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October 24, 2021
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The Walking Dead’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, this gritty drama portrays life in the weeks and months following a zombie apocalypse. Led by police officer Rick Grimes, his family and a group of other survivors find themselves constantly on the move in search of a safe and secure home. But the pressure each day to stay alive sends many in the group to the deepest depths of human cruelty, and Rick discovers that the overwhelming fear of the survivors can be more deadly than the zombies walking among them.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: October 31, 2010

Also Known As: Staigajosie mironi, Ходячие мертвецы (телесериал) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, R18+), Brazil (16, 14, 18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

post-apocalyptic future

Company Credits

Production Co: American Movie Classics (AMC), Circle of Confusion |  See more »


Cassidy Balkcom
as Hilltop Member
Steven Yeun
as Glenn Rhee
Kerry Cahill
as Dianne
Elle Graham
as Winnie
Joey Renfroe
as Kingdom Survivor/Militia
Emily Kinney
as Beth Greene
Paige Hamby
as Walker
Stephen Pepper
as Choir
Sarah Wayne Callies
as Lori Grimes
Arthur Bridgers
as Crowley
Benjamin Keepers
as Sean
Daniel Thomas May
as Allen
Chris Burns
as Mike/Base Camp Walker
Owen Harn
as Crazed Man
Isabel Chanel Freeman
as Alexandria Survivor
Wallace Krebs
as Car Window Walker/Escape POW #14/Prison Amputee
Kristen Sanchez
as Walker
Ilan Muallem
as Wesley
Al Vicente
as Mexican Man
Misty Ormiston
as Midge
Charlie Leach
as Woodchuck Walker
Cooper Andrews
as Jerry
as Future Adult
Lenny Lenox
as Savior
Kerry Condon
as Clara
Jonathan Hart
as Prison Walker
Kristin Erickson
as Female Whisperer/Lookout Whisperer
Deborah May
as Natania
Sunkrish Bala
as Caleb Subramanian
Jason Douglas
as Tobin
Elizabeth Davidovich
as Walker/Knit Cap Wolf
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
as Radio Newscaster
Joshua Lamboy
as Large Savior
Kelley Mack
as Addy
Bissette Williams
as Hilltop Orphan/Kingdom Orphan
A.J. Caruso
as Savior
Dave R. Watkins
as Dead Soldier
Elijah Abdullah
as Savior
Anthony Guajardo
as Miguel
Corky Turvey
as Alexandria Wrangler/Kingdom Wrangler
Athena Akers
as Walker
Gary Lee Vincent
as Savior
Jesse Michael Fullington
as Walker
Stuart Greer
as Roman
Dimitri Hale
as Walker
Andrea Moore
as Ellen
Seth Gilliam
as Gabriel Stokes
Maximiliano Hernández
as Bob Lamson
Tony Gowell
as Walker
Noah Lomax
as Louis Morales
Katelyn Nacon
as Enid
Austin Nichols
as Spencer Monroe
Traci Dinwiddie
Autumn Azul
as Nabila's Daughter/Aliyah
Don Teems
as Walker/Prison Walker
Ronnie L. Cleary
as Whisperer
Josh Turner
as Tattooed Savior
Xander Berkeley
as Gregory
Royce Faulk
as Featured Zombie
Michael L. Covington
as Parent
Lee Marvin
as Kyle/Alexandria Resident
Blaine Rincon
as Savior
Jason Gerrard
as Walker
Timothy Douglas Perez
as Satellite Guard #2/Vatos Gang Member
Brianna Butler
as Maya
Emma Bell
as Amy Harrison/Amy
Cherie Gierhart
as Donna
Gjee Wade II
as Muscled Kingdom Member
Anissa Matlock
as Woman
Ross Crain
as Whisperer
Derrick McLeod
as Walker
Briana Venskus
as Beatrice
Emma Coulter
as Female Whisperer
Bailey Ingersoll
as War Party Savior
Robert Benge
as Walker
Jay Waddell
as Walker
Kristy Hoefler
as Woodbury Citizen
Cait Johnson
as Walker
Omer Mughal
as Walker
Thora Birch
as Gamma/Mary
Teron Text Sorensen
as Walker
Christopher Berry
as Negan's Scout
Valdez Williams
as Highwayman
Peggy Sheffield
as Dana
Ryan Newton
as Savior/Walker
Bryan SilverBax
as Savior/Shrapnel Savior
Jason Graham
as William
Tevin Beech
as Hilltopper
Kaylie Turner
as Hilltop Kid/Child Walker
Savana Jade Wehunt
as Walker
Laurie Fortier
as Agatha
Micah King
as Nabila's Son/Ezra
Hilarie Burton
as Lucille
S.P. Landess
as Walker
Tyler J. Shaw
as Hilltop Member/Savior
Michael D. Arite
as Walker
Belleamie McMillan
as Oceanside Resident/Oceansider
Tony F. Charles
as Joseph Hall Solider/Kingdom Walker
as Homeless Dog
Timothy Scott
as Gavin Trevitt
Michael Harding
as Older Man
Emily E. Kelly
as Camp Survivor
Chatejah George
as Oceansider
Jane McNeill
as Patricia
Griffin Freeman
as Mark
Craig Gellis
as Tough Grizzled Savior
Kinney M. Lee
as Hilltop Resident
Theodus Crane
as Big Tiny
Hayley H. Long
as Walker in Woods
AJ Achinger
as Ken
Rogelio Lorenzo
as Red Beanie Savior/Red Beanie savior
Ryan D. Olson
as Prison Walker
Dango Nu Yen
as Guard
Adam Fristoe
as Dean
Louis Zehner
as Talking Charred Hero Walker
Dante Dahabreh
as Zombie
Bob Fisher
as National Guardsman 5 and 6
Lindsay Abernathy
as Rowan
Dwayne Boyd
as National Guardsman
Keith Hudson
as Rudy
Jevocas Green
as Walker
Kyla Kenedy
as Mika Samuels
Oliver Kasiske
as Walker
Steve Coulter
as Reg/Reg Monroe
Seth Dousman
as Male Whisperer
Myke Holmes
as Craig
Nicole Barré
as Kathy
Audrey Marie Anderson
as Lilly Chambler
Aaron Farb
as Norris
Kennedy Brice
as Molly
Chris Coy
as Martin
Bruce W Greene
as Highwayman/Savior/kingdom survivor
IronE Singleton
as Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas
Juan Gabriel Pareja
as Morales
Justin Kucsulain
as Ethan
J.C. Long
as Lurker #2
LB Brown
as Young Man
Matthew Austin Murray
as Wilson
Angie Yarbrough
as Motor Pool Walker
Amber Dawn Fox
as Officer Bello
Chase Ledgerwood
as Walker in Woods
Claire Bronson
as Candace Jenner/Mom
Bobby Buls
as Kingdom Archer
Lane Miller
as Reilly
Sonya Thompson
as Walker/Snarling Car Walker
Norman Reedus
as Daryl Dixon
Andrew J. West
as Gareth
Rachel Hernandez
as Oceanside Resident
Eric Graise
as Crawling Cot Walker/Falling Walker
Alanna Masterson
as Tara Chambler
London Riley Pigott
as Breakfast Girl
Justice Leak
as Knife Smock Man
Chick Bernhard
as Unnamed Criminal 2
Nick Gomez
as Tomas
Jaime Griffon
as Walker
Mike Seal
as Gary
Elizabeth Sparks
as Walker
Benedict Samuel
as Owen
Ken Melde
as Infected Doctor
David Shae
as Alfred
L. Stephanie Ray
as Camp Survivor
Chad Coleman
as Tyreese Williams
Chris Gann
as 40's Man
Jeryl Prescott
as Jacqui
Brandon Fobbs
as Terry
Tom Payne
as Paul 'Jesus' Rovia
Josh Ventura
as Martin
Sarah McCunney
as Oceanside survivor
Maddie Lomax
as Eliza
Ashleigh Jo Sizemore
as Big-Eyed Walker Woman/Chained Walker/Impaled Walker/Walker
Lee Norris
as Todd
Scott Lomas
as Alexandrian/Alexandrian soldier/Savior/Soldier
MWW Michael Wilkerson
as Savior Soldier
Lindsley Register
as Laura
Michael A. Thompson
as Covered Bridge Walker
Aerli Austen
as Isabelle
Juan Javier Cardenas
as Dante
David Morrissey
as Philip 'The Governor' Blake/Brian Heriot
James Stacey
as Kingdom Soldier/Walker
Michael Scialabba
as Gordon
Lindley Mayer
as Walker
Nilsa Castro
as CDC Lab Technician
Anabelle Holloway
as Gracie
Michael James Shaw
as Mercer
Erik Jensen
as Steven Edwards
Lennie James
as Morgan Jones
Matthew Lyda
as Walker/Cafe Window Walker/Creek Bed Walker #1/Truck Walker
Celeste Lezcano
as Walker
Dalton Simons
as Richards
Noel Gugliemi
as Felipe
Andy Rusk
as Drug Store Walker
Blaine Kern III
as Brandon Rose
Angel Theory
as Kelly
Dave Davis
as Gargulio
Gary Whitta
as Pajama Walker
Jennifer Russell
as Walker
John Collier
as Savior Soldier
Erin Barksdale
as Choir
Marc Gowan
as Percy
Jasi Cotton Lanier
as Walker
Alex Sgambati
as Jules
Lauren Cohan
as Maggie Rhee/Maggie Greene/Maggie
Joe Hernandez
as Walker/Walker Under Tank
Griffin O'Connor
as Field Walker
Morgan Strebler
as Walker
J.D. Evermore
as Harley
Kirk Acevedo
as Mitch Dolgen
Rutina Wesley
as Jocelyn
Ronnie Scissom
as Walker
Kim Ormiston
as Hilda
Josh McClenney
as Walker
Travis Love
as Bowman/Shumpert/Vatos Gang Member
Troy Faruk
as Sean
Jon Eyez
as Potter
C. Thomas Howell
as Roy/Hilltop Resident
Stephen Shelton
as Duke
Michael Ananicz
as Alexandrian Walker/Alley Walker/Hilltop Walker/Quarry Walker
Rich Ceraulo Ko
as Jiro
Avi Nash
as Siddiq
John Finn
as Earl Sutton
Gary Weeks
as Corporal
Jamil Khan
as Savior
Jordan Woods-Robinson
as Eric/Eric Raleigh
Bob Lusher
as Kingdom Resident
Cuyle Carvin
as Machine Gun Savior/Savior #1
Jule Culotta
as Choir
Andy Glen
as Mexican Boy
Kasey Williamson
as Bread Truck Walker/Prison Walker
Jasmine Lewis
as Walker
Tyshon Freeman
as Worker
Tyler Thouviner
as Alexandrean Kid/Alexandrian Kid/Hilltop Kid
Vanessa Cloke
as Anna
Michael Pierino Miller
as Savior
Melissa Eastwood
as Kingdom Soldier/Kingdom Community Member/Pig Tender/Walker
Bob Jennings
as Savior
Andrew Rothenberg
as Jim
H. Patrik Coyne
as 20's Man
Jake Gallaway
as Hilltop Resident
Philip Dido
as Warren
Michael Layman
as Kingdom Guard/Camp Worker (Kingdom)/Kingdom Community Member/Kingdom Soldier
Marisol Correa
as Oceanside Sentry Female/Militia
Forrest Briggs
as Savior/Savior Soldier
Laura Kelley
as Hilltop Resident
Jim R. Coleman
as Lam Kendal
Ryan Nesset
as Walker
Rico Ball
as Franco
Rhys Coiro
as Jed
Elyse Dufour
as Frankie
Aaron Reynolds
as Walker
Amanda Dyar
as Barn Walker/Walker
Jeremy Ambler
as Farm 'Here' Walker/Highway Walker
Havana Blum
as 10 Year Old Lydia
Lane Carlock
as Laundry Woman #2
Jacqueline Marie Zwick
as Prison Fence Walker
Quandae Stewart
as Distillery Owner/Militia/Resident Of Hilltop/Resident of Hilltop/Worker/Hilltop Distiller/Hilltop Resident/Mixed Community
Donzaleigh Abernathy
as Dr. Stevens
Perry Johnson
as Hilltop Member/Kingdom/Kingdom Survivor/Kingdom Member
Patrick Purser
as Walker
Ian Casselberry
as Savior Guard #2
Stacey Crowder
as Savior
Dallas Roberts
as Milton Mamet
TA Stanton
as Savior SPEC Soldier
Michael Cudlitz
as Abraham Ford
Michael Traynor
as Nicholas
Gregory French
as Walker/Barbed Wire Face Walker/Gas Mask Walker/Savior/Whisperer
Lucy Rose
as Walker
Hines Ward
as Street Walker
Amanda Elizabeth Adams
as Walker
Gina Morelli
as Abuela
Keedar Whittle
as Sean
Grayson Riggs
as Young Boy
Michelle Morano
as Kingdom Soldier/Walker
Quinn Bozza
as Cyrus
Jimmy Mcafee
as Savior/Coalition Soldier/Alexandria resident/Alexandria Guard/Alexandria Resident/Coalition soldier
Logan Miller
as Benjamin
Alan Kidd
as Hilltop Resident
Susie Spear Purcell
as Mrs. Neudermeyer
James Harvley
as Camp Survivor
Angie Kalen
as Hero Zombie
Ricky Russert
as Chris
Jon Bernthal
as Shane Walsh
Gregory Dean French
as Savior Walker
Dan Johnson
as Derek
Danny Vinson
as David
Adam Hicks
as Savior/Hilltop Member
Chris Goad
as Savior
Michael Raymond-James
as Dave
Bret McKee
as Whisperer #1
Taso N. Stavrakis
as Walker
Joe Ando-Hirsh
as Rodney
James Miller
as Rat/Sewer Walker
Dan Fogler
as Luke
Jose Miguel Vasquez
as Jose
Warren Franks
as Savior POW/Savior pow/Sheldon
Tim Parati
as Dr. Emmett Carson/Dr. Carson
Eric Word
as Walker
Victor Cordova
as Warrior #4
Jamel Chambers
as Savior
Erica Frene
as Injured Woman
Justin Natic
as Bridge Walker/Car Accident Walker/Gate Walker/Prison Walker
Jake Tompkins
as Walker
Enver Gjokaj
as Pete Dolgen
Angela Gay
as Savior
Labrandon Shead
as Shaved Head Wolf
Autumn Dial
as Amber
Landon Brooks
as Whisper
Avianna Mynhier
as Rachel/Rachel Ward
Marcus Lewis
as Duncan
Ellie Decker
as Walker
Jennifer 'Ms Fer' Russell
as Walker
Dane DiLiegro
as Hero Walker
Lindsey Garrett
as Mara
Marcus Hester
as Len
Barden Revelle IV
as Savior
Michael Whinnett
as The Attacker
Scott Ian
as Walker
Meyrick Murphy
as Meghan Chambler
Pollyanna McIntosh
as Jadis/Anne 'Jadis'/Anne
Scott Wilson
as Hershel Greene
Christopher W. Brantley
as Walker
Lisa Shirley
as Female Sentry
Timothy Mueller
as Walker
Corey Hawkins
as Heath
Graeme Ford
as Creek Walker 3
Lawrence Kao
as Tim
Randy Gonzalez
as Camp Survivor
Tate Ellington
as Alex
J.R. Francis
as Savior Leader
Lauren Ridloff
as Connie
Irone Singleton
as Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas/T-Dog
Bethany Kasulas
as Hilltop Resident
Joshua Hoover
as Fat Joey/Joey
Evan Lopez
as Savior
Anniston Price
as Judith Grimes
Tyler James Williams
as Noah
Cullen Moss
as Officer Gorman
James Baker
as Walker
Victor McCay
as Ryan Samuels
Nikoma T. Beermann
as Walker
Irene Ziegler
as Broadcasting Woman
Tim McAdams
as Fence Walker #1
Christopher Matthew Cook
as Licari
Brandon Firby
as Walker
Mark Ashworth
as Evan
Matt Mangum
as D.J.
Scarlett Blum
as Young Lydia
Scott Deckert
as John
Russell Towery
as Guard #1
Zach McGowan
as Justin
Duane Kicak
as Alexandria Resident
Karin Justman
as Church Lady Walker
Aurora Karine
as Flower Mom
Lauren Henneberg
as Walker
William Gregory Lee
as Chanting Whisperer/Male Whisperer
Lisa Marie Thomas
as Nurse
Cathy Hope
as Kingdom Resident
Luke David Blumm
as Linus
Lukas Bennett
as Walker
Dan Riker
as Walker
Jessica Medina
as Savior
Andrew S. McMillan
as CDC Walker/Civilian Walker/Cop Walker/Grady Walker/Gym Walker/Highway Walker/Hunter Walker/Kudzu Walker/Murdered Militia/Noseless Walker/Prison Guard Walker/Prison Yard Biter/Sand Walker
Casey Hendershot
as Wolf
Haley Leary
as Ainsley
Elijah Marcano
as Mikey
Tinsley Price
as Judith Grimes
Jill Jane Clements
as Molly
Barry W. Jerald Jr.
as Cliff Walker/Trap Walker/Tunnel Walker/Woods Walker
Shellita Boxie
as Fence Walker #6/Road Walker #4
Vincent Martella
as Patrick
Courtney Patterson
as Mel
Karenlie Riddering
as Mexican Woman
Ian O'Neil
as Kingdom Soldier/Kingdom Soldier Walker/Kingdom Survivor
Samantha Gillies Cox
as Walker
Terri Blazek
as Walker
as Walker
Andy Field
as Bow Savior/Savior
Ben VanderMey
as Bitten Whisperer
Kruz Valero
as Walker
Joe Solana Simon
as Mitchell
Elena Sanchez
as Satchel Wolf
Hunter Watson
as Savior/Savior #2
Fred Cruz
as Walker
Austin Amelio
as Dwight
Ethan Embry
as Carter
Gina Stewart
as Vendor/Gina
J.T. Seidler
as Walker
Max Perethian
as Walker
Erin Hunter
as Crying Mom
Heather Gilliland
as Teacher
Paola Lázaro
as Juanita 'Princess' Sanchez/Juanita Sanchez
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow
as Arat
Juan Bautista
as Prison Walker
Grace Toso
as Rotted Female Whisperer
Colin Dennard
as Lance
Davi Jay
as Tony
John Ridings
as Traveler
Shaheed Malik
as Warehouse Walker
Dana Rampy
as Kingdom Resident
Anthony Michael Lopez
as Oscar/Hilltopper
Jadyn Krouse
as Shelter Refugee
Scott M. Yaffee
as Walker/Walker Corpse
Michelle Hardwick
as Kingdom Resident/Kingdom Soldier
Alexa Nikolas
as Haley
Russell Durham Comegys
as Man
Roger Berard
as Ritch Darber/The First Whisperer
Frances Cobb
as Unnamed Camp Survivor/Woodbury Citizen/Camp Survivor
Will Martin
as Sick Teenager
Christian Serratos
as Rosita Espinosa
Madalyn Hardwick
as Choir
Chris Banks
as Travis
Jerri Tubbs
as Margo
Louie g Maldonado
as Bearded Walker/Fog Walker/Hatchet Face Walker/Road Walker/Street Walker/Toxic Waste Walker/Walker
Jason L. Koerner
as Walker
April Billingsley
as Theresa
M. Kinney Lee
as Hilltop Resident
Demetri Landell
as Worker
Jason Burkey
as Kevin
Judi M. Durand
as Vi
Devon Lane Tresan
as Richard Foster's Daughter
Sophia Garcia-Frizzi
as Judith Grimes
AirRese Marie
as Walker
Jason Kirkpatrick
as Alek
Shaun McMillan
as Savior
Matt Lowe
as Cam
Noah Benjamin
as Red Haired Man
Pamela Gold
as Panicked Woman
Mandi Christine Kerr
as Barbara/Mother #1
CC Castillo
as Savior #6
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as Otis
Trey Butler
as Key Ring Savior
Danai Gurira
as Michonne
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
as Walker in Woods
Peter Luis Zimmerman
as Eduardo
Kelley Davis
as Paula
Jerry Mortel
as Lamar
Eleanor Matsuura
as Yumiko
as Nelly/Siggard's Family Horse
Carmelo Oquendo
as Prison Walker
Chandler Riggs
as Carl Grimes
Clair Danielle Canterbury
as Walker/Barn Walker
Dahlia Legault
as Francine
Ryan Kightlinger
as Walker
Sam Witwer
as Tank Soldier
Ylian Alfaro Snyder
as Highway Walker/Walker
Nadia Hilker
as Magna
Aaron Munoz
as Tony
Austin Freeman
as Alex
Kayla Thompson
as Covered Bridge Walker/School Teacher
Chris Hardwick
as Walker
Jeremy Vause
as Walker
Sierra Laird
as Walker
Gino Crognale
as Winslow
Jaqueline Fleming
as Laundry Woman #1
Jessica Marshall
as Hilltop Resident
Mikey Lee
as Michael
Jeremy Palko
as Andy
Jon Buckhouse
as Walker/Snow Walker
Greg Nicotero
as Amy's Walker/Walker/Walker Eating Deer/Walker In Woodberry/Walker in front of The Sancutary
Trey McGriff
as Savior Soldier/Savior soldier
Macsen Lintz
as Henry
Mario Williams
as Alexandria Resident/Alexandria resident
Peter Kulas
as Mr. Coleman
Brandon O'Dell
as Refugee Man
E. Roger Mitchell
as Paul
M.C. Gainey
as Walker
Chad Joyce
as Savior #7
Dustin Fletcher
as Mert County Police Walker 1
Scottie Knollin
as Walker
Larry Mainland
as Walker
Derek Roberts
as Escape POW #4
Charles Halford
as Yago
Ali Fussell
as Walker
Preston Baker
as Terminus Guard
Charles Casey
as Walker
Abigail Jackson
as Woodbury Resident
Caleb Spencer Barr
as Whisperer
Lucie Rivera O'Ferrall
as Ms. McLeod
Ashton Lee Woolen
as Walker/Armless Walker/High School Walker/Highway Walker
Kevin Galbraith
as Walker/Camp Attack Walker/Doorway Walker/Quarry Walker/Swamp Walker
Nelson Bonilla
as Terminus Guard
Stefan Rollins
as Rifle Whisperer
Lew Temple
as Axel
Carlos Manhães
as Neil
Lewis Wright
as Unmasked Whisperer
Mason Beard
as Alexandria Resident
Chance Bartels
as Walker/Atlanta Evacuee/Highway Walker/Horse Eating Walker/Walker Shot by Merle
Roman Spink
as Milo
Eric Kshywonis
as Survivor
John Jaret
as Walker
Royce Munn
as Woodbury Resident
Katherine Neslund
as Traveler
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Dale Horvath
Robert Tinsley
as Walker/Savior/Unmasked Whisperer/Whisperer
Benjamin Papac
as Albert
Alex Livinalli
as Shotgun Whisperer
Adrian Kali Turner
as Duane
Whitmer Thomas
as Gunther
Lance Tafelski
as Black Bearded Wolf
Ted Huckabee
as Bruce
Wayne Degan
as Walker
Steve Warren
as Walker/Walker in Church
Debi Hett-Kimsey
as Betty Coleman
Rodney Rowland
as Baxter
Greg Tresan
as Richard Foster
Andrey Batt
as Rick's Friend
Mala Bhattacharya
as Refugee Woman
Andrew Lincoln
as Rick Grimes/Radio Personality
Christine Woods
as Dawn Lerner
Gustavo Gomez
as Marco
Kevin Kedgley
as Walker/Whisperer
David Ury
as Zion
Matt Metzger
as Walker
Michael Koske
as Walker/Arena/Ash Tribute Walker/Callaway/Flyboy Tribute Walker
Christoph Vogt
as Walker
Brett Butler
as Tammy Rose Sutton
Tommie Turvey
as Unnamed Criminal 1
Marcello Audino
as Trooper Vazquez
Luke Donaldson
as Luke
Callan McAuliffe
as Alden
Sabrina Gennarino
as Tamiel
Wil Smith
as Hilltop Member
Zachary Vazquez
as Kingdom Soldier/Kingdom soldier
James Gonzaba
as Jorge
Noah Emmerich
as Edwin Jenner
Tyler Buckingham
as Satellite Guard #1
Vince Foster
as Wayne
Alexandra Breckenridge
as Jessie Anderson
Erik James Olson
as Prison Walker
Kristin Reyelt
as Penny
Pj McDonnell
as Walker/Gate Crasher Walker
Karen Ceesay
as Bertie
Kyle Gallner
as Zach
Timothy Carr
as Bow Savior/Militia
Cailey Fleming
as Judith Grimes
Sierra Nicole Krug
as Walker
Philip Fornah
as Whisperer
Darren Baylor
as Hilltop Resident
Barry Hopkins
as Hospital Patient
Rae Olivier
as Jen
Mark Smith
as Savior/Savior Turned Walker
Cameron Scott Roberts
as Trooper
Jeff Kober
as Joe
Chad L. Coleman
as Tyreese Williams
Kimberly Leemans
as Crystal
Charles William Cook
as Terminus Survivor
Eric Mendenhall
as Billy
Ian Anthony Dale
as Tomi
Jan Harrelson
as Father
Brent Bernhard
as Unnamed Criminal 3
Emily Lane
as Female Whisperer
Nadine Marissa
as Nabila
Jonathan Billions
as Marcus
Jake Garber
as Saviour/Walker
Caroline Duncan
as Hilde
Mike Mayhall
as Franklin
Ann Mahoney
as Olivia
Khary Payton
as Ezekiel
Melissa Ponzio
as Karen
Christine Evangelista
as Sherry
Jessica Pohly
as Dark Haired Whisperer
Denise Crosby
as Mary
Beth Keener
as Annie
Jake Kearney
as Nelson
Carl Cunningham
as Atlanta Walker/Street Walker
Jennifer Riker
as Mrs. Robinson
Brian Stapf
as Roy
Kien Michael Spiller
as Hershel Rhee
Stephen Vining
as Walker/Carter's Walker/Fence Walker/Grimsdyke Tribute Walker/Terminus Walker/Water Walker
Brody Rose
as Young Boy
Angus Sampson
as Ozzy
Jasmine Kaur
as Betsey
Frederick Carpenter
as Fence Walker/Walker/Trail Walker/Warehouse Walker
Tatiana A. Bruno
as Twin
Carol Parente
as Art Teacher/Hilltop Resident/Kingdom Community Member/Kingdom Teacher/Teacher in The Kingdom
J. D. Evermore
Brian F. Durkin
as George
Michael Rooker
as Merle Dixon
Tyler Chase
as Ben
Joshua Mikel
as Jared
Adam Boyer
as Bat Smock Man
Michael R. Ciminna
as Fence Walker #1
Rodney M. Hall
as Walker
Debra Svitil
as Prison Survivor
Matt Lintz
as Henry
Ashlyn Stallings
as Amanda
Alexyz Danine Kemp
as Walker
John Kaler
as Savior/Savior War Party Member/Whisperer
Jeff Glover
as Walker/Bald Wolf
Jackson Pace
as Gage
Sherry Richards
as Jeanette
James Michael Keats
as Henry/Tall Neighborhood Walker
Denny Ainsworth
as Woodbury Resident/Woodbury Resident 1
Demetrice Nguyen
as Walker
Christopher Weite
as Horde Walker/Nursing Home Walker
David Atkinson
as Gus
Virginia Newcomb
as Amelia
Lynn Collins
as Leah
Deja Dee
as Mom #1
Brian Stretch
as Tank Walker
Jacob Young
as Deaver
Harley Max Shellhammer
as Prison Newcomer
Kathy Walton
as Walker
M.V. Oliphant
as Nurse
Quasheem D. Herring
as Trooper
Max Calder
as Baseball Bat Walker/Walker
Carlos Aviles
as Savior Guard #1
Adam Cronan
as Leo
Nick Arapoglou
as Kurt
Samantha Morton
as Alpha
Greg Crews
as The Snoring Man
Michael David Yuhl
as Savior
Steven Ogg
as Simon
Cameron Deane Stewart
as Chris
Daniel Bonjour
as Aiden Monroe
Hakim Callender
as Savior #5
Erin Leigh Bushko
as Walker
Ricky Wayne
as Officer O'Donnell
Alec Rayme
as Red Jacket Wolf
Thomas Francis Murphy
as Brion
Melissa Cowan
as Bicycle Girl Walker
Jackey Hall
as Walker
Moses J. Moseley
as Walker/Mike/Pet Walker/Pet Walker #1
Joyce Liles
as Ward Nurse
Brooke Jaye Taylor
as Brooke
Madison Lintz
as Sophia/Sophia Peletier
Javier Carrasquillo
as Matias
Thunderbird Dinwiddie
as Regina
Jesse C. Boyd
as Blond Wolf/Other Man
Jay Huguley
as David
Brad Ashten
as Escape POW #3
Miles Mussenden
as Franklin
Markice Moore
as Andrew
Sydney Park
as Cyndie
Jonathan Kleitman
as Sturgess
Leah Goodkind
as Sanctuary Kid
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Bob Stookey
W.F. Bell
as Hilltop Millwright/Savior/Hilltop Militia/Savior POW/Savior (2016)/Savior (2017)
Marty Brotzge
as Walker
Brighton Sharbino
as Lizzie Samuels
Karl Makinen
as Richard
Jason Davis
as Café Savior/Dad/Red Poncho Man
Justin Miles
as Barnes
Jayson Warner Smith
as Gavin
Stacie Ballard
as Savior
Stephan Jones
as Bike Park Savior
Amy Cain
as Mom #2
Antony Azor
as RJ/R.J. Grimes
Parker Wierling
as Noah
Travis Young
as Greg
James Parks
as Captured Whisperer
Anthony J. Police
as Escape POW #9
Shawn Patrick Murphy
as Walker in jail cell
Rebecca Koon
as Cheryl
Jimmy Gonzales
as Motorcycle Savior/Primo
Mimi Kirkland
as Rachel
James Sterling
as Walker/Kingdom Soldier
Scott Carnwath
as Walker
Ben Bladon
as Walker
Laura M. Beamer
as Holly
Brian Hillard
as Bloated Well Walker
Taylor Conley
as Choir
Helen Jackson
as Natalie Miller
Viviana Chavez
as Miranda Morales
Chloé Aktas
as Tanya
Amber Chaney
as Hershel's Walker Wife/Annette Greene
Allie McCulloch
as Helen
Jose Pablo Cantillo
as Caesar Martinez
Jayne Atkinson
as Georgie
Finch Nissen
as Escape POW #13
Anthony Rinaldo
as Walker
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Male Survivor/Male Survivor (Fresh Walker)
Maia Moss-Fife
as Woman
Lara Lee Slaughter
as Oceanside Sentry Survivor/Oceanside Survivor Guard
Shawn South
as Savior/Bow Savior/Negan's Alexandria Savior
Ruben Vidal
as Savior #1
Keith Brooks
as Dan
Greg Wattkis
as Andrea's Walker/Walker
Andrew Bachelor
as Bailey
Preston Kameka
as Male Survivor
Ryan Hurst
as Beta
Keisha Tillis
as Morgan's Wife
Jordan Christian
as Walker
Olivia Stambouliah
as Lucy
Bethany Anne Lind
as Young Woman
Breeda Wool
as Aiden
William Curtis Coppersmith
as Dwight's Henchman
Alex Van
as Hermit
Kathi Binkley
as Oceanside Survivalist
Daniel Newman
as Daniel/The Man
Misty Autery
as Savior
Oscar Rodriguez III
as Whisperer/Walker/Whisperer Warrior
Sparky Bell
as Savior
Gerald Mason
as Savior
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Large Savior
Alan Heckner
as Savior
Tom Turbiville
as Guy #1
Austin Abrams
as Ron Anderson
Ethan Patterson
as Rasmus
Melissa Kay Glaze
as Hilltop Survivor
Scott Dale
as Lou/National Guardsman 4
Alphonse A. Lambert Jr.
as Walker
Natalie Bonner
as Fence Walker
Bennett Tarr
as Walker
Maria Z. Wilson
as Militia/Hilltop Survivor
James Devoti
as Cole
Tovah Feldshuh
as Deanna Monroe
John Gettier
as Militia/Walker
Taylor Nichols
as Jeremiah
Vincent M. Ward
as Oscar
Matthew Cornwell
as Evans
Nick Bruno
as Hilltop Resident
David L. Marston
as Alexandria Resident/Covered Bridge Walker/Militia/Snow Walker/Terminus Guard/Whisperer
Jamel Vaughn
as Hilltop Distiller
Keisha Castle-Hughes
as Joan
Brandon Davis
as Walker
Camille Robinson
as Brianna
Melissa McBride
as Carol Peletier/Carol
Robert Hatch
as Hero Walker
John Carroll Lynch
as Eastman
Darin Cooper
as Wade
Will Nichols
as Choir
Matt Fresco
as Walker
Joe Giles
as Atlanta Suit Walker/Atlanta Suited Walker/Car Walker
Corey Thouviner
as Savior/Savior Bridge worker/Savior Soldier
Linds Edwards
as Leon Basset
Kacie Jo Marta Nickles
as Walker
Corey Champagne
as Walker/Walker (2013)
Santiago Cirilo
as Julio
William R. Brock
as Walker
Bob Melton
as Hilltop Blacksmith/Hilltop Resident
Erik Bello
as Examining Trooper
John Ross
as Man with Glasses
Van Marten
as Savior
Catherine Jerald
as Oceansider/Cliff Walker/Trap Walker/Tunnel Walker/Woods Walker
Cody Rowlett
as Walker
Evan Cleaver
as Whisperer Guard #1
Jeananne Goossen
as Michelle
Ross Marquand
as Aaron
Major Dodson
as Sam Anderson/Sam
Laurie Holden
as Andrea Harrison
Brian Sheppard
as Miles
Julio Cesar Cedillo
as Lt. Welles
Matt Ryan Vilade
as Savior
C. Michael Wray
as Walker at the Gate
Andy Sapp
as Walker
Earl David Jones
as Hilltop Member/Hilltop Resident
Becky Shaw
as Achey Woman
Robin Lord Taylor
as Sam
Margot Bingham
as Stephanie
Liam Marcy
as Walker
Juliana Harkavy
as Alisha
Aldis Hodge
as Mike
Lewis 'Lj' Johnson III
as Kingdom Guard Survivor
Teri Wyble
as Officer Shepherd
Phillip DeVona
as Nate
Hans Christopher
as Nicholls
Jennifer Cocker
as Walker
R. Keith Harris
as Dr. Carson/Harlan Carson
Terri James
as Female Whisperer Tracker
Ciera Payton
as Zia
Sonequa Martin-Green
as Sasha Williams
Whit Whitman
as Pick Axe Savior
Anna Swiney
as Child of Barbara
Bobby Hoskins
as Alexandrian
Michael Zegen
as Randall Culver
Stephanie McIntyre
as Walker
Robert Walker Branchaud
as Neil
Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy
as Walker
William Mahnken
as Savior
Glenn Stanton
as Frost
Tanner Holland
as Jody
David Dunston
as Savior
Renah Gallagher
as Oceansider/Walker
Charlie Adlard
as Walker
Zach Ball
as Savior
Reece Fleetwood
as Miles
Juliet Brett
as Frances
Kyle Clements
as McGinley
Benjamin Weaver
as AHK Soldier
Shannon Brinson
as Female Gas Station Walker/Walker
Liz E. Morgan
as Tina
Jake Morgan
as Walker
Kent Wagner
as Dead Man/Dying/Walker
Michael Jaegers
as Walker
Reid Pittman
as Savior
Sophia Kidder
as Woodbury Resident/Anna Marie Rivers/Prison Girl/Schoolgirl
Steve Kazee
as Frank
Darien Johnson
as Walker
Tamara Austin
as Nora
Trent Mayo
as Woodbury Musician (Guitar)
Jay Cavanaugh
as Throwing Knife Walker
Jessejames Locorriere
as Commonwealth Interrogator
Andrew Gostel
as Woodbury Resident
Jackson G Lee
as Kingdom Orphan
Marc Demeter
as Hilltop Resident/Walker/Whisperer
Tim Wollack
as Heapster
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Negan
Jennifer Davis Brennan
as Alexandria Resident/Alexandria resident
Tamara A. Bruno
as Twin
Roy Coulter
as Guard/kingdom Guard
Brandon Stoker
as Kingdom Resident
Mark Sivertsen
as Rufus
Jessi Goei
as Gina
Steven Sean Garland
as Older Savior
Katy M. O'Brian
as Katy/Savior POW #1
Stacy Payne
as Stacy
Chris Hodge
as Alexandria Resident
Robert Patrick
as Mays 1/Mays 2
Corey Gupton
as Kingdom Soldier
Chloe Garcia-Frizzi
as Judith Grimes/Young Judith
Cremel Nakia Burney
as Whisperer/Whisperer 3
Anthony J Sacco
as Walker
Adam Minarovich
as Ed
Kenric Green
as Scott
John Thelan Reece
as Savior
Corey Brill
as Pete
Regan Riley
as School Girl
Gianni Biasetti Jr.
as Felix
Anthony B. Harris
as Savior
Devon Higgins
as Choir
Mariana Novak
as Female Trooper
as David
Rus Blackwell
as Donnie
Brian Dennis
as Total Beard Guy
Josh McDermitt
as Eugene Porter
Chelle Ramos
as Woman 2
Shiloh Sullivan
as Soldier
Alyssa Riley Burrell
as Hilltop Girl/Hilltop Resident
Neil Hoover
as Escape POW #15
James Chen
as Kal
NM Garcia
as Savior
Thomas Downing
as Alexandria Resident
Sean Moroney
as Walker
Jelani Watkins
as Choir
Eugenia Gonzales
as Walker
Matt Bolick
as Biker
Kevin Carroll
as Virgil
Joel Rogers
as Camp Survivor
David Silverman
as Kent
Alicia Witt
as Paula
Stephen M. Phillips
as Walker
Renee Compton
as Graveyard Walker/Covered Bridge Walker/Kingdom Resident/Teacher on Playground/Terminus Survivor/Walker
Jansen Panettiere
as Casper
Matthew Rimmer
as Savior POW #3
Carrie Genzel
as Clark
Brina Palencia
as Ana
Joshua Haire
as Squirrelly Man
James Allen McCune
as Jimmy
Corey Jason Thomas
as Sanctuary Vendor/Survivor
Okea Eme-Akwari
as Elijah
Karl Funk
as Neil
Merritt Wever
as Denise Cloyd
Kinsley Isla Dillon
as Six Year-Old Judith
Amy Dionne
as Woman #1
Cassady McClincy
as Lydia
Sean Freeland
as Savior POW #2
Indiana Sifuentes
as Savior
Brandon Carroll
as David
Stanley McLaughlin II
as Walker
Addy Miller
as Summer the Teddy Bear Girl Walker/Walker at Gas Station
Julio Cedillo
Eve Gordon
as Celeste
Nick DeKay
as Guard
James Frazier
as Construction Walker
Jennifer Angel
as Hilltop Resident
Neil Brown Jr.
as Guillermo
Emily Chandler Westergreen
as Prison Walker
Carlos Navarro
as Alvaro
Caroline Arapoglou
as Rose
Curtis Jackson
as Bob Miller
Brett Gentile
as Freddie
Anja Akstin
as Farron
Craig Braginsky
as Walker
Eric Hunter
as Amputee Zombie
Tiffany Morgan
as Erin
Roger Herrera
as Vatos Gang Member

Seasons & Episodes

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2010 | 6 Episodes

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2011 | 13 Episodes

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2012 | 16 Episodes

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2013 | 16 Episodes

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2014 | 16 Episodes

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2015 | 16 Episodes

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2016 | 16 Episodes

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2017 | 16 Episodes

Season 9

2018 | 16 Episodes

Season 10

2019 | 22 Episodes

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2021 | 24 Episodes




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