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October 23, 2021
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Tin Star’s
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


A British Police Officer becomes the New Chief of Police and moves his family to the Canadian Rockies. But as new faces appear around the sleepy town, and an Oil Company with the promise of big money coming suddenly appears; the small Canadian town begins to see violence and crime erupt. After tragedy strikes, secrets emerge and the fight begins. Welcome to Little Big Bear.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 7, 2017

Also Known As: Seriful, A bosszú csillaga |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

rocky mountains
revenge motive

Company Credits

Production Co: Kudos Film and Television


Tim Roth
as Jack Worth/Jim Worth
Audrey Astle
as Bar girl
John Treleaven
as North Stream Oil Executive
Lorne Cardinal
as Chief Lightfoot/Officer Lightfoot
Rob Malone
as Liam Conroy
Nigel Bennett
as Mr. Quiring
Shawn Nicole Draper
as Hooker
Anthony G Hamer
as Football Supporter
Adlyn Walton
as Tara Whitehouse
Dana Haqjoo
as Journalist
Richard Tate
as Roland Miller
Rupert Turnbull
as Petey Worth
Leanne Best
as Helen Brown/Helen
Steven Hillman
as Lorry Driver
Shelley Kinaschuk
as Canadian Couple
Kevin Hanchard
as Reverend Gregoire/Father Gregoire
Shawna O'Connell
as Chelsea
Steve Mackidd
as Poker Player
John McIver
as Shooter
Danny Burns
as Reporter
Anders Hunter
as Cree Singer & Drummer
Ian Ralph
as Cashier
Oluwatoyin Oluwaseun-Apo
as Detective
Lynda Boyd
as Randy/Randy Harrison
Myles Peterman
as Joe
Simon Smithies
as Site Manager
Lujain Alsubaihi
as Refugee Girl
Kaitlyn Akinpelumi
as Rachel Gibson
Adam Bowman
as Michael's Man
Rachael Elizabeth
as Clare Barrett
John May
as Bookie
Byron Allen
as Mister A
Stephen Kent
as First Northstream Executive
Martin Gordon
as Michael's Driver
Leslie Hucul
as Barfly
Dominic Zamprogna
as Estuardo
Tony Prince
as Security Guard
Elizabeth Whitmere
as Northstream Lawyer
Christopher Shyer
as Richard Bradshaw
Meg Farhall
as Waitress
Richie Lawrie
as The Henchman
Bernard Starlight
as North Stream Driver
Lindzi Germain
as Wrestler 1
Adele Lupton
as Customer/Everton Fan/Passer by
Fionn Walton
as Eoin McGrath
Brian Comer
as Nick Carter
Patrick Schmikel
as Shooter
Shaun Maddocks
as Police Officer PC1312
Martin Vose
as Torture Victim
Lonni Olson
as Canadian Couple
Karen Ryan
as Mrs. Decker
Ben Rose
as Singing Oil Worker
Chad Cosgrave
as Shooter
David Vickers
as Ice cream van passer by
Jim Finkbeiner
as Shooter
Chengis Javeri
as Neurosurgeon
Kerry Hughes
as Carol Perry
Anton Fletcher
as Bingo Caller
Anamaria Marinca
as Sarah Nickel
Michelle McLeod
as Brittany
Amelia Willier
as Musqwa Woman
Gene Braverock
as Native Driver
Neve McIntosh
as Georgia Simmons
Christina Hendricks
as Elizabeth Bradshaw
Dave Simon
as Passerby
Lamissah La-Shontae
as Student
Amir Esteghamatdar
as Student
Warren Donnelly
as Pint Spill Man
Dru Jones
as Bureau De Change Manager
Jonny Lavelle
as Danny Ryan
Sarah Podemski
as Constable Denise Minahik/Denise Minahik
Jay Chahley
as Scooter Man
Patricia Truong
as Passenger
Roark Critchlow
as Inspector Benoit Lehane
James Harkness
as Foxy
Gareth George
as Burly Man
Joseph Pelletier
as Poker Player
Peter Skagen
as First Elder
Katherine Burrell
as Nurse
Amy-Leigh Hickman
as Saima Saleem
Ian Hart
as Michael Ryan
Adam Staunton
as Stand-Up
Keaira Pliva
as Young Anna
Paul Blackwell
as Police
Stephen Walters
as Johnny
Patrick Schmeikal
as Shooters
Tina Louise Owens
as Funeral mourner
Chad Stanley Martin
as Derrickhand
Tina Malone
as Betty Marbury
Paul Noah Braaten
as Oil Worker
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
as Lyle Jr/Danny Lyle Jr
Nigel Lindsay
as Clive Bennett
Ray G. Thunderchild
as Chief Jacob Minahik/Jacob Minahik
Gerald Auger
as Timothy Whiteknife
Dustin MacDougall
as Big Oil Worker
Brenden Sunderland
as Thomas Nickel
Brandon Soldier
as Deputy
George Caple
as George Marbury
Christopher Hollinshead
as Paul Saunders
Shaun Johnston
as Clay Coleman
Karl Magee
as Dog Walker
John Lynch
as Johan Nickel
Kerrie Hayes
as D.I. Sara Lunt
Tobi Bamtefa
as Godswill
Jenessa Grant
as Rosa Nickel
George Tchortov
as Boner
Percelle Ascott
as Jesse
Isla Jackson-Ritchie
as Student in Laundrette
Fraser Aitcheson
as Mister C
Simon North
Jessica Nelson
as Peer
Genevieve O'Reilly
as Angela Worth
Shaun McKenna
as Lady Seanne
Ryan Kennedy
as Constable Nick McGillen/Nick McGillen
Tony Yee
as Poker Player
Linda Kee
as Hotel Cartel Receptionist
Jack Veal
as Simon/Simon Brown
Michael John Treanor
as Pug Owner
Tony Atherton
as Hotel Guest
Alex Oyston
as Police Officer
David Aspinall
as Shopper
Lucas Blake
as Sam Jones
Stacey Elder
as Pole Dancer
Rachael Crawford
as Dr. Suzy Bouchard
Andrew Knott
as D.I. Francis Vine
Mark Sheals
as Security Guard
Steven McMichael
as Shooter
Jesse Westman
as Poker Dealer
Haroon Rafiq
as Funeral Mourner/Protestor
Steve Wall
as Sean McGrath
Theresa Wanstall
as Pole Dancer
Krupa Pattani
as Jenny Martin
Dave Matthew Boddy
as Journalist
Abigail Lawrie
as Anna Worth
Jolbert Smallboy
as Musqwa Boy
Scott Stevenson
as Henchman
Don Walker
as Biker/Rodeo Patron
Mark Womack
as Keith McKenzie
Craig Shorrock
as Dwayne Peters
Stafford Perry
as Second Northstream Executive
David LeReaney
as Mr. Decker
Dennis Wells
as Musqwa Hunter 1
Gabriel M. McArthur
as Musqwa Security Guard
Luigi Riscaldino
as Gate Security Guard
Xsara-Sheneille Pryce
as Archive Clerk
Joseph Whitebird
as Ray Laskamin
Joanne Whalley
as Mary James
Alexandra Maxwell
as Police Sergeant
Guy Bews
as Poker Player
Michael Starke
as Eddie Foster
Katherine Fadum
as Mrs. Maude Hoffer
Trey Smallboy
as Musqwa Hunter 2
Paul Smith
as Echo Salesman
Kara Francisco
as Raylene
Clio Davies
as Bride To Be
Peter Strand Rumpel
as North Stream Oil Executive/Third Northstream Executive
Mark Braithwaite
as Laboratory Technician
Michael Moller
as Cameraman
Sherry Nelson
as Peer
John Mcgrellis
as Senior Male Officer
Amanda Fuenzalida
as Pole Dancer
Julia Carlile
as Kayden Ferguson
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Louis Gagnon
Christine Tremarco
as Carrie McGrath
Andrew Lee Potts
as Protection Officer
James Hauser
as Rancher
Mike Kovac
as McMoney
Kelsey Andries
as Shooter
Jeff Hanni
as Oil Worker
Nicolas Wang
as Michael's Man Benji
Jessica Zhang
as Bathtub Hooker
Rob Bergevin
as Rodeo Announcer
Lara Wishlow
as Pole Dancer
Tanya Moodie
as Catherine McKenzie
Mary Pitt
as Mrs. Fadenrecht
Charlie Griffiths
as Officer
Joshua Gill
as Posh Guest
Adonis Jenieco
as Faris (Ice Cream Vendor)
Sheryl Guillaume
as Wild Hair Lady
Oliver Coopersmith
as Whitey/Whitey Brown
Susan Jayne-Robinson
as Pregnant Woman on Train
Geoff Bell
as Malcolm
Nathan Alexis
as Solomon/General Store Cashier
Valerie Planche
as School Principal
Herpreet Minhas
as Nurse
Neil Fitzmaurice
as Taxi Driver
Germaine Braithwaite
as Club Goer
Marci T. House
as CBSA Officer
Shane Ghost Keeper
as Musqwa Security Guard
Dejuan Peart
as Shooter
Dan Black
as Cowboy
Michelle Thrush
as Jaclyn/Jaclyn Letendre
Joe Wandera
as Hotel Receptionist
Ravonna Dow
as Nurse 1
Felix Darius
as Oil Refinery Security Guard
Victor Atelevich
as North Stream Oil Executive/Senior Executive
Ciaran Quinn
as Det Inspector
Craig Bierko
as Dermot O'Hanrahan
Natalie McMichael
as Decker Daughter 2
Kim Faires
as Receptionist
Ron J. Hamelin
as Rodeo Attendee
Sade Malone
as Lauren Fadel
Edie Inksetter
as Sally Tybalt
Dustin Nelson
as Ammonite
Jim Sinclair
as Shooter
Dean Redman
as Mister B
Conrad Hild
as Fort Edgar Hotel Barman
Ian Puleston-Davies
as Frank Jackson
Rachel Bonney
as Bar Girl
Philip Gascoyne
as Racegoer
Joe Osborne
as Head of Security
Caycee Clark
as Hooker
Helmer Twoyoungmen
as Musqwa Medicine Man
Owen Crow Shoe
as Hal Laskamin
Keith Lomas
as Lorry Driver
Marnie Madden
as Oilworker
Grant Crookes
as Police Officer
Emma Duke
as Ammonite Soloist
Lydia Lau
as Nurse 2
Mark Fisher
as Racegoer
Matt Willis
as Giant Ammonite Man
Trevor Campbell
as Second Elder
Nicholas Campbell
as Lyle Sr/Lyle Sr.
Martin Kvapil
as Police Officer
Ray Pearson
as Oil Executive/Oil executive
Bud Klasky
as Elder Ammonite/Executive/Town Official
Christine Walsh
as Engineer
Kent Riley
as Bartender
Chris w Tutty
as Poker Player
Denton Edge
as Shooter
Michael Shepherd
as Redneck
Emma Bispham
as Wrestler 2
Rudi Dharmalingam
as Jyotiranjan 'Joe' Clarke
Ryan O'Donnell
as Fort Edgar Waiter
Katelyn Pliva
as Katie Bradshaw
Trish Pope
as Race goer
Pardeep Singh Sooch
as Cab driver
Madison McMichael
as Decker Daughter 1
Dan McDougall
as Barfly
Andrew Schofield
as Kev Diallo
Jammie Leong
as Wealthy Woman
Darryl McDonald
as Cree Singer & Drummer 2
Paislie Reid
as Liz Owen
CJ Collard
as Ammonite Man
Gillian Skupa
as AA Secretary
Samuel Williams
as Drag Queen

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 9 Episodes

Season 3

2020 | 6 Episodes




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Broadcasting Press Guild Awards 2018


Broadcasting Press Guild Awards

Best Drama Series


Broadcasting Press Guild Awards

Best Multichannel Programme

Directors Guild of Canada 2018


Directors Guild of Canada

Outstanding Achievement in Production Design - Television Series

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