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January 17, 2022
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About this title


This dark and moody cop show focused on Rose "Phil" Phillips, the only female homicide detective in an otherwise all-male precinct in Portland, Oregon. Not only did Phil have to fight crimes, she also had to deal with the sexist attitudes of many of her fellow detectives, most notably Missing Persons Det. Barbini. Her confidante on the force was Vitelli, an internal affairs investigator with whom she had an on-again off-again romantic involvement. Having lost her original partner and mentor, Frank Fusco in the pilot episode, Phil initially worked alone, later teaming up with Beck and Papadakis.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 16, 1994

Also Known As: Jogában áll hallgatni, Unter Verdacht - Der korrupte Polizist |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M)


Plot Keywords

portland, oregon
police detective

Company Credits

Production Co: Lakeside Productions


Simos Kalivas
as Sex tape suspect
Joe Maruzzo
as Turko
Andrew Heller
as Jack
Melvin Brannon
as Pasquale L'Officier
Eric Norberg
as Man in Hat
Garrett Courtney
as Michael
Channe Nolen
as Grieving Lesbian Widow
Jonathan Rundman
as Stephen Cassins
T.J. Galash
as House
Melanie Mosely
as Myrna Byers
Michael A. Goorjian
as Johnny
Kim Myers
as Michelle Brian
Charles Bernard
as Pastor
J.W. Crawford
as Art Instructor
Forry Smith
as Roger Garfield
Betty Moyer
as Angel
Todd Waring
Frank A. Damiani
as Florist
Hank Cartwright
as Ben Gordon
Dan Reed
as Ed Rice
Jennie Vaughn
as Alyssa Waters
Natalie Shaw
as Shane Fusco/1994-1995
Victoria Wanberg
as Hooker #2
Michael Paul Chan
as Michael Yee
Duffy Epstein
as Gene Brody
Michael MacRae
as Sullivan
Shawna Schuh
as Marcia Garfield
Michael Beach
as Det. Desmond Beck
Zoe McLellan
as Martha Swail
Grace Zabriskie
as Lily Cassins
Marianne Doherty
as Chris Delany
Richard Gilliland
as John Fulton
Carrie LeeAnn Johnson
as Zoe Clarke
Joseph Burke
as John Leffler/Leffler
Kevin Tighe
as Bob Phillips
Tod Thawley
as Tom Fogarty
Rick Peters
as Chas
Bonnie Root
as Young Girl
Sean Cullen
as Jamie
Peter Onorati
as Det. Frank Fusco
Katherine LaNasa
as Ellie
Doug Baldwin
as Coroner/Leon Hart
Elizabeth Fournier
as Beautiful Girl
Gary Frank
as Paul Maxline
Sarah Rosenberg
as Lauren
Richard Foronjy
as Det. Lou Barbini
Sheila Gould
as Rebecca Dawson
Geof Prysirr
as Officer Bob Giraldi
Ray Baker
as Chief Jack DeSort (1994)
Scott Parker
Mary Kane
as Rita Flint
Anthony DeSando
as Det. Costas 'Doc' Papadakis/Det. Costa "Doc" Papadakis
Gina Mastrogiacomo
as Nora
Anthony Zerbe
as Judge Howard Friedlander
Joseph Limbaugh
as Mr. Toolbox
Wendy Parks
as Officer Tamburelli
Marty Ryan
as Officer DeBrisio/Officer Debrisio
Joe Viterelli
as James
Reed Diamond
as Bill Palmer
Shawn Wight
as Sam
Philip Casnoff
as Internal Affairs Det. James Vitelli/Det. James Vitelli/Internal Affairs Det. Jam
Michele Mariana
as Lisa Sternberg
Seymour Cassel
as Lt. Mickey Schwartz
Sherilyn Lawson
as Frieda
Cindy Morgan
as Laura Brian
Brynn Baron
as Pregnant Female Officer
Kellie Castro
as Emily Rusk
Tracey Leigh
as Anita Warren
Barbara Kite
as Mrs. Waters
Michael C. Mahon
as Dale
Carman Orso
as Judge
Judith Hughes
as Helen
Anthony Heald
as Martin Fox
Randy Thompson
as Sean McCarthy
Tobin Bell
as Ron O'Keefe
Kimber Ryan
as Secretary
Karen Sillas
as Det. Rose 'Phil' Phillips
Roger Petan
as Pedestrian/Banquet Attendee/Detective/Detective in office/Restaurant customer
Dilyn Cassel
as Jennifer
Eriq La Salle
as Det. LeBlanc
John DeLay
as Smitty
Annie Wanberg
as Hooker #1
Julianne Johnson
as Diner Waitress
Dennis Troutman
as Adam Fulton
Susan Blakely
as Caroline Curry Friedlander
Raissa Fleming
as Joan Lasher
Tamara Olson
Paul McCrane
as Det. Patrick Clarke
Sandahl Bergman
as Petrella Gideon
Pepe Luque
as Waiter
Evelyn Frank
as Rosalind Curry
Byron Altman
as Carlos Rangell
Arabella Field
as Patsi Moosekian/Patsy Moosekian
Keith Szarabajka
as Wayne McCabe
Fred Ornstein
as Attorney
Jeanette Aguilar Harris
as Elena
Jan Hoag
Ted Roisum
as Donald Flint

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1994 | 17 Episodes


Awards & NominationsSee more »

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1995


Edgar Allan Poe Awards

Best Television Episode

Viewers for Quality Television Awards 1995


Viewers for Quality Television Awards

Best Actress in a Quality Drama Series

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