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October 21, 2021
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In one of the longest-running science fiction series in network TV history, FBI special agents investigate unexplained, mind-bending cases known as "X-Files." Though the government is convinced that the outlandish reports are false, conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and realist Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), for most of the series, stop at nothing to prove that "the truth is out there." Series creator Chris Carter also serves as executive producer of the thrilling pop-culture phenomenon.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 10, 1993

Also Known As: X檔案, Досјеи икс |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+, PG), Brazil (16, 12, 14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

paranormal phenomena

Company Credits

Production Co: Ten Thirteen Productions, 20th Century Fox Television |  See more »


Dave Hannay
as Waiter #1
Jeff Lewis
as Mr. Gunderson
James M. Connor
as Jake Conroy
Chris Shields
as Detective Gross
Steven M. Porter
as Harold Spuller
Brien Blakely
as Reporter
David Brisbin
as Second Doctor
Patience Cleveland
as Arbutus Ray
Bruce Wright
as Gary Garber
Chris Ellis
as Sheriff Lance Hindt
Nestor Serrano
as Ken Naciamento
Don Stewart
as Businessman
Guyle Fraizer
as Officer/Officer #1
Rick Millikan
as Sandy
Jeff Sanca
as Erika's Soldier
Jenn Forgie
as Nurse/Cindy Savalas - Ed's Ex-wife
Dwight McFee
as Commander/David Gates/Detective Havez/Suspect
Carlena Britch
as Juliet 'La Avispa' Bocanegra
Scott Vance
as Healer
Conrad Roberts
as Primitive African Man
Jason Schombing
as Dupre
Ray McKinnon
as Mad Wayne
Steven Flynn
as Man on the Street
Debra Christofferson
as Pat Verlander
Tom Pickett
as Cop
Mindy Seeger
as Coroner
J. Alex Brinson
as FBI Agent Guard
Amy D'Allessandro Stolz
as Amy
Thomas Nicholson
as BDU Soldier
Spencer Garrett
as Harry Bring
Jack McGee
as Bob Danfous
Guido Foehrweisser
as 2nd Nazi
Robert Clothier
as Commander Christopher Johansen/Old Man
Robert Rozen
as Doctor/Dr. Alton Pugh
Robert Ito
as Dr. Shiro Zama
Joe Sabatino
as Captain Triguero
Billy Ray Gallion
as Retro
Ryan Hesp
as Henchman #1
Terry Arrowsmith
as Major Robert Charles Vallee/Uniformed Cop
Constance Zimmer
as Phoebe
Lynda Boyd
as Elizabeth/Woman in Bar
David Starwalt
as Frank Fiedler
Ben Reed
as Young Officer
Bill Rowat
as Dr. Robert Torrence
Gene LeBell
as Bartender
Greg Boniface
as Gangbanger #2
Paul McMichael
as Press journalist from 1970s/Rowdy Fight Club Fan
Robert Peters
as Sergeant
Sarah Strange
as Kimberly
Callum Keith Rennie
as Cemetery Groundskeeper/Tommy
Michael Childers
as Reverend Enoch O'Connor
Tamara Clatterbuck
as Larina Jackson
Erich Anderson
as Doug Underwood
Miriam Smith
as Elizabeth Pollidori
Xantha Radley
as Waitress
Alison Wandzura
as Cynthia
Richard Ruccolo
as Agent Peyton Ritter
Peter Anderson
as Stan Buxton
Sean Allan
as Customer #2
Frank Military
as John/The Son
Michael Swiney
as Men In Black Agent
Justina Vail
as The Unholy Spirit
Jon Raitt
as Father
Nelson Mashita
as Dr. Lim
Cec Verrell
as Lula Phillips
Greg Neumeyer
as New Partner
Crystal Verge
as Dr. Lorenz/Woman Reading Words
Jano Frandsen
as Older Agent
Maria Luisa Cianni
as Teenager
Erick Avari
as Dr. Herb Fountain
Derek Peakman
as Doug Reardon
Kenneth Meseroll
as Owen Harris
Eddie Jackson
as Co-Pilot/Rock Man
Victoria Maxwell
as Mother
Jennifer Bradsen
as Lauren Heller
Cazimir Milostan
as Firefighter
Susana Mercedes
as Driver
Jill Krop
as Reporter
Rodney Eastman
as Ronald Purnell
Leah Sanders
as Reporter #1/Reporter #3
Nicole Parker
as Chick/Stoner #2
Tara Buck
as Blueberry
Anjali Jay
as Dr. Joyet
John R. Taylor
as Husband
Tim Ransom
as Ethan Minette
Artin John
as Shiraz
Robert Scheid
as Shoeshiner
Martin Ferrero
as Shooter
Kristin Kowalski
as Ice Skater
Minnie Driver
as Cinema Audience
John Cygan
as Sheriff Spencer
Bill Millar
as Director
Peta Brookstone
as ICU Nurse
Michael Wiseman
as Dr. Rocky Bronzino
Anna Ferguson
as Ms. Winn
Jim Beaver
as Coroner
Perla Walter
as Mexican Lady
Ron Canada
as Det. Franklin Potter
Monica Parker
as Ladonna
Bill Mackenzie
as Bus Driver
Treva Tegtmeier
as Peggy
Kiara Hunter
as Coed/Fitness Girl on T.V.
Tony Dean Smith
as Store Clerk
Peter Boyle
as Clyde Bruckman
Charles Cioffi
as Section Chief Scott Blevins
Jerry Schram
as Larold Rebhun/Boyce
Steven Jones
as Field Agent
Kate McNeil
as Nan Wieder
Courtney Arciaga
as Young Child
Brent Butt
as Coroner
Kate Luyben
as Nurse Nancy
Brandon Obray
as Carl
Fabiola Colmenero
as Josephine Bocanegra
Stephen McHattie
as Red-Haired Man
Deborah Ludwig Davis
as Radio Background Singer
Timothy Webber
as Detective Talbot/Dr. Paul Farraday/Jess Harold
Nina Nayebi
as Noora
Frances Bay
as Dorothy
Terry Barclay
as Officer Imhof
Marshall Manesh
as Mr. Jank
Arlene Warren
as Skinner's Assistant/1st Woman Party-Goer/Arlene/Skinner's Secretary/Woman Who Looks Like Scully
Jesse Ventura
as Man in Black #1
Cheryl Comstock
as Sheriff #1
Ramón Franco
as Nestor
Darcy Laurie
as Engineer #2
Karri Turner
as Tara Scully
Paul Raskin
as Dr. Eric Ilaqua/Ullrich
Janeth Muniz
as Village Woman
Sean Allen
as Dr. Kevin Scanlon
Alex Doduk
as Young Samuel
Paul Vincent O'Connor
as Warden Brian Hutchinson
Brian Chenoweth
as Koko's Manager #1
Lawrence Pressman
as Mr. Milsap
Sharon Taylor
as Diana Eggers
Dan Rice
as Uniform Cop
Chris Owens
as Jeffrey Spender/FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Spender/Daniel Miller/Mutato/SS Untersturmfuehrer/Young Cigarette Smoking Man/Young Smoking Man
Susan Wright
as Reggie's Mom
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Black-Haired Man
Allan Lysell
as Able Gardner/Chief Rivers
Amanda Tapping
as Carina Sayles
David MacKay
as Young Husband
Winston Story
as Bellboy
Tracey Ellis
as Audrey Pauley/Lucy Householder
Kerry van der Griend
as Day Room Patient #1
John Neville
as Well-Manicured Man
Kevin Loomis
as Chef
Jeremy Radick
as Young Man
Bryan Massey
as Nazi Soilder
Badja Djola
as Napoleon 'Neech' Manley
Anthony Anselmi
as Paramedic
Dean Aylesworth
as Young Bill Mulder
Bill Croft
as Calusari #2/Comrade Svo
Jack Finn
as Young Boy
Barry W. Levy
as Dr. Vitagliano/Navy Doctor
Scott Allan Campbell
as Jeff Smoodge
Aurelio DiNunzio
as Antonio/Detective
Shaun Johnston
as Pete Calcagni
Bob Frazer
as Gary Kane
Bernard White
as Dr. Desai
Doug Abrahams
as Agent #2/Detective Neary/Harbaugh/Patrolman #1/Paul Vitaris
Chad Lindberg
as Bobby Rich
André Fortin
as Zombie Dancer
Randy Oglesby
as Reverend Samuel Mackey
Jaclynn Grad
as Stewardess
Frankie Ingrassia
as Cindy Culpepper
Nathan Vanering
as Bartender
Shaine Jones
as Man in Suit 2
Bruce Harwood
as John Fitzgerald Byers
Laara Sadiq
as Female EMT
Shannon Woelk
as Woman #2
Colin Cunningham
as Dr. Stroman/Escalante/Lt. Terry Wilmer
Tim Michel
as Albert's Son
Ange Billman
as Secretary
Jennifer Hammon
as ICU Nurse
Shawnee Smith
as Jessie O'Neil
Christine Willes
as Karen Kosseff/Agent Karen E. Kosseff/Sister Mary
Carrie Hamilton
as Pam
John Harris
as Taber
Randy Walker
as SWAT Cop
Michael MacRae
as August Bremer/Ranger Peter Brullet
Dominique DiPrima
as Megan McLean
Tara Karsian
as Coroner's Assistant
Cole Spivey
as Doggett's thermal image
Sam Anderson
as Leamus
Ryan Robbins
as Murphy
Tracey Bell
as Cher
Doug Hutchison
as Eugene Victor Tooms
Damon Kaylor
as Orderly
Mark Wilson
as Pilot
Roy Thinnes
as Jeremiah Smith
Ernie Prentice
as Leo Kreutzer
Angus Stuart
as Cathedral Priest
Robert Arce
as Bald-Headed Man
Austin Tichenor
as Dr. James Langenhahn
Veronika Stocker
as Sexy Woman
Oliver Becker
as 2nd Doctor
Brian Poth
as Gabe Rotter
Steve Wilcox
as Ed Dell
John Tench
as Steve
Naomi Matsuda
as Hooker
François Chau
as Peter Wong
Simon Chin
as Janitor #2
Michael Craven Wells
as Leonard Southall
Doris Rands
as Mrs. Lowe
Jere Burns
as Dr. Randolph Luvenis
Dey Young
as Judy Bishop
David Petersen
as Older John Barnett
Bryan Rasmussen
as Sheriff's Deputy
Brian George
as Project Doctor
Lee Reherman
as Yuri Volkoff
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Det. John Kresge/Paul
Joe Spano
as Mike Millar
Sharon Alexander
as Mary Lefante
Arthur Rosenberg
as Lead Counsel
Joel McHale
as Tad O'Malley
Jerry Giles
as Security Guard
Les Lannom
as Deputy Foster
Beverley Elliott
as Raven
Biski Gugushe
as Hostage #2
Kristian Sorensen
as Ryan Bracker
Jason Waters
as The Breather Photo Double
John Casino
as Roland McFarland
Sydney Lassick
as Chuck Forsch
Deanna Milligan
as Satin
Kumail Nanjiani
as Pasha
Cody Lightning
as Indian Boy
Richard Zobel
as Al
Jay Macdonell
as Glass Blower
Lee de Broux
as Eddie Van Blundht Sr.
Dan Shea
as Deputy
Deep Roy
as Beggar Man
Josh Epstein
as Josh
Mary Wickliffe
as Nurse
Jeff Austin
as Dr. Nordlinger
Cara Tripicchio
as Italian Girl
Carrie Snodgress
as Darlene Morris
Omari Newton
as Rogers
Vincent Schiavelli
as Lanny
Guy Fauchon
as Dr. Dave Rednon
Keith Brunsmann
as Bo
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Det. Angela White
Barry Cullison
as Sheriff Sanchez
Jay Caputo
as Salamander Man/The Bat Thing
Kurt Evans
as Sports Store Employee
Kipp Shiotani
as Cadet #1
Henry O. Watson
as Bailiff/Blue-Collar Guy
Peter Mele
as Mob Man
Matthew Butcher
as EMT
Sidonie Boll
as Myra Jacobs
Mark Bramhall
as Surgical Team Member
Nikita Wyllie
as Gydz
Lindsey Ginter
as Crew Cut Man/The Cleaner
Peter Lapres
as Harry Linhart/Video Technician
Coby Ryan McLaughlin
as Young Agent
Robert F. Maier
as WWII Pilot
Lou Richards
as Officer Custer
Jonathan Silver Scott
as Blue Beret
Andrew Laurenson
as Nerdy Student
Brianne Benitz
as Young Samantha Mulder
Tim Henry
as Federal Marshall/Plain-Clothed Man
Peg Christopherson
as Officer #2
Noel Gugliemi
as Gangbanger #1
Charles Martin Smith
as Dr. Osbourne
Art Evans
as Argyle Saperstein
David Thomson
as Brother Oakley
Craig March
as Detective Gordon
Garvin Cross
as Red Head Kid/Repairman
William O'Leary
as Gas Station Man
Jonathan Fraser
as Uniformed Cop
Leslie Carlson
as Dr. Spitz/Dr. Troisky
Graham Jarvis
as NIH Doctor
Jeffrey Schoeny
as Trevor
Paul Lieber
as Micah Hoffman
Rance Howard
as Old Man
Douglas Smith
as Pitcher
Joe Maffei
as Guard #1/Motel Manager
W. Earl Brown
as Robert M. Fassl
Maggie Baird
as Sharon Pearl
Andrew Cavarno
as Dream Boy
Nora Dunn
as JoAnne Fletcher
Paul McCrane
as Leonard Morris Betts
Lombardo Boyar
as Deputy Juan Molina
Dayna Beilenson
as Roberta Toews
Klodyne Rodney
as Medic
Monique Edwards
as Head Teller
Ed Beechner
as Deputy
Rick Dobran
as Bartender/Sergeant Armando Gonzales/Sergeant Armondo Gonzalez
Kevin McCrae
as ER Surgeon
Michael Kopsa
as Rick Culver
John Destry
as Customer #3/Mr. Ballard
Matt Corboy
as Voice of Science
John Tierney
as Dr. Jacobs
Micaela Aguilera
as Olivia Bocanegra
Ric Reid
as Asst. Coroner/Steve Holvey
Frank McGowan
as Young Boy
Giovanni Ribisi
as Darin Peter Oswald
Frankie Ray
as Crackhead
Roger Allford
as Garrett Lorre/Harbourmaster
Jim Rose
as Dr. Blockhead
Grant Gladish
as Cameraman
Suleka Mathew
as Agent Linda Caleca/Lisa Dole
Sharayah Montgomery
as Cindy Brady
Christopher Hutson
as Mr. Burrad/Mr. Burrard
Cyril O'Reilly
as Ed Kelso
Tom Gallop
as Win Shroeder
Kevin Weisman
as Anson Stokes
Jonathan Palmer
as Principal
Randy Lee
as Paramedic
Laura Leigh Hughes
as Kersh's Assistant
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Plant
Steve Ryan
as Sheriff Jack Coogan
Karin Konoval
as Little Chucky Poundstone/Little Judy Poundstone/Madame Zelma/Mrs. Peacock
Jabin Litwiniec
as Clinton
Michael Sidney
as Security Guard
Kim Darby
as Kathy Lee Tencate
Frank Novak
as Raybert Fellowes
James Yaker
as Cashier
Scott Williamson
as CDC Leader
Lance Guest
as Kyle Lang
Matthew Sutherland
as Records Clerk
Wiley M. Pickett
as Trooper #2
Kennith Overbey
as Bibbletiggle #4
David Fredericks
as Director/Larsen/Security Guard/The Director
Damon Saleem
as Pick-up Player
Charles Rocket
as Grant Ellis
Stephen J. Austin
as Prison Inmate
Brian Reddy
as Big Fritz
Bobby Moynahan
as Paramedic
Ted White
as Attendant
Denalda Williams
as Marilyn/Zirinka
Maria Bitamba
as Assistant
Abdoulaye NGom
as Driver
Valarie Pettiford
as FBI Agent
Ernie Lively
as Sheriff John Teller
Hannah Longworth
as William (6 yr old)
Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Oliver Wildsmith
as Teddy Holvey/Triplet from The Temple of Seven Stars
Tyson Turrou
as Blake McCormick
Tim Van Pelt
as Young Surgeon
Gary Harmon
as Soldier
Holmes Osborne
as Mark Johnson
Jimmy Herman
as Ish
David Wohl
as Kenneth Ungar
Joanna Sanchez
as Trina Galvez
Angela Paton
as Mrs. Lukesh
Hrothgar Mathews
as Galen Muntz/Jack/Man on Phone/Mental Patient
David Sawyer
as Security Man
Tom Virtue
as Dave Kline
Peter Kelamis
as Assistant D.A. Daniel Costa/Lt. Foyle/O'Dell/Second Husband
Cody Serpa
as Josh Budahas
Geoffrey Aye-Bonte
as Seat Mate
Jessica Shaw
as Child at Fair
José Vargas
as I.N.S. Worker
John Juliani
as Dr. Harrison Lloyd
Don Fehmel
as Ambulance EMT
Justine Miceli
as Ariel Weiss
Kate Braidwood
as Day Room Patient #5/Girl in the restaurant/Usherette
Irene Muzzy
as Waitress
James Howell
as Homicide Detective
Gillian Anderson
as Dana Scully/OSS Agent
Barbara Patrick
as Barbara Doggett
Don Swayze
as Terry Pruit
Tim Progosh
as Mr. Fiebling
Kate Lombardi
as Woman
John Specogna
as Dr. Grayson/Onlooker
BD Wong
as Det. Glen Chao
Nicolle Nattrass
as Misty Nagata
J. David
as Young Boss
Julia Vera
as Lana Chee
Eddie Kaye Thomas
as Gary/Gary Edward Cory
Jennifer Clement
as Michele Wilkes
Vik Sahay
as Gupta
The Enigma
as The Conundrum
Mark Kandborg
as Area 51 Worker
Andrew Morgado
as Additional Voices/Charlie Scully
Gretchen Becker
as Greta
Ryan Pepi
as Billy Underwood
Gabrielle Rose
as Anita Budahas/Dr. Zenzola
Robert Beck
as 1st Mate
Mark Matthias
as Mover
Chris Jacobs
as E.R. Doctor
April Grace
as Danielle Manley
Ashley Knutson
as Baby William
Paula Sorge
as Jenn
Stephen Lobo
as Man in Suit 1
Daniel Benzali
as Colonel Wharton
Albert Nicholas
as Agent Bill Bludworth
Burt Reynolds
as Mr. Burt
Dan Shor
as 2nd ER Nurse
Michael Welch
as Trevor
Eric Don
as Anthony Fogelman
Dan Leegant
as Myron Stefaniuk
David Cameron
as Deputy/Young Scientist
Garry Davey
as Bob Spitz/Captain/Dr. Keats/Hunter
Richard Beymer
as Dr. Jack Franklin
Matt Hill
as Private Harry Dunham
Matthew T. Wilson
as Manager
Ryk Brown
as Minister
John O'Brien
as Missionary #2
Heather Charles
as Waitress
Chris Fogleman
as Billy
Russell Ferrier
as Medic
River Ferreira
as Young Cannibal
Donna White
as Therapist
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
as 1st Roughneck
Nancy Fish
as Nurse Innes
Barbara Pollard
as Gwen
Diane Harris
as Sheriff #3
Tatiana Chekhova
as Truck Driver's Wife
Oleg Feoktistov
as Doctor
Mitch Pileggi
as Walter Skinner/SS Sturmbannfuehrer
Olesky Shostak
as Bundled Man
Patrick Renna
as Ronnie Strickland
Donald Gibb
as Kip
Ari Solomon
as Gauthier
Anthony Ashbee
as Corporal
Michael Yama
as Hsin
Christopher Logan
as Dr. Sanjay
Donnelly Rhodes
as General Francis/Jim Parker
Brian Furlong
as Lead Officer
Shane Sinutko
as Lead Cop
Richard Fitzpatrick
as Charles Wesley Gotts
Christine Firkins
as Thea Sprecher
Laurie Soper
as Towns Folk
Hank Harris
as Dylan Lokensgard
Claude De Martino
as Dr. Saul Grissom
Kelly Demontesquiou
as Baby
Lucia Walters
as EMT
Mike J Daugherity
as Prisoner
Joel Silverstone
as Engineer #1
Valente Rodriguez
as Walter Suarez
Andy Umberger
as Agent Chesty Short
Lisa Jane Persky
as Laura Weinsider
Mitchell Kosterman
as Det. Horton/Detective Horton/Fornier/Sheriff
Jayme Knox
as Mom
Dalias Blake
as Second Cop
J.C. Wendel
as Agent Stonecypher
R.D. Call
as Sheriff Maurice Daniels
Christopher Dahlberg
as State Trooper
Sandy Da Costa
as Alien/Morphing Alien
Terry O'Quinn
as Lt. Brian Tillman/Shadow Man
Caspar Ryan
as Extra
Michael Patterson
as Dad
Nick Campisano
as Greg Brady
Andrei Sterling
as Alien Abductee
Jim Hetz
as Bible Study Leader
Cameron K. Smith
as Sgt. 'K' - USMC/Special Agent Travis
Finn Michael
as Cop/Doctor/Guard/Joel Simmons/Security agent
Timothy Carhart
as Virgil Incanto
Greg Poland
as Second Windbreaker Man
Jason Griffith
as Paramedic #1/Uniformed Officer
Deryl Hayes
as Agent Morris/Army Doctor/Webster
Brittany Tiplady
as Jordan Black
Michael Q. Adams
as Pastor
Mia Ingimundson
as Nurse
Richard Stewart Rigby
as Hand Double for Mr Y
Lennie Loftin
as Coranado
Luis Robledo
as Crackhead
Richard Sali
as Leon Felder
Debs Howard
as Girl #2
Phillip MacKenzie
as Medic
Glynis Davies
as Defense Counsel Nelson/Ellen Brumfield/Monica
Rob Daprocida
as Bunny
Brad Dourif
as Luther Lee Boggs
Sab Shimono
as Gung Bituen
Scott Higgs
as Whipz Car
Lisa Picotte
as Stacey Muir
Stephanie Keane Patterson
as Chess Tournament Spectator
Norman Armour
as Coroner/ER Doctor
Anja Savcic
as Girl
A.J. Buckley
as Dude
Dmitri S. Boudrine
as Russian Engineer
David Manis
as Holman Hardt
Michael Massee
as Vernon Ephesian
Brad Wattum
as Patrolman
Solomon Eversole
as Sketch Artist
Adam Lieberman
as Officer Philbrick
Barry 'Bear' Horton
as Bartender
Franky Czinege
as Jerry Thomas
Jo Jacob
as Nurse
Genevieve Buechner
as Kayla
Monnae Michaell
as Female Coroner
Cory A Santos
as Professional Blackjack Player
Harry Han
as Male Paramedic
Jim Fyfe
as James 'Jimmy the Geek' Belmont/Kimmy the Geek
Ian Victor
as Minister
Dick Anthony Williams
as Agent Reggie Purdue
Joel Palmer
as Charlie/Kevin Morris/Michael Holvey
Cal Traversy
as Young Detective
Melinda Culea
as Karin Berquist
Jeff McLeod
as Boy in the hospital
Amram Ducovny
as Passanger in the Plane
Kelly Florence
as Fight Attendant
Kory Dunlap
as Joey's Croney
Alvin Sanders
as Bus Driver/Deputy Sheriff Jason Wright
Virgil Davies
as Truck Driver
Philip Maurice Hayes
as Driver #1
Lily Tomlin
as Lydia
Jennifer Griffin
as Dr. Miryum
Guy Torry
as Shorty
Claire Stansfield
as The Jersey Devil
John McConnach
as Officer #1/Sailor
Jillian Fargey
as Kaye Schilling
Kevin Conway
as 2nd Uniformed Cop/Private McAlpin
Julie Hubert
as Exam Room Nurse
Arthur Corber
as Day Room Patient #4
Colby French
as Deputy
Ed Corbin
as Guard
Jeremy Wildsmith
as Teddy Holvey/Triplet from The Temple of Seven Stars
Charles Andre
as Detainee/Ozzy 'Banjo' Krager/Ray Floyd/Thug
Michael Hungerford
as Thomas Gastall
Dylan Haggerty
as Erwin Timothy Lukesh
Stuart Margolin
as Dr. Thaddeus Q. They
Robbie Troy
as Carol Brady
Dean Redman
as Police Officer
Steven Anderson
as Dr. James Parenti
Peter Bryant
as Uniformed Cop
Pat Destro
as Joan Scobie
Cory Chetyrbok
as Hospitalized Soldier/Red Museum Member
Lisa Waltz
as Lauren Kyte
Tim Armstrong
as Trashman
Terri Merryman
as Newscaster
Clayton Rohner
as Daryl Mootz
Vyto Ruginis
as Lt. Bianco
Lisa Vultaggio
as Liz Hawley
David Denman
as Wallace Schiff
Tanya Schuetz
as Girl in the Airplane
Randy Cyr
as Prison Guard
Regy Sayhay
as Waiter #3
Fritz Weaver
as Senator Albert Sorenson
Ray Buffer
as Neighbor
Keith Forster
as Mike Brady
Fawnia Mondey
as Blonde bowler
Maura Soden
as Trevor's Mother
Roger Cross
as Agent Rice/Officer Green/Officer Wentworth/Private Kittel/Swat Lieutenant
David Hay
as Clean Suited Man
Stuart O'Connell
as 1st Swat Cop/First Cop
Anne De Salvo
as Dr. Anne Carpenter
Phil Abrams
as Little Fritz
Paul Bittante
as Local Cop/Team Leader Lt. Reagan
Laura Lee Connery
as Karen Swenson
Barbara Dyke
as Dr. Alepin
Fiona Roeske
as Customer #5
Jake T. Roberts
as Dealer
Aidan Kahn
as Agent Colquitt
Paul Jarrett
as James Earl Ray/Upshaw
Troy Mittleider
as Dr. Kenneth Richman
Tina M. Ameduri
as Tina
Madeleine Arthur
as Sarah Turner
Devin Reeve
as Faceless Alien
Marie Stillin
as Dr. Sally Sanford
Warren Takeuchi
as Japanese Escort
Ken Jenkins
as Deputy Chief Karras
Christopher Ng
as Darryl Musashi
Phil Hawn
as FBI Special Agent
Christian Svensson
as Soldier #2
Victoria Faerber
as Nurse #1
Brian Catalano
as Passenger Agent
Jeff Chivers
as Armed Man
Jay Hindle
as Sitcom Joe
June B. Wilde
as Nurse Cooley
Steve Railsback
as Duane Barry
Kenneth Welsh
as Simon Gates
William Lucking
as Roky Crikenson
Christopher Stanley
as Agent Farah/Agent Joe Farah
Scott MacDonald
as Curt Delario
Shakira Vanise Gamble
as Witness
Lillian Hurst
as Flakita
Tony Sagastizado I
as Burly Day Laborer
Shekhar Paleja
as O.R. Surgeon
J.T. Walsh
as Warden Leo Brodeur
Shane Symons
as Other Marine
Torben Rolfsen
as Technician
Orest Blajkevitch
as Russian
Gwenda Lorenzetti
as Mother
Judson Scott
as Absalom
Tom McBeath
as Detective Gwynn/Dr. Lewton/Scientist
David Groh
as Jacob Weiss
Martin Grey
as Agent Flagler
Melanie Doerr
as Matron
JoNell Kennedy
as Dr. Amina Ngebe
Annie O'Donnell
as Elderly Woman
Chris Kohn
as Catcher
Jeffrey T. Unterkofler
as 1st Air Policeman
Jo-Ann Dean
as Secretary
Shannon O'Hurley
as Anne Voss
Julie Griffith
as Beautiful Woman
Geoff Redknap
as Puppeteer
Meredith Bain Woodward
as Defense Attorney/Dr. Ruth Slaughter
Samaire Armstrong
as Natalie Gordon
Steven Barr
as Courier Guard
Téa Leoni
as Dana Scully/Tea Leoni
Steve Ellis
as Driving Townsperson
Veronica Cartwright
as Cassandra Spender
Ryan Cutrona
as The Captain
Brian Leckner
as Hayes Michel
Darwin Haine
as Addict
Sachin Sahel
as Jack Budd
Nathaniel DeVeaux
as Detective Barron
William Devane
as General Mark Suveg
Philip Cabrita
as Townsperson #1
Artine Tony Browne
as Creep
Amanda Pays
as Phoebe Green
David Bowe
as Robert Werther
Arthur Taxier
as Assistant Director P. Bart
Diana Castle
as Delivery Nurse
Larena Patrick
as Guard
Daryl Shuttleworth
as Daryl Landry
Zoltan Buday
as Terrorist in Frankenstein Mask
Paul Sand
as Gird Thomas
Samuel Patrick Chu
as Warren
Nicolas Surovy
as Dr. Daniel Waterston
Fred Tatasciore
as Alien
Henry Beckman
as Detective Frank Briggs/Old Man
Gina Mastrogiacomo
as Jenny Uphouse
Grant Heslov
as Andre Bormanis
Denny Arnold
as Key Guard
Roger W. Morrissey
as Übermenscher
Robert Joseph
as Big Security Guard
Jenny Gago
as Dr. Katrina Cabrera
Simon Webb
as Dr. William Secare
William S. Taylor
as Gen. Leitch
Michael Fairman
as Older Jason Nichols
Tom Heaton
as Groundskeeper/Resident #1
Scott Alan Smith
as Prison Doctor
Sheila Tousey
as Native American Nurse
Jannen Karr
as Nurse Taillie
Jovan Nenadic
as Old John 'Kitten' James
Harriet Sansom Harris
as Dr. Sally Kendrick/Eve 6
John Michael Vaughn
as Soundman
Lee Serpa
as Swarthy Man
Megan Corletto
as Amber Lynn LaPierre/Amber-Lynn LaPierre
Lili Taylor
as Marty Glenn
Lori Triolo
as Diane
Nicholas Worth
as Mr. Haas
Tuan Tran
as Fong
Mina E. Mina
as Dr. Hand
John Kapelos
as Special Agent Fordyce
Elyse Donalson
as Elderly Woman
Thor Derkson
as Brother #3
Neal McDonough
as Robert Comer
Lance Henriksen
as Frank Black
Frances Flanagan
as Nurse
John Savage
as Henry Trondheim
Madison Mason
as Captain Yip Harburg
Eduardo Antonio Garcia
as Mariano Molina
Tony Amendola
as Cigarette Smoking Pontiff
Dion Anderson
as Sheriff Frass
Ryan Beil
as The Werelizard
Dean McKenzie
as Army Tech/Lt. Blaine
Michael Cavanaugh
as Sheriff Jack Withers
Jacques Lalonde
as Henry
Michael Edward Thomas
as First Man
Ryan Reynolds
as Jay De Boom
Kim Restell
as Newspaper Clerk
Gerry Bean
as Rolston
Marc Gomes
as Agent Danny Mosley
Tracy Middendorf
as Gracie O'Connor
Michael Short
as Waiter #2
Tom Mason
as Detective Waltos
Saxon Trainor
as Mary Hendershot
Rodney Scott
as Tony Reed
Garrett Black
as Technician
Tina Amayo
as Older Shanty Woman
Lynne Oropeza
as Ballroom Dancer
Peter Macdissi
as Prison Guard
Ron Sauvé
as Foreman/Mr. Decker
Murray Lowry
as The Fisherman
Donna May
as Holy Spirit Woman #1
Christopher Valin
as Perp
Philip Lenkowsky
as Holy Spirit Man #1
Danielle Savre
as Marcia Brady
Aundrea MacDonald
as Pretty Woman
Campbell Lane
as Senator Romine/Calusari #3/Hohman's Father
Javier Grajeda
as Desk Sergeant
Dana Lee
as Yee
Jane Lynch
as Mrs. Anne T. Lokensgard
Kim Greist
as Lisa Underwood
Arnie Walters
as Father McCue
Gary Grubbs
as Sheriff Tom Arens
James Logan
as Skinned Ed Kelso
Thomas Newman
as FBI Agent #1
Wendie Malick
as Assistant Director J. Maslin
Greg Anderson
as Photographer
Richard Newman
as Dr. Rumanovitch
P.J. Prinsloo
as Tagger
Tricia Schuetz
as Girl in the Airplane
Matthew Bennett
as First Workman
Diane Brown
as Hunter's wife
Bruce Pinard
as Executioner
Casey O'Neill
as Cemetery Grounds Keeper
Ian Gregson
as Amputee Patient
Larry Musser
as Denny Markham/Detective Manners/Jack Bonsaint/Sheriff John Oaks
Gillian Barber
as Penny Northern/Beth Kane/Jane Spiller
Pat Skipper
as Bill Scully Jr.
Jill Teed
as Glenna
Annie Abbott
as Older Social Worker
Jamil Walker Smith
as Chester Bonaparte
Donna Marie Moore
as ICU Nurse
Lilyan Chauvin
as Golda
Judi Lewinson
as Haitian Refugee
Patrick Keating
as Beggar/Donald Gelman
Dirk Blocker
as Mayor Gilmore
Eve Brenner
as Mrs. McKesson
Robyn Driscoll
as Detective Joe Darnell/Technician
Robyn Bradley
as Mrs. Van De Kamp
Mickey Knox
as Trainer
Branden Williams
as Bill/Cap'n Dare
Andrew Suttar
as Eugenics Scientist
Nichole Pelerine
as Sara Shipley
Jan D'Arcy
as Judge Kann
George Josef
as Calusari #4/Orchard Keeper
James Leard
as Captain Roy Lacerio/Sgt. Al Dixon
Rachel Miner
as Injured FBI Analyst
Eoin Bates
as Stranded driver
Cory Rempel
as Young Walter Skinner
Susanna Thompson
as Michelle Generoo
Walter Phelan
as Alien
Cory Blevins
as Missionary #1
Colin Lawrence
as First Cop/Officer/The Troop Leader
Laura Harris
as Andrea
Esther MyaPe
as Sheriff #7
Robert Lewis
as Officer/ER Doctor
Leslie S. Sachs
as Lisa's Friend
Tegan Moss
as Young Dana Scully
Scott Oughterson
as Old Orderly
David Duchovny
as Fox Mulder
Kayla Henry
as Haley Wells
William B. Davis
as Smoking Man/Cigarette Smoking Man/CGB Spender/Cancer Man/CIA Agent/Cigarette Man/SS Oberfuehrer/True Name Carl Gerhard Busch
Kurt Max Runte
as 1st Man/Military/Ranger
Lisa Thompson
as Kelly
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Deputy Greer
Calvin Remsberg
as Mr. Potocki
Art Pickering
as Germ Suit Cop
Eric Breker
as Dark Suited Man #1/Admitting Officer Michael Fazekas/Ambulance Driver/SP Agent Brem
Jewel Staite
as Amy Jacobs
Robert Weiss
as Motorcycle Cop
Tuesday Knight
as Jackie Gurwitch
Wayne Grace
as Sheriff Hamilton
Beth Grant
as Iris Finster
Heather McComb
as Shannon Ausbury
Michael Bailey Smith
as Guard
Alison Matthews
as Doctor
Colleen Winton
as Examiner/Therapist
Richard David Lecoin
as Doctor
Rick Deats
as Dr. Jim Scobie
Jared Ager-Foster
as Arkie Seavers
Tom Braidwood
as Melvin Frohike
Vanessa Elgrichi
as CGB Spender's Daughter
Diana Scarwid
as Linda Bowman
Gordon Tipple
as Assistant Manager/Detective/Hepcat Helm/Joe Crandall
Ken Kirzinger
as Richter
Sheila Moore
as Mrs. Dawson/Verla McLennen
Anthony Rapp
as Jeff Glaser
Barry K. Thomas
as Sugar Bear
Paul Douglas Brown
as Alien
Brian Barry
as Last Man
Alan Robertson
as Carl Roosevelt/Grey-haired Man
Steve Eastin
as Sheriff Mazeroski
BJ Harrison
as Clerk/Hannah
Paul Wu
as Townperson
Gabrielle Miller
as Brenda/Paula Gray
Wren Roberts
as Orderly
Nathan Lomax
as Background Performer
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Rustic Woman
Sean O'Byrne
as Second Officer
Allison Smith
as Patti
Mike Rad
as Randy
Karl T. Wright
as First Associate
Morgan Woodward
as Old Harry Cokely
Peter Stenning
as Father at hospital
Sharon Madden
as Hotel Manager
David Fresco
as Hal Arden
Bonnie Hay
as Field Doctor/Night Nurse/Woman
Jo Bates
as Jeraldine Kallenchuk
Sabrina Krievins
as Eve 9/Teena Simmons
Tamsin Kelsey
as Ellenn
Harry Danner
as CDC Doctor
Derek Lowe
as Johnny Lo
George Gerdes
as Reverend Calvin Hartley
Ernie Lee Banks
as Maurice
as John Mostow
Kelly Aisenstat
as Lab Technician
Tom Bysiek
as FBI Agent In Meeting
Wayne Tippit
as Detective Thompson
Norman Smith
as Detective #3
Michael Canavan
as Cameron McPeck
Shia LaBeouf
as Richie Lupone
John Billingsley
as Timothy 'Timmy the Geek' Landau
Joe Morton
as Martin Wells
Marilyn McIntyre
as Widow
Christopher Royal
as Photo Technician
Nick Meaney
as 4th British Crewman
Christopher Stapleton
as Pilot/Guard #1
Aaron Paul
as David 'Sky Commander Winky' Winkle
Diana Maria Riva
as Angela Villareal
Bill Lee Brown
as Mr. Rice
Gary Bullock
as Tall George
Gardiner Millar
as Man in Suit/Mr. Baiocchi
Penny Johnson Jerald
as Dr. Hellura Lyle
Elijah Mahar
as Guard
Donna Yamamoto
as Female Agent/Night Nurse
Arthur J. Nascarella
as Duke Tomasick
Sherri Howard
as Female Employee
Jo-Ann Fernandes
as Female Forensic Technician
John Eric Bentley
as Post Guard
Nicholas Walker
as Carl Wormus
Dwight Hicks
as Prison Armed Guard
John Diehl
as Wilson Pinker Rawls
Judith Hoag
as Dr. Mindy Rinehart
Leanne Adachi
as ER Nurse #2
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Karin Matthews/Young Mom
Carrie Cain-Sparks
as Duty Nurse/Maid/Train Station Clerk
Joshua Murray
as Young William 'Bill' Scully Jr.
Melinda McGraw
as Melissa Scully
J. Patrick McCormack
as Brent Tufeld
Kevin Zegers
as Kevin Kryder
Howard Storey
as Fire Chief
Bokeem Woodbine
as Sammom Roque
Erica Govier
as Young Erika
Sheila Paterson
as Anna Fugazzi/Gina Watkins
Tony Longo
as Dominic
Taylor Reid
as Edward Skur's Youngest Daughter
Jonathan Palis
as Postal Worker
Mandy Levin
as Angie/Ellen Persich
Sage Allen
as Landlady
Patricia Steffy
as FBI Agent/Hospital Visitor
Paul DesRoches
as Paramedic
Neil Corbett
as Intern
Danny Wattley
as First Officer
Aliza Vellani
as Nurse Sandeep/O.R. Nurse
Mo Gallini
as Hood
Chilton Crane
as Sharon Graffia/Margaret Hohman/Mother at Bus Station
Jan Bailey Mattia
as Ms. Hadden/The Hooker
Russ Hamilton
as Officer Daniels
Stacy Fair
as Flight Attendant
Niobe Martinez
as Homeless Woman
Thomas F. Duffy
as Jeffrey Cahn
Stewart Gale
as Izzy Berkowitz
Jennifer Jasey
as Female Private
Karen Lorre
as Sharon Kiveat
Paul McGillion
as Angry Husband/FBI Metallurgical Expert
Ken Medlock
as White Coach
Laurie Paton
as Mrs. Marsden
Robert Curtis Brown
as Assistant D.A. Damon Kaylor
Greg Smith
as Soldier
Emma Oliver
as Emily Strong
Don S. Williams
as Elder #1/Elder/1st Elder
Sal Landi
as Agent Landau/Detective Kadri/Nicholas Regali
Paul Batten
as Brother Wilton/Dr. Seizer
Kathleen Duborg
as Mother/Prostitute
Keith Coulouris
as Intern
Jayne Atkinson
as Willa Ambrose
Alexander Boynton
as Clean Cut Man
Rob Fournier
as Gunner
James Geralden
as Detective Lacoeur
Alex Carter
as Chief Strong
Lossen Chambers
as Nurse Peggy Easton
Chad Wingerd
as Department of Corrections Officer
M. Emmet Walsh
as Arthur Dales
Shane Dean
as Henchman #2
Arlene Mazerolle
as Dr. Shannon
Vince Metcalfe
as Kissell
Ben Cotton
as Mr. Paulsen
Stephen Dimopoulos
as Detective/Ionesco
Katya Gardner
as Peggy O'Dell/Robin
Michael St. John Smith
as Major General Fryatt/The CIA Operative
Brian Morri
as Soldier #1
Merrilyn Gann
as Mrs. Asekoff/Prosecuting Attorney
Christopher Allport
as Agent Jack Willis
Cynthia Preston
as Nancy Aaronson
Don MacKay
as Charlie/Judge/Oates/Warden Joseph Cash
Julia Arkos
as Holly
Tom Butler
as Benjamin Drake/CIA Agent Ambrose Chapel
Aaron Douglas
as Lindquist
Lawrence LeJohn
as Angus Stedman
Doc Harris
as Mr. McLennen
Paul Moncrief
as FBI Agent
Steve Kiziak
as David Duchovny/Man Who Looks Like Mulder/Steve
James R. Baylis
as Homeless Person #1
Emilio Rivera
as Brigham
Stephen Mendel
as Dark Suited Man #2
Mark Sheppard
as Bob the Caretaker/Cecil L'Ively
Louise Latham
as Marjorie Butters
John Mahon
as General Wegman
Peter Stebbings
as Marty (Male)
Tom Noonan
as John Lee Roche
Taunya Dee
as Ruby Morris
Chapelle Jaffe
as Dr. Patou
Rob LaBelle
as Brad Wilczek
Willie Garson
as Henry Weems/Quinton 'Roach' Freely
Jordan Lee Williams
as Basketball Player
Judson Mills
as Deputy Keith Wetzel
Michael Arturo
as Nazi Soldier
Julian Christopher
as Dr. Rubell
Zinaid Memisevic
as The Cruel-Faced Man
Alvin Law
as Reverend
Jackson Davies
as Agent Bruskin
Tyler Binkley
as Terry Fletcher
Marjorie Lovett
as Elaine Tanner
Cara Jedell
as Lucy Wieder
Dallas Munroe
as ER Nurse
Fiona Vroom
as Barbara Beaumont/Sitcom Barbara/Young Cassandra
Carl Lumbly
as Marcus Duff
Cameron Forbes
as Dr. Harris
Rusty Schwimmer
as Driver
Steve Stapenhorst
as Principal
Daniel Jacobsen
as Proudley
Kevin McNulty
as Agent Brian Fuller/Agent Fuller/Dr. Christopher Davey
Zach Grenier
as Dr. Herman Stites
Abraham Benrubi
as Big Mike Raskin
Tyler Cornborough
as Young Arthur Grable
Yau-Gene Chan
as Woo
Willy Ross
as Quiet Willy
David Lewis
as Vosberg/Young Agent/Young Officer
Gil Colon
as Agent Rice
Elizabeth Cheap
as Second Nurse
Michal Suchánek
as Young Jeffrey Spender
Jack Rader
as Ed Meecham
Christopher Lovick
as Kid #1
Sitara Attaie
as E-Norm-Uz Customer Service
Michael Chinyamurindi
as Dr. Solomon Merkmallen
Rebecca Codling
as Young Melissa Scully - 1976
Susan Blommaert
as Phyllis Paddock
Ron Gilbert
as Sheriff #2
Justin Williams
as Paul Hangemuhl
Susannah Hoffmann
as Melissa Turner
Judith Maxie
as Mrs. Barbara Taylor
Frank Roman
as Domingo Salmeron
Thomas Roe
as Guard
Vitaly Kravchenko
as Russian Truck Driver/J.J.
Megan Follows
as Kath McCready
Scott Heindl
as Boyfriend
Stanley Anderson
as Agent Schoniger
Keith Arbuthnot
as Ghouli/Alien/Chatter Man/Mr. Chuckleteeth
Juliana Donald
as Nancy Kline
David Freedman
as Rabbi
Rhys Huber
as Little Boy/Trent - Scully's Godson
Cheyenne Haynes
as Courtney Wells
Marnie McPhail
as Cami Schroeder
Brendan Beiser
as Agent Pendrell
Tom McFadden
as Doctor
Ana Maria Lagasca
as Barreiro's Daughter
Philip Heinrich
as 1st Flak Agent
Regan Metoyer
as Reporter
Murray Rubinstein
as Dr. Steven Sandoz
Janine Cox
as Kate
Dean Barrett
as Cohn's Assistant
Jennifer Hetrick
as Sharon Skinner
Robin Douglas
as Computer Tekkie
James Riker
as Baby William/Reborn Soul
Alex Bruhanski
as Angelo Pintero/Dr. Bugger
Dakota House
as Eric Hosteen
Brian Markinson
as Gary Lambert/Tony Fiore
Richard Hersley
as Capt. Kyle Sanford/Captain Kyle Sanford
Bobbi Rowntree
as Screaming Nurse
John Toles-Bey
as John Speranza
Kristin Lehman
as Esther Nairn/Invisigoth
Aiden Longworth
as William (10 & 13 yr old)
Gary Bristow
as Howard Salt
Bob Morrisey
as Dr. Simon Bruin/Dr. Vinet
Lloyd Berry
as Old Man Pollidori
F. William Parker
as Dr. Blankenship
Bo Kane
as Marine Sergeant McCormick
Catherine Lough Haggquist
as Dr. Richmond
Alexandre Campion
as Young Mr. Y
Ron Halder
as Dr. Floyd Fazio
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Dougie
Frank Cassini
as Detective Cline
Gary Hetherington
as Kennedy/Lewin
Angela Donahue
as Alice Brandt
Jane Daly
as Mrs. Holt
Tom Glass
as Trucker
Rueben Grundy
as Forensic Tech
Victoria Jackson
as Sheila Fontaine
Tosca Baggoo
as Clerk
Mike Dopud
as The Driver
Johnny Cuthbert
as Commanding Officer/Jerry Tiernan
Jay Donahue
as Detective Gouveia
French Tickner
as Preacher
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Judge
Kalena Coleman
as Bus Driver
Dina Spybey-Waters
as FBI archivist
Cheryl White
as Nurse #3
Rachel Winfree
as Nurse
Eric Buker
as U.S. Marshal
Andy Hubbell
as Quinton's Father
Amanda Burke
as Rebecca Gilligan
Pamela Gordon
as Proprietor
Diana Stevan
as Mrs. Adams
Pat Bermel
as Frank Ranford/The Therapist
Avery Glymph
as Diener
Terry David Mulligan
as Mission Controller
Sean Kohnke
as BDU Soldier in hangar
David C. Fisher
as FBI Agent/Restaurant Patron
Megan Hilty
as Deceased Girl Jessica
David Hurtubise
as Barrington/Pathologist
John Aylward
as Dr. John Rietz
Robert Patrick
as John Doggett
Johnson Phan
as Quon
F.J. Rio
as Cop
Željko Ivanek
Joe Colligan
as Driver Agent
Mik Scriba
as Lieutenant Kraskow
Troy Anthony Young
as Mr. Van De Kamp
Bill O'Donnell
as Witness
Jay Underwood
as Jeb Dukes
Alyson Reed
as Maggie Lupone
Casey F. Murphy
as Clone Boy/Young Kurt Crawford Clone
G.W. Stevens
as 2nd British Crewman
Shelley Mack
as Rebecca
David Moreland
as Roy Cohn
Arye Gross
as Dr. Tom Puvogel
Jaeger Rowdy Held
as Baby William
Brennan Kotowich
as Trevor Callahan
Christine Cavanaugh
as Amanda Nelligan
Devin Walker
as Lionel Glazebrook
Megan Peta Hill
as Molly
Alexa Mardon
as Sadie Jacobs
Matthew Hoglie
as Cop
Dana Grahame
as Reporter
Jody Racicot
as Father Gregory
Dan Butler
as Jim Ausbury
Shawn Beaton
as Monster
Stephen Chang
as Large Man
Kevin Graves
as Kid
Pamela Kay Davis
as Reporter #2
David Michael Mullins
as Tour Guide
Colton James
as Josh Underwood
Fuad C'Amanero
as Business Man/FBI Agent
Rene Rivera
as First Cop
Michael Dobson
as BATF Agent/Marksman #2/Sargeant Hynek/U.S. Marshal
Steve Rankin
as U.S. Marshal Daddo
Gabriel Clifton
as Black Kid
Mark Saunders
as Agent Busch/Doctor #2
Robert Mann
as Hillbilly Ed
Jerry Hardin
as Deep Throat
Haley Joel Osment
as Davey James/Young John 'Kitten' James
Glenn Williams
as Officer
Frank Ertl
as Elder #5
Jane MacDougall
as Laura Dalton
Patrick St. Esprit
as Guard #2
Brian Thompson
as Alien Bounty Hunter
William Sanderson
as Edward Funsch
Chasen Hampton
as Hungry Guy
Lenno Britos
as Hispanic Man/Janitor/Luis Cardinal
Leandro DiMonriva
as Cult Member
Robert Underwood
as Paramedic
Nina Roman
as Jill Holwagerm
Zachary Handy
as Luke Doggett
Theodore Thomas
as Clyde
Tom Jourden
as Carlton Chase
Nancy Tiballi
as News Anchor #1
Denise Dowse
as Dr. Babsi Russel
Grace Phillips
as Betsy Monroe
Jay Acovone
as Duffy Haskell/Detective Curtis
Wayne Thomas Yorke
as 1st Workman
Jack Blessing
as Dr. Jack Preijers
Laine MacNeil
as Girl
Jed Rees
as Lucas Menand
Richard C. Burton
as Murder Victim
Steven Williams
as Mr. X
Christopher Neiman
as First Carpool Man
Kelly Knox
as Dancer
Bob Dawson
as Iskendarian/Phil Rich
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Sheriff Mac Stenzler
Jonathan Whitesell
as Kyle Gilligan
Aaron Braxton
as Radiology Tech
Dennis Keiffer
as Bullethead #2
Lauren Ambrose
as Agent Einstein
Ashlyn Gere
as Bonnie McRoberts
Shelley Adam
as Young Mrs. Mulder
Hayley Tyson
as Susan Kryder
Lou Beatty Jr.
as Black Coach
Scott Cooper
as Max Harden
Veronica Brown
as Payphone Woman
Paul J. Andersen
as Paramedic
Dom Magwili
as Mr. Ng
Gene Dynarski
as Ernie Stefaniuk
Tom Dahlgren
as Dr. Irving Thalbro
Craig Rees
as Police Officer #2
Peter Hanlon
as Aide/Dr. Bailey
Ryan Todd
as Moxie
Jay Brazeau
as Dr. Daly/Prof. Varnes
Kelly Irving
as Crewman
Colleen Quinn
as Owen's Wife
Danny Trejo
as Cesar Ocampo
Kerric MacDonald
as Moose
Tim Bagley
as Gordy
Cynthia Martells
as District Attorney Carter
Lucy Lawless
as Shannon McMahon
Brent Hinkley
as Brother Andrew
Ted Hollis
as Holy Spirit Church Member
Denis Simpson
as Hermaphrodite waitress
Dean Haglund
as Richard 'Ringo' Langly
Ken Ryan
as Walt Eubanks
Saraphina Joachim
as Jennifer
Ashley Edner
as Michelle Crittendon
Garret Dillahunt
as Edward Skur
Christopher Graves
as Kid
Cynde Harmon
as Patti Rich
Victoria Gallegos
as Follmer's Assistant/Follmer's Secretary/Receptionist
Ian Alexander Martin
as Alien 'Mom'
Ty Olsson
as Young Orderly
James Pickens
Alex Haythorne
as Young Mulder
Steve Oatway
as Supervisor
Todd Jeffries
as Lead Agent Mayfield
Esther Mercado
as Mrs. Barreiro
Tracy Elofson
as Four-Faced Man
Lisa Arch
as Call Girl
Stewart Laine
as MP
Daniel Emmett
as Cameraman
Sean Benbow
as Customer
Ayo Adeyemi
as African Man
Aloka McLean
as Jesse
Kevin Tash
as Student
Wayne King Sr.
as Homeless Man
Brent Stait
as Timothy Mayhew/Corporal Taylor
Richard Sargent
as Captain
David Barry Gray
as Hank Gulatarski
Marty Zagon
as Landlord/Mr. Coeben
Bradley Whitford
as Daniel Trepkos
Rob Lee
as Amputee
Geoffrey Gould
as HS Alumnus
Matthew Glave
as Special Agent Kallenbrunner
Jodi Pongratz
as Female Attendant
Jason Beghe
as Larry Moore
Monique Durian
as Townsperson #2
Jose Yenque
as Soledad Buente
Cam Cronin
as Paramedic
Lindsay Bourne
as Burn Unit Surgeon/The hooker's john
Ken Camroux-Taylor
as 2nd Senior Agent/Senior Agent/Third Man
Morris Panych
as Gray Haired Man/Dr. Simon Auerbach
Danny Kamin
as Detective Hudak
Michael Ryan
as Agent Cameron Hill/Overcoat Man
Adam Vernier
as Driver
Bobbie Phillips
as Dr. Bambi Berenbaum
David Wells
as Mr. Babbitt
Elizabeth Lavender
as Attractive Waitress
Brenda Crichlow
as Reporter
Blu Mankuma
as Claude Peterson/Det. Pennock
Xander Berkeley
as Dr. Hodge
Luke Wilson
as Sheriff Hartwell
Todd Mann
as FBI Agent #2
John Nolan
as Day Room Patient #3
Mike Desabrais
as BDU Soldier in motel
Cynthena Sanders
as ER Nurse
Natasha Vasiluk
as Store Owner
Richard Rossi
as Witness #2
Ian Robison
as Detective Smith/Ranger
Greg Ellis
as 3rd British Crewman
Susan Bain
as Agent Sarah Sheherlis/County Coroner
Andrew Robinson
as Dr. Ian Detweiler
Austin Dunn
as William - 15 Years
Michael Bower
as Lo-Fat
Christine Viner
as Young Melissa Scully
David Alan Grier
as Cinema Audience
Marek Wiedman
as Bank Manager/Investigator
Michael Bowen
as Dwight Cooper
Fred Keating
as Detective Ray Thomas
Randi Lynne
as Lauren
Wendy Schaal
as Martha Crittendon
Patti Allan
as Mrs. Kernoff
Timothy Landfield
as Cobra/Professor Douglas Houghton/Scientist
Moneca Stori
as Nurse #2
Alexandra Margulies
as Second Associate
James Staszkiel
as Mr. Ginsberg
Marshall Bell
as Colonel Calvin Henderson
Jim Jansen
as Dr. Heitz Werber
Zak Santiago
as Mr. Green
Clement Blake
as Holy Spirit Man #2
Glen Roald
as M.E. Worker
Henri Lubatti
as Dr. Wilkenson
Karen Stone
as Nurse
Eddie Flake
as D.O.D. Operative
Kelsa Kinsly
as Nurse
Kim Kondrashoff
as Bobby Torrence
Mar Andersons
as Halverson/Jack Hammond
Tyler Thompson
as Louis Asekoff
Robert LaSardo
as Cissy Alvarez
Mitchell Davies
as Camouflage Man/Stealth Man
Dan Zukovic
as Agent/Martin
Donal Logue
as Agent Tom Colton
Ed Hong-Louie
as Money Man
Sandy Tucker
as Helene Riddicock
Greg Michaels
as Scott Garrett
Robert Wright
as Dr. Zuckerman
Cheryl McNamara
as Hostage #1/Nurse
Darren Dolynski
as Man in Suit
Peter Nicholas
as FBI Agent/The Associate/Younger Man #1
Vic Trevino
as Dr. Alonso Bilac
Nicki Aycox
as Chastity Raines
Jeff Cahn
as Bicycle Rider
Brad Loree
as Fireman/Second Suit/Security Guard
Scott Swanson
as First Officer
Les Gallagher
as Attorney
Rhys Darby
as Guy Mann
Andrew Airlie
as Attorney/Rob
Fort Atkinson
as Detective #1
Kenneth H. Hawryliw
as Ken Hawryliw
Constance Barnes
as Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Wyatt Smith
as Baby William
Wayne Federman
as Wayne Federman
Robert Moloney
as Bruce Bearfeld/Worker
Anthony Moyer
as Slender Man
David Faustino
as Michael Daley
Tony Sampson
as Brad/Harley - Brother #1
Bentley Hixson
as William - 5 Years
Glen Eberspecher
as Peter
Alan Dale
as Toothpick Man
Raye Birk
as Dr. Jeff Eckerle
Garrison Christiohn
as Dr. Winters
Paul Anthony McLean
as Special Agent Kautz/Coast Guard Officer Peters/Dr. Josephs
Jack Shearer
as Judge Kinberg
Chad Willett
as Jim Summers
Don McWilliams
as Pfc. Gus Burkholder
Jaylene Hamilton
as Reporter
Joey Shea
as Young Dana Scully - 1968
Byron Chief-Moon
as Father
Bruno Verdoni
as Blue Helmet
Tom O'Brien
as Sgt. Louis Frisch
Kate Twa
as Detective Kelly Ryan/Marty (Female)
Charles Nelson Reilly
as Jose Chung
Samuel Kwaku Minta
as Yelling Man
Rogan Christopher
as BDU Team Leader
Larry Rippenkroeger
as Deckhand
Anthony Harrison
as FBI Agent Riggins/Fourth Man/MTA Officer
Paul Ben-Victor
as Dr. Aaron Monte
Earl Maddox
as Hazmat Team Member
Mari Weiss
as ICU Nurse
Ian Tracey
as Leonard 'Rappo' Trimble
Val Stefoff
as Bartender
Nancy Kerr
as Agent Hedin/Nurse
George Gordon
as Detective/Neurosurgeon
Nneka Croal
as Squad Leader
Stephen E. Miller
as Coroner Truitt/Tactical Commander/Wayne Morgan
Rob Van Dam
as Burt's Opponent
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Randall Cooper
Sheila Larken
as Margaret Scully
Vernee Watson
as Nurse Whitney Edwards
Tyler Labine
as Stoner/Stoner #1
Antonio Cayonne
as FBI Agent #1
Ernie Foort
as Lobby Guard/Security Guard
Cameron McDonald
as Father Hardy
Tony Marr
as Motel Manager
Kerry Zook
as Lucy
Wade Williams
as Ray Pearce
Maxine Guess
as Flight Attendant
Jeff Xander
as Detective #2
Nancy Sorel
as Capt. Janet Draper
Stefan Arngrim
as Prisoner
Rikki Held
as Baby William
Mackenzie Murdock
as Gas Attendant
Edward Diaz
as El Camino Owner
Cavan Cunningham
as Paramedic #2
Stacy Haiduk
as Margaret 'Maggie' Waterston
Stephen Snedden
as Jimmy Bond
Raoul Ganeev
as Russian Guard/Dmitri/Guard
Peter Taraviras
as Go Team Member
Durrell Nelson
as Maggie's Dad
Greta Fadness
as OR Nurse
Anna Hagan
as Dr. Charyn
Derek Versteeg
as M.P.
Willie Amakye
as Samuel Aboah
John Harnagel
as World Weary Dad
Aeryk Egan
as Camera Dude
Roz Witt
as Night Nurse
McNally Sagal
as Overcoat Woman
Dick Clark
as Dick Clark
Kimberly Unger
as Joan Gauthier/Karen Koretz
Dan Lett
as Sir Malcolm Marsden
Iris Quinn
as Lillian Daniels
Joseph Fuqua
as Jason Nichols
Todd Cornborough
as Young Roland Grable
Christie McNew
as Baseball Game Patron
Edward Asner
as Maurice
Beth Watson
as Woman
Andrew Sikking
as Soldier
Tim Dixon
as Bob/Dr. R.W. Godfrey
Del Zamora
as Mr. Barreiro
Gerard Plunkett
as Dr. Calderon
Christine Estabrook
as Agent Henderson
Maria Herrera
as Customer #1/Guard #2
J.W. Smith
as Steve
Jack Black
as Bart 'Zero' Liquori
CCH Pounder
as Agent Lucy Kazdin
Rebecca Holland
as FBI Agent
A.C. Peterson
as Mr. Y
Gavin Fink
as Tommy Conlon
Christine Anton
as Teacher
Nailya Red
as Cult Member
Geoffrey Lewis
as Alfred Fellig
Amber Snow
as Driver
J.B. Bivens
as Field Agent/Sharpshooter/Truck Driver
Marc Baur
as Agt. Brisentine/Man in Suit/Matlock
Jason Gray-Stanford
as 1947 Police Officer/Officer Eggers
Veronika Sztopa
as Sarah Buxton
Dexter Bell
as Alfred Kittel
Leon Russom
as Detective Miles
Tony Shalhoub
as Dr. Chester Ray Banton
Greg Rogers
as Daniel Charez
Piotr Michael
as Conspiracy Video Narrator
Jonathan Levit
as Billy LaBonge
Garry Shandling
as Fox Mulder/Garry Shandling
Thabo Ketshabetswe
as Guard
Walter Marsh
as Druggist/Judge/Pathologist
Ralph Meyering Jr.
as Surgeon
Alf Humphreys
as 2nd Controller/Dr. Mark Pomerantz/Michael Asekoff
Stan Walsh
as Elder #2
Kristen Cloke
as Melissa Rydell Ephesian/Wendy
Benjamin A. Onyango
as Second African Man
Jude Zachary
as Jones/Winston
Katy Boyer
as Dr. Lisa Holland
Ty Miller
as Lyle Parker
Sebastian Spence
as Deputy Barney Paster
Marilyn Chin
as Mrs. Shima-Tsuno
Garry Chalk
as Mad Dog
Zachary Ansley
as Billy Miles
Robb Reesman
as Macon Cop
Dale Dickey
as Game Warden
D. Harlan Cutshall
as Adjutant/The Guard
James Franco
as Officer #2
John Perrotta
as Bailiff
Ryan DeBoer
as Young Billy Scully Jr. - 1968
Mary Margaret Lewis
as Mrs. Dowdy
Janyse Jaud
as Nurse
Jesse James
as Poor Boy
Claire Riley
as Dr. Laskos
Christopher Gray
as Jimmie
Sarah Sawatsky
as Chrissy Giorgio
Alex Trebek
as Man in Black #2
Kevin McCorkle
as Cult Man #2
Paul Anderson
as City Cop
Allan Zinyk
as Blaine Faulkner
Forbes Angus
as Funeral Director/Government Scientist/M.D./Security Guard/Tissue Bank Technician
Walter Gotell
as Victor Klemper
Dave Adams
as Dr. Francis Girardi
Brian Knox McGugan
as 1st Officer
Linda Porter
as Elderly Woman
Martin Evans
as Dr. Hartman/Factotum/Major Domo
Stevie Johnson
as EMT
John Hawkes
as Phillip Padgett
Michael O'Shea
as Lt. Madsen
Frederick Coffin
as Chief Joseph McGrath
Diana-Maria Riva
Bruce A. Young
as Pierre Beauvais
Jim Maniaci
as Bullethead #1
Robert Metcalfe
as Nurse
Pattie Tierce
as Shaineh Berkowitz
Scott Bairstow
as Samuel Hartley
Jack Bensinger
as Bobby Brady
Joe Basile
as Lead Guard
Ken Collins
as Gas Station Attendant
Benito Martinez
as Orderly
Dean Wray
as Rich Turner/Tow Truck Driver
Chase Nicholson
as William (11 Years)
Nasser Faris
as Silk Shirt Man
Rebecca Wisocky
as Jackie Goldman
Stacy Grant
as Judy Fairly
Timothy Dale Agee
as EMT
Mimi Rogers
as Diana Fowley/Agent Diana Fowley
Ted Cole
as 2nd Paramedic
Michelle Hart
as Trace Agent
Dan Desmond
as Harry Odell
Myke Friscia
as School Teacher
John Finn
as Michael Kritschgau
Diana Ha
as Dr. Wu
Michael Rothhaar
as Dr. Couvillion
Nick Chinlund
as Donald Addie Pfaster
Cary Pfeffer
as Anchorman
Ken Tremblett
as Dyer/Uniformed Officer
Jesse L. Martin
as Josh Exley
James Newman
as Doctor
Cory Fry
as Batter
Dan Gifford
as Local News Anchor
Daniel Ducovny
as Piney
Janine Venable
as Vicky Crump
Brett Bell
as Morgue Attendant
Greg Bronson
as FBI Forensics Tech/Med Tech
Terence Kelly
as George Usher
Paul Wong
as Wiry Man
John Mese
as Sheriff Phil Adderly
Murrey Rabinovitch
as 1st Hasidic Man
Hilary Rose Zalman
as Cult-Killer
Thomas Kopache
as General Thomas Callahan
Mark Craig
as Trooper #1
Jason Diablo
as Angry Man
Henry Schwartz
as Toddler
Signy Coleman
as Susanne Modeski
David Abbott
as Detective/Judge Maibaum
Larry Udy
as Middle-Aged Man
Al Kaplon
as Ump
Tom O'Rourke
as Steve Humphreys
Paul Kim Jr.
as Customer #2
Deborah Landis
as Italian Triplets Mother
Oscar Goncalves
as Night Attendant/Orderly
Al Ruscio
as Elder #4
Miles Robbins
as Jackson Van De Kamp/William
Robert Luft
as Telemarketer
Aaron D. Spears
as Guard
Mark Holden
as Agent Eugene Chandler/Cop
Lisa Robin Kelly
as Terri Roberts
John Samson
as Supervisor
Frank Ferrucci
as Inspector Nettles
Sally Stevens
as Radio Singer
Alex Shostak Jr.
as Dmitri
Selina Williams
as FBI Agent/School Nurse
Cory Parravano
as Jason McPeck
Lamont Johnson
as Whaley
Jacob Franchek
as Red-Headed Kid
Lauren Diewold
as Emily Sim/Young Melissa Scully
Felicia Shulman
as Motel Manager
Jean-Yves Hammel
as Goat Boy
Don Thompson
as Henry Willig/Holtzman/Lt. Col. Victor Stans/Terrorist In Ghoul Mask
David Michie
as Diego
Matthew Walker
as Arlinsky/Dr. Ronald Surnow
Trevor Goddard
as 1st British Crewman
John B. Lowe
as Dr. Leavitt
Candus Churchill
as Shirley
Jason Gaffney
as Harold Lamb
Steve Adams
as Prosecution Counsel Myers
Cheryl Francis Harrington
as E.R. Nurse
Charles Hoyes
as Howard Crittendon
Kelly McNair
as Teenage Girl
Randy Hall
as U-Haul Driver
Richard McGonagle
as Dr. Francis Orovetz
Tom Haile
as Station Wagon Owner
Stephen Bridgewater
as Dr. Henry Jacocks
Nicole Bush
as Customer #1
George Sharperson
as Security Guard
Tanya Huse
as Medical Technician
Jolie Jenkins
as FBI Agent Leyla Harrison/Leyla Harrison
Maggie Blue O'Hara
as Young Woman
Katharine Isabelle
as Lisa Baiocchi
Jennifer Parsons
as Nora Pearce
Adam Nelson
as Husband/Mr. Van De Kamp
Mary Kathleen Gordon
as Woman
Don S. Davis
as Captain William Scully
Fabricio Santin
as Migrant Worker
Laurie Brunetti
as Police Officer
Graham Shiels
as Night Watchman
Stan Shaw
as Stephen Murdoch
Gibby Brand
as Arthur Gaffin
Scott Paulin
as Jeffrey Conlon
Sunita Prasad
as Dr. Aliyeh Scholz
David Bloom
as Stress Man
Richard Belzer
as John Munch
James Handy
as Detective Alan Cross
Kerrie Keane
as Nurse
Dianne Shaw
as Mother with Children at Fair
Larry Dorf
as Pathology Assistant
Fulvio Cecere
as Aide/Priest
Sarah Jeffery
as Brianna Stapleton
Louis Ferreira
as Detective Costa
Jeffrey J. Ayers
as FBI Agent
Christine Upright-Letain
as Ms. Wells
Alex Diakun
as Buddy/Curator/Devil/Dr. Fingers/Manager/Tarot Dealer
West Duchovny
as Maddy
Kevin L. Beggs
as Sheriff #6
Mary Campbell
as Sheriff #9
Dawn Murphy
as Customs Officer
Channon Roe
as Derek Banks
Keith Szarabajka
as Anthony Tipet
Rita Bozi
as Ms. Vansen
Tony Todd
as Augustus Cole
Jonathan Walker
as Charlie Morris/Chuck Lukerman
Timur Karabilgin
as Tony
Andrew Johnston
as Agent Barry Weiss/Lt. Col. Robert Budahas/Medical Examiner
Isaac Wildsmith
as Teddy Holvey/Triplet from The Temple of Seven Stars
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Vicky Wells
Dee Freeman
as Sgt. Paula Duthie
Juan Llorens
as Police Officer
Mary Ostrow
as Nurse
Kenny James
as Radio Singer
Neil Denis
as Catcher
John Hainsworth
as Gaunt Man
Jeff Bowser
as Redhead Geek
Kelli Fox
as Pathologist
D. Neil Mark
as Deputy Scott Kerber/S.W.A.T. Team Officer
Denis Forest
as Lone Man
Roger Hewlett
as Tall Guard
Jason Felipe
as Bald Geek
Nick Lashaway
as Young Mulder
Erin Fitzgerald
as Waitress
Phyllis Franklin
as Middle Aged Woman
Benita Ha
as Tour Guide
Simon Longmore
as Marty Fox
Amanda Fein
as Mia Dukes
Darren Lucas
as Lead Swat Cop
Jerry Springer
as Jerry Springer
Lesley Ewen
as Agent #1/Carina Maywald/Receptionist/Renee Davenport
Scott Wilson
as Rev. Orison
Zachary Choe
as Vietnamese Boy
Harrison Coe
as Dave the Butcher/First Suit/Government Man #3/Isaac Luria
Robyn Lively
as Angela Schiff
Nicky Fane
as Blue Collar Man
Robert Lipton
as Head Surgeon
Rhett Spencer
as First Dude
Trevor Roald
as Martin
Darren E. Burrows
as Bernard
Kasper Michaels
as Young Agent
Kevin E. West
as Navy Seal
Joe Bernier
as Detective Bryant
David L. Gordon
as FBI Agent
Michael Fallon
as Police Officer
Jaiven Natt
as Adam
Kari Whitman
as Roxanne
Karon Kearney
as 2nd Woman Party-Goer
Jessica Murdoch
as Girl in the car
Elayn J. Taylor
as Nurse #2
John McGonegle
as Uniformed Cop
Adam Baldwin
as Knowle Rohrer
Hiro Kanagawa
as Dr. Yonechi/Garner/Peter Tanaka
Rob Bowman
Kiersten Van Horne
as Younger Social Worker
Paula Shaw
as Ward Nurse
Kim Robillard
as Homer
Megan Leitch
as Samantha Mulder
Lisa Darr
as Attorney Jana Fain
Dana Gladstone
as Dr. Landon Prince/Gregor
Mo Saïd
as Osama Look Alike
Sherry Nelson
as Nurse
Ralph Alderman
as Hotel Manager/Manager
Janet Hodgkinson
as Waitress
David Livingstone
as Guard
Brenda McDonald
as Auntie Janet/Mrs. Loach
Bernie Coulson
as Kenneth 'The Thinker' Soona
David Kaye
as Doctor/Reporter
Ross Douglas
as Uniformed Army Man
Steve Hytner
as Dr. Denny Murphy
John Mack
as Customer #3
Phoebe Price
as Customer with Car
Alan Davidson
as Bearded Man
James Rekart
as Paul Gerlach
Ming Lo
as Dr. Kim
Yasuo Sakurai
as Kazuo Sakurai
Jeff Gulka
as Gibson Andrew Praise/Gibson Praise
Dondré T. Whitfield
as Agent
Ashlynn Rose
as Young Samantha/Young Samantha Mulder
Tasha Simms
as Ellen Reardon/Jay Cassal/Laura Kelly
Brian Huskey
as Reggie Something
Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez
as Andrew Eggers
Paul Joyce
as Mr. Thomas Werner
Nolan Irwin
as Peter Brady
Tonja Kahlens
as Agent Robin Kersh
Joseph Patrick Finn
as Chaplain/Confessor/Watching Man
Alan Boyce
as Young John Barnett
George Wallace
as Bertram Mueller
Zoran Vukelic
as Model
Alfred De Contreras
as Bartender
Axl Aartsen
as Creature #2
Hallie Lambert
as Shot Patron
Mark Acheson
as Ted Bertram/Trucker
Ian Brown
as State Trooper
Anatol Rezmeritza
as Glasses Man/Commandant
Patricia Dahlquist
as Susan Chambliss
Mimi Savage
as Teacher
David Stuart
as Seaman
Sandra Tripicchio
as Italian Girl
Wayne Alexander
as A.D. Arnold/Older Agent/Senior Agent
Bruce Weitz
as Agent Bocks
Rebecca Toolan
as Teena Mulder
Michael Mantell
as Dr. James Riley
Will Sasso
as Leslie Stokes
Carol Kiernan
as Mom
Eric Nenninger
as Jared Chirp
Lisa Bunting
as Doctor #1
Rohan Shand
as Camera Operator
Renae Morriseau
as Gwen Goodensnake/Josephine Doane
Celine Lockhart
as The Skin-Peel Patient
Randy Ross
as Nike Man
Shannon Hile
as Mrs. Van De Kamp/Wife
Ariane Von Kamp
as Beautiful Woman
Igor Morozov
as Pudovkin/Russian Horseman
Cyd Strittmatter
as Dr. Edwards
Sean C. Murphy
as Clone Boy
Cliff DeYoung
Russell Porter
as Scott Simmons
Charlie Hartsock
as Lawyer
Eric Knight
as The Hacker Dude
Tom Bougers
as Neighbor
Mik Byskov
as Accosting Man
Kenji Shimizu
as Escort/Japanese Driver
Julie Bond
as Woman
Joe Avery
as Vegas Charmer
William Gibson
Dean Chambers
as Air Force Major/Power Plant Supervisor
Sheila Shaw
as Marcia Purnell
George Touliatos
as Dr. Katz/Larry Winter
Michael J. Anderson
as Mr. Nutt
Scott Hylands
as Gen. Benjamin Bloch
Mikal Dughi
as Dr. Pamela Karetzky
Deborah Strang
as Inspector B.J. Morrow
Randall Bosley
as Ed Truelove
Alexandra Berlin
as Orderly
C. Ernst Harth
as Huge Man
Michael Bryan French
as Paul Mossinger
Alan Henry Brown
as Second Carpool Man
Travis Riker
as Baby William/Reborn Soul
David Neale
as Navy Base Guard/William's psychologist
Seth Whittaker
as Fitzpatrick
Tali Cherniawsky
as Crazy Screaming Girl
Frances Fisher
as Lizzy Gill
Billy Wickman
as Pick Up Driver
Frank Buckley
as Nevada News Anchor
Hardia Madden
as FBI Agent
Zeljko Ivanek
as Dr. Arthur Grable/Roland Fuller
Benito Prezia
as Old Italian Man
Adrienne Wilde
as Nurse
Eulan Middlebrooks
as Young Cop
Judi M. Durand
as Reporter
Christopher Wynne
as Base Cop/Deputy
Brad Kalas
as Cult Man/Cult Man #1
Alan Giles
as Chief Surgeon
Alison Araya
as Nurse Vickie Easton
Eric Buermeyer
as The Bus Driver
Heather McCarthy
as Nurse McKernan
Carol Banker
as Carol
Tim Bissett
as Agent Cook/Medical Assistant
James McDonnell
as Detective Van Allen
Fredric Lehne
as Young Arthur Dales
Dan Manning
as Deputy
Caryn West
as Dr. Libby Nance
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as Gerry Schnauz
Perrey Reeves
as Kristen Kilar
Sonny Surowiec
as Campbell
Carly McKillip
as Caitlin Ross
Tucker Smallwood
as Sheriff Andy Taylor
Leslie Jones
as Gretchen Starns
Chris Giacoletti
as Booger
Nick DeMarinis
as Pizza Guy
Steve Bacic
as Agent Collins/Officer #2/SWAT Commander
Michael O'Neill
as Patrol Captain Van Gelder
Bathsheba Garnett
as Woman
Maggie Wheeler
as Det. Sharon Lazard
Tony Adelman
as Trevor's Father
Jacqueline Schultz
as Irene McPeck
R. Nelson Brown
as Ansel Bray
Tracy Lively
as Clerk
Daniel Quinn
as Lieutenant Jack Schaefer
Vanessa Morley
as Young Samantha Mulder Clone/Samantha/Samantha Mulder/Young Samantha Mulder
Dylan Stjepovic
as Kathy Lee's Son
P. Lynn Johnson
as Deborah Brown/Dr. Sheila Braun/Health Department Doctor
Glenn Morshower
as Aaron Starkey
Titus Welliver
as Doug Spinney
Arlene Malinowski
as Teacher
Jordan Marder
as Creature
Lorraine Landry
as Pathologist Vicki Belon
Scott Arger
as Sheriff #5
Barry Greene
as Dr. Emile Linzer/Perkins
Ron Chartier
as Inspector Puett
Warren Sweeney
as Dr. Harriman
Viv Leacock
as Price
James Pickens Jr.
as Alvin Kersh/Jamaican Crewman
Felicity Huffman
as Dr. Nancy Da Silva
Joy Coghill
as Linda Thibedeaux
Jamie Marsh
as Ivan Martinez
Myles Ferguson
as Boy in the Bus/Joey Agostino
John Prosky
as Medical Examiner
Jeremy Roberts
as George Vincent
Paige Vienna
as Edward Skur's eldest daughter
Thomas Rosales Jr.
as Malcolm Wiggins - Bandit
Trezzo Mahoro
as Crewman
Paul Dickson
as M.P.
Liza Huget
as Hospital Nurse/Nurse
Ian Marsh
as Coworker
James Bell
as Det. Johnson
Daniela Dib
as Mulders Dance Partner/Sarah
Rich Marotta
as Hockey Announcer
Lachlan Murdoch
as Boy in the car/Right Fielder/forest
Bonnie McNeil
as Young Tena
Sean Pritchard
as Cindy Savalas' Lawyer
Jared Poe
as FBI Cadet Rudolph Hayes/Stuart Mimms
Clare Lapinskie
as ICU Nurse
James Otis
as Arlen Sacks
Dan Weber
as Figgis
M.C. Gainey
as Bo Taylor
Zoe Anderson
as Young Dana Scully - 1976
Ty Upshaw
as Officer #1
Patrick J. Phillips
as Clinician #1
Bryan Dilbeck
as Disabled Man
Tony Morelli
as 3rd Man in Stairwell/Cop/Lord Kimbo/Man in Black
Peter Scoular
as Sick Crewman
Michelle Joyner
as Ellen Adderly
Michael McGrady
as Sheriff Kurt Frey
Scott Eberlein
as Black Haired Man
Jim Cody Williams
as Cal Jeppy
Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson
as Addie Sparks/Little girl from the trailer/Polly Turner
Prince Maryland
as Agent Janus
Nick Misura
as Counterman
Rick Morwick
as Cult Member
Nicolas Stratton
as Appearing Boy
David Doty
as Minister
Mike Mitchell
as 1st Uniformed Cop
Theresa Puskar
as Mrs. Kemper
Terrance Leigh
as Snorkel Dude
Jack Forbes
as Ray's Double
Ken Jones
as Bearded Man
Andre Roshkov
as Commander Al
Suanne Spoke
as Woman Customer
David Major
as Vampire
Kurtwood Smith
as Agent Bill Patterson
Tim Halligan
as Darren Mountjoy
Dwight Koss
as Detective Rudy Barbala
Robert Wisden
as Robert Patrick Modell
Chad Donella
as Robert 'Rob' Roberts
Jeremy Jones
as Sergeant
Jonathan Murad
as Intercom Guard
Mark Gibbon
as Guard
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
as Receptionist
Michael Cram
as Officer Corning
Dana Pemberton
as Officer #1
Mark Schooley
as GO Team Member #2/J.D. Tippit
Allen Cutler
as Roadblock Officer
Shane Nickerson
as Police Photographer
Tomoko Sato
as Flight Attendant
Gerry Nairn
as 1st Man/Sergeant Conner
Rodney Rowland
as Edward Jerse
Anthony Heald
as Harold Piller
Rick Marzan
as Holding Cell Officer
Janie Woods-Morris
as Lorraine Kelleher/Ms. Lange
Addison Ridge
as Bespectacled Boy
Judith Scott
as Dr. Kai Bowe
Kiran Rao
as Customs Agent
Michael David Simms
as Senior Agent/Senior FBI Agent/FBI Agent
Lois Foraker
as Sylvia Jassy
Gerry Rousseau
as Homeless Man/Mechanic
Scott Burkholder
as Agent Kinsley
Leland Orser
as Jason Ludwig
Octavia Spencer
as Nurse
Jim Hanna
as Koko's Manager
Jennifer Hepburn
as Another Girl
Rob Morton
as Kramer
Barry Wiggins
as NYPD Detective
Kerry Sandomirsky
as Joanne/Tracy
William Mackenzie
as Bus Driver
Kett Turton
Lalainia Lindbjerg
as Zoe
Craig Warkentin
as Young Smoking Man
Ellie Harvie
as OPO Staffer/Ticket Agent
Derick Alexander
as Bailiff
John Marrott
as Security Guard
Michael Maher
as Redhead Deputy
James Sloyan
as Dr. Frank Nollette
Kathryn Joosten
as Agent Edie Boal
John Dadey
as 2nd U.S. Marshal/Local Agent
Burnell Roques
as Buck Johnson
Armin Moattar
as Goatee Man
Paul Willson
as Ted
Joyce Seeley
as Woman (in field)
Zuleikha Robinson
as Lois Runce/Yves Adele Harlow
Johnny Ghorbani
as Young Muslim
Richard Cox
as Daniel Brimley
Cory Dagg
as Bartender
Mark Pellegrino
as Derwood Spinks
Tuck Milligan
as Dr. Adam Pierce
Paul Moniz de Sa
as Clinician #2
Lucy Liu
as Kim Hsin
Ron Marasco
as Doctor
Krista Allen
as Jade Blue Afterglow/Maitreya
Dylan Kussman
as Med Student
Catherine Dent
as June Gurwich
Mark Snow
as Doctor
Birkett Turton
as Brit
Scott Bellis
as Max Fenig
Jeff Kober
as Bear
Dolly Scarr
as Fast Food Supervisor
Douglas Arthurs
as Skin-Head Man
Elisabeth Rosen
as Katie
Cody Weselis
as Alien
Ben Wilkinson
as Dean Cavalier
Don Ackerman
as Night Attendant
Scott Heathcote
as Deputy Carl Horgart
Wendy Benson-Landes
as Margi Kleinjan
Nicola Cavendish
as Nurse Owens
Nora McLellan
as Jane Morris
William Forward
as Funeral Director
Ken Kramer
as Dr. Browning/Dr. Ivanov/Dr. Terrance Allen Berube
Brent Sheppard
as Doctor/Prosecutor
Daniel von Bargen
as Jacob Steven Haley
Peter Hall
as Dr. Matthew Wegweiser/Sheriff
Harris Yulin
as Cardinal O'Fallon
Rick Garcia
as News Anchor/Reporter #1
Cameron Labine
as Rick Mazeroski
Simi Mehta
as Gabrielle Buente
Chet Grissom
as Detective
Celeste White Steele
as Texas Lounge Guest
Peter Donat
as William Mulder
Lisa Ann Beley
as Beatrice Salinger/Student
James Morrison
as Dr. Robert Wieder
David Lovgren
as Kurt Crawford
Michael Berryman
as Owen Lee Jarvis
Wayne Duvall
as Agent Jerry Lamana
Michele Harrell
as Mrs. Murdoch
Jane Perry
as Day Care Operator/Dorothy Bahnsen
Nicole Robert
as Mrs. Tynes
Bobby Stewart
as Deputy/Resident #2
Henry Mah
as Night Manager/Nurse
Susan Lee Hoffman
as Lisa Ianelli
Eric W. Gilder
as Old Edward Skur
Austin Basile
as The Bellman
Doug Savant
as Augustus Goldman
Max Wyman
as Dr. Per Lagerqvist
Bradford English
as Detective Abbott
Denise Crosby
as Dr. Mary Speake
Jody St. Michael
as Sophie
Eddie Hardy
as Police Officer
Dell Yount
as Truck Driver
Andrew Star
as First Boy
Janne Mortil
as Mona Wustner
Nicholas Lea
as Alex Krycek/Michel
Ernesto Gasco
as Heavy Italian Man
Michael Horse
as Sheriff Charles Tskany
O-Lan Jones
as Nurse Rebecca Waite
William MacDonald
as Agent Kazanjian/Buddy Riggs/Dr. Oppenheim/Federal Marshall/Officer Trott
Catherine Barroll
as Secretary
Amanda O'Leary
as Doctor
Marcus Giamatti
as John Gillnitz
David Kirby
as Ted Watkins
Pamela MacDonald
as Nurse
Bethoe Shirkoff
as Old Woman
Romy Windsor
as Second Agent
Thomas R. Martin
as Pathology Assistant
Mark Lewis Oglesby
as Stanley Kubrick
Raymond Cruz
as Eladio Buente
John Payne
as Guard/Jerald Glazebrook
Marion Killinger
as Detective
Bill Dow
as Chuck Burks/Charles Burks/Chuck Burk/Dad/Dr. Rick Newton/Pangborn
Dara Hollingsworth
as Christine Fletcher
Rowan Longworth
as William (15 yr old)
Billy Drago
as Orel Peattie
Karen Constantine
as Head Nurse
Rob Freeman
as Detective Rempulski/Marshall Sim
Ashley Lambert
as Bigly Customer Service
Aaron Poole
as Bystander
Mike Gomez
as Jorge Concepcion
Nick Tate
as Dr. Eugene Openshaw
Douglas Roy Dack
as Mighty Man
Donny Lucas
as Hyperbaric Technician
James Remar
as Josef Kobold
Giacomo Baessato
as Doctor
Fitz Houston
as Station Manager
Nikolai Witschl
as Dr. Hill
Mauricio Mercado
as Coroner
Stephanie Herrera
as Jan Brady
Denis Krasnogolov
as One-Armed Leader
Rochelle Greenwood
as Waitress
Judd Trichter
as Richie/Richie Szalay
Grace Demontesquiou
as Baby
N. Barry Carver
as Coroner
James Hong
as Hard-Faced Man
Shareen Mitchell
as Billie LaPierre
Bill Finck
as Sandwich Man
Darren McGavin
as Agent Arthur Dales/Arthur Dales
Lee Duncan
as Al Cawdry
Jade Pawluk
as Naked Lair Victim
Marci T. House
as Angry Woman
Michele Goodger
as Barbara Ausbury/Sister Abigail
Todd Harris
as Orderly
Freddy Andreiuci
as Det. Norman
Steve Sciacca
as Sheriff #8
Peter White
as Gene Gogolak
Tom Scholte
as Michael Sloan/Young Johansen
Fred Henderson
as Agent Rich/Agent Thomas
Jan Rubes
as Vassily Peskow
Carrie Classen
as Leslie Budahas
Michele Melland
as ER Doctor
Brian Johnson
as Man
Lawrence King-Phillips
as Lucas Henry
Susan Slome
as Woman at O.A.
Christopher Michael
as Trusty
Andre Danyliu
as County Coroner
L. Harvey Gold
as Patrick Newirth
Tobin Bell
as Ashman/Darryl Weaver
Marilyn Norry
as Nurse
Annabeth Gish
as Monica Reyes
Jerry Wasserman
as Doctor Plith/Dr. John Grago
Chris Turner
as Kid #2
Caitlin Fein
as Mia Dukes
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Sherman Peacock
Michael Bublé
as Submarine Sailor/Submarine sailor
John O'Hurley
as Dr. Pollidori
Reece Morgan
as Owen Harris' Little Boy
Johan-Carl Nowack
as Lt. Gullie
Erin Jeffery
as ER Nurse
André Daniels
as Arlan Green/Harry
Jaap Broeker
as The Stupendous Yappi/Yappi
Micole Mercurio
as Mrs. Stodie
Kellie Waymire
as Tammi Peyton
Elizabeth McCarthy Meek
as Shopper
John Trottier
as Clinician #3/George Peacock
Dejan Loyola
as Agent Colquitt
Richard Leacock
as Second Cop
Mimi Paley
as Young Samantha
Michael J Rogers
as 1st Crewman/Lt. Griffin
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Dr. Peter Voss
Dean Norris
as Marshal Tapia
Joe Pascual
as Examiner
Michael B. Silver
as Howard Grodin
Jett Klyne
as Young Spender
Lorena Gale
as Attorney/Ellen Bledsoe/Nurse Wilkins
Mike Nussbaum
as Dr. Charles Goldstein
Emily Perkins
as Dara Kernoff/Paula Koklos/Roberta Dyer
Andrea Barclay
as Mrs. Callahan
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Agent Gene Crane
Kevin Porter
as Motivational Speaker
Mark Rolston
as Bud LaPierre/Richard Odin
David Palffy
as Dark Man
Ellen Greene
as Vicki Louise Burdick
James Parks
as Agent Terry Sullivan
Miguel Sandoval
as Martin Ortega
Carolyn Tweedle
as Day Room Patient #2/Jane Froelich
Duncan Fraser
as Beatty
Angelo Vacco
as Angelo Garza/Bartender/Doorman/Guido/Kevin
Luis Villalta
as Simon de la Cruz
J. Douglas Stewart
as Landlord/Male EMT
Mimi Lieber
as Anita Fiore
Mark Chaet
as Bank Officer
Peter Williams
as Jackson
Freda Perry
as Mrs. Wright
Camille Marty
as Swimming Molly
D.J. 'Shangela' Pierce
as Annabelle
Gregory Sierra
as Dr. Diamond
Lenora May
as Ms. Britton
Fred Beale
as Newstand Operator
Ken Godmere
as Melvin Peter
Conor O'Farrell
as Sheriff Ciolino
Gordon Tootoosis
as Shaman
Sonia Norris
as Marleen Ross
Carla Stewart
as The Judge
Gillian Carfra
as Christine Ranford
Stacee Copeland
as Hostage #4/Woman #1
Chris Carter
as Another Agent/Cinema Audience
David Allan Pearson
as 2nd Uniform
Cole Lindsay
as Jared Marriott
Greg Thirloway
as Agent Greg Nemhauser/Dr. Mitchell Kaplan
Jodie Foster
as 'Betty'
Andi Chapman
as Dr. Monique Sampson
Richard Yee
as David Yung
Jennifer Sterling
as Angry Wife
Mecca Menard
as Emily Sim
Jeremy Schuetze
as Young CSM
Jessica Schreier
as Dr. Bonita Charne-Sayre/Dr. Bonita Sayre
Tim O'Halloran
as Patrolman/The Sergeant
Alfonso Quijada
as Roberto
Kate Robbins
as Lisa's Aunt/Mrs. Oswald
Ramy Zada
as Joe Cutrona
Bryan Cranston
as Patrick Crump
Dean Friss
as Softie Boy
Tyronne L'Hirondelle
as Databank Scientist
Ross Clarke
as Pleasant Man
Laurie Murdoch
as Coroner/Lydon
Gregory Cruz
as Diego Garza
Alessandro Juliani
as Joseph Cutler
Linden Banks
as Joseph Patnik/Reverend Sistrunk
Reginald Colin Rowley
as Towns Folk
Peggy Jo Jacobs
as Nancy Huff
Lyon Reese
as Second Young Agent
Gustavo Moreno
as The Father
Craig Bruhnanski
as Guard/Saw Operator/Security Guard
Cary Elwes
as Brad Follmer
John Apicella
as Greg Pincus
Joe Doserro
as Officer #1/Officer #2
Brianne Prather
as Young Woman
Wendy Gazelle
as Katha Dukes
John Milford
as Walter Chaco
Lisa Kaseman
as Pathology Assistant
Anthony Okungbowa
as Barnes' Driver
Sam Bottoms
as Michael Kryder
Veena Sood
as Dr. Louise Colquitt/Ms. Saunders
Eric Keenleyside
as Lance Kernof
Erika Krievins
as Cindy Reardon/Eve 10
Devon Alexander
as Barista
Michael Ensign
as Dr. Barnes
David Cubitt
as Captain Barclay
Helene Clarkson
as Maggie Holvey
Adrien Malebranche
as Skinny Man
Michael Emerson
as Oliver Martin
Tegan West
as Navy Lieutenant
Jon Gries
as Salvatore Matola
Steven Cavarno
as Dream Boy
Annet Mahendru
as Sveta
John DeSantis
as Band-Aid Nose Man
Grai Carrington
as Tall Man
Loic Gisselere
as Inmate
Akiko Morison
as Leza Atsumi
Darin Cooper
as Deputy Ray Hoese
Allan Gray
as Dr. Peter Valedespino
Brent Sexton
as Gravedigger/Steven Melnick
Marcus Turner
as Young Fox Mulder
David Fabrizio
as ER Physician
Dmitry Chepovetsky
as 1st Government Man/Lt. Harper/Supervisor
Darin Morgan
as Eddie Van Blundht/Flukeman
Michael Chieffo
as Carl Wade
Kathy Rolheiser
as Mother
Max Kasch
as Evan Shipley
Mark Thompson
as Reporter #2
Boris Nikolof
as Sheriff #4
Brian Drummond
as Teller
Colleen Flynn
as Colleen Azar/Michele Fazekas
Christopher Newton
as Photo Technician
Jacob Handy
as Luke Doggett
Karen Kruper
as FBI Female Tech
Gary Newton
as President George W. Bush
Barbara Hershey
as Erika Price
Robin Mossley
as Dr. Joe Ridley/Dr. Kingsley Looker/Dr. Vance Randolph
Nancy J. Lilley
as Liposuction Patient
Stephen Ramsey
as First Agent
Tony Pantages
as Lt. Fraser
Tim Roe
as Zombie
Bruce Campbell
as Wayne Weinsider
Kathy Griffin
as Betty Templeton/Lulu Pfeiffer
Laurie Holden
as Marita Covarrubias
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
as Albert Hosteen
Jerry Shiban
as Scully's Baby
Jane Yamamoto
as News Anchor
Steve Makaj
as Frank Kiveat/Man in Black/Patrolman/Scott Ostelhof/Scott Ostelhoff
Peter J. Nadler
as Ed Jerse's Lawyer
Sarah Benoit
as Evelyn Mountjoy
Michael Dempsey
as Sheriff
Tom Bower
as Sheriff Harden
Sean Millington
as Guard/Police Officer
Andrew Turner
as CIA Man
Steve Griffith
as Paramedic
Freeman Michaels
as Guard
John Moore
as 2nd Elder/Elder #3/3rd Elder
Marcie Lynn Ross
as Alice
Frank C. Turner
as Doctor Collins/Dr. Del Hakkie
Louise Melilli
as Distraught Woman
Robert E. Beckwith
as FBI Cadet
Gary Sekhon
as Forensic Technician
Andrea Libman
as Michelle Bishop
Zitto Kazann
as Caballero
Kacey Rohl
as Agnes
Wolfgang Gerhard
as 1st Nazi
Kevin McClatchy
as James Leeds
Fritz Greve
as Bearded Man
Ann Dowd
as Mrs. Reed
John Towey
as Dr. Kenneth Orgel
Vin Scully
as Baseball Announcer
Marites Pineda
as Crying Girl
Chris Ufland
as Sam
Sarah Koskoff
as Theresa Nemman Hoese/Theresa Nemman
Yogi Omar
as Gay Male Hustler #4
Eric Christmas
as Stan Phillips
David Figlioli
as Victor Dale Potts
Ric Sarabia
as Prison Trustee
Eileen Pedde
as Angie/Mrs. Skur
Shelley Owens
as Tessa Seers
Emanuel Hajek
as Young Harry Cokely
Morgan Weisser
as Lee Harvey Oswald
Raymond J. Barry
as Senator Richard Matheson
Kyle Pepi
as Billy Underwood
Bob Boyd
as Booking Sergeant
Randall 'Tex' Cobb
as Bert Zupanic
Keegan MacIntosh
as Michael
Shannon Maureen Brown
as Pretty Blonde
James Sutorius
as Babcock
John Bisom
as News Anchor #2
Eryn Collins
as Young Lucy Householder
John Sampson
as 1st Uniform/Cop/Marksman #1/Sentry
Peter Flemming
as Officer #1
Bob Peters
as Idaho News Anchor
Owen Walstrom
as Mark Backus
Kathrynn Chisholm
as Nurse
Mig Macario
as Tattooed Prisoner
Pamela Diaz
as Maria Dorantes
Tom Bailey
as Apartment Manager
Thomas Schnauz
as Speaker
Nia Cummins
as Nurse
Peter LaCroix
as Dwight/Frank Druce/Nathaniel Teager/Ranheim
William Nunn
as Gen. John Steffan
Stephen Hornyak
as Dr. Kopeikan
Jonathan Whittaker
as Curt Brunjes
Bob Casper
as Restaurant Patron
Kay E. Kuter
as Calusari #1
Tina Gilbertson
as Donna Watkins
Ed Lauter
as Col. Marcus Aurelius Belt
Natalie Radford
as Marie Hangemuhl
Wolsey Brooks
as FBI Agent #2
T. Michael Morris
as Background Performer
Donald Fong
as Vase Man
John Milton Branton
as Brandon Aguirre
Malcolm Stewart
as Dr. Sacks/Agent Bonnecaze/Commander Carver/Dr. Glass
Vic Polizos
as Agent Frank Burst
Ken Roberts
as Clerk/Motel Proprietor
Cliff De Young
as Dr. Jay Nemman
Blair Slater
as Robert Glazebrook, The Oldest Son
Vladimir Kulich
as Olafsson
Ken Foree
as Vincent Parmelly
Pamela Paulshock
as Brittany
Shayn Solberg
as Brother #2
Joe Nieves
as Barreiro's Son
Andy Thompson
as Customs Agent
Bob Wilde
as Detective/FBI Agent (in hallway)/George Vincent Dyer/Limo Driver/Man in Black/Rand
Janet Kidder
as Nurse
Melanie Angel
as Nurse
Beatrice Zeilinger
as Burly Nurse/Paramedic
Jamie McShane
as Injured Soldier
Jordan Warkol
as Quinton
Dennis Lipscomb
as Leonard Vance
R. Lee Ermey
as Reverend Patrick Findley
Bill Jacobson
as Thug
Dave Grohl
as Lobby Passerby
John Maclaren
as Dr. Laberge/George Kearns
Benjamin Glenday
as Russian Sailor #2
Robert Thurston
as Dr. Larry Steen/Jackson Toews
Norma Jean Wick
as Reporter/Newscaster
Bellamy Young
as Attorney Janet Wilson
Michael Milhoan
as Dep. Arky Stevens
Luis Rodriguez
as Gangbanger
Teryl Rothery
as Michelle Charters/Nurse
Sam Bob
as Homeless Person #2
Arghavan Jenati
as Female Paramedic
Jake Fritz
as Luke Doggett
Casey Biggs
as Saksa
Reunald Jones III
as Pick-up Player #2
Allan Franz
as Dr. Ben Keyser/Man in Vanagon
Barry Primus
as Robert Dorlund
Jillian Bach
as Maggie
George Murdock
as 2nd Elder/Elder #2
Jacqueline Dandeneau
as Nurse Castor
Ricky Jay
as Albert Pinchbeck/Herman Pinchbeck/The Amazing Maleeni
Jessica Biscardi
as Becky Crouch's Sister
Devlin Elliott
as Pizza Delivery Man
Kai Wulff
as Third Nazi
Dan Klass
as Forensic Tech
Colin Corrigan
as Eating Policeman
Rick Cramer
as Guard
Patricia Idlette
as Desk Clerk
Mike Fields
as Cigarette Smoking Alien
Seth Green
as Emil
Michael McKean
as Morris Fletcher
Michael Puttonen
as Conductor/Dr. Pilsson/Martin Alpert/Motel Manager
Sterling McKay
as Bigger Boy
Sandrine Holt
as Dr. Karah Hamby
Robbie Amell
as Agent Miller
Caroline Kava
as Doris Kearns
Nicholas Harrison
as Trooper #2
David Purdham
as Dr. Lev
Christine Tripicchio
as Italian Girl
Rubén Blades
as Conrad Lozano
Rebecca Harker
as Housekeeper
Marie Chambers
as Guard
Tony Ketcham
as Gary Sacks
Marcus Hondro
as Barber
Corrine Koslo
as Lottie Holloway
Nick Heffelfinger
as Calvin
Brent Chapman
as Robert/Security Cop/Traffic Cop
Sean Campbell
as Local Cop/Officer Sean/The Soldier
María Celedonio
as Chantara Gomez
Paul Hayes
as Jay Gilmore
Chris Nelson Norris
as Edmund Peacock/Swat Lietenant
Annette Reilly
as Redneck Sister
Lisa Stewart
as Jane Brody
Bill Agnew
as Lt. Gen. Peter MacDougal
Erin Chambers
as Anna Strong
Roger Haskett
as Coroner/Deputy Dennis Tyson
Junior Brown
as Virgil Nokes
Byrne Piven
as Robert Sparks
Dusty Sorg
as Lucky Boy Employee
Catherine Paolone
as Ellen Kaminsky
Stuart Charno
as The Puppet
Lucy Rodriguez
as Operator
R. D. Call
Travis MacDonald
as Dave Duran
Dawn Stofer-Rupp
as Customer #4
Curtis Jackson
as Edy
Len Rose
as E.R. Doctor
Zakes Mokae
as Diabria

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1993 | 24 Episodes

Season 2

1994 | 25 Episodes

Season 3

1995 | 24 Episodes

Season 4

1996 | 24 Episodes

Season 5

1997 | 20 Episodes

Season 6

1998 | 22 Episodes

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1999 | 22 Episodes

Season 8

2000 | 21 Episodes

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2001 | 19 Episodes

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2016 | 6 Episodes

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2018 | 10 Episodes




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