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October 20, 2021
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Based on a series of children's books, "Thomas & Friends" features Thomas the Tank Engine going on adventures with his fellow locomotives on the island of Sodor. Thomas is apt to get into trouble by trying too hard to be, in his words, a "really useful engine," attempting to do things that are best left to bigger engines. Other members of Sir Topham Hatt's railway include junior engine Percy, Thomas' best friend, who is always willing to help, and big engine Gordon -- the fastest and most powerful member of the team -- who uses his superior strength to help the smaller engines get out of trouble.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 29, 1989

Also Known As: El tren Thomas y sus amigos, 托马斯和朋友 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Clearwater Productions, HIT Entertainment |  See more »


Dominique Moore
as Ruth (UK & US)
Jamie Campbell Bower
as Skiff (UK & US)
Eliud Gabriel Porras
as Emerson (UK & US)/Crowd Members (UK & US)/Fernando (UK & US)
Christopher Ragland
as Percy (US)/Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)/Trevor (US)/Imaginary Merlin (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)
David Menkin
as Porter (US)/Jack (US)/Porter (UK & US)/Stanley (UK & US)
Oliver McCue
as The Little Boy (UK)
Lucy Montgomery
as Carly (UK & US)/Hannah (UK & US)/Marion (UK & US)
Hugh Bonneville
as Merlin (UK & US)
Martin Sherman
as Thomas (US)/Percy (US)/Diesel (US)/The Children (US)/Sodor United Football Players (US)/The Bird Watcher (US)/The Little Boy (US)
Ben Forster
as Mr. Perkins
Jonathan Forbes
as Connor (UK & US)
Chris Lew Kum Hoi
as The Mean Engines (UK & US)/Yong Bao (UK & US)
Steven Kynman
as Paxton (UK & US)/Porter (UK)/Duck (UK & US)/Dart (UK & US)/Peter Sam (UK & US)/Ryan (UK & US)/Jack (UK)/Butch (US)/The Passengers (UK & US)/A Little Boy (US)/A Railway Inspector (UK & US)/A Workman (UK & US)/Crowd (UK & US)/Dock Workers (UK & US)/Knapford Station Speaker (UK & US)/Mike's Driver (UK & US)/Slip Coach (UK & US)/The Bird Watcher (UK & US)/The Third Slip Coach (UK & US)/Willie (UK & US)/Workmen (UK & US)
Sharon Miller
as Queen Elizabeth II (UK & US)
Tina Desai
as Ashima (UK & US)/Fashion Designer (UK & US)
Sheena Bhattessa
as Charubala (UK & US)/Noor Jehan (UK & US)/Charubala (UK/US)
Rose Robinson
as Tamika (UK & US)/Crowd (UK & US)
Clive Mantle
as Gator (UK & US)
Rufus Jones
as Flying Scotsman (UK & US)
Paul Larson
as Crowd (UK & US)
Ben Small
as Thomas (UK)/Toby (UK)/Ferdinand (UK)/Rheneas (UK & US)/Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)/Charlie (US)/Flynn (UK & US)/Owen (UK & US)/Stanley (US)/Sodor United Football Players (UK)/The Workmen (UK)
Francisco Labbe
as Gustavo (UK & US)/Musician 1 (UK & US)
Rasmus Hardiker
as Philip (UK & US)/Monty (UK)/Bill (UK & US)/A Dock Worker (UK & US)/A Workman (UK & US)/The Angry Man (UK & US)/Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)
Holly Hazelton
as A Child (UK & US)
Dan Li
as Yong Bao (UK & US)/The Railway Inspector (UK & US)
Alec Baldwin
as Narrator (US version)/Narrator (US)
Tracy Ann Oberman
as Daisy (UK & US)
Ashna Kapur
as The Little Girl (UK)
Maple House Players
as Choir (UK & US)
John Hasler
as Thomas (UK)/Rheneas (UK & US)
Tim Whitnall
as Reg (UK & US)/Jerome (UK & US)/Max (UK)/Oliver (UK & US)/Timothy (UK & US)/Mike (UK & US)/A Quarry Worker (UK & US)/The Deputy Minister (UK & US)/The Man with the Hat (US)
Innis Robertson-Pinnell
as A Child (UK & US)
Federico Trujillo
as Raul (UK & US)/Marcio (UK & US)/Musician 2 (UK & US)/Workman (UK & US)
Togo Igawa
as Hiro (UK & US)
Joe Swash
as Sonny (UK & US)
Bob Golding
as Stephen (UK & US)/Sidney (UK & US)/A Railway Inspector (UK & US)/Baz (UK & US)/Stephen (US)/The Steamworks Worker (UK & US)
Anna Francolini
as Gina (UK & US)/Children (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)
Montserrat Lombard
as Mia (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)
Tim Bain
as Aiden (UK & US)/Madeleine's Father (UK & US)/Bus (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)/Workmen (UK & US)
Teresa Gallagher
as Annie and Clarabel (UK & US)/Emily (UK)/Annie (UK & US)/Clarabel (UK & US)/The Children (UK & US)/Belle (UK & US)/The Passengers (UK & US)/Mavis (UK)/Passengers (UK & US)/The Children (UK)/The Duchess of Boxford (UK)/Bridget Hatt (UK & US)/Mavis (UK & US)/Stephen Hatt (UK & US)/Judy (UK & US)/Albert's Wife (UK & US)/Brenda (UK & US)/Lady Hatt (UK)/Rosie (UK)/Bridget Hatt (UK)/The Little Boy (UK & US)/Children (UK & US)/Lady Hatt (UK & US)/The Little Girl (UK & US)/A Passenger (UK & US)/A Photographer (UK & US)/Bridget Hatt's Friends (UK)/Camera Operator (UK & US)/Crowd (UK & US)/Madeleine's Mother (UK & US)/Passengers (US)/Sodor Rangers (UK & US)/Stephen Hatt (UK)/The Carollers (UK & US)/The Duchess of Boxford (UK & US)/The Female Puppet Entertainer (UK & US)/The Football Supporters (UK & US)/The Lady with the Big Hat (UK & US)/The Laundry Lady (UK)/The Little Boy (UK)/The Little Boy (US)/The Little Girl (UK)/The Little Girl (US)/The School Boy (UK)/The Schoolchildren (UK & US)/The Schoolchildren (UK)/The Teacher (UK & US)/The Teacher (UK)
Laura Beaumont
as Crowd (UK & US)
Flaminia Cinque
as Ester (UK & US)/Dame Bella Canto (UK & US)
Ringo Starr
as Narrator/Narrator (UK & US)/Narrator (UK)
Nicola Stapleton
as Rosie (UK & US)/Children (UK & US)
Yvonne Grundy
as Nia (UK & US)/The Children (UK & US)
Glenn Wrage
as Cranky (US)/Spencer (US)/Ferdinand (US)/Charlie (US)/Butch (US)/Gator's Driver (US)/Sir Topham Hatt's Assistant (US)/The Island Inspector (US)/The Sodor Search and Rescue Center Manager (US)/The Steamworks Worker (US)
Robert Wilfort
as Samson (UK & US)
Junior Campbell
as Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)
Maggie Ollerenshaw
as Henrietta (UK & US)
Shane Jacobson
as Shane (UK & US)
Rupert Degas
as Dart (UK & US)/Bertie (UK & US)/Flynn (UK & US)/Butch (UK)/Den (UK & US)
Joe Mills
as Oliver (UK & US)/Toad (UK & US)/Douglas (UK & US)/A Passenger (UK & US)/A Workman (UK & US)/The Welsh Bird Watcher (UK & US)
Jules de Jongh
as Emily (US)/Mavis (US)/The Children (US)/The Duchess of Boxford (US)/Lady Hatt (US)/Rosie (US)/Allicia Botti (UK & US)/Bridget Hatt (US)/Caitlin (UK & US)/The Teacher (US)/Bridget Hatt's Friends (US)/The Children (UK & US)/The Laundry Lady (US)/The Little Boy (US)/The Little Girl (US)/The School Boy (US)/The Schoolchildren (US)
Nikhil Parmar
as Rajiv (UK & US)/The Director (UK & US)/Rajiv (UK/The Friendly Stationmaster (UK & US)/The Grumpy Stationmaster (UK & US)/The Monkey Palace Announcer (UK & US)/Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)/US)
Prince Harry
as Self
Mike O'Donnell
as Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)
Damon Denton-Snape
as A Child (UK & US)
Michael Brandon
as Narrator (US)/Narrator/Diesel (US)/Mr. Bubbles (US)
Thomas the Train
as Self/Ghost Engine of Christmas Future
Olivia Colman
as Marion (UK & US)
Jessica Hann
as A Child (UK & US)
Mike Grady
as Sir Robert Norramby (UK & US)
Laura Cucurullo
as Cassia (UK & US)/Marcia (UK & US)
Siu-see Hung
as AnAn (UK & US)/Chinese Women (UK & US)/Dr. Kim (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)
David Bedella
as Victor (US)/Victor (UK & US)/The Mayor of Sodor (UK & US)/The Mayor of Sodor (US)/Victor
Soprano 13 Kyswan
as Host
Nathan Clarke
as Alfie (UK & US)
Joseph May
as Thomas (US)
Michael Legge
as Luke (UK & US)
Nigel Pilkington
as Percy (UK)/Trevor (UK)/A Passenger (UK & US)
Genevieve McCarthy
as Aubrey (UK & US)
Charlie Barnard
as A Child (UK & US)
Keith Wickham
as Gordon (UK)/The Fat Controller (UK)/Sir Topham Hatt (UK & US)/Percy (UK)/James (UK)/Henry (UK)/Edward (UK)/Salty (UK & US)/Harold (UK)/Dowager Hatt (UK & US)/Bertie (UK & US)/Den (UK & US)/The Passengers (UK & US)/Dash (UK)/Whiff (UK)/Skarloey (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)/Harvey (UK & US)/Stafford (UK & US)/The Grumpy Passenger (UK & US)/Captain (UK & US)/Norman (UK & US)/The Thin Controller (UK)/Bert (UK & US)/Glynn (UK & US)/Sir Handel (UK & US)/Mr. Bubbles (UK)/The Knapford Stationmaster (UK & US)/Workmen (UK & US)/A Porter (UK & US)/Albert (UK & US)/Lord Callan (UK & US)/The Shunter (UK & US)/The Wellsworth Stationmaster (UK & US)/Thomas' Driver (UK & US)/A Passenger (UK & US)/A Railway Inspector (UK & US)/A Workman (UK & US)/Passenger (UK & US)/Signalman (UK & US)/The Bakers (UK & US)/The Dock Workers (UK & US)/The Mayor of Sodor (UK)/The Museum Manager (UK & US)/The Welsh Bird Watcher (UK & US)/The Workmen (UK & US)/A Dock Worker (UK & US)/A Quarry Worker (UK & US)/A Rail Worker (UK & US)/A Workman (UK)/Bash (UK)/Bill and Ben's Crews (UK & US)/Clown (UK & US)/Dock Workers (UK & US)/Farmer Finney (UK & US)/Father Christmas (UK & US)/Franz (UK & US)/Gator's Driver (UK)/Henry (UK & US)/Knapford Station Guard (UK & US)/Mr. Bubbles (UK & US)/Percy/Percy's Driver (UK)/Percy's Fireman (UK)/Policeman (UK & US)/Salty (UK)/Samson's Driver (UK & US)/Search and Rescue Centre Speaker (UK & US)/Sir Elephant Hatt (UK & US)/Sir Lowham Hatt (UK)/Sir Moon Hatt (UK & US)/Sir Topham Hatt (UK & US/Sodor United Football Players (UK)/Some Passengers (UK & US)/Some Workmen (UK & US)/Stationmaster (UK & US)/Stephen's Driver (UK & US)/Stephen's Fireman (UK & US)/The Bird Watcher (UK & US)/The Carollers (UK & US)/The Children (UK & US)/The Dairy Worker (UK & US)/The Dieselworks Worker (UK & US)/The Fat Controller's Assistant (UK)/The Football Players (UK & US)/The Football Supporters UK & US)/The Foreman (UK & US)/The Great Composer (UK & US)/The Groundsman (UK & US)/The Kellsthorpe Road Stationmaster (UK & US)/The Knapford Stationmaster (UK)/The Mainland Stationmaster (UK & US)/The Male Puppet Entertainer (UK & US)/The Man at Maithwaite (UK)/The Man at the Fire (UK)/The Maron Station Speaker (UK & US)/The Photographer (UK & US)/The Policeman (UK & US)/The Postman (UK & US)/The Quarry Worker (UK & US)/The Quarry Workers (UK & US)/The Railway Coal Inspector (UK)/The Railway Show Judge (UK & US)/The Shouting Man (UK & US)/The Signalman (UK & US)/The Sodor Search and Rescue Worker (UK & US)/The Steamworks Worker (UK)/The Thin Controller (UK & US)/The Tree Specialist (UK)/The Woodsman (UK & US)/The Workman (UK & US)/The Workmen (UK)/Thomas' Fireman (UK & US)/Thomas' Guard (UK & US)/Tourist (UK & US)/Two Railway Inspectors (UK & US)/Wellsworth Station Worker (UK)/Willie (UK & US)/Workmen (UK)
Vincenzo Nicoli
as Beppe (UK & US)/Lorenzo (UK & US)/A Farmer (UK & US)/A Workman (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)/The Italian Man (UK & US)/Workman (UK & US)
Antonio Magro
as Stefano (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)/Stationmaster (UK & US)
Rosamund Pike
as Duchess of Loughborough (UK & US)
William Hope
as Edward (US)/Toby (US)/Rocky (US)/Bash (US)/Whiff (US)/Farmer McColl (US)/The Duke of Boxford (US)/The Dock Manager (US)/Bert (UK & US)/Stephen Hatt (US)/The Little Boy (US)/The Maithwaite Stationmaster (US)/A Passenger (UK & US)/A Railway Inspector (UK & US)/A Workman (UK & US)/Dash (US)/Dock Workers (UK & US)/Famer McColl (UK & US)/Sodor United Football Players (US)/The Farm Hands (UK & US)/The Knapford Stationmaster (US)/The Man at Maithwaite (US)/The Man at the Fire (US)/The Miner (UK & US)/The Photographer (UK & US)/The Railroad Inspector (US)/The Steamworks Worker (UK & US)/Wellsworth Station Worker (US)
Su Lin Looi
as Chinese Diesel (UK & US)
Peter Andre
as Ace (UK & US)
Monica Lopera
as Gabriela (UK & US)
Michael Angelis
as Narrator (UK)/Narrator/Voices/Narrator (UK & US)
Kerry Shale
as Gordon (US)/Sir Topham Hatt (US)/Henry (US)/James (US)/Kevin (US)/Diesel (UK & US)/Harold (US)/Diesel (UK)/Dash (US)/Mr. Percival (US)/Max (US)/Scruff (US)/'Arry (UK & US)/Farmer Trotter (US)/'Arry and Bert (UK & US)/Cyril (UK & US)/Dock Workers (UK & US)/Gordon (UK)/Kevin (UK & US)/The Maithwaite Stationmaster (US)/The Photographer (US)/Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)/A Workman (US)/Bash (US)/Flynn (UK & US)/Headkeeper Jack (UK & US)/James (UK)/Max (UK & US)/Norman (UK & US)/SIr Topham Hatt (US)/Sir Lowham Hatt (US)/Sodor United Football Players (US)/The Dock Worker (US)/The Dryaw Station Worker (UK & US)/The Man on the Bridge (UK & US)/The Passengers (UK & US)/The Railway Coal Inspector (US)/The Signalman (UK & US)/The Tree Specialist (US)/The Workmen (US)/The Zoo Keeper (UK & US)/The Zoo Keeper (US)/Troublesome Truck (UK & US)/Workmen (US)
George Carlin
as Narrator (US)
Jonathan Broadbent
as Bill and Ben (UK & US)/Ben (UK & US)/Bill (UK & US)/Slip Coach (UK & US)/The First Slip Coach (UK & US)
Miranda Raison
as Millie (UK & US)/A Passenger (UK & US)/The Knapford Station Speaker (UK & US)
Windson Liong
as Yin-Long (UK & US)/Lei (UK & US)/Chinese Men (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)/The Chinese Breakdown Crane (UK & US)/The Chinese Guard (UK & US)
Colin McFarlane
as Bulgy (UK & US)/Beresford (UK & US)/Bertie's Driver (UK & US)/Dr. Holyfield (UK & US)
Tom Stourton
as Alfie (UK & US)/Duncan (UK & US)/Rex (UK & US)/Terence (UK & US)/Duck's Driver (UK & US)/The Fat Clergyman (UK & US)
Sanjeev Bhaskar
as Shankar (UK & US)/The Actor (UK & US)
Tariro Mavondo
as Ranger Jill (UK & US)
Mia Hope
as A Child (UK & US)
Matt Wilkinson
as Cranky (UK)/Kevin (UK)/Rocky (UK)/Victor (UK)/Spencer (UK)/Charlie (UK)/Bash (UK)/Farmer McColl (UK)/Rusty (UK & US)/Butch (UK)/Stanley (UK)/The Duke of Boxford (UK)/Scruff (UK)/The Dock Manager (UK)/Ben (UK & US)/Farmer Trotter (UK)/The Maithwaite Stationmaster (UK)/Winston (UK & US)/Captain Joe (UK & US)/Merrick (UK & US)/Rex's Driver (UK & US)/The Little Boy (UK)/The Photographer (UK)/A Passenger (UK & US)/Bert's Driver (UK & US)/Dash (UK)/Diesel 10 (UK & US)/Dock Workers (UK & US)/Male Passengers (UK & US)/Sodor United Football Players (UK)/Stephen Hatt (UK)/The Bird Watcher (UK & US)/The Bird Watcher (UK)/The Dock Worker (UK)/The Island Inspector (UK)/The Knapford Station Worker (UK & US)/The Knapford Stationmaster (UK & US)/The Man with the Hat (UK)/The Passengers (UK & US)/The Railway Inspector (UK)/The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre Manager (UK)/The Workman (UK & US)/The Workmen (UK & US)/The Workmen (UK)/The Zoo Keeper (UK)/Wellsworth Station Workman (UK & US)
Harriet Kershaw
as Jenny Packard (UK & US)/Cleo (UK & US)/Darcy (UK & US)/Kangaroo (UK & US)
Matt McCooey
as Kenji (UK & US)
Rachael Louise Miller
as Rebecca (UK & US)/Isla (UK & US)/Children (UK & US)/The Teacher (UK & US)/Crowd (UK & US)/Dr. Hetty (UK & US)/Little Thomas (UK & US)/Madeleine (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)/The Children (UK & US)/Young Prince Charles (UK & US)
Jass Patel
as The Coconut Stallholder (UK & US)
Rob Rackstraw
as James (UK & US)/James (US)/Toby (UK)/Monty (US)/The Thin Clergyman (UK & US)/Flynn (UK & US)/Mr. Fergus Duncan (UK & US)/Stanley (US)/A Workman (UK & US)/Bernie (UK & US)/Big Mickey (UK & US)/Bradford (UK & US)/Donald (UK & US)/Hugo (UK & US)/James' Driver (UK & US)/Owen (UK & US)/Passengers (UK & US)/Professor Freidrich (UK & US)/A Knapford Workman/A Passenger (UK & US)/A Thief (UK & US)/A Tiger Hunter (UK & US)/Announcer (UK & US)/Crowd (UK & US)/Dock Worker (UK & US)/Douglas' Driver (UK & US)/Dream Narrator (UK & US)/Giant Teddy Bear (UK & US)/Isla's Radio (UK & US)/Monty (UK & US)/Nature Reserve Film Director (UK & US)/Passenger (UK & US)/Road Finisher (UK & US)/Some Passengers (UK & US)/The Carollers (UK & US)/The Elephant Carer (UK & US)/The Football Players (UK & US)/The Football Supporters (UK & US)/The Great Railway Show Announcer (UK & US)/The Knapford Stationmaster (UK & US)/The Painter (UK & US)/The Passenger (UK & US)/The Passengers (UK & US)/The Quarry Workers (UK & US)/The Red Sea Serpent (UK & US)/The Signalman (UK & US)/The Wash Down Workers (UK & US)/The Welsh Bird Watcher (UK & US)/Troublesome Truck (UK & US)/Troublesome Trucks (UK & US)/Workmen (UK & US)
Rebecca O'Mara
as Caitlin (UK & US)/The Second Slip Coach (UK & US)
Chipo Chung
as Hong-Mei (UK & US)/Chinese Women (UK & US)
Ian McCue
as A Thief (UK & US)/A Tiger Hunter (UK & US)/The Blue Sea Serpent (UK & US)
John Schwab
as Stanley (US)
Mark Moraghan
as Narrator (UK & US)/Dexter (UK & US)/Narrator (US)

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1989 | 26 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3

1991 | 26 Episodes

Season 4
Season 5

1999 | 26 Episodes

Season 6
Season 7
Season 8

2004 | 26 Episodes

Season 9

2005 | 26 Episodes

Season 10
Season 11
Season 12
Season 13
Season 14
Season 15

2013 | 20 Episodes

Season 16

2012 | 20 Episodes

Season 17

2013 | 26 Episodes

Season 18

2015 | 26 Episodes

Season 19

2015 | 26 Episodes

Season 20

2016 | 28 Episodes

Season 21
Season 22
Season 23

2019 | 23 Episodes

Season 24

2020 | 23 Episodes

Season 25

2021 | 2 Episodes




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