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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Conrad Hawkins is one of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital's best doctors. Charming and arrogant, Conrad likes to take an unconventional approach whenever possible and believes it's his personal duty to shatter the romantic illusions of the first-year residents. Dr. Devon Pravesh is an innocent idealist who leans on his finely tuned moral compass, but with Conrad's help, he begins to realize that the practice of medicine is a business, like any other, with less-than-angelic patients and fallible doctors.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: January 21, 2018

Also Known As: 住院醫師, Rezidentas |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

medical drama
medical resident

Company Credits

Production Co: Fuqua Films, 3 Arts Entertainment |  See more »


Anna Mack
as Dr. Jennifer Radosedivich
Bailey Noble
as Laurie Dante
Radek Lord
as Grayson Betournay
Chloe Coleman
as Lucy Williams
Kenny Alfonso
as Dr. Daniel Lamas
Joshua Rivera
as Mauricio
Bill Kelly
as Charles Jenkins
Charles Green
as Mr. Leonard Langdon
Patti Schellhaas
as Doctor
Scott Reeves
as Vince McGill
Oji Miller-Fernandes
as Skateboarder
Leslie Sheri
as Airline Gate Attendant
Jordan Nelson
as Chad
Walter Colson
as Tony Garcia
Alex Hernandez
as Dr. Torres/Dr. Ed Torres
Montel Williams
as Self
William G. Tomek
as Anesthesiologist
Jennifer Patino
as Yorn's Assistant
Ty Trumbo
as John Losurdo
Pam Smith
as Anesthesiologist
Michelle Civile
as Screaming Woman
Paden Fallis
as Jake Winshine
Anthony D. Dunn
as Pedestrian
Morgan Gao
as Rufus Pressman
Ramses R. Rivas
as Transplant Board Member
Charles Adams
as Mr. Smith/Visitor
Dean Cudworth
as Mr. Hollister
Blair Jasin
as Erik
Conrad Ricamora
as Dr. Jake Wong/Jake Phillips/Jake Wong
Jacob Garcia
as Brent Carter
LaNette Robinson
as Grandma Janine Wendleton
Meera Simhan
as Myra Mattoo
Sumalee Montano
as Trish Tintoc
Paul Rescigno
as Milo Trainor
Maurie A. Chandler
as Nurse Cindy Washington
Randy Havens
as Pharmacy Phil
Tia L. Davis
as Young Carol
John Newberg
as Army General/General Fulton
Justin Calalay
as Paramedic Fred Tanner
Ruth Reynolds
as Assistant #1
Nathan Rigaud
as Search and Rescue Diver
Hannah Alline
as Nurse Alice/Nurse Alice Kirkton
Valyn Hall
as Gloria
Jenna Dewan
as Julian Booth
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
as Miguel
Evan Henderson
as Jeremy Skinner
Shaunette Renée Wilson
as Mina Okafor
Drew Waters
as Bryce Foley
Drew Starkey
as Young Lawyer
Corbin Bernsen
as Kyle Nevin
Melissa Saint-Amand
as Alicia Nelson
Joel Laird
as Upscale Shareholder
Charline St. Charles
as Nurse Ingrid Nilsson/VIP Nurse Ingrid Nilsson
Joe Massingill
as Hank
Jay Plyburn
as Dale Holton/Reporter/Reporter Dale Holton
Anuja Joshi
as Leela Devi/Leela Davi
Anna Harriette Pittman
as Chloe's Sister
Sam Huntington
as Taylor Emigh
Colin Hay
as Rhys Barrett
Meredith Parks
as Redhead
Simms yt Serenade
as Street Artist
Andi Matheny
as Dr. Kelly Whitley
Mahdi Cocci
as Airmed Paramedic
Wes Weems
as Doctor/Hospital Administrator/Orderly/Prison Guard/Security Guard
Maya S. Joshi
as Flu Child
Rasool J'Han
as Dr. Kara Andrews
David Alan Grier
as Lamar Broome
Priscilla Alarcon
as Plane Crash Survivor
Kamal Angelo Bolden
as Wade Davies
Emily Althaus
as Nurse Tiffany
Bill Murphey
as Board Member #1
Jess Durham
as FBI Two
Glenn Magee
as Agent Brooks
Anissa Matlock
as Raq
Briana Venskus
as Astrid Chavez
Marianne Fraulo
as Dina Basilico
Susan Macke Miller
as Board Member #2
Tom Nowicki
as Lyle Hancock
Sonny Shroyer
as Hugh Yokum
Chelsea Gilligan
as Molly Ingrams
Kevin L. Johnson
as Dr. Timothy Fleck
Felicia M. Reyes
as Speed Date Patient
Samantha Worthen
as Nurse
Chido Nwokocha
as James Carroll
Sandy Givelber
as Gala Member
Michael Goodwin
as Bob Tuttle
Emily Tosta
as Joplin Bird
Julie Zhan
as Gemma Lin
Phil Franks
as Mover
Michael J. Ewing
as New Patient
Valdez Williams
as Resident Doctor
Peggy Sheffield
as Sylvia Cooke
Paxton Singleton
as Danny Hendricks
Britt Rentschler
as Dr. Sarah Cooper
Shiquita James
as Festival Goer/Orderly
Bob Clendenin
as William Harper
Maria Howell
as Judge Lola Rawlins
Dana Ashbrook
as Kevin Fell
John Pirruccello
as Mitch Kaplan
Brett Solomano
as Heart Patient
Jason Turner
as Dr. Dale Simich
Cara Ricketts
as Rose Williams
Zenobia Shroff
as Himaya Pravesh
Emily Williquette
as Cancer Patient
Andy Ridings
as Derek Ingrams
Ace Cross Crook
as Joey Kaye
Kim Rosen
as Visitor
Dave Pileggi
as Dr. Phil Thompson
Mike Forbs
as Transpo Worker Harold/Transpo Worker Harold Mabbot
Jace Millican
as Tommy Peterson
Masey McLain
as Daisy
Tennessee Moore
as Ballcap Dude
Brittany Wilkerson
as Doctor
Rudolf Weber
as EMS Helicopter Pilot
Nathan Sutton
as Darren Miller
Christopher Zmuda
as EMS Helicopter Pilot/Helicopter Pilot
Ryan D. Olson
as Ian Robinson
Kermit Rolison
as Rupert Warden
Warren Christie
as Jude Silva
Gabriela Amarchand
as Blair Prata
Ramon Thomas
as Guard
Adam Donshik
as Ken Ackerman
Greyson Chadwick
as ND Patient #1
Karole Foreman
as Adelaide Loggins
Mallory Moye
as Claudia Circulating Nurse/Nurse Claudia Smith
Elia Monte-Brown
as Natalie Brown
Christy Baggett
as Beverly Mullins
Keith Hudson
as Augustus 'Gus' Spinelli
Bayland Rippenkroeger
as Biker
Brook Todd
as Charlie Plec
Bryan Metoyer
as Clinic Patient
Paul Ben-Victor
as Edmund Carver
Michael Crider
as Lawrence Ravenscroft
Ceci Fernandez
as Megan Cordeiro
Gregory Itzin
as Sunflower
Luis Burbano
as Sporty Guy
Kelsey Sanders
as Woman #3
Katie Gill
as June Parks
Helen Abell
as Maddie
Tijuana Ricks
as Clementine Jolson
Seth Dousman
as Paramedic Sam/Paramedic Sam Jones
Jaylen Moore
as Raj Alizai
Chris Perfetti
as Phillip Bondman
Ashani Roberts
as Sonya
Ben Stockton
as Restaurant Patron
Tim Griffin
as Nate Hill
Emily Riney Maher
as Real Circulating Nurse
Hannah Pniewski
as Lab Tech Maria James
Vernee Watson
as Mary Phillips
Christopher J. Hanke
as Gregg
Chelsea Kurtz
as Eloise Camden
Steven Ellison
as Dr. Austin Foreman
Dustin Lewis
as Radiologist
Tracey Bonner
as Officer Lenzer
Paul Brian Johnson
as Officer Hancock
Angela Davis
as Monique Jackson
Angie Yarbrough
as Gala Guest/ICU Nurse
Taylor Rose
as Fiona Myers
Zach Appelman
as Doug Atwater/Hades
Henry Haggard
as Board Member #1
Brian George
as Tejan Pravesh
Zach Cherry
as Marcus Broome
Scott Poythress
as Wallace Troke
Rebecca Tilney
as Dr. Stacy Leonard
Carrie Walrond Hood
as Patty McBride
Valerie Jane Parker
as Pretty Woman
Mark Hood
as Camron Broome
Grace McPhillips
as QuoVadis Associate
Marco Guerrero
as Vince Artinian
Ashley Uecker
as Nurse/Resident
Stephanie Hunt
as Shira Smook
Heather Kantor
as Nurse/Clinic Nurse
Darla Delgado
as Nurse Elena Olivera
Karis Campbell
as Dr. Jackie Lin
Jen Landon
as Jane Doe
Cameron Sweet
as Kyle
Chris Mason
as Dax Ramsey
Carolyn Jones Ellis
as Eugenia Reed
Daniel Baldock
as Scruffy
Lauren Bonetti
as Nurse Sally Dunhill
David Shae
as Terry Berndahl
Cyrina Fiallo
as Rachel Bird
Kisa Willis
as Fiona Gates
Dot-Marie Jones
as Meg Mullins
Michelle Rivera
as Respiratory Therapist
Jonny May
as Patient
Dakota James Alden Lane
as Nervous Nurse/Surgeon
Nicole Sellars
as Connie Klein/Female Reporter Connie Klein/News Anchor Connie Klein
Mike Whaley
as FBI One
Anna Khaja
as Himaya Pravesh
Ann Marie Gideon
as Nurse Sylvie Pund
Vinessa Antoine
as Lea Jordan
April McCullough
as Redhead
Emily VanCamp
as Nicolette Nevin
Gareth Williams
as Pete Goldense
Jeffrey David Anderson
as Officer Douglas Eaton
Ethan Levy
as Med Student Gavin
Paul Schackman
as Dr. Todd Eckart/Todd Eckart
Maddie Nichols
as Tina Miller
Melanie Sheahan
as Morgue Attendant
Deadra Moore
as Betsy Chriss
Lee Osorio
as Odel De Silva
Veda Joy Martin
as Dani Long
Michael Hogan
as Dr. Albert Nolan
Ian Gregg
as Mason Buck/Jokester/Dr. Mason Buck
Kerr Smith
as Jacob Yorn
Matt Walton
as Spalding Massero
King Kedar
as Delandre Harris
Torique KenYae
as Dock Worker
Kate Hodge
as Lynette Hughes
Samantha Boscarino
as Bella
Desiree Ross
as Yvette Barnes
Monica Garcia Bradley
as Riley Jackson
Coley Campany
as Chloe's Mother
Samuel Smith
as Ezekiel Curtis
Marc Gowan
as Dr. Jerome Collins
Tasso Feldman
as Irving Feldman
Neva Howell
as Sour Apple
Dayna Beilenson
as Darla Malhorta
Gregory Alan Williams
as Dr. Peterson
Joshua Whichard
as 20-ish Dude
Alex Sgambati
as Bella
Jacob Kiesgen
as Jacob the Bystander
Josue Louis-Charles
as ER Patient
Jonathan Lipnicki
as Remy Necco
Tenaya Cleveland
as Georgetta Chenault/Georgetta Chenault (Paramedic)/Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Megan Rosen
as Stoner Girl
Geoffrey Cantor
as Zip Betournay
Zachary Gordon
as Aaron Meuser
Kristina Arjona
as ICU Nurse
Tawania Grangent
as Dispatcher #2
Candace West
as Assistant
Lynn Whitfield
as Josephine Okeke
Sarafina King
as Ariana McCloud
Joel Johnstone
as Gabriel Hendricks
Alex Solowitz
as Zeke Metcalfe
Brittney Level
as Malia Long
Barry Alan Levine
as Russell Waters
Stephen Wallem
as Winston Robards
Rahiem Riley
as Orderly/Park Pedestrian/Protester/VIP Guest/Wealthy Dinner Patron
Rebecca Wisocky
as Dr. Judith Brown
Cherrie McRae
as Perfusionist
Kenneth Tigar
as Henry Schultz
Carmela McNeal
as Doreen
Jane Leeves
as Kit Voss
Danny Chung
as Edmund Xu
Evelyn Lorena
as Alicia/Bianca
Rocio Martinez
as Louisa
Eli Gelb
as Ezra Dreyfuss
Julianna Guill
as Jessie Nevin
Hugh B. Holub
as Horace Dudley
Minnie Rajguru
as Woman
Barry Piacente
as Dr. Wilmot Moore
Evan Whitten
as Henry Barnett
Cuyle Carvin
as Surgeon Josh Rudnick
Connor Trinneer
as Mark Lawson
Kelly Collins Lintz
as Neonatologist
Renato Powell
as Liz
Tzi Ma
as Ted Zhou
Michael Rady
as Sam
Kamran Shaikh
as Robert
Daniel R. Hill
as Chad/Chad Anderson/Diabetic Patient
Denise Santos
as Mrs. Tanner
Christina Marie Karis
as Cynthia Fizdale
Lindsay Ayliffe
as Trip Dunlap
Michael Christopher Rodney
as Brandon Davis
Julia Flint
as Wilma Watson
Dawn Cheetham
as Scrub Nurse/ICU Nurse
Flint Beverage
as CEO #2/Mr. Roman Price
Melina Kanakaredes
as Lane Hunter
Jenny O'Hara
as Shirley Harris
Scott Takeda
as Dr. Xavier Lee
Brandi Huzzie
as Woman Next to Bell
Forrest Briggs
as Paramedic
Lyman Chen
as Bodyguard
Cole Eichenberger
as Jonah Albermerle
Mickey Cole Jr.
as Cleaning Tech George
Rico Ball
as General Surgeon Rory Stanton
Joanna Adler
as Dawn Long
as Volunteer
Josh Henry
as Doug Bailey
Jon Michael Davis
as Albert
David Alexander Kaplan
as Ryan Peterson
Don Hartman
as Eric Basilico
Kwajalyn Brown
as Sophia Marino
Camile Ervin
as Jolene Landis
Tim Russ
as Tyrone Griffiths
Nick Caruso
as Police Officer
Michelle L. Williams
as Nurse/ICU Nurse/Baby Shower Guest/DiaCure Registrar/Second Year Resident/Studio Audience Member
Diego Roa Rodriguez
as Corneal Implant Patient
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Emma O'Neil/Emma O'Neill
Charlene Amoia
as Bobbi Hendricks
Cecil Washington Jr.
as Russell
Connor Paolo
as Isaac Morgan
Matt Czuchry
as Conrad Hawkins
Carlacia Grant
as Trinity Jolson
Shazi Raja
as Nadine Suheimat
Jai Rodriguez
as Channing Brewster
Rico Paris
as Enrique Diaz/Medical Assistant
Summer Menkee
as Leslie Davis
Adriane Lenox
as Bonnie Broome
Jacobi Hollingshed
as EMT/Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Nichelle Hines
as Nichelle Randall
Daniel Augustin
as Ricky
Daniella Alonso
as Zoey Barnett
Karen Wheeling Reynolds
as Mrs. Florence Arby
Jenna Kanell
as Safety Coordinator
Matt Malloy
as Jake McCrary
Neil Taffe
as Board Member
Christopher Cocke
as Construction Worker
Anjali Bhimani
as Dr. Irena Simmons
Joseph Moreland
as Man in Wheelchair/Shareholder
Dawson Shea
as Reggie
Jessica Miesel
as Nurse Jessica Moore/Jessica Moore
Matt Lewis
as Mark Truscott
Rebecca Field
as Susan Mitchka
Arianne Martin
as Dr. Chris Kimura
Bret McKee
as Meth Head
Dianelz Rodriguez
as Mercedes Montanaro
Asiyih N'Dobe
as Rachel Davies
Adrienne Whitney Papp
as Melanie Thoms
Maria Giordano-Salamone
as Goth Girl
Jay DeVon Johnson
as Board Member #2/Board Member #3
Roy Luke
as Clinic Doctor/Doctor/Doctor in Audience/Festival Staff/Hospital Administrator/Party Astronaut/Shareholder
Sunshine Bartell-Gbur
as OR Nurse/Flight Nurse/OR Circulating Nurse/Scrub Nurse
Kurt Yue
as Dr. Fred Cho
Makai Dudeck
as Andy
Karen Labbe
as Hospital Receptionist
Rick Perez
as Dr. Bret Kilborn
Jazmyn Simon
as Christine Conforth
Adam Stephenson
as Anthony Peterson
Katherine Barber
as Hooker
Catherine Dyer
as Nurse Alexis Stevens
Alex Javo
as Jake Whitney
Landon Brooks
as EMT/Paramedic
Joy Nash
as Bianca
Rachael Thompson
as Therapist Tammy/VA Surgeon
Nicholas Hayner
as Big Dude
Victor Love
as Dr. Carleton Ward
Elimu Nelson
as Wes Gibson
Jennifer 'Ms Fer' Russell
as Nurse Zoe
Annunziata Gianzero
as Dr. Maya Turner
Jimmy Star
as Orderly/Patient
Dena Sodano
as Paramedic Angie
Rob Demery
as Security Guard
Satya Nikhil Polisetti
as Student Sebastian Havis
Brooke Butler
as Julie Guilford
Dan Lauria
as Simon Ortiz
Gunner Willis
as Billy
Clay Stokes
as Milosh Babic
Rick Holmes
as Archer Loggins
Tanc Sade
as Josh Robinson
Jennifer Van Horn
as Cynthia
Tate Ellington
as Jason Thoms
Justin Alvarez
as Paramedic
Audrey Williams
as Audience Member/Studio Audience Member
Kim Winter Mako
as Mary Miller
Melissa Haas
as Pathologist
Chris TC Edge
as ICU Visitor
Sienna Turnbull
as Patient
Sara Torres
as Stewardess
Ethan Corn
as John Akerman/Heli-Medic John Akerman/Paramedic/Paramedic John Akerman
Victor McCay
as Ben Mullins
Irene Ziegler
as Henrietta Dudley
Isaiah Jarel
as Emmett Mackey
Kareem Lewis
as Guy
Rob Yang
as Logan Kim
Amber Brooke
as Rosie
Omar Maskati
as Evan Weston
Josh Royston
as Radiologist
Scarlett Blum
as Josie Ingrams
Jermaine Rivers
as Agent Banks
Blane Crockarell
as Young Conrad
Lilli Birdsell
as Publicist
Jim France
as Tobias Waverly
Aaron K Smalls
as Male Nurse
Maiya Frederick
as Pediatric Patient
Jolene Purdy
as Olivia Tan
Titanya Verdun Johnson
as Parent
Kathleen Wilhoite
as Claudia Webb
Brannon Cross
as Dispatcher #1
Dale Anthony Jennings
as Torrance Jackson
Tommy Groth
as Suburban Dad
Brianna Quinn Lewis
as Audience Member
Tracy Szilagyi
as Police Officer
Merrin Dungey
as Claire Thorpe
Olivia D. Dawson
as Jill Lombardo
Kharisma Gooden
as Stroke Patient
Jada Harris
as Eva Garcia
Susan McPhail
as Nadine Lebas
Ben VanderMey
as Ken
Matt Mercurio
as Dr. Gene Lu
Joanne Kelly
as Catherine Loy
Melanie Booth
as Kimmy
Markelle Gay
as Panda Bear
Duran Jones
as Bartender
Ryan King
as Bookish Guy
Don Lake
as Jerry Tolman
Jo Perkins
as Edna Hobart
Deke Anderson
as Paul Robinson
Timothy D. Montjoy
as Hospital Administration
Don Stallings
as Winston McCloud
Michelle Rose
as Phlebotomist Lisa
Elizabeth Faith Ludlow
as Cara Ramirez
Ben Taylor
as Rick
Dana Clark McPherson
as Hospital Owner
Andrea Laing
as Coordinator/Transplant Coordinator Vanessa Luling
Lindsey Blackwell
as Shalisha Curtis
Morris Chestnut
as Barrett Cain
Tejas Krishnan
as Salman Nour
Caleb J. Avery
as Young AJ
Greg Allan Martin
as Dr. Adrian Hill
Rachel Harker
as Joanne Jenkins
D.J. Stavropoulos
as Hospital Visitor/Patient
Jeff Cole
as Dr. Grisham
Roxanne Hart
as Estelle Katz
Chrystee Pharris
as Allie Palmer/Nurse Allie
Leslie Sides
as Investor/O.R. Tech
Kim Estes
as Roland Rawlins
Janee N. Mancia
as Red Rock Executive Assistant
Ron Simons
as Otto
Christie Lynn Smith
as Joyce
Justin Randell Brooke
as Receptionist
Michael Trotter
as Ed Brooks
Jason Burkey
as Cody Coleman
Veanna Black
as MRI Tech
Melanie J. Newby
as Nurse Lora Day/Nurse Madison
Joseph Castillo-Midyett
as Trent
Wes Kidd
as Bodyguard Phillips/Large Man/Security Guard #3
Bethany Geaber
as Nurse Isabel Sharp
Joy Kigin
as Paramedic Pat
Shaun McMillan
as QuoVadis Lawyer
Dakin Matthews
as Howie Green
Wesley Cook
as Backup Singer #2
Jordan Blair Mangold Brown
as Paige the Waitress
Lindsey Shope
as Exhausted Mother
Tara Jones
as Angelica Barns
Leonard Roll
as Visitor
Mike Pniewski
as Abe Benedict
Trey Butler
as Orderly
Stella Pileggi
as Lacy Shelton
Ahmed Lucan
as Dr. Ramesh Bajwa
Tyner Rushing
as Tilly Tyson
Savanna Renee
as Teen Girl
Michael O'Neill
as Joshua Williams
Jeramie Julian
as White Supremacist
Nichele Lambert
as Dr. Megan King
Antwan Mills
as Officer Dylan Marker
David Lee Poe Jr.
as Festival Security
Ronald Joe Vasquez
as Upscale Gala Guest
Michael Paul Chan
as Yee Austin
Daryn Kahn
as Josko Novak
Glenn Morshower
as Marshall Winthrop
Al Calderon
as Diego Herrera
Jock McKissic
as Mambo
Jenny Hurlburt
as Nurse
Christina Bach
as Dr. Christina Ruiz
Deanna Pak
as Circulating Nurse #1/Scrub Nurse/VIP Nurse
Joe Holt
as Ernest Levasseur
Stephanie Wong
as Student Meg Larue
Jordan Patrick
as Dr. Justin Arkman/Justin Arkman/Nerd/Nerd - Justin Arkman
Cooper Thornton
as Ollie
Jim Tavegia
as Gala Guest
John A. Rhodes
as ER Patient
Anthony Azizi
as Amir Yaheem
Patrick Davis Alarcón
as Fritz Rawlins
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as AJ Austin
Gissette Valentin
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Missy Yager
as Susan Lawson
Brandon O'Dell
as Singer #3
Jessica Dawson Strong
as Intern
Babatunde Oyewo
as Park Vistor
Josalin Johnson
as Katie Long
Steve Rosen
as York Evans
Annie Cook
as CEO #3/Dr. Amber Curtis
Jon Briddell
as Gordon
Anita Sharma
as Rupa Nour
Tucker Meek
as Teen Boy #1
Meleeka Clary
as Hospital Visitor
Aisha Kabia
as Justine Hunt
Patrick Sheehan
as Paul Miller
Lindsay Lamb
as Deloach's Assistant
Cristofher Griffin
as Dispatcher #3
Lana Young
as Dr. Mary Osder
Derek Evans
as Midtown Paramedic
Roscoe Johnson
as Officer Bailey
Jibre Hordges
as Monroe
Todd Allen Durkin
as Martin Blackmar
Kearran Giovanni
as Andrea Braydon
Kellee Stewart
as Barb Olson
Jared Simon
as Loomis
Matt Battaglia
as Bill Landry
Mary Shaw
as Dr. Mary Bolton/ICU Dr. Bolton
Chrissy Smith
as Skater Girl
Stephen McKinley Henderson
as Darryl Phillips
Angela Ray
as Dallas Roberts
Brian Brightman
as Hospitalist Scott Wilson
Jade Fernandez
as Ashley Garrity
Sharon Omi
as Florence Camden
Nathan Anderson
as Paramedic John
Victor Turner
as Dr. Wes Boysel
Adam Holbrook
as Bike Messenger
Riley Hough
as Ralph
Kevin Christy
as Roger Stanley
Damian Michael Pearsall
as Festival Goer
Greg Pitts
as Doug Corson
Mala Bhattacharya
as Administrator
Marc Alan Solomon
as Real Nurse
Trevor Long
as Rob Spiro
Tommy Campbell
as Diacure Shareholder
Joshua Brady
as Aaron Holt/Gunner
Kevin Kedgley
as Gala Attendee/Georgia Football Club Trainer
Christopher B. Duncan
as Brett Slater
Shannon Wilcox
as Donna Jackson
John Noble
as Elliot Festervan
Mark Rowe
as Richard Miller
John Forbes
as Dr. Mark Wilson
Moira Kelly
as Annie Diamonte/Annie
Miya Golden
as Ex Convict
Ric Reitz
as Jim Deloach
Erinn Westbrook
as Adaku Eze
Matt Burke
as Everett Dobb
Larry Herring
as Anesthesiologist
Bergman Freedman
as Jack Alderwood
Jonathan Runyon
as Tim Labelle
Ashritha Kancharla
as Tech
Cynthia Barrett
as Dr. Wylie
Jocko Sims
as Ben Wilmot
Lily Knight
as Mia Danvers
Kimmy Shields
as Sydney Schroeder
Robert Mello
as Ted
Vince Foster
as Dr. Paul Chu/Paul Chu
Geraldine Singer
as Veronica Ravenscroft
Stephen Ruffin
as Secretary Hal Woods
Brandon Johnston
as Reggie Watson
Christian Barillas
as Nigel Meahan
Robbie Rescigno
as Brent Trainor
James Logan
as Supervisor
Nadjah Dabney
as Cafeteria Worker Tess Hodges
Diahnna Nicole Baxter
as Tracker
Jessica Lucas
as Billie Sutton
Andrew Hunter
as Grayson Dees/Radiologist/Radiologist Grayson Dees
Chris Ashworth
as Reggie Perez
Alexa Mansour
as Chloe Goddard
Tasie Lawrence
as Priya Nair
Aven Lotz
as Younger Jessie
Michael Aaron Milligan
as Jay Pickering
Molly Kunz
as Mary Lawson
Cory Fleming
as EMS Helicopter Pilot
John Beasley
as Mortimer Rosenthal
Shanley Caswell
as Nora Mitchell
Javier Quinones
as Bart Jr.
Deacon Randle
as Gordon's Bodyguard
Eric Mendenhall
as Seamus O'Reilly
Ariel Jones
as Luca Barns
Michael Rene Walton
as Dr. Charles Aronson
Maxwell Highsmith
as Dr. Stevie Woods
Sharon E. Smith
as Jackie Davis
Connor Hammond
as Curly Resident
Sara Antonio
as Miss Louise Lafleur
Al Mitchell
as Wendal Mckee/Wendal McKee
Mark Oliver
as Gavin Tennant
Channelle Lewis
as Nurse
Jillian Teresa Loux
as Natasha Hawley
Cayden Boyd
as Tyler Warzel
Anis N'Dobe
as Tim Long
Victoria Scala
as Volunteer
Victoria Patenaude
as Judith Bigly
Karen Beyer
as Mrs. Foster
Rick Papaleo
as Visitor
Genneya Walton
as Valerie
Bruce Greenwood
as Randolph Bell
Matt Markopoulos
as Jogger
Edie Cheezburger
as Emcee
Patricia French
as Nurse Lorraine/Nurse Lorraine Gleason
Kimberly Shires
as Med Student
Orelon Sidney
as Nurse Hicks
Jennifer Chung
as Lab Tech
Richard Garner
as Dr. Ed Langford
Paul Skye Lehrman
as Chet Aiken
Skyler Day
as Nurse Clara Rasmussen
Christina Durden
as Helipad Nurse
Adam Boyer
as Frank Tanner
Dan Gilbert
as Puppeteer
Valerie Cruz
as Renata Lopez
Coral Peña
as Louisa Rodriguez
Josiah Lyricq
as Guest
Frank Licari
as Reynolds
April Parker Jones
as Dr. Jen Kays
Rajeev Jacob
as Paramedic Bill/Rocco Pilkington (Paramedic)
Michael Patrick Lane
as Ross Evans
Ryan L. Price
as FBI
Valerie Sue Love
as Nurse Erica
Chip Lane
as Cardio Surgeon
Jessica Tuck
as Becky Copple
Jamie Moore
as Guide
Miles Gaston Villanueva
as Dr. Alec Shaw
Ravi Cabot-Conyers
as Jasper Barnett
Henry Bazemore Jr.
as Pharmacist
Tony Bravado
as FBI Agent
Dwayne 'Showtim3' Dyke Jr.
as Coffee Shop Patron
Sharon Mae
as OB Tech Duval/OB Tech Rebecca Duval
Abigail Rose Cornell
as Abby Arlen
Amor Owens
as Dr. Karin Cooper
Hans Obma
as Dobroslav Charmain
Mara Hall
as Jenny West
Joy Rovaris
as Aubrey
Deja Dee
as Dr. Sandra Lindell
Erika Slezak
as Dr. Eileen Jacoby
Tom Proctor
as Sober Tony
Gerard Catus
as Austin Guzman
Chedi Chang
as Sammie Ackerman
Nick Arapoglou
as Jason Brooks
Cliff Weissman
as Boone
Tina Radtke
as Girl at Bar
Taylor Polidore
as Treena
John Billingsley
as Dr. Stewart
Maximillian McNamara
as Carrot Guy
Sharonne Lanier
as EMT/EMT 1/Paramedic #1/Paramedic #2
Hal Ozsan
as Nigel Sutton
Cherise Boothe
as Dr. Candace Oliver
Wallace Langham
as John Copple
Damon Dayoub
as Bobby Singer
Darryl W. Handy
as Officiant
Melissa DuPrey
as Marisol Garcia
Michael Sokol
as Harry Miller
Brooke Jaye Taylor
as Mrs. Alderwood
Geordie White
as Dr. Dana Walters
Gina Marie Garrett
as Upscale Patron
Andrew Dicostanzo
as Young Man
Linda D Gaines
as Lady at the Restaurant Bar
Christine Fuchs
as Dr. Tanita Moser/Interventional Radiologist/Tanita Moser
Timothy Batten
as Nurse #1
Alexis De Moerloose
as Jeannie Peterson
Thomas K. Belgrey
as Host
Crystal Rakia Lewis
as ER Nurse
Katie Parker
as Eva Wolman
Enya Flack
as Cheryl Whickford
Kay Barnes
as Pediatric Trauma Nurse
Alora Johnson
as Ingrid Losurdo
Mandy Levin
as Wendy Jones
Vinny Costa
as Doctor
Mark Jacobson
as Jake Birch
Jason Davis
as Ed Rossi
Zane Stephens
as Anesthesiologist
Karly Rothenberg
as Marilyn Spoelstra
Roger Floyd
as Dr. Anthony Ewen
Christine A. Jordan
as Hospital Patient/Speed Dating Patient
Sarah Fawaz
as Festival Goer
Malaya Rivera Drew
as Naomi
Alie Urquhart
as Lisa McBride
Viviana Chavez
as Nurse Reena Reddy
Greg Clarkson
as Reporter One
Allie McCulloch
as Dr. Gabbi Johnson/Gabbi Johnson
Devon Hales
as Lisa Logan
Morganna Bridgers
as Stephanie Sunderland
Ernest Owens
as Airplane Passenger/Hospital Patient/Visitor
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Doobie
Shavonia Jones
as Mom
Michael Rubino
as ICE Agent #1
Maia Moss-Fife
as Gladys Meade
Patrick Donohue
as Ben Fitzgerald
Keith Brooks
as Jay Smith
Ramses Jimenez
as Felix
Regina Ting Chen
as Scrub Nurse
Euseph Messiah
as Nurse Clyde Cooper/Nurse/Nurse #2
Jacob Gibson
as Atiba Jackson
Damon Vance
as Executive
Emily Kuroda
as Penny Oh
Boo Arnold
as Mr. Alderwood
Manish Dayal
as Devon Pravesh
Hailey Elizabeth
as Leslie Schrader
Erica Page
as Nurse Anne Huntington
Julian B Lin
as EMT
Tequilla Whitfield
as Nurse Cheryl Sullivan/Cheryl Poole (Surgical Assistant)
Brett Schultz
as Male Nurse
Alan Heckner
as Elias Everett
Carlos Lacamara
as Andre
Julia Campbell
as Vivian Betournay
Jaydin McCollum
as Sick Child Patient
James Moses Black
as Stuart Green
Kausar Mohammed
as Bridesmaid
Al-Jaleel Knox
as Skateboard Bully
Eric Wilkerson
as Visitor
Jack Bushong
as Administrator
Jahi Di'Allo Winston
as Trevor Conforth
John Gettier
as Orderly/Paramedic
Alexis Auffray
as Lady Guest
Denitra Isler
as Nurse Hundley/Nurse Ellen Hundley/Ellen Hundley
Tara Ochs
as Nurse Sharon/Nurse Sharon Hill
Whitney Goin
as Denise
Vince Pisani
as Dr. Aaron Persopoulos
Kasey O'Barr
as Security Guard
Mario Davila
as Dr. Luke Romano
Rishik Patel
as Dr. Jaime Frederick
Jamie Miles
as Heavyset Man
Sage Shirley
as Audience Member
Mitch Johnston
as Dale Watson
Kendrick Cross
as Chief Medical Officer
Moran Atias
as Renata Morali
Caleb Amir Hasan
as Sammy Meade
Camille Robinson
as ND Nurse
Cynthia Evans
as Marie Albermerle
Britt Ryan
as Dr. Hannah Thomas
Jennifer Olympia Bentley
as Porno Nurse
Tonia Jackson
as Jane Diaz (Realtor)
Darin Cooper
as Dr. Timothy Buzzkirk
Tamara Whatley
as Peyton
Linds Edwards
as Steve Concado
Mark Cabus
as Cameron Pressley
Dan Bright
as Brett Reynolds
Jonathan Horne
as Dr. Vincent
Michael Weston
as Gordon Page
Chris Mayers
as Dr. Steven Butler
Sarah Girma
as Nurse Eleanor Robert
William Walker
as Senior Doctor
Jameson Burnett
as Hospital Visitor
Steven Serbones
as Young Dad Borden
Harry Groener
as Bartholomew McGainn
Roderick Whitney Jr.
as Plane Crash Survivor
Randee Heller
as Yvonne Evans
Jack Laufer
as Norman Katz
Melchor Rosabal
as Paramedic Kelly
Shawn Puett
as Sherriff
Neagheen Homaifar
as Dr. Zeba Latif
Alicia Kelley
as Dr. Garrison/Dr. Phoebe Garrison
Jesse Luken
as Marcus Thompson
Lenny Jacobson
as Steve Berman
Todd Sherry
as Doll E. Wood/Joseph Kinney
Teri Wyble
as Sadie
Jennifer Gatti
as Nurse Nancy
Aubriana Davis
as Raylee
Jennifer A. Martin
as Ingrid Belenky
R. Keith Harris
as Delivery Man
Terri James
as Upper Class Woman
Patrick R. Walker
as Micah Stevens
Timothy J. Richardson
as ND Patient
Jose David Acevedo
as Orderly
Jordan Sherley
as Woozy Teen
Anny Jules
as Young Mother
Stephan Junior
as Studio Audience Member
Brian Childers
as CEO #1/Kevin Finnerman
Joseph C. Phillips
as Dr. Jeffrey Pierce
Rob Lawhon
as Bearded Hipster
Ryan Homchick
as Dr. Gaston
Kelly Tippens
as Nurse Linda Smith/ICU Nurse Linda Smith
Ellen Wroe
as Rose Lapierre
Kendria Bailey
as Backup Singer #1
Scott Ogle
as Perfusionist
Andrew Beha
as Lab Student
Benjamin Weaver
as Barback
Mason Pike
as Orderly
Miguel Pérez
as Doug Johnson
Boden Johnston
as Son (Football Boy)
Tony Mirrcandani
as King Jabbaar
Andy Stahl
as Buck Redger
Chris Myers
as John Candelora
Atkins Estimond
as Dr. Casey Mitchell
Ian Covell
as Charles Simm
Susan Shalhoub Larkin
as Shelby Waverly
Nirvi Shah
as Female Nurse
Ray Proscia
as Terry Camden
Akim Black
as Security Guard #1
Tyler Patton
as Dr. Derek Roberts
Arle Michel
as ND Patient #2
Steven Reddington
as Dr. Bradley Jenkins
Claire Lanay
as ICU Nurse/PICU Nurse
Brittany Inge
as Kitchen Worker
Brittany Kelly
as Nurse
BettyLynn Allison
as Gertie Burman
Cory Scott Allen
as Carter Wiggins
Yaani King Mondschein
as Brianna Candelora
India Batson
as Blonde
Victoria Hardway
as Mrs. Jones/Visitor
Peyton Jackson
as Eli Garcia
Frances Mitchell
as Janice
MaryJean Feton
as Ellen Tolman
Drew Matthews
as Investor Phil McCusker
Jamie Gray Hyder
as Grace Brooks
Damian Tanenbaum
as Visitor
Lauren Halperin
as Perfusionist
Alycia Cooper
as Southern Lady
Victoria Ealy
as Sarah Losurdo
Clyde C Harris
as Orderly
Rona Benson
as Resident One
Jeff Kidd
as Bossy Lawyer
Lindsey Thaxton
as Bo Peep
John Randolph Hughes
as Man
Adrienne Johnson
as Nurse #5
Amanda Tavarez
as Gallerista
Ed Amatrudo
as Fred Harris
Ashley Geanett Priest
as Nurse Kimberly/Nurse Kimberly Surgery Tech
Anthony B. Harris
as Bald Man at Diner
Mariana Novak
as Entitled Mom
Holly Morris
as Female Nurse
Autumn Monroe
as June Miller
Matt Shively
as TJ Chioffi
Lucie Carroll
as Wedding Guest
Gilbert Glenn Brown
as Chastain Lawyer
Crista Flanagan
as Nurse Sharon Colby
as Patient #1
Gill Gayle
as Electric Ed
Jackie Dallas
as Nurse Jill
Terrence Pulliam
as Boy
J. Barrett Cooper
as Moises Knoll
David Silverman
as Deposition Lawyer/Wayne Cutler/Wayne Cutler (Deposition Lawyer)
Matthew Atchley
as NICU Father
Violett Beane
as Lily Kendall
Nikki SooHoo
as Dr. Bai Liu/Bai Liu/Shy Girl
Joe Knezevich
as Donald Cyrus
Eugene H. Russell IV
as Singer #2
Janeen Michael
as Anesthesiologist
Allison Gabriel
as Piper Scott
Bridger Zadina
as Finn Niver
Jonathon Pawlowski
as Joe Daniels/Paramedic #1/Paramedic Joe/Paramedic Joe Daniels
Demi Castro
as Captain Alvarado
Summer Selby
as Carol Austin
Dan Martin
as Floyd Washington
Linda Park
as Janine Levasseur
Jay D. Kacho
as Diacure Shareholder/Hospital Visitor/Party Guest
Sloane Warren
as Social Worker
Suehyla El-Attar
as Nurse Laura/Laura Graham
Alimi Ballard
as Al Raines
Arlis Johnson
as Security Guard
Megyn Price
as Eline Harris
Kenneth Holley
as Skateboarder
Emil Beheshti
as Dr. Arthur Franklin
Naima Carter Russell
as Singer #1
Denise Dowse
as Carol Austin
Izzy Herbert
as Younger Nic
Joe Heath
as Drag Show Patron
Alexa Maria Huerta
as ND Assistant
Alexandra McGuire
as Administrator
Mayumi Roller
as Adele
Sean Michael Weber
as Tarzan
Charmin Lee
as Cardiologist
Deep Rai
as Lab Tech Ricky Vaskell
Mike Kopera
as Dr. Ralph Difta
Danielle Lyn
as Jorani Wilson
Adam Irigoyen
as Eric Teter
Christopher Neiman
as Jonesy
Ana Gray
as Singer #4
Philip Covin
as Ophthalmology Resident
Mercedez McDowell
as Circulating Nurse #2/MICN (Nurse)
Andy Milder
as Stefan Kisic
Diane Tavegia
as Birthday Gala Guest
Brandon Sutton
as Gerard Shah
Caroline Arapoglou
as Noni Turner
Robert Larriviere
as Producer
Rae Gray
as Kay Spoelstra
Shannon Mayers
as Dr. Victoria Hewitt
Lee Spencer
as Jim Phillips
Tiffany Morgan
as Gretchen Ackerman

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