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The story is set during the Second World War and deals with a group of children living in the North East of England in a town called Garmouth regularly suffering from bomb attacks by the German forces. One of the children raids a German aircraft that crashed in the area and takes a fully operational machine gun, intending to set up their own fortress. They fire the gun at a German plane, missing it but forcing it to crash-land; the gang befriend the pilot, not knowing that they had caused him to crash. The plot reflects the terrors, paranoias and anxieties which were part of 1940s Britain.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 23, 1983

Also Known As: Der Feind, The Machine Gunners


Company Credits

Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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Mark Oliver
as Newbold
Mike Doolan
as Mullins
Geoff Lawson
as Andy
Jonathan Nibbs
as Whiteload
Mark Seaman
as Gordon
Pauline Moriarty
as Mrs. McGill
Norma Day
as Mrs. Jones
Terry Joyce
as Police constable
Jan Gordon
as Mrs. Brownlee
Anthony Daley
as Cuthbert
Harry Herring
as Stan Liddell
John Gornall
as Cmdr. Horsfall
Gwen Doran
as Mrs. Spalding
Susie Johns
as Mrs. Brown
Shaun Taylor
as Chas McGill

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Season 1

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