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December 4, 2021
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Set in Baltimore, this show centers around the city's inner-city drug scene. It starts as mid-level drug dealer, D'Angelo Barksdale beats a murder rap. After a conversation with a judge, Det. James McNulty has been assigned to lead a joint homicide and narcotics team, in order to bring down drug kingpin Avon Barksdale. Avon Barksdale, accompanied by his right-hand man Stringer Bell, enforcer Wee-Bey and many lieutenants (including his own nephew, D'Angelo Barksdale), has to deal with law enforcement, informants in his own camp, and competition with a local rival, Omar, who's been robbing Barksdale's dealers and reselling the drugs. The supervisor of the investigation, Lt. Cedric Daniels, has to deal with his own problems, such as a corrupt bureaucracy, some of his detectives beating suspects, hard-headed but determined Det. McNulty, and a blackmailing deputy. The show depicts the lives of every part of the drug "food chain", from junkies to dealers, and from cops to politicians.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 2, 2002

Also Known As: Špína Baltimoru, Sur ecoute |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

drug dealer

Company Credits

Production Co: Blown Deadline Productions, Home Box Office (HBO)


Steven Moreti
as City Developer/Sean
Henri Edmonds
as School Lecturer
Christopher Crutchfield Walker
as INS Agent
Neko Parham
as State Police Undercover Troy Wiggins
Clinton 'Shorty' Buise
as Clinton 'Shorty' Buise
Joe Gerety
as State Trooper
Daryl D. Davis
as Store Clerk
Dovile Mark
as European Girl #2
Tex Allen
as Newspaper Copy Editor
Baye C. Harrell
as Hack Driver
Fran Boyd
as Needle Exchange Worker/Nurse
Karl Otter
as District Commander
Mustafa Harris
as Lavell Mann
Troj Strickland
as Ricardo 'Fat Face Rick' Hendrix
Julito McCullum
as Namond Brice
Stephen Kinigopoulos
as Officer
Gerard Ender
as Sam
Dan Manning
as Asst. Medical Examiner
Elizabeth J. Carlisle
as Prostitute
Dennis Lehane
as Off. Sullivan
Ken Ulman
as Reporter
George Smith
as Man
Aaron Michael Lacey
as Maryland State Trooper/Waiter
Dennis Hill
as Det. Christeson
Marc Krinsky
as Angelo Martin
Christopher Carver
as Mayor Royce's Aide
Yaphet Kotto
as Meeting Man
Kathy Lally
as Kathy Lally
Raw Leiba
as Stringer's Bodyguard
Dameion Leslie
as Man
Keith Johnson
as Desk Sergeant
Aaron Marcus
as State's Attorney
Dave Cooperman
as Ball Toss Contestant/High Roller
Ron Tucker
as Western District Officer
Micaiah Jones
as Wintell 'Little Man' Royce
Andrew Roth
as Tim Packard
Chris Slone
as Off. Berman
Doug Olear
as FBI Spec. Agent Terrance 'Fitz' Fitzhugh
Schuster Vance
as Walt Stokes
Tom Townsend
as Grand Juror
Kelly Anne Rohde
as Election Poller
Gene Terinoni
as Lt. Jimmy Asher
Thomas Joe Craig
as Construction Foreman
Russ Widdall
as Ron Lowenthal
Roscoe Orman
as Off. Oscar Requer
Carlyn Paschall
as Court House Staff
Kahil Dotay
as Undercover Street Cop/Undercover Detective
Melvin T. Russell
as Jamal
Peter Defeo
as Election Official
Tommy Lee Taylor Jr.
as Lester Sanders
Maximillan Tapper
as Assassin
Rob Stull
as Bar Patron
Jeorge Bennett Watson
as Marvin Browning
Donald Worden
as Det. Donald Worden
Stephan Collins
as Drug Slinger #2
Rashad Orange
as Sherrod
E. Parker Webb
as Stevedore
Felicia Pearson
as Felicia 'Snoop' Pearson
Della Ford
as Woman
Eli Harris
as Lieutenant
Larry Derr
as Onion
Jimmie Jelani Manners
as Kevin Johnston
Henry Carter
as Man
Alexandra Tydings
as Arts Editor
Joe Urla
as U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland
Dave Trovato
as Maj. Walter Cantrell/Lt. Walter Cantrell
Jim Klock
as Off. Gillan
Ciera Nicole Butts
as Student
Tom McCarthy
as Scott Templeton
Derrick Purvey
as Big Guy
Douglas Nelson
as Homicide Detective
Michael Mack
as Special Agent Marcus Lemmel
Shaun Woodland
as Dealer #2
Seth Gilliam
as Sgt. Ellis Carver/Det. Ellis Carver
James Ransone
as Chester 'Ziggy' Sobotka
LaTonya Borsay
as Orlando's dancer
Gordana Rashovich
as Ilona Petrovich
Brandon Larkins
as Uniformed Officer
Vickie Warehime
as Patrol Sergeant
Nikki Bell
as Crack Addict
Jonathon Ruckman
as Off. McFarlane
Tony D. Head
as Maj. Bobby Reed
Vito Pietanza
as FBI Agent
Michael Salconi
as Off. Michael 'Sanny' Santangelo/Det. Michael 'Sanny' Santangelo
Julian Salazar
as Antonio
Amsara Holly
as Tote's Niece
Brendan Walsh
as Brendan Walsh
Bill Murphy
as Bill Murphy
Leroy Graves Jr.
as Man
Gary D'Addario
as Grand Jury Prosecutor Gary DiPasquale
Zach Book
as The Sun Graphics Designer
Ryan Sands
as Off. Lloyd 'Truck' Garrick
Michael Olesker
as Self
Bruce Allen Dawson
as Bar Patron
Sam Freed
as Executive Editor James C. Whiting III
Toni Hunter
as Stripper
Curtis McClarin
as Florist
Idris Elba
as Russell 'Stringer' Bell
Joey Odoms
as Corner Boy/School Boy
Gbenga Akinnagbe
as Chris Partlow/Officer in courtroom
Jefferson Breland
as Basketball coach
Brandon Price
as Anton 'Stinkum' Artis
Robert Poletick
as Metro Editor Steven Luxenberg/Steven Luxenberg
Cleve Gray
as Crime Scene Technician
Dave Ettlin
as Dave Ettlin
Jarret Janako
as Stoop Thug/Thug
Angel M. Wainwright
as Tywanda
Mike Lavoie
as Rookie Cop
DeJuan Anderson
as Little Bunk
Christopher H. Myers
as Courtroom Convict
Aaron Moss
as Drug Dealer
Brian Edwards
as Undercover Police Officer
Kimelia Weathers
as Restaurant Patron
Joey Perillo
as Medical Examiner Front Desk
Kristin Proctor
as Aimee
Michael Stone Forrest
as Det. Frank Barlow
Willa Bickham
as Willa Bickham
Denise Hart
as Miss Anna Jeffries/Woman in Bar
Miriam A. Hyman
as Social Worker
Ramon Rodriguez
as Renaldo
Eric Ryan
as Sean McNulty
David E. Goodman
as Budget Director
Kwame Patterson
as 'Monk' Metcalf
Wendell Pierce
as Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland
Kevin L Simmons
as Detective
Walter Simpson III
as Crack Cocaine Addict
Traci Law
as Teacher
Leo Christopher Sheridan
as Bartender
Kay Lawal
as Meeting Woman
Gislaine Hoyah
as Young Girl in the Park
Robert F. Chew
as Joseph 'Proposition Joe' Stewart
Skye Dennis
as Paramedic
Jay Sefton
as Political Analyst
Lenny Hamm
as Det. Lenny Hamm
Dakota Anderson
as Muggs/Sniper
Ethan Goldsmith
as Von
Sandi McCree
as De'Londa Brice
Allyn Camp
as Detention Officer
Wendy Grantham
as Shardene Innes
Stuart Evered
as Detective
Melanie Nicholls-King
as Cheryl
Richard Welchel
as Man
Juhahn Jones
as Drug Dealer
Jerry Walsh
as Mr. Lake
George Kardulias
as Longshoreman
Darla Robinson
as Democratic Strategist
Robert F. Colesberry
as Det. Ray Cole
David Simon
as Reporter/Sun Staff Member
Chris Conlon
as Police Officer
David Costabile
as Managing Editor Thomas Klebanow
Billy Finnigan
as Bernard
Ayanna S. Flemings
as Woman
Ed Moran
as House Detective
Tom Quinn
as Det. Patrick Mahon
Aidan Gillen
as Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti/Mayor Thomas 'Tommy' Carcetti
John Wooten
as Off. Terry Garner
Dominic West
as Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty/Off. James 'Jimmy' McNulty
Wood Harris
as Avon Barksdale
Neerja Sharma
as Woman Interviewed
Kamal Jones
as Older Cop
Tamieka Chavis
as Royce's Assistant
Neal McNeil
as Bartender
Erica Chamblee
as Pregnant Woman
Dana Jay
as Gangmember (Omars Crew) Camera Man
John Brennan
as Banker #2
Jameel Saleem
as Parolee
James Lewis
as Marvin/Politician
Norman Jackson
as Lex
Greg Ainsworth
as Richard Switowski
Arthur Laupus
as Appointment Homeless Man
David Barroso
as Swat Team Mike Serano
Lizz Robbins
as Pedestrian/Pretty Lesbian
Stephen Schnetzer
as Robert Ruby
Rasheila Daniels
as Man
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman
Carlos Juan Gonzalez
as Man
Rodney Roldan
as Young Cop
Jennifer Rouse
as Whiting's Secretary/Carcetti Campaign Office Staff/Prostitute
Demetria Bailey
as Perlene Scott/Mrs. Perlene Scott/Tonia's Sister
Destiny Jackson-Evans
as Crystal Judkins
Delaney Williams
as Sgt. Jay Landsman
Sam Coppola
as Former Mayor 'Young Tony'
Michael Norbin
Stacie Davis
as Ms. Duquette
Edward C. Lewis
as Man
Paul Fahrenkopf
as High Roller/Junkie
DeAndre McCullough
as Lamar
Richard Pelzman
as Little Big Roy
Eugene R. Little
as Cutty's Boss
Cleo Reginald Pizana
as Chief of Staff Coleman Parker/Coleman Parker
Kosha Engler
as Kima's Friend
Dominick Cicco
as Andreas
Alana Campbelle
as Mayor's Secretary
Sal Darigo
as Harry
Norris Davis
as Vinson
Harold J. Abell Sr.
as Moonshot
Melody Williams
as Woman at Crime Scene #1
Susan Lynskey
as Lip Reader
Chris Ashworth
as Sergei 'Serge' Malatov
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk/Thomas 'Herc' Hauk/Sgt. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk
Tom Cutler
as Detective
Tristan Mack Wilds
as Michael Lee
Stefan Niemczyk
as Baltimore Police Officer
Eisa Davis
as Bubbles' Sister
Paul D'Elia
as Harbor Patrol Cop
Josh Adam Meyers
as Dope Fiend
Kenny Shapiro
as Prison Guard
Richard Cutting
as Uniformed Lieutenant
Jeffrey Fugitt
as Claude Diggins
Dave Ehrman
as Researcher/Campaigner
Tony Ruggieri
as Amtrak Police Supervisor
Hyi Y. Lim
as Convenience Store Owner
Tony Bailey
as Charles
Chad Ridgely
as Justin Cook
Chad L. Coleman
as Dennis 'Cutty' Wise
Tony Fair
as Money Counter
Michael Ahl
as Detective/Narcotics Detective
R. Emery Bright
as Community Relations Sgt.
Lizan Mitchell
as Shooting Witness
Steve Earle
as Walon
Mike D. Anderson
as Ghost
Paul G. Sepczynski
as Stevedore
Dante Painter Jr.
as DeShawn
Aaron J. Savage
as Barksdale Crew Member/Court Suspect
Gary 'D. Reign' Senkus
as Frog
Jasmine Pitts
as Miss Rennert
Jermaine Shorts
as Man
Paul Ben-Victor
as Spiros 'Vondas' Vondopoulos
Oleg Prudius
as Henchman
Boris McGiver
as Lt. Charles Marimow
Robert Neal Marshall
as Comstat Police Major
Robin Skye
as Madam LaRue
Nora Bauer
as Business Traveler/Waitress
Tevin Brown
as Man
Rosemary Knower
as Grieving Mother
Kayte Grace
as Ava
James E. Ash
as Uniform Officer/Burman/SWAT Team Officer
Joe Inscoe
as FBI Deputy Director Arthur Tolan
Patrick Brown
as Jury Foreman
Kristian King Lewman
as Asst. Medical Examiner Diane Lerner
Maurice Goodman
as Shift Lieutenant
De'Ante McCullough
as Boy
Tyreeka Freamon
as Middle School Clerk/School Receptionist
Zakiya Jefferson
as Woman
John Badila
as Sun Staff Member
Caroline G. Pleasant
as Bodie's Grandmother
Eric Trosman
as Dmitri
Na'Dria Jennings
as Chandra Porter
Luray Cooper
as Nathaniel 'Nat' Coxson
Clayton LeBouef
as Wendell 'Orlando' Blocker
Michael Hyatt
as Brianna Barksdale
William Zielinski
as Gene
Marty Lodge
as Banisky
Benjamin Busch
as Off. Anthony Colicchio
Ted Borodaeff
as Boyfriend of William Rawls/Campaigner/William Rawls' Boyfriend
Bill Raymond
as The Greek
Tamara Johnson
as Lieut. Cindy Lowry
Peter Gerety
as Judge Daniel Phelan
Giselle Watts
as Darcia Wallace
Tony Small
Hassan Johnson
as Roland 'Wee-Bey' Brice
Jason Parker
as Off. Reggie Leddett
Tasha Rudolph
as Abusive Mother
Jeffon Avin
as Market Manager
Daniel Ross
as Camera Assistant Channel 11 News/Drug Dealer/Movie Patron
Katherine Schmoke
as Miss Mason
Barry Bradford
as Stash house man
Jonas Grey
as Drug Buyer
Elisabeth Noone
as Joan Sobotka
Chris Bauer
as Frank Sobotka
Lev Gorn
as Eton Ben-Eleazer
Lace Williams
as Homeless Girl
Charlie Limber
as Man
Anwan Glover
as Slim Charles
David Ian McKendry
as Inmate
Larry Hull
as William Gant
Gina Hernandez
as On-Air Reporter
Toni Lewis
as F.B.I. Agent/FBI Agent
Al Sotto
as Deli Delivery Boy
Dirk Pratt
as Narcotics Detective
Seth Hurwitz
as Poker Player
Alexander Emmert
as Asst. D.A. Becker
Armando Cadogan Jr.
as Bubbles' Tormentor
D.L. Hopkins
as Driver
E Marshall
as Voter
Jerry Whiddon
as Washington Post Editor
Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm
as Off. Marcus
Sophia Wang
as Six Flags Girl #2
Leo Rogstad
as Russian Mope
Charley Scalies
as Thomas 'Horseface' Pakusa
Jason Wharton
as Albert Stokes
Benay Berger
as FBI Supervisor Amanda Reese
Damon Henderson
as Pastor
Marvina Vinique
as Nurse
Reginald Gilmer
as Man
Steve Lukiewski
as Phil the Dispatcher
Imani Nia Robinson
as Myisha/Woman
James Cottingham
as Detective
Michael Kostroff
as Maurice 'Maury' Levy
Stephen F. Schmidt
as Brice's attorney
Lee Zagari
as Juan
Jim Scopelitis
as Banker #1
Adrienne Meisel
as Recovering addict
Nikki Lusk
as Woman
Justin Ruff
as Marlos crew
Eric Messner
as Alma's Boyfriend
Rico Whelchel
as Rico
Patrick Michael Strange
as Reporter
Kirk Penberthy
as FBI Spec. Agent Arnold D. Paulette
Jermaine Crawford
as Duquan 'Dukie' Weems
Susan Duvall
as Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly
Dolly Turner
as Ms. Hanson
David Peters
as Diener
Edwina Findley
as Tosha Mitchell
Bryan Anderson
as Marino
Brandon Fobbs
as Fruit
Mayo Best
as Gerard
Clark Johnson
as City Editor Augustus 'Gus' Haynes
Aubrey Deeker Hernandez
as Terry Hanning
Frederick Strother
as State Delegate Odell Watkins
The Nighthawks
as The Nighthawks
Frank McPartland
as Angry Baseball Fan
Rakiya Orange
as Charlene Young
Chris McMullin
as Disgruntled Roll Call Sgt.
Eric G. Ryan
as Sean McNulty
Devin Tweedy
as Man
Carl Schoettler
as Carl Schoettler
Clay Steakley
as Asst. Hotel Manager
Gordon Timothy
as Anthony Wardell
Michael Potts
as Brother Mouzone
Ernest Glover
as Poll Worker
Rico Sterling
as Calvin/Tyrell
Fredro Starr
as Marquis 'Bird' Hilton
Bobby J. Brown
as Off. Bobby Brown
Thuliso Dingwall
as Kenard
Tracy Teague
as McNulty's Date
Gabriel Pearson
as Baltimore County Police Liason
Kristie Dale Sanders
as Det. Nancy Porter
Daniel Garrett
as Gus the Bartender
Michael James Shaw
as Homeless Man
Rob J. Moore
as Man at Boxing Match
Brandon Young
as Mike Fletcher
Jarvis W. George
as 'Ronnie Mo' Watkins
Frank Hansen
as Undercover Cop at Precinct
Kim Tuvin
as Judge Emily Johnson
Melissa D. Madison
as Lt. Grayson
Big Ben Kennedy
as Construction Foreman
Jonathan Pope
as Sergeant
Corey Sorenson
as Young Cop
Curtis Montez
as Sterling
Elijah Grant Johnson
as Elijah
Gil Deeble
as Hucklebuck
Christopher Mann
as Councilman Anthony 'Tony' Gray
Terrence Currier
as Roy Brown
Neal Huff
as Chief of Staff Michael Steintorf
Joe Hansard
as Nathan Levi Boston
Marshall Jefferies
as Corner boy/Marlo's Lieutenant
Wes Johnson
as Security Supervisor
Erik Dellums
as Dr. Randall Frazier
Kevin Jiggetts
as Frommers
Sheila Cutchlow
as Miss Sheperdson
Muna Otaru
as Student in Registrar's Office
Gavin Peretti
as Reporter
Kurt L. Schmoke
as Health Commissioner
Joe DiBlassi
as Man
Michael B. Jordan
as Wallace
Sho Brown
as Phil Boy
Pablo Schreiber
as Nick Sobotka
Donovan Hagins
as Dancer
Eric Buarque
as Long Shoreman
Clifton Gross
as Stevedore
Leslie Elliard
as Off. Kevin Reynolds
Marlyne Barrett
as Council President Nerese Campbell
Alan Gates
as Off duty West Point Police Officer/West Point Policeman
Andrew Cruttenden
as Man
DeLon Howell
as Inmate #1
Antonio Cordova
as Michael McNulty
Stephen Szibler
as Narcotics Detective
Carl Low
as Undercover #2B
Carolyn Rawleigh
as Bystander
Thomas W. Stewart
as Banquet Attendee/Bar Patron/Bartender/Businessman/Courthouse Clerk/High Roller/Husband/Man In Park/Man In Street/Parent/Reporter/Train Traveler
Brian James Harris
as Undercover Cop
Amy Ryan
as Off. Beatrice 'Beadie' Russell
Jill Redding
as Delores
Adrian Black
as High Roller/Junkie
Laura Lippman
as Self
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as D'Angelo Barksdale
S. Robert Morgan
as Butchie
Joanna Becker
as High Roller/Resturant Patron
Philip Byron
as Juvenile Delinquent
Jeff Wincott
as Johnny Weaver
Jefferson Smith
as Reporter
Duncan Smith
as Shipping Agent
Nathan James
as Officer
Christopher Allison
as Drug Dealer #1
Chester West
as Shift Lt. Dent
Nitin Adsul
as Indian Shop Owner
Chynna Gray
as Woman
Reid Sasser
as Director of National Drug Control Policy
Joseph DeBona
as State Trooper #2
Mia Arnice Chambers
as Squeak
Jonathan Orcutt
as Sheriff Robert Spore
Vicki Jean Clark
as Banquet Attendee/Bar Attendant/Bar Patron/Business Woman/Courthouse Clerk/High Roller/Parent/Reporter/Train Traveler/Wife/Woman in Park/Woman in Street
Kevin Murray
as Special Agent Kleary
Aubrohn King
as Reporter/Detective
Nathan Corbett
as Donut
Queen Nzinga Ama Linton
as Female Rail Passenger
Ptolemy Slocum
as Business Card Homeless Man
Robert Albrecht
as Rookie Cop
Melvin Jackson Jr.
as Bernard
Genevieve Hudson-Price
as Dee Dee
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Police Officer
Tom Gambrill
as Retired Detective
Michael Kevin Darnall
as Brandon Wright
Dan Franko
as Off. Ginter
Kelley Slagle
as Asst. Medical Examiner
Patrick McDade
as FOP President
Tyrell Baker
as Little Kevin
Alan J. Wendl
as Desk Sergeant
Callie Thorne
as Elena McNulty
Paul L. Nolan
as Hardware Store Employee
Bruce Kirkpatrick
as Roger Twigg
Devin Rumer
as Corpse
Jay Landsman
as Lt. Dennis Mello/Maj. Dennis Mello
Steve Luxenberg
as Sun Staff Member
Method Man
as Melvin 'Cheese' Wagstaff
Johnnett Kent
as Sharon Jones
BJ Butler
as NY Dealer
Theodore M. Snead
as Sports Editor
Addison Switzer
as Country
Doug Roberts
as State's Attorney Steven Demper
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as State Sen. R. Clayton 'Clay' Davis
Alfonso Christian Lover
as Old Face Andre
Valerie Leonard
as Washington Post Staff Member
Pam Spiliadis
as Pam Spiliadis
John Doman
as Dep. Comm. for Operations William A. Rawls/Maj. William A. Rawls/Col. William A. Rawls/Acting Commissioner William A. Rawls
Stacie Williams
as Gail
Yan Xi
as Waitress
Robert G. McKay
as Rep. Albert Upshaw
Peter Linari
as Pete the Bartender
Stephen Graybill
as Undercover Cop
Derren Fuentes
as Lt. Torret
Clarke Peters
as Det. Lester Freamon
Ernest Waddell
as Dante
Michael Coley
as Kwame/Corner Boy
Kate Revelle
as Jane
Esley Tate
as Boo
Jeremy Nichols
as First Mate
Kristine Cornils
as Lawyer
J. Valenteen Gregg
as Chess
Kelli R. Brown
as Kimmy
Elizabeth Mary Nolan
as Reporter
Katrinka Stringfield
as Homicide Secretary
Walter Wiz Nichols
as Street Guy
Donnell Rawlings
as Damien 'Day-Day' Price
Ron A. Williams
as Addict
Robert Wisdom
as Howard 'Bunny' Colvin/Maj. Howard 'Bunny' Colvin
Krystal Browning
as Lesbian in Bar
Bethany Hoffman
as Paramedic
David Fonteno
as Poker Winner
Rob Coughlin
as Hearse Driver
Jeffrey Wendell Moffatt
as Stanfield Muscle/Stanfield Trainee
Katana Lazet Hall
as Savino's mother
as Ford
Lora Reed
as Woman
Jim Jones
as Man on Street
Jamie Hector
as Marlo Stanfield
Jon Jolles
as Sun Librarian
Vera Holley
as The Principal
Phillip Burgess
as Security Guard
Maria Broom
as Marla Daniels
Mark Joy
as Ed Bowers
Kevyn Settle
as Sun Paper Layout Editor
Dawn Ursula
as Lolita Colvin
Paul Morella
as FBI Profiler
Leo Fitzpatrick
as Johnny Weeks
Shenia Hatchett
as Woman/Miss Sheperdson
Jon Garcia
as Ringo
Franklin Ojeda Smith
as Minister
Tony Devon
as Mr. Shopper
Misty Kelley
as Teacher
Richard DeAngelis
as Col. Raymond Foerster/Maj. Raymond Foerster
Shamika Cotton
as Raylene Lee
Christina Pitrelli
as Teacher
Tony Moore
as Attorney
Brandan T. Tate
as Sapper
Jeffrey Coleman
as Coast Guard Officer
Stephen Alexander
as Bar Patron
Dionne Audain
as Social Worker
Brook Yeaton
as Michael 'White Mike' McArdle
Tia Latrell
as Parole Officer
SiSi Kache
as Mother
Steve Staiger
as Property Developer
Barnett Milton Lloyd
as Maj. Marvin Taylor
Marcis Turner
as Police Officer
Rachel Rhodes
as Hostess
Keith Flippen
as Bruce DiBiago
Keenon Brice
as Aaron 'Bug' Manigault
Keith Waters
as Head Waiter
Nat Benchley
as Det. Augustus Polk
Vincent M. Ward
as Butchie's Bodyguard
Tel Monks
as Father Jerome Lewandowski
Charmaine McPhee
as Laetitia
Sabrina Flores
as Girl
David L. Marston
as Newspaper Photographer/Long Shoreman/Courthouse Patron/Pedestrian/Restaurant Patron/Resturant Patron/Voter
Art Hall
as Reporter
Joilet Harris
as Off. Caroline Massey
Rachel Lynn Dinenna
as Woman
Andre Royo
as Reginald 'Bubbles' Cousins
Jim Ancel
as Man
Verna Day
as Resident
Cynthia Webb
as Teacher #2
Ayoka Dorsey
as Gus's Wife
Aphrodite Georgelakos
as Unknown
John E. Fairley
as Man
Jayne Miller
as Jayne Miller
Jackie Sawiris
as Unknown
MaConnia Chesser
as Trina
Kelvin Davis
as La La
Philip DePalo
as Undercover Detective/Uniformed Police Officer
Ian Bonds
as Drug Buyer in Car
Brandi L. Davis
as Nancine Nance Owens
Ken McNaughton
as Bar Patron
Kim Bogues
as Woman
Marybeth Wise
as Off. Karen
Kevin McKelvey
as F.B.I. Agent
Lance Williams
as John Bailey
Michael Rivera
as Renaldo's Friend
Al Brown
as Maj. Stanislaus Valchek/Col. Stanislaus Valchek/Commissioner Stanislaus Valchek/Dep. Comm. for Administration Stanislaus Valchek
Robert Hogan
as Louis Sobotka
Barney Fitzpatrick
as B.D.C. President
Richard Hidlebird
as Principal Claudell Withers
Christopher Glenn Wilson
as DEA Agent
Robert X. Golphin
as Crackhead
John Bobby
as Stevedore
Larry Andrews
as Donnie
Ingrid Cornell
as Nakeesha Lyles
Reggie Alvin Green
as Arabber
Keith Moyer
as Junk Man
Frank Reid
as Reverend
Dravon James
as Grace Sampson
Curt Boushel
as Andy
Carl Clemons
as Cheese's Muscle
Lance Reddick
as Lt. Cedric Daniels/Maj. Cedric Daniels/Col. Cedric Daniels/Dep. Comm. for Operations Cedric Daniels
Jason Moffett
as Off. Tony
Richard Price
as Book Group Leader
Richard Belzer
as John Munch
Christine Lee
as Store Clerk
Karen Kirschenbauer
as Hostess
Brian Dragonuk
as Bar Patron/Drive-by Drug Buyer/Reporter
Jerome Ro Brooks
as Drug Dealer
Felix Stevenson
as Rev. Frank Reid/Reverend Frank Reid
Sophia Ayoud
as Cary Russell
Yolanda Gaskins
as School Board Representative
Marc Steiner
as Debate Moderator
Glynn Turman
as Mayor Clarence V. Royce/Former Mayor Clarence V. Royce
Sarah Grace Hart
as Six Flags Girl #1
Manny Oliverez
as News Cameraman
William L. Thomas
as F.B.I. Agent/FBI Special Agent Mason
Daniel Lee Robertson III
as Shaun Williams
Perry Blackmon
as Perry
Melvina Williams
as Woman at Crime Scene #2
Stanley Boyd
as Cherry/Man at Basketball Game
Derek Horton
as Off. Brian Baker
De'Rodd Hearns
as Herbert De'Rodd 'Puddin' Johnson
Jim True-Frost
as Det. Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski/Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski
Kamal Bostic-Smith
as Snot Boogie's Friend
Corey Parker Robinson
as Det. Leander Sydnor
Gregory L. Williams
as Det. Michael Crutchfield
Atif Lanier
as Western District Police Officer
David J. Smolar
as Newspaper Reporter/Newspaperman #2/Piano Player in Restaurant
Michael Noel
as Computer Technician
Taylor King
as Zenobia Dawson
Rick Otto
as Off. Kenneth Dozerman
Crissandra Spencer
as Cassandra Spencer/Reporter
Chris Clanton
as Savino Bratton
Brian E. McLarney
as Off. Brian McLarney
Denise Preddy
as Miss Ella
Edonis Washington
as Latroy
Sonja Sohn
as Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs
Jacques Derosena
as Leech
Sheila Hennessey
as TV Reporter
Mikel Miller
as Police Officer
Al Ghanekar
as Photo Editor
Thomas J. McCarthy
as State Editor Tim Phelps/Tim Phelps
Mark Kochanowicz
as Yuppie Husband
Dick Stilwell
as Commissioner Warren Frazier
Kerry Meushaw
as TV Reporter - Blue Van
Stan Stewart
as Big Charles
Stephanie Burden
as Judy Pryzbylewski
Scott Ross
as College Student #1
Edward Bernard Green Jr.
as Spider
Lloyd Booker
as mayoral aide
Jeffrey Pratt Gordon
as John 'Johnny Fifty' Spamanto
Christopher Haley
as Math Teacher/Tech #2
Darrell M. Smith
as School Officer Turner/Off. Turner/School Officer
Pete Burris
as Federal judge
Suzanne Wooton
as Suzanne Wooton
Sheila Gaskins
as Mrs. Anderson
Usman Sharif
as Drug Slinger #2
Melvin Williams
as Deacon
Brandy Burre
as Theresa D'Agostino
Akim Black
as Off. Tope
Nakia Dillard
as Off. Lambert
David Von Roehm
as Detective at Base
Robert Ehrlich
as Security Guard
Isis McCray
as Tiff
Dimitros 'Jimmy' Stakias
as Greek Deliveryman
Kimberly S. Fairbanks
as Patrolwoman
William Shipman
as Detective Western District/Philadelphia Detective
Aaron Fiore
as Uniformed Cop With Beer
Shaunté Usual
as Patrice
Tony Tsendeas
as Homeless Man #2
Karen Vicks
as Gerry
Ken Arnold
as Car Theft Reporting Lt.
Richard Burton
as Sean 'Shamrock' McGinty
Alan V. Poulson
as Developer
Anthony Mangano
as Det. Kevin Infante
Lenecia Renée Porro
as News Journalist
Patricia Penn
as Sun Staff Member
Shamyl Brown
as Donette
Sarah Desage
as Bank Teller
Marcus LaRon
as Police Officer
Diana Villamonte
as Rachel Shapiro
John Holt Hall
as DEA Agent In Charge
Scott Shane
as Scott Shane
Randall Boffman
as Bill Anderson - Port Admin. Port of Baltimore
Greg Coale
as Reporter
Jay Spadaro
as Officer
Norman Outlaw
as Orderly
Jonathan D. Wray
as Tank
Todd Scofield
as Jeff Price
Enrique Chicas
as Bailiff/Courthouse Police Officer
Gary Wheeler
as Attorney
Doug Lory
as Big Roy
Clarence Clemons
as Roman
Adam Michael Rose
as Funeral Attendant
Lucy Newman-Williams
as Asst. State's Atty. Taryn Hanson
Tim McAdams
as Motorist
Anthony Fedd
as Tucky
Chris Kies
as Petey
Brian Anthony Wilson
as Det. Vernon Holley
Davon Cooper
as Darnell Tyson
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Omar Little
Nina Hodoruk
as State's Atty. Kendall Remnick
Tommy Hahn
as FBI Special Agent Salmond
David DeBoy
as Detective Shea
Susan Rome
as Asst. State's Atty. Ilene Nathan
Connor Aikin
as Jack Russell
Mike Monroe
as Campaign Staff
Donald Neal
as Rewrite Man Jay Spry
Bill Heneghan
as MPA Officer
William Joseph Brookes
as Lawrence Butler
Amber Nelson
as Miss Thiessen/Yacht Waitress
John Lim
as ER Doctor
Robert Lee Hardy
as Brother
Stephen Zaleski
as Coroner
Jim Rood
as Patrolman
Stephanie Bamberger
as Natasha
Courtney Irons
as Female Pedestrian
Thomas C. Hessenauer
as Middle School Teacher/Teacher #1
Ty Robinson
as Street Dealer
Seymour Horowitz
as Grieving Father
Thomas Fraser
as Hospital Patient
Reg E. Cathey
as Norman Wilson
Larry Carter
as Reporter
Duane Chandler Rawlings
as Nathaniel 'Hungry Man' Manns
Nehal Joshi
as Baba Jani
Larry Young
as Shark
Darrell Britt-Gibson
as Darius 'O-Dog' Hill
Derek A. Smith
as Construction Foreman/Courthouse patron
Manuel Poblete
as The Prosecutor
Jonathan Watkins
as Tony, City Councilman
Tom Mardirosian
as Agent Kristos Koutris
Michael Mosley
as Raymond Wiley
Cyrus Farmer
as Devar Manigault
Maestro Harrell
as Randy Wagstaff
J.D. Williams
as Preston 'Bodie' Broadus
Edward T. Norris
as Det. Edward Norris
William R. Johnson
as FBI Agent
Tray Chaney
as Malik 'Poot' Carr
Andrew Aninsman
as Aggravated Sergeant
Jeff Roberts
as Employed Homeless Man
Bus Howard
as Vernon 'Ott' Motley
Tiffani Holland
as Chiquan
Jennifer Badger
as Slavic Drowning Victim
Ben Solenberger
as Carcetti Detail
Glenn Klavans
as Homicide Detective
Dan De Luca
as David Parenti
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as CSI Police Officer
Justin Burley
as Justin
Pamela Fischer
as Campaign Supporter
Frankie Faison
as Acting Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell/Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell/Dep. Comm. for Operations Ervin H. Burrell
Nicole Pettis
as Miss Reese
Lee E. Cox
as Off. Aaron Castor
Joseph W. Lane
as Corrections Officer Supervisor
Merritt Wever
as Prissy
Tyson Hall
as Marvin
Anthony Bosco
as The Sun Copy Editor
Lorilyn Huckstep
as Wealthy Homeowner
Kara Lee Duncan
as Regional Affairs Editor Rebecca Corbett/Rebecca Corbett
Jaymes Jorsling
as Vincent
Aaron Lee Wright
as Fighting Kid
Michael Willis
as Andy Krawczyk
Tamika Simpkins
as Mother
Tiara Harris
as Devonne
Teddy Cañez
as George 'Double G' Glekas
Corbin Smith
as Monell
Collin Leonard
as Dennis Harper
Dion Graham
as State's Attorney Rupert Bond
Steve Zettler
as Prison Guard
Amy Lee
as Store Owner
Megan Anderson
as Jen Carcetti
Maurice Blanding
as Basketball player
Nancy Grace
as Nancy Grace
Jack Seeley
as Bigoted Voter
William F. Zorzi
as Bill Zorzi
Gloria Phillips
as Bereaved Mother
Jeffrey Lorenzo
as Karim Williams
Jonnie Brown
as Off. Eddie Walker
Lawrence Cameron Steele
as Police Lieutenant
Lance Irwin
as Maui
Antonio D. Charity
as CO Dwight Tilghman
R. Andrew Doan
as Extra
Michelle Paress
as Alma Gutierrez
Paul Majors
as Off. MacGaul
Donald Rey
as Copy Shop Employee
Chris James
as Carcetti's Driver
Rae Haskins
as Drug Dealer
Justin Hinnant
as Neighborhood Kid

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2002 | 13 Episodes

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2003 | 12 Episodes

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2004 | 12 Episodes

Season 4

2006 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2008 | 10 Episodes




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