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December 3, 2021
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About this title


A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and set in New Orleans, The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world's original vampires: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt). Now Klaus must take down his protégé, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to re-take his city, as he originally built New Orleans. Klaus departed from the city after being chased down by his father Mikael, while it was being constructed and Marcel took charge. As Klaus has returned after many years, his ego has provoked him to become the king of the city. "Every King needs an heir" says Klaus, accepting the unborn child. The child is a first to be born to a hybrid (part vampire, part werewolf) and a werewolf (Hayley).

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 3, 2013

Also Known As: Древните, Os Originais |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new orleans, louisiana
battle for power

Company Credits

Production Co: Bonanza Productions, My So-Called Company |  See more »


Corey Maher
as Leader Viking
Christina Moses
as Keelin
Elle Graham
as Young Freya
Alexandra Ficken
as Tina
Miko DeFoor
as Man
Riley Voelkel
as Freya Mikaelson
Matt Kabus
as Sean O'Connell
Najah Jackson
as Amy
Ahmed Lucan
as Nathaniel
David E. Collier
as Shen
Isabel Chanel Freeman
as Magical Student
Tanner Fontana
as Nick
Mark Hicks
as First Vendor
Josh Davis
as Festival Attendee
Courtney Lakin
as Crescent Wolf Woman
Misty Ormiston
as Twin Debutante #2
Michael Biddle
as Diner Patron
Jacklyn Edney
as Suicide Girl
Antwan Mills
as Anton
Mando Silverleaf
as Male Shaman
Marc-Henry Lazarre
as Bar Patron
Blake Rice Kirkland
as Opera Guest
Kristin Erickson
as Young Dahlia
Yusuf Gatewood
as Vincent Griffith/Finn Mikaelson
Peter Jang
as Brother #1
Konata J. Nicholson
as DJ
Eka Darville
as Diego
Hans Marrero
as Sentry #1/Vampire #2
Jacob Garcia
as Trumpeter
Stephanie Long
as Bar Patron
Jeffrey Vu
as Werewolf
Diana Chiritescu
as Girl #2/Harvest Girl #1
Andrea Maiuro
as Bar Parton/Parade Float
Grayson Berry
as Young Ansel
Jameson Jamey Copeland
as Halloween Festivalable goer
Sandhya Chandel
as Witch
Kathryn Kelly
as Hayley's Mom
Noah Hudson Killingbeck
as Child Werewolf
Lloyd Owen
as Ansel
Matt Felten
as Hamlet
Derek Russo
as Face Tattoo
Amy Westmoreland
as Governor's Ball Guest/Rebekah's Friend
Peta Sergeant
as Francesca Correa
Aaron Harris
as Day Walker
Abbey Ferrell
as Skirt Girl
Nicholas Alexander
as Henry Benoit
Colin Woodell
as Aiden
E. Roger Mitchell
as Kevin
Amber Midthunder
as Kayla
Yasmine Al-Bustami
as Monique Deveraux
Joyce Brew
as Kara/Kara Ngyuen
Christine Horn
as Witch in White
Dale Ritchey
as Werewolf
Keri Lynn Pratt
as Mary-Alice Claire
Derek Roberts
as Vampire #2
Chris Osborn
as Vampire #1
Daniel Collins
as Daywalker
James Gill
as Bouncer/Doorman
Preston Baker
as Vampire
Josh Turner
as Night Walker
L. Frost
as Groom
David Chin
as Eurotrash Vamp/Eurotrash Vampire
Seannon Stracener
as Party Girl
Charlotte Haynes Hazzard
as Apartment Dweller
Jedidiah Goodacre
as Roman
Francine Locke
as Receptionist
Alexandra Metz
as Katie
Felicia Lester
as Mohawk Day Walker
Roman Spink
as Young Kol
John Redlinger
as Emil
Esmeree Sterling
as Witch
Cat Viger
as Burlesque #4
Troy Willis
as King Claudius
Joe Washington
as Priest
Michael Beasley
as Lead Acolyte
Morgan Hinkleman
as Child Esther
Lance Tafelski
as Aces Over Eights
Jimmy Ray Pickens
as Bill
SoYun Park
as Dancer/Mourner
Nishi Munshi
as Gia
Jesse Yarborough
as Pedestrian
Aaron Schwartz
as Handsome Man
Johnny Walter
as Dwayne
Lauren Hough
as Werewolf/Jazz festival attendee
Chris Matheny
as Biker Bar Patron
Bailey Ingersoll
as 1920s Flashback Girl
Phoebe Tonkin
as Hayley Marshall/Hayley Marshall-Kenner
Lyle Brocato
as Doctor
Summer Fontana
as Hope/Hope Mikaelson/The Hollow
Torrance Coombs
as Declan
Aubrey DeVaney
as Abigail/Harvest Girl #2
Hayley McCarthy
as Young Esther
Perla Middleton
as Costumed Mardi Gras Reveler/Nightwalker
Scott Parks
as Guy
Lycan Scott
as Mathias
Anna-Maria Angles
as Grieving Werewolf
Azel James
as Dying Man
Michael Koske
as Daywalker
Latasha Bryant
as Burlesque #1
Shannon Eubanks
as Bastianna
Natalie Dreyfuss
as Cassie/Esther Mikaelson
Alma Sisneros
as Inadu's Mother
Zach Hanner
as The Governor
Grant Koo
as Monk
Tyler J. Shaw
as Prisoner/SWAT Team Member
Allen Warchol
as Brother #4
Raney Branch
as Celeste Dubois
Tony F. Charles
as Klaus's blood line/Un-sired Vamps
Michael Trevino
as Tyler Lockwood
Timothy Scott
as Human Faction Member
Michael Harding
as Older Werewolf
Emily E. Kelly
as Festival Goer/Witch
Austin Handle
as Music Festival Attendee/Werewolf
Matthew Davis
as Alaric Saltzman
Callard Harris
as Thierry Vanchure
Starlette Miariaunii
as Actress
Nathan Parsons
as Jackson Kenner
Stephanie Cleough
as Alexis
Danielle Campbell
as Davina Claire
Madelyn Cline
as Jessica
Dango Nu Yen
as Daywalker/Inadu's Father
Adam Fristoe
as Ruben
Zero Kazama
as Sentry #3
Adam Poole
as Trench Runner
Joseph Uzzell
as Man in Jackson Square
Mrs. The Diva Nelson
as Trombone Player
Michael Perry
as Cop
Daniella Pineda
as Sophie Deveraux
Alexis Ly
as Neighborhood Kid
Tobias Jelinek
as Swarthy Vampire
Jeremy Conner
as Biker
Charles William Cook
as Vampire
Aria Shahghasemi
as Landon Kirby
Jaxon Duron
as Strix Vampire
Eric Mendenhall
as Tomas
Greg Sproles
as Hunter #2
Jason Lee Erickson
as Werewolf
Tyrice Lollis
as Tourist/Vampire Victim
Caspar Zafer
as Finn Mikaelson
Jaylen Moore
as Mohinder
Samuel Lee Fudge
as NYC Pedestrian
Debra Mooney
as Mary Dumas
Babs Proller
as CSI Detective
Hajji Golightly
as Police Chief
Aaron Nedrick
as Native American Warrior
Aaron Farb
as Zealot
Brian Wyatt
as Festival Guest/Rebekah's Suiter
Josh Pippins
as Vampire
Marko Caka
as Eurotrash Vampire
Luray Cooper
as Mayor
Donny Carrington
as Warlock #1
Frank Francisco
as Werewolf Wedding guest
Dustin Lewis
as Man In Glasses
Matt Cedeño
as Gaspar Cortez
Michael Konanec
as Giant Daywalker
Alkoya Brunson
as Adam
Abigail Gamache
as Vampire Girlfriend
Devon Allowitz
as Henrik
Brian Stapf
as Patrolman
Orelon Sidney
as Wealthy Woman
Kyle Jackson
as Lookie Loo
Dexter Tillis
as Major
Ifasade Ogunlano
as Bandleader
Orlando Ricci
as Werewolf
Copeland Cristina
as Halloween Festivalgoer
Roger A. Harrison
as Bartender
Ellie Collins
as Daywalker
Winthorpe Burke
as Bar Patron
Keahu Kahuanui
as Eddie
LaQuita S-Kay
as Blues Club Partier/French Quarter Shopper
Jennifer Giles
as Woman in the Pink Dress
Hannah-Bliss Carlton
as Freya Mikaelson
Ayo Adefila
as Party Patron/Vampire Candidate
Samantha McLarty
as EuroTrash Vampire
Johnny Cantley
as Tourist Frat Boy
Mercedes Sanders
as Century Witch
Demarcus Laney
as Nola Tourist/Nola Toursit
Gregory Fears
as Litter Carrier
David Shae
as Man
David Chattam
as Flower Man
Kaileigh Bullard
as Violin Player
Jeff Glover
as Fight Club Nightwalker/Werewolf Gangster
Greg Perrow
as Isaac
Keil Oakley Zepernick
as Werewolf
Yohance Myles
as Joe
Dakota James Alden Lane
as Werewolf
Tony Bravado
as Witch #1
Moe Rivera
as Unsired Vampire
Parisa Johnston
as Moroccan Witch
Alla Greene
as Woman
Am Mohamed
as Strix Vampire
Mary Couto
as Cocktail Waitress
Scott Lomas
as Werewolf
Elyse Levesque
as Genevieve
Morgan Alexandria
as Lana
Jenny Gulley
as Reporter
Dylan Morgan
as Hot Guy
Llauryn Hendrix
as Waitress
Kathy Walton
as Witch
Roderick Green
as Werewolf
Joseph Gray
as Tall Man
Amy Le
as Cynthia
Adam Klein
as Washboard Player
Michael David Yuhl
as Tribesman
Demetrius Bridges
as Dorian Williams
Sharonne Lanier
as Wedding Planner
Oliver Ackland
as Tristan de Martel
Hakim Callender
as Cami Werewolf #2
Bella Samman
as Josie Saltzman
Alaine Tyler
as Werewolf Wedding Guest
Ebony N Mayo
as Unsired vampire
Shiva Kalaiselvan
as Ivy
Jay McGee
as Strix #1
Rusty Martin Sr.
as Governor
Nick Madrick
as Hunter #3
Kearia Schroeder
as Hot Girl
Javier Carrasquillo
as Kurt/Werewolf Kurt
Monica Powers
as Background Witch
Brittany Cusack
as Funeral Attendee
Megan Prater Robinson
as Crescent Werewolf/Suicide Girl
Alexandra Norris
as Tourist
Neva Howell
as Bus Driver
Daniel Gillies
as Elijah Mikaelson
Jesse C. Boyd
as Cary
Justin Robinson
as Dead Nightwalker
Sunny Kelley
as NOLA Tourist
Meg Foster
as Josephine LaRue
Candice King
as Caroline Forbes
Alex Sgambati
as Bartender
Luan Agostinho
as Vampire
Jeph Cangé
as Holt
Charles Barber
as Pedestrian
Jeremy Sample
as Warlock
Malone Thomas
as Colette
Kenya McCoy
as Yuppie
Friday Chamberlain
as Unsired Vampire
J.C. Conway
as City Clerk
Charles Michael Davis
as Marcel Gerard
W.F. Bell
as Tarot Card Reader
Bruce Vincent Logan
as Festival Goer
Wil Gonzalez
as Human Official
Quynh Thi Le
as Waitress
Dominic M. Lee
as Diner Patron
William Willet
as Professor
Kevin Neal Agee
as Officer
Vinny Costa
as Police Officer
Cindy Farrell
as Vampire
Kim Ormiston
as Twin Debutante #1
Leah Pipes
as Camille O'Connell
Graham Wolfe
as Fighter #1
Aleeah Rogers
as Astrid
Troy Faruk
as Burly Sentry
Stephen Dean
as Nightwalker/Warlock
Jon Eyez
as Captain
Derek Ryan Duke
as Daywalker
Jason Claspell
as Werewolf
Stephen Shelton
as Bartender
Parker Wierling
as Teen Boy
Todd Stashwick
as Father Kieran O'Connell
Melissa Williamson
as Witch
Todd Litzinger
as Strix Vampire
Zach Roerig
as Matt Donovan
Sarah Fawaz
as Euro Vamp
Jimmy Gonzales
as Naysayer Werewolf
William Buster Benefield
as Mardi Gras Patron
Sean Archulet
as Werewolf
Malaya Rivera Drew
as Jane-Anne Deveraux
Nina J.
as Zombie
Stephen Mackenzie Brown
as Party Goer
Adriana Brinceanu
as Rebekah's Friend
Allie McCulloch
as Female
Scott Oakley
as Bar Patron
as Bandleader
Brody Wellmaker
as Busboy
Katie Cook
as Poppy
Darri Ingolfsson
as Dominic
James Davison
as NOLA Tourist
Eric Goins
as Burly Man
Perry Cox
as Young Elijah
Kaitlyn Ervin
as Night-Walker
Ruben Vidal
as Tourist/Werewolf Guard
Jason Dohring
as Detective Will Kinney
Alexander Babara
as Man
Malcolm F. Johnson
as Night-Walker
Karan Kendrick
as Maxine
Kristen Danielle
as Hot Vampire Feeder
Hayley Lovitt
as Frightened Hand Maiden
McCarrie McCausland
as Young Marcel
Yasmeen Griffin
as Vampire
Darren Sheehan
as Bartender
Claudia Black
as Dahlia
Aiden Flowers
as Young Klaus
Rebecca Blumhagen
as Madison
Shannon Kane
as Sabine Laurent
Maisie Richardson-Sellers
as Eva Sinclair/Rebekah Mikaelson
Christopher Van Escobar
as Hayley's Dad
Steven Krueger
as Josh Rosza
Amahre Palmer
as Vampire
Voltaire Colin Council
as Young Finn
Ronnie Hobbs
as Warlock
Alan Heckner
as Xavier
Marisol Correa
as Strix Vampire/Witch
Destiny Lopez
as Acolyte
Mallory Ivy
as Daughter
Rico Ball
as Francesca's Bodyguard
Tamiko Brownlee
as Felicia
Jessica Iris Thompson
as Burlesque #5
Alvin Streeter Jr.
as New Orleans Jazz Guest
Shane Coffey
as Tim
Haley Ramm
as Ariane
Sebastian Roché
as Mikael
Rachel Mae Moore
as French Quarter Bicyclist
Daniel Sharman
as Kaleb Westphall/Kol Mikaelson
Andrea Vittoria Alvarado
as Rave Vampire
Skyla Eli June
as Witch
Gordon Meyer
as Human at Party
Amy Parrish
as Scarface Witch
Faron Salisbury
as Loud Mouth Vampire
Andrea Powell
as Dr. Paige
J.D. Banks
as Bro
Bobby Jordan
as Tea Face
Mary Kraft
as Waitress
Amber Flanagan
as Student
Dawn Douglas
as Swing Dancer
Corey Champagne
as Jazz Singer
Taylor Cole
as Sofya Voronova/The Hollow/Sofya
Jonathan Horne
as Laertes
Katherine Davage
as Burlesque #3
Mitch Eakins
as Wolf #1
Lynn McArthur
as Party Girl
Catherine Jerald
as Bar Patron/Viking
Walter Hendrix III
as NOLA Tourist
Andrew Lees
as Lucien Castle
Crystal Alicia Garrett
as Singer
Ian Pala
as Max
Annika Pampel
as French Casket Girl
Owen Beam
as Werewolf Child
Genevieve Jones
as Child Esther
Teri Wyble
as Clara Summerlin
Chris Adams
as NOLA Vampire
Todd Anthony Manaigo
as Witch
Bret McKee
as Lead Vampire
Chase Coleman
as Oliver
Danielle Brickman
as Lucien bite victim
Rebecca Breeds
as Aurora de Martel
Reuven Avi
as Warlock
Bryan Cruz
as Werewolf
Jermaine Salute Green
as Vampire
Roger Neal
as Festival Attendee
Bobby Hoskins
as Viking Marauder
Leslie-Anne Panaligan
as Rayna Cruz
Karen Kaia Livers
as Agnes
Damon Lipari
as Cami Werewolf #1
Rachel Cox
as Opera Audience Member
Chase Vasser
as Laurent
Catherine Dyer
as Mother
Alice Evans
as Esther Mikaelson
Lesa Wilson
as Female Strix Vampire
Heather M.J. Padilla
as Bride
Sonja Sohn
as Lenore/Esther Mikaelson
Nicholas Hayner
as Handsome Guy
Taylor Simmons
as Werewolf
as Acolyte
Nina Dobrev
as Tatia
Donny Boaz
as Guy
Benjamin Weaver
as Vampire
Mason Pike
as Townsperson/Funeral Goer/French Bar Patron
Patrick Rokn
as Partier
Madison Hoover
as EuroTrash Vampire
Dillan Moore
as Nightwalker
Allison Gobuzzi
as Lizzie Saltzman
Alexis Louder
as Lisina
Justin Farrar
as Tunde Twin/Tunde Twins
Lauren Emily Townsend
as Casket Girl
Owiso Odera
as Papa Tunde
Kevin Savage
as Jerick
Jimmy Dempster
as Fight Club Nightwalker/Klaus's Crew
Lawrence Kao
as Van
Steven Reddington
as Attendant
Curtis Gammage
as Mardi Gras Reveler
Justin Alvarez
as Defiant Vampire
Brittany Kelly
as Witch
Steven A.D. Taylor
as Vampire
Jessejames Locorriere
as Man #1
Nadine Lewington
as Greta Sienna
Charlie Johnson
as Private Staff Member #2
Callie Brook McClincy
as Young Rebekah
Isaiah Stratton
as Young Mikael
Roy Coulter
as Dead Prison Guard
Kristofer Macklin
as Tattooed Warlock
Kinsey Kunkel
as Child Dahlia
Duke McNeil
as Werewolf/Cop
Sam Ashby
as Connor
Masud Olufani
as Strix Guard
Tasha Ames
as Eve
Brandon Firby
as High End Vampire/Strix Vampire
Josh Royston
as Detective
Jeremy Carr
as Werewolf
Betty Jeune
as Imposing Witch
Marisela Zumbado
as Teen Girl
Donnie Bentley
as Patrolman
Kenric Green
as Lead Acolyte
Alex Hargett
as Axeman Festival Reveler
Leticia Jimenez
as Witch
Laura W. Johnson
as Davina's Mother
Cade Weeks
as Young Finn
Neil Jackson
as Alistair Duquesne
Lauren Henneberg
as Night Walker
Chance Kelley
as Werewolf
Nina Repeta
as Melinda
Lyndon Smith
as Lara
Chelsea Hayes
as Real Estate Agent
Jessica Medina
as Tribeswoman/Vampire
Marlene B. Russell
as Tarot Reader
Andrew S. McMillan
as Garden District Warlock Elder/Insane Warlock
Clint Edwards
as Eurotrash Vampire
Dezirae Teal
as Mourner/Reporter
as Wealthy Fundraiser
Bill Neenan
as Count Martel
Barry W. Jerald Jr.
as Viking/Bar Patron
Jason Vail
as Man
Michael Richardson
as Night Club Goer
Joshua Booker
as Tribesman
Nathaniel Buzolic
as Kol Mikaelson
Danielle Rose Russell
as Hope Mikaelson
David DeLao
as Headless Vampire
Julian D Stewart
as Witch
Ted Barba
as Aristocrat
Joel Rogers
as Duel Elder
Jason Benjamin
as Strix Guard
Jeremy J. Sykes
as Funeral Attendee/Music Festival Attendee
Matthew Atchley
as Funeral Observer
Robert Baker
as Emmett
Stephen M. Phillips
as Halloween Festival Attendee
Matthew Rimmer
as Hunter #1
Jesse Kindred
as Night Walker
Tara Rodgers
as Dancer
Jennifer Badger
as Vampire Ripper
Alexa Yeames
as Abigail
Keith Ham
as Street Vendor
Jimi Lanham
as Vampire
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Brother #3
Dan Martin
as Hollis
John Kap
as Very Large Biker
Orbert Rogers
as Festival Patron
Shanice Turner
as Mardi Gras Attendee
Shaylin Broady
as Witch
Devan Gerlach
as Nola Local/Nola Witch
Chuck Clark
as Opera Guest
Claire Holt
as Rebekah Mikaelson
Rick Espaillat
as Pierre
Jeremi Farrar
as Tunde Twin/Tunde Twins
Kenneth Holley
as Drummer
Blu Hunt
as The Hollow/Inadu
Jamie Thomas King
as August Müller
Scott Lane
as Night Walker
Julian W. Lucas
as Werewolf
Tracy Ifeachor
as Aya Al-Rashid
Desiree Dixon
as Burlesque #2
Marina Hova
as Werewolf
Paul Wesley
as Stefan Salvatore
Selena Anduze
as Witch #1
Leslie Sides
as Werewolf
Anna Sagraves
as Girlfriend
Romar Bennett
as Unsired Vampire
Jas Hardy
as Werewolf
Mercedez McDowell
as Woman
Joseph Morgan
as Klaus Mikaelson
Brooklyn Marshall
as Wedding Waitstaff
Eric Stratemeier
as Strix Vampire
Knox Bentley
as Festival Guest
Daniel McGraw
as Oliver's Werewolf
Jaime Murray
as Antoinette
Lee Spencer
as Police Chief
Demetri Landell
as Mardi Gras Patron
Jason Burkey
as David

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 13 Episodes




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