint Dundee
Richard Bachellor
as Orderly
Frank Whaley
as Dr. Marston
Bob Fisher
as Farmer
Celia Weston
as Mrs. Moore
Jeremy Conner
as Fighter #2
Austin M. Stack
as Young Junior
Charlotte Jelinovic
as Townsfolk
Dwayne Boyd
as Greg
Kent Shocknek
as Newscaster
Kaitlyn Christian
as Visitor
Gavin Goodell
as Henchman #2
David Jimerson
as Chester's Mill Townsperson/Neighbor
Andrew Cox
as Warehouse Worker
Megan Glover
as Zeta Sister
Lucia Scarano
as Ida Turlow
David Pascua
as Chester's Mill Townsperson/Chester's Mill Resident/Chester's Mill Carpenter/Chester's Mill Resident with Dog
John Elvis
as Ben Drake/Ben
Dwight Yoakam
as Lyle Chumley
Hailey Wist
as Amy
Katie Garfield
as Girl #1
Myke Holmes
as Miller
Kelli-Anne Harris
as Chester's Mill Resident
Blake Comby
as Chester's Mill Townsperson
Kiesha Preston
as Miller
Huck Borden
as Child Visitor
Lonnie Knight
as Aktaion Guard
Maureen Mountcastle
as Customer #1
Beth Broderick
as Rose Twitchell
Berry Newkirk
as Hoodie Guy
Matthew Austin Murray
as Victor
Nicholas Strong
as Phil Bushey
Jessejames Locorriere
as Interrogator
Reide Hale
as Young Lyle
Thomas Doutt
as Chester's Mill Resident
Marg Helgenberger
as Christine Price
Stephen King
as Diner Patron
Duke McNeil
as Chester's Mill Resident
Karen Malina
as Hospital Patient
Brian Stapf
as Mercenary #1
Brody Rose
as Little Boy
Christopher Matthew Cook
as Rick
as Indy
Kegan Dean Rushing
as Rough Patron
Aisha Hinds
as Carolyn Hill
Michael Rosander
as Orderly
Donnie Bentley
as Aktaion Guard
Frederick Carpenter
as Chester's Mill Resident
Anna Sharma
as Cashier
Amanda Ruth Hodges
as Townfolk
Ned Bellamy
as Reverend Lester Coggins
Kristopher Hanks
as Miller
Andrew J. West
as Pete Blackwell
Jolene Purdy
as Dodee Weaver
Caroline Kahn
as Chester's Mill Townsperson/Chester's Mill Resident/Chester's Mill Townfolk
Shannon Blackledge
as Patient
Lauren Henneberg
as Chester's Mill Citizen
Samantha Bell
as Student
Ed Ricker
as Andrea's Son
John Casino
as Fire Chief
Alan Boell
as Townsperson
Rochelle Aycoth
as Nurse/Townsperson/Chesters Mill Townsperson
Tony Schnur
as Terry
Hayley Joplin
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Mackenzie Lintz
as Norrie Calvert-Hill
Tammy Rackley
as Neighbor
Robert Fortunato
as Townsfolk
John Delaney
as Rough Patron
Chanté Bowser
as Woman
Christopher Donald Gallagher
as Chester's Mill Resident
Robert Hazlette
as Patient/Resident
Chip Lane
as Joe's Dad
Shane Callahan
as Roger Lopez
Natalie Zea
as Maxine Seagrave
Kristina Tonkowska
as Chester's Mill Local
Am Mohamed
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Mike Whaley
as Malick
Nick Alexander
as Diner Patron
Michael Joseph Kowalski
as Security Gaurd
Elena Varela
as Townsperson
Perry Ball
as Chester's Mill Resident
Grace Victoria Cox
as Melanie Cross
Chantelle Rose
as Girl #2
Nick Basta
as Townsman #2
John Carter
as Angry Neighbor
Bill Eudaly
as Older Man
Jevon Johnson
as Kid Miller
Joe Knezevich
as Freddy
Eugene H. Russell IV
as Townsman/Townsperson
Maritalyn Koulebetouba
as Townfolk
Kayla Austin
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Chester's Mill Local
Bradley Eugene Greer
as Miller
Teresa McGowan
as Townsperson
Robert Gregory Cole
as Townsperson
Adam J. Reeb
as Chester's Mill Resident
Benjamin Rowe
as Thug #2
William Frasca
as Chester's Mill Townsfolk/Chester Mill's Townsfolk/Chester's Mill Guard/Chester's Mills Looter
Nick J. McNeil
as Mercenary #2
Joanna Tine
as Chester's Mill Resident
Sherrie Bowling
as Diner Patron/Miller/Patient
Colin Dennard
as Trevor
Susan Williams
as Receptionist
Deborah Wilkins
as Chester Mills Resident
Steve Baldwin
as Chester's Mill Resident/Diner Patron/Rough Patron
Sandra McMilleon
as Chester's Mill Townfolk/Psych Patient
Talmadge Ragan
as Bloodstained Woman
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Diner Patron
Mary-Jo Jackson
as Chester's Mill Townsperson/Chester's Mill Townsfolk
Carolyn Foland
as Chester's Mill Resident
Danielle Marie McAndrew
as Gorgeous Sacrificed Girl/Townsfolk/Waitress/Waitress, Townsfolk
Diana Lenska
as Blonde Lady Walking by Barbie
Hannah Black
as Young Pauline
Nick Madrick
as Bullhorn Soldier
Carlo St. James
as Chester's Mill Resident/Fire Volunteer
Ethan Rosero
as Sick Child
Robin Robertson
as Mr. Cunningham
James Nass
as Chester's Mill Resident/Funeral Goer with Pickup Truck/Patient/Townsfolk
Paul McCrane
as Patrick Walters
Florencio Martinez
as Scientist
Jerri Tubbs
as Motorist Wife
Andrea Alcorn
as Chester's Mills Resident
Anthony Reynolds
as Joe's Miller Guard
Ellen Rice
as Dodee's Mother
Brennon Olsen
as Young Barbie
Griffin O'Connor
as Townsman #1
Moniece Robinson
as Psych Patient
Angelina Cortez
as National Guardswoman
Tim Greene
as Townsfolk
Damien McGowan
as Townsperson
Lee Spencer
as Major Pracht

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 13 Episodes




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