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October 22, 2021
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The Planets’s
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


The Planets is a made for television documentary series that explores in depth the planets that make up our solar system.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 29, 1999

Also Known As: The Planets, Oi planites |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G)


Plot Keywords

solar system
space exploration

Company Credits

Production Co: A+E Networks, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)


Athena Coustenis
as Self - Observatoire de Paris
Steve Squyres
as Self - Cornell University
Geoff Marcy
as Self - San Francisco State University
Alexey Leonov
as Self - Cosmonaut
Bruce Murray
as Self - Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1976-1982
Mark Halliley
as Self - Narrator
Jurrie Van Der Woude
as Self - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Douglas Gough
as Self - Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University
Eugene Cernan
as Self - Apollo 17 Astronaut
Jim Head
as Self - Brown University, Rhode Island
Farouk Elbaz
as Self - Boston University
Chris McKay
as Self - NASA AMES Research Centre/Self - NASA Ames Research Center
Carolyn Porco
as Self - Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Arizona/Self - University of Arizona
Hap McSween
as Self - University of Tennessee
Brad Smith
as Self - Astronomer/Self - University of Hawaii
William Hartmann
as Self - Planetary Science Institute, Arizona/Self - Planetary Sciences Institute, Arizona
Gary Flandro
as Self - University of Tennessee
Linda Hyder
as Self - Voyager Navigation Engineer
Joe Kittinger
as Self - Project Excelsior
Boris Chertok
as Self - Rocket Designer/Self - Energia Space Corporation
Willy Benz
as Self - University of Berne
Jay Melosh
as Self - Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Arizona
Ellen Stofan
as Self - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Truls Hansen
as Self - Auroral Observatory, University of Tromso
Ray Reynolds
as Self - Physicist
Jerry Soften
as Self
Sallie Baliunas
as Self - Mount Wilson Observatory
Arnold Selivanov
as Self - Russian Institute for Space Instruments/Self - Venera Mission Engineer
Donald Bogard
as Self - Geochemist
Didier Queloz
as Self - Observatoire de Geneve
Alvin Seiff
as Self - NASA Ames Research Centre
Michel Mayor
as Self - Observatoire de Geneve
Karen Stone
as Narrator (for US version)
Don Gurnett
as Self - University of Iowa
Sasa Vasilievski
as Self
Andy Ingersold
as Self - Planetary Scientist
Edward Stone
as Self - Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Imre Friedmann
as Self - Florida State University
Eugene Parker
as Self - University of Chicago
Vladimir Perminov
as Self - Lavochkin Association, Moscow
Dave Grinspoon
as Self - University of Colorado
Sergei Khrushchev
as Self - Brown University, Rhode Island
David Black
as Self - Lunar and Planetary Institute
George Wetherill
as Self - Carnegie Intitute, Washington
Sasha Basilevsky
as Self - Geologist/Self - Vernadsky Institute, Moscow
James Van Allen
as Self - Univeristy of Iowa
Harrison Schmitt
as Self - Apollo Geologist
Charles Conrad
as Self - Commander, Apollo 12/Self - Astronaut
Leonid Ksanfomality
as Self - Institute of Space Research, Moscow
Bernard Lovell
as Self - Director, Jodrell Bank, 1951-1981
Larry Soderblom
as Self - US Geological Survey, Arizona
Francisco Diego
as Self - University College London
Yuri Surkov
as Self - Vernadsky Institute, Moscow
David Levy
as Self - Astronomer
Yuri Silaev
as Self - Energia Space Corporation, Moscow
Natalya Bobina
as Self - Vernadsky Institute, Moscow
Donald Black
as Self
Mikhail Marov
as Self - Russian Academy of Sciences/Self - Venera Mission Engineer
Mike Malin
as Self - Malin Space Science Systems, California
Gerry Soffen
as Self - Viking Mission Scientist

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1


Awards & Nominations

Royal Television Society, UK 1999


Royal Television Society, UK

Best Music - Original Score

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