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October 24, 2021
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About this title


This U.S. adaptation -- set at a paper company in Scranton, Pa. -- has a similar documentary style to that of the Ricky Gervais-led British original. It features the Dunder-Mifflin staff, which includes characters based on roles in the British show -- and, quite possibly, people with whom you work in your office. There's Jim, the likable employee who's a bit of an every man. Jim has a thing for receptionist-turned-sales-rep Pam -- because office romances are always a good idea! There's also Dwight, the co-worker who is successful but devoid of social skills and common sense.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 24, 2005

Also Known As: Офис, La Oficina" AKA "The Office |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, G, PG), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

employer employee relationship

Company Credits

Production Co: Reveille Productions, NBC Universal Television |  See more »


Zoe Jarman
as Carla
Scott Thewes
as Male Audience Member
Bennie the Cat
as Cat
Charlie Sanders
as Cake Delivery Man
Swati Chokalingam
as Kelly's Mom
Chris Ellis
as Chris O'Keefe
Sandra Tsing Loh
as Professor
Johnnie Battistessa
as Featured Kid
Adam Lustick
as Athlead Employee
Scott Beehner
as Waiter
Alec Gray
as Blonde Kid/Bumble Bee Trick-or-Treater
Rob Riggle
as Captain Jack
Elizabeth Payne
as Master of Ceremonies
Kaily Smith Westbrook
as Kim/Receptionist
Emily Evan Rae
as Rebecca Prince
Victor Taylor
as Auditionee
Rob Huebel
as A. J./A.J.
Michael Kaiser
as Underage Kid #1
Ward Edmondson
as Theater Patron
Rainn Wilson
as Dwight Schrute
John Kelly
as Conference Goer
Kara Elizabeth Silva
as Sex Shop Clerk
Brandon Slagle
as Trivia Player
Selah Victor
as Mother Harvest/Sheri
Christopher Raczynski
as Police Officer
Phyllis Smith
as Phyllis Vance/Phyllis Lapin
Beau Wirick
as Frat Guy
Ben Wang
as Chinese Restaurant Waiter
Seth Coltan
as Randy
Todd Jeffries
as Gregarious Churchgoer
Ananya Kepper
as Tiffany
Robert Foreman
as Groomsman
Kyle McLaughlin
Kevin Carlson
as Edward R. Meow
Jay Falk
as Halpert's Home Purchaser
Brad Slaughter
as Hot Yogi
Kwame Boateng
as Derrick
Ameenah Kaplan
as Val
Anita Kapila
as Bollywood Dancer
Eleanor Seigler
as Jessica
Tim Kang
as Koh
Rich Sommer
as Alex
Christina de Leon
as Pratt Student
Michael August
as Rochester Volleyball Player #2
Geoffrey Gould
as Nashua Employee
Michael Patrick Breen
as Airport Passenger
David Rogers
as Guy Wearing Ray-Bans
Michael Daniel Cassady
as Gideon/Tyler
Linda Weinrib
as Bridesmaid
A.J. Adelman
as Bar Patron
Mark Tomesek
as Kenny
Anne Santiago
as Line Coordinator
Laurie Okin
as Julie
Idris Elba
as Charles Miner
Ursula Burton
as Hannah Smotridge-Barr
Justin Spitzer
as Doctor
Alexis Teague
as Ashley
Dan Bakkedahl
as Roger Prince, Jr.
Ken Kreps
as The Minister
Dan Goor
as Dan - Karen's Husband
Fred Cross
as Wesley Silver
Matt Selman
as Blogger
Charlotte Daniels
as Flower Girl
Ron Canada
as Mr. Haskins
Dan Sterling
as Audience Member
Ali Louise Hartman
as Phillip Halstead Lipton
Steve Seagren
as Cop #2
John McColgan
Linda Purl
as Helene Beesly
Jake Kalender
as Young Michael Scott
Steve Hely
as Audience Member
Jim Jansen
as High School Principal
Janet Song
as Korean Woman #1 (Seminar Attendee)
Pete Pastore
as Chief Buyer Steve Nash
Tommy Gerrits
as Boy at Picnic
Jason Walsh
as Tank Top Guy
Katy Bodenhamer
as Youth Group Member
Mike Starr
as Grotti
Shannon Mary Dixon
as Figure Skater
Craig Anton
as Craig
Robert Pine
as Gerald Halpert
David Costabile
as Eric Ward
Eliza Coleman
as Helmsman
Kat Ahn
as Amy
Christopher Gay
Brooke Dillman
as Margaret
Dee Wallace
as Ellen Bernard
Stefan Kumor
as Pratt Student
Tucker Albrizzi
as Son
Mark Parrish
as Bartender
Debra Leigh
as Sheila Davis
Zach Woods
as Gabe Lewis
Eric Bradley
as Here Comes Treble Singer
Kelly Snow
as Treble
Tug Coker
as Pete Halpert
John Krasinski
as Jim Halpert
Sarah Bastian
as Bookstore Customer
Matt Sohn
as Documentary Crew Member
Robert Stilwell
as Simon
Amy Pietz
as Donna/Donna Newton
Alan Mueting
as Shareholder
Bailey Kate Strull
as Cecelia Halpert
B.J. Novak
as Ryan Howard
George Ives
as Uncle Al
Gauahar Khan
Barbara A. Fisher
as Usher
Genevieve Levin
as Famous Amos Girl
Kim Kim
as Korean Woman #2 (Seminar Attendee)
Michael Imperioli
as Sensei Billy
Matthew Lenhart
Jonathan Hughes
Andrew Donnelly
as Mike
Robin Swenson
as Curtis Dorough
Randy Guiaya
as Pirelli
Lindsey Broad
as Cathy Simms
Ralph Kampshoff
as Bank Manager
Ben Kacsandi
as Trivia Contestant
Steve Moore
as Drummer
John H. Tobin
as Dealer
Travis Samuel Clark
as Dog Groomer's Guy
Wayne Wilderson
as Martin
Candace Sciarra
as Olympic Figure Skater
Jeremy Shouldis
as Busines School Student
Katharine Leonard
as Chloe
Kamala Jones
as Edna
Kunal Sharma
as Teenage Food Server
Cassie Jordan
as Stanley's Date
Stephen Saux
as Justin Spitzer
Larkin Campbell
as Shane
Lindsey Stoddart
as Dana
Janell Winkler
as Patty Grossman
Randall Barnwell
as Madsen
Nicholas Strong
Jackie Debatin
as Elizabeth the Stripper
Leon Simmons
as Julius
Nicholas D'Agosto
as Hunter
Christian Slater
as Self
Donovan Estrada
as Pure Bred
Joey Slotnick
as Jerry
Scot Robinson
as The Bartender
Nicholas Shaffer
as Hotel Manager
James Urbaniak
as Rolf
Trevor Anthony Pitzel
as Caterer
Melora Hardin
as Jan Levinson/Jan Levinson-Gould
Weston Nathanson
as Civil War Archivist
John Phillips
as The Director
Michael Potter
as The Mediator
Jennifer Ann Burton
as NY Corporate Employee
Tom Yi
as Tim Dockery
Terry James
as Young Adult Ministry Deserter
Wyatt Cenac
as Improv Class Student
Sean Bury
as Barista
Jake Lucas
as Waiter #2
Ben Silverman
as Isaac
Gary Buckner
as Funeral Home Director
Amanda Warren
Blake Garrett Rosenthal
as Cameron/Kid on Hay Ride
Julius Erving
as Julius Erving
Fay DeWitt
as Lady at the Gym
Andrew O'Shanick
as Treble
James McMann
as Warehouse Guy
Jack Black
as Sam
Michael Blake
as Mike - Game Player
Peggy Stewart
as Sylvia
Chelsey Crisp
as Convention Worker
Kelsea Button
as Young Club Girl
Avu Chokalingam
as Kelly's Dad
Gopal Dutt
Hudson Phillips
as Athlead Office Employee
Stanley Ullman
as Reggie the Barber
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
Jessica St. Clair
as Casey Dean
Jeff Loveness
as Young Adult Ministry Deserter
Nicholas Daly Clark
as Orderly #2
Dan Levy
as Stonewall Alliance's Trivia Host
Annie Sertich
as Justin's Date
Tig Notaro
as Single Mom
Greg Daniels
as Michael's neighbor
Allyson Everitt
as Chili's Hostess
Blaise Godbe Lipman
as Brett Bailey
Josh Hodell
as Josh Hodell
Nico Evers-Swindell
as Cpl. Miller
Alfred Rubin Thompson
as Store Owner
Ann Maddox
as Telemarketer
Sean McDonald
as Treble
Matt DeCaro
as Jerry
Michelle Gunn
as Hotel Receptionist
Crystal Havens
as Cousin's Wife
as Megan
Ithamar Enriquez
as Paramedic
Ava Nisbet
as Lion Trick-or-Treater
Jeffrey Muller
as Mark
Jennifer Peo
as Cocktail Waitress
Brett Gelman
as The Magician
Sendhil Ramamurthy
as Ravi
Matt Warburton
as Blogger
Emerson Brooks
as Air Force Recruiter
Dan Gill
as Philadelphia's Trivia Host
Kaye Marie Talise
as Scranton Family Member
Brett Gipson
as Law Intern
Ken Bernfield
as Doctor Speaking through Glass
Rachael Harris
as Rachael
Kimberly Douglas
as Grillmaster
Lee Kirk
as Clark
Susanne Allan Hartman
as Phillip Halstead Lipton
Rene Gube
as Athlead Male Receptionist
Lamont Ferrell
as Michael
Sue Nelson
as Ms. Trudy
Elizabeth Moore
Hannah Baker
as Underage Girl
Liz Ross
as Woman in Suit
Denise Gossett
Joe Davis
as Joe
Mindy Kaling
as Kelly Kapoor
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Pharmacist
Oliver Vaquer
as Doctor
Casey Washington
as The Bartender
Vincent Angelo
as Vendor
Patrick Faucette
as Policeman #1
Dan Desmond
as Roger Prince, Sr.
Joan Cusack
as Erin's Biological Mother
Patrick O'Connor
as Lester Snyder
Gary Weeks
as Cop #1
Michael Naughton
as Chris
Edward James Gage
as Larry Meyers
Julia Cho
as Asian Woman #1
Erica Mer
as Blue Shirted Kid #2
R.F. Daley
as O'Malley
Will Ferrell
as Deangelo Vickers
Amy Cale Peterson
as Laurie
Brent Forrester
as Audience Member
Robert Bagnell
as Alan
Abraham Chaidez
as Felipe
Dale Raoul
as Ronni
Ian Novotny
as Conference Goer
Jonathan Browning
as Steve
Constance Broge
as The Storyteller
Amy Hill
as Nail Salon Manager
Ellie Kemper
as Erin Hannon
Chris Gethard
as Trevor
Douglas Sarine
Oscar Nunez
Anna Camp
as Penny Beesly
Tom Virtue
Susie Geiser
as Marcy
Charlie McDermott
as Student
Gil Glasgow
as Dwight and Jim's Customer
Tina Huang
as On-Air Reporter
Steve Zissis
as Dwight's Ignored Customer
Jenna Fischer
as Pam Beesly
Cole Coleman
as Sales Analyst playing arcade game
Jason Kessler
as Flower Delivery Man #1
Sean L. Malin
as Andy's Competition/Failed Finalist
Bonita Dorssom
as Shareholder
Abe Spigner
as Shawn
Keili Lefkovitz
as Wendy's Employee
Evan Peters
as Luke Cooper
Jessica Alba
as Sophie
Robin Dale Meyers
as Chelsea's Mother
Constance Jewell Lopez
Malcolm Barrett
as Stanley's Replacement
Lee Eisenberg
as Gino
Shannon Cochran
as Pam's Mom
Alyssa Larsen
as Chelsea
Trish Suhr
as Heather
David Kirk Grant
as Henry Saine (a.k.a. Conrad)
Claire Scanlon
as Nashua Employee/Warehouse party guest
Ben Carroll
as Master of Ceremonies
Bill Hader
as Bill Hader
Charles Esten
as Josh Porter
Mary Kathleen Gordon
as Telemarketer wearing green sweater
Aaron Shure
as Waiter
Eli Vargas
as Fast Food Worker
Travis Seaborn
as Jan's Assistant
Justin Meloni
as Delivery Boy
Miriam Tolan
as Tina Fey Look-a-Like
Frederik Pohl IV
as Neighbor
Toby Huss
as Todd Packer
Jennifer Hasty
as Receptionist
Tom Chick
as Gil
Robin Lynch
as Rose
Chris Haston
as The Photographer
Nancy Lantis
as Amanda Fields-Shad
Timothy Michael Gould
as Scranton Basketball Boy
Caitlin Williams
as Tiffany
Carter Hastings
as Irritated Parents' Kid
Isabel Schnebelie
as Girl who finds Needle in a Haystack
Jon Morgan Woodward
as Albany Employee/Shareholder
Michael Lanahan
as Mike
Jim Petersmith
as Professor
Damani Roberts
as Chet Montgomery
Cris D'Annunzio
as Joe The Hot Dog Vendor
Deb Hiett
as Stewardess Beth
Stephanie Lesh-Farrell
as Irritated Mother
Lance Krall
as Sensei Ira
John C. McLaughlin
Vali Chandrasekaran
as Wali
John Harrington Bland
as Bill
Thomas Fowler
Mary Gillis
as Aunt Shirley
Robert R. Shafer
as Bob Vance
Lori Murphy Saux
as Announcer/Nellie's Mom
Nick Lashaway
as Telemarketer
Linda Taylor
as Guitarist Lisa
Patrice O'Neal
as Lonny
Eric La Barr
as Cashier
Steven Cortinas
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Jonathan Nail
as Tourist
Steve Little
as Conventioneer
Stewart Skelton
as Dipido Smith
Todd Aaron Brotze
as Robert from WeyerHammer Paper
Christopher Nicholas Smith
as Credit Card Guy (Seminar Attendee)
Mike Nojun Park
as Student
Taylar Hollomon
as Jada
Valeri Ross
as Stenographer
Maxwell Glick
as Tobias
Mike E. Winfield
as New Warehouse Guy
Dorian Frankel
as Woman
David Mate
as Flex
Richard Augustine
as Tractor Salesman
Cindy Buck
as Audience Member
Heather Marie Marsden
as Kevin's Sister/Mrs. Lovett
Mike Storc
Kulap Vilaysack
as Nikki
Jim Woods
as Bowling Alley Manager
as Seth the Godfather
Rohan Vora
as Bollywood Dancer
Craig Robinson
as Darryl Philbin
Deonte Gordon
as Reporter #1
Erica Hanrahan-Ball
as Johanna
Brandon Borror-Chappell
as Treble
David Grant Wright
as Mr. Sylvie
Creed Bratton
as Creed Bratton/Coal Mine Employee
Eric Watson
as Simon Realty Employee
Seth Meyers
as Seth Meyers
Lisa Darr
as Barbara Allen
Greg Worswick
as Kenny
Gene Stupnitsky
as Leo
Noel Petok
as Troy Undercook/Troy Underbridge
Amelie Gillette
as Amelie
Spencer John Olson
as Schrute Cousin
Austin Michael Scott
as Underage Kid #2
Paul Lieberstein
as Toby Flenderson
Algerita Wynn
as Cynthia
Lauren Rissman
as Exiting Co-Worker
Kelly Cantley-Kashima
as Admitting Nurse
Monnae Michaell
as The Principle
Sam Daly
as Matt
Rob Brownstein
as Salesman
Keeshan Giles
as Hospital Employee/Orderly
Brey Chanadet
as Schrute Kid
Melinda Haugh
as Waitstaff #2
Ricky Gervais
as David Brent
Kristin Mellian
as Waitstaff #1
Patrick Bradford
as Additional
Paul Faust
as Paul Faust
Tanveer K. Atwal
as Rupa
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Brian/Cameraman
Bill Coelius
as Restaurant Manager
Wally Amos
as Wally Amos
Michelle Faraone
as Dundies Guest
Sara Van Horn
as Store Manager
Charlie Hartsock
as Travel Agent
Donna Bryce
as Mrs. Anderson
Haley Daniels
as Abby
Janet Hoskins
as Seminar Attendee
Summer Malone
as Jim's Niece
Deborah Puette
as Alice
Gregory Schmauss
as Angry Shareholder
David Denman
as Roy Anderson
Brian Hatton
as Randy
Kathy Bates
as Jo Bennett
Cora Skinner
as Waitress
Jenny Leonhardt
as Yoga Student
Paul Feig
as The Animal Trainer
Stephen Colbert
as Broccoli Rob
Carrie Clifford
as Nurse Ruth
Sandra L. Feeley
as Cindy Halpert
Phil Abrams
as Shelby Thomas Weems
Ashley Adler
as Office worker
Kie Spring
as Stanley's Date
Calvin Tenner
as Calvin/Glenn
Jim Wisniewski
Peter A. Hulne
as The HRPDC Executive
David Daskal
as Textbook Business School Student
Kelly Ebsary
as Torrie Sullivan
Brad William Henke
as Frank
Suzanne Watson
as Stephanie
Allison Jones
as Woman Guarding PBS Swag at Warehouse
Angelina Ganiere
as Dwight's Younger Sister/Little Girl Having Picnic
Hugh Dane
as Hank
Georgia Engel
as Irene
Frank Maharajh
as Dandy Dale
Bruno Oliver
as Mr. Barr
Phil Hawn
as Park Ranger
Rita Sehmi
as Bollywood Dancer
Jake Lacy
as Pete Miller
Drew Powell
as The Bartender
Kate Comer
as The Photographer
Jonah Platt
as Frat Boy
Michael McCartney
as Nashua Employee
Julie Remala
as Nurse
Michael Patrick McGill
as Kenny Anderson
Jennifer Celotta
as Wedding Guest
Jennie Tan
as Audience Member/Buffalo branch employee
Noah Blake
as Waiter
Jobeth Wagner
as Pratt Art Student
Connie Sawyer
as Nana
Brian A. Gutierrez
as Drake
Carla Rudy
as Last Supper Tableau
Clark Duke
as Clark
Hansford Rowe
as Elbert Lapin
Thomas F. Evans
as Pretzel Vendor
Annabelle Kopack
as Fairy Princess Trick-or-Treater
Mary Wall
as Nashua Employee
Timothy Olyphant
as Danny Cordray
Jesse Mackey
as Jumpsuit Guy
Warren Sweeney
as Richard Corey
Jerry Minor
as Brandon
Jazz Raycole
as Melissa Hudson
Michael 'Mick' Harrity
as Policeman #2
Susan Foley
as Delivery Woman
Cooper Thornton
as Dennis
Angela Shin
as Asian Lady/Manicurist
Barak Hardley
as Gideon
Brenda Withers
as Brenda
Brad Morris
as Glenn
Renee Riess
as Godmother
Thaddeus John Potter
as Treble
Susanne Daniels
as PBS Panel Moderator
April Eden
as Deborah Shoshlefski
Fredrick Burns
as Student
John F. Schaffer
as Photographer
Zabeth Russell
as Bachelorette Party Guest
James Gregory Capps
as Paramedic
Sean R. Lake
as Sci Fi Attendee
Miss Kitty the Cat
as Cat
Joey Basu
as Partygoer
Allan Wasserman
as Nick Figaro
Andrew Secunda
as Volunteer for Dogs' Care
Catherine Tate
as Nellie Bertram
Basilina Butler
as Nurse
Bob Harrell
Mike McCaul
as Office Worker
Jack Axelrod
as Old Man
David Doty
as The Doctor
Danilo Di Julio
as Economy Passenger Phil Shea
Alina Andrei
as Party Girl
Hidetoshi Imura
as Hidetoshi Hasagawa
Cici Leah Campbell
as Shrute Family Member
Sarah Baker
as Josie
as Valerie
Sarah Zinsser
as Churchgoer thankful for Justin's prayer
Matt Price
as Evan
Janine Poreba
as Amy
Potsch Boyd
as Mennonite Priest
Kayla Mae Maloney
as Jocelyn
Nicholas Rutherford
as The Waiter
Eve Sigall
as Senior Home Resident
Eduardo Antonio Garcia
as Ernesto
Robbie Kaller
as Blogger
Will C.
as Bartender
Kim Stodel
Ben Harris
as Todd
Fletcher Sheridan
as Here Comes Treble Singer
Heidi Edsall
as Young Mom
Martha Middleton
as Bookstore Clerk
Tate Hanyok
as Rhee
Collette Wolfe
as Alice
Ashley Walsh
as Dog Groomer Woman
Roscoe Myrick
as Waiter
Ranjit Chowdhry
as Vikram
Brian Wittle
as Irritated Father
Cassie Fliegel
as Tall Girl #1
Betty Murphy
as Irate Shareholder
Dave Anthony
as The Client
Bob Gebert
as Mr. Schofield
Matthew Craig
as Dad
Brady Rubin
as Woman on Park Bench
Amy Rieckelman
as Annie
Adam Jamal Craig
as Rolando
Dan Castellaneta
as Mr. Ramish
Michael Schur
as Mose
Jerome Bettis
as Jerome Bettis
Tony Pasqualini
as Potential Canadian Client
Conan O'Brien
as Conan O'Brien
Julie David
as Bridesmaid
Mark Proksch
as Nate
Maura Tierney
as Mrs. California
John Gemberling
as Caterer Greeting Guests
Matthew Brent
as Business School Student
Rick L. Dean
as Wedding Guest
Barry Sigismondi
as WB Jones
Chealy Jean
as Waitress
Amy Adams
as Katy
Ryan Martin
as Clerk
Warren Lieberstein
as Rory Flenderson
Will Greenberg
as Sam Stone, Jr.
Randall Park
as Asian Jim Halpert
Terrence Beasor
as Bill Kress
Andrew Santino
as Buyer of Andy's boat
Rachel Crow
as Gabriella
Oscar Blanco
as Hispanic Boy
Susan Pinckney
as Scranton Family Member
Matt Prokop
as Underage Kid #3
Bruno Gunn
as Water Delivery Man
Benjamin Scott Panock
as Bouncer
Kyle Bornheimer
as Adman
Americus Abesamis
as Bouncer
Gregory Graham
as Upset Bar Patron
Jim Carrey
as The Fingerlakes Guy
Deena Adar
as Woman at Bar
Antony Teofilo
as Penguin
Clay Aiken
as Clay Aiken
Molly Bryant
as Albany Gal
Reid Gormly
as Dave
Sharon Blackwood
as Linda Prince
Rashida Jones
as Karen Filippelli
Varun Gurunath
as Bollywood Dancer
Katherine Flynn
as Nashua Receptionist
Seamus McCarthy
as Leader
as Santigold
Jake Radaker
as Boy at Table
B. J. Novak
as Ryan Howard
Amy Weaver
as Keena Gifford
Kate Quigley
as Casino Waitress
Ryan Bailey
as Producer
Allan Havey
as Mr. Bruegger
Mark McGrath
as Mark McGrath
Teena Strube
as Angela's Mom
Nora Kirkpatrick
as Esther
Sarah Baldwin
as Lady at Bar
Dale Waddington
as Kaitlyn
Dakota Johnson
as Dakota, Kevin's Replacement
Chris Bauer
as Harry Jannerone
Kurt Scholler
as Ty Platt
Brittany Ishibashi
as Cindy
Colleen Smith
as Stephanie
Kristin Quick
as Dwight's Teammate
Patrick LoSasso
as Russell
Jera Sky
as Play Patron
Jeremy Radin
as Flower Delivery Man #1
Jeff Hatch
as Limo Driver
Marcus A. York
as Billy Merchant
Ransford Doherty
as Event Security
Brian Patrick Mulligan
as Mark
Barbara Allyne Bennet
as Old Lady
Wendy McColm
as Esther's Sister
Danielle E. Hawkins
as Dancer/Rapper
Graham Wagner
as Wedding Guest
Nathan Blank
as Frisbee Student
Daniel Amerman
as Russell
Laurel Coppock
as Stephanie
Beth Grant
as Dwight's Babysitter/Melvina
Boris Kievsky
as Cleaner
Bethany Dwyer
as Beth
Tom Konkle
as English Teacher
Ross Mackenzie
as Dennis
Julien Zuccolin
as Florida Cousin
Rodger Arlen
as Tequila Man
Joel-Ryan Armamento
as The Prop Man
Josh Groban
as Walter Bernard, Jr.
Matt McKane
as Frat Guy
Perry Smith
as Betsy Halpert/Susan
John Ingle
as Robert Dunder
Stephen Collins
as Walter Bernard, Sr.
Virginia Newcomb
as Assistant
Angela Kinsey
as Angela Martin/Angela Martin-Lipton/Angela Schrute
Sean Davis
as Reed
Aimee Shyn
as Receptionist
Rick Overton
as Mr. Beesly
Julie Dove
as Photographer Toni
Will McCormack
as Wolf
Kate Flannery
as Meredith Palmer
Larry Wilmore
as Mr. Brown
Michael Rosinsky
as Concerned Panel Fan
Gagandeep Bedi
as Ravi
Jason Rogel
as Erik
Mike Kruzel
Stephanie McVay
as Sconesy Cider
Delaney Ruth Farrell
as Sasha Flenderson/Sasha
Randy Vinneau
as Conference Goer
John Hartmann
as Kendall
Lianne Lin
as Waitress
Jack Coleman
as State Senator Rob Lipton
Jamila Webb
as Fast Food Manager
Scott Adsit
as The Photographer
Sarah Zimmerman
as Other Pam
Bob Glouberman
as Mr. Romanko
Brian Baumgartner
as Kevin Malone
Nick Cafero
as Treble
Andrew Daly
as Ben Franklin/Gordon
Jennifer Hale
as Donna Muraski
Angelo Middione
as Bass Player - Kevins Garage Band
Alan Fudge
as Alan Brand
Jeff Witzke
as Commercial Actor
Amy Ryan
as Holly Flax
Porter Kelly
as Woman in Line
Bob Odenkirk
as Mark
Darren Bailey
as Airplane Passenger
Alyssa Preston
as Jessica
Andrea Kelley
as Student
Kenny Cooper
as Fake Stanley
Erica Vittina Phillips
as Justine
Marla Garlin
as Buffalo branch employee
Charles Miller
as Treble
Kevin McHale
as Delivery Kid
Rick Scarry
as Minister
Clifford Bañagale
as Filipino Teen
Devon Abner
as Devon White/Devon
Aaron Pushkar
as Bartender
Nancy Carell
as Carol Stills
Karly Rothenberg
as Madge
Julia Prud'homme
as The Technician
Alexander Sibaja
as Alonzo
Kelly Daly
as Bertha
Molly Burk
as Jan's Daughter
Nelson Franklin
as Nick/Graphic Design Guy
Sunah Bilsted
as Waitress
Steve Carell
as Michael Scott
John Alton
as FAX Machine Guy
Warren Buffett
as Interviewee
Majandra Delfino
as Frannie
Jade Catta-Preta
as Jeb's Wife
Ed Helms
as Andy Bernard
Myles Cranford
as Horse Man
Angel Tyson
as Ballerinas' Introducer
Gustin Smith
as Rich Jones
Denise Vasquez
as Shareholder
Robert Mammana
as Sweeney Todd
Kendra Cannoy
as Emily
Charlotte Stewart
as Woman
Cloris Leachman
as Lily Hanaday
Eric Wareheim
as Gabor
Ryan Howard
as Ryan Howard
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Paris
Chris Moss
as Dancer
Alexander McCaslin
as 'Fire in the Hole' Driver
Natalie Bain
as Waitress
Omi Vaidya
as Sadiq
Seth Bailey
as Nashua Employee
Richard Schimmelpfenneg
as Corporate Volleyball Player #1
Silvia McClure
as Nurse
Sue Redman
as Lauren
Annie Bravo
as Business School Student
Sherry Landry
as Waitress
Cody Horn
as Jordan Garfield
David L. Marston
as Bart Heart in Second Life
Jean Villepique
as Rachel Wallace
Allison Silverman
as Audience Member
Jonathan Pintoff
as Bassist
Alison White
as Purchaser's Wife
Phil Reeves
as Phil Maguire
Jill Maragos
as Mom
David Britz
as Caterer
James O. Kerry
as Delivery Man
Nikki McCauley
as Mark's Girlfriend
Oscar Nuñez
as Oscar Martinez
Ken Howard
as Ed Truck
Sara Chase
as Laura
Skyler Caleb
as CPU Guy
Christian S. Anderson
Vivianne Collins
as Headquarter Receptionist
Melinda Chilton
as Natural Redhead
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Lynn
Michael Weston
as Roger
Cindy Drummond
as Ryan's Mom
Stephen Mitchell
as Bartender/Waiter
Erica Tazel
as Julia
Vanessa Ragland
as Linda
David Ferguson
as Skateland DJ
Jahmilla Jackson
as Darryl's Sister
Blake Robbins
as Tom Halpert
R.C. Ormond
as Panicked Man
Andrew Ortiz
as Mole
David Koechner
as Todd Packer
Takayo Fischer
as Meredith's Hospital Roommate
Leslie David Baker
as Stanley Hudson
Tom Bower
as Heinrich
Dennis Garber
as James P. Albini
Holly Maples
as Diane Kelly
Christopher T. Wood
as Chili's Manager
Britain Spellings
as Craps Dealer
Ray Romano
as Merv Bronte
David Mazouz
as Bert California
Dan Cole
as Dan Gore
Melissa Rauch
as Cathy
Lynnanne Zager
as GPS
L.A. Landgraf
as Airplane Passenger
Maile Flanagan
as Phyllis' Sister
Joanne Carlsen
as Teri Hudson
Kimberly Manion
as Creative Impulse Vendor
Sienna Paige Strull
as Cecelia Halpert
Andi Carnick
Romel De Silva
as Filipino Teen
June Squibb
as Michael's Mom
Marilyn Brett
as Linda
Chatree 'Chad' Yodvisotsak
as The Chef
Donna Lazar
as Woman in Crowd
Sangita Sanyal
as Bollywood Dancer
Scott Damian
as Caterer
Rae Latt
as Mother
Thomas Michael Ventimiglio
as Walker
Paul Sass
as Foppy McGee
Lynsey Nicole Harris
as Basketball Girl
Mitch Poulos
as Peter Rowley
Michael Tuba Heatherton
as The Minister/Golf Supply Guy (Seminar Attendee)
Spencer Daniels
as Jake Palmer/Jakey the Stripper
Kelen Coleman
as Isabel Poreba
Eric Christie
as Al
Kami Koren
as Mary the Cocktail Waitress
Nick Armstrong
as Technician
Siddharth Jain
as Bollywood Dancer
Mark Heidelberger
as Karate Student
Steven Adkins
as Office Employee
Analeis Lorig
as Athlead Employee
Anthony Russell
as Chad Lite
Jen Reiter
Dante Acosta
as Blazer
Lance Patrick
as Karate Student
Ed Lauter
as Sam Stone, Sr.
Brad Graiff
as Young Guy
as Acapella Idol Contestant
Henriette Mantel
as Office Worker
Michael A. Templeton
as Restaurant Patron
Landon H. Lewis Jr.
James M. Halty
as Bartender
Bill Bryce
Clint Corley
as Lawyer
Jaysha Patel
as Neepa
Matt Jones
as Zeke
Frank Birney
as Old Man
Melissa Bickerton
as Stacy
Kimberly Evan
as Country Club Snob
Katie Aselton
as Glove Girl
Dee Ryan
as Marybeth
Angela Campolla-Sanders
as Receptionist
Jaime Jorn
as Tattoo Artist
Erin Pickett
as Shareholder
Griffin Gluck
as Half Bred
Carrie Kemper
as Molly
Peter Gannon
as Stu
Sherrie Lewandowski
as Sherrie
Shira Scott Astrof
as Jamie
Andy Buckley
as David Wallace
Dana Powell
as Megan
Micah Williams
as Lefervre
Nicholas Costello
as Youth Group Member
Amy Heidt
as Cellphone's POS Attendant
Eugene Cordero
as Gas Station Attendant
Aaron Rodgers
as Aaron Rodgers
George Gaus
as Lion Trick-or-Treater
Daniel Hepner
as Groomsman
George Thomas Mansel
as Cowboy
Nakul Dev Mahajan
as Bollywood Dancer
James Spader
as Robert California
Keith Valcourt
as Ted
Evan Gaustad
as Dale
Sam Richardson
as Colin, Athlead Employee
Owen Daniels
as Eight-Year-Old Kid/Teddy
Stephen Pisani
as Hospital Visitor
Tim Meadows
as Christian
Jeff Bee
as Rafe
Greg Collins
as Assassin
Randy Cordray
as Ship's Captain
Roseanne Barr
as Carla Fern
Eric Zuckerman
as Store Salesman
Brian Gattas
as Xander
Thomas Middleditch
as Jeb
Alison Martin
Carolyn Wilson
as Minister Gail
Jennifer Andreacola
as Game Player at Picnic
Wendi McLendon-Covey
as Concierge Marie
Will Arnett
as Fred Henry
Emil Beheshti
as Doug McPherson
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Mine Shaft Guy (Seminar Attendee)
Trish Gates
as Stacy
Laura Jean Leal
as Teacher
Karishma Sawhney
as Bollywood Dancer
Kelii Miyata
as Mori
Ed Begley Jr.
as Erin's Biological Father
Ken Jeong
as Bill
Trevor Einhorn
as Justin Polznik
Brian Stack
as Buffalo branch employee
Max Carver
as Eric
Charles Hirsch
as Busines School Student
Kevin Dorff
as Aaron Grandy
Greg Tuculescu
as Tom (Seminar Attendee)
Isheba Renee
as Mikela Lasker
Mike Bruner
as Tony Gardner
Taji Coleman
as Tall Girl #2

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2005 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2005 | 21 Episodes

Season 3

2006 | 23 Episodes

Season 4

2007 | 14 Episodes

Season 5

2008 | 26 Episodes

Season 6

2009 | 26 Episodes

Season 7

2010 | 24 Episodes

Season 8

2011 | 24 Episodes

Season 9

2012 | 23 Episodes




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