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January 18, 2022
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About this title


UFOs Declassified uncovers the world's most amazing UFO stories and reveals the top secret documents that back them up!

Country: Canada

Type: unscripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 9, 2015

Also Known As: UFOs: Declassified, НЛО: Секретний архів |  See more »


Plot Keywords

paranormal investigation
ufo conspiracy

Company Credits

Production Co: Canada Media Fund (CMF), Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) |  See more »


Tomohiro Komase
as JAL Co-Pilot
Frank Longo
as Colonel Mooy
George Reis
as Self - Forensic Imaging Expert
James Coburn
as Air Traffic Control
Phi Huynh
as JAL Co-Pilot
Carl Heap
as General Gabriel
Jon Ray
as 1942 LAPD Officer
Sharon Buch
as Baltimore Neighbour
Jared Plumb
as Edward Ruppelt
Brian Scott Carleton
as Air Traffic Controller/Carl Henley
John Barrass
as Col. William Blanchard
Robert M. Wood
as Self - Aeronautical Engineer
David Marler
as Self - Author & UFO Researcher
Craig McCarthy
as Sheridan Cavitt
Kate Russell
as Self - Eyewitness
Jock Williams
as Self - Fighter Pilot, Retired, Royal Canadian Air Force
Nat Bocking
as USAF Personnel
Y. Rashid Kalibar
as General Yousefi
Jack Broughton
as USAF Personnel
Bryan Edwards
as Mr. Rowe
Zera Starcat
as USAF Personnel
Yves Meelbergs
as Self - Belgian Air Force
Larry Warren
as Self - U.S. Air Force, Retired
Red Carlsen
as Sr. CIA Agent
Clint Harder
as John Callahan
Nick Gluckstein
as Iranian ATC
Andrew Wisher
as Cosford RAF Police Officer/USAF Personnel
Rish Sinho
as Iranian ATC
Michael De Robertis
as Self - Prof. of Astronomy, York University, Toronto
James Ayling
as Adrian Bustinza
Thomas Darya
as Iranian Military
Mike Spilde
as Self - Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico
Bob Ball
as Self
Sebastian Deery
as Belgian Police Officer
Toyin Ishola
as Baltimore Neighbour
John Marcucci
as RAF Official
Adam Diduch
as Jesse Marcel Jr.
Uncas Malesevic
as Ray Bingham
Louis-Jean Winder
as USAF Personnel/USAF personnel
Paul M. Coombs
as 1882 Astronomer/Mac Brazel
Bill Weaver
as Self - Eyewitness
Ralph MacLeod
as Jesse Marcel Sr.
Bill Tompkins
as Self - Battle of L.A. Witness
Ray Bingham
as Self - Battle of L.A. Witness
Louis Adams
as Eugene Tollefson/USAF Captain
Richard Dolan
as Self - Author, UFO Researcher/Self - UFO Researcher
Dallas Wade
as Jr. CIA Agent
Manju Robertson
as Rugely Daughter
Jervis Cameron Jr.
as Baltimore Neighbour
Frank Kimbler
as Self - Earth Sciences Professor, New Mexico Military Institute
Rob Jones
as Bud Stefans/Cosford RAF Police Officer
Ray Bowyer
as Self - Captain, Aurigny Air Services
Paul Kelly
as Self - Jersey Air Traffic Control
Bruce Englund
as Self
Brad Cartner
as Narrator
Tobey Rapsey
as USAF Personnel
Masami T. Clarke
as Japanese Interpreter
Daniella Forget
as Mrs. Marcel
Ryan Hilke
as Bill Tompkins
Richard Weaver
as Self - U.S. Air Force, Retired/Self - US Air Force, Retired
Phil Garrelhas
as Milton Torres
Francesco De Francesco
as Iranian Military
Oscar Santa Maria
as Self - Peruvian Air Force, Retired
Sean Kavanaugh
as Paul Kelly
Chris Garnham
as USAF Personnel
Jan Aldrich
as Self - Researcher & Historian
Moe Kalibar
as Iranian Air Traffic Control
Bastion Georg
as Self - Trent University
Mike Larson
as Self - U.S. Air Force, Retired
Saverio Verduci
as Air Traffic Controller
Steve Hopkins
as Investigator
Ray Hicks
as Self - Forestry Professor, Retired, West Virginia University
Gerald Moodie
as Air Traffic Control
Paul Preston Mills
as Belgian Police officer/USAF Personnel
Nick Pope
as Self - UK Ministry of Defence, Retired
Sean Band
as Iranian Military
Cherida Walter
as Baltimore Witness Wife
Corey Chainey
as Bill Weaver
Bill Richardson
as Self - Governor of New Mexico
Mark Rossignol
as Bill Tomkins' Father
Peter Merlin
as Self - Aerospace Historian/Self - Aerospce Historian
Daniel Coz
as Government Official
Joe Gooch
as Charles Halt
Simon Elliott
as Self - Librarian, Special Collections, UCLA
Chris Gonsalves
as T-33 Pilot
Michael Woodley
as John J. Walker
Stephen Nelson
as Self - Curator, Fort MacArthur Museum
Mike Slater
as Self - Eyewitness
Graham Nash
as USAF Personnel (Officer)
Harrison Trott
as Larry Warren
Attila Sebesy
as Iranian ATC
Tyler Blake Smith
as Firefighter/Mr. Rugley
Parviz Jafari
as Self - Imperial Iranian Air Force, Retired
Michael O'Conner
as Air Traffic Control
Kenju Terauchi
as Self - Pilot
Akhito Fujishima
as JAL Pilot
Scotty Newlands
as Air Traffic Control
Eric Edquist
as 1882 Astronomer
Randall McLeod
Sara Kalibar
as Iranian Air Traffic Control
Raviraj Adve
as Self - Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Univ. of Toronto
Martin Huss
as Baltimore Witness
Laura Kallmeyer
as 1942 Onlooker
Donald Schmitt
as Self - UFO Researcher
Craig Cyr
as Intelligence Officer/NASA Agent
Cameron Eaton
as Mike Slater
Frances Townend
as Bovina Stewardess
Korri Birch
as Kent Air Traffic Control
Paul Cotton
as Air Traffic Control
Marley Malesevic
as Ray Bingham's Sister
Terry Jansen
as David Martin/NASA Agent
Matthew Sauvé
as Military Officer
John F. Burroughs
as Self - U.S. Air Force, Retired
Ali Mardaneh
as Iranian General
Mladen Obradovic
as Ed Barton
Bill Sweetman
as Self/Self - Editor, Aviation Week
Matt Downton
as Jim Penniston
Frank Tsao
as Ed Cabansag
Todd Curtis
as Self - Aviation Safety Consultant
Dave Thomas
as Self - Staff Scientist, New Mexico Tech.
Nicholas A. Veronico
as Self - Aviation Author & Historian
Armand Ursomarzo
M.E. Lewis
as NSA Agent
Kristen Keller
as Dispatcher
Zack Austin
as Iranian ATC
Ben Hansen
as Self - UFO Investigator
Angela Christine
Alex Crawford
as Kent Air Traffic Control
Andrian Baibousinov
as Iranian ATC
Adam Thompson
as USAF Personnel
Frankie Rowe
as Self - Roswell Resident
David Parisian
as Government Official
Charles I. Halt
as Self
Mark Green
as Iranian ATC
Stanton Friedman
as Self - Nuclear Physicist & UFO Researcher
Roger Launius
as Self - Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum
Matthew Sears
as Yves Meelberg
Stan Gordon
as Self - UFO Researcher
Travis Grant
as Mike Larson
Keon Abbott
as Boyfriend
Dan Balcaban
as Oscar Huerta
Kevin Patrick Buxton
as Shawbury Meterologist Officer/USAF Personnel
Abduhl Wahdat
as Iranian Military
David Straus
as Sr. FAA Agent
James Harris
as USAF Personnel
Sammy Allouba
as General Parvis Jafari
John Callahan
as Self - Federal Aviation Administration, Retired
Dan Bowers
as Belgian Police Officer
Ed Allenby
as Belgian off-duty Police Officer/John Burroughs
Jordan Jonah Sparks
Leslie Kean
as Self - Journalist & UFO Researcher/Self - Author & Investigative Journalist
Vittorio Cortese
as Craig Stevens
Ashlyn Abbott
as Frankie Rowe
Tim Printy
as Self - US Navy, Retired
Julian Bane
as Photographer
Roland Greber
as Air Traffic Control

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