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October 23, 2021
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About this title


This costume drama features England's splendid Renaissance dynasty under King Henry VIII. Beginning in Season 1 when Henry VIII was growing desperate for an heir and growing distant from his first wife, the series moves quickly to the period when Anne Boleyn became his obsession. During this time Cardinal Wolsey rose to become the power behind his throne, ruling ruthlessly and nearly absolutely while Henry (played by Johnathon Rhys Meyers) for the most part followed the Cardinal's advice, maneuvering through a series of betrayals and plots against him. When Anne Boleyn plays much harder to get than any woman ever has, Henry begins to search for a way out of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, so that he can make Anne his wife. Needing a divorce, Henry turns to Wolsey, who promises to help him create waves of backlash from the church, as well as the Spanish Habsburg dynasty and its overseas empire. Against this background gyrate the private lives and political intrigues of several members of the royal court and chancery. This includes Henry's friend and his sister Margaret's true love Charles Brandon, the Habsburg ambassadors, greedy and power-hungry schemers, their incidental victims and composer Thomas Tallis...

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 1, 2007

Also Known As: Династията на Тюдорите, Los Tudors |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (18, 16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

royal family

Company Credits

Production Co: Peace Arch Entertainment Group, Showtime Networks |  See more »


Gemma Reeves
as Margaret Moore/Margaret More
Maude Hirst
as Kat Ashley/Elizabeth's Lady in Waiting/Lady in Waiting
Michele McGrath
as Veiled Woman
Raad Rawi
as Italian Ambassador
Kate Duggan
as Princess Elizabeth
Maria Doyle Kennedy
as Queen Catherine of Aragon
Wesley Murphy
as Beard
Phil Kingston
as Cromwell's servant/Cromwell's Clerk/Cromwell's Scribe
Claire Macaulay
as Princess Elizabeth
Nicholas Grennell
as Chaplain
David Bradley
as Will (Court Fool)
Stephen P. Lynch
as Uncle's Escort
Ciara Bailey
as Young Woman
Serena Brabazon
as Nan Saville/Nan Seville
Michael Winder
as Henry Brandon/John
Paul Burke
as Messenger
Philip O'Sullivan
as Bishop Wanham/Bishop Warham
Kerrie O'Sullivan
as More's Daughter
Stephen Russell
as Lord Latimer's servant
John G. Brennan
as Duke of Orleans
Gary Murphy
as Roose
Samantha Heaney
as Young Woman
Heitor Cavalheiro
as Spanish Court Member
Laurence Foster
as Bishop of London
Darren Bancroft
as Ship's Captain
Joanne King
as Lady Rochford/Jane Parker
Ciaran Kenny
as Soldier
Selma Brook
as Brigitte/Brigitte Rousselot
Alan Grice
as Executioner
Jonathan Ryan
as French Ambassador
Catherine Steadman
as Joan Bulmer
Daniel Rhattigan-Walsh
as Master Henry Pole
Anthony Brophy
as Ambassador Bishop Chapuys/Chapuys
Tara Breathnach
as Mary's Lady in Waiting/Lady Mary's Lady-in-Waiting/Mary's Lady-in-Waiting
Jeremy Northam
as Sir Thomas More
James Rowe
as Norris
David Coakley
as Court Announcer
Russell Smith
as Priest
Lorna Doyle
as Joan
Barbara Brennan
as Duchess of Norfolk
Tamzin Merchant
as Catherine Howard
Christopher Goodwin
as Lord Lisle
Callum Blue
as Anthony Knivert
Julian Lewis Jones
as Richard Roper
Adam Goodwin
as Horseman
Kevin McMahon
as Boy
Bryan Murray
as Jean De Bellay
David Alpay
as Mark Smeaton
Max Brown
as Edward Seymour
David Michael Scott
as 'Imperial Majesty'/Mine Tunnel Officer/Officer
Annabelle Wallis
as Jane Seymour
Luke Hayden
as Headsman/Torturer
Nika McGuigan
as Chambermaid
Fiona Ryan
as Jane
Michael Ford
as Noble
Rachel Montague
as Young Woman
Brendan Morrissey
as 'Campeggio' Player
Laurence Spellman
as John Fell
Joe Taylor
as Compton's Physician
Fiona Sinnott
as Norfolk's Wife
Robert Donnelly
as Peasant Boy
Kate O'Toole
as Lady Salisbury
Eamon Rohan
as Archbishop/Priest
Dylan McDonough
as Courtier
Guy Carleton
as Chamberlain
Torrance Coombs
as Culpepper/Thomas Culpepper
James Sutherland
as Lord Maxwell
Paul Meade
as Chaimberlain (Hatfield)
Bill O'Cleirigh
as John More
Michael Wilson
as Lord Glencairn
Bláthnaid McKeown
as Princess Mary
Ronan Conlon
as Rowland Lee
Simon Coury
as Dr. John Frankish
Robbie Walsh
as Seymore Servant
Sebastian Armesto
as Charles V
Michael Bates
as Breton Workman #1
Paul Ronan
as Duke William of Cleves
Ciara Farrell
as Daughter of Aske
Clive Geraghty
as Dr. Linacre/King's Physician
Catherine Byrne
as Alice More
Martin Johnston
as Sergeant at Arms
Gerry O'Brien
as Herald/William Paget
Arthur Riordan
as Priest in Confessional
Nathan Gordon
as Messenger #1
Domhnall O'Donoghue
as Priest
Andrew McHale
as Dance Master
Amy-Joyce Hastings
as Mole Girl
Ciaran O'Brien
as Compton's Servant #1
Ronnie Masterson
as Old Woman #2
Jack West
as Gregory Cromwell
Judy Donovan
as Tower Maid to Anne Boleyn
Jody Latham
as Harry Hurst
Joe Van Moyland
as Thomas Tallis
Duncan Duff
as Governor of Boulogne
Alison Lintott
as Serving Girl
Brian McGovern
as Commons Man #2
Mark Hildreth
as Cardinal Reginald Pole
Jim Roche
as Commons Man #4
Natalie Dormer
as Anne Boleyn
Sean Flanagan
as Henry's Angelic Page
Luke McKenna
as Yeoman
Moe Dunford
as Richard Leland
Patrick Gibson
as Son of Aske
Seamus Moran
as Packington
Philippe De Grossouvre
as Admiral Chabot
David Ryan
as Church Commisioner/Church Commissioner #1
Declan Conlon
as Mendoza
Sean Duggan
as Ambassador Chapuy's servant
Alistair Findlay
as Mayor of London
George Anton
as Sir Christopher Haydon
Frank McCusker
as Risley
Eric Higgins
as Groom/Groom 1
Anatole Taubman
as Jean Rombaud
Lothaire Bluteau
as Ambassador Charles de Marillac
Marcus Lamb
as Campeggio's Son
Geoffrey Beevers
as Archbishop of York/Robert Lee
Brendan Quinn
as Knyvett
Valerie O'Connor
as Unkindness
Joss Stone
as Anne of Cleves
George Irving
as Sir William Kingston
Claire Brown
as Elizabeth Roper
Goranna McDonald
as Veiled Woman #2
Michael Elwyn
as Lord Latimer
Krystin Pellerin
as Lady Elizabeth Darrell
Mark Noble
as Sir Anthony Brown
Henry Cavill
as Charles Brandon
John Kavanagh
as Cardinal Campeggio
Rebekah Wainwright
as Catherine/Catherine Brandon
Sam Neill
as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
Zak Jenciragic
as Henry Fitzroy
Gerard McSorley
as Robert Aske
Julian Bastida
as Imperial Officer Caserta
Fergal Titley
as John Marbeck
Rod Hallett
as Richard Rich/Sir Richard Rich
Colin O'Donoghue
as Duke Philip of Bavaria
Ruta Gedmintas
as Elizabeth Blount
Kieran D. Gough
as Culpepper Man #2
Martyn Ellis
as John Leigh
Eoin Bates
as Kings Courtier/Flag Carrying Solider
Stephen D'Arcy
as Cromwell's Servant (House)
Chris McHallem
as Constable of the Tower
Rory James Wilson
as Commons Man #1/Man in Tavern
Steve Wilson
as Tower Constable/Constable of the Tower
Joe Doyle
as King John
Eoin Halpin
as Servant
Jason Healey
as Henry's Groom/Groom
Jonathan White
as Hopkins
Matthew Keenan
as Courtier
Eilis O'Donnell
as Strangeness
A.J. Kennedy
Sam Corry
as Courtier
Lee Williams
as Robert Testwood
Liam Stack
as Mad Walter Hungerford
Slaine Kelly
as Jane Howard
Carrie Loring
as Chorister
Terrance Orr
as Richard Moryson 'Pope Paul'
Mark Lambert
as William Cornish
Laura Jane Laughlin
as Madge Sheldon/Madge Shelton
Sonya Cassidy
as Christine, Duchess of Milan
Anna Brewster
as Anna Buckingham
Geoff Simpson
as Bishop at Execution
Rebecca Ryan
as Joan/Twin Joan
Lenny Hayden
as Surrey Friend #1/Surrey's Friend #1
Dave Swift
as Servant 1
Séamus Hanly
as Scottish Soldier
Terry Byrne
as Physician to Fitzroy
Bradley Stevenson
as Guard Arresting Brereton
Alan Van Sprang
as Sir Francis Bryan
Stephen Hogan
as Sir Henry Norris
Jake Maskall
as Sir Henry Pole
Stephen Brennan
as John Seymour
Liam McMahon
as Cromwell's Servant
Des Nealon
as Priest
Ian Saynor
as Surgeon General
Philip Rhodes
as Tavern Man
Aidan Turner
as Bedoli
Joseph M. Kelly
as King of Portugal
Roxana Klein
as Amelia of Cleves
Michael Pennington
as Abbot
Tony Brown
as Stonemason
Henry Czerny
as Norfolk
Charlie Bonner
as Cromwell's Servant
Gerry Wade
as Seymore's Guest
Martin Phillips
as Proctor
Carla Mooney
as Lady In Waiting
John Olohan
as Commissioner #3
Sarah Louise Carney
as Lady Mary's Maid
Robert Sheehan
as Apprentice
Jonathan Delaney Tynan
as Cromwell's Messenger
Rory Mullen
as Surrey's Servant
Ian McElhinney
as Pope Clement VII
Joely Richardson
as Catherine Parr
Colm Wilkinson
as Lord Darcey
Sonya Macari
as Manuela - First Lady in waiting
Steven Waddington
as Duke of Buckingham
Gunnar Cauthery
as Walter
Roseanne Lynch
as Camp Woman
Aiden Condron
as English Officer/English Officer #2
Michelle Hartman
as Anne's Maid
Aisling Holian
as Catherine Parr's Lady in Waiting
Eoin Murtagh
as Prince Edward
Stephen Shields
as Scottish Soldier
Hilary Rose
as Queen's Maiden
Pádraic Delaney
as George Boleyn
Louis Lovett
as Count Olisleger
Harry Saks
as Physician
Allen Leech
as Francis Dereham
Dorothy Cotter
as French maid
Alvaro Lucchesi
as Pastor
Robert O'Connor
Andrew Constantini
as French Guard
Jack Walsh
as Monk #1
Edmund Kente
as Judge/Judge Tyrell
Hilary Cotter
as Tower Lady
Paul Brennen
as Edward Baynton
Patrick Murphy
as Seymour's Aide
Daniel Caltagirone
as Girolamo de Treviso
Liam Young
as Lord Hassey
Des Braiden
as Old Man
Nick Dunning
as Thomas Boleyn
John Rowe
as Commissioner #1
Ryan O'Connor
as Knight
Elena Cooper
as Italian Prostitute
Gemma-Leah Devereux
as Lady Fitzgerald
Ger Considine
as Seymore's Guest
Andrea Lowe
as Lady Eleanor Luke
Tony Flynn
as John Leland
Diarmuid Noyes
as Charlie Raw
David Heap
as Hoghstein
Richard Clifford
as King's Lawyer
Michael Condron
as Sailor in Tavern
Gavin O'Connor
as Shrewsbury
Tony McKenna
as Pope's Secretary
Donncha Crowley
as Priest
Sara James
as Princess Margueritte
Thomas Farrell
as Messenger #2
Alan Stanford
as Lord Morley
Max von Sydow
as Cardinal Von Waldburg
Eve Macklin
as Catherine's Maid
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
as Sir John Hutton
Robert Boyd
as Commons Man #3
David Wilmot
as Sir Ralph Ellerker
Ben Price
as John Lambert
Eoin Macken
as English Officer/English Officer #1/English Officer (2010
Danielle Ryan
as Young Woman
Martin Maguire
as Court Cryer/Garter King of Arms
Ciaran O'Grady
as Yeoman
Connor Doyle
as Allesandro
Simon Hubbard
as Culpepper Man #1
Elliot Moriarty
as Queen's secretary
Malcolm Douglas
as Commissioner #2
Nigel Pilkington
as Various
Andy Kellegher
as English Soldier
Peter Gowen
as William Peto
Ben Morris
as Seymour's servant
Arthur Brown
as Stonemason 2
Amy Hughes
as Lady in Waiting
Bronson Webb
as Forager
Karl O'Neill
as Goldsmith
Paul Connaughton
as Edmund Harman
Mal White
as Venetian Ambassador
David Browne
as Brandon's son/Arthur Brandon
Martin Murphy
as Simon Fish
Gordon Sterne
as Bishop Tunstall
Emma Stansfield
as Anne Askew
John Arthur
as Bishop of Lincoln
Ian Beattie
as Sergeant at Arms
Jane Brennan
as Lady Margaret Bryan/Lady Bryan
Nicholas Blane
as Sidwell
Mary Alexandra Woods
as Scorn
Muireann O'Donoghue
as Young Anne Boleyn
Perdita Weeks
as Mary Boleyn
Fred Ledoux
as Monsieur Gontier
Philip Desmeules
as Foxe
Liz Lloyd
as Lady Morley
Myia Elliott
as Lady Anne Clifford
Jonathan Byrne
as Executioner
Rachel Kavanagh
as Ann Hastings
Emma Hamilton
as Anne Stanhope
Eimear Morrissey
as Prostitute #1
Michael Grennell
as George Throckmorton
Natasha Quirke
as Catherine Parr's Lady in Waiting
Brent Hearne
as Humphrey Monmouth
Annika Hammerton
as Queen Jane's Lady in Waiting/Queen Jane's Lady-in-Waiting
Michael Hayes
as Watchman #1
Kenneth Collard
as Claude D'Annebaut
Paul Raynor
as Cardinal
Timuçin Leflef
as Hudson Servant
Martin Casey
as Yellow Retainer
Andrew McNair
as Thomas Seymour
Sean O'Neill
as Priest
Barry O'Connor
as William Pennington
Kevin Doyle
as John Constable
Andrew Paul Montague
as Cleeve's servant
Gabriella Wright
as Queen Claude/Queen of Claude
Julia Wakeham
as Katharina Prue/Katherina Prue
Sean McNamee
as Pilgrim
Alan van Sprang
Michelle Costello
as Prostitute #2
Marcello Magni
as Sarto
Bosco Hogan
as Bishop Fisher/Cardinal Fisher
Barry McGovern
as Bishop Bonnivet
Damien Kearney
as William Webbe
John Burke
as Execution Witness
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
as King Henry VIII
Art Kearns
as Miner/Mr. Man
Katie McGrath
as Bess
Jean-David Beroard
as Count Talleyrand
Owen Aaronovitch
as Monsieur Rousselot
Laura Way
as Beautiful Woman
David Keoghan
as Surrey Friend #2/Surrey's Friend #2
Jan Brennan
as Lady Margret Bryan
Paul Bennett
as Cardinal #1
David Easter
as Watchman #2
Sean Pertwee
as King Henry's Uncle
Richard Glaves
as Anne's Almoner
Shane Gately
as Monk #2
Jack Sandle
as Hugh Latimer
Karl Shiels
as Packington's Killer
Jamie King
as Thomas Wyatt
Chris Gregory
as Pilgrim Captain
Holly Browne
as Young Woman
Brian McGuinness
as Executioner/Gurrea
Sarah Bolger
as Mary Tudor
Graeme Bird
as Kings Servant
John Sterland
as Griffith Rhys
Alexander Downes
as Brandon's Soldier/Surrey's Captain
David Verne
as Thomas le Roux
Patrick Talbot
as Mounted Messanger
Sheila Flitton
as Old Woman #1/Woman in crowd
Dennis Quilligan
as Royal Surgeon/Dr. Butts/Royal surgeon
Andrew Greenough
as Captain of the Guard
Frank Mackey
as 'Sedition'
Lynette Callaghan
as Queens Chamberlain
Ben Palmer
as Richard Southwell
Mark Wilson Smith
as Townsman
Matt Ryan
as Richard Pace
Michael Patric
as Willoughby
Bill Hickey
as Man in crowd
Malachy McKenna
as Captain of the Guard/Guard Arresting Wyatt
Jack Lynch
as Pole's Servant
Emmanuel Leconte
as King Francis I
Alan Devine
as Wolsey's Secretary
Michael Lavery
as Messenger
John Lovett
as Richard Curwen
Peter O'Toole
as Pope Paul III
Julian Byrd
as Bishop of London
Noni Stapleton
as Wailing Woman
Lochlann O'Mearáin
as Messenger
Suzy Lawlor
as Anne Parr
Ned Dennehy
as Augustin
Gerald McSorley
as Aske
Donal Courtney
as Church Commissioner #2
Simon Ward
as Bishop Gardiner
David O'Hara
as Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Laoise Murray
as Lady Elizabeth
Mark Coney
as Lord Harrington
James Flynn
as Ralph Morice
James McHale
as Michelangelo
Peter Gaynor
as Hans Holbein/Holbein
David Sheehan
as Tower Guard
Jake Hathaway
as Prince Edward
Marcella Plunkett
as Duchess of Suffolk
Donna Dent
as Wife of Aske
Sorcha Callaghan
as Germaine
Hans Matheson
as Thomas Cranmer
Jason A. Keane
as Earl of Lincoln
Sarah Mulligan
as Cardinals Prostitute
Ciaran Whitehead
as Dauphin
Anita Briem
as Jane Seymour
Tommy O'Neill
as Devil
Peter Amory
as Earl of Rutland
Daniel Reardon
as Vatican Priest
Kris Holden-Ried
as William Compton
Jamie Thomas King
as Thomas Wyatt
Aaron Monaghan
as Ringleader
Pat McGrath
as Torturer/Grotesque Wolsey
Geoff Minogue
as Boleyn's Secretary
James Frain
as Thomas Cromwell
Gabrielle Anwar
as Princess Margaret
Brian de Salvo
as Dr. Knight
James Gilbert
as William Brereton
Simon Keogh
as Official at Hampton Court
Vanessa Keogh
as Young Maid
Steve Money
as Blacksmith
Will Irvine
as Groom 2
Jonathan Gallagher
as Gawen
Paul Butler Lennox
as Compton's Servant #2
Philip Brook
as Brandon's Chamberlain
Kate Stanley Brennan
as Maid
Stephen Swift
as Herald
Brendan McCormack
as Captain
Conor Lambert
as Father
Fabio Tassone
as Duke of Nájera
Ali O'Keefe
as Young Man
David Lennox
as Earl of Oxford
Charlotte Salt
as Lady Ursula Misseldon
Danny Seward
as Sir Robert Tavistock

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2007 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2008 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2009 | 8 Episodes

Season 4

2010 | 10 Episodes




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