Josh Stamberg
as Richard DeTamble
Miles James
Lewon Johns
as Cop
Danielle Withers
Nayanna Holley
Robert Loftus
as Library Patron
Evie Cecile Johnson
as Art Student
Gerrard Lobo
as Librarian
Adeline Turco
as Young Alicia Abshire
Jason David
as Young Henry DeTamble
Chelsea Frei
as Ingrid
Natasha Lopez
as Charisse
Will Brill
as Ben
Kate Siegel
as Annette DeTamble
John E. Denaro
as Priest 1979
Robert Ray Manning Jr.
as Passerby
Spencer House
as Jason
Taylor Richardson
as Alicia Abshire
Robert Mercado
as Biker
Jason Morales
Shawna Hamic
as Isabelle
Theo James
as Henry DeTamble
Alison Barton
as Donna
J.Y. Chun
as Store Employee
Major Attaway
as Waiter
Nic Inglese
as Man at Bar
Joshua Graverholt
as Sax Player
Saffron Cooper
as Art Museum Patron
Devin Sanchez
Ken Holmes
as Downscale Young Person
Greg Collins
as 1980s Businessman
Toni Scruggs
Jaime Ray Newman
as Lucille Abshire
Jeannette Blackwell
as Lady on the Street
Lianah Sta. Ana
as Ruth
Joanna Parson
as Church Official
Karon Stewart
as Lady on the Train
Michael Park
as Philip Abshire
Claire Lilley
as Blonde Woman
Sharon Jorrin
as Biker Bar Patron
Carol Mazhuvancheril
as Matt
Brad Neilley
as Churchgoer
Gui Agustini
as Henry's Acting Double
Karma Jenkins
as Clare's Friend
Tim Lajcik
as Biker
Marcia DeBonis
as Nell
John Marinacci
as Gas Station Patron
Gabriella Reyes
as Off Camera Opera Singer
Kaya Rosenthal
as Helen
Luciano Acuna Jr.
as Young Guy
Walter Wiz Nichols
as Nosey Neighbor
Finnerty Steeves
as Realtor
Finn Brown
as Young Mark Abshire
Everleigh McDonell
as Young Clare Abshire
Desmin Borges
as Gomez
Josh LaCount
as Best Man
Peter Francis James
as Dr. Felman
Mark Rome
as Party Goer
Douglas Goodhart
Caitlin Shorey
as Young Clare Abshire
Raymond Hamlin
as Cameraman
James Hindman
as Priest 2008
Adam Shippey
as Harvey
Brian Altemus
as Young Henry DeTamble
Hannah Cruz
Danielle Summons
Catherine Gambeski
as Party Girl
Rose Leslie
as Clare Abshire
Stephen Dale
as Yelling Man
Peter Graham
as Mark Abshire

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