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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Nova Scotia's trailer parks are colorful thanks to residents Ricky, Bubbles and Julian. Together, they plan mad capers, usually get-rich-quick schemes, with plenty of screw-ups along the way. They're constantly being hunted by their former trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey, and his perpetually shirtless, pot-belled assistant, Randy. There are a host of other quirky characters that make up this zany locale of below-income characters in this Canadian mockumentary series that has spawned two feature films.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: Canada

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 20, 2004

Also Known As: Trailer Park Boys, Roskasakki |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, R18+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

trailer park
white trash
dark comedy

Company Credits

Production Co: Foley Walkers Studio, Showcase Television |  See more »


Patrick Roach
as Randy
Jordan Talbot
as Cop/Mall Cop
Hunter Tremblay
as Hockey Kid
Jarrett Murphy
as Soundman
Alex Lifeson
as Self
Fukuko Saito
as Terry & Dennis's Grandmother
Valerie Fougere
as Rhonda
Aaron Armstrong
as Police Officer
Calem MacDonald
as Kid
Veronica Belmonte
as Marsha
Francine Deschepper
as Travel Agent
Keegan Blue
as Glen
Jason Daley
as Alien Trevor #1/Meat Dick #1
Ian Wilson
as Bailiff
Bernard Robichaud
as Cyrus
John Paul Tremblay
as Julian
Mike Smith
as Bubbles/Donny
Annika Borg
as Canteen Cashier
Cecil Wright
as Driver/Principal Duggan
Dan Short
as Customer Service Rep
Colleen Zimmerman
as Student
Mark Graham
as Male Pharmacist
Geoff Dunsworth
as Young Lahey
Ghaith Mansour
as Tony
Jacob Sampson
as Julian's Arresting Officer
Jonathan Torrens
as J-Roc
Michael Jackson
as Trevor/Hardware Dummy #1/Pisser
Kaitlin Mamie
as Dakota
Jennifer Overton
as Judge
Igor Shamuilov
as Truck Driver
Molly Thomason
as Kid in Crowd #1
Paul MacLeod
as Man in Suit/Priest
Rena Kossatz
as Ladylike Older Woman/Rena
Cory Bowles
as Cory
Kim Dunn
as Gary/Gary, Liquor Store Manager/Mall Manager/Mall Security Gary
John Ghiz
as Phil - hydroponics guy
Paul Edwards
as Crown Prosecutor
Joanne Hagen
as Librarian
Laura Danowski
as Bambi
Rasheed Montgomery
as MC Flurry
Denny Doherty
as Ryan Shockneck
Liam Cyr
as Young Julian
Candy Palmater
as Candy
Kevin Nugent
as Border Guard
Robert Klingerman
as Kitten
Trevor Murray Tattrie
as Park Resident
Ron Lefchak
as Ronnie
Doug Barron
as Steve Rogers/Channel 10 Reporter
Nancy Regan
as Reporter
Ardon Bess
as Levi
Corey Janes
as Teacher
Glen Grant
as Satellite Employee
Jacob Rolfe
as Jacob/Jacob Collins/Grocery Store Clerk/Store Clerk
Sam White
as Lance/Sam
George Green
as Officer George Green/Police Officer/Chief George Green/George Green/1st Police Officer
Ona Archibald
as 2nd grocery store clerk
Garnet Estabrooks
as Mr. Finch
Hillary Wells
as Hockey Kid
Kevin Kincaid
as Security Guard
Hal Tatlidil
as Flower Delivery Guy
Terence Lucas
as Dirt Rascal
Howard D'Arcy
as Old Man
Paul Leblanc
as Prison Guard
Ira Henderson
as Hardware Store Clerk
Laura Kohoot
as Judy
Keiler Purcell
as Julian (12 Years Old)
Pam Lutz
as Mrs. Anderson
Sheena Larkin
as Judge
Ian Tench
as Orderly
Simon Mutabazi
as Patrol Cop
David McAskile
as Pothead
Scott DeCoste
as Hippy Man
Alma Godwin
as Mrs. Peterson
Mike Tompkins
as Police Officer
David Rossetti
as Tommy/Tommy Bean
Allan Billard
as Golfer
David Chisholm
as Park Resident
Angelique Jensen
as Stacey
Andrew Chandler
as Mall Security
Matthew Lumley
as Police Officer #2
James MacKay
as Baby Mo
Beth Amiro
as Pothead
Daniel O'Leary
as Registrar
Agnes M. Laan
as Porn Girl #1
Craig Wood
as Farmer/Tractor Man/Tree Lot Owner
Samantha Czosnek
as Samantha
Jeremiah Sparks
as Joey
Barrie Dunn
as Ray
Shawn Duggan
as Corporate Guy/Dave - Train Rep/Government Man
Jeremy Webb
as Doctor
Rebecca Wolfe
as Brewery Receptionist
Sarah Dunsworth
as Sarah
Jerry Strum
as Taxi Driver
Angela Vermeir
as Karen
Hans Pettersen
as Young Bubbles
Nicholas Lachance
as Alien Trevor #2/Meat Dick #2
Len MacKeigan
as Loan Officer
Nicole Fairbairn
as Officer Sally
P.J. Crosby
as Erica's Daughter
Trina Hennick
as Government Woman
Dino Ninos
as Donnie
Nicola Lipman
as Nurse
Matthew Cosgrove
as Carpenter Walking Through Store
Karen LeBlanc
as Candy
Richard Jessome
as Chantel
Doug Benson
as Doug Benson
Ian Shipley
as Kid in Crowd #3
Michael Gaudet
as Mr. Pencock/Pencock/Ron Pencock
Andrew Gillies
as Officer Daniels
Vikki Humphrey
as Golf Course Bartender
Kristopher Anderson
as City Employee
Julia Topple
as Girl Campus Cop
George Canyon
as Head Forest Ranger
Matt Tolton
as Bully
Sheumain MacLeod
as Kid in Crowd #2
Joseph Rutten
as Elderly Man
Greg Thomey
as Host
Jon K. Loverin
as Driving Instructor
Liam Dorey
as Bottle Kid
Sean Skerry
as Hydroponics Store Clerk
Emmanuel John
as Guy Campus Cop
Christian Murray
as Father
Kathryn MacLellan
as Furniture Store Clerk
Joel Freckelton
as Pro Shop Clerk
Sam Tarasco
as Sam Losco
Mitchell Taylor
as Young Ricky
Ed Macdonald
as Hampton - The Bible Pimp
Blair Langille
as Firefighter #1
Robbie O'Neill
as Resident
Nathan MacKinnon
as Nathan MacKinnon
Danielle Sarty
as Sunnyvale Local/Sunnyvale Party-goer
Kyle Smith
as Bottle Kid
Bob Mann
as Cop on Zodiac
Paige Devon
as Hippie Girl
Pascale Roger-McKeever
as Mandy
Michael Kennedy
as Reggie
Annemarie Cassidy
as Other Police Officer
Nobu Adilman
as Dennis
Jimmy Kimmel
as Jimmy Kimmel
Murlane Carew
as Track Betting Clerk
Shaun Clarke
as Prison Guard/Security Guard
Jeanna Harrison
as Trinity
Richard Collins
as Phil Collins
Brian Heighton
as Mr. Steinberg/Lawyer
Gil Anderson
as Park Resident
Miles Meili
as Jason Hendricks
Loren Paul
as Guy
Glenn Lefchak
as Ronnie The tour manager
David Gunning
as Forest Ranger
Grant MacIssac
as Gorilla Fingers
Shamier Anderson
as Sammy O.G.
Sam Haynes
as Kid
Bradley Bailey
as Sports Cashier
Locke Williams
as Ricky (12 Years Old)
Tania Rudolph
as Tanya
Jemar Beals
as Coco
Kita McRory
as Girl in Chinese Restaurant
Celia Alida Rutte
as Witch #3
Amy Kerr
as Erin
Donna Davis
as Mandy's Friend
Blain Morris
as Terry
Brian Austin Green
as 2nd Police Officer
Rupert Lillford Brighton
as Bubbles (12 Years Old)
Jim Swansburg
as Detective Ted Johnson/Officer Ted Johnson
Thomas Niles
as Gas Attendant
Shane Anderson
as Officer
Raiden Moore
as Bottle Kid
Riley Brock
as Robby
Chris Cuthbertson
as Cop
Garry James
as Detroit Velvet Smooth
Mary Vingoe
as Elderly Lady
Lita Llewellyn
as Woman from Couple #1
Michael Volpe
as Gas Station Attendant
Taeon Williams
as Taeon
Tyrone Parsons
as Tyrone/Tyrone 'T'
Snoop Dogg
as Snoop/Snoop Dog/Snoop Dogg
Lucy Decoutere
as Lucy
Lara Cassidy
as Witch #1
Aaliyah Arab
as Mary
Bill Wood
as Courier/Orderly
Pasha Ebrahimi
as Cop/Cop #1
Renae Perry
as Young Barb
Joel Diamond
as Sauce Customer
Evan Jesso
as Bully #2/Maintenance Guy
Bradley Matheson
as Flea Market Person
Leanne Melissa Bishop
as First Customer
William Parsons
as Bill
Talia Tremblay
as Hockey Kid
Shauna MacDonald
as Officer Erica Miller
Elliot Page
as Treena Lahey
Sebastian Bach
as Sebastian Bach
Brian Huggins
as Shitty Bill
Iain Macleod
as Head Mall Cop/Mall Cop
Marguerite McNeil
as Marguerite/Elderly Lady
Tara Doyle
as Massage Lady/Victoria
Jason Shipley
as Documentary Narrator
Susan Kent
as Susan/Woman
Mike O'Neill
as Thomas Collins
Trina Corkum
as Government Woman/Receptionist
Stephen LeBail
as Bust Cop
Pauline Kaill
as Farm Lady
Rita MacNeil
as Self
Michael Ratchford
as Dougie
Charlie Rhindress
as Course Marshall
Vox Smith
as Hockey Kid
Tom Arnold
as Tom Arnold
Brian Phillips
as Announcer
Daniel Lillford
as Leslie Dancer/Tree Lot Worker
Sean Koppel
as Kevin/Party Guest
Vella Smith
as Hockey Kid
Chloe Forrest
as Heather
as Self
Ethan Brown
as Hockey Kid
Mauralea Austin
as Saleswoman
Nikki Timmons
as Background/Witch #2
Chase Duffy
as Police Officer/Highway Police Officer/Police Officer #1
Leigh MacInnis
as Donna/Don
Stan Carew
as Police Officer/Radio Announcer
Jennifer Kydd
as Karen
Richard Donat
as Big Hawk/Judge
Mio Adilman
as Terry
Joshua Gardner
as Self
Michael Oliver
as Mr. Green
Bob Chaisson
as 1st Grocery Store Clerk
Max MacDonald
as Old Truck Owner
Mary Alvena Poole
as Alvena
Thom Payne
as Internal Affairs Officer
Max Humphreys
as Hockey Kid
Quinne Dexter
as Hockey Kid
Nirah Villeneuve
as Paradise
Chris Lawrence
as Cop
Linda Busby
as J-Roc's Mom
Travis Flint
as Auction Guy
Joshua Schlaganweit
as Cop
Laurie Hanley
as Sales Person
Julian Abraham
as Janice the Mall Cop
Robb Wells
as Ricky
Shelley Thompson
as Barb Lahey/Wedding Minister
Eric Noel
as Bailiff
Renee Clark
as Sharon the Florist
Maury Chaykin
as Chief of Police
Brian Downey
as Sonny
Novalea Buchan
as Police Officer
Jeremy Akerman
as Judge/Prosecutor
Lloyd MacKay
as Singer on Stage
Darcy Lindzon
as Store Clerk
John Dunsworth
as Jim Lahey
Mike Cerrone
as Frankie DiBiosi
Michael Pellerin
as New Friendly Officer
Francesca Lee
as Porn Girl #2
Geoff Wingham
as Pharmacy Customer
Dax Ravina
as Rookie Cop
Sandi Ross
as Desiree
Samantha Wilson
as Doctor

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