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October 27, 2021
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About this title


Things are crowded in the Loud household, with 11 children -- 10 girls and one boy -- causing craziness in the house. As the only boy, 11-year-old Lincoln is in the middle of all of the chaos. Whether his sisters are giving him unwanted makeovers or he's racing them to the couch to gain control of the TV, Lincoln is often getting involved in antics with his siblings. Lincoln's best friend Clyde, who happens to be an only child, is jealous of Lincoln's large family and is always willing to play his part in the schemes. Clyde has a crush on Lori, Lincoln's oldest sister and self-proclaimed boss, who is dating Bobby, who holds many jobs -- including lifeguard and mall security guard -- even though he's not very smart.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: May 2, 2016

Also Known As: ザ・ラウド・ハウス, The Loud House |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Radio Televisión Española (RTVE)


Caitlin Carmichael
as Kat
Charlie Schlatter
as Commercial Announcer/DJ/Dad #1/Dr. Feinstein/Senior Male Gift Wrap Customer/Smellwood Brosin/Spooky TV Announcer/Tween #2
Kimberly Brooks
as Assistant/Kids/Tween #1
Brec Bassinger
as Margo/Burpin' Burger Customer
Ruben Garfias
as Hector/Male Couple/TV Announcer/Villain
Dee Bradley Baker
as Charles/Cliff/Airport Security/Cleopawtra/Dog Show Judge/Male Vocalist/Nepurrtiti/Olmec/Schmitty/Semi Truck Cat/Steve/The Kitty/Victorie/Walt
David Chen
as Father/Male Mercado Customer #2
Evan Kishiyama
as Richie
Paul Scheer
as Gus
Alex Cazares
as Carl/Delivery Girl/Dona/Female Samples Employee/Hipster Woman/Kid in Audience/La Galina Malvada/Old Woman
Lauren Tom
as Cici/Burpin' Burger Mom/Ms. Pham
Dino Andrade
as Audience Member/Busker/Passerby #2
Mindy Sterling
as Dr. Shuttleworth/Brunette Woman/Female Mountie/Officer Schoffner
Parsa Montazeri
as Amir
Janet Varney
as Automated Voice/Dr. Linnaeus
Ursula Taherian
as Katie Crest
Natalie Coughlin
as Nikki
Chrissy Cannone
as Bethany/Brie/Diane
Blake Bertrand
as Flat Tire
Lara Jill Miller
as Lisa/Liam/Persephone/Lisa Loud/Becky/Margo/Nurse Patti/Beatrice/Billy/Blanch/Boy/Dana/Daughter in Car/Female Customer/Female Teen/Friend #4/Ghost Lisa/Hattie/Judge #1/Kid #2/Kindergartener/Levi/Lisa lookalike/Little Kid/Middle School Boy #2/Nun/Patient/Paula's Mom/Penny/Poetry Student 2/Staffer/Stevie/Teacher/Teddy Bear Voice/Teen Girl/Teen Girl #2/The Robot/Tie Guy's Wife/Twin Sister #2/Viking Woman/Woman/Zombie Girl
Wyatt Griswold
as Rusty Spokes/Rusty/Party Boy
Kamali Minter
as Amy/Lyberti
Glory Curda
as Chloe
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Principal Huggins/Florist
Mariel Sheets
as Darcy
Carolina Ravassa
as Ana Ronalda
Ashly Burch
as Lainey
Diego Alexander
as Rusty
Greg Cipes
as Luke Loud
Juliocesar Chavez
as Classmate #1
Tova Litvin
as Pop Singer
Nic Nagel
as Teenage Boyfriend
Sainty Nelsen
as Mee-Maw
Megan Cavanagh
as Hockey Fan/Stern Fern
Ashleigh Crystal Hairston
as Nadia
Caleel Harris
as Clyde/Clyde McBride/Clyde McBride (segment "Teacher's Union")/Danny
A.J. LoCascio
as Sully/Male Cheerleader/Room Service Attendant
Kelly Jean Badgley
as Jean Jun Player/Maya
Kari Wahlgren
as Ms. Carmichael/Automated Voice/Captain/Cashier/Director/Disembowler/Edna/Gabby/Girl #1/Golf Cart Girl/Kids/Maggie/Shopper #1/The Disemboweler/Unknown Mom/Woman
Hiromi Dames
as Jackie/Sebastian
Ari Castleton
as Boy #1/Game Booth Attendant
Jackson Petty
as Lincoln
Maddie Taylor
as Dana/Dana Dufresne/Donnie/Emcee/Spa Customer
Alan Ruck
as Cop/Tetherby
Asher Bishop
as Lincoln/Ghost Lincoln/Linc the White Haired/Lincoln Loud/Lincoln as Myrtle/Simon/Triton
Curtis Armstrong
as Mr. Gurdle
Chandni Parekh
as Alice/Lacey
Sumalee Montano
as Maria/La Tormenta/Luchadora/Mrs. Santiago
Brian Stepanek
as Dad/Hunter Spector/TV Announcer/Announcer/Young Dad/Game Voice/Hockey Player/Jay Rock/Professor/Waiter/Alien/Aloha Comrade Host/Angry Driver/Annoyed Customer/Armchair/Biker #2/Biker Man #2/Black Mirror/Boy #1/Boy Party Goer/Canadian Student 2/Delivery Man/Doctor/Dream Boat Announcer/Dream Boat TV Announcer/Farm Stand Customer/Friend #1/Garbage Man/Guard/Hot Air Balloon Operator/Hot Dog Customer/Indecisive Man/Jolly Jim/Lab Scientist/Little Old Man/Lull-A-Bot/Mailman/Male Senior Citizen/Male Shopper/Male Teen #1/Man/Manager/Mango Guy/Middle Aged Man/Moving Truck Driver/Mummy Kid/Niblick's Caddy/Pet Store Employee/Pizza Guy/Police Officer/Pool Manager #2/Referee/Reporter/Robot Todd/Small Man/Student/Stuntman/TV Announcer #1/Time Machine/Todd/Todd Robot/Translator/Vampire TV Announcer/Vendor/Video Game Voice/Worm/Zombie
Debi Derryberry
as Miss Allegra/Auntie Pam/Classmate
Angela Malhotra
as Ms. Shrinivas
Jay Gragnani
as Classmate #2
Kapil Talwalkar
as Raj
Krizia Bajos
as Margarita/Female Mercado Customer
Liliana Mumy
as Leni/Leni Loud/Blair/Brenda/Club Kids/Crying Baby/Kids/Leni's Double/Preschooler #2/Twin Sister #1/Young Leni
Aimée Castle
as Ms. Borutski
Shondalia White
as Georgia
Doug Rockwell
as Border Guard/Doug
Veronica Cartwright
as Sue
Ben Giroux
as Commercial Announcer/Giovanni Changs Host/Jack in the Box/Male Counselor/Mechanical Voice/Small Boy/Teen Boy/Trevor
Grey Griffin
as Lola/Lana/Lily/Scoots/Cheryl/Meryl/Mrs. Bernardo/Mrs. Gurdle/Lana Loud/Lily Loud/Lola Loud/Coach Keck/Announcer/Secretary/Shannon/Aunt Ruth/Baby/Baby on Bus/Bernadette/Beulah/Billy Jolt/Bonnie/Buttery Voiced Narrator/Charles/Cookie Assistant/DeLola/Dog Show Judge/Electronic/Employee/Female Senior/Female Vocalist/Fox Kid #1/Gabby's Mom/Girl/Goat Wrangler Kid/Graziana/Hassan/Heavenly Chorus/Jessica/Karate Girl/Kid #1/Kindergartener/Lana Beast Head/Lana's Double/Leif/Leon/Lexx/Lily Beast Head/Lola Beast Head/Lola's Double/Maggie's Mom/Middle School Boy #1/Mrs. Jelinski/Pam/Photography Girl/Poetry Student 1/Ribbon/Rock Climbing Instructor/Stage Manager/Stroller Mom/Taylor/Teen Girl/Townsperson/Trench Coat Woman/White-Haired Mom/Woman
Samuel Faraci
as Tiago
Rick Zieff
as Gramps
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Mayor Davis
Wilber Zaldivar
as Big Kid #1/Hawk
Tarreyn Van Slyke
as Tarreyn
April Stewart
as Bratty Kid's Mom/Scout Leader
Alani Ilongwe
as Tippy the Cow/Animal Handler/Animatronic/Elliot/Oliver
Tex Hammond
as Lincoln/Lance/Lincoln (segment "Game Boys")
Fred Tatasciore
as Bernie/Big Biker/Biker Man #1/Bingo Caller/Colonel Crackers/Dad in the Van/Exterminator/Farmer/Game Announcer/Manager/Navy Seal#1/Poetry Student 3/Police Officer/Pool Manager #1/Security Guard/Senior/Sergei/T-Bone
Georgie Kidder
as Haiku/Club Kids/Polly Pain/Third Grade Girl #2
Telma Hopkins
as Maybelle
Marisol Nichols
as Principal Ramirez
Dylan Boyack
as Male Customer #3/Town Member
Bruce Locke
as Mr. Nakamura/Joke Guy/Male Chef
Jack Griffo
as Tristan
Haley Tju
as Stella/New Girl/Yodel Boy
Lauri Fraser
as Mrs. Kernicky/La Tigresa
as Miguel
Marc Summers
as Marc Summers
Stephanie Sheh
as Beatrix/Beau/Belle/Stella's Mom
Keith Ferguson
as Dunk Tank Attendant/High Roller Attendant/Narrator
Lea Moreno
as Belinda/Birdie
Hannah Nordberg
as Mollie
Thomas Robie
as Classmate #2
Mateus Ward
as Big Kid #2/Hank
Michael McDonald
as Howard/TV Announcer/Antonio/Appraiser/Boy #2/Howard McBride
Ashton Arbab
as Kid on Bus
Ethan Loh
as Dexter
Kay Bess
as Dog Show Emcee
Gunnar Sizemore
as Trent
Jan Johns
as Corinne/Narrator/Third Grade Boy/Third Grade Girl
Carson Pak
as Bumper
Gary Anthony Williams
as The Manager
Ariel Fournier
as Mandee
Phil LaMarr
as Kotaro/Bus Driver/Mr. Scully/Orderly/Principal/Reg/Steve/Tie Sales Clerk
Anjali Bhimani
as Jesse Hiller/Woman
Rachel Butera
as Michelle
Tristan Chase
as Classmate #5
Eric Nam
as Yoon Kwan
Altara Michelle
as Bianca/Brooke
Sean Giambrone
as Benny/Mrs. Appleblossom
Ashlyn Madden
as Carol/Carol Pingrey
Jennifer Coolidge
as Myrtle
Rob Paulsen
as Seymour/Food Delivery App/Lane Loud/Male Nurse/Mrs. Coconuts/Pop-Pop's Suit/Senior/TV Announcer/Valet
Eugenio Derbez
as Dr. Santiago
Sydney Mikayla
as Joy
Jane Lynch
as Coach Hutch
Maile Flanagan
as Byron/Amy/Eighth Grader/Morgan
Jamie Kaler
as Announcer/Beaverton Police Officer/Softball Coach
Mark Daugherty
as Kaito/Tween #1
Barry Williams
as Bumper Sr.
Nicole Bruner
as Marisa
Kyle Clifford
as Rowdy McQuads
Ian James Corlett
as Jeffrey/Lincoln's Double/Miguel Puga/Quizmaster/Record Store Owner
Calvin Zwicker
as Bratty Kid/Zombie Boy
Maureen McCormick
as Jancey
Sabrina Fest
as First Grade Teacher/Meli Ramos
Breanna Yde
as Ronnie Anne
Ben Pronsky
as Principal Marshall
Christopher Bell
as Caleb
Kath Soucie
as Club Manager/Mrs. Vaporciyan
Sunil Malhotra
as Par/Dance Instructor/Juice Clerk/Laser Maze Employee/Male Hi 'N' Buy Customer/Male Mercado Customer #1/Man
Jim Meskimen
as Announcer/Junkyard Guy/Manager/Ted
Makana Say
as Sameer
Grant Palmer
as Lincoln Loud/Grant/Burpin' Burger Employee/Employee/Sports Player
Cooper Barnes
as Stan Stankco
Karsyn Elledge
as Bobbie Fletcher
Catherine Taber
as Lori/Girl Jordan/Katherine Mulligan/Lori Loud/Jordan/Reporter/Art Teacher/Ballerina/Betty/Beverly/Biker Girls/Canadian Student 1/Cheerleaders/Cherry Dot Voice/Classmate's Mom/Club Kids/Computer Voice/Con Announcer/Customer 5/Daughter/Diner #1/Dry Cleaning Employee/Electronic Voice/Female Customer #2/Female Director/GPS/Game Voice/Gym class girl/Interviewer/Kid in the Van #2/Lee/Lori Beast Head/Lori's Double/Mermaid Lori/Mom in Car/News Reporter/Pam/Pam Fox/Pregnant Goth Mom/Preschooler #1/Rival Coxswain/Sadie/Student 5/Terrifying Zombie/Whitney Wetta/Young Lori
Bert Kreischer
as Rip Hardcore
Bria Danielle Singleton
as Camille
Richard Steven Horvitz
as Morpheus/Chaz/Bus Driver/David/Joey/Mr. Spokes/Flash Card/Male Teen/Pablo/Rodney/Rusty's Dad/Skippy/Swim Team Boy #2/Teen Boy
Alexandra Ryan
as Fiona
Matt Kirshen
as Hugh
Morgan Gingerich
as Classmate #3
Daran Norris
as Coach Niblick/Baseball Announcer/Bert/Cafeteria Student/Golf Announcer/Host/Kurt/Little Miss Cutie Pie Pageant Judge/Man/TV Announcer
Kana Koinuma
as Superintendent Chen/Female Senior Citizen
Luke Youngblood
as Theo/Tween #2/Tween #4
Jadon Sand
as Classmate #4
Carlos PenaVega
as Bobby/Boyz Will Be Boyz/Jock/Laundromat Manager/Self - Host/Tall Burly Man
Pamela Adlon
as Tabby
Audrey Wasilewski
as Geo/Girl Duck/Mourning Dove
Mela Lee
as Principal Rivers
Pierce Gagnon
as Ryan
Ethan Michael Mora
as Rocky
Jared Kozak
as CJ
Ogie Banks
as Spencer/Comedy Lounge Manager/Leo/Swim Team Boy #1
Jacob Dixon
as Classmate #3
Sonia Manzano
as Rosa
Leah Zhang
as TV Announcer
Mason Vaughan
as Papa Wheelie
Wade Williams
as Coach/Public Address Announcer
Lily Mae Silverstein
as Renee
Owen Rivera-Babbey
as Rusty
Christopher Swindle
as Pop-Pop
Evangeline Lomelino
as Emma
Fred Willard
as Pop-Pop
Melissa Joan Hart
as Mrs. Chang
Christian J. Simon
as Casey
Nika Futterman
as Luna/Boris/Luna Loud/Mrs. Salter/Student/Woman/Alexis/Barbara/Bodhi/Chad/Countdown Voice/Crowd Member 1/Elderly Woman/Female Customer #1/Female Staff Member/Front Desk Clerk/Girl #2/Golf Student/Goon #2/Guessing Booth Attendant/Hostess/Jean Juan Host/Joannie/Kid in the Van #1/Kindergarten Boy/Luna's Double/Middle School Student/Mrs. Reynolds/Nigel/Park Kid/Poetry Teacher/Pool Manager #3/Rock God/Shuttle App/Student 1/Student 4/TV Commercial Announcer/Video Game Announcer/Woman in Car/Zombie
Daniel Ross
as Man in Car/Truck Driver
Jace Norman
as Steak Stankco
Susanne Blakeslee
as Mrs. Johnson/Mrs. Jelinkski/Mrs. Jelinski/Photographer
Cristina Pucelli
as Luan/Mr. Coconuts/Dante/Luan Loud/Girl #1/Mrs. Parker/Baby in Class/Bebe/Bippa/Bratty Kid's Mom/Coffee House Manager/Crowd Member 2/Election Announcer/Employee/Female Dorm Mate/Hammer Booth Attendant/Kids/Kindergarten Girl/Large Nose Girl/Librarian/Male Teen #2/Miranda/Mobile Babysitting App/Motel Manager/Scarecrow/Server/TV Show Announcer/Teddy/Teen Girl/Teen Girl #1/Tippy/Toy Phone Voice/Umpire
Carlos Alazraqui
as Sergio/Carlos/Vito/Waiter/Ad Voice/Band Leader/Bus Driver/Conductor/Customer/El Falcon/Goivanni/GravyBot/Jerry Kling/Male Golf Student/TV Announcer
Blair Dinucci
as Bernice/Bertha
Jorge R. Gutiérrez
as Lucha Libre Commentator
Marlow Barkley
as Sasha
James Sie
as Senior Male Hat Customer/Waiter
Shane Selloria
as Little Boy
Michelle C. Bonilla
as Mrs. Flores
Tara Strong
as Maddie/Coaster Rider/Kai/Rink Owner/TV Announcer
Andre Robinson
as Clyde/Clyde McBride/Clyde McBride (segment "Head Poet's Anxiety")/Clyde as Nana Gayle/Ghost Clyde/Ka-Lyde/One-Eyed Jack
Izabella Alvarez
as Ronnie Anne/Young Ronnie Anne
Addie Chandler
as Big Kid
JP Karliak
as Vic
Michelle Lewis
as Michelle
Jess Harnell
as Bass Player/Billy's Dad/Pucker/Pucker Uppenheimer/Sean
Juliet Donenfeld
as Claire
Wayne Brady
as Harold/Harold McBride
Sirena Irwin
as Dr. J/Mrs. DiMartino
Raul Alcantar
as Audience
Roxana Ortega
as Frida/Carlitos/Boy #1/Old Woman/Passerby #1/Postwoman/Princesa Valentina/Young Hector
Leah Mei Gold
as Sid
Joshua Rush
as Classmate #1/Quarterback
Collin Dean
as Lincoln/Lincoln Loud/Ace Savvy/Kids/Lincoln (segment "House of Lies")/Linka Loud/Mr. Coconuts/Warren
Daniel DiMaggio
as Artie
Nazneen Contractor
as Ruby
Alyson Stoner
as Sam/Roxy
Mollie Freilich
as Concierge
Madstone Theater
as The Little Froggy
Bill Mumy
as Timothy McCole
Steele Gagnon
as Trent
Lexi Sexton
as Adelaide
Daniel DiVenere
as Chandler/Jock
Jill Talley
as Mom/Dinky/Griselda/Punk Girl/Abigail/Biker Woman/Brita/Bus Student/Cashier/Claudette/Club Kids/Employee/Female Bus Driver/Female Caddy/Female Director/Fenton/Film Assistant/Fourth Grade Girl/Friend #2/Gardening Grandma/Girl #2/Hot Dog Kid/Kelly/Little Girl/Mall Announcer/Midge/Mom's Double/Mrs. Johnson's Mom/Mustache Guy/Old Woman/Robot/Robot Arms/Sam/Sample Lady/Severed Head/Spunk E. Pigeon/Student/Teammate #1/Teenage Girl Customer/Wedgie Student/Woman/Woman on Scanner/Workout Coach/Young Mom
Alexa PenaVega
as Carlota/Carlota Casagrande/Chinah/Spa Attendant
Jeff Bennett
as Coach Pacowski/Mick Swagger/Norm/Announcer/Automated Lie Detector/Bill Bucky/DareBot/Darebot/Delivery Man/Game Announcer/Goon #1/Interviewer/Lincoln's dentures/Mall Cop Captain/Man/Mitchy/Mr. Rinsler/Narrator/Park Ranger/Racecar/Racetrack Announcer/Ticket Seller/Tie Guy
Tucker Chandler
as Little Boy
Betsy Sodaro
as Female Judge
Loretta Devine
as Nana Gayle
Seth Green
as Loki Loud
Sean Astin
as Loni Loud
Philece Sampler
as Mildred Scalise
Ry Chase
as Mazzy
Kirk Fogg
as Self
Jacob Hopkins
as Andrew
Vanessa Marshall
as Tina/Waitress
Matthew Willig
as Prisoner
Lisa Schaffer
as Beth/Brandy
Jessica DiCicco
as Lynn/Lucy/Lucy Loud/Lynn Loud/Zach/Crowd Member/Karate Girl/Alistair/Audience Kid/Bailey/Bella/Benny/Boy Lynn/Cheerleader #2/Classmate/Clown/Club Kids/Creepy Little Girl Voice/Dog Show Judge/Dominic Dunkster/Friend #3/Ghost Lucy/Jackie/Jared/Lars/Lindsey Sweetwater/Little Girl/Lucy's Double/Lynn Beast Head/Ryker/Stilts Student/Student/Teri/Toddler/Tricksy/Young Woman
Annie Sertich
as Librarian Wetta/Carly
Elisha Williams
as Dirk
David Jacks
as The Amazing Brailster
Trevor Devall
as Carnival Manager/Carnival Worker/Driver/Mr. Budden/News Crew Member/Obnoxious Guy/Prisoner/Referee/Teen Carny/Waiter
Taylor Polidore
as Shelby
Cree Summer
as Paula/Animatronic/Boy/Cheerleader #1/Megan/Soccer Coach/Teammate #2/Tiger Mascot
John DiMaggio
as Flip/Mr. Grouse/Chunk/Edwin/Neighbor/Patchy Drizzle/Pep/Trashy/Young Flip/Ace Savvy/Announcer/Baker/Bandmate/Banger and Mosh Host/Bates/Biker #1/Blarney/Bryant/Buff Guy/Burpin' Burger Dad/Colonel Austin/Cyclist/Darin McGowan/Doctor/Driver/Fireman/Flip Monster/Football Announcer/Game TV Announcer/Game Voice/Gary/Goat/Grouse Wizard/Gruff Bouncer/Guard/Jeff/Kiosk Cashier/Kirby/Male Customer #1/Male Dog Walker/Male Staff Member/Man/Mover/Narrator/News Anchor/Percy/Police Officer/Port-a-Potty Occupant/Radio DJ/Salesman/Scalper/Security Guard/Sloppy's Worker Man/TV Announcer #2/Touchdown Bot/Tough Guy/Tyler/Umpire/Wedgie Student #2/Yoga Instructor
Miles Elliot
as Classmate #2
Jonathan Hylander
as Additional Voices/Leon Cavaratti
Daisy Lightfoot
as Amelia
James Arnold Taylor
as Mr. Bolhofner/Anderson/Bertrand/Burpin' Burger Man/Burpin' Burger Teen/Canadian Boy/Chef Pat/Concession Worker/Fritz/Guy Grazer/Home Decor Employee/Kyle Marshall/Middle Schooler/Mr. Potty Bot/School Cook/Snack Truck Driver/Truth or Dare Teen/Upperclassman
Zoe Pessin
as Classmate 1/Kindergartener/Penelope
Ken Jeong
as Mr. Chang
Eric Bauza
as Bruno/Cory/Rex/Boy #2/Card Shark/Hipster Man/Kitty's Trainer/Male Checkout Employee/Male Couple/Male Judge/Male Mercado Customer/Mr. Reynolds/TV Announcer/Wild Card Willy Cosplayer
Diedrich Bader
as Muscle Fish
Amanda McCann
as Giggles
Eugene Byrd
as Roger

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 26 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 26 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 26 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 26 Episodes

Season 5

2020 | 20 Episodes




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