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October 20, 2021
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The Vampire Diaries’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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About this title


This supernatural drama, based on the series of novels by L.J. Smith, details the lives of two brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, who have been living as vampires for centuries. After years of moving from from place-to-place to hide their eternal youth (and bloodthirsty condition), the brothers return to the small Virginia town, Mystic Falls, where their lives as humans ended. Damon is snarky, handsome and charming, with a propensity for evil, while Stefan tries to remain noble -- in part to atone for bad behavior in his past.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 10, 2009

Also Known As: 噬血Y世代, Tvd |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16, 14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on novel or book
love triangle

Company Credits

Production Co: Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment |  See more »


Corey Maher
as State Cop
Barbara Vincent
as Mystic Grill Girl
Mckenna Grace
as Young Caroline
Shelli Delgado
as Carnival Goer
Neko Parham
as Council Member
Lisa Panknin
as Dancer
Anthony R. McClara
as Traveler Ritual Participant
AirRese Marie
as Student
Jason Roach
as Hybrid Vampire/Dancer/Dr. Dewey Cheatem/Townsman/Viking
Mark Cosby
as Investigator
Patti Schellhaas
as Doctor
Chris Greene
as Deputy Martinson
Jazzy Ellis
as Nurse
Arthur Bridgers
as Barker
Arielle Kebbel
as Lexi Branson
Mandi Christine Kerr
as Hybrid
Emmanuel Matasaru
as Annoying Groupie
Justin Price
as Jeffery Lockwood Hamilton
Heather Hemmens
as Maggie James
Randall Taylor
as Pastor McGinnis
Daniel Thomas May
as Thomas Fell
Ashley Fletcher
as Town Resident
Brian Kinnett
as Traveler #4
Jamie Bennett
as Damon Dance Double
Paul Burke
as Sully
Andrew Owens
as Hybrid Vampire
Nisey Woods
as Lucy
Josh Davis
as Traveler
Ashlyn Henson
as Warehouse Girl
Kelli Wilcoxen
as Community Worker
Kimberly Battista
as Victim/Waitress
Jonathan D. Williams
as Sheriff Jenkins
Pam Smith
as Female Doctor
Todd James Jackson
as FBI Agent
Jacklyn Edney
as Party Goer
as Trucker/Vampire
Maurice G. Thomas
as Parade Patron
Sia Sapoundjieva
as Mama Petrova
Marc-Henry Lazarre
as Town Resident
Vickie Eng
as Nurse
Todd Williams
as Connor Jordan
Tristin Mays
as Sarah Nelson
Paul Hamm
as Sam, the Mailman
Takara Clark
as Valerie
Jones Tammi Tanaka
as Tammy
Rick Cosnett
as Dr. Wes Maxfield
LaDarian Raymond
as Highway Patrol Officer
William Ladd
as Dancer
Clair Danielle Canterbury
as Mary Porter
Terrence Gibney
as Notary
Maryam Cné
as Amanda
Chauncey Jenkins
as Traveler #6
Brandon Hirsch
as Deputy
Brian Kane
as Batting Cage Attendant
Kai N. Ture
as Little Girl
Eka Darville
as Diego
Kayla Madison
as Young Elena
Joshua Tanksley
as Parade Patron
Christina Bach
as Annie
Maia Osman
as Wasted Girl
Christine Lekas
as Lila
Jacob Garcia
as Disgruntled Tourist
Penelope Mitchell
as Liv Parker
Jeffrey Vu
as Mystic Grill Patron
Spencer Locke
as Amber Bradley
Shelby McDaniel
as Traveler #1
Jennifer Kathreen Larson
as Bachelor Party Guest
Jarred Sonnier
as Sign Traveler #1
Enisha Brewster
as Young Gloria
Sandhya Chandel
as Traveler
Jeremy Palko
as Frankie
Nicci Roessler
as Heather
Chris William Martin
as Zach Salvatore
Ben Crete
as Student
Morgan Pelligrino
as Pretty Girl
Trey McGriff
as Diner Patron
Sean Hassan Rogers
as College Student
Tim Kang
as Oscar
Randy Havens
as Tour Guide
Wayne Austin
as Truck Driver
Marina McConn Polo
as Student
Brian Ames
as Billy
Monica Louwerens
as Doctor
Wadette Bradford
as College Coed
Christopher Johnson
as Chuck
Michaela McManus
as Jules
Todd Lasance
as Julian
Sara Canning
as Jenna Sommers
Kevin Nichols
as Deputy/Deputy #1/Sheriff #2
Veronica Burgos
as Sorority Girl
Brandi Gerard
as Tiki
Dale Ritchey
as Bartender
Dean J. West
as Kristof
Derek Roberts
as Vampire #2
Don Teems
as Bar Patron
David Alpay
as Atticus Shane
Chris Osborn
as Vampire #1
Taylor Kinney
as Mason Lockwood
Kelly Sutton
as Anchor Woman
Daniel Collins
as Bar Patron
Tiya Sircar
as Aimee Bradley
Josh Turner
as Vampire
Justine Ezarik
as Pretty Bartender
William Ngo
as Cashier
Stephen Martines
as Frederick
Jeni Perillo
as Bethanne
Holly Lynch
as 70's Girl
Susan Walters
as Carol Lockwood
Ryan Proffitt
as Park Ranger
Rick Worthy
as Rudy Hopkins
Nikki Collins
as Waitress
Jacinte Blankenship
as Waitress
Jackie Prucha
as Miss Flowers
Lana Young
as Mrs. Douglas
Kelly Finley
as Honoria Fell
Alyssa Lewis
as Elena Double/Traveler #1
Hayley Kiyoko
as Megan King
Jason Giuliano
as Deputy #2/Sheriff Jess
Hillary Harley
as Nurse
Lennon Harrison
as Sign Traveler #2
Cassidy Freeman
as Sage
Sonny Charles
as Traveler #5
Chad Marvin
as Bike Messenger Traveler
Elle Sunkara
as Bartender
George Anjorin
as Bloody Townsperson
Bridget Evelyn
as Girl
Katherine Neslund
as Bar Patron
Siouxsie Medley
as Guitarist Dead Sara
Bryan Adrian
as Ryan
Tatyana Johnson
as Cheerleader
Sabrina Mayfield
as Diane Freeman
Samuel Goergen
as Lawrence
Alex Livinalli
as Man
Carissa Fowler
as 1864 Girl #2
Dawn Olivieri
as Andie Star
David Ryan Shipman
as Mystery Man
Alyssa D'Addieco
as Mourner/Student
Ted Huckabee
as Lou
Rachel Brooks
as Compelled Cheerleader
Briana Venskus
as Jo
Merrill Capps
as Dalton
Lauren Hough
as Father/Traveler
Sandra Ellis Lafferty
as Old Farm Woman
Phoebe Tonkin
as Hayley Marshall
Jeff Strickland
as Street Patron
Karen Abercrombie
as Oncologist
Walnette Marie Santiago
as Pretty Girl
Tony D Sims
as Student
Preity Üpala
as Cemetery Vampire
Omer Mughal
as Cooper
Timothy Perez-Ross
as Police Captain
John Winscher
as Tony
Corbyn Stone Kennedy
as Young Luke
Luke Judy
as Young Stefan
Robin Dyke
as Pageant Judge
Scott Parks
as Silas
Evan Gamble
as Henry Wattles/Henry
Valdez Williams
as Church Mourner/Mystic Grill Patron
Tim Blanchard
as Founders Council Member
Dane Davenport
as Jock
Ammie Masterson
as Woman
Karlee Eldridge
as Callie
Bianca Lawson
as Emily Bennett
Ric Reitz
as Benjamin Lockwood
Maria Howell
as Ayana/Mrs. Halpern
Kevin Christenson
as Wedding Guest
Erin Áine
as Pizza Delivery Girl
Anna Murphy
as Traveler #2
Joy Spears
as Elena Dance Double
Jackson Walker
as Franklin Fell
Ida Kiefer
as Vampire
Andrea Frye
as Old Woman
Dane Northcutt
as Teacher
Zachary Vazquez
as Mystic Grille Vampire
Tyler J. Shaw
as Armory Guard
James Mai
as Male Victim #1
Jeremy C. Turner
as Seth
Carl Broemel
as Homecoming Band
Chris Thomas Hayes
as Student
Cheyanna Lavon Zubas
as Bar patron
Taylor Treadwell
as Mia
Desmond Phillips
as Tony
R.W. Parka
as Passing Traveler
Michael Trevino
as Tyler Lockwood
Alex Mauriello
as Krystal
Cynthia Barrett
as Soccer Mom/Yuppie Mom Traveler
Tyler Buckingham
as Male Stoner
Timothy Scott
as Deputy Sheriff
Dave Pileggi
as EMT #1
Darrell L. Shuler
as EMT
Matthew Davis
as Alaric Saltzman
Cory Marlan Johnson
as Mailman
Callard Harris
as Thierry
Jesse Haus
as Student #1
Sammi Hanratty
as Violet Fell
K.J. Walsh
as Young Mother Traveler
Maiara Walsh
as Sarah
Mrs. The Diva Nelson
as Deputy Sheriff
Danny Rowe
as Bloody Vampire Student
Sterling Sulieman
as Harper
Daniella Pineda
as Sophie Deveraux
Onira Tares
as Cheerleader
Andrew Robert Scott
as Frat Guy/Whitmore Medical Student
Caprice Cole
as Quad Girl
Kimberly Leemans
as Young Jo
Annalyn Miriam Cyrus
as Student
Chris Whitley
as Deputy
Joel Gretsch
as Peter Maxwell
Jenna Leigh Hall
as High School Girl
Marina Dishka
as Memorial Attendee
Ethan Andrew Casto
as Jacob
Jonathan Williams
as Man
Amber Watson
as Female Student
James Cochran
as Shawn
Amir Kovacs
as Doctor
Summer Cain
as Female Bartender
Russ Tiller
as Cashier
Caspar Zafer
as Finn Mikaelson
Katie Garfield
as Blonde Girl
Whitney Wegman-Wood
as Parade Patron/Student
Skylar Morgan Jones
as Francine
Rebecca Hope
as Party Girl
Trevor Peterson
as Slater
Shakira Massiah
as Cheerleader
Brian Wyatt
as Party Guest
Hunter Smit
as Student
Katrina Norman
as Cindy
Mark Buckland
as Chad
Torrey DeVitto
as Dr. Meredith Fell
Mark Wilson
as Deputy #2
Ashlyn Jade Lopez
as Young Nadia
Channelle Lewis
as Park Pedestrian
Salina Sherwood
as Coat Check Girl
Melissa Ponzio
as Sexy Housewife
Matthew Austin Murray
as Football Player
LB Brown
as Steward
Charles Van Eman
as Business Man
Temara Melek
as Mystic Falls Student
Marvin Ross
as Border Vampire
Beth Keener
as Girl
Chaka Desilva
as Shaman
Doug Van Arsdale
as Parent
Jordan Allena Williams
as Dancer
Stacey Elgin
as Weather Woman
T.J. Sanson
as Party Guest
Devon Allowitz
as Henrik
Jaz Sinclair
as Beatrice Bennett
Melinda Clarke
as Kelly Donovan
Spencer Mulligan
as Border Vampire
Lane Miller
as Bartender
Ryan Dorsey
as Marty Hammond/Stefan Salvatore
Rick Hearst
as Businessman
Tiffany Hedtke
as Diner Girl
Josh Tippey
as Camera Phone Graduate
Dillon Casey
as Noah
Tammy Luthi Retzlaff
as Lady Lockwood
Nikki Ali
as Restaurant Patron
Brandon Akira
as Lewis
Amanda Detmer
as Trudie Peterson
Deric Augustine
as Frat Guy
Brad Sanders
as Pastor
Jim James
as Homecoming Band
Cornell Willis
as Van Traveler
Jordan Burgess
as Young Girl
John Fitzgerald Page
as Bartender
Justice Leak
as Malcolm
Joshua Mikel
as Patient
Christopher Cousins
as Joshua Parker
Ryan Kessler
as John
Randy Chupp
as Doctor
Keenan Echols
as Frank
Israel Korn
as Mr. Mystic Falls
Julia Vasi
as Trudy Sulez
Hannah Clabaugh
as Traveler
James Remar
as Giuseppe Salvatore
Daniel Baldock
as Other Parent
Michael Malarkey
as Lorenzo 'Enzo' St. John
Erin Beute
as Miranda Gilbert
Sean Faris
as Ben McKittrick
Rajeev Jacob
as Caterer
John D. Hickman
as Mr. Fell
Ondie Daniel
as Party Guest
Angel Maynard
as Party Guest
Valerie Sue Love
as Waitress
Bob Banks
as Old Man/Tiki's Grandad
Lisa Tucker
as Greta Martin
Jeff Glover
as Deputy
Nancy Montgomery
as Juanita
Shane Callahan
as Liam
David Peters
as Doctor
Wesley Gordon
as Art Professor
Walter Robert Duckworth
as Re-enactor
Ashley Drayton
as Cheerleader #1
Lilly Roberson
as Sofie
Mia Kirshner
as Isobel Flemming
Kenneth Israel
as Traveler #1
Am Mohamed
as Mystic River Police Officer
Mary Couto
as Memorial Attendee
Joseph Harold
as Townsperson
Scott Lomas
as Deputy Sheriff/Lawyer
Marci T. House
as Secretary
Judson Blane
as 70's Guy
Jeanette Stout
as Party Guest
John Charles Meyer
as Young Giuseppe Salvatore
Chas Harvey
as Armory Man
Anna Enger Ritch
as Dana
Hans Obma
as Gregor
Yvonne Singh
as Woman
Darla Pelton-Perez
as Mystic Grill Mourner
Zachary Haven
as Boy
Jaiden Kaine
as Beau
Emily Morris
as Lanie
Blake Hood
as Dean
Lauren Leasure
as Student
James Stacey
as E.M.T.
Reegus Flenory
as Mailman
Emelita T. Gonzalez
as Filipino Woman
Justin Smith
as Duke/Guy
Stepheny Brock
as Blair Fell
Keith Arthur Bolden
as Doctor
Kenneth Spivey
as Museum Curator
Nilsa Castro
as Funeral Friend
William Shannon Williams
as Pedestrian
Jennifer Trudrung
as Woman
Justin Geer
as Jimmy
Barry Kennedy Jr.
as EMT
Julionne Johnson
as Female Guest
Gabrielle Walsh
as Monique
Emily Chang
as Ivy
Charlie Bewley
as Galen Vaughn
Joanna Tine
as High School Student
Max Calder
as Student #2
Lindsey Brathwaite
as High School Student
Nick Arapoglou
as Deputy
Aaron Jay Rome
as Will
Susan Williams
as Old Woman
Brad James
as Tow Truck Driver
Michael David Yuhl
as Police Officer
Demetrius Bridges
as Dorian Williams
Gena Shaw
as Hazel
Stephen Amell
as Brady
Jerrod Royster
as Dancer
Amanda Powell
as Waitress
Mike Erwin
as Charlie
Tyrez Armstead
as Businessman Traveler
Kimberley Drummond
as Mindy
Jack Coleman
as Bill Forbes
Gina Torres
as Bree
Gavin Casalegno
as Young Damon
Natalie Karp
as Young Woman
Kendrick Sampson
as Jesse
Javier Carrasquillo
as Jared
Morgan Swank
as Martini Girl
Curtis Lum
as Peeing Guy #2
Kelly Hu
as Pearl Zhu
Daniel Gillies
as Elijah Mikaelson
Kenny Barr
as Line Cook
Sedonia Monet
as Sylvia
Patrick Hallahan
as Homecoming Band
Chelsea McLean
as Student
Candice King
as Caroline Forbes
Lauren Cohan
as Rose
Peter Mortillaro
as Riff Raff Vampire
Brandi Leigh Lindsey
as Waitress
Michael Reilly Burke
as Pastor Young
Nathalie Kelley
as Sybil
Daniel Pruitt
as Police Officer
Karen Tiegren
as Coven Member #2
Colin Ferguson
as Tripp Cooke
Tenaya Cleveland
as Granola Instructor
Roy Larsen
as Bystander
Stephanie Olah Kelly
as Couple
Charles Michael Davis
as Marcel Gerard
W.F. Bell
as Biker
Dayna Schaaf
as Parent
Tom Blankenship
as Homecoming Band
Kristen McFann
as National News Anchor
Chris Medlin
as Dancer
William Willet
as Cop #1
Gregory Cook
as Husband
Marvin Duerkholz
as Werewolf
David Carzell
as Masquerade Ball Guest
Lisa Gilbertson
as Carnival Goer/Pedestrian
Leah Pipes
as Camille O'Connell
Jayson Warner Smith
as Dean
Tony Simmons
as New Sheriff
Dietrich Teschner
as Buck
Zane Stephens
as Tony
Derek Ryan Duke
as Mystic Falls Resident/Traveler
Anthony Dalton
as Officer Baker
Aisha Duran
as Virginia
Te'Era Southerland
as Compelled Girl
Emily Pierce
as Student
Travis Young
as Jimmy
Bryce Zentkovich
as Little Boy
Hillary Lee Latty
as Mourner
Zach Roerig
as Matt Donovan/Ethan Maxwell
Rebecca Koon
as Old Woman
Kaylin Seckel
as EMT
David Anders
as John Gilbert
Matthew Barnes
as Jay
Noree Victoria
as Waitress
Gilbert Galon
as Bar Patron
Malaya Rivera Drew
as Jane-Anne Deveraux
Dominick Vicchiullo
as Taxi Driver
Bo Koster
as Homecoming Band
Teressa Liane
as Mary Louise
Aja Wooldridge
as Mourner
Reece Odum
as Karen/Realtor
Michael Roark
as Cowboy
Maurice Johnson
as Police Officer/Washed up Man
Brody Wellmaker
as Greg
Claudia Gentile
as Carrie
Cherie Roberts
as Bar Patron
B.J. Britt
as Carter
Simon Miller
as George Lockwood
Alexandra Chando
as Tara
Ashley Harvin
as Jogger/Party Guest/Student
LaShone Garth
as Parent Family Member
Robert Paterno
as Filipino Bartender
Ikia Walker
as Pedestrian
Wesley MacInnes
as Peeing Guy
Kaitlyn Ervin
as Mystic Grill Patron
Michael Rubino
as Detective
Robtaevious Madden
as Riff Raff Vampire
Melissa Eastwood
as Fundraiser
Janina Gavankar
as Tessa
William Gerber
as Jeremy's Friend
Andrew Bansemer
as CPD Officer
as Teen Boy
Matthew L. Collins
as Pageant Attendee
Ana Nogueira
as Penny Ares
Euseph Messiah
as Ellis
Diesel Madkins
as Orderly
Bree Condon
as Alice
Nicky Buggs
as Doctor
Annie Wersching
as Lily Salvatore
Kristen Danielle
as Heretic Vampire
Cherilyn Wilson
as Samara
John Eddins
as Mr. Douglas
Erica Page
as Bridal Clerk
Keith N. Collis
as Mechanic
Cigie George
as Businesswoman Traveler
Daniel Newman
as Daniel
Marco James
as Liam Davis
Navia Ziraili Robinson
as Janie
Josué Gutierrez
as Ivan
Marisol Correa
as Amsterdam Cafe Woman/Coroner
Kristal Kincaid
as Tourist
Shaun Sipos
as Aaron Whitmore
Jen Harper
as Witch
Given Sharp
as Teen Girl
Ryan Nesset
as News Reporter
Kelly Walling
as Trish
Avery Arnold
as Girl
Kaiser Johnson
as Artist
Ethan Patterson
as Student
Alan Wells
as Med Tech
Sebastian Roché
as Mikael
Drew Stephenson
as Colin
Pamela Ricardo
as Bartender
Alphonse A. Lambert Jr.
as Civil War Vampire
Cindy Busby
as Brooke
Andrea Vittoria Alvarado
as Rave Vampire
Ian Somerhalder
as Damon Salvatore
Al-Jaleel Knox
as Teen Guy
George Bryant II
as Maintenance Worker
Sawyer Bell
as Young Stefan
Scarlett Hefner
as Nora Hildegard
Jasmine Guy
as Sheila 'Grams' Bennett
Lily Rose Smith
as Josie Saltzman
Vince Pisani
as Fruit Stand Worker
Marshay Weaver
as Halter Girl
Marguerite MacIntyre
as Sheriff Liz Forbes
Tempast Wulf
as Pageant Attendee
Mista Martel
as Parade Guest
Jonathan Realz
as Krystal's Friend
Yvonne Nunez-Angulo
as Gallery Owner
Leland L. Jones
as Pastor Bill
Whitney Bryant
as Medical Patient
Trent Ford
as Trevor
Kendrick Cross
as Officer Albert
Jasmine Burke
as Birdy Mae
Jonathan Weiss
as NOLA Tour Guide
Hannah Fierman
as Marianna Lockwood
Christina Blizzard
as Waitress
John Gabriel Rodriquez
as Massak
Brandon Quinn
as Lee
Cynthia Evans
as Surgeon
Veronica Galvez
as Young Rayna
Lucky Harmon
as Bloody Agent/Bloody Bus Victim/Dead Worker 1917
TJ Hassan
as Coach
Hannah Huddleston
as Dancer
Valerie Strecker
as Party Guest
Linds Edwards
as Troy
Adina Porter
as Nandi LaMarche
Katie Lumpkin
as Heretic
Josh Weikel
as College Student
Jessica Shelby
as Eileen
Gregory French
as Alumni
Wayne Caparas
as Shaman
Dan Bright
as Principal Weber
Braylon Andrews
as Bar Patron
Tony Ohara
as Park Goer
Robert Ri'chard
as Jamie
Trevor Schliefer
as Passing Traveler
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Dr. Jo Laughlin
Cody Rowlett
as Animal Control
Mouzam Makkar
as Alexandria 'Alex' St. John
James Harvey Ward
as Cody Webber
Madison Connolly
as Sister Petrova
Walter Hendrix III
as Parade Patron/Parent
William Walker
as Arkansas State Trooper
Robert Yatta
as Old Man
Jenna Kanell
as Teen Girl - Jessie
Jena Sims
as Cherie
Cameron Mills
as School Kid
Benjamin Ayres
as William Tanner
Natashia Williams
as Lucy/Lucy Bennett
Zach Sale
as EMT
Vanessa Ore
as Detective
Brian Lafontaine
as ER Doctor
Andrew Ruse
as Young Man
Dax Griffin
as Bachelor #3
Jon Bailey
as Viking
Matt Jutras
as Background
Chris Marrone
as Joey
Bryan Murphy
as Dr. Gabler
Natalie Romaine
as Heretic
Marlissa Doss
as Student
Wolé Parks
as Cade
Danny Vinson
as Colonel
Rhiannon Koehler
as Nurse
Chris Johnson
as Logan Fell
Hailey Guard
as Doppleganger Double/Doppleganger Double #2
Kayla Ewell
as Vicki Donovan
Bret McKee
as Mail Soldier
Phillip DeVona
as Mr. Forbes
Greg Maness
as Patron
Sydney Wease
as Village Girl
Terri James
as Nurse Haynes
Erik Stocklin
as Stevie
Eric Hennig
as Student #1
Greg Rementer
as Navy Sailor
Michael Showers
as Man
Ahna O'Reilly
as Jessica Cohen
Tadasay Young
as Gail
Alicia Beshears
as Student/Town Person
Vincent Farrell
as Frat Boy/Stefan Double
Kurt Yue
as Police Officer
Bobby Hoskins
as Patient
Leslie-Anne Panaligan
as Rayna Cruz
David Gallagher
as Ray Sutton
Tabatha Minchew
as Car/Student
Larry Saint Michaels
as Chanting Traveler
Joshua Andrew Davies
as Party Guest
Paul Telfer
as Alexander
Tracy Pfau
as Scabbed Woman
Austin Behl
as Shirtless Student
Camille Guaty
as Caitlin Shane
Niki Collier
as Party Guest
Brent McGee
as Mystic Waiter
Fatimila Gonzalves
as Student with the Ball
Karen Kaia Livers
as Agnes
Alice Evans
as Esther Mikaelson
Gabrielle Byndloss
as Female Student
Micah Joe Parker
as Adrian
Joey Nappo
as Kid
Keith Allen Hayes
as Football Fan
Autumn Dial
as Tina Fell/Doppelganger Acting Double
Jeffrey Karantza
as Truck Driver
Tierney Smith
as Lizzie Saltzman
Kristen Gutoskie
as Seline
Nina Dobrev
as Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/Amara
Kat Graham
as Bonnie Bennett
Olga Fonda
as Nadia
Peyton Lee
as Guy
Jimmy Star
as Cop #2
Lindsey Garrett
as Samantha Gilbert
Marcus Hester
as Zachariah Salvatore
Kyle Clements
as Rene
Elizabeth Braun
as Waitress
Mason Pike
as High School Student/Townsperson
Brittany Lillie
as Council Member
Letecia Reeder
as Nurse
Chris Brochu
as Luke Parker
Kent Wagner
as Heretic Vampire/Otherside Ghost
Chris Wood
as Kai Parker
Gracie Gillam
as April Young
Julia Leigh
as Pedestrian/Wedding Guest
Frank Brennan
as Tobias Fell
John T. Ford
as Party Guest
Judi Johnson
as Scantily Clad
Steve Belford
as Darren
Kirk Thompson
as Bartender
Brady McInnes
as Guy
Carina Worm
as Female Patient
Persia White
as Abby Bennett Wilson
Ryan Lewis
as Psychic
Tamara Austin
as Maria
Madeline Zima
as Charlotte
Steven A.D. Taylor
as Raver
Anna-Sophie Keller
as Baton Twirler
Sherrod Sisco
as Hip Chicago Woman
Jason Ferguson
as Eddie
Steven R. McQueen
as Jeremy Gilbert
Mikhaiah Blake
as Kindred Bennett-Witch
Andrene Ward-Hammond
as Coven Member #1
Shane Love
as Party Patron
Thomas Doutt
as Student in Graduation
Charlie Johnson
as Coven Witch
Jonathan Sylvan Carey
as Dancer
Regan Deal
as Woman
Anthony S. Goolsby
as Group Leader
Drew Matthews
as Frank
Dennise Renae Larson
as Deputy
Brittany Frizzell
as Elena Double
Alex Lukens
as Traveler #3
Samantha Kacho
as Waitress
as Anna Zhu
Caitlin McHugh
as Sloan
Jason Mac
as Derek
Gino Anthony Pesi
as Maddox
Sarah Cooper
as Keisha
Amber Brooke
as Summer
Austin Maxwell
as Traveler #2
Lex Shontz
as Deputy Adams
Ser'Darius Blain
as Chris
Jeremy Carr
as Traveler
Martin Feigen
as News Room Producer
Renee Lee Horton
as Dancer
John Michael Weatherly
as Bartender
Sherry Nelson
as Heretic
Robert Pralgo
as Mayor Lockwood
Craig Crumpton
as Mystic Grill Patron/Paramedic
Larry Rhem
as Stoner Kid
Trevor St. John
as Dr. Whitmore
John Gilbert
as Guy
John Paul Marston
as Piano Player
Michael Howell
as Choir Member
Devin McGee
as Orange Vest Man
Randall Newsome
as Mr. Sikes
Sarah Roberson
as Woman
Lauren Henneberg
as Ball Guest/Party Guest/Student/Viking
Courtney Lauren Cummings
as Girl
Lisa Marie Thomas
as Piano Girl
Jason Spisak
as Silas
Eric McCrea
as College Student
Oleg Sapoundjieva
as Papa Petrova
Courtney Ford
as Vanessa Monroe
Tommy Groth
as City Worker Traveler
Alyssa Diaz
as Kim
Randy J. Goodwin
as Dr. Jonas Martin
Niyi Oni
as Driver
Paulo Pascoal
as Student
Jason MacDonald
as Grayson Gilbert
Chameria Law
as Housekeeper
Tasia Grant
as Doctor
Will Jeziorski
as Sailor
Allison Scagliotti
as Georgie Dowling
Nathaniel Buzolic
as Kol Mikaelson
Gerardo Davila
as Vicente
Valee Gallant
as 1864 Girl #1
Eugenia Gonzales
as Violinist
Cynthia Addai-Robinson
as Aja
Matt Bolick
as Biker
Joel Rogers
as Funeral Preacher
Rose Locke
as Mystic Grill Patron
Michael Lee Kimel
as Nate
Jeremy J. Sykes
as Emergency Medical Technician
Nick Basta
as Deputy Traveler
Judd Lormand
as Joseph
Angela Kerecz
as Auction Guest/Biting Victim/Mystic Pageant Attendee/Parent/Teacher
Bradley C. Davis
as Band Singer
Joe Knezevich
as Jonathan Gilbert
Erin Boswell
as Cigarette Girl
Thomas Elliott
as Coachman
Travis Breedlove
as Deputy #3
Geraldine Glenn
as Fortune Teller
Mike Kalinowski
as Hiker
Kenesha Bolton
as 1960's Flashback
J.T. Seidler
as Party Guest
Tad Sallee
as Bar Patron
Joshua Haire
as High School Student
Joel Harold
as Student
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow
as Girl
David An
as Male Doctor
Rhys Williams
as Student
James Belyeu
as Masquerade Ball Guest
Devan Gerlach
as Party Server/Whitmore Student
Shaheed Malik
as High School Student
Claire Holt
as Rebekah Mikaelson
Sallye Hooks
as Grandma
Edgar Zanabria
as Armory Guard/Customer
Andrea Laing
as EMT
Mallory Haller
as Student
Elizabeth Blackmore
as Valerie Tulle
Hannah Malone
as Island Girl
Bella Lotz
as Young Liv
Cedric Hatcher
as Traveler #2
Heather Palacio
as Traveler
Samantha Gorman
as Student
Charmin Lee
as Old Gloria
Russell Durham Comegys
as Man
David Smith
as Party Guest
Kimberley Nolder
as Townsperson
Paul Wesley
as Stefan Salvatore/Silas/Ambrose/Tom Avery
Gabby Douglas
as Girl
Lisa Stewart
as Reverend
Allee Sutton Hethcoat
as Jill
Bryton James
as Luka Martin
Molly O'Neill
as Mystic Grill Hostess
Jas Hardy
as Raving Party Kid
Derrick Owens
as College Student
Kazuko Golden
as Traveler
Joseph Morgan
as Klaus Mikaelson
Bradford Mayfield
as Triage Doctor
Whitney Christopher
as Desk Nurse
Jenna Harper
as Waitress
Raffi Barsoumian
as Markos
Lowrey Brown
as Deserter #1
Diany Rodriguez
as Claudine
Anna Marie Harrison
as Hostess
Nikki Tomlinson
as Ashlynn
Daniel McGraw
as Chris
April Billingsley
as Paige
Lee Spencer
as Gerald Forbes
Summer Jackson
as Local News Anchor
Rachel Truitt
as Dancer
Tiffany Morgan
as Miss Gibbons

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2011 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2012 | 23 Episodes

Season 5

2013 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

2014 | 22 Episodes

Season 7

2015 | 22 Episodes

Season 8

2016 | 16 Episodes




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