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October 27, 2021
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Set in 1950s Manhattan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a 60-minute dramedy that centers on Miriam "Midge" Maisel, a sunny, energetic, sharp, Jewish girl who had her life mapped out: go to college, find a husband, have kids, and throw the best Yom Kippur break-fasts in town. Soon enough, she finds herself exactly where she had hoped to be, living happily with her husband and two children in the Upper West Side. A woman of her time, Midge is a cheerleader wife to a man who dreams of a stand-up comedy career, but her perfect life is upended when her husband suddenly leaves her for another woman. Utterly unprepared, Midge is left with no choice but to reevaluate her life. When she accidentally stumbles onto the stage at a nightclub, she discovers her own comedic skills and decides to use this newfound talent to help her reinvent her life. The series follows the trajectory of Midge's journey as she pursues a career in the male-dominated, stand-up comedy profession, and transforms from uptown society matron to East Village club performer.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: March 17, 2017

Also Known As: Mirakuløse Mrs. Maisel, La fabuleuse Mme Maisel |  See more »


Plot Keywords

period drama
manhattan, new york city

Company Credits

Production Co: Amazon Studios, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions |  See more »


Evan Zebooker
as Offended Subway Rider
Regina Hoyles
as Enid
Roger Shaw
as Akiva's Friend
Laura Sudduth
as Cindy
James Lloyd Reynolds
as Martin Cummings
Katie Martinez
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Maria Sciorillo
as Waitress
Josh Mowery
as Funeral Mourner
Will Brill
as Noah Weissman
Mike Scerbo
as Garment Worker
Leslie Shenkel
as Levi
Michael Graceffa
as Cuban Club Dancer
Lissa Carandang-Sweeney
as Bar Girl
Kate Wesler
as Dancer
Bern Cohen
as Rabbi Krinsky/Rabbi
Matthew Rosell
as Singer
Kristy Aguirre
as Performer
Dillon John Swanson
as US Soldier
Frank Murdocco
as Concord Waiter
Serge Monsoon
as U.S. Solider
Haylee Roderick
as Woman Behind Imogene
Eric Leeb
as Bartender
Ian McDonald Riggs
as Band Member
Sasha Hollinger
as Cuban Club Dancer
Jim Cleary
as Photographer
James Ciccone
as Monsignor Ricci
Janelle Issis
as Cuban Club Dancer
as Glinda
Jessica Swesey
as Couple #1 Female
Daniel Whitener
as Singing Beatnik
Adrian Alvarado
as Carlos
John Scurti
as Nicky
Carly Zien
as Young Housewife
Amarisa LeBar
as Tap Dancer
Mikayla Petrilla
as Dancer/Wedding Guest
Ryan Farrell
as Brye Adler
Dimitri Radochevitch
as Goat Cheese Seller
Byron Jennings
as Irving
Dee Hoty
as Claire
Lindsay Barrasse
as Club Patron/Hula Hooper/Simon Says Dancer
Keith Buterbaugh
as Saul
Carolyn Faye Kramer
as Bernice
Matt Caccamo
as Bellhop Singer
Michael Rosengarten
as Button Club Band
Jimmy Palumbo
as Bob
Gina White
as Counter Girl
Ashley Bryant
as Janet
Daniela Rivas
as Performer
Phillip James Brannon
as Customer
Andres Perez-Molina
as Showroom Stagehand
Cadden Jones
as Secretary
Anaïs Blake
as Dancer
Jarrod LaBine
as Restaurant Maître D'
Erik Palladino
as Frank
Juliet Lemonnier
as Chloe
Emily Price
as Fan Girl
Jaz Goodreau
as Peter
Michael Jennings
as Copacabana Waiter
Alexis Roberts
as Oklahoma Maid Dancer
David Scott Purdy
as Man
Kate Wetherhead
as Polly
Roy Farfel
as Male Driver #2
Jennifer Hamilton
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Shelby Finnie
as Dancer
Kristine Zbornik
as Judy
Michael Nathanson
as Lew Fogelman
Cynthia Gray
as Cocktail Waitress
Caitlin McGee
as Vonnie
Ned Eisenberg
as Lou Rabinowitz
Ric Stoneback
as Eddie
Frankie Verroca
as Sophie Lennon's Butler
Deanna B. Tomasetta
as Waitress
Keilly McQuail
as Tracy
Dale Soules
as Margaret
Charlotte O'Dowd
as Dancer
Reina Ozbay
as Little Girl
Alysha Deslorieux
as Dede
Stephen C. Bradbury
as Ramsey
Damien Brett
as Mr. Curtis
Drew Allen
as Desk Clerk
Alfie Fuller
Claire Wellin
as Singing Beatnik
Amy Stiller
as Mrs. Fulber
Alison Cimmet
as Joan
as Rabbi Elli
Bill Massof
as Court Clerk
Bob Lloyd
as Marcel Juggler
Ryan Wright
as Mailman
Jeremy Shinder
as Cantor's Son
Nicolas de la Vega
as Miami After Dark Dancer
Carine Montbertrand
as Art Patron #2
Andrew D. Manning
as Frommer
Judy Dodd
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Michael A. Blank
as Hotel Lobby Guest
John Cariani
as Hank
Jennifer Florentino
as Cuban Club Backup Dancer
Giuseppe Virzi
as Adam (Simon Says Kid)
Celeste Lanuza
as Cuban Club Dancer
Fiore Barbini
as Wedding Guest
Benjamin Mapp
as Beatnik
Dan Levinson
as Saxophonist in Band
Evan Chessari
as Bar Patron/Worker
Reginald Baskerville
as Apollo Theatre Guest
Sally Glaze
as Oklahoma Maid Dancer
Greg Harvey
as Hora Dancer
Nathan Vincenti
as Columbia Student
Laura Dreyfuss
as Deecy
Stephanie Gould
as Linda
Bob Roseman
as Drunk Guy's Friend #1
Jake Swain
as Waiter Singer
Christina Dooling
as Dancer
Ellis Foreman
as Maurice Hines
Sam Jay Gold
as Ventriloquist
Trevor Braun
as Feivish
Eliza Benlulu
as Pool Goer
Randy Ramos Jr.
as Guy in Audience
Ian Unterman
as Gene
Sarah Schenkkan
as Milly
Susan Jeffries
as Woman in Tiara
Morgan Cane Harrison
as Tap Dancer
Ambrose Martos
as Ambrose
Kelvin Whui
as Chinese Man
Antonella Rose
as Little Girl
Fred Applegate
as Father O'Brien
Tom Giron
as Cuban Club Dancer
Josh Flitter
as Art
Ivory Fox
as Burlesque Dancer
Gabriela Soto
as USO Canteen Dancer
David L. Townsend
as Mr. Brian Miller
Lauren Sigler
as Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Jessica Cohen
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Harry Zittel
as Lanie
Andy Schneeflock
as Michael
Dante Zuccaro
as Comedy Club Guest
Steven Snyder
as Soldier
Lydia Jordan
as Young Woman
Jess Jacklin
as Shakespeare Troupe
Alicia Olatuja
as Girl #1
John DiGiorgio
as Stern Hoboken Guy
Andrea Boehlke
as Girl Singer
Noriko Sato
as Japanese Woman
Joshua Zisholtz
as Male Customer
Ashlie Atkinson
as Peggy
Kathryn Mayer
as Jane Jacobs' Assistant
Jose-Luis Lopez Jr.
as Cuban Club Dancer
Tony Manna
as Table Guy
James Glorioso Jr.
as Casino Guest
Geoffrey J.D. Payne
as Military Officer
Ellenore Scott
as MacDougall Street Dancer
Rachel Brosnahan
as Miriam 'Midge' Maisel
Chaz Lamar Shepherd
as Darius
Joshua Satine
as Petey
Zack Watson
as Sailor
Ben Warheit
as Nicholas
Mark Pettograsso
as Hora Dancer
Patrick H. Fox
as NY Vacationer
Carla Brandberg
as Margie
Brian Tarantina
as Jackie/Gaslight MC
Amelia Lowe
as MacDougall Street Dancer
Barbara Miluski
as Edie/Lady Customer
Léa Catania
as Performer
William Cote
as Hora Dancer
Zach Appelman
as David Blumenthal
Stacy Dillard
as Sax Player
Peter O'Hara
as Lawyer
Vito Dieterle
as Band Member
Joey Slotnick
as Dickie
Robbie Sublett
as Dante
Gabrielle Elisabeth
as Girl #2
Jessica Viola
as Dancer
Joe Ventricelli
as Valet Singer
Jason Williams
as USO Canteen Dancer
Joseph Stromberg
as Palmer Witherspoon
Jesse VandenBergh
as Steiner Resort Guest
Kaitlynn Edgar
as USO Canteen Dancer
Matt McDonald
as Waiter
Athena Reddy
as Beatnick
Jeff Cima
as Dealer
Rory Duffy
as Young Guy in Cap
Joel Rooks
as Lutzi/Lutzi Neiderman
Matt Maretz
as Army Soldier
Garth Kravits
as Eddie Major
Corey Snide
as Dancer
Peter Presta
as Italian Goon
Julien Valme
as Cuban Club Dancer
Veanne Cox
as Corinne
Amanda Elder
as Dancer
Eden Malyn
as Girl at Record Store
Daniel Wisniewski
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Diana Brownstone
as Couple #3 Female
Marie Smalley
as Art Collector
William Geary
as Around the World Dancer
Luke Kirby
as Lenny Bruce
Dan Thompson
as Columbia Student
Nunzio Pascale
as Ethan/Ethan Maisel
Rebecca DeMarco
as Young Poet
Emily Jane Smith
as Vivian's B. Altman Friend
Timothy Basom
as Acoustic Musician
Tony Shalhoub
as Abe Weissman
Zac Jaffee
as Passerby
David Lavine
as Dr. Fleischer
Richard Zane
as Lawyer
Madeline Benoit
as Miami After Dark Dancer/Tap Dancer
Drew King
as Marnie's Dance Partner
Chris DaBella
as Resort Staff
Leslie Hardy
as Pool Guest
James DiGiacomo
as Luigi
Ariel Glenn
as Bar Patron
Reed Armstrong
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Alison Manning
as Dancer/Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Clem Cheung
as Hong
Susannah Perkins
as Dora
Morgan Lennon
as Counter Girl/Margot
Anthony Belfiore
as Deli Patron/Theatre Patron
Brendan Morris
as US Soldier
Sarah Wingo
as Dancer/Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Allison Strong
as Talia Goldstein
Bonnie Rose
as Older Woman
Jaxon Folds
as 10-Year-Old Boy
Tom Lipinski
as Sergeant Mitchell Burns
Robbie P Smith
as Hora Dancer
Adam Boreland
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Amber Barbee Pickens
as Store Clerk
Kevin Guzewich
as Thumb Wrestler #2
Catherine Arditi
as Marie
Barbara Walsh
as Fur Lecturer
Susan Cohen Destefano
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Pearls Daily
as Maxine
Adam Diloreto
as Couple #5 Male
Kc Monnie
as Miami After Dark Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Victoria Sames
as Miami After Dark Dancer
Joe Greco
as Hora Dancer
Clay Thomson
as Wedding Ringer
Karen Morris
as Wedding Guest
Jenny Sterlin
as Edna Drummond
Ryan Steer
as Dancer
Jake Wells
as Fief
Ryan Woodle
as Shelly
Reid Scott
Lee Wilkof
as Melvin
Mor Cohen
as Disappointed Woman
Samantha Moyer
as Woman
Shade Rupe
as Bearded Defendant
Liana Sonenclar
as B. Altman Counter Girl
Jeff Brooks
as Pete Drummond
Daniel Stewart Sherman
as Artie
Alexandre Wetter
as Drag Dancer
Melanie Comeau
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Derek Ferguson
as USO Canteen Dancer
Philip Trossarello
as US Soldier
Mary Baynard
as Young Poet
Jeremy Lawrence
as Tennessee Williams
Jordon Ferber
as Partygoer
David Vogel
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Amanda Dela Cruz
as Mary Ann Mobley
Emmy Harrington
as Sally
Brad Heller
as Phil Foster
Tony Nation
as Reno Gazette Reporter
Alan Barnes Netherton
as Joseph
Kara Jackson
as Mrs. Stapleton
Lauren Norvelle
as Moira
Mary Testa
as Drina Romanoff
Connor Russell
as Abbie
Connie Ray
as Mrs. Winters
Jena Vanelslander
as Tap Dancer
Jason Alexander
as Asher Friedman
Joel Johnstone
as Archie Cleary
RJ Vaillancourt
as Sailor
Robert John Gallagher
as Spoon Diner Patron
Dan Bittner
as Sergeant Broome
Katie O'Toole
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
P.J. Marshall
as Skint
Kathleen Laituri
as Tap Dancer
Allison Winn
as Pearl
Weston Krukow
as USO Canteen Dancer
Ken Holmes
as Den Club Patron/Hot Dog Stand Patron
Sarita Colon
as Cuban Club Dancer
Kyla Walker
as Peroxide Girl
George Hovis
as Card Player
Jayson Wesley
as Leonard
Tom Wahl
as Parker
Alyssa May Gold
as Lena Brofmann
Carey Segal
as Tap Dancer
Nancy Nagrant
as Julie
David Little
as Chaim
Phoebe Garcia-Pearl
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Liz Ramos
as Cuban Club Dancer
Serge Bagdassarian
as Maitre D'
Kayla Marie Berghoff
as Waitress
Erin Neufer
as Darla
Ira Grossman
as Pool Guest
Viveca Gardiner
as Wedding Guest
Wilbur Edwin Henry
as Mitchell Funt
Brian Sills
as Arnold
Paige Ramsey
as Performer
Natalia Nieves-Melchor
as Cuban Club Dancer
Addie Weyrich
as Laura
Lexie Foley
as Sophia
George B. Colucci Jr.
as Hora Dancer
Christine Sienicki
as Olive
Madeline Rodrigue
as Oklahoma Maid Dancer
Camilla Clark
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Nicholas Harney
as Dancer
Chris Chirdon
as Don
Catherine Hamilton
as Performer
Nicole Ruth Crocker
as Dancer
Kevin Sebastian
as Army Photographer
Nat DeWolf
as Thomason
Brian Lawton
as USO Canteen Dancer
Mathew Walters
as Friars Club Member
Jacob Berger
as Goon
Douglas Schneider
as Bartender
Patricia Lawrence
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Joseph Valle-Hoag
as Kid Wrangler Singer
Noah Gardenswartz
as Man/Noah
Lonni Olson
as Cuban Club Dancer/Tap Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Jo Ellen Pellman
as Girl #2
Matthew Iacono
as Bar Mitzvah Boy/NYC Subway Rider
Rachel Guest
as Couple #2 Female
Sarah Grace Welbourn
as Louella
Johnny Hopkins
as Ricky
Jeremy Bosch
as Cuban Club Singer
Steve Rizzo
as Gordy
Reggie Talley
as Billy
Evan Lacombe
as Cuban Club Dancer
Henry Byalikov
as USO Canteen Dancer
Varak Baronian
as Columbia Student
Jordan Betscher
as Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Brittany Parks
as Tap Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Bryan Batt
as Dr. Stone ('The Legend Of Lizzie')
Mark Aldrich
as Bartender
Matthew Hammond
as Bathroom Guy
David Negri
as Technical Director
Olivia Morgan
as Performer
Stephanie Rothenberg
as Ruthie
Bobby Steggert
as Phipps ('The Legend Of Lizzie')
Zac Zinger
as Button Club Band
Janae Bonnen
as Dancer
Jillian Gelfand
as Patron
Jason Ralph
Josh Sauerman
as Guy
Campbell Dunsmore
as Model
Kayli Carter
Kelly Allen
as B. Altman Dancer/Dancer/Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Chris Scarafile
as Telethon Crane Operator
Laura Osnes
as Lizzie ('The Legend Of Lizzie')
James David Rich
as Albert
Anna Schnaitter
as Dancer
Maxim Rose
as Pool Boy
Audrey Heffernan Meyer
as Woman with Dog
Holly Zuelle
as Garment Model
Jayden Abrams
as Train Passenger
Jesse Schratz
as Babyshower Guest
Marcus Pena
as Joel's Club Patron
Tim Sullivan
as Brigadier General
Jennifer Perry
as Berta's Friend
Melanie Minichino
as Mama
Stephen Pilkington
as Raymond
Jenifer Dillow
as Dancer
Joanne Lessner
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Stephen O'Reilly
as Andy
Adam B. Shapiro
as Cantor
Christina Glur
as USO Canteen Dancer
Andrew Polk
as Fred
Jack Messina
as Salvatore
Joseph La Rocca
as Howie
Annabel O'Hagan
as Flirty Waitress
Sarah Alice Burns
as Dancer
Emily Palmquist
as Saul's Dance Partner
Sam Skolnik
as Communist Party Member
Nikka Graff Lanzarone
as Myrna
Shana Kaplan
as Stage Deli Patron/Steiner Resort Guest/Subway Passenger/Theater Audience Member
Wanda Sykes
as Moms Mabley
Tanairi Sade Vazquez
as Cuban Club Backup Dancer
Alex Borstein
as Susie Myerson
Ned Van Zandt
as Doug
Rachel Horwitz
as Resort Staff
Christopher Mormando
as Goon
Katie Rose Summerfield
as Woman at Gaslight
Barbara Kingsley
as Screaming Woman
Eric Laugérias
as Thierry
Ed Jewett
as Brian
as Synchronized Swimmers
Arielle Goldman
as Eliana
Alex Domini
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Allie Meixner
as Miami After Dark Dancer
Taylor James Rosenberger
as Around the World Dancer
Robert Shulman
as Friars Club Member
Aram Peers
as Striped Shirt Singer
Claire Friesen
as Performer
Raleigh Shuck
as Carrie Ann
Aime Donna Kelly
as Janet Shaw
Milo Ventimiglia
Bobby Sanabria
as Band Leader
Eric William Morris
as 'Sixteen Tons' Trio/Button Club Band
Gilbert Gottfried
as Strip Club MC
Cameron Turner
as USO Canteen Dancer
Lenny Palmieri
as 13-Year-Old Joel
Manu Layotte
as Driver
Heather Klobukowski
as Dancer
Mallauri Esquibel
as B. Altman Dancer/Dancer
Caleb Paddock
as Apartment Brother
Teddy Coluca
as Manny
Ismail Lawal
as Drummer
Audrey Kennedy
as Girl #1
Leason Almquist
as Mr. Fuchtwanger's Dance Partner
Paige Brinskele
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Borris Anthony York
as Soundman
Taeler Cyrus
as Shy's Backup Dancer
Michael Countryman
as Simon
Ian Gallagher
as Around the World Dancer/Dancer
Xavier Debroeq
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Connor Ratliff
as Chester
Reed Campbell
as Club Employee
Wallace Shawn
as Herb Smith
Simon Feil
as Curtis
Allie Trimm
as Minnie
Gadi Rubin
as Thumb Wrestler #1
Noah Gaynor
as Arnie
Stephanie Yonkovich
as MacDougall Street Dancer/Miami After Dark Dancer
Ian Campbell Dunn
as Cop
Lisandro Boccacci
as Hotel Conceirge/Hotel Concierge
Jacob Kemp
as Samuel
Michael Gaston
as Judge Wagaman
Eloise Kropp
as Tap Dancer
Artem Lyskov
as Gaslight Guy
Spencer Clark
as Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Sigali Hamberger
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Brad Greer
as Landry
John Thomas Cramer
as John Meeks
Matthew Cusack
as 'Sixteen Tons' Trio
Laura Maselli
as Comedy Club Patron
Richard Bertisch
as Casino Patron
Miriam Silverman
as Bernice
Ally Ibach
as Coney Island Couple
Jenny Hill
as Zsa Zsa Gabor
Patrick Klein
as News Reporter
DJ Renegade
as Party Attendee
Ben Graney
as Robbie
Michael Nagle
as Columbia Professor
Larry Petersen
as Marvin
Jagger Trouant
as Columbia Student
Kaley Ann Voorhees
as Lulu
Grant Towers
as Couple #6 Male
Norman Aaronson
as Wedding Guest
Jamie Lawrence
as Jazz Pianist
Chara Kirkland
as Cocktail Waitress
Michael Schwendemann
as Comedy Club Audience/Truck Driver
Blake Zelesnikar
as USO Canteen Dancer
Karl Miller
as Devlin
Megan McLaughlin
as Tap Dancer
Michelle Ghatan
as Gaslight Goer
Gregg Edelman
as Stan
Reji Woods
as Stu
Erin Darke
as Mary
Morgan Quinn
as Around the World Dancer
Betty Weinberger
as Marnie
Bill Coelius
as Lawrence
Nate Corddry
as Randall
Hayden Clifton
as Cuban Club Dancer
Adrienne Brammer
as Club Goer
William Rose
as Dancer
Allison Cornblath
as Resort Guest
Oona Roche
as Singer
Howard Pinhasik
as Steiner Doctor Singer
Elizabeth Loyacano
as Customer/Woman in Chair
Ashley Couture
as Copacabana Girl/Young Poet
Lauren Yaffe
as Concord Patron/Deli Patron/Diner Patron/Jazz Club Patron
Katherine Winter
as Miami Bar Patron
Brian Flores
as Soldier #7
Lucy Buttons
as Burlesque Dancer
Chris Carfizzi
as Ben
Gideon Glick
Natanael Castro
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
as Hotel Lobby Guest/Pool Goer
Betsy Hogg
as Fan Girl
Chris Banks
as Drunk
Ari Brand
as Jem Moreland
Peter Maloney
as John
Christian Carrigan
as Soldier
Lucy Sorlucco
as Grandma
Jill Abramovitz
as Stevie
Lily Ockwell
as Couple #6 Female
Caroline Aaron
as Shirley Maisel
Alexander DeChino
as Gas Light Patron
Phil Nee
as Mysterious Man
Dan Couri
as Injured Soldier
Jackson Demott Hill
as Counter Boy
Jen Macaluso-Ciraolo
as NYC Subway Rider in Hat
Cheryl Stern
as Ida
Jake McCoy
as US Soldier
Leah Curney
as Artsy Woman
Mike Blum
as Marty Segal
Chaz Riddle
as Security
Kelly Bishop
Dan Berkery
as Button Club Band
Zachary Levi
as Benjamin Ettenberg/Benjamin
Serena Petruzello
as Cuban Club Backup Dancer
Sarah Parnicky
as Patron
Darius de Haas
as Shy Baldwin Vocals/Sammy
David Aaron Baker
as Charles Emery/Charles Connelly
Rich Gentilcore
as B. Altman Doorman
Marin Hinkle
as Rose Weissman
David Rossmer
as Stan
Puss N. Boots
as Burlesque Dancer
Rahim Rosen
as Harlem Party Goer/Shy Baldwin Party Goer
John Mondin
as Mel
Grayson Berry
as State Journal Reporter
Joanna Glushak
as Mrs. O'Toole
Zurin Villanueva
as Waitress
Dan Castiglione
as Dancer
Gordana Rashovich
as Helda
Bebe Fischer
as Frowning Lady
Meghan Manning
as USO Canteen Dancer
Katrina Lenk
as Cosma/Madame Cosma
Steve Rosen
as Marty Kahn
Kiva Dawson
as Dancer
Lauren Blumenfeld
as Gabi
Laurie Dawn
as Sister Saint Stephen
Pedrito Martinez
as Cuban Club Singer
Jay C. White
as Porter
Erik Lochtefeld
as Baz
Sara Esty
as Customer
Mark C. Fullhardt
as Upscale Friars Club
Amanda Mitchell
as Around the World Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Laurie Kanyok
as Dancer
Brayden Newby
as USO Canteen Dancer
Polina Petukhova
as Performer
Jason Hewitt
as Wolford Patron
Todd Grubbs
as Heckler
Kathy Vandereedt
as Dancer
Brianna Ward
as Casino Patron
Patrick Holden O'Neill
as Oz
Leah Read
as Dancer
Adam Grupper
as David Rosenbaum
Randy Kovitz
as Mr. Greenberg
Jeffrey Litman
as Acoustic Musician
Lyn Philistine
as Roberta
Lou Martini Jr.
as Harrisburg Club Manager
Bridget Barkan
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Jaden Waldman
as Mendel
Adriana DeMeo
as Trish
Haleigh Ciel
as Blonde in Front Row
Alonzo Wright
as Shy Baldwin Sax Player
Armand Reiser
as Kitter
King Victoree
as Mover
Dani Nolan
as Gaslight Cafe Employee
Michael Metta
as Jacob
Jeremy Brena
as Billy Jay
Rufus Sewell
as Declan Howell
Zoila Garcia
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Kevin Isola
as Stage Manager
Courtney Leigh Halford
as Cocktail Waitress/B. Altman Fashion Model
Tania Asnes
as Agnes Reynolds
Eben Levy
as Band Member
Vanessa McMahan
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Afra Hines
as Cuban Club Dancer
Lenny Venito
as Angie Calibresi
Juan Carlos Diaz
as Drunk Guy
Justine Lupe
as Astrid Weissman
Alla Kliouka
as Woman Worker
Peter Yarin
as Pianist
William "Billy" Cohen
as Couple #1 Male
Adam Keane
as Astrid's Relative
Sophie Zucker
as Girl at Gaslight
Brad Neilley
as Joel's Club Patron
Jannel-Marie Diaz
as Performer
Matteo Pascale
as Ethan/Ethan Maisel
Colby Minifie
as Ginger
Xavier Brossard
as Ronan
Stephen Badalamenti
as Junior
Nick Daly
as Bill
Dana Stern
as Anne
Pamela Gaccione
as Dancer
Gregory Abbey
as Pat
Gary Dooley
as Handyman
Amanda Lee Hawkins
as Singer
Will Vought
as Major Buck Brillstein
Matt Bailey
as Guy with Blonde
Jane Lynch
as Sophie Lennon
Bentley Black
as Around the World Dancer
Blaise Corrigan
as Male Driver #1
Joe Grifasi
as Judge Hackett
Cadence Magura
as Esther Maisel
Colin Israel
as Michael Nussbaum
Brendan Gillespie
as Bar Patron/US Soldier
Sonseray Reed
as Harlem Party Goer
Brian Berrebbi
as Ronny
Brett Parker Dixon
as Bellhop Singer
David Paymer
as Harry Drake
Scott Stangland
as Singing Beatnik
Ian Klein
as Wedding Ringer
Sabrina Spencer
as Ella/Subway Passenger
Jim Meskimen
as Joey Parker
Saul Rubinek
as Pauly Auerbach
Jennifer Caponi
as Hotel Patron
Danny Burstein
as Sewell ('The Legend Of Lizzie')
LeRoy McClain
as Shy Baldwin
Chase Ramsey
as US Soldier
Erin Fritch
as Apartment Mom
Kiana Rodriguez
as Cuban Club Backup Dancer
Julia Kay
as Fountainebleu Guest
Vin Scialla
as Steiner Chef Singer
Joseph D. Durbin
as US Officer Thatcher
Holly Curran
as Penny Pann
Alison Ingelstorm
as Couple #4 Female
Mark Hilton
as Man in Carnegie Hall
Casey Marie Ecker
as Bar Patron/Curtain Girl/Wedding Guest
Madeleine Martin
as Madeline
Christopher Fitzgerald
as Bobby
Adoralynn Pagan
as Cuban Club Backup Dancer
Cooper S. Lawrence
as Kevin
Harvey Morris
as Slim
Jo Yang
as Mysterious Woman/Older Woman
Rosie Cheeks
as Burlesque Dancer
Melissa Hunter McCann
as USO Canteen Dancer
Fran Lieu
as Imogene's Grandmother
DeeDee Luxe
as Burlesque Dancer
Eliza Ohman
as Tap Dancer
Erin Moore
as Tap Dancer
Caitlin Conlon
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Gaby Tortoledo
as Greeter
as Stripper
Robert Vail
as Cuban Club Dancer
Tanner Pastore
as Ethans friend
Peggy J. Scott
as Verla
Adam Cohen
as Abe's Student/Cpl. Holloway
Matilda Szydagis
as Zelda
Alyssa McGuigan
as Petra
Megan Mistretta
as Striped Shirt Singer
Tamara Kovalchuk
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Gorman Ruggiero
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
David Bluvband
as Virgil
Zach Mellado
as Pvt. Armstrong
Devin Richey
as Miami After Dark Dancer
Kayla Cruz
as Cuban Club Backup Dancer
Frank Greene
as Trumpeter on Miami After Dark
Josh Silverman
as Guy in Audience
Liza Weil
as Carole Keen
Bruce Winant
as Myron
Devon Diffenderfer
as Delivery Boy
Mark D. Gersten
as B. Altman Shopper
Ben Kennedy
as Attendant
Aaron Serotsky
as Howard Fawn
Michael Marotta
as Mr. Fuchtwanger
Jeff Vernier
as Steiner Bartender
Randall McNeal
as Kenneth
Joe Young
as Folksy Duo
Rick Voight
as Butchershop Patron
Ashley Austin Morris
as Subway Woman
Michael Tyrell
as Gaslight Patron
Brennyn Lark
as Dawn
Kate Owens
as Village Pedestrian
Jarrett Winters Morley
as Stagehand
Cristiano Adiutori
as Papa
Robert J Morgalo
as Doorman/US Soldier
Jon Wolfe Nelson
as Draper
Emma Cornwell
as Performer
Steve Boockvor
as Couple #3 Male
Jordan Beall
as USO Canteen Dancer
Brian Patrick Whitted
as Tommy
Ben Curtis
as Waylon Jones
Nick Marchetti
as Cocktail Coffee Mug Guy
Demonte Thompson
as Harlem Club Goer
Dave T. Koenig
as Darren
Mark Lehneman
as US Soldier/Waiting Husband in Salon
Emy Lévy
as Teacher
Rhett Kalman
as Dancer
Mike Rosengarten
as 'Sixteen Tons' Trio/Banjo Player
Pedro Marcelino
as Apollo Theater Guest
Cynthia Darlow
as Mrs. Moskowitz
Wakeema Hollis
as Harriet
Emma Kathryn
as Patron
Josh Cooke
as Mason White
Dillon Geyselaers
as Heckler
Alex Minton
as Mailroom Employee
RaJahnae Patterson
as Shy Baldwin Dancer
David Shumbris
as Drunk Guy
Michael J. Brown
as Singer
Kylie Victoria Edwards
as Doris
Grace Buckley
as Dancer
Keith Herron
as Lester
Michael Cuomo
as Doorman
Andrew Keenan-Bolger
as Perry
Roger Brenner
as College Professor
Will Rogers
as Johnny
Nancy Kathryn Anderson
as Helena Rubinstein Instructor
J.T. Horenstein
as Morty
Lauralyn McClelland
as Dancer
Melissa Becraft
as Oklahoma Maid Dancer
Doris McCarthy
as Audience Member/Coat Check Customer/Deli Patron/Shopper/Subway Passenger/Upper Westsider
Elizabeth Fowler Lloyd
as Oklahoma Maid Dancer
Charlotte McGinley
as Tap Dancer
Alicia Lundgren
as Tap Dancer
Michelle Somruthai D'Angelo
as Old Town Bar Girl on Date
Andrew Gillespie
as Synagogue Member
Dave Konig
as Comic/Morris
Ginger Twist
as Myra
Michael Babcock
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Eliana Girard
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Ethan Dubin
as Oliver
David Deblinger
as Charlie
Matthew Lynady
as USO Canteen Dancer
Jonathan Stuart Cohen
as Couple #4 Male
Scott Robertson
as Paul
Jessica M. Seavor
as Cuban Club Dancer
Logan Riley Bruner
as Lance
Carolee Carmello
as Loretta
Berry Basile
as Mother
Jack O' Connell
as Jerry
Matt Giroveanu
as Dinkins
Michael Arden
as Milken Prince
Barbara Malley
as Goldie
Nicholas Sipes
as Dancer
Dillon Kondor
as Acoustic Musician
Lindsay Brill
as Lady Customer
Jessica Aronoff
as Dancer
Jazmin Grace Grimaldi
as Casino Girl
Stephanie Hsu
as Mei
Nico Amatullo
as Columbia Student
Tomas Matos
as Cuban Club Dancer
Steve Goffner
as Mathematics Professor
Samantha Lawton
as USO Canteen Dancer
Allen Lewis Rickman
as Red Skelton
Alix Elias
as Susie's Mom
Ken Perlstein
as Doug
Erik Gratton
as Ted
Megan McGinnis
as Loula
Michael Pesko
as Miami After Dark Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Harriet Foy
as Woman in Apollo Audience
Sean Kelso
as Tony Difiori
Lisa Panagopoulos
as Midtown Pedestrian
Woody Fu
as Chinese Delivery Guy
Lauren Schaffel
as Amelia
Ryan Metcalf
as Carson
Max Samuels
as Young Poet
Peter Linari
as Zundee
Yasmeen Sulieman
as Girl #3
Scott Long
as Chubby Young Man
Brooke Walter
as Fitting Room Model
Noah LaPook
as Fridge Beatnik
Ato Blankson-Wood
as Lindsey Trent
Darrian Strong
as Bartender
Sammy Peralta
as Miguel
Ricky A. Schroeder
as Man with Autoharp
Jacob Pressley
as Waiter Singer
Zachary Leipert
as Casino Patron/Restaurant Patron/Wedding Guest
Brian Faherty
as Dice Shooter
Léa Llaveria-Powell
as Performer
Philip Hoffman
as Leslie Nunberg
Megan Kelley
as Tap Dancer
Jack Corcoran
as Couple Guy
Matt Cusack
as Button Club Band
Michael Iacono
as Boy Scout
Sivan Roth
as Dancer
Christine Mirzayan
as Midtown Pedestrian
Molly Brown
as Leah
Rich Duva
as Policeman
Caitlin Wilayto
as Julie
Jonathan Randell Silver
as Audience Member
Alison Smith
as Jane Jacobs
Matt Hurley
as Howard
Jessica McHugh
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Cary Elwes
as Gavin Hawk
Conor Proft
as Assistant
Michael Devine
as Sal
Peter Grosz
as Bernie Zucker
Alex Farlow
as Lone Guy
Bailey De Young
as Imogene Cleary
Mike Massimino
as Officer Peluso
Ethan Lipton
as Ethan Carter
Juliet Perrell
as Club goer
Anni Krueger
as Velma
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Pedestrian
Lilli Stein
as Vivian
Katherine Roarty
as Dancer/Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Marina Lazzaretto
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Robin S. Walker
as Marla
Faron Salisbury
as Luther
Michael Torpey
as Eugene
Burnelle Rose Gleason
as Audience Member
Lindsey Ferguson
as Dancer
Marco Torriani
as Soldier #4
Ester Steinberg
as Sally
Susan Pellegrino
as Maureen
Jacqueline Grabois
as Singing Beatnik
Jean Brassard
as Pere
Lauren Chastain
as Dancer
Caitlin Mehner
as Honey Bruce
Evan Kasprzak
as Couple #2 Male
Devon Bostick
as Alan
Larry Wendorf
as Louie
Erin West
as Affluent Woman #2
Kelsey Carthew
as Greta
Annie Meisels
as Operator
Bob Leszczak
as Tailor/Maisel and Roth Supervisor/Supervisor/Maisel and Roth Head Tailor
Gary Littman
as Kenny
Jake Silbermann
as Marv
Estee Beck
as USO Canteen Dancer
Andreas Jovovich
as Dancer
Robert Myers
as Boyfriend in Cafe
Jack O'Connell
as Jerry
Jarvis Tomdio
as Soldier #8
Jaden Foreman
as Gregory Hines
Charissa Hogeland
as Florence
Steven Cambria
as Customer #1
Jo Twiss
as Woman
Lino Del Core
as Craps Dealer
Darlinda Just Darlinda
as Burlesque Dancer
Daniel Hirsh
as Wolford Patron/Card Player
Adam Griffin
as Roy
Johnny Castro
as Harlem Party Goer/Theater Attendee
Brian Hatch
as Bellboy
Anna Bridgforth
as Burlesque Dancer
Steven Hauck
as Dawes
Israel Martinez
as Cuban Club Dancer
Margot Bingham
as Steiner Resort Band Singer
Sarah Storm
as Customer #2
Mark Jacoby
as Professor Lerman
Alexandra Clear
as Gaslight Patron
Kenneth Boys
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer/B. Altman Dancer
Jequan Jackson
as Lally
Brian Myers Cooper
as Art Patron #1
Victor Verhaeghe
as Antonio
Jason Furlani
as Mario
Brandt Martinez
as Wedding Ringer
Tommy Beardmore
as Curren Cleary
Corinne Munsch
as Tap Dancer
Sarah Beymer
as Dancer/Joel's Dance Partner/Tap Dancer/USO Canteen Dancer
Tommy Nohilly
as Plumber
Cody Jamison Strand
as Young Fan
Tricia DeSario
as Tap Dancer
Diallo House
as Bass Player
Michael Zegen
as Joel Maisel
Nick Reynolds
as Jimmy
David Mason
as Mr. Cranmer
Wolfgang Pissors
as Rolf
William Ryall
as Manfred
Leila J. Babson
as Bella Abzug
Brandon Salerno
as Truman
Lynn Cohen
as Bubbabosia
Anne Bates
as Passing Woman
Amy Yakima
as Couple #2 Female
Miguel Santiago
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Comedy Club Goer
Christopher Babcock
as Around the World Dancer
Maxwell Zener
as Leonard
Allison Rogers
as Affluent Woman #1
Aidan Hart
as Young Man
Ricardo Zayas
as USO Canteen Dancer
Corey Masklee
as Wait Staff
Ben Gougeon
as Ed Grieg
Jeff Panzarella
as Tony
Richie Allan
as Irv
Karen Hyland
as Dancer
Trent Dawson
as Scott
Khori Petinaud
as Shy's Backup Dancer
Robby Johnson
as Jackie Vernon
Josh Hemphill
as Frederick
Christopher Lopez
as U.S. Military Soldier
Lisbet Polinario
as Performer
Lynnsey Lewis
as Young Woman
Ian Campayno
as Gaslight Guy
Ariana Venturi
as Alya Feinberg
Lauryn Pithey-Petrie
as Park Passerby
Ted Sperling
as Steve Allen
Matt Grossman
as Lounge Sound Guy
Thomas Lyons
as Club Manager
Meg Jay
as Audience Member
Sacha Bourdo
as Sergei
Daniel J. Watts
as Henry
Misha Brooks
as Bellboy #1
Rayna Starr
as Mandy
Scott Raneri
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Cary Donaldson
as Drunk Guy
Alexander Cruz
as USO Canteen Dancer
Renée Marino
as Cuban Club Dancer
Brandon Uranowitz
as Buzz Goldberg
Sarah Baskin
as Elsa
Mia Price Notarnicola
as Dancer
Aniela McGuinness
as Receptionist
Jeremiah Wiggins
as Mr. Stanyon
Travis John Martin
as Air Force Soldier/Gaslight Café Attendee
Kevin Pollak
as Moishe Maisel
Keith Schneider
as Penny's New Boss
Paul Adelstein
as Oscar Lehman
Catie Whalen
as Tap Dancer
Dan Domenech
as Cuban Club Dancer
Grant Shaud
as Howie Stapleman
Max Azulay
as Partygoer
Sterling K. Brown
as Reggie
Josh Evans
as Geno Masters
Christopher De Stefano
as Beach Goer/Fontainebleau Guest
Amber Nelson
as Vivian's Parents' Contemporary
Christopher McIntyre
as Deli Patron
Christopher G Gates
as Barbershop customer
Todd Cerveris
as Liev Lehman
Suki Úna Rae
as Stage Deli Girl
Carrington Vilmont
as Breen
Arcadian Broad
as Fontainebleau Dancer
Laura Shoop
as Upper West Side Woman
Thomas Sutter
as Dancer
Mietta Gornall
as Dancer
Max Casella
as Michael Kessler
Nolan Gerard Funk
as Josh
Meghan Roberts
as B-List Starlet
John Weigand
as Mel
P.J. Morrison
as Comic #1
Warren Bub
as Blackjack Player
Albert Jones
as Marcus
Gina Costigan
as Officer Judy/Policewoman
Sydney Farley
as Waitress
Bella Muller
as Cece
Michael X. Martin
as Doorman
Cecelia Antoinette
as Sweet Older Lady/Thelma
Dane Biren
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Jen Olivares
as USO Canteen Dancer
Steve Hamm
as Court Officer
Daren Kelly
as Elevator Operator
John Petrizzi
as Casino Pit Boss/Caffe Reggio Patron
Denise Burse
as Woman in Apollo Audience
Amanda Bruton
as Vicki
Glen Raphael
as Steiner Resort Patron Singer
Emma R. Mudd
as Shirley Temple Sister
Kiera Magura
as Esther Maisel
Thomas Place
as Hora Dancer
Arthur Choisnet
as Well Dressed Man
Christopher Manning
as Kent
Barbara Ryan
as Comedy Club Guest/Hotel Patron
Steven Maier
as Ezra
Markita Prescott
as Martha
Alexandra McGuire
as Beach Goer
Emily Bergl
as Tessie
Ben Clark
as Folksy Duo
Jonathan Sienkiewicz
as Ray/Vinnie
Jason DeStefano
as Bouncer at Wolford
Tony Macht
as Bellboy #2
as Gorgeous Woman
Matthew Ryan
as Pool Goer
Anthony Raimondi
as Dancer
Rick Crom
as Jerome
Frank Ridley
as Sal
George Goulart
as Copa Cabana Club Member/Friar Club Member
Leslie Fray
as Lillian
Lucy DeVito
as Irene
Sonny Stollman
as Soldier
Jason Mello
as Drunk Guy's Friend #2
Aspen Waddell
as Isabelle
Alicia McGinty
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Alessa Neeck
as Helena Rubinstein Dancer
Maria Alexis Rodriguez
as USO Canteen Dancer
Mary Callahan
as Dancer/Tap Dancer

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2019 | 8 Episodes

Season 4

2021 | 6 Episodes




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