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October 27, 2021
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The Twilight Zone is a place that exists at any moment of time, of space or of mind....but always when you least expect it. When you find yourself in this realm of unlimited possibility, be careful what you say or do. The right decisions may help you find your way back out....sometimes with greater happiness and wealth. The wrong decisions often lead to madness and death, or an eternity trapped in this dimension. Tread warily past the sign post ahead that says you've entered, The Twilight Zone

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 2, 1959

Also Known As: Η Ζώνη του Λυκόφωτος, La quatrième dimension |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Cayuga Productions, CBS Television Network


Jonathan Harris
as George Alfred/The Doctor
Malcolm Atterbury
as Henry J. Fate/Prof. Eliot
Dick Geary
as Pinto Sykes
Cliff Robertson
as Christian Horn/Jerry Etherson
Frieda Rentie
as Pianist
Dana Dillaway
as Karen Rogers/Maggie Polanski
Will J. White
as Guard/Reporter #1
Dorothy Adams
as Mrs. Canfield
Jay Adler
as Gibbons/Tramp
John L. Sullivan
as The Russian Duke
Merritt Bohn
as Nolan/Truck Driver
Penny Singleton
as Mrs. Flemington
Paul Bryar
as Bartender/Cop
George Boyce
as Minor Role/Waiter
Kenneth Konopka
as Mr. Miller
Russell Horton
as Bartlett/George Reynold
Franchot Tone
as Col. Archie Taylor
Walter Reed
as Man
Jill Ellis
as Connie Prince
Dodie Heath
as Susanna Kittridge
Joanna Heyes
as Reception Nurse
Murray Pollack
as Bar Patron/Cameraman/Casino Patron/Party Guest/Pedestrian
Sheldon Allman
as Alien
Betty Graeff
as Townswoman
Phyllis Kirk
as Victoria West
Lee Sabinson
as Nikita Khrushchev
Henry Jones
as J. Hardy Hempstead
Mary Adams
as Day Nurse
Anthony Redondo
as Police Officer
Milton Parsons
as Henri Desire Landru/Prof. Gilbert/Scientist
as Elephant
Leslie Sketchley
as Abraham Lincoln
Maggie McNamara
as Barbara "Bunny" Blake
Julie Newmar
as Miss Devlin
Max Wagner
as Roller Coaster Operator
Norma Shattue
as Little Girl
Philip Abbott
as Chris Bayles/General Stanley Eaton
Judee Morton
as Older Karen
Roy N. Sickner
as Bus Driver
Hans Moebus
as Theatre Patron/UN Official
Jack Mann
as Mallory
Elizabeth Montgomery
as The Woman
Herbie Faye
as Joe Palucci
Lisa Golm
as Mrs. Gumley
Marc Cavell
as Freeman
John Astin
as Charlie
James Browning
as Rice
Russ Bender
as Counterman/Doctor/Hank
James Gregory
as Air Force General/Confederate Sergeant
Colin Kenny
as Ship Passenger
Rodger Terry
as Dignitary
Ida Lupino
as Barbara Jean Trenton
Carmen D'Antonio
as Woman
Larry J. Blake
as Freddie
Guy Raymond
as Gibbons
Bernard Sell
as Bar Patron/Café Patron/Croupier/Crowd Member/Executive
Jason Johnson
as Jensen/Man
Donald Pleasence
as Professor Ellis Fowler
Don Gazzaniga
as Detective
Lenore Kingston
as Thelma Dunn
Ernest Truex
as Charles Whitley/Pedott
Forrest Compton
as ASW Officer
William Fawcett
as Reverend Siddons
David O. McCall
as Victim
Adam Williams
as Sailor/Woodward
Gail Kobe
as Jessica Connelly/Leah Maitland/Sally
Paul Mazursky
as Frank/Officer/Orderly
Lee Marvin
as Conny Miller/Steel Kelly
Anne Barton
as Carol Ritchie/Myra Brand
James Yagi
as Japanese Police Captain
Joseph Ruskin
as Genie/Kanamit
Michael Ford
as Spaceman
Collin Wilcox Paxton
as Marilyn Cuberle
Kim Hamilton
as Frances Temple
Margaret Field
as Emma Senescu
Anthony Ray
as Newsboy
Jamie Farr
as Soldier
Josephine Smith
as Woman In Line
Simon Scott
as Maj. Wilson
Fay Roope
as Judge
Don Kelly
as Monk
Patricia Breslin
as Abigail Sloan/Pat Carter
Mary Gregory
as Mrs. Henderson/Nelda/Sally
Ted de Corsia
as Foreman Dickerson/Marty Sall
Dennis Weaver
as Adam Grant
Kay Cousins Johnson
as Irate Mother
Titus Moede
as Wesley Miller
Chet Brandenburg
as Audience Member/Juror/Technician
Jack Carson
as Harvey Hunnicut
Barbara Stuart
as Ms. Rogers
William 'Billy' Benedict
as Conklin
Douglas Evans
as Man
Loring Smith
as Honest Luther Grimbley/Watson
Ted Otis
as Pierson
Frank Mills
as Man in Mission
Stuart Nisbet
as Surgeon
Gage Clarke
as Reverend Hughes
James Westerfield
as Anthony O'Toole
Lillian O'Malley
as Miss Meredith
Norman Leavitt
as Sheriff Gilchrist
Clancy Cooper
as Trucker
Helen Wallace
as Ma Gatewood
Harry Swoger
as Sam
Wallace Rooney
as George/Man/Mr. Wilkinson
Jacque Shelton
as Corporal
Angus Duncan
as Ticket Clerk
Howard Culver
as Jury Foreman
Carleton Young
as Colonel #2
Paul Denton
as Student
Beverly Brown
as Janie
John Bose
as Daniel Boone
Dick Wilson
as Clock Mover/Jack
Anthony D. Call
as Lee Helmsman
Judy Strangis
as Cora
John Mitchum
as Ace/Erbie
Meg Wyllie
as Sister Florence
Larry Blyden
as Henry Francis 'Rocky' Valentine/Rance McGrew
Milton Frome
as Detective
John Conwell
as Air Force Colonel/Elevator Man
Michael Pataki
as Jeep Driver
Mona Houghton
as Little Girl
Rudy Bowman
as Robert E. Lee
Joe Higgins
as Bank Guard
Joe Ploski
as Beauty Contest Guest
Sandy Kenyon
as Frank Henderson/Navigator Hatch/The Attendant
Jan Handzlik
as Tommy
Robert Tafur
as Señor Valdes
Chuck Fox
as Victim
Philippa Bevans
as Mrs. Landers - Housekeeper
Miranda Jones
as Martha Horn
Frankie Van
as Referee
William Meader
as Brawling Townsman/Minor Role
Frank Logan
as Waiter
Irene Sale
as Townswoman
Martin Landau
as Dan Hotaling/Major Ivan Kuchenko
Alan Napier
as Capt. Protheroe
Richard Long
as David Andrew Gurney/Dr. Rex/Professor Sigmund Friend/Tom/Uncle Rick
Irene Dailey
as Miss Frank
Read Morgan
as Lefty
Joan Marshall
as Wilma
Barbara Barrie
as Myra Russell
Stan Jones
as Field Rep #4
Gerald Gordon
as Lieutenant
Rhoda Williams
as Tina Miller
Ben Wright
as Captain Wilbur/Chips/Doctor
Frank Overton
as Harry Wheeler/Robert Sloan
Antony Carbone
as Cristo
Joan Hackett
as Esther Fortune
Ross Martin
as Johnny Foster/Lieutenant Mason
Mary Ellen Batten
as 1st Woman in Line
Asa Maynor
as Stewardess
John Cadwalder
as Self
Percy Helton
as Lapham/Tom Poulter
Jason Wingreen
as 1960 Conductor/Director/Mr. Shuster
Richard Karlan
as Bartender/D'Alessandro
Sarah Selby
as Agnes Cudahy - Landlady
Kathleen O'Malley
as Nurse
John Crawford
as Joe
Mitzi McCall
as Waitress
Daniel Nunez
as Townsman
John McIntire
as Prof. A. Daemon
Ryan Hayes
as Engineer/Paper Hawker
Irene Tedrow
as Mrs. Loren/Mrs. Sloan
Martin Milner
as Paul Grinstead
Jim Michael
as Guard
Joe Bassett
as Medical Officer
Irene Hervey
as Martha Tillman
Albert Szabo
as German Officer #2
Than Wyenn
as Paul Johnson
Sara Taft
as Mrs. Nolan
John Cliff
as Lightning Peterson
Gregory Morton
as Alien Leader
Bernard Fein
as Heckler/Penell
Alphonso DuBois
as Minor Role/Townsman
Brad Brown
as Soldier/Student
Cyril Delevanti
as Franklin/L.J. Smithers/Marvin - Butler/Officer
Jesse White
as Harmon Cavender/Repair Man
Dan Terranova
as Call Boy
Jerry Fujikawa
as Japanese Captain/Japanese Delegate
Roger Davis
as David Mitchell
Margarita Cordova
as Girl on TV
Norman Sturgis
as Hotel Clerk
William Shatner
as Bob Wilson/Don Carter
Jerry Catron
as Guard
Butch Hengen
as Tall Boy
Stephen Talbot
as Howie Gutliff/The Boy
Martin Balsam
as Danny Weiss/Martin Lombard Senescu
Horace McMahon
as Bartender
John Close
as Cop/Guard
Danny Kulick
as Child/Jo-Jo
Bob Mitchell
as Albert W. Hicks
Thomas Gomez
as Cadwallader/Peter Sykes
Kevin McCarthy
as Maj. Hugh Skelton/Prof. Walter Jameson/Tom Bowen
Austin Green
as President Abraham Lincoln
Rusty Wescoatt
as Tall Man
Ray Spiker
as Man in Mission
Fred Clark
as Chester Dietrich
Donald Journeaux
as 2nd Steward
Chet Stratton
as Guide/Rogers
Betty Lou Gerson
as Cici
Sig Frohlich
as Pedestrian
Ann Blyth
as Constance Taylor/Pamela Morris
Frank Sutton
as Frank
Mercedes Shirley
as Joan
Ed Wynn
as Lou Bookman/Sam Forstmann
Peggy Stewart
as Grace Stockton
James T. Callahan
as Doug Kirk
June Foray
as Sport/Talky Tina
Alice Pearce
as Mrs. Nielson
Wolfe Barzell
as Proprietor
Florence Marly
as Dagget's Girlfriend
Diane Honodel
as Woman Pedestrian
Diane Strom
as Girl in Commercial
James Franciscus
as Lt. Mueller
Jack Weston
as Charlie Farnsworth/Julius Moomer
Mary Munday
as Hildy Powell
John Holland
as Club Member
Barry Truex
as David Whitley
John Albright
as Alien
Luther Adler
as Arthur Castle
Ralph Manza
as Doorkeeper
Dave Willock
as Marty
Elizabeth Allen
as Saleswoman
Barry Atwater
as Les Goodman
Vivi Janiss
as Edna Castle/Flora Gibbs
Allan Lurie
as Subway Guard
Frank Silvera
as Dr. Koslenko
Allen Zeidman
as Club Member
Jennifer Bunker
as Woman
Keenan Wynn
as Gregory West
Carol Byron
as Carol Chase
Jack Warden
as James A. Corry/Mouth McGarry
Robert Karnes
as Robbins
Celia Lovsky
as Viola Draper
Richard Lupino
as Blake
Maidie Norman
as Maid
Carole Conn
as Sax Double
Stafford Repp
as Ira Broadly/Mechanic/Pawnbroker
Vickie Barnes
as Liz Myrtlebank
Bill Walker
as Jeffrey
Susan Gordon
as Jenny
Michael Keep
as Policeman
Robert Sorrells
as Casey
David Macklin
as Bud Powell
Dub Taylor
as Peters
Sandra Gould
as Woman/Woman #1
Dick Wessel
as Charlie
Mary Lee Martin
as Townswoman
Katherine Squire
as Mrs. Langsford/The Old Woman
John Ward
as Colonist
Jennifer Howard
as Janet's Nurse
Jimmy Lydon
as Patrolman
Tony Benson
as Colonist
Dewey Martin
as Corey
Howard Wright
as Hardy/Judge
John Burnside
as Cameraman/Soldier
Frank Behrens
as Stout
Joe Maross
as Jerry Riden/Navigator Peter Craig
Eumenio Blanco
as Townsman
Lew Brown
as Lieutenant/Sergeant/Telephone Repairman/The Fireman
Ted Stanhope
as Man on Street
Michael Burns
as Paul Stockton
Bill Walsh
as Alien
Jerry Fuller
as Rock Singer
Diane Livesey
as Townswoman
Robert Cummings
as Capt. James Embry
Joseph Glick
as Handler/Rally Spectator
Sarah Marshall
as Ruth Miller
George Grizzard
as Alan Talbot/Roger Shackleforth/Walter Ryder, Jr.
Moyna MacGill
as Mrs. Williams
Dennis Kerlee
as Whiting
Troy Melton
as Cowboy #1
Oliver Cross
as Club Member/Party Guest
Ludwig Donath
as Ernst Ganz
Lili Darvas
as Grandma Bayles
Don Rickles
as Bettor
Rod Taylor
as Lieutenant Colonel Clegg Forbes
Jim Hutton
as Major William Gart
Hazel Court
as Charlotte Scott
Steven Perry
as Henry Temple
Doug McClure
as Pete Grant
Jack Klugman
as Captain Ross/Jesse Cardiff/Joey Crown/Max Phillips
Cliff Osmond
as Manolo
William Windom
as Dr. Wallman/The Major
Lee Van Cleef
as Steinhart
Sidney Marion
as Watchman
Donna Douglas
as Debutante/Janet Tyler (revealed)
Florence MacMichael
as Margaret
Buddy Ebsen
as Jimbo Cobb
Herbert Winters
as Martian Observer
Tipp McClure
as Battling Maxo
Larry Johns
as Corcoran
Wally Cox
as James Elwood
Art Carney
as Henry Corwin
Shari Lee Bernath
as Maggie Gaines
Agnes Moorehead
as Woman
Carl M. Leviness
as Ship Passenger
Joseph Hamilton
as Ticket Agent
Nora Marlowe
as Chambermaid/Margaret Phillips
David Sheiner
as Doc
Jo Ann Dixon
as Nurse
Kreg Martin
as Gunman
Bob Hastings
as Sam
Michael Jeffers
as Deputy/Technician
Oliver McGowan
as Officer
Richard Deacon
as Wallace V. Whipple
Colleen O'Sullivan
as Michelle
Bill Bixby
as OOD
William Reynolds
as Lt. Fitzgerald
Claudia Bryar
as Frau Nielsen
Norman Burton
as Office Worker
Nancy Rennick
as Miss Keevers/Paula
Shepperd Strudwick
as Peter Selden
Morris Drabin
as Townsman
Susan Crane
as Older Ann
Byron Morrow
as Martian
Moria Turner
as Mrs. Weiss
Alice Frost
as Aunt Amy/Sally
Trevor Bardette
as Colonel Hawthorne
Adrienne Marden
as Woman #1/Woman #2
Sue Randall
as Millie/Nurse
Anne O'Neal
as Mrs. Wister
Bob Duggan
as Man #1/Photographer
Ivan Dixon
as Bolie Jackson/Reverend Anderson
Margie Liszt
as Caller
Christine White
as Julia Wilson/Kitty Cavanaugh
Murray Hamilton
as Mr. Death
R.G. Armstrong
as Contractor
Barbara Baxley
as Cora Wheeler
Warren Oates
as CPL Richard Langsford/Jeep Driver
Gregory McCabe
as Boy #1
James Gonzalez
as Passenger
Ray Pourchot
as Bar Patron
Tony Miller
as Announcer
Kate Murtagh
as Zelda Gooberman
Dwight Townsend
as Highway Flagman
Debbie Joyce
as Little Girl
Hal Taggart
as Executive
Laird Stuart
as Boy
Theodore Bikel
as Oliver Crangle
House Peters Jr.
as Policeman Writing Ticket
Jean Willes
as Ethel McConnell
Fred Kruger
as 1865 Attendant/Man on Street
Gloria Pall
as Girl in Bar
Arlene Martel
as Girl in Bar/Nurse in Morgue
Arthur Batanides
as Leader/Tabal
John Archer
as Trooper Bill Padgett
Frank Aletter
as Colonel William Connacher
Jack Downs
as Townsman
James Daly
as Gart Williams
Tex Holden
as Barfly
Peter Gabel
as Guy with Match
Murray Matheson
as The Clown
Frank Ferguson
as Krueger
Kim Hector
as Whitt
Suzanne Lloyd
as Maya/Miss Thomas
Anne Francis
as Jess-Belle Stone/Marsha White
Edwin Rochelle
as Boxing Match Spectator
Deirdre Owens
as Barbara Stanley
Edward Binns
as Col. Bob Donlin/General Walters
Fredd Wayne
as Barney Kamener/Paul Malloy
Lori March
as Eve Sturka
William Phipps
as Sergeant
Roddy McDowall
as Sam Conrad
Vincent Baggetta
as Sailor
Paul Baxley
as Driver
Therese Lyon
as Old Woman
H.M. Wynant
as David Ellington
Thomas Nello
as Phillips
Dick Cherney
as Man in Bar
Robert Hogan
as Robert Blake
Jean Marsh
as Alicia
Burt Reynolds
as Rocky Rhodes
Vic Perrin
as Jim - Trooper/Martian
James Broderick
as Al
Michael Montgomery
as Young Marty
Gene Coogan
as Fire Spectator Restraining Driscoll/Townsman/Victim
Patrick Hector
as Tom
Stuart Holmes
as Club Member
Marco Lopez
as Hotel Guest
Jon Lormer
as Minister/Man/Strauss
Muriel Landers
as Marge Moore
Tom Hatcher
as Bill Soames
Doro Merande
as Sadie
Joseph Sargent
as Ticket Clerk
David Opatoshu
as Dorn
Michael Conrad
as Deputy Sheriff Harper
Stanley Adams
as Jensen/Rollo
Eileen Ryan
as Nora Raigan
Bill McLean
as Prop Man
Pippa Scott
as Laura Templeton
Barbara Nichols
as Liz Powell
Doris Singleton
as Secretary
Arch Johnson
as Fireman/Jesse James/Roscoe Bragg
Tom Lowell
as Artie Beechcroft
Byron Kane
as Assistant
Robby the Robot
as Robot
Leonard Nimoy
as Hansen
Ron Nyman
as Police Officer
Susan Dorn
as Marion Curtis
Paul Comi
as 1st Officer John Craig/Marcusson/Psychiatrist
Bernie Hamilton
as Coley
Constance Ford
as Barbara Polk
James Millhollin
as Jason Abernathy/Masters/Mr. Armbruster
Aileen Arnold
as Pedestrian
Edward Astran
as Audience Member
William Swan
as Technician
Rudy Dolan
as Emcee
Joseph Schildkraut
as Alfred Becker/John Holt
Walter Brooke
as Chad Cooper/Dr. Raymond Gordon
Ed Haskett
as Audience Member/Club Member
Gene Lyons
as Psychiatrist
Charles Tannen
as 1st Man in Line
Douglas Spencer
as 1st Martian
Naomi Stevens
as Washroom Attendant
Mary Jackson
as Miss Pepper
Jutta Parr
as Nurse
Claire Griswold
as The Doll
Pinocchio Roy Wilson
as Photo Double
Joan Chambers
as Harriet
Mary McMahon
as Receptionist
Éva Szörényi
as Frau Werner
John Alban
as Club Member
Kaaren Verne
as Innkeeper
Don Dubbins
as Peter Kirby
Dee Sharon
as Brown's Girlfriend
John Larch
as Dr. Eliot Rathmann/Mr. Fremont/Sheriff Koch
Tod Andrews
as Gil Sharewood
Leah Waggner
as Mrs. Goodman
Brooke Hayward
as Paula Harper
Billy E. Hughes
as Kid
Betty Garde
as Mrs. Bronson/Passenger
Ruth White
as Mrs. Ford
George Keymas
as The Leader
Sam Bagley
as Audience Member
Lenore Shanewise
as Mrs. Densley
Harp McGuire
as Flight Engineer Purcell
Ann Cameron
as Townswoman
Joe Phillips
as Barfly
Charles Aidman
as Bill/Colonel Ed Harrington
Dan Duryea
as Al Denton
George Petrie
as Driver
Marge Redmond
as Secretary
John Craven
as Man
Maurice Dallimore
as Man
Terry Becker
as Jagger
Pat Hingle
as Horace Maxwell Ford
Russell Collins
as Ben Conroy
Rickey Kelman
as Young Alex
S. John Launer
as Lieutenant Colonel/Moran/Mr. Harrington/PA Announcer
Charles Lane
as Mr. Peckinpaugh
Logan Field
as Investigator
William Challee
as Jasen/Rude man on porch
Lela Bliss
as Mrs. Chester
Janice Rule
as Helen Foley
John Van Dreelen
as Commissar Vassiloff
Terence de Marney
as Gambler
Marv Goux
as Workman
Paul Fix
as Newspaper Editor Colbey
Amzie Strickland
as Woman
Wayne Heffley
as 2nd Officer Wyatt/Mover
Helen Kleeb
as Mattie Glover
Michael Constantine
as Sheriff Charlie Koch
Charles Horvath
as Joey Consiglio
Robert Snyder
as Electrician
Jenny Maxwell
as Shirley (The Baby Sitter)
John McLiam
as Cop/Guard/Man
Jeanne Evans
as Ann Riden/Woman #2
Buck Harrington
as Audience Member
Robert Redford
as Harold Beldon
Sandra Warner
as Girl/Noreen
Eugene Borden
as Maitre d'
Louis Cavalier
as Boxing Match Spectator
Jackie Cooper
as Caesar/Jonathan West
Lester Fletcher
as RAF Man
Clark Allen
as The Bagpiper
David Armstrong
as Passenger/Security Guard/Surgeon/Van Driver/Worker
Sherry Granato
as Girl
Gene Roth
as Judge
Kelton Garwood
as The Tramp
Joe Corey
as Soda Jerk
Mary Webster
as Nan/Ruth
Gertrude Flynn
as Rose Kramer
Perk Lazelle
as Executive
Jane Romeyn
as Board Member
Jack Albertson
as Jerry Harlowe/The Genie
Jonathan Bolt
as Billy Rayford
Mike Kellin
as Chief Bell
Denise Lynn
as Little Girl
Robert Boon
as Holger Nielsen/Taxi Driver
Warren Stevens
as Nathan 'Nate' Bledsoe
Harold Gould
as General Larrabee
Tom Reese
as Intruder
Albert Carrier
as Frenchman
Mariette Hartley
as Sandra Horn
Harold Innocent
as Board Member
Paul Dubov
as Man
Ned Glass
as Fridge Repairman/Pawnshop Man
Karen Norris
as Mother
Roy Damron
as Bar Patron
Donald Losby
as 1st Venusian
David White
as Brinkley/George Rogers
Linden Chiles
as Hall
Johnny Eimen
as Pitcher
Dan Tobin
as E.M. Bagby
Frank Wolff
as Baron
Jamie Forster
as Hotel Clerk
Norma Connolly
as Night Nurse
Tony Rosa
as Man on Bench
Edgar Buchanan
as Doc Bolton
Barry Nelson
as Bob Frazier
Charles Herbert
as Tom Rogers
Bethelynn Grey
as Chorus Girl
Harry Fleer
as 1962 Policeman #2/Guard
Burgess Meredith
as Henry Bemis/Luther Dingle/Mr. Smith/Romney Wordsworth
Hank Patterson
as Freitag/Mr. Gentry/Old Man
Marsha Hunt
as Mrs. Henderson
Fritz Weaver
as Chancellor/William Sturka
Ken DuMain
as Boxing Match Spectator/Party Guest
Lance Fuller
as Orgram Gatewood
Violet N. Cane
as Townswoman
Conlan Carter
as Ensign Marmer
Leslie Barrett
as Brandt
James Gavin
as Policeman
Derrik Lewis
as Helmsman
John Fiedler
as Field Rep #3/Mr. Dundee
Laura Devon
as Ellwyn Glover
Sheridan Comerate
as Gas Station Attendant
Charles Maxwell
as Radio Announcer
Nico Minardos
as Doctor
Edwin Rand
as Bus Driver
Mack Williams
as Father Beaman
Patrick O'Moore
as Man
Frank Baker
as Hotel Guest/Otto Champion
Keith Britton
as 1st Man in Line
John Dehner
as Alan Richards/Captain Allenby/Jared Garrity
George Macready
as Dr. Bixler
Denise Alexander
as Jody Sturka
Tony Regan
as Man at Racetrack
Emily McLaughlin
as Doris Richards
Ben Erway
as Pete Van Horn
Willis Bouchey
as Dr. Samuel Thorne
Vernon Gray
as Martian
Paul Power
as Banker/Farmer
Paul E. Burns
as Janitor
Chester Hayes
as Ice Cream Man
Charles Morton
as Bartender
Geoffrey Horne
as Williams - the Alien
Herschel Graham
as Executive
Paul Langton
as Doctor/George
Orson Bean
as James B.W. Bevis
Robin Hughes
as Howling Man
Bobby Diamond
as Pvt. Pip
Robert Stevenson
as Radio Announcer/TV Bartender
June McCall
as Beauty Contestant
Slim Bergman
as Boxing Match Spectator
Henry Corden
as Sanchez
Jeff Morris
as Radio Operator Finnegan
Jack Ging
as Young Man
Charles Thompson
as Andy Praskins
Ferris Taylor
as Passenger
Patrick Westwood
as The Premier's Aide
Kendrick Huxham
as Bartender
Lyn Guild
as Mrs. Farnsworth
Carolyn Kearney
as Marnie Kirk
Ben Cooper
as Dauger
George Bruggeman
as Club Member/Gambler
James Houghton
as Jerry
Earl Holliman
as Mike Ferris
Pat O'Hara
as Townsman
Eleanor Audley
as Mrs. Whitney
J. Pat O'Malley
as Gooberman - Town Drunk/Homburg/Old Ben/Old Man
John Brahm
as Winston Churchill
John Newton
as Cooper/TV Interviewer
Bud Cokes
as Audience Member
Russell Johnson
as Pete Corrigan/Prof. Manion
Buzz Martin
as Teenager
John Pedrini
as Man on Street
Gordon Mitchell
as Soldier
John Williams
as William Shakespeare
Nelson Olmsted
as Scientist
Bartlett Robinson
as Colonel #1/William
Philip Ober
as Mr. Henderson
Thalmus Rasulala
as Technician
Paul Tripp
as Man #2
James Whitmore
as Captain William Benteen
Howard Duff
as Arthur Curtis/Gerry Raigan
John Clarke
as Young Jerry Hearndan
Val Ruffino
as Guard
Guy Wilkerson
as Counterman
Burt Metcalfe
as Don Martin
Eddie Ryder
as Joseph J. Callahan
Tom Gilleran
as Fred
Arthur Hunnicutt
as Hyder Simpson
Michael Vandever
as Smitty
William D. Gordon
as Doctor/George
Gary Merrill
as Sgt. Joseph Paradine
Alan Dexter
as Beasley
Veronica Cartwright
as Anne Rogers
Andy Devine
as Somerset Frisby
Richard Peel
as 1st Steward
Jeanne Baker
as Woman on Bench
Walter Burke
as Joe Mizell
Edson Stroll
as Walter Smith/Young John Holt
Thomas Martin
as Technician
Pert Kelton
as Mrs. Parkes
Josip Elic
as Electrician/Subaltern
Charles Bronson
as The Man
Ann Jillian
as Ilse
Robert McCord
as Waiter/1st Fireman/Bearded Guard with Priest/Burke/Camera Crew Member/Car Passenger/Cast Party Member/Club Member/Cop/Customer/Diner Patron/Electric Chair Guard/Elevator Operator/Ice-Cream Vendor/Lawman/Man Hearing About Garfield/Man Walking in Lobby/Man Watching Audition/Man in Bar Doorway/Man in Saloon/Man in Subway/Man on Steps Eating Apple/Passenger/Passerby/Sailor in Ski Cap/Sheriff/Stagecoach Driver/Student/Townsman/Townsman in Black Hat/UN Translator
Ed Nelson
as Philip Redfield
Jonathan Hole
as Team Doctor
Jeanette Nolan
as Granny Hart/Rachel Simpson
Pamela Austin
as Marilyn/Valerie
Mike Morelli
as Man in Mission
Barry Morse
as Fitzgerald Fortune
Clark Ross
as Executive/Man in Line
Ken Drake
as Daniel/Man
Orville Sherman
as Tillman Miller
Harry Jackson
as Trumpeter
Irvin 'Zabo' Koszewski
as Soldier
Patrick Waltz
as Brand
Ruth Phillips
as Charlotte
Henry Beckman
as Cop/Townsman
Estelle Winwood
as Laurette Bowen
Franklyn Farnum
as Man at Racetrack
Jack Stoney
as Finch
Hugh Sanders
as Cronk/Jerry Potter/Templeton
Leonard Bremen
as Van Man
Phyllis Love
as Mrs. Lucas
Ron Howard
as Wilcox Boy
James Wellman
as 2nd Man in Line
Robert Biheller
as Graham
Gene Benton
as Reporter #2
John Kroger
as Ed Page
Robert Ball
as Clerk
Tracy Stratford
as Christie Streator/Tina Miller
Dane Clark
as Ace Larsen
James Seay
as Sheriff
Earle Hodgins
as Agee
Ted O'Shea
as Club Member/Dignitary
Joseph Mell
as Jimmy
Edy Williams
as Chorus Girl
Arte Johnson
as Irv
Howard McNear
as Bramhoff/Mitchell
Jack Perrin
as Barfly
Charles Kuenstle
as Sonar Operator
Henry Scott
as Jr. OOD/Thomas
Robert Sampson
as Chris Miller
Gil Lamb
as Officer Flannagan
Joe Haworth
as TV Cowboy
Peter Hornsby
as Croupier
Terry Burnham
as Markie
Harry Raybould
as Corporal
William Mims
as Dave
Claude Akins
as Cmdr. William Fletcher/Steve Brand
Robert Cornthwaite
as Director/Hanford
Bob Kelljan
as Boris - Vassiloff's Assistant
Jack Younger
as Truck Driver
Henry Lascoe
as Mr. Hugo
Beverly Garland
as Maggie
Norbert Schiller
as Committee member in prologue
Paul Genge
as John Canfield
Buster Keaton
as Woodrow Mulligan
Jo Helton
as Julie/Martha Harlowe
Eve McVeagh
as Ella Koch/Nurse
Don Wilbanks
as Furman
William Keene
as Desk Clerk/Doctor
John Pickard
as Policeman
Douglas Bank
as Man/Prosecutor
Dee Carroll
as Woman
Raymond Bailey
as Doctor/Millard/Supervisor
Craig Curtis
as Sailor
Warren Powers
as Townsman
Mathew McCue
as Man in Mission
George Lindsey
as Deputy Pierce
Peter Mark Richman
as Trooper Robert Franklin
Susan Oliver
as Teenya
Sterling Holloway
as TV Repairman
Paul Bradley
as Crowd Member
Nancy Kulp
as Agnes Gann
John A. Alonzo
as Luís Gallegos
Charles Seel
as Reverend Wood
Phillip Pine
as Leonard O'Brien/Virge Sterig
King Calder
as Sid Sperry/Townsman
Lee Millar
as Joe
Barbara Perry
as Blonde Woman
Darryl Richard
as Thompson
Noah Keen
as Airline Executive Bengston/Mr. Vance
Charles Perry
as Spectator at Rally
Jean Heremans
as Club Member
Elizabeth Harrower
as Woman
Susan Cummings
as Patty
Pat Comiskey
as Man in Bar
Ron Masak
as Harmonica Man
Freda Jones
as Ship Passenger
Sally Kellerman
as Office Worker
John Eldredge
as Whittaker
Leon Alton
as Bartender/Passenger
Jerome Cowan
as Jerry Hearndan
Camille Franklin
as Molly
Richard Kiel
as Kanamit
Helen Westcott
as Lillian Pope
Carl MacIntire
as Announcer
Paul Nesbitt
as Older Tom
Max Showalter
as Pat Riley
Douglas Lambert
as Albert
Arthur Peterson
as Sheriff
Ray Teal
as Mr. Franklin
Felix Locher
as Club Member
Wendell Holmes
as Cooper
Jack Perkins
as Ground Crewman
Jack Raine
as Officer/Reynolds
Harry Bartell
as Langford
Sydney Pollack
as Arthur Willis
Rex Holman
as Charlie Constable
Fred Beir
as Lieutenant Carter
Mary Carver
as Betty O'Brien
Robert Bray
as Capt. Dennet
Simon Oakland
as Captain Beecham/De Cruz
Peter Coe
as German
Alan Sues
as Wilfred Harper, Jr.
Edmund Glover
as Sam Baker
Raymond Greenleaf
as Jackson
Kevin Jones
as Boy
Lomax Study
as Leveque
Joe Evans
as Audience Member/Townsman
Frank London
as Driver/Maxwell
Morgan Jones
as Captain/Trooper Dan Perry
Mabel Forrest
as Mrs. Ferguson
Boyd Cabeen
as Party Guest/Technician
Jonathan Winters
as James Howard "Fats" Brown
Evans Evans
as Mary Lou
Don Anderson
as Gambler/Shopper
Gladys Cooper
as Elva Keene/Millie McKenzie/Wanda Dunn
Everett Sloane
as Franklin Gibbs
William H. O'Brien
as Audience Member
Randy Boone
as Pvt. Michael McCluskey
Norman Papson
as Trumpeter
Jim Boles
as Dispatcher/Obed Miller
Reid Hammond
as Mr. Peterson
Robert Eaton
as Spaceman
Edmund Vargas
as Pedro
Strother Martin
as Mothershed
Billy Beck
as Hare
Sandra Lynne
as Townswoman
Joe Mantell
as Jackie Rhoades/John Rhoades/Pole
John Considine
as McClure
Vera Miles
as Millicent Barnes
Robert Emhardt
as Professor Ackerman
Walter Bacon
as Beauty Contest Guest
Jacques Aubuchon
as Connolly
Don Keefer
as Dan Hollis/Fred Danziger/Spierto
William Demarest
as Joe Britt
Jimmie Horan
as Minor Role/Party Guest/Townsman/Victim
Tom Palmer
as Robert
Dexter Dupont
as Angel
Edgar Stehli
as Professor Sam Kittridge
Hayden Rorke
as Sykes
Leslie Bradley
as Major Devereaux
Bill Zuckert
as Detective
Michael Gorfain
as Timmy Danvers
Robert Foulk
as Gatekeeper
Howard Smith
as Misrell/Polk
Don Durant
as Gregory Walker
Michael Fox
as 2nd Martian/Doctor/Psychiatrist
Larry Barton
as Boxing Match Spectator
George Baxter
as Judge Cummings
Ted Knight
as Adams
Joyce Van Patten
as Eileen Ransome
Jack Hyde
as Attorney
Suzy Parker
as #12/Doe/Eva/Grace/Jane/Lana Cuberle
Will Kuluva
as Ernest Ferguson/General De Cruz
Barton Heyman
as Lieutenant Blane
Richard Conte
as Edward Hall
Jay Hector
as Boy
Robert Riordan
as Hotel Manager
Art Lewis
as Drunk/Racetrack Tout
Cedric Hardwicke
as Uncle Simon Polk
Natalie Trundy
as Ellen Marshall
David Garcia
as Union Lieutenant
James Best
as Billy Ben Turner/Jeff Myrtlebank/Johnny Rob
Josephine Hutchinson
as Grandma Robot
Richard Haydn
as Bartlett Finchley
Eddie Barth
as Sailor
Rayford Barnes
as Andrew Watkins
Greg Morris
as Lt. Woodard
Nick Cravat
as Gremlin
William Kendis
as Hansen/Olmstead
Douglas Heyes
as Astronaut
Wilfrid Hyde-White
as Toby McKenzie
Nancy Malone
as Millie Frazier
Everett Glass
as Club Member
Joseph Bernard
as Marty Weiss
Bill Mumy
as Anthony Fremont/Billy Bayles/Young Pip
Buddy Joe Hooker
as Dickie Weiss
Robert Locke Lorraine
as Crowd Member
Ron Kipling
as George Prince
Timmy Cletro
as Boy
Nehemiah Persoff
as Carl Lanser
Bob Reeves
as Barfly
Dabbs Greer
as Evans/Scanlan
Ed Kemmer
as Flight Engineer
Robert Duvall
as Charley Parkes
Nan Martin
as Laura Ford
Sailor Vincent
as Gambler
Larrian Gillespie
as Elf
Wright King
as Hecate/Paul Carson
Harold J. Stone
as Grant Sheckly
John Anderson
as Capt. 'Skipper' Farver/Deidrich/Gabriel/Goldsmith
John Zaremba
as Horn Player
Helen Brown
as Mrs. Henrietta Walker
Lee Philips
as Alan Ransome/Jordan 'Jordy' Herrick
Larry Gates
as Dr. Bill Stockton
Robert Brubaker
as Tower Operator
David Fresco
as Man
Jeff Morrow
as Kurt Meyers
Mark Sunday
as Photographer
Elen Willard
as Ione Sykes
Sid Troy
as Crew Member
Diana Hyland
as Anne Henderson
Cosmo Sardo
as Party Guest/Resurrected Man
Walton Walker
as Minor Role
Dean Jagger
as Ed Lindsay
Nick Borgani
as Townsman
Val Avery
as The Bartender
Edward Platt
as Doctor
Olan Soule
as IRS Man/Mr. Smiles
Patrick Whyte
as Mr. Sloan
Marc Towers
as Cashier
John Hoyt
as Dr. Loren/Ross
Jean Carson
as Paula Diedrich
Andrea Darvi
as Estrelita Gallegos/Kid with Santa
Russell Trent
as Rifle Range Barker
Warren Parker
as Clothes Store Manager
Carol Hill
as Woman
Nels P. Nelson
as Short Cop
Douglass Dumbrille
as Mr. Halpert
Jane Burgess
as Sheila
George Takei
as Arthur Takamori/Taro
Bobby Gilbert
as Man With Cat
as Lion
Barbara Morrison
as Matron
Jerry Davis
as Hermy Brandt
Sam Rawlins
as Ramón
Vito Scotti
as Peddler/Rudolpho
Jeffrey Byron
as Jeb Sharewood
Richard Basehart
as Adam Cook
Jacqueline Scott
as Helen Gaines
Kermit Maynard
as Juror
Joseph V. Perry
as Man/Office Worker/Police Lieutenant
Fred Aldrich
as Pedestrian
Jack Kenny
as Man in Mission
Patricia Barry
as Ann/Leila
Charles Carlson
as Barney Flueger
Vaughn Taylor
as Mr. Carsville/Mr. Judson/Mr. Maitland/Salesman/Teague
Lisabeth Field
as Nurse
Kenner G. Kemp
as Club Member/Juror/UN Translator
Don Gordon
as Andy Marshak/Salvadore Ross
Ron Foster
as MSG William Connors
Theresa Testa
as Townswoman
Kenneth Haigh
as Lt. William Terrance Decker
Carol Burnett
as Agnes Grep
Paul Ravel
as Audience Member/Townsman
Tudor Owen
as Captain of Lusitania
Alma Platt
as Marie Holt
Jenna McMahon
as Nurse
Julie Van Zandt
as Wilma #2
Frank Maxwell
as Marty Fisher
Josie Lloyd
as Evie
Michael Forest
as Steve
Peter Walker
as Sam
Ralph Moody
as Pa Myrtlebank
Steve Carruthers
as Bar Patron/Casino Worker/Gambler
Patricia Donahue
as Janie Williams
Mary Badham
as Sport Sharewood
Mark Miller
as Roger
Inger Stevens
as Jana/Nan Adams
Jean Inness
as Mrs. Landers
Dana Andrews
as Paul Driscoll
Joan Sudlow
as Old Woman
Ron Stokes
as Car Salesman
John Clark
as Club Member
Ted Jacques
as Bartender
Joanne Linville
as Lavinia Godwin
Gary Crosby
as Floyd Burney
Henry Hunter
as The Doctor
James Turley
as 2nd Fireman/Carstairs/Club Member/Rance's Double/Workman #2
Jim Johnson
as Air Force Staff Sergeant
Pitt Herbert
as Field Rep #2
Georgia Simmons
as Aunt T.
Barry Bernard
as Engineer
Joy Rogers
as Citizen
Burt Mustin
as Carlson/Old Man
Sherry Jackson
as Comfort Gatewood
Peter Brocco
as Alien/Mr. Marshak
Virginia Gregg
as Emily Harper/Ossie Stone
Ken Lynch
as Charlie
Shelley Fabares
as Ellen Tillman
George Holmes
as Party Guest
Sam Harris
as Mersia Jones
Virginia Christine
as Ethel Bedeker
Betty Harford
as Clerk
Jeanne Cooper
as Liz
Marjorie Bennett
as Mrs. Chamberlain/Mrs. Summers/Old Woman
William Edmonson
as Bartender/Jiggs
Joseph Wiseman
as Paul Radin
Frank Richards
as Man
Jeanne Bates
as Ethel Hollis
Robert Keith
as Jason Foster
Mitchell Rhein
as Croupier/Neighbor
Carmen Mathews
as Vinnie
Alexander Scourby
as Maj. Gen. George Harper
Patricia Smith
as Sylvia Bayles
Hal K. Dawson
as Old Man
Rory O'Brien
as Little Boy
Sol Murgi
as Audience Member/Townsman
Bob Whitney
as UN Translator
Mickey Maga
as Ricky
Barbara Chrysler
as Beauty Contestant
Nan Peterson
as Blonde in Bar/Secretary/Woman in Park/Young Woman
Phil Chambers
as Gas Man
Wayne Mallory
as Scout
Colin Campbell
as Addicott
Nesdon Booth
as Big Phil Nolan/Guard
Mary LaRoche
as Annabelle Streator/Mary
Max Slaten
as Man on Wagon
Milton Selzer
as Alien/Wilfred Harper
Cloris Leachman
as Mrs. Fremont
Bob Hopkins
as Man in Bar
Theodore Marcuse
as Citizen Gregori/Farraday
Jimmy Baird
as Boy
Spec O'Donnell
as Poker Player
Peter Falk
as Ramos Clemente
Bob Crane
as Disc Jockey
Caryl Lincoln
as Store Customer
Addison Myers
as Sentry
John Lasell
as Jonathan Wellington
Warren J. Kemmerling
as Jud Godwin
Shirley O'Hara
as Colonist/George's Wife
Frank Watkins
as Harber
Valley Keene
as Suzanne
Richard Angarola
as The Suitor
Fred Rapport
as Dignitary/Townsman
Edward Andrews
as Carling/Oliver Pope
Antoinette Bower
as Eve Norda
August Angelo
as Townsman
John Marley
as Jason/Sunnyvale Superintendant Cox
Bob Folkerson
as Man in Saloon
Jim E. Titus
as Horace Ford as Child
Tim O'Connor
as Colonel Sloane
Edgar Dearing
as First Resurrected Man
Joan Blondell
as Phyllis Britt
Bobs Watson
as Man at Dining Room Table
Jose Portugal
as Ice Cream Man
June Dayton
as Helen Turner
Mark Tapscott
as Lieutenant
Denver Pyle
as Stu Tillman
Steve Cochran
as Fred Renard
Joe Scott
as Croupier
Ray Galvin
as Cop
Leoda Richards
as Theatre Patron
Scott Perry
as Townsman
Tammy Marihugh
as Jeannie
Connie Gilchrist
as Mrs. Feeny
John Hanek
as Policeman
George E. Stone
as Fenwick
Doug Heyes Jr.
as Farmer Boy
Louie Elias
as Sailor
Robert F. Simon
as Harvey
James Flavin
as 1962 Policeman/Truck Driver
Shawn Michaels
as Bartender
Molly Dodd
as May
Liam Sullivan
as Headmaster/Jamie Tennyson
Shirley Ballard
as Wilma #1
Curt Conway
as Adolf Hitler
Francis De Sales
as Doctor
Jack Ramstead
as Man in Line
Sebastian Cabot
as Mr. Pip
Bing Russell
as Ben Braden/George Cousins
Dean Stockwell
as Lt. Katell/Lt. Yamuri
Dale Ishimoto
as Sgt. Yamazaki
Lew Gallo
as Brooks/Lt. Engle/Mechanic
Garry Walberg
as Reporter #3
Barney Phillips
as Capt. E.L. Gunther/Diemel/Haley the Bartender/TV Repairman
Wesley Lau
as Airline Agent/Man #1
Ron Hagerthy
as Ben
Rudy Germane
as Office Worker
Pat O'Malley
as Attendant/Mr. Llewellyn/Mr. Wilson
James Doohan
as Father
Bill Mullikin
as Parking Attendant
Ross Elliott
as Doctor/Kramer
Maxine Cooper
as Amy
Gregory Irvin
as 2nd Venusian
David Ahdar
as Club Member
Dennis Hopper
as Peter Vollmer
Telly Savalas
as Erich Streator
Chalky Williams
as Man in Saloon
John Carradine
as Brother Jerome
William Burnside
as Cameraman/Townsman
Abraham Sofaer
as Dr. Stillman
Roy Roberts
as Mr. Cooper
Peter Humphreys
as Steward on Lusitania
Pat Crowley
as Jackie Benson
Norman Stevans
as Casino Patron/Crowd Member/Office Worker
Doris Packer
as Nedra
James Coburn
as Major French
David Wayne
as Walter Bedeker
Susan Harrison
as The Ballerina
Bill Erwin
as Man/Man in Flashback/Peter Kramer/Wilcox
Jack Grinnage
as Henry
Gig Young
as Martin Sloan
Byron Foulger
as Charlie
Charles Fogel
as Casino Patron/Croupier
Paul Gustine
as Club Member
Mavis Neal Palmer
as Helen
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.
as Garcia
Jimmy Garrett
as Street Child
Ted Christy
as The Wild Panther
Sam Balter
as TV Announcer
Robert Lansing
as Commander Douglas Stansfield
Maxine Stuart
as Janet Tyler (under bandages)
Billy Booth
as Short Boy
David Bond
as Jack the Ripper
Totty Ames
as Muriel Hastings
Al Silvani
as Bar Patron
Paul Hartman
as Police Sergeant
Mickey Rooney
as Grady
Robert Sterling
as Douglas Winter
Patrick O'Neal
as Harmon Gordon
Jack Elam
as Avery
Chuck Hicks
as Maynard Flash/Mover
Harry Townes
as Arch Hammer/Henry Ritchie
Bob Kline
as TV Jesse James
Shelley Berman
as Archibald Beechcroft
Leon Belasco
as Potts
Juney Ellis
as Mrs. Shuster/Woman on Street
Robert Warwick
as A.V.M. Alexander 'Leadbottom' Mackaye, R.A.F.
Kenneth Gibson
as Bar Patron
Robert P. Lieb
as Flaherty
Lois Nettleton
as Norma
Larry Breitman
as Alien
Eva Pearson
as Townswoman
Joyce Jameson
as Starlet
Friedrich von Ledebur
as Brother Christophorus
Howard Morris
as George P. Hanley
John Harmon
as Clark/Georgie
Ray Kellogg
as Fred
Joe Flynn
as Steve
Alex Nicol
as Alex Walker
Ralph Taeger
as Walter Holmes
Leonard Strong
as The Hitch-Hiker
Ralph Votrian
as Hanachek
John McGiver
as Roswell G. Flemington/Shannon
Clem Bevans
as Pete
Armando Rodriguez
as Townsman
Kevin O'Neal
as Butler
Paul Lambert
as Doctor
Patrick Macnee
as First Officer McLeod
Lee Sands
as Floor Manager
Hardie Albright
as Secretary General
Donald Foster
as Sinclair
Neville Brand
as Fenton
Monty O'Grady
as Cameraman/Crowd Member
Barbara English
as Dancing Girl
Bill Hickman
as Pilot
Scott Seaton
as Club Member/Resident/Ship Passenger
James Maloney
as 1888 Conductor
Bella Bruck
as Woman yelling for son to come home
Robert Haines
as Bank Customer/Bar Patron/Club Member
Doris Karnes
as Gretchen/Woman
David Thursby
as Eddie
Madge Kennedy
as Colonist
Carol Eve Rossen
as Lieutenant's Girl
George Ford
as Bar Patron/Casino Patron/Croupier
Martine Bartlett
as Miss Finch
C. Lindsay Workman
as Bartender
Wayne Tucker
as Croupier
Stuart Hall
as Banker
Brian Aherne
as Booth Templeton
James Nolan
as Jim
Lurene Tuttle
as Secretary
Ruta Lee
as Flora Gordon
Russell Custer
as Townsman
Ken Kane
as Worker
Don Spruance
Leonard P. Geer
as Douglas
Vladimir Sokoloff
as Father Tomas/Gallegos/Guitarist
Dick York
as Capt. Phil Riker/Hector B. Poole
Eddie Marr
as Girlie Barker/Real Estate Pitchman
George Mitchell
as Dr. Floyd/Gas Station Man/Luther Glover/Old Man
Phyllis Thaxter
as Virginia Lane Walker
Ward Wood
as Man
Clegg Hoyt
as Bus Driver/Shopkeeper
Pat Close
as Hudson
Dee Hartford
as Gloria Sharewood
Richard Erdman
as McNulty
James McCallion
as Reporter #1
Bart Burns
as Townsman
Bill Idelson
as Kelly
Bonnie Beecher
as Mary Rachel
Arthur Tovey
as Onlooker in Subway/Ship's Greeter/Sidewalk Onlooker/Victim/Waiter
Beverly Englander
as Student
Kevin Hagen
as Captain James Webber/Pete Radcliff
Ian Wolfe
as Schwimmer
Marcel Hillaire
as Pierre - Waiter/The Guide
Lennie Weinrib
as Buddy Russell
Dan White
as Man #2/Worker
Wesley Gale
as Tenant
Jeffrey Sayre
as Croupier/UN Translator
George Murdock
as Willie
Steve Forrest
as Major Robert Gaines
Christine Burke
as Joanna
Seymour Cassel
as Jerry
George Chandler
as Old Man
William Schallert
as Policeman at Accident
William Sargent
as Dr. Mel Avery/The Project Manager
Sally Yarnell
as Party Guest/Script Supervisor/Waitress/Woman in Line
Michael Chain
as Paperboy
Mike Lally
as Handler/UN Official/Workman #1
Yvonne Romain
as Bride
William Lanteau
as Dolan
Carter Mullally Jr.
as Air Force Captain
Barnaby Hale
as Stanley
Burt Conroy
as Watchman
Glen Walters
as Pedestrian/Store Customer
Doris Kemper
as Landlady
Howard Caine
as Nick
Natalie Masters
as Woman
Scotty Morrow
as Boy
Duane Grey
as Bartender/Rogers
Herbert Lytton
as Dr. Saltman
Fred Crane
as News Anchorman
William O'Connell
as Field Rep #1
Lloyd Bochner
as Michael Chambers
Richard Devon
as Dagget
Phil Arnold
as Man
Ezelle Poule
as Housekeeper/Ma Myrtlebank
Philip Coolidge
as Throckmorton
Robert Burton
as Doctor
John Roy
as Bar Patron
Jacqueline deWit
as Helen Bemis
Nina Roman
as The Maid
Lee Kinsolving
as Scott
Lea Marmer
as Woman
Rod Serling
as Narrator/Self - Host/Self - Host & Narrator
Jeane Wood
as Landlady
Diane Sayer
as TV Actress
Morgan Brittany
as Girl/Little Girl/Susan - Agnes' Niece
Jay Overholts
as Cowboy #2/Doctor/Intern/Man #2/PA Announcer/Passenger/Reporter #2/Taxi Driver
Renee Aubry
as Ms. Abernathy
Dorothy Neumann
as Landlady
Paul Newlan
as Chief Engineer Hanley
Richard LaMarr
as Townsman
Albert Salmi
as Feathersmith/Joe Caswell/Sgt. Causarano
Barry Brooks
as Board Member
Don Ames
as Man in Line
Stephen Soldi
as Minor Role
Oscar Beregi Jr.
as Farwell/Karl Werner/SS Capt. Gunther Lutze
Cecil Kellaway
as Burgess/Jeremy Wickwire
Rusty Lane
as Commissioner

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1959 | 36 Episodes

Season 2

1960 | 29 Episodes

Season 3

1961 | 37 Episodes

Season 4

1963 | 18 Episodes

Season 5

1963 | 36 Episodes




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