David York
Ciprian F. Ardelean
as Self
Aidynbek Beisenuly
as Hunter-Gatherer, Kazakhstan
Shawn Funk
as Self - Excavator Operator at Suncor
Medina Abdelkader
as Self - Design and Strategy Consultant
Ray Jayawardhana
as Self - University of Toronto, Author of 'Strange New Worlds'
James Roth
as Self - Biologist at University of Manitoba
Lisha Shao
as Self - University of Delaware
Jennifer Gardy
as Self - Host
Jeffrey McRae
as Dean Boen
Raven Jackson-Jewett
as Self
Patterson Hume
as Host
Susan Gottlieb
as Self - Vice-President, Investment and Wealth Advisor
Nicholas Scapillati
as Self - Grizzly Bear Foundation
Lauriane Bourgeon
as Self
Carolyn McGettigan
David Wilson
as Self - Xenome
Veronica Llaneza
as Self - Amateur Diver
Sue Davies
as Self - Asst. Raptor Rehabiltor
Ali Bouzari
as Self - Culinary Consultant
Ryan Chin
as Self
Karen Smith
as Self - University of Toronto Scarborough
Joan Friedman
as Self - Twin Expert, Psychologist
Randy Nelson
as Self - Chair, Department of Neuroscience at Weiner College of Medicine, Ohio State
Wynn Gale
as Self - Jelly Baller
Torben Grumstrup
as Self - Missoula Fire Sciences Lab
David Rival
as Self - Engineering and Applied Science, Queen's University
Misha Leong
as Self - California Academy of Sciences
Holly Beck
as Self
Mark Mesher
as Self
Mike Montemerlo
as Self
Ken McGoogan
as Self - Author of 'Fatal Passage: 'The Untold Story of John Rae'
Kaitlyn Hova
as Self
David Laronde
as Inuit Hunter
Scott Woodrow
as Self - Founder of Ehave
Victoria Meadows
as Self - Virtual Planetary Laboratory
Marcia McNutt
as Self - President National Academy of Sciences (Webinar)
Richard Cotton
as Narrator
Jonny Cocker
as Self
Chris Irumba
David Keith
as Self
J. Rhett Evans
as Self - GCSAA
Nadezhda Chepenko
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Morgan Jackson
as Self - University of Guelph
Nik Sharma
as Self - Author, 'The Flavor Equation'
Clifford Nass
as Self
Clare Tempany
as Self - Director, Clinical Focused Ultrasound at Brigham and Women's Hospital
Barbara Baehr
as Self - QLD Museum
Consuelo de Moraes
as Self - Professor of Chemical Ecology, Pennsylvania State University
Donald Crowdis
as Host
Claire Somaglino
as Self - Archaeologist
Chantel Blanchard
as Self - Carl Zeiss Canada Ltd.
Milana Simonenko
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Lauren Knight
as Self
Julia Clarke
as Self
Lorna Chepkwony
as Translation
David Brabham
as Self
Nicky Fox
as Self - Scientist
Frank Eischen
as Self
Doug Stenton
as Self - Director of Heritage, Nunavut
Adel Kelany
as Self - Archaeologist
Ken Dresen
as Alexander Fleming
David Mannix
as Self - Cattle Rancher, Montana
Sandra Olsen
as Self
Bryce Sage
as Self
Lesa Tran Lu
as Self - Lecturer, Rice University
Nikolay Simonenko
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Sergio Pellis
as Self - Neuroscientist
Fateh Ali Salameh
as Self - Stone Breaker
Nick Eyles
as Self
Colin Ellard
as Self - University of Waterloo
Evgenii Ostrovsky
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Evdokim Artyushenko
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Harry W. Hughes
as Self
Vanessa Auld
as Self - Zoology, UBC
Paul Kligman
Jane Goodall
as Self
Amanda File
as Self - Graduate Student, McMaster University
Andria Teather
as Self - Victoria Foote
Jeffrey Iliff
as Self
Alistair Pike
as Self
Hugh Webster
Wayne Sparrow
as Self - Musqueam Indian Band
Ethan MacDonald
as Self
Viktor Egozov
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Greg Asner
as Self - Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science at Arizona State University
Maydianne Andrade
as Self - Presenter - University of Toronto Scarborough
Nikolas Troje
as Self
Sophie Verheyden
as Self
Paul Drayson
as Self
Pierre Tallet
as Self - Egyptologist
Ian Tattersall
as Self
Rich Walsh
as Self - CBS Pittsburgh Sportscaster
Jennifer Crosbie
as Self - Psychiatrist, Clinician Researcher at The Hospital for Sick Children
Tavish Gudgeon
as Student
Don Bowen
as Self - Emeritus Research Scientist at Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Barbara Sherwood Lollar
as Self - University of Toronto
Matthew Beaudry
as Self - Asthmatic
Anthony Morgan
as Self - Host
João Zilhão
as Self
Victoria Arbour
as Self - Evolutionary Palaeontologist at Royal BC Museum
Zere Makhambet
as Hunter-Gatherer, Kazakhstan
Matt Bertone
as Self - North Carolina State University
William Lark Jr.
as Self
Ryan Reynolds
as Self - Narrator
Stephan Baylin
as Self - John Hopkins University
Huw Lewis-Jones
as Self - Historian, London
Dariya Markina
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Sonny Tomic
as Self
Jeremy Snyder
as Self
Maureen Palmer
as Mike's Wife
Jason Rowe
as Self - Kepler Mission Scientist
Amber Borden
as Little Girl
Rich McCrea
as Self - Palaeontologist
George Boynton
as Self
Hugo Spiers
as Self - University College London
Isaac Asimov
as Self
John Miller
as Self
Robert Stickgold
as Self
Michael Roschlau
as Self
David Woodman
as Self - Author of 'Unravelling the Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony'
Mark Martindale
as Self - Marine Biologist, University of Florida
Nicky Guadagni
as Narrator
Richard Stevens
as Self - Cancer Epidemiologist at University of Connecticut Health Center
Elisabetta Palagi
as Self - Primate Researcher
Peter Singer
as Self
Coby Schal
as Self - North Carolina State University
Christopher Hume
as Self - Host
Julia Baum
as Self - The Baum Lab at University of Victoria
Ivy Châtelain
as Teenager
Chief Park Warden
John Geiger
as Self - CEO of Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Mark Boyce
as Self - University of Alberta
Arvind Kumar
as Self
Alla Stassyuk
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Donald Ivey
as Host
Sara McAllister
as Self - Missoula Fire Sciences Lab
Christine Nesbitt
as Self - Speedskater
Timur Janyshev
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Alfons Kennis
as Self
April Nowell
as Self
Sergei Safiulin
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
John Bradshaw
as Self - Author of 'Cat Since'
Aaron Blair
as Self - Senior Epidemiologist at National Cancer Institute, NIH
Kay Behrensmeyer
as Self - Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at Smithsonian Institute
Alexandra Belova
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Anne A. Madden
as Self
Winnie Eckardt
as Self - Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
Bob Antler
as Self - Shift Issues Team Leader at Bruce Power in Ontario
Laura Gerber
as Self - Consulting Pediatriction at Beech Tree Medical Centre, ADHD Specialist
Eissa Zidan
as Self - Archaeologist
Karen McComb
as Self - University of Sussex
Jake Weigel
as Self - Operations Manager Warddeken Land Management
Jean-Claude Moubarac
as Self - Professor at University of Manitoba
Lawrence Witmer
as Self
Sarika Suzuki
as Narrator
Mike Reimer
as Self - Seal River Lodge
Penny Henley
as Self - Emu Farmer in New South Wales, Australia
Virginia Scott Jenkins
as Self
Frank Rossi
as Self - Associate Professor, Extension Turfgrass Specialist at Cornell University
Shaun Benson
as Ken Brugger
Niobe Thompson
as Self - Host
Lars Fields
as Self - 3D Animator
Bruce Kuwabara
as Self
Neil Affleck
as Francis Crozier
Rebecca M. Stumpf
as Self - PHD, Professor of Anthropology at The University of Illinois, Urbana
Ann-Marie MacDonald
as Narrator
Eric Donovan
as Self
Susan A. Dudley
as Self - Biologist, McMaster University
Tracey Churchill
as Self - NT Museum
Gilles Laisné
as Self
Anna Schaffelhuber
as Self - German Paralympic Sit-Skier
Janessa Laskin
as Self
Josh Johnston
as Self - Canadian Forest Centre
Zuri Scrivens
as Self - POG Participant
Bob Gaines
as Self - Geologist at Pomona College
David Down
as Self
David Matsumoto
as Self
Gustavo Requena
as Self - Evolutionary Biologist
Kelly St. Denis
as Self - Veterinarian
Michael Pond
as Self
Chris Hadfield
as Self
Gregory Erickson
as Self - Paleontologist
Suzanne Simard
as Self - Professor, The University of British Columbia
Michelle Roy
as Baby
Andrea Reid
as Self
Warren Joyce
as Self - Shark Technician at Fisheries and Oceans Canada
George Brainard
as Self - Driector of Light Research Program at Thomas Jefferson University
Mike Shaw
as Self
Roldan Valverde
as Self - Scentific Director at Sea Turtle Conservancy
Rhonda Pond
as Self - Mike's Ex-Wife
Bob Dylans
Anna Jaffe
as Self
Michael Koehler
as Self
Medha Khole
as IMD, Pune
Deirdre McCarthy
as Self - Research Facility, FSU College of Medicine
Mapalu Ashoona
as Inuit Hunter
Marc Girardelli
as Self - Retired Legendary Skier
Laurence Packer
as Self
Leora Eisen
as Self
Andrew Nisker
as Narrator
Simone McMonigae
as Self
Steven J.R. Ellis
as Self
Chris Jackson
as Self - Geologist Professor
James Hare
as Self - University of Manitoba
David Greenwood
as Self - Paleobotanist at Brandon University
Laetitia Hedouin
as Self - CRIOBE, CNRS, France
Geoff Marcy
as Self - University of California, Berkeley
David Attenborough
as Self
Sarika Cullis-Suzuki
as Host and Narrator
Brian Fleck
as Self - Host
Andrew Atherton
as Self
Lillian Glass
as Self
Shea Weber
as Self
Andrew Baker
as Self - University of Miami
Beau Lotto
as Self - Neuroscience
Philip Lorte
as Sir. John Franklin
Matthew Scrafford
George Monbiot
as Self
Stephen Bogaert
as Middle Age Fred Urquhart
Madeleine van Oppen
as Self - Australian Institute of Marine Science at The University of Melbourne
Maya Warren
as Self - Ice Cream Scientist
Dominique Cliquet
as Self
Doug Fehan
as Self
Marcus Yau
as Little Boy
Ryan Harty
as Self
Erna Buffie
as Narrator
Tony Capra
as Self
Kenneth Wright
as Self
Martha Yanez
as Self - QLD Museum
Doran Ritchie
as Hunter
Maureen Neitz
as Self - Professor at University of Washington
Ellie Ellis
as Self - Graduate Student and Watson Fellow
Matthew Cooper
as Self - Neuroscientist
Daniel Levitin
as Self
David Mellor
as Self
Sara Seager
as Self - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul Ehrlich
as Self
Marina Egozova
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Robert Pal
as Self - ADHD Coach
Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter
as Self - Child Psychologist
Sandra Alvarez Betancourt
as Self - Animal Behaviourist at University of Bristol
Sean Colin
as Self - Marine Biologist, Roger Williams University
David R. Huff
as Self
Jim Page
as Self - Marine Biologist, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Piper Roote
Lynn Stewart
as Self - Psychologist, Senior Research Manager at Correction Services Canada
Greg Wilson
as Self
Jean-Bernard Caron
as Self - Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at Royal Ontario Museum
Sandra Oh
as Narrated by
Don Henderson
as Self - Curator at Royal Tyrrell Museum
Kayla McCalla
as Little Girl
Rob Hope
as Self - Senior Raptor Rehabiltor
Kuzy Curley
as Inuit Hunter
Michel Soulier
as Self
Francis Hislop
as Self
Bruce Kaufman
as Self
Ruslan Aldazharov
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Caitlin Colleary
as Self - Palaeontologist at Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek
as Self - Developmental Psychologist
Patrick McGowan
as Self - University of Toronto
Bryn Hughes
Gina Mireault
as Self
Tim Spector
as Self - Author of 'The Diet Myth'
Mark Finney
as Self - Missoula Fire Sciences Lab
Neil Young
as Self
Richard L. Jaeschke
as Self - Conservator
Barrett Klein
as Self - Entomologist
Andrei Mayer
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Nimke Jones
Karla Bloem
as Self - Executive Director of International Owl Center
Thomas Price
as Jim Street
Korlla Abdul
as Little Boy
Frederick Galdikas
Brock Fenton
as Self - Professor
Frans de Waal
as Self - Yekes National Primate Research Center
Veronica Vecellio
as Self - Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
Michel Gaudet
as Self
Carter Hart
as Self
Paulette Steeves
as Self
Jaymie Matthews
as Self - University of British Columbia
Linda Lewis
as Self - Leora's Sister
Kevin Atherton
as Self
Neil Rettig
as Self - Cinematographer
Cheryl Alexander
as Self - Conservation Photographer
Sofía Sisniega
as Chloe
Berynn Schwerdt
Terry Cheng
as Self - Jellyfish Processor
Keith Humphreys
as Self - Stanford University, Former Senior Drug Policy Advisor at Obama White House
John Sheppard
as Self
Alex Rodiger
as Self - Bobsledder
Warrick Angus
as Self
Barbara Dalziel
as Self
Dylan Hoerner
as Young Fred Urquhart
Claire Malleson
as Self - Archaeologist
Joe Navarro
as Self
George Ko
as Self - Pianist
Karen James
Tamara Freeman
Salima Ikram
as Self - Egyptologist
Steven Lockley
as Self - Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Boston
Brad Stolbach
as Self - Trauma Psychiatrist at University of Chicago
Lauren Stover
as Self
Faly Mevamanana
Dirk L. Hoffmann
as Self
Paul Fields
as Self - Ariculture and Agri-Food Canada
John Buchan
Jack Cohen
as Self - Missoula Fire Sciences Lab
Veronique Bohbot
as Self - Douglas Institute, McGill University
Christine Figgener
as Self
Charlie Bristow
as Self - Scientist
Amy Cuddy
as Self
Mike Habib
as Self - Palaeontologist at University of Southern California
Matthew Pope
as Self
David Suzuki
as Narrator
Alik Widge
as Self - Psychiatrist & Engineer Transform DBS
Sun Song
as Self - Director, Qingdao Institute of Oceanology
Aigerim Beissembayeva
as Hunter-Gatherer, Kazakhstan
Steve Eickelberg
as Self - Medical Director at Betty Ford Center
Stephen Porter
as Self
Russell Schachar
as Self - Senior Scientist, Psychiatry at The Hospital for Sick Children
Stan Gehrt
as Self
Sèverine Marchi
as Self - Archaeologist
Manuel Feller
as Self - Australian Ski Champion
Vanessa Bezy
as Self - University of North Carolina
Melissa Baker
as Self - University of British Columbia
Lola Fatoyinbo
as Self
Emma Spanswick
as Self - University of Calgary
Dale Hildebrand
Max Arndt
as Self - Bobsledder
Steve Perlman
as Self - University of Victoria
Gordon Pinsent
as Dr. Fred Urquhart
Jay Famiglietti
as Self
Hendricks Pleau
Jennifer Cook
as Self - University of Toronto
Ruth Gates
as Self - The Gates Lab at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Brett Schaenfield
as Narrator
Pete Bevacqua
as Self - CEO of the PGA America
Martin Gerard
as Self - Bander
Danny Kessler
as Self - Postgraduate, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
Stuart Douglas
as Self - Australian Tarantulas
Jonathan Pruitt
as Self - Behavioral Ecologist
Lister Sinclair
as Self - Host
Layne Rosequist
as Self
Jack Costello
as Self - Marine Biologist, Providence College
Keith Tufts
as Self
Andrew Rowan
as Self
Mohamed Abd El-Maguid
as Self - Maritime Archeologist
Vanessa Kimbell
as Self - The Sourdough School
Kira Belova
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Stephanie Sigman
as Catalina Aguado
Joe Schacht
as Self - Medical University of South Carolina
Daniel Harrison
as Self - Southern Cross University
Carlos Driscoll
as Self - WII
Artem Markin
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
David Drake
as Self - Wildlife Specialist at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cyril Reed Funk
as Self
Felix Ndagijimana
as Self - Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
Jeff Turner
as Narrator
Sarah Doherty
as Self
Shin Kubota
as Self - Marine Biologist, Seto Marine Biological Lab of Kyoto University
Gerry De Iuliis
as Self
Genevieve Von Petzinger
as Self
Jeff Foote
as Self - Co-Founder of Center for Motivation and Change, New York
Charlotta Kvarnemo
as Self - Biologist at University of Gothenburg in Sweden
Cedric Aria
as Self - Paleontologist at Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology
Julie Gosalvez
as Self - Climeworks
Marianne Collins
as Self - Paleoartist
Glen Murray
as Self
Jeffrey Gettleman
as Self - South Asian Bureau Chief of New York Times
Daphne Rus
as Self
Steve Haake
as Self - Investigative Host
David Blask
as Self - Director, Medical Neuroscience Tulane University, New Orleans
Don Sadoway
as Self
Glen Kuban
as Self - Footprint Expert
Max Ringler
as Self - Behavior Ecologist
Kristina Tietjen
as Self - Coral Reef Project Manager at University of Victoria
Rita George
as Self - Gitdumden Clan Elder
David Charbonneau
as Self - Harvard University
Mike Flannigan
as Self - University of Alberta
Mike Cranfield
as Self - Director of Gorilla Doctors
Anthony Guidotti
as Self - Royal Ontario Museum
Tatyana Sklyar
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Africano Kusemererwa
Neil Bennett
as James Fitzjames
Larry Beasley
as Self
Jürgen Götz
as Self - Chair of Dementia Research at University of Queensland
Marina Burko
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Philip Currie
as Self - Paleontologist
Tom Doyle
as Self - Marine Biologist, Coastal & Marine Research Centre
Sophie Scott
Tatyana Laukert
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Andrew Saxon
as Self - Addiction Psychiatrist at Seattle Veterans Hospital
Bill Miller
as Self - (Professor Emeritus) - Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions at University of New Mexico
Koharik Arman
as Self - Veterinarian
Oksanov Olenik
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Simon Donner
as Self - Climatologist, UBC
Elizabeth Brannon
as Self - Duke University
Mariana Brussoni
as Self - Developmental Psychologist
Barbara Mason
as Self - Director, Pearson Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Research at Scripps Research Institute
Anna Franklin
as Self - Professor at University Susex
Dean Yibarbuk
as Self - Fire Ecologist Warddeken Land Management
Hugo Kitching
as Narrated by
Robert R. Dunn
as Self
Andrew Tarbet
Jean Gehricke
as Self - Psychologist, Neuroscientist
James Cahill
as Self - Professor of Ecology, University of Alberta
Tim Stuempel
as Self - Ottawa Fire Service
Lucas Brotz
as Self - Marine Biologist, University of British Columbia
Eric J. Miller
as Self
Pamela Belter
as Self - Graduate Student, University of Alberta
Zaure Aitbai
as Hunter-Gatherer, Kazakhstan
Kira Cassidy-Quimby
as Self
Bill Knight
as Self
Mark Mitchell
as Self - Paleo-Technician at Royal Tyrrell Museum
Anthony Phelan
as Narrator
Dennis van Engelsdorp
as Self
Alain Brunet
as Self - Clinical Psychiatrist at McGill University
Mayer Hoffer
as Self - Psychiatrist, ADHD Specialist
Alison Reid
Suzanne Dufour
as Self - Biologist at Memorial University
Fred Wong
as Self
Stuart Brown
as Self - Play Researcher
Chris Cully
as Self
Robert Sharpe
as Self
Erisa Hines
as Self - Rover Planner
Almas Ulan
as Hunter-Gatherer, Kazakhstan
Rachel Rusen
Doe Emes
as Self
Jill Tarter
as Self - The SETI Insitute
Linda Booij
as Self - University of Montreal
Duncan Mcllroy
as Self - Paleobiologist at Memorial University
Elizabeth Howell
as Self - Writer for Space
Shane Gero
as Self
Jeff Craig
as Self - University of Melbourne
John Hutchinson
as Self - Biomechanics Expert
Pradeep Bhide
as Self - Director, Center for Brain Repair at Florida State University College of Medicine
Laura Johnson
as Self - Veterinarian and Wildlife Rehabilitator
Meir Yedid
as Self
Andrew Manske
as Self - Filmmaker
Geoff D'Eon
as Self - Narrator
Ilgizar Mavlyanov
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Ragan Callaway
as Self - Professor, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana
Birute Galdikas
as Self
John Litvatis
as Self - Emeritus Prof. Wildlife Ecology at University of New Hampshire
Penny Spikins
as Self
Sarah Jackson-Inayeh
as Self - Samy's Wife
Alan Westhaver
as Self - ForestWise Consulting
Mark Caven
as Narrator 2005
Robert J. Raven
as Self - QLD Museum
Tomas Enrique
Leanne Allison
as Self - Canmore Resident
Yurii Matvienko
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Prosper Uwingelli
as Self - Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture
Daniel Lieberman
as Self
Ramon Llaneza
as Self - Amateur Diver
Damian Lidgard
as Self - Marine Biologist at Dalhousie University
Gordon Walker
as Self - University of British Columbia
Adrie Kennis
as Self
Nell den Heyer
as Self - Biologist of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Ellen Stofan
as Self - Chief Scientist at NASA
Janat Daley
as Hunter-Gatherer, Kazakhstan
Mishka Balilty
Marc Vosskaemper
as Self
Jonathon Roote
Mark Lehner
as Self - Archaeologist
Rachel Carson
as Self - Author of
Annemieke Milks
as Self
Lindsay Zanno
as Self - Palaeontologist at North Carolina State University
Parmida Vand
as Narrator
Allison Knight
as Self
Jacques Jaubert
as Self
Samy Inayeh
as Self
Trevor Kristjanson
as Self
Anne Russon
as Self - Phd at York University, Toronto
Ainslie Gray
as Self - ADHD Specialist, Medical Director at Springboard Clinic
Sigal Balshine
as Self - Behavioral Ecologist at McMaster University
Bethany Ehlmann
as Self - Caltech at NASA
Robyn Allen
as Self
Amy Fultz
as Self - Co-Founder and Behaviourist, Chimp Haven
Maryam Akrami
as Self - Fossil Technician at Royal Ontario Museum
Alysson Muotri
as Self
François Pujos
as Self
Denis Markin
as Hunter-Gatherer, Botai
Signe Sparrow
as Self - Musqueam Indian Band
Jay Neitz
as Self - Professor at University of Washington
Nancy Segal
as Self - California State University, Fullerton
Chris Ratzlaff
as Self - Citizen Scientist
Ian Baldwin
as Self - Founding Director, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
John Pomeroy
as Self
Tara Stoinski
as Self - Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
Marcus A. Bingham
as Self - Graduate Student, The University of British Columbia
Renée Daoust
as Self
Stephen Harris
as Self - Biologist at University of Bristol
Angel Yanagihara
as Self - Biochemist, University of Hawaii
Thom Mahler
as Self
Gordon Burghardt
as Self - Reptile Researcher
Kathryn Kegel
as Self - Seattle Aquarium
Castor Cartelle
as Self

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