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October 27, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Phoebe and Max Thunderman are twins who, although they have opposite personalities, share a common secret. The teens, along with their parents and younger siblings, are superheroes. But the family must keep the superpowers under wraps and live a normal life. Phoebe and Max have the same powers -- freeze breath and the ability to move objects via telekinesis -- but use them in opposite ways. Good-natured Phoebe tries to do the right thing, while troublemaker Max wants to become a supervillain. Little brother, Billy, is able to move at superspeed while little sis, Nora, has laser beam eyes. Dad, Hank, can fly and has extraordinary strength, but mom, Barb, is able to generate lightning from her hands. This family wants to lead a normal life? Good luck with that.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: October 14, 2013

Also Known As: Tandermenovi, Grzmotomocni |  See more »


Plot Keywords

teen superhero

Company Credits

Production Co: Nickelodeon Productions, Uptown Productions


Kenzie Dalton
as Fairy Pinch-ess
Eric Mbanda
as Sonic Boom
Matt Corboy
as Iron Eagle/Silver Eagle
Aliyah Moulden
as Under 5
Krista Marie Yu
as Ashley
Brian Kruse
as Good Enough Greg
Scott Beehner
as Wrestling Announcer
Pat Finn
as Pageant Contest Host
Oscar Magana Jr.
as Loving Boyfriend
Jani Wang
as Hostess
Jason J. Lewis
as Candy Squash App
Joey D'Auria
as Science Fair Judge #1
Alexandra Nuñez
as Deena
Jacob Buster
as Chester
Abhimanyu Katyal
as Man in Elevator
Brittaney Morrison
as Pretty Girl
Rebecca Metz
as Mrs. Austin
Ariela Barer
as Kylie
Ren Hanami
as Hula Instructor
Juan Monsalvez
as Iron Skillet
Scott Vance
as Scalestro
Cameron Gellman
as Good Looking Guy
Barrett Carnahan
as Link Evilman
Chen Tang
as Anchorman
Chloe Littlejohn
as Little Girl
Ashlyn Henson
as Dancer
Ian Nunney
as Superhero Beauty Pageant Contestant
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Dr. Miller
Asher McDonell
as Baby
Kathy Deitch
as Pam
Daniella Perkins
as Cheyanne
Miles Brown
as Little Boy
Steve Solomon
as Fantasto-Man
Michelle DeFraites
as Jade
Joe Roche
as Delivery Guy
Alec Mapa
as Cutest Baby Judge
Thomas F. Evans
as The Irishman
Carol Mack
as Old Phoebe
Sisa Grey
as Coach Shimeck
Benjamin Flores Jr.
as Louie Preston
Vanessa Rochelle
as Splatburger Employee
Jim O'Heir
as Farmer Ted
Shauna Case
as Harley
Edd Hall
as News Announcer/TV Announcer/Warning Announcer
Phillip Wampler
as Jake
Robert Curtis Brown
as Gerald Campbell
Arthur Brand
as Mr. Cunningham
Punnavith Koy
as MMA Guest
Blake Ackerman
as Hipster Twin #2
Storm Reid
as Avery
Chris Tallman
as Hank Thunderman
Ian Gregory
as Self - TV Announcer VO
Ian Ziering
as Young Thunder Man
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Mrs. Ruben
Polly Humphreys
as Gladys/Lunch Lady
Jaron Adams
as Student
Kezii Curtis
as T-Bone
Nicole Sullivan
as Doggin
Kirstin Eggers
as Dr. Goodsniffer
Jake Borelli
as Wolfgang
Harvey Guillén
as Blobbin
Scarlett Hicks
as Young Phoebe
Judith Drake
as Grandma
Brianne Tju
as Joanie
Brian Stepanek
as Professor Meteor
Bruce M. Stockert
as Police Officer
Adam Simon Krist
as Harmony Club Member #3
Pilar Holland
as Reporter
Nikki Tuazon
as Masseuse
Kelly Perine
as Math Teacher
Carol Herman
as Mrs. Patchner
Gwen Hollander
as Woman Bidding at Auction
Addison Riecke
as Nora Thunderman
Dan Sachoff
as Dr. Hobbs
Verity Branco
as Mrs. Gray Eagle
Jim McCaffree
as Principal Manbeck
Paris Berelc
as Phoebe Actor
Amanda Sackett
as Joyce
Caitlin Muelder
as Dean Bartholet
Lina O'Connor
as Strike Agent
Lauren Kosarin
as Mail Woman
Graham Clarke
as Vincent LaCroix
Sam Cohen
as Matt
Owen Joyner
as Heinrich Hiddenville III
Evan Hofer
as Perry Seinfeld
Jeff Marlow
as Customer
Jackée Harry
as Officer Bosco
Jessica Nunez-Wood
as Daughter
Jada Facer
as Candi Falconman
Artie Esposito
as Puppeteer
Edward Chiodo
as Puppeteer
Kate Tomlinson
as Heather
Reagan Fernandez
as Young Phoebe
Lanie Lim
as Crafts Counselor
John Nania
as The Amazing Beach Bum
Tony Oller
as Self
Christopher DeMaci
as Raccoon
Anthony Q. Farrell
as Food Blogger
Daniele Gaither
as Super President Kickbutt
Peter Bonilla
as Guard #1
Kelly LaMarr
as Mr. Man
Joey Bragg
as Balfour/The Gamer
Zedrick Restauro
as Ticket Taker
Andrew Friedman
as Mr. Begbude
Brandon Holden
John-Paul Boatman-Vazquez
as Boy at Meerkat
Jim Shipley
as Hotel Guest
Stephanie Escajeda
as Mrs. Madison
Leonard Jackson
as Security Guard #2
Liz Loza
as Trainer
JT Neal
as Scott Tomlinson
Alan Pietruszewski
as Birthday Dad
Stephanie Czajkowski
as Iron Grip
Kel Mitchell
as Sensai Instructor
Jack Griffo
as Max Thunderman
Arianna Jaffier
as SASS Student
Gunner Gadbois
as Baby
Wes Robertson
as Darryl the Rat Man
Marisa Chen Moller
as Tablet Woman
Haley Tju
as Darcy Wong
Anthony M. Bertram
as Wendell
Anna Ross
as Art Class Student
Maxwell Acee Donovan
as Mervis
Adam Kulbersh
as Mr. Schecter
Lilian Manansala
as Dancer
Vanessa Cater
as Daisy
Jill Basey
as Old Lady in Park
Ashlee Füss
as Dena
Paul A. Hicks
as Chainsaw
Judy Egan
as Old Cherry
D'Kia Anderson
as Ice Cream Woman
Parisa Fakhri
as Lady Web
Keith Lal
as Book Club Member
Ben Hart Winding
as Green TeenZ Teen
Casey Simpson
as Harris Evilman
Bud Galloway
as Custodial Engineer/Janitor
Mele Ihara
as Female Greeter
Mickey O'Connor
as Teacher
Kiff VandenHeuvel
as Falconman
Joe Gillette
as Waiter
as Themselves
Taja V. Simpson
as Customer
Ryan Powers
as Dancer
Marla Gibbs
as Sweet Gam Gam
Josh Levi
as Drake
David Shatraw
as Theodore LaCroix
Angela Noriega
as Strike Team Memeber #1
Matthew Harris
as Anderson Super
Aerin Ross
as Speed Stacker
Laya DeLeon Hayes
as Stacy
Thomas Lennon
as Assista Boy
Jill Remez
as Mrs. Garcia
Ross Kohnstam
as Hockey Goon Riggins
Ellen Dubin
as Evil Computer/Security Systems
William Katt
as Pop Pop/Sergeant Thunder
Andrea Mitchell
as School Kid
Billy Acquaviva Jr.
as Commercial Announcer
Chico Benymon
as Ray Preston
David Burrus
as Tyler
Austin Burk
as Hiddenville High School Student
JoJo Siwa
as Nora's Fan
Gary Anthony Williams
as D-Tail
Scott Peat
as Odd Man
Lisa Mason Lee
as Maid of Honor
Shane Blades
as Officer Batista
Shayan Safar
as Amazium
Paul Karmiryan
as Winning Dancer
Curtis Harris
as Miles Preston
Ryder Gadbois
as Baby
Arianna Ortiz
as Dean Lizzie Venkmann
Justice Smith
as Angus
Ryan Whitney
as Allison
Max Jimenez
as Owen
Matthew Jones
as Viper
KylieRae Condon
as Keely
Julianna Holder
as Thundercon
Cheryl Lynn Bowers
as PTA Board Member
Omid Zader
as Dark Mayhem
Patrick Christopher Olson
as Teen Boy
Braylon Owens
as Baby Rusty
Daniel Lee Robertson III
as Waiter
Owen Szabo
as Purse Thief
Josh Douglas
as Young Boy at Competition
Gabrielle Elyse
as Maddy
Addyson Bell
as Molly
Chase Austin
as Chad
Chris Grace
as Manu
Michael Wayne Foster
as Strongdor
Troy Fromin
as Handyman
Breanna Yde
as Frankie Hathaway
Joshua Rodriguez
as Dancer
Paul F. Tompkins
as King Crab
Rickey Phatsenhann
as Yard Sale Shopper
Casey Zwicker
as Gator Scout
Dominic Burgess
as Supermanny
Maxfield Lund
as Masseur
Kira Kosarin
as Phoebe Thunderman
Adam Hochstetter
as Boy Tossing Coins in Water Fountain
Jayme Andrews
as Son of Scalestro
Brayden McDonell
as Baby
Zachary Conneen
as Harmony Club Leader
Mike Bendavid
as Space Kitties
Lucas Adams
as Alexander
Anthony Marciona
as Arith-mo-tick/Gardner/Mr. Needleman/Mr. Noodleman
Paula Christensen
as Aunt Mandy
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez
as Hockey Goon Sacechan
James Frey
as Papa Biker
Bryce Ackerman
as Hipster Twin #1
Olivia Clark
as Mitzi Blizzardberg
Ryan Bernales
as Archer
Jake Green
as Crime Buddy/Meanie Crime Buddy
Ron Wasserman
as Pianist
Ceasar Romero Evans Jr.
as Meerkat Kid
La Vera
as Speed Staker
Brooke Sorenson
as Madison
Braeden Carl
as Aaron
Rowan Treadway
as Hootie the Owl
Alex Staggs
as Cybron James
Daran Norris
as Commander Dirk Trumbo
Chris Nuñez
as Stanley the Steer
Chris Jai Alex
as Bouncer
Evelyn Edwards
as Madame Gigi
Madison Lawlor
as Quinn
Carlos PenaVega
as Tech Rider
Mary Passeri
as Henrietta Williams
Eden McCoy
as Snooty Girl
Danny Kosarin
as Janitor/Janitor Mark McGrath
J. Rene Pena
as Umpire
Tanner Stine
as Oyster
Marcy Goldman
as School Records Clerk
Tati Gabrielle
as Hacksaw
Bob Rusch
as Security Guard
Kaleigh Krause
as Girl Who Insults Max
Shanna Strong
as Fefe
Nico Greetham
as Co Star
Taleen Shrikian
as Dancer
Chris Jericho
as Gary
Malcolm David Kelley
as Self
Amber Frank
as Taylor Hathaway
Dawson Fletcher
as Leonard
Bechir Sylvain
as Officer Martin
Tim Neff
as Crime Buddy/Destructo/Meanie Crime Buddy
David Mattey
as Buzz
Kent Avenido
as Waiter
Martin Klebba
as Troll
Skyler Seymour
as Joey
Kenny Ridwan
as Gideon
Jessica Gardner
as Miss Donaldson
Keely Marshall
as Sarah
Gibson Bobby Sjobeck
as Birthday Boy
William Cowart
as Shop Teacher
Cassidy Ann Shaffer
as Courtney
Joshua Hoover
as Mole Patient
Jordan Fisher
as Dylan
Hanna Margulies
as Motorcycle Sis
Ryan Phuong
as Punk Rocker Kid
Marc Fajardo
as Kite Surfing Guy
Yoshi Sudarso
as Hockey Goon Brock
Mark McGrath
as Uncle Mark McGrath
Chantz Simpson
as Jacob
Olivia Rose Keegan
as Sabrina
Genneya Walton
as Simone
Sydney Scotia
as Amanda
Diego Velazquez
as Billy Thunderman
Kate Alberts
as Gale Force
Jace Norman
as Flunky
Dane White
as Guy
Susan Boyajian
as Toy
Mike Foster
Audrey Whitby
as Cherry Seinfeld
Miya Cech
as Ice Cream Kid
Kelli Erdmann
as Winning Dancer
Elijah Nelson
as Evan
Thomas Barbusca
as Cedric
J.P. Manoux
as Mr. Hollister
Lisa Marie
as MMA Fighter
Lou Felder
as Old Oyster
Anthony Martins
as Delivery Man/UPS Guy
Ryan Alexander Brooks
as Motorcycle Bro
Cheyanne D. Jones
as Nora's Fan
Jamieson Price
as Dark Mayhem
Justin Baker
as Mime
Howard Cai
as Curtis
Helen Hong
as Mrs. Wong
Ishmael Whittington
as Student
Matthew Villar
as Young Max
Kaia Finn
as Lil Barb
Nick Gomez
as Duffy
Tanya Linette Smith
as Sign In Lady
David Theune
as Coach
Jacob Timothy Manown
as Tom
Kirsta Peterson
as Girl at Yard Sale
Aaron Sanders
as Neil
Logan Shroyer
as Cole Campbell
Jonathan Langley
as Dancer
Saylor Bell
as Jocelyn
Jon Root
as Coach Gibbons
Maya Le Clark
as Chloe Thunderman
Liana Montemayor
as Reaissance Dancer
Shaan Sharma
as Delivery Guy
Cate Cohen
as Debbie
Tessa Espinola
as Winter
David Casiano
as Geometry Teacher
Sharmila Devar
as Librarian
Matt Miller
as Officiant
James Hong
as Gideon's Grandfather/Grandpa Giddy
Katherine McNamara
as Tara Campbell
Isabella Marino
as Maisie
Mustafa Speaks
as Officer Dan
Aaron Krebs
as Security Guard
Neil Aggerwhil
as Howard
Sonari Jo
as Harmony Club Member #2
Dat Pham
as Kid in Park
Rob Ramsay
as Jay Jay
Waymond Lee
as Science Fair Judge #2
Renee Percy
as Lisa
Patrick Bristow
Chuck Dukas
as Cookie Worker/Hero League Scientist/Man Fired from Hero League
Johari Johnson
as Polly Peterson
Cory Watts
as Partygoer
Jason Scott Jenkins
as Large Security Guard
Piotr Michael
as Destructo
Ray Reynaga
as Customer
Marcus Folmar
as Paul Peterson
Reign Edwards
as Winnie Lee
Grifon Aldren
as Bouncer
Christian Matthew Toma
as Micah
Camille Hyde
as Roxy
Blake Alexandros
as Fight Fan
Aflamu Johnson
as Security Guard
Adrian Gonzalez
as Raúl
Matt Merchant
as Bruno
Marc Schaffer
as Raptor
Frank Mercuri
as Neighbor
Lincoln Melcher
as Young Max
Hojo Shin
as Thug Girl
Major Curda
as Lionel
Enn Reitel
as Basil Healy Hutchinson
Thomas Archer
as Nate Lockhart
Patrick Cox
as Huge Guy
Caleb Alexander Smith
as Cable Guy/Secret Service
Lonnie Chavis
as Gilly
Ginifer King
as Michelle Hathaway
Alexis Lynne Baumert
as Little Girl
James Bearb
as The Silver H
Sara Konecky
as Shield Girl
Margaret Easley
as Fiona Campbell
Rizwan Manji
as Babu Ouch
Hunter Stiebel
as Nico
Sabrina Vittore
as Nurse/Real Housewife of Metroburg
Jeff Meacham
as Principal Bradford
Julia Lester
as Smith
Jake Regal
as Painful Force
Natasha Hall
as Galexia
Rosa Blasi
as Barb Thunderman
John Hartmann
as Mr. Finster
Brody Allen
as Lil Hank
Gilland Jones
as Veronica
Mark DeCarlo
as Chili D. Williams
Ruby Mercado
as Electress Actor
Paul McKinney
as Photographer
Jennifer Preuss
as Choir Teacher
Jon Akoko
as Larper
Eric Allan Kramer
as Mr. Evilman
Erin Gray
as Nana
Chris Fabregas
as Janitor/Koko
Issac Ryan Brown
as Rodney
Sydney Park
as Cassandra
Teala Dunn
as Kelsey
Lizzy Greene
as Morgan
Violet Spingarn
as Pause Girl
James Murray
as Puppeteer
Dana Snyder
as Dr. Colosso/Human Colosso/Uncle Colosso
Nuaim Mohamed Faiz
as Romio Dice
Brandon Molale
as MMA Guest
Paige Annette
as Dancer

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 20 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 24 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 25 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 29 Episodes


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