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December 3, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Newly-elected U.S. President Hunter Franklin and his family move into the White House.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: October 23, 2019

Also Known As: The Oval tv show, Tyler Perry's the Oval |  See more »

Parents Guide: France (Tous publics), United States (TV-14)


Plot Keywords


Company Credits

Production Co: Tyler Perry Studios


Jillian Melko
as Maid Sonia
Blade Pfeifer
as Military Band/Secret Service
Shaun Jenkins
as Inmate
Charles Green
as Doctor Gelson
Kristin Clark
as Inauguration Ball Guest
Theresa O'Shea
as Housekeeper Laura
Natasha Ward
as Ellie/Ellie Lyles
LondonRose Sellars
as Callie
Ronny Mathew
as Motorcade Cop #3
Kaye Singleton
as Simone
Hannah Church
as Flight Attendant
Michelle Davidson
as Reporter Lisa Logan
Russell Thomas
as Eli
Kelly Stevens
as Announcer
Dorothy Steel
as Pharmacy Customer
Chad Martin
as Secret Service Agent Masfield
Mark Hicks
as Motorcade Cop Driver #1
Don Lemon
as Don Lemon
David Millstone
as Dr. Harris
Janell Sexton
as Housekeeper Kelly
Vanessa Padla
as Nurse Sylvia
Shimshon Gartner
as Pilot
Matt Medrano
as Secret Service Agent Tony
Sandra Yulieth
as News Reporter
Joshua Adeyeye
as Manny
Vaughn W. Hebron
as Barry Hallsen
Russell Charles Pitts
as Picky
Hannah Mallory Noll
as Female
Tasos Hernandez
as Vince
Kelsey Sanders
as Sarah
J. Matthew Wallace
as Secret Service Agent Lewis
Javier Vazquez Jr.
as Officer Craig Provest
April Ryan
as April Ryan
Teesha Renee
as Sharon Welles
Samantha Beaulieu
as Officer Hollins
Justin Barad
as Agent Kane
Jaire Jackson
as Thug #1/Thug 1
Chauncey Jenkins
as Greg
Jaime Andrews
as Morgue Worker Kate Yarasloy
Clay Stokes
as Norman
Lauren Revard
as 911 Operator
Linda Boston
as Neighbor Jody
Joey Traywick
as Inaugural ball attendee
Walter Fauntleroy
as Sam Owen
Kelly Collins Lintz
as Detective Jefferson
Alex Hennage
as Airport patron
Brian O'Connell
as Secret Service Agent Perkins
Ellis Edwards
as Motorcade Cop Driver #3
Dahlia DaCosta
as Freda
Rob Springer
as Doctor Bridges
Lodric D. Collins
as Donald Winthrop
Jeremy Anderson
as Norm
Marque Denmon
as Curtis
Victoria Scala
as Housekeeper Laura
Aloye Akhagbeme
as Secret Service Agent Harrell
Derek Alexander Dixon
as Dale
Mitch Miller
as Ticket Attendant
Steven C Hamilton
as Ballroom Guest/Secret Service Agent
Melissa L. Williams
Ginnie Randall
as Customer Davis
Brianna T. Jenkins
as Marcher 1
Nelson Estevez
as Alonzo
Ptosha Storey
as Nancy Hallsen
Michelle Hayden
as Blakely
Ed Quinn
as Hunter Franklin
Javon Johnson
as Richard Hallsen
L.A. Winters
as Flight Attendant #2
Gillian White
as Diane Wilmont/Diane/Dianne Wilmont
DeVere Jehl
as Officer Ford
Brian Bremer
as Dispatch
Will Adams
as Grip
E. Roger Mitchell
as Detective Jake Shields
Donna Feldman
as Dr. Meadows
Michael H. Cole
as Captain Cornell
Bill Duke
as Curtis
Andray Johnson
as Chief of Police
Melissa L Williams
as Denise Truesdale/Ruth Truesdale/Ruth/Ruth Hartman
Cara Mantella
as Helen Ramstad
Alexander Grace
as Agent Barnes
Kron Moore
as Victoria Franklin
Pamela Perrine
as Doctor Powell
Abigail Jackson
as Alice
Marcallus T. Sunday II
as Neighborhood gang member
Brian Porzio
as Officer Maldonado
Kyle Travis
as Man 1
Orvalle Williams
as Gang Member
Lauren Buglioli
as Nurse Linda
Mel Fair
as Fire Marshall Ray Briggs
Amber Kellehan
as Tetra
Kristyl Dawn Tift
as Witness Katrina
Bill Barrett
as Max Carter
Vanita Kalra
as Reporter #1
Krystal M. Harris
as Daphanie Fields
Max Bickelhaup
as Secret Service Agent Jerry
Ashley Goodson
as Flight Attendant
Nick Barrotta
as Allan/Allen
Kimberly Murray
as Leslie Wilson
Hannah Aslesen
as Secret Service Agent Anna Findlay
Lenny Thomas
as Dikahn/Dikahn Wright
Chas Harvey
as Secret Service Agent Baker
Jared Warren
as Gang Member
Eugene H. Russell IV
as Officer Brooks
Bob Carter
as Announcer
Mona Amein
as Desk Reporter June
Paige Hurd
as Gayle Franklin
Bruce Anthony Shepperson
as Geo/Motorcade Cop #2
Vee Bhakta
as Reporter #3
Tamica Wiley
as Officer Madden
Yan Dron
as Motorcade Cop #1
Daniel Croix
as Jason Franklin
Taja V. Simpson
as Priscilla Owens
as Hospital Patient
Omer Mughal
as Officer Simpson
Ashley Monique Harper
as Jean Peterson
Quinn Bozza
as Secret Service Agent Walker
Perla Middleton
as Ballroom Guest
Aviva Sevilla
as Secretary Kathy
Jan Nelson
as Nurse Rene
Travis Cure
as Bobby
Katelin Chesna
as Sally
Margaret Ford Fisher
as Pharmacy Customer 2
Dolan Wilson
as Morgue Attendant
Yvonne Senat Jones
as Tally
Greg Corbett
as Officer Nielson
Davis Aguila
as Secret Service Agent Williams
Troy Butler
as Motorcade Cop Driver #2
Ron Fallica
as Medic Kevin Meyer
Mike Bash
as Officer Herndon
Liz Lafontant
as Michelle
Jeremiah Cummings
as Passenger
Chadwick Farley
as Thug #3/Thug 3
Brent Pope
as Gate Agent
Emily Dunlop
as Reporter Lisa Logan
Casey Nelson
as Officer Jones
Brad Benedict
as Kyle Flint
Elliott Grey
as Martin
Alicia Kelley
as Marilyn Sims
Abby Adams
as Velma
Khalid Ghajji
as Motorcade Cop #4
Stephen Shane Martin
as Secret Service Agent Billings
Matthew Law
as Kareem Richardson
Janee Michelle
as Maude
Adrian Lockett
as Thug #2/Thug 2
Diane Tavegia
as Ball Guest
Jeremy Mitchell
as Brian Winters
Whitney Christopher
as Doctor Brown/Dr. Brown
Roy Luke
as Marine Band Member
Dave Cutler
as Motorcade Cop Driver #4
Danielle Tarmey
as Dr. Blair
Ciera Payton
as Lilly Winthrop
Christine Fuchs
as Carolyn
as Beverly
Maurii Davenport
as Lindsay Yuma
Shannon Mayers
as Reporter #2
Jason Burkey
as Agent Lee/Secret Service Agent Lee

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2019 | 25 Episodes

Season 2

2021 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2021 | 8 Episodes



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