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October 21, 2021
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About this title


A limited anthology series that explores terror in America. The first season, 1950s-set "Covenant" centers around a Black family who move from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood during the period known as The Great Migration. The family's idyllic home becomes ground zero where malevolent forces, next door and otherworldly, threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: April 9, 2021

Also Known As: ゼム, Loro |  See more »

Parents Guide: Brazil (18), France (16) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Hillman Grad, Sony Pictures Television |  See more »


Devyn Placide
as Eddie
Malcolm M. Mays
as Calvin
Bailey Noble
as Marlene
Stacy Lafay
as Mother #1
Devin McCarthy
as Random Comptonite Wife
Paul David Story
as Officer Rollins
Dominic Burgess
as Roger
Latarsha Rose
as Arnette Beaumont
Alison Pill
as Elizabeth 'Betty' Wendell
Virginia Asbury
as Eidolon Woman #2
Bonnie Morgan
as Contortionist Cheerleader #2
Nona Parker Johnson
as Martha
Sheria Irving
as Cynthia
Ryan Kwanten
as George Bell
Logan Langevin
as Jock #1
Kirstin Ford
as Neighborhood Woman #2
Ryan Kennedy
as Gary
Kyrie Mcalpin
as Young Ruby
Atika Greene
as Dinner Guest #2
Kelsi Roberts
as Wife #1
as Arnette's Mother
J. Paul Boehmer
as Elder James
Jamie H. Jung
as Demon
Peter Mackenzie
as Mr. Stoat
Jon Ryckman
as Sears Delivery Man
James Matthew Ryan
as White Neighbor
Drue Delio
as Man #3
Marissa Heart
as Doris Cheerleader #4
Alaina Hoolihan
as Doris Cheerleader #5
Paula Jai Parker
as Hazel Emory
Rachel Singer
as Older Eidolon Woman
Morgan Larson
as Doris Cheerleader #6
Ayinde Howell
as Dinner Guest #3
Yvette Fazio-Delaney
as Eidolon woman
Ethan Coach
as Charlie Johnson
J. Mallory McCree
as Junius/Junius Emory
Winford Warren
as Portly Clerk
Rueben Grundy
as Carter Beaumont
Taylor Dean
as Doris Cheerleader #2
Marissa Marsden
as Neighborhood Woman
David Terrell
as Shorty
Nick Warnock
as Random Comptonite #1
Dirk Rogers
as Miss Vera
Sarah Minnich
as Maud
Ernest Harden Jr.
as Solemn Man
Zach Kaltenbach
as Compton Neighbor
Lindsey Kraft
as Midge Pruitt
Mary Garripoli
as Mrs. Perkins
Moe Irvin
as Roland Johnson
Abbie Cobb
as Nat Dixon
Regina McKee Redwing
as Mother #3
Tim Stafford
as Eidolon Man
Pat Healy
as Marty Dixon
Jeremiah Birkett
as Da Tap Dance Man
Shahadi Wright Joseph
as Ruby Lee Emory
Summera Howell
as Elder Cora
Ally Dixon
as Bus Stop Girl
Janaya French
as Doris Cheerleader #3
Kim Shaw
as Carol Lynn Denton
Zakary Risinger
as Tommy
Justin Coach
as Roland Johnson
Wanda Carroll
as Mama
Anika Noni Rose
as Ella Mae Johnson
David Bowe
as Mitch
Megan Hensley
as Fenna
Michael E. Stogner
as Eidolon Elder
Daniel Robbins
as Man in Car
Christopher Heyerdahl
as The Black Hat Man
Nicolette Peteley
as Doris Cheerleader #9
Kyle Grossmeyer
as Jock #2
Lonni Olson
as Doris Cheerleader #8
Lisa Banes
as Esther Haber
Spencer Kramber
as Orderly
Thomas Ryan Best
as Engineer
Ashley Thomas
as Henry Emory
Chris Bylsma
as Bram
Christopher Murray
as Murray
Peyton Nicole Morton
as Nancy
Tim Russ
as The Custodian
Justin Claiborne
as Carlisle Beaumont
Ilana Becker
as Greta
Kari Perdue
as Janet
Cranston Johnson
as Grafton
Brooke Smith
as Helen Koistra
Zack Daly
as Roger
Bobbie Lee Jr.
as Woody
Scott Alan Smith
as Fuller
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Elder Sara
Van Epperson
as Banker
Samantha Sherman
as Marjorie Wallinger
P.J. Byrne
as Stuart Berks
Autumn Miller
as Doris Cheerleader #7
Simone Leanora
as Rosalie
Miatta Lebile
as Mother #2
J. Nathan Simmons
as Older Eidolon Man
John Patrick Jordan
as Earl/Earl Denton
Michael Vincent Berry
as Man #2
David Alen
as Bus Driver
Sonia Jackson
as Elderly Black Woman
Roz Browne
as Dinner Guest #1
Tom Fitzpatrick
as Shopkeeper
Navaris Darson
as Dinner Guest #4
Christine Heneise
as Angelino
Sophie Guest
as Doris
Spencer Watson
as Barry
Mike Rad
as Man #1
Kate McNeil
as Dr. Frances Moynihan
Barry Livingston
as Real Estate Commissioner
Easton Alexeyev
as Contortionist Cheerleader #1
Kimberly Kiegel
as Eidolon Woman #3
Melody Hurd
as Gracie Emory
Clinton Roper Elledge
as Random Comptonite #3
Jennifer Vincent
as Counter Lady
Brit Manor
as Prim Woman
Riley Baron
as Officer Byrne
Kristi McKamie
as Wife #2
Derek Phillips
as Sergeant Bull Wheatley
Michael Harney
as Otto Haber
Gene Silvers
as Elder Luther
Urian Ross
as Disfigured Soldier
Nick Greene
as Neighborhood Man
Dale Dickey
as The Woman
Brooke Brady
as Doris Cheerleader #1
Kyle Eastman
as Len
V Nixie
as Contortionist Cheerleader #3
Burl Moseley
as Emmett
Sarah Benoit
as Stern Nurse
Flor de Maria Chahua
as Consuela
Leslie L. Miller
as Black Patient
Kai Richard
as Miles
Natalie Britton
as Dottie
Shaw Jones
as City Planner
M.J. George
as Delroy
Deborah Ayorinde
as Livia 'Lucky' Emory
Max Barsness
as Dale Pruitt
Liam McIntyre
as Clarke Wendell
William Sterchi
as Older Eidolon Man
Mia Komsky
as Dina
Lauren Sigler
as Doris Cheerleader #10

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Season 1

2021 | 10 Episodes

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