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October 27, 2021
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About this title


After a Jewish, high-voiced, woman from Flushing, New York gets fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) is mistaken as applying for a nanny for widowed Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy), who has three children, Maggie (Nicholle Tom), Brighton (Benjamin Salisbury), and Grace (Madeline Zima), when she is stuck selling cosmetics in Manhattan. As she spends years there, she becomes great friends with the butler, Niles (Daniel Davis), and the three kids. She is good friends with the widowed man, and some romance sparks through the years.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: November 3, 1993

Also Known As: Competente e Descarada, Mitt liv som mamma |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
family relationships

Company Credits

Production Co: CBS, Echelon Productions, Inc. |  See more »


Benjamin Kimball Smith
as Brighton's Friend #2
Les Brandt
as Rico
Lyle Kanouse
as Mover
Saemi Nakamura
as Mrs. Fu
Cyndi James Gossett
as Therapist
John McDaniel
as John McDaniel
Sue Goodman
as Bernard's Mother/Henrietta/Lingerie Sales Clerk/Nurse/Rabbi/Singer/Young Jewish Woman
Christina Pickles
as Nurse
Rahi Azizi
as Billy
Dakin Matthews
as Dean Sterrett
Lauren Tom
as Kim
Barbara Howard
as Fertility Doctor
Darryl Hickman
as Doctor/Mr. Binder/Officiating Priest/Priest
Ray Stricklyn
as Wendell Kent
James McDonnell
as Colin
Jovan Rameau
as Delivery Man
Ray Charles
as Sammy
J. D. Daniels
Tim Bagley
as Flight Attendant
Michael Bolton
as Michael Bolton
Richard Kline
as Richard Kline
Marcia Moran
as Woman in Wheelchair
Marion Ramsey
as Woman in Audience
Shari Shaw
as Delivery Nurse
Ruth Barrie
as Principal Dancer
Dona Hardy
as Sister
Bill J. Vlasnic
as Stage Hand
Robert Culp
as Stewart Babcock
Marji Martin
as Nanny Bower
Laurelyn Scharkey
as Showgirl Gigi
Daniel Davis
as Niles
Nancy Linari
as Mrs. Livingston
Al Rodrigo
as Male Hostage
Lisa Alpert
as Maid in 'Royal Flush'/Waitress
Justin Jon Ross
as Frankie Tattori
Brian Setzer
as Brian Setzer
Sayed Badreya
as Guard
Louis Guss
as Irving Koenig
Brian Bloom
as John
John LaMotta
as Maitre'd
Liz Smith
as Liz Smith
Phillipe Simon
as Shop Assistant
Myra Carter
as Grandma Eloise
John Muntner
as Delivery Guy
Hal Linden
as Maury Sherry
Vanessa Zima
as Grace's Friend/Red Robin
Chris Elliott
as Chris Malley
Stanley Kamel
as Condo Representative
George Coe
as Ernest
Chris Marquette
as Young Maxwell Sheffield
Steve Blackwood
as Doctor
Kellen Hathaway
as Bernard
George Furth
as Minister
Michele Roth
as Reporter/Woman at Yacht Club
Richard Portnow
as Phillipe
Lainie Kazan
as Aunt Freida/Freida
John Astin
as Dr. Roberts
Tyne Daly
as Mona
Dick Martin
as Preston Collier
Sam Mountain
as Andrew Lloyd Webber
Ginger Marin
as Traveler
Fran Montano
as Reporter
Carol Channing
as Self
Lorna Luft
as Cousin Susan
Jason Andrews
as Guard/Police Officer
as Heidi's friend
Marlo Jenee
as Second Nanny
Ivana Miličević
Roger Keller
as Photographer
David Bowe
as Fran's Date
Christopher Brand
as Cousin Irving
Jennifer Ingersoll
as Cecily
Corbin Bernsen
as Glen Mitchell
Jeff Cain
as Bartender
Mort Drescher
as Uncle Stanley/Morty Fine/Male Patient/Retired Man
Luigi Amodeo
as Bernie Schwartzberg/Vincenzo
Jane Cecil
as Juror #5
Andrew Steel
as Bellboy/Man at Party
Neil Zevnik
as Chauffeur
Shari Lewis
as Shari Lewis
Telma Hopkins
as Lila Baker
Erik Estrada
as Erik Estrada
Chester Drescher
as Chester Babcock/The Chester
Tim Lounibos
as Mark
Kane Picoy
as Jeff
Donald Willis
as David Baker
Adolphus Hankins
as Tony Awards Audience Guest
Alex Sternin
as Trick-or-Treater
Mariah O'Brien
as Young Jewish Woman
Susan Krebs
as Headmistress
Jackie Tohn
as Francine/Tiffany Koenig
Laura Kightlinger
as Kiki Hanson
Richard Baker
as Cabbie
Kevin Light
as Man at Party
Bonnie Biehl
as Heidi
Dan Aykroyd
as Repair Man
Jon Stewart
as Bobby
Skyler Littlefield
as Zachary Baker
Marvin Hamlisch
as Alan Neider
Marian Green
as Liza Minelli
Joel Murray
as Val's Date
Chris Hogan
as Dirk
Bob Clendenin
as The Bum
Alex Nevil
as Mugger
Milton Berle
as Uncle Manny
Leigh Lawson
as Lester
Tom Bergeron
as Tom Bergeron
Betty Hankins
as Tony Awards Audience Guest
Dion Mitchell
as Groomsman
Anne Lambton
as Madeline Porter
Jonathan Penner
as Danny Imperiali
Kathryn Joosten
as Ward Nurse
Danielle Dowdy
as Dunson Twin #2
Caroline Rhea
as Caroline Rhea
Marvin Nathan
as Cousin Ira
Bryant Gumbel
as Bryant Gumbel
Bryan Kirkwood
as Maggie's Boyfriend
Janine Jordae
as Shop Assistant
Manny Kleinmuntz
as Rabbi
Ray Johnson
as Piano Player
Howie Mandel
as Howie Mandel
Don Siess
as Keith Rosenstein
Merrick Deamon
as Compulsive Liar/Man at Party
Bonnie Morgan
as Brooke
Leslie Rogers
as Jewellery salesman
Tracy Nicole Kerestes
as Student
Leila Kenzle
as Naomi Demble
Athena Ashburn
as Chatterbox cosmetologist/Model
Adam Hendershott
as Kevin
Kent Davis
as Messenger
Dina Merrill
as Elizabeth Sheffield
Maria Conchita Alonso
as Concepcion Sheffield
Christopher Winfield
as Father Joffrey
Peter Bergman
as Peter Bergman
Vasili Bogazianos
as Burglar
Preston Wamsley
as Young Niles
Jason Stoll
as Kyle
Isaac Chernotsky
as Steven Spielberg
Tara Dawn Holland
as Tara Holland
Dan Fishbach
as Marcus
Fran Drescher
as Fran Fine/Fran Sheffield/Bobbi Flekman/Fran Drescher/Young Sylvia Fine
Philippe Bergeron
as Hotel Employee
Michael Winters
as Doug Emerson
Patrick Cassidy
as Mr. Anthony
Michael Munoz
as Whistler
Sam Sako
as Guard
Brian Stover
as Boy in Ski Resort
Daryn Holland
as Hooker
Alissa Dowdy
as Dunson Twin #1
Nancy Lenehan
as Russian Woman
Michael C. McCarthy
as David
Nikki Cox
as Cindy Wentworth
Bryan Clark
as Auditioner #1
Wendy Schenker
as Estelle
David L. Lander
as The Landlord
Joshua Morrow
as Joshua Morrow
Pamela Hayden
as Chester the Dog
Adrienne Evans
as Shop Assistant
Scott Whyte
as Sean
Florence Griffith Joyner
as Florence Griffith Joyner
Fritzi Burr
as Woman at the Movie
Lisa Loeb
as Chloe
Steve Gideon
as Singer
John Davidson
as John Davidson
Rachel Chagall
as Val Toriello
Brian George
as Butler Inspector #2
Marie Cain
as Barbra Streisand
Lesley-Anne Down
as Chloe Simpson
Brett Stimely
as Man in Restaurant
Joey Slotnick
as Brian Levine
Bobby Ramsen
as Yetta's Date
Ron Greschner
as Ron Greschner
Danny Dayton
as Man at Nursing Home
Tracy Kolis
as Leslie
Pamela Anderson
as Heather Biblow-Imperiali
Matt McCoy
as Steve Mintz
Jennie Kwan
as Mai Ling
Lauren Koslow
as C.C.'s Friend #2
Blake McIver Ewing
as Robby
Marianne Muellerleile
as Andrea's Mother
Tom Williams
as Baby V.O.
Chevy Chase
as Chevy Chase
Mark Newsom
as 'Crab Cake' Waiter
Adeline Drescher
as Addie/First Nurse/Maid #1
Lee Ryan
as Patient
Yvonne Sciò
as Arianna Levine/Geneviève
Kellie Joy Beals
as Shop Assistant
Irene Olga López
as Lupe
Charles Shaughnessy
as Maxwell Sheffield/Sultan of Koorestan/Young James Sheffield
Harry Van Gorkum
as Nigel Sheffield
Ryan McPartlin
as Performer #3
Kevin Norton
as Band Member
Hal Robinson
as Singer
Elizabeth Taylor
as Elizabeth Taylor
Sean Le Sure
as Reporter
Michael Brandon
as Stan
Shemar Moore
as Shemar Moore
David Benedict
as Cantor
Donna Dixon
as Monica Baker
Todd Graff
as Harvey
Tawny Moyer
as Nurse
Sherman Augustus
as Doorman
Jessica Tuck
as C.C.'s Replacement
Rita Moreno
as Mrs. Wickervich Stone
as Jocelyn Sheffield
Andrew Levitas
as Michael
Richard Tanner
as Waiter #2
Chris Devlin
as Officer
Doug Ballard
as Doctor Link
Roz Kern
as Dancing Woman in Restaurant/Leslie Moonves' Assistant/Nurse/Stage Manager/Woman
Bob Barker
as Bob Barker
Ellen Ratner
as Nadine Cooperman
Ralph Manza
as Saul
Richard Roat
as Santa Claus
Ann Morgan Guilbert
as Yetta Rosenberg
Gregg Rogell
as Kenny Keroucan
Michael Bacall
as Tommy Altman
Elton John
as Elton John
Richard Fancy
as Chandler Evans
Tory Christopher
as E.R. Doctor
Steve Posner
as Car Dealer/Dancing Man in Restaurant/Father #1/Photographer/Stage Manager
Jane Sibbett
as Marcy Feldman/Morgan Faulkner
Peter Marc Jacobson
as Man Exiting Restroom with Fly Open/Man at the Bar/Romeo Actor
Helen Verbit
as Woman in synagogue
Philip Lehl
as Ambulance Driver
Joseph Bologna
as Alan Beck/Dr. Joe Razzo
Mary Bogue
as Wife
Jared Doud
as Richard
Renee Cohen
as Young Yetta
Brook Mahealani Lee
as Brook Lee (Miss USA)
Amanda Carlin
as Shop Assistant
Gabrielle Boni
as Erica
Todd Oldham
as Todd Oldham
Michael Dow
as Yossi's Son
Anthony Addabbo
as Mike LaVoe
Andy Dick
as Bernie/Pepé
Richard Julian
as Florist
David Carpenter
as Billy Ray's Manager
Roger Tinsley
as Jeff's Partner
John Lennox
as Bellhop
Eydie Gormé
as Eydie Gormé
Helen Geller
as Singer
Nora Dunn
as Dr. Reynolds/Mrs. Richardson
Alex Trebek
as Alex Trebek
Joyce Brothers
as Dr. Joyce Brothers
Nic Greene
as Video Director
Jayne Meadows
as Jayne Meadows
Scott Baldyga
as Hotel Clerk
Tacey Adams
as Hollywood Squares Contestant
Linda Harmon
as Solo singer
Robert Urich
as Judge Jerry Moran
Judith Hoag
as Katherine Porter/Kathy Marie O'Malley
Virginia Graham
as Virginia Graham
Sally Jessy Raphael
as Self
Roger Clinton
as Roger Clinton
Leslie Moonves
as Leslie Moonves
Bob Bancroft
as Waiter #1
Lane Davies
as Nigel Waters
Margaret Cho
as Caryn
Edward Hibbert
as Claude
Jason Alexander
as Jack
Sally Kirkland
as Tattoo Lady
Christopher Edwards
as Port Authority Police Officer
Richard Kind
as Jeffrey Needleman
Donna Douglas
as Donna Douglas
Joan Collins
as Joan Sheffield
Wilder Shaw
as Trick-or-Treater
Rob Corddry
David Starzyk
as Steve Goodman
Steve Lawrence
as Morty Fine/Steve Lawrence
Gordon Thomson
as Chandler
Kort Falkenberg
as Priest
Leann Hunley
as Bobbi Jo
Sal Ortiz
as Voice Over
Barry Watson
as Greg
Allen Bloomfield
as Uncle Myron
Mark Chaet
as Bartender/Hotel Valet
Jamie Renée Smith
as Young Fran Fine/Young Fran
Rita Rudner
as Margot/Rita Rudner
Dean Tarrolly
as David Stavros
Donald Trump
as Donald Trump
Anne Betancourt
as Doctor
Lauren Lane
as C.C. Babcock
Stephen Nichols
as Brock Storm
Ellen Albertini Dow
as Wendell Kent's Mother
Robert Lee Jacobs
as Blake Glickman
Jeanne Cooper
as Jeanne Cooper
Loren Michaels
as Barbra Streisand
J.D. Daniels
as Jack Walker/Mimo
Gloria Gifford
as District Attorney/INS Officer
Renée Taylor
as Sylvia Fine
Miriam Flynn
as Country Club Manager
Edward Penn
as Richard Porter
Timothy Watters
as President Bill Clinton
Ranardo Domeico Grays
as Dancer
Jay Robinson
as The Maitre'd
Zack Norman
as Uncle Jack
William Bumiller
as Detective Schoenfeld
Marla Maples
as Marla Maples
Ajay Mehta
as Akbar
Sean Kanan
as Mike McMullen
Bob Goen
as Self
Eric Braeden
as Frank Bradley
James DiStefano
as Pauly
Howard Preiser
as Croupier
Melanie Good
as Showgirl
Bette Midler
as Bette Midler
George Hoth
as The Count
Nancy Cassaro
as Libby
Nicholle Tom
as Maggie Sheffield
Martha Gehman
as Betty
Paolo Seganti
as Felipe/Philippe
Cloris Leachman
as Clara Mueller
David Gianopoulos
as Police Officer
Deborah Landis
as Girl in booth
Kimberly Natasha Ali
as Patti's Daughter
Lois Chiles
as Elaine
Benjamin Lum
as Ken
Maria Elena Maglaris
as Debbie Berkowitz
Kristin Birch
as Pageant Official
Gerry McIntyre
as Orderly
Craig Damon
as Man in flower shop
Estelle Getty
as Estelle Getty
Candy Trabuco
as Lexine
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
as Theodore Timmons
J. Madison Wright
as Betty Jo
Diane Baker
as Roberta
Cindy Adams
as Cindy Adams
Jim Lau
as Mr. Chung
Martin Mull
as Martin Mull
Dennis Dun
as Doctor Fu
Francesca P. Roberts
as Nurse Smith
Gunnar Peterson
as Male Nurse
Liz Torres
as Consuela
Jeff Sagansky
as Jeff Sagansky
Michael Ensign
as Trevor
Jonathan Baker
as Director
Thomas Dekker
as J.B. Bingington's Son
Anika Marinelli
as The Prostitute
Lu Leonard
as Nanny #2
Heidi Thompson
as The mysterious person in bandages
DeeDee Rescher
as Dotty/Bailiff/Bridal Shop Clerk/Dottie
James Edson
as Concession Stand Clerk/Concessionaire/Porsche Owner/Reporter/Singer/Waiter
Kenneth Blue
as Blue
Derek Webster
as Reporter #3
Robert Costanzo
as Juror #4
Chad Everett
as Dr. Osborn
J.J. Gales
as Darth Vader
Tia Riebling
as Mother in the Park
Maurice LaMarche
as Blitzen/The Rain Man
Billy Ray Cyrus
as Billy Ray Cyrus
Matthew Viera
as College Applicant
Barry Livingston
as Defense Attorney
Jeffrey Winner
as Mime
Jasmin Beto
as Hungry Model
Robert Vaughn
as James Sheffield
Lawrence A. Mandley
as Juror #6/Orderly/Orderly #1/Policeman/Security Guard in Hollywood
Sara Alexis Weiss
as Nadine Fine
Benjamin Brown
as Matt Baker
Rochelle Bond
as Pamela/Pamela Chapman
David Letterman
as David Letterman
Ben Thomas
as Mitch
Myles Sheridan
as Brighton's Friend #1
Donald O'Connor
as Fred
Jay Leno
as Jay Leno
Frank Lombardi
as Croupier
Benjamin Salisbury
as Brighton Sheffield
Patrick Howard
as 'Sydney'
Lance Reddick
as Stage Hand
Ron Recasner
as Police Officer
Dorothy Lyman
as Director/Dr. Quinn Director/Maureen Wentworth/Society Woman #1/Stewardess
Ron Melendez
as Peter Bidwell
Honey Lauren
as Waitress
Hugh Grant
as Hugh Grant
Will Potter
as Butler
Roslyn Kind
as Roslyn Kind
as Coolio/Irwin
Linda Diane Shayne
as Singer
Ray Romano
as Ray Barone
María Conchita Alonso
Lizzy Magill
as Singer
Chris Bruno
as Ski Instructor
Jake Richardson
as Willie
Kenneth Danziger
as Andrew Lloyd Webber
Alex Lorre
as Waiter
Blanche Rubin
as Old Lady
Brenda Epperson
as Danielle
Jennifer Edwards
as Society Woman #2
Joey Dente
as Pauly/Policeman
Maree Cheatham
as Emma Trusdale
Heather Lynne Allen
as Harpist
Tina Hart
as Andrea
Aaron Heyman
as Man at the Movie
Esther Lapidus
as Auditioner
Barbara Crampton
as Barbara Crampton
Ivana Milicevic
as Tasha
Jane Seymour
as Jane Seymour
Dar Billingham
as Singing Telegram
Lila Garrett
as Lady in Ladies' Room
Joan Van Ark
as Margo Lange
Allan Rich
as Pauly the Pawnbroker/The Judge/Uncle Ray
Sophie Ward
as Jocelyn Sheffield
Whoopi Goldberg
as Edna/Whoopi Goldberg
Nick Salamone
as Reporter
Twiggy Lawson
Burt Bacharach
as Burt Bacharach
T.K. Carter
as Ty
Charlie Newmark
as Dr. Hamilton
Melody Thomas Scott
as Melody Thomas Scott
Ben Vereen
as Self
Marilyn Cooper
as Grandma Nettie/Nettie
Milton James
as Maitre'd
Donald Condon
as Party Guest
Jean Ford
as Maid #2/Nurse/Reporter/Rose Seller
Ron Orbach
as Barry Cooperman
Bruce Vilanch
as Bruce Vilanch
Madeline Zima
as Grace Sheffield
Roy Kerry
as Tony's Bodyguard
James Marsden
as Eddie
Rowena Balos
as Saleswoman
Harry Hamlin
as Professor Steve
Ian Buchanan
as Jules Kimball
Patti LaBelle
as Patti LaBelle
Michael Orland
as Piano Player
Christopher Carroll
as Auditioner #2
Wallace Shawn
as Charles Haste
Anna Berger
as Marilyn
Faryn Einhorn
as Mary Ann
Jack Knight
as Doorman
Eartha Kitt
as Eartha Kitt/Self
Anthony Cistaro
as Carlo
Christopher Rich
as Kurt Jacobs
Jake McKinney
as Jake
Chuck Mavich
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Joe Lando
as Joe Lando
Rich Little
as IRS Appeals Officer
John Lizzi
as Yacht Club Bouncer
Spalding Gray
as Dr. Jack Miller
Lynn Redgrave
as Lynn Redgrave
Magda Harout
as Sarah/Madam Moleska
Peggy Blow
as Nanny #3
Burke Moses
as Tony Tatorri
Victoria Hulett
as Model
Amy Tolsky
as Singer
Ian Abercrombie
as Butler Inspector #1
Pamela Dillman
as C.C.'s Friend #1
Timothy Thompson
as Pianist
Cristine Rose
as Dr. Voort
Fred Stoller
as Fred, the pharmacist
Ofir Anschel
as Yossi
Susan Segal
as Reporter
Gabriel Bologna
as Dr. Taylor
Burke Roberts
as Photographer
Peter Scolari
as Leslie Tilbert
Dayton Callie
as The Sergeant
Teresa Barnwell
as Hillary Clinton
John Bishop
as Husband/Miss Trans Am Host/Shoe Salesman/Stewart
Ray Abruzzo
as Chopper Pilot
Scott Baio
as Dr. Frankie Cresitelli
Miko Hughes
as Frank Bradley Jr.
Devon Williams
as Wife
George Murdock
as Dakota Williams
Monty Hall
as Monty Hall
Philip Casnoff
as Cantor Gary Isaacs
K. Louise Middleton
as Newscaster
Andy Mackenzie
as Repairman/Waiter
Brenda Ballard
as Woman At The Park
Sylvia Drescher
as Aunt Rose/Female Patient/Retired Woman
Donna Cherry
as Aunt Cookie
Casey Williams
as Nurse/Salesgirl/Union Rep
Susan Wool-Rush
as Fran's Friend
Dana Gould
as Josh Bassin
Michael McKean
as Professor Noel Babcock PhD
Wayne C. Dvorak
as Waiter
Tracy Nelson
as Mary Ruth
Céline Dion
as Self
Roseanne Barr
as Cousin Sheila
Steven Anderson
as Doctor
Monica Seles
as Monica Seles
Rosie O'Donnell
as Cozette/Rosie O'Donnell
Thelma Gutiérrez
as Cruise Passenger
Sean Smith
as Singer
Catherine Oxenberg
as Sydney Mercer
Sandy Hackett
as Rabbi/Rabbi Margulies
Roger Kern
as Raymond Turnboat
Alicia Machado
as Miss Universe
Pete Leal
as Cleaning Man
William Palmieri
as Orderly #2
Morgan Brittany
as Judy Silverman
Maxwell Caulfield
as Rodney Pembroke
Curtis Hood
as Investor Man
Jeff Mooring
as Bartender/Waiter
Ed Begley Jr.
as Tom Rosenstein
Amy Lerman
as Stage Manager
Nancy Frangione
as Cousin Marsha/Marsha
Liza Stanley
as Reporter
Bess Armstrong
as Sara Sheffield
Hunter Tylo
as Hunter Tylo
Charley Geary
as Singer
David Furnish
as David Furnish

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1993 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

1994 | 26 Episodes

Season 3

1995 | 26 Episodes

Season 4

1996 | 26 Episodes

Season 5

1997 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

1998 | 22 Episodes




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Young Artist Awards

Youth Actress Leading Role in a Television Series


Young Artist Awards

Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a Television Series


Young Artist Awards

Best New Television Series

Primetime Emmy Awards 1995


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Comedy Series


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