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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Naz is a strait-laced Pakistani-American student who is off to a must-attend party on a Friday night. His only available transportation being his father's taxi cab, Naz sets off into Manhattan. But his party-going plans are quickly forgotten when a mysterious young woman jumps aboard in need of a ride. Charmed by her intense intrigue and good looks, Naz gets swept up by her pressures. After a mind-altering night of drugs and passion, the woman is dead, and Naz finds himself in the crosshairs of a gruesome murder investigation, panicked and shaken, but possibly with a trace of doubt as to his own innocence.

Country: United States

Type: Miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 24, 2016

Also Known As: Дълга нощ, Długa noc |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city

Company Credits

Production Co: BBC Drama Productions, BBC Worldwide Productions |  See more »


Xavier Cadeau
as X
Roosevelt Davis
as Holding Cell Guard
Terron Jones
as Tamar Gee
Esau Pritchett
as Mr. Day
Bobby Di Cicco
as Eczema Help Group Member/Eczema Help Group Member #2
David Chen
as Inmate
Jeff Wincott
as Detective Lucas
Frisco Cosme
as Latin King Inmate
Michael Braun
as Dr. Nelson
Syam M. Lafi
as Hasan Khan
Andre Ware
as Tombs Officer #3
Paulo Costanzo
as Ray Halle
Steve Goffner
as Public Defender
Ivan Camilo
as Bodega Clerk
Patch Darragh
as Eczema Help Group Member/Eczema Help Group Member #3
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
as Detective
Cliff Moylan
as Arraignment Bailiff
Onika Day
as Carmen
Jeffrey M. Marchetti
as Grand Jury Court Officer
Roscoe Orman
as Jury Foreman
Chris Bryant
as Freddy's Crew 'Blood'
Vladimir Merisca
as District Attorney
Jeremy Shamos
as Dermatologist
Kristoffe Brodeur
as Police Officer
Ben Shenkman
as Sgt. Klein
Eddie Cooper
as Mardon
Bam Bam
as The Cat
Russell G. Jones
as Detective
Mike Figueroa
as Officer Frank Hernandez
Poorna Jagannathan
as Safar Khan
Pamela Monroe
as DOT Officer
Mohamed Alshami
as Ortiz, F
Jimmy Palumbo
as 12th Precinct Cop #1
Will Janowitz
as Dr. Ross
Paul Sparks
as Don Taylor
Donnetta Lavinia Grays
as Nurse
Sticky Fingaz
as Rikers Inmate
Mellini Kantayya
as Principal
Ariya Ghahramani
as Amir Farik
Jeannie Berlin
as Helen Weiss
Axel Avin Jr.
as Rikers ID CO
Clint Mauro
as Jean's New Toy Boy
Jennifer Onvie
as Janine
Joe Egender
as Cutty
Nathaniel Wade
as James
Yvonne Zima
as Teacher
Quincy Chad
as Tombs Officer #1
Kris Eivers
as Woods
Renoly Santiago
as Tombs Junkie
Damien Lemon
as Defendant
Ned Eisenberg
as Lawrence Felder
Candice Gordon
as Customer
Charlie Hudson III
as Duane Reade
Anthony 'Treach' Criss
as Willy John
Jesus Padilla
as Inmate
Jonny Coyne
as Detective Fitzroy
Damany Mathis
as Blood Inmate
Scott Menville
as Rikers Latino Prisoner
John Jillard Sr.
as Motorcyclist
Charles Prendergast
as Noodle Man
Marcus Callender
Daniel Gadi
as Trainer
James Gandolfini
as Jack Stone
Volieda Webb
as Prison Nurse
Shaun Rey
as Latin King Inmate
as Freddy's Crew Member
John D Singh
as Latin King Inmate
Sharrieff Pugh
Brooke Alexandra
as Correctional Officer
Aida Turturro
as Rehab Worker
Donté Bonner
as Bell/Detective Bell
Fisher Stevens
as Saul the Pharmacist
Geeta Citygirl Chopra
as Kumanji
Bill Camp
as Dennis Box
Mustafa Shakir
as Victor
Jason Ralph
Racquel Palmer
as Ciara
Hon Jen Two
as Dr. Yee
Michael Rivera
as Compound Officer/Police Impound Lot Officer
Nate Young
as Roland
Skipp Sudduth
as Cop at crime scene
Kevin Dunn
as Daniel Lang
Steve Cirbus
as Police Patrolman
Richard Price
Glenne Headly
as Alison Crowe
Donovan Christie Jr.
as Nation of Islam Inmate
Omar Salmon
as Inmate 1
Samuel Standard
as Freddie's Crew
Bryan Burton
as Shelter Volunteer
Victor Verhaeghe
as CSI Turley
Frank Wood
as Medical Examiner
Jason Furlani
as Anti-Crimer 2
Monette McKay
as Court Stenographer
Payman Maadi
as Salim Khan
Alex Kruz
as Officer Kruz
Nicholas Zaillian
as Dmitri/Dmetri
Mike DiGiacinto
as 12th Precinct Cop #2
Robert C. Kirk
as John O'Hara
Adeel Ahmed
as Salman
Ray Daniels
as Inmate/Blood Gang Inmate
Punchin' Pat Nwamu
as Freddy's Boxing Opponent
Ilya Kofman
as Professor
Jeff Chena
as Ciara's John
Malachi Weir
Harold Bridgeforth
as Correction Officer
Don Harvey
as Detective Tomalikis
Nayab Hussain
as Employee Clerk
Paul Carafotes
as Rose
Steven Randazzo
as Andrea's Neighbor
Reginald L. Barnes
as Snake-Freddy's Crew #1/Freddy's Crew #1
Michael K. Williams
Otoja Abit
as Willy John's Friend
Lashawn Garnes
as Civilian behind John Stone in security line
Michael J. Burg
as Bar Owner
Roderick Pannell
Cruz Rodriguez
as Child at Prison Visitation
Danny Flaherty
as Copy Store Clerk
Christofer Jirau
as Tattooed Inmate
Tijuana Ricks
as Morgue Attendant
Chris Perfetti
as Lawyer/Cooper
Aaron Moten
as Petey
David Cheekz Weeks
as Eddy - Inmate
John Turturro
as John Stone
Michael Buscemi
as Steve
Frank Galdorise
as Detective at Bar
Jimmy Gary Jr.
as Tombs Officer #2
Nicholas J. Coleman
as Detective McPherson
Trudie Styler
as Jean Rothman
Kevin Martinez Rivera
as CSU Videographer
Daniel J. Watts
as Holding Cell Inmate
Anthony Mangano
Brian Tarantina
as Bar Patron
Joshua Bitton
as Maldonado
Lord Jamar
as Tino
Lennie Loftin
as Detective Lieberman
Garrett Basch
as Ivan
Christina Redd
as Grand Juror Stenographer
Darryl Dwayne
as Inmate
Danny Henriquez
Simon Feil
as Gurwitz
Catherine A. Callahan
as ADA Assistant
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Coach Harris
Julius Caba
as Tomb Perp
Riti Sachdeva
as Aunty
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Freddy Knight
Mohammad Bakri
as Tariq
Rodney Sherman
as Legal Aide
Chris Cafero
as Facebook Cop/Officer Arnold/Young Officer
Erica Cho
as ADA #1
Erik McKay
as DeVaughn
Alexis Suarez
as 87th Street Cop
Allen Enlow
as Biologist
Vincent Laresca
Omar Evans
Jack Gilpin
as Doctor
Darnell Rose
as Courtroom Perp
Sofia Black D'Elia
Ashley Thomas
as Calvin Hart
Shirville Jarvis
as Gangster 'Eyes'
Joseph Latimore
as Bailiff
Saycon Sengbloh
as Tombs Officer
Afton Williamson
as Wiggins
Skyler Fortgang
as Student #1
Maren Lord
as ADA #2
Ray Abruzzo
as Eddie
Riz Ahmed
as Nasir 'Naz' Khan
Max Casella
as Edgar
Jay Charan
as Indian
Susan Blackwell
as Drug Intoxication Expert
Pallavi Sastry
as Khan's Neighbor
Nigil Whyte
as Inmate #1
as Dwight's Mom
Kevin Bielinski
as Police Officer
Albert Jones
as District Attorney
Frank De Julio
as Pauline
J.D. Williams
as Trevor Williams
Carter Hudson
as Attorney in Line
James L. Ward
as Trial Bailiff
Emmanuelle Nadeau
as Student #3
Chip Zien
as Dr. Katz
Babs Olusanmokun
as Marvin
Kymbali Craig
as Rikers Strip Search Guard
Monique Pappas
as Petey's Mom
Charles Brice
as Terry
Pedro Marcelino
as Passerby
Barrington Walters Jr.
as Student #2
Joe Coppola
as Bartender
Jordan Mahome
Adam Piacente
as Courtroom Press
Michelle Duffy
as Reporter
Nabil Elouahabi
as Yusuf
Tom Coiner
as Eczema Help Group Member/Eczema Help Group Member #1
Chris McKinney
as Rikers Head CO
Adam LeFevre
as Judge
Rajeev Pahuja
as Khan's Neighbor
Nicholas Turturro
as Detective
as Imam (Arabic Call to Prayer)
Heath Calvert
as Press Conference Reporter
Wallace Smith
as Holding Cell Inmate
Manny Perez
as Inspector McCaffrey
Will Cobbs
as Holding Cell Inmate
Nancy Grace
as Nancy Grace
Tony White
Sean Ringgold
as Pound Employee
Carlo Alban
Edwin Lugo
as Leo/Gas Station Attendant
Eric D. Hill Jr.
as Basketball Player
Don Guillory
as ADA/ADA #3
Frank Ridley
as Jerry
Nikiya Mathis
as Rikers Check-in Assistant
Aubrey Joseph
as Dwight Gooden Stone
Sam Gilroy
as Shunned Passenger
Glenn Fleshler
as Judge Roth
Thea McCartan
as Reporter
Omar D Cooke
as Inmate
Amara Karan
as Chandra Kapoor
Sofia Black-D'Elia
as Andrea Cornish
Pernell Walker
as Rikers PO
Eleasha Gamble
as Rikers Guard
Ben Shenkman
as Sgt. Klein
Poorna Jagannathan
as Safar Khan
Paul Sparks
as Don Taylor
Sticky Fingaz
as Rikers Inmate
Jeannie Berlin
as Helen Weiss
Ned Eisenberg
as Lawrence Felder
Racquel Bailey
as Ciara
Bill Camp
as Dennis Box
Glenne Headly
as Alison Crowe
Payman Maadi
as Salim Khan
John Turturro
as John Stone
Jay Ward
as Trial Bailiff
Afton Williamson
as Wiggins
Riz Ahmed
as Nasir 'Naz' Khan
Nabil Elouahabi
as Yusuf
Amara Karan
as Chandra Kapoor

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 8 Episodes




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Camerimage 2016



Best Pilot

Satellite Awards 2016


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