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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Dr. Grace Devlin is one of the country's most-promising young surgeons, but when her brother finds himself in life-threatening danger from Chicago's Southside mob due to a gambling debt, she puts her future on the line by promising to work off the books for the organization in order to pay off the debt. When Grace isn't working at the hospital, she must juggle her mob-related demands and work to keep her second life a secret. The only one who knows the full scope of her work with the mob is a strangely compassionate killer whose relationship with Grace is more than it seems.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: September 17, 2012

Also Known As: Доктор мафии, Докторка мафије |  See more »

Parents Guide: Germany (16)


Plot Keywords

chicago, illinois
organized crime

Company Credits

Production Co: Osprey Production Group, Rooney McP Productions |  See more »


Tyla Abercrumbie
as Transplant Coordinator
Thomas Kosik
as Doctor
Eddie Arguello
as ICU
Christopher Kahler
as Junkie/Mobster
Danielle Mulligan
as Maria
Olia Klein
as Young Constantine's Wife
Gary W Golden
as Hospital Visitor/Thug
Russ Panzarella
as Churchgoer/Piano Player
Stan Adams
as Strip Club Owner
Katie Roberts
as Nurse Katie
Mark Vallarta
as Bar Owner
David Pasquesi
as Dr. Ian Flanigan
Robert Finlayson
as Constantine's Thug/Detective At ICU/Police Officer
Dan Kuczmierczyk
as Prison Guard
Brian King
as Pub Crawler #1
Brandon Bowens
as Police Officer/Security Guard
Jerod Haynes
as Male Nurse
Yasen Peyankov
as Tony M.
Anita Nicole Brown
as Bartender
Holly Houk
as Transplant Coordinator
Jonathan Coffin
as Paramedic
Darren Elliot Fulsher
as Ukrainian Mobster
Michael Accardo
as Yuri
Paulina Olszynski
as Kate Keller
Joseph Jajoe Davis
as Security Guard
Aarón Alonso
as Thug
Cliff Chamberlain
as Carlo
James Chudnow
as Homeless Drunk/Pedestrian Drinking from Tall Starbucks Coffee Mug
Karina Logue
as Sue Keller
Chris Hanson
as Surgical Nurse
Tyler Drew Clayton
as Young Constantine
Mike Carey
as Bodyguard
Asta Razma
as Doctor
Patrick Mulvey
as Gio Patton
Kevin Corrigan
as Titus Amato
Steven Fischer
as Doctor
Lindsey Kraft
as Casey Lambert
Ajay Mehta
as Dr. Sanjay Chopra
Steve Key
as Jimmy Needles
Don Schroeder
as Ralph Severino
Daniel Ruben
as Little Joe Haight/Little Joe Hoyne
Javon Johnson
as Mike Anes/Anesthesiologist
Greta Honold
as Kay Page
Tony Lee Gratz
as Constantine's Henchman
Joseph Meyers
as Bean
Duke Czlonka
as Officer Clooney
Dan Latham
as Officer Finley/Constatine's Enforcer
Austin Nichols
as Luke Harris
Andre Bellos
as Nurse
Roxy Olin
as Peggy Severino
Colin Ford
as Sam Cooper
James Vincent Meredith
as Dr. Guthrie
Chris Boykin
as Paramedic Dave
Brian Goodman
as Eddie Nolan
Stephanie Garvin
as Nurse
Kevin Miller
as Pub Crawler #2
Mino Mackic
as Constantine's Thug
Karin Anglin
as Betty Jamison
Liam Foley
as Ethan Jamison
William Forsythe
as Constantine Alexander
Jacqueline Charak
as Extra
Alexandra Holden
as Bethany Maslan
Adam J. Harrington
as Agent Owen York
Robert Tarpinian
as Thug
Ashley-Lauren Elrod
as Pregnant Woman #1
Ray Conchado
as Thug
Levi Holloway
as Gino
Maxwell Perry Cotton
as Max Kelton
Maura Lawson
as Constantine's Girl
Samuel Meadows
as Doctor
Katherine Cunningham
as Nurse
Jordana Spiro
as Dr. Grace Devlin
Mike Starr
as Al Trapani
Kevin Lingle
as Gus/Kevin
Mouzam Makkar
as Paramedic #3
John Casciato
as Carter
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Marcellus
Kimberly J. Walsh
as News Reporter
Ryan Mieczyslaw Juszkiewicz
as Constantine's Thug/Nello
Amanda Walsh
as Chloe
Sally Murphy
as Gema
F. David Roth
as DeMarco
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Dr. Lauren Baylor
Rich Tanis
as Mob Boss Al Trapani's Bodyguard
Delphine Pontvieux
as Nurse
José Antonio García
as Sgt. Taveras
Tin Penavic
as Young Constantine
Lex Medlin
as Stuart Maslan
Jayme Woj
as Nurse
Jesse MacDonald
as Paramedic
Adam Poss
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Catherine Dickson
as Nurse Cathy
Frank Anthony Meo
as Frankie (Constantine Thug) 2012
Michelle Roman
as E.R. Doctor
Michael Madsen
as Russell King
Roger Wiggins
as Man on Sidewalk
Mindy Turano
as Auction Worker
Olivia Bird
as Escort/Model/Nurse
Rebecca Spence
as Mary Moskal
Anna Baird Galloway
as Nurse
Amara Zaragoza
as Amanda King
Kathleen Lawlor
as Doctor
Ed Flynn
as Jimmy Mac
Arthur-Angelo Sarinas
as FBI Agent
Alicia Lagano
as Tiffany Evans
Emjoy Gavino
as ER Nurse Lana
Michael Rapaport
as Paul Moretti
Bobby Hitz
as Bobby
Aaron Scotti
as Tony Picosta
Steve O'Connell
as Prison Guard
Michael Weaver
as Scott Kelton
Brennan Kennedy
as Young Nate Devlin
Wendy Makkena
as Daniella Devlin
J. Anthony Kopec
as Club Patron/Constantine's Mob Thug/Mob Character
Sia A. Moody
as Paramedic 2
Laura Breckenridge
as Sara Anderson
Mary Angela Munez
as OR Nurse
Ben Marten
as Charles
Elizabeth Reiners
as Medical Administrator/ER Heart Patient
Michael Nardelli
as Kyle Bennett
Vince Tolentino
as Orderly
William Dick
as Administrator
Dave McNulty
as Constantine's Henchman
Erin McCarley
as Jazz Singer
Charin Alvarez
as Prison Nurse
Tim Doty
as News Anchor
Dennis Hindman
as Doctor
Shawn Pfautsch
as Mr. Devlin/Alan Devlin/Mr. Alan Devlin/Mr. Jack Devlin
Chelcie Ross
as Seamus O'Connell
Christian Castro
as Diego Balt
Marieclaire Popernik
as Ruby Kelton
Flavia Borges
as Constantine's Girl
Jennifer Cortese
as Elaine McDonnell
Marcus Jackson
as Kevin Williams
Leslie Ann Sheppard
as Betty Williams
Marty Lodge
as Father Keyes
Gavin Kennedy
as Young Nate Devlin
Jayson Bernard
as Doctor
Jaime Lee Kirchner
as Dr. Olivia Wilcox
Robert Bobinsky
as Mobster
Paul D. Morgan
as Doctor
Timothy Busfield
as David Ellis
Clifton Duffin Jr.
as Doctor
Eric Burgher
as Manny
Marianna Adaire
as Doctor/Hand Double for Grace Devlin
Dangel Nava
as Detective
Amanda Westrick
as Missy
Giancarlo Evola
as Visitor in Elevator
Chris Agos
as Jim Jamison
Amber Rae Braaten
as Pretty Girl
Samuel Taylor
as Truck Driver
Lisa Roti
as Nurse #2
David Hernandez
as Umberto Cruz
Hillary Marren
as Young Daniella
Brian Boland
as Seth Ross
Devyn Mangin
as 6 Year Old Grace/Young Grace
Jennifer Beals
as Celeste LaPree
Chris Nolte
as Jamie
Danica Monroe
as Claire Kelton
Jaden Klein
as Constantine's Son
Laura Wells
as Patient
Matthew W. Allen
as U.S. Marshal
Casey Hartnett
as Resident
Lucas Marx
as Will Jamison
Laraia Ashley Gribble
as Patient
Jesse Lee Soffer
as Nate Devlin
Chad Errio
as Constantine's Thug
Guy Massey
as Cardiologist
Steve Mikula
as Hospital Chaplin (2012)
Jurnee Smollett
as Traci Coolidge
Floriana Lima
as Nurse Rosa 'Ro' Quintero/Nurse Rosa Quintero
Tommy Martin
as Policeman at Warehouse
Cedric Mays
as Chicago PD Detective
Sam Raysby
as Police Officer
James Carpinello
as Leoni Franco
Sharon Coleman
as Pedistrian/Auction Buyer/Hospital Visitor
Jim Nieciecki
as O.R. Technician
Tessa Kruczek
as Hospital Patient
Kelly O'Sullivan
as Annabelle Hanson
Zach Gilford
as Dr. Brett Robinson
Jason Cottle
as Lenny
Taylor Leddin
as Dr. White's patient
Shane Jordan
as Patient
Anthony Moseley
as Paramedic #1
Michael Vieau
as Benny
Larry Hauge
as Janitor
Stephen Louis Grush
Mark D. Hines
as Angelo
Ian Bratschie
as Gary
Rick Hendrix
as Doctor
Derrick Trumbly
as Jack Hanson
Mark Montgomery
as Patrick Shaw
Joshua Leonard
as Scott Parker
Shirley Knight
as Ann Wilson
Derin Adesida
as OR Nurse
Don Kress
as Italian Mob Boss
Katherine Lofton
as Housekeeper
Teddy Cañez
as Tiago Enriquez
John Benjamin Hickey
as Mark Easton
Terry Kinney
as Dante Amato
Rose Hemingway
as Megan
Andrzej Krukowski
as Demytri Fedir
Steven Moreton
as Anesthesiologist
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Stavos Kazan
Linda Powell
as Carol Goodman
Coburn Goss
as Dr. Frank DiMassa
Mike Anes
as Javon Johnson
Nadia Alexander
as Susie Demarco
Michael David Hammond
as Thug
Shawnah Donley
as Nurse
Michael Graziadei
as Louis
Marco Morales
as Mexican Gangster
John Folino
as F.B.I. Agent
Kenneth P. George
as Constantine's Henchman
Brendan Hines
as Father Doyle
Phillip Cerza
as Restaurant Patron
Catherine Perzee
as Nurse
Myke Wilson
as Doctor Intern
Zeljko Ivanek
as Dr. Stafford White

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 13 Episodes


Awards & Nominations

Image Awards (NAACP) 2013


Image Awards (NAACP)

Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series

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