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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the CDC's New York-based Canary Project, is called upon to investigate when an airplane lands with everybody on board dead. What his team discovers is a viral outbreak that has similarities to an ancient strain of vampirism. As the virus begins to spread, Goodweather works with his team and a group of the city's residents to wage a war that could hold humanity's fate in its hand. The show's executive producers include Oscar-nominated writer Guillermo del Toro and Emmy-winning producer Carlton Cuse.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 13, 2014

Also Known As: 活屍末日, Wirus |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
based on novel or book

Company Credits

Production Co: Double Dare You (DDY), Mirada


Morgan Kelly
as Stevens
James Cade
as Roman
Viv Moore
as Subject 505
Parveen Kaur
as Aanya Gupta
Tara Spencer-Nairn
as Dr. Evanston
Claire Robinson
as Haily Barbour
Milton Barnes
as Checkpoint Police Officer
David Bradley
as Abraham Setrakian
Bryon Mumford
as Conductor
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
as Convoy SUV Driver
Kaniehtiio Horn
as Kimberly
Max Charles
as Zach Goodweather
Santiago Segura
as Evil Boxing Coach
Curtis Borel
as Bodyguard
Thomas Mitchell
as Beau
Dov Tiefenbach
as Air Traffic Controller
Krikor Sagherian
as Albanian Farmer
Emilie Paquet
as Staten Island Resident
Ryan Hollyman
as Lar (Sun-Hunter)/Lar
M. John Kennedy
as Karl Spurzem
Sam Herrington
as Miles Parness
Elle MacGregor
as Blind Girl #1
Brendan J. Rowland
as Swat Team Cop
George Nickolas K.
as George
Don W. Shepherd
as Cop
David Petrie
as Emily's Father
Wayne Ward
as Officer Wilson
Shailene Garnett
as Sebastiane
Hannan Younis
as Lindsay
Patrick Stevenson
as Dooley
Jack Newman
as Milos
Qaseem Gul
as Resistance Fighter 2017
Kevin Hanchard
as Curtis Fitzwilliam
Sammy Silver
as Young Abraham (8-Years-Old)
John Marcucci
as Sardu's Man #1
Premika Leo
as Staffer #1
Katie Messina
as Flores
Jordan Pettle
as Doctor Himoff
Dwight Ireland
as Gregg Nelson
Sebastian Cordoba
as Short Homie
Dewshane Williams
as Marcus
Jhonattan Ardila
as Resistance Fighter
Tara Lynn Wagner
as NY1 Anchor
Andrew Divoff
as Peter Bishop
Juan Carlos Velis
as Mr. Ortega
Sabryn Rock
as Alannah
Charlie Gallant
as Young Palmer/Young Eldritch Palmer
Jessica Reynolds
as Frontier Woman Raider
Tyler Evan Webb
as Ancient #3
Sebastian MacLean
as Prisoner #1
Shamus Fynes
as Faran
Philip Williams
as Captain Messina
Gavin Williams
as Anglican Priest
Rhona Mitra
as Charlotte
Vas Saranga
as Hassan
Dwain Murphy
as Sean Duncan
Alyssa Veniece
as Hostess
Brian Jagersky
as Stoneheart Security Agent #3
Paul Aspland
as The Roman Master
Chris Locke
as Louis
Lachlan Murdoch
as NYPD Officer #2
Isabelle Nélisse
as Emma Arnot
Aidan Moreno
as Shifty Guy
Matthew D. Matteo
as Julius Styles
Janaya Stephens
as Dr. Amanda Edmondson
Sylverine Saul-Nurse
as Woman in Cage
Craig Porritt
as Prisoner #1
Glen Grant
as Arthur Fitzwilliam
Tadhg McMahon
as Senator Sertorius
Hannah New
as Louisa
Michael Chwastiak
as Vex
Hubert Tran
as Waiter
David Jack
as Karl
Blaine McKenzie
as Squatter
Thomas L. Colford
as The Ancients
Pete Alexander
as Steve
Lauren Collins
as Sophie
Cam Fergus
as Holmes (Navy Seal)
Francis Capra
as Crispin Elizalde
Sistah Lois
as Bus Driver
Camille Stopps
as Val
Ho Chow
as Jimmy Wu
Miranda Edwards
as Eve
Brendan McMillan
as Band Member #3
Jason Martorino
as Dempsey
David D'Lancy Wilson
as Safe Streets Guard #1
Andrew Robinson
as Cyril
Cheryl Wills
as NY1 Anchor
Taso Alexander
as Ron
Ivana Ruegg
as Airplane Passenger
Elena Khan
as Survivor
Leslie Hope
as Joan Luss
Ron Canada
as Mayor George Lyle
Evan Stern
as Roach
Andrew Moodie
as Homeland Security Official
Paul Ebejer
as Prisoner #1
Rhys Ward
as Jacob Setrakian
Regan Moore
as Convoy Semi Truck Driver
Lance Henriksen
as Narrator
Sonya Anand
as Vhini Gupta
Sydney Cross
as Blind Girl
Jsin Sasha
as Prisoner #2
Lindsay Owen Pierre
as Det. Marc Weber
Alex Mallari Jr.
as Carlo
Egidio Tari
as NYPD Cop
Sangita Patel
as Reporter #1
Stephen McHattie
as Vaun
Gary Biggar
as Engineer
Ben Hyland
as Zach Goodweather
Darrin Baker
as Trip Taylor
Mark Irvingsen
as Homeless Man
Shawn Storer
as Grieving Family Member
Sofia Wells
as Barclay
Jarrod MacLean
as Cather
Mung-Ling Tsui
as Hu Die
Robert Maillet
as The Master/Jusef Sardu
Kaleb Alexander
as Reynolds
Kris Bowman
as Homeland Security Agent
Clayton Scott
as Ancient #2
Sugith Varughese
as Naren Gupta
Gurdeep Ahluwalia
as Reporter
Devon Healey
as Assistant Teacher
Serje Basi
as Gus' homie
Robin Atkin Downes
as The Master
Kathleen Chalfant
as Abraham's Grandmother
Chris Owens
as Medical Officer
Larry Fessenden
as Jack Noon
Annie Chen
as Female Goth
Luca Policelli
as Albanian Boy
Jerry Rector
as Assailant
Jonathan Hyde
as Eldritch Palmer/The Master
Matthew Willson
as Tanker Driver
Allison Wilson-Forbes
as Female Cop
Joaquín Cosio
as Angel Guzman Hurtado/The Silver Angel
Troy James
as Street Mongrel/Airport Mongrel/Castle Mongrel/Mongrel/Street Mongrel Philly
J.D. Nicholsen
as Ron
Damien Howard
as Stumpf
Mila Kanev
as Old Russian Lady
Tim Cody
as Marauder #1/Scaggs (Navy Seal)
Eric Hicks
as Night Patrol 2
Roland Greber
as Chris
Bruce Dow
as Dale
Ben Beauchemin
as David
Jim Watson
as Abraham (Young Setrakian)
Simon Northwood
as German Guard
Tracy Perez
as Maria
Carmine Lucarelli
as New Yorker
Michael A. Miranda
as Gianni
Joe Vercillo
as Kapo
Javier Botet
Michelle Arvizu
as Young Guadalupe
Ben Carlson
as Dr. Wilson Kerry
Inga Cadranel
as Diane
Laara Sadiq
as Dr. Arva Somani
Matthew Bennett
as Foster
Billy Parrott
as Facilitator #1
Steve Whistance-Smith
as Wilson
Bruno Verdoni
as Correction Officer Harris
Katy Breier
as Lauretta
Pat Kiernan
as Newscaster
Rachael Crawford
as Therapist
Jason Oliveira
as Paco
Kevin Dennis
as Site Foreman
Mike Bassily
as Male Goth
Laura Thorne
as Family Member #7
Jonathan Malen
as Jeremy
Julian Lewis
as Badass Guard
Deborah Grover
as Family Court Judge
Alex Paxton-Beesley
as Ann-Marie Barbour
Joel Redmond
as Maitre D'
Camillo Eugene Natale
as Family member#3
Daniel Keith Morrison
as James
John Nelles
as Oscar Brandt
Jack Kesy
as Gabriel Bolivar/The Master
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
as Nick Coley (Navy Seal)
Al Vrkljan
as Vannelli (Navy Seal)
Troy Blundell
as Rookie Cop
Andrew Fleming
as Antonio
Bettina Kenney
as Radio Reporter
Chris Pineda
as Diego
Neil Crone
as Dr. Box
Matthew R. Wilson
as Tanker Driver
Ruta Gedmintas
as Dutch Velders
David Knoll
as Teenage Boy
Carolyn Scott
as Ms. Byrne
Joanna Haughton
as Mother
Shawn Lawrence
as Dr. Morse
Jamie Daniel Wayne Desjardins
as Male Goth
Srinivasan Manivannan
as The Investigator
Rick Baker
as Brooklyn Guy
Matt MacDonald
as Bartender
George Buza
as Buck Norris
Roanna Cochrane
Pay Chen
as Reporter
Kylee Evans
as Megyn Jones
Mía Maestro
as Nora Martinez
Martin Samuel
as vampire
Jonathan Potts
as Captain Doyle Redfern
Dan Lett
as Special Agent Monroe
Damir Andrei
as Alexei Fet
Jeff Kassel
as Xun
Kim Roberts
as Neeva
Adam Peddle
as Abby's Boyfriend
Bobby Manning
as Raul
Justin Landry
as Stoneheart Guard #2
K.C. Collins
as Roman
Nikolai Witschl
as Ansel Barbour
Kathleen Pollard
as Hollow-Eyed Woman/Sam
Joe Delfin
as Randy
Dorren Lee
as Lucy
Joshua Peace
as Special Agent Woodbridge
Barry Flatman
as Flaxton (Regis CEO)
Richard Young
as Stanley
Katherine Gauthier
as Jenn
David Guthrie
as Lee Tate
Peter Jurt
as Untersturmführer
Natasha Bromfield
as Nurse
Lucy Hill
as Risa Crouse
Chris Currie
as ATC #2
Aja Neinstein
as Albanian Girl
Ngabo Nabea
as Rafi
John Jacob
as Wounded Soldier
Chloe O'Malley
as Audrey Luss
Ehren Kassam
as Dukali
Rhea Akler
as Deedee
Michael York
as NYPD #1
Chris Young
as Nando
Cyndy Day
as Mourner #2
Eric Charbonneau
as Bob
Ava Preston
as Emily
J.C. Kenny
as Newscaster/Reporter
Austin Strugnell
as Glenn
Sean Astin
as Jim Kent
Nicola Correia-Damude
as Nikki
Matthew G. Taylor
as Opponent
Tom Ellis
as Rob Bradley
Dayton Sinkia
as Oscar
Greg Campbell
as Victor
Kingsley Ngadi
as Nigerian
Ryan Turner
as Sgt. Crouse
Boomer Phillips
as Human Guard
Aaron Lazar
as Kroft
Raffi Atamian
as Pedestrian
Genevieve Kang
as Jax
Mio Adilman
as Janitor
Alex Cruz
as Stoneheart Security Agent #2
Rothaford Gray
as Corrections Officer Hernandez
Michel Issa Rubio
as Ronnie
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Neil
Matthew Gin
as Plunkett
David Huband
as Bob Borgen
Blake Mawson
as Cole
Dimitri Vantis
as Horace
Don Stark
as James O'Neill
James Patrick Pettitt
as Jewish Prisoner #1
Grace Lynn Kung
as Grace Wu
Danny Waugh
as Transportation Officer
Yasin Sheikh
as Farouk
James Eddy
as Dave the Commuter
Romaine Waite
as Tom Perry
Bo Manning
as Vince
David Bronfman
as Jack Murphy
Karen Glave
as Rose - Flight Attendant
Ian Paola
as Hector Perez
Nicole Babb
as B-Positive Donor
Brian Paul
as General Dean Rushing
Jonathan Goldapple
as Sailor #1
Tanya Allen
as Sarah
Todd Thomas Dark
as Sardu's Man #2
Matthew Binkley
as Night Patrol 1
Xhemi Agaj
as Soso Egnatashvili
Maura Grierson
as NY1 Stock Reporter
Lisa Ryder
as Nurse Greenwood
Paula Barrett
as Philanthropist #2
Deanna Dunagan
as Ancharia
Joseph Recinos
as Chivo
Michael Gordin Shore
as Dr. Arley
Robert B. Kennedy
as Port Authority Officer
Rainbow Sun Francks
as Jason Green
Matthew Lemche
as Hazmat Worker
Nigel Bennett
as Dr. Draverhaven/Shop Owner
Alexandre Duong
as Jeff
Darryl Scheelar
as Prepper
Derek Herd
as Prisoner
Joe Pingue
as Caldwell
Nadia Bowers
as Leigh Thomas
Jack Sansone
as Nursing Home Strigoi
Doug Oliver
as Band Member #4
Andrew Kyrzyk
as Vampire/Meth Head Vampire/Morgue Vampire
Craig Gardner
as Misdemeanor Judge
Doug Jones
as The Ancient
Jeffrey R. Smith
as Dr. Bennett
Jeff Pangman
as Bob Welch
Leslie Takeda
as Strigoi Detective
Samantha Mathis
as Justine Feraldo
Laura Nordin
as Palmer's Mother
Peter Williams
as Lang
Brian Hamman
as Coffer
Anne Betancourt
as Mariela Martinez
Teagan Wright
as Lydia
Jessica Embro
as Yoga Mom Strigoi
Brent Robichaud
as Boom Guy
Daniel Kash
as Dr. Everett Barnes
Lizzie Brocheré
as Coco Marchand
Ted Charette
as Night Patrol Officer #2
Lukas Penar
as German Wehrmacht Soldier
Tim O'Halloran
as Patrick
Adam Butcher
as Terkel
Alan Rosenthal
as Councilman Andrew Bernstein
Charles-Henry Joseph
as Fulton
Ali Momen
as Dr. William Lester
Daniel Matmor
as Boat Captain
Joanna Swan
as Surgical Nurse
Jamie Hector
as Alonso Creem
Molly Kidder
as Stephanie
April Anderson
as Strigoi Housewife
Peter Spence
as Richard
America Olivo
as Captain Kate Rogers/Kate Rogers
Meghan Allen
as Officer Bonnie/Officer Norma Bonnie
Miguel Gomez
as Augustin 'Gus' Elizalde
James Binkley
as Stoneheart Security Agent #1
John Fray
as Husband
Aaron Douglas
as Roger Luss
Zarrin Darnell-Martin
as Fay
Katherine Cullen
as Nurse Cohen
Joey Nijem
as Young Gus
Maria Ricossa
as Margaret Pierson
Costa Ronin
as Alexei Boiko
Makenna Beatty
as Little Girl
Simon D. Scott
as NTSB Investigator
John Chou
as Videographer
Lee Tergesen
as Tardi
Adhemar Montagne
as NY1 Anchor
Regina King
as Ruby Wain
Supinder Wraich
as Selah
Tino Demitro
as Parking Attendant
David Patrick Flemming
as Night Patrol Officer #1
Michael Rhoades
as Eddie
Jess Salgueiro
as Sherry
Jocelyn Hudon
as Abby
Dani Jazzar
as Strigoi
Cole Kapoor
as Orphan Boy
Alexandra Boyadjieff
as Janitor's Little Girl
Omar Alex Khan
as Romani Father
Nicki Whitely
as Marta
Julie Engelbrecht
as Helga Richtler
Jason Gosbee
as Hank/Oates (Navy Seal)
Tara Koehler
as Sick Wife
Neil Girvan
as Officer Green
Frank Chiesurin
as Van Cop #1
Catherine Burdon
as Robin Fitzwilliam
Michael McMurtry
as Surgeon
Gugun Deep Singh
as Pinsky
Brook Jones
as Sailor #2
Adrian Griffin
as Lawyer
Glen Gould
as Ben
Matthew G. Brown
as NYPD Officer #1
Natalie Brown
as Kelly Goodweather
Jeananne Goossen
as Bella
Matt Bois
as Terminal Reporter
David Spowart
as Photographer
Pedro Miguel Arce
as Felix
Adriano Sobretodo Jr.
as Peter - Flight Attendant
Indy Saluja
as Anaesthesiologist
Jeffrey Knight
as Carl
Trevor MacLeod
as Band Member #1
Steven McCarthy
as Gary Arnot
Stéphane Lefebvre
as Van Driver
David Christo
as Stoneheart Guard #1
Adina Verson
as Miriam Setrakian
JD Smith
as 4th Officer
Warren Chow
as Driver/Stoneheart Security
Norwich Duff
as Philanthropist #1
Tre Smith
as Captain John Cushnell
Jason Boyd
as Frightened Passerby
Scott Yaphe
as Sledge
Dave Barclay
as Hollow-Eyed Woman's Husband
Jarrett Downey-Shaw
as Guard
Cody Ray Thompson
as Brian
Adriana Barraza
as Guadalupe Elizalde
Mathieu Burdan
as German Guard #1
Ronnie Rowe
as Kenny Ford (Navy Seal)
Dan Warry-Smith
as Dylan
Chandler Loryn
as Nadia
Theresa Tova
as Beverly
Trevor Hayes
as Curfew Patrol Cop #1
Helen Taylor
as Doctor Weiss/Dr. Weiss
Mimi Kuzyk
as Mrs. Taylor/Nikki's Mother
George Kelebay
as Sardu's Brother
Jacqueline Byers
as Cleo
Ken Linton
as Strigoi
Jacqueline Olivia Lee
as Feeler
Aris Athanasopoulos
as Airport Cop
Christian Distefano
as Rudyard Fonescu
Nick Stojanovic
as Safe Streets Guard #2
Miguel Anthony
as Big Man
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
as Brea
Brenda Bazinet
as Pauline McGeever
Donald Burda
as Kevin Farrell
John Iwasin
as Holland
Martin Roach
as James
Anthony Furey
as Reporter #2
Corey Stoll
as Ephraim Goodweather
Asim Wali
as Bennett
Alejandro Ampudia
as Waiter
Thomas Darya
as Sway
Jayden Greig
as Keene Luss
Christy Bruce
as Marianne
Karen Jewels
as Technician
Vanessa Volcy
as Family Member #2
Jonathan Higgins
as Cyrus Minow
David Ingram
as Ross
Aviva Armour-Ostroff
as Facilitator #2
John Kalbhenn
as Biggs
Tim MacLean
as Billy
Mike Dopud
as Sergei Fetrovski
Michelle Mylett
as Receptionist Laura
Melanie Merkosky
as Sylvia Kent
Christopher Jacot
as Braden
Erin Noble
as Saskia van Orden
Tim Post
as Captain James Bonner
Rochelle LaBrecque
as Autopsy Vamp/Dancer Vamp #5 (Female Gym Trainer)/Maid Strigoi
Dalton Derek
as Charles Lee
Tom Kemp
as Cardinal McNamara
Andrew Hinkson
as Chauffeur
Dustin Faith
as Marauder #2/McDonald (Navy Seal)
Michelle Alexander
as Gay Hayden
William Christopher Stephens
as Jordan
Phillip Jarrett
as Ray
Nick Alachiotis
as Stoneheart Security Agent #1
Jody Stevens
as Administrator
Keira McNeice
as Hollow-Eyed Woman's Daughter
Samantha Michelle
as Brooke
David Schaal
as Rudyard Fonescu
Drew Carrymore
as Background
Conrad Coates
as Mike Rivers
Robert C.C. McCulloch
as Father
Bruce Hunter
as Neil Archer
Anthony Lake
as Strigoi
Amanda Schik
as Mindy
Jeff Elliot
as Weatherman
Josh Horvath
as Ancient's Victim
Kjartan Hewitt
as Jeremiah
Tonya Pinkins
as Francis
Ava MacGregor
as Blind Girl #2
Derek Barnes
as 2nd Officer
Charlie Ebbs
as Worker
Nicholas Hamzea
as Blind Kid #1
Richard Sammel
as Thomas Eichorst
Cas Anvar
as Sanjay Desai
Rosemary De Los Santos
as Receptionist
Angel Parker
as Alex Green
Craig Eldridge
as Councilman Chuck Cohen
Daniel Park
as Grocer Strigoi
Brian J. Graham
as Ricci
Reid Henry
as Band Member #2
Kevin Durand
as Vasiliy Fet
Greg Lanzillotta
as Car Service Driver
Silvia Platsis
Paulino Nunes
as Frank Kowalski
Brett Ryan
as Joshua
Amanda Smith
as Grandmother
Michael Reventar
as Raul
Stephen Park
as Klaus Schnurrbart
Elias Edraki
as Cheevo
John Migliore
as Reporter
Jean Pearson
as Germaine
Matthew Gonzales
as Prisoner #2
Ron Lea
as Harrison McGeever
Adam Langton
as Carl
Lindsey Connell
as Karen
Avery Trask
as Feeler
Elizabeth Saunders
as Nurse Carla Davis
Ricky Tollman
as Michael 'Mikey' Williams/Mikey Williams
Evan Robinson
as Benjy Barbour
Marvin Kaye
as Harvey
Will Wood
as Extra
George Ridout
as Alex
Christopher Di Meo
as Stoneheart Security Agent #2
Erica Levene
as Nurse
Joan Massiah
as Doris
Rupert Penry-Jones
as Mr. Quinlan
Dennis Andres
as German Guard #2
Alex Karzis
as Detective Paul Sampson
Christopher Kelk
as Bewildered Man
Junior Williams
as Homeland Security Officer
Roger Cross
as Reggie Fitzwilliam
Tiffany Martin
as Syndie
Paloma Nuñez
as Janitor's Wife
Matt Birman
as Prep Room Guard
Lorne Hunter
as Train Worker
Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz
as Jorge
Dax Ravina
as Officer Nick Edmondson
Drew Nelson
as Matt Sayles

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 10 Episodes




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