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October 20, 2021
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About this title


Avid fantasy football fans try to balance their time between the league and their real lives. It becomes a challenge, though, when the good-natured competition gives way to a win-at-all-costs mentality, which begins to spill over into their relationships and even the workplace. It's a cutthroat competition to win the league -- and the bragging rights that come with the feat. The sitcom features a plethora of cameos by real-life NFL players, who play themselves on the series.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 29, 2009

Also Known As: Liga, Лига |  See more »

Parents Guide: Canada (13+), Germany (Not Rated) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

chicago, illinois
male friendship
fantasy american football

Company Credits

Production Co: FX Network


Aziz Ansari
as Dr. Henry Rocha
Brandon Johnson
as Dr. Maxwell
DeRay Davis
as Boris
Charlie Sanders
as Tug
Terrell Suggs
as Terrell Suggs
Tyrann Mathieu
as Tyrann Mathieu
Matthew Berry
as Matthew Berry
Nicky Whelan
as L-E
John Ross Bowie
as Dr. Pete Wyland
Elizabeth Schaible
as Waitress
Katie Wee
as Amy
Matt Iseman
as Airport Police Officer
Corey Mendell Parker
as Corey
Doug Hendrickson
as Doug Hendrickson
Morgan Lambert
as Lakeside Girl/Park Girl
Tommy Condon
as Tommy Condon
Arielle Kebbel
as Libby
Trisha LaFache
as Taco's Notary Girl
Rob Riggle
as Bethesda
Tim Bagley
as Mr. Browner
Michael Hitchcock
as Ed
Katie Sheaffer
as Cute Farm Girl
Nicole J. Butler
as Gloria Lipscombe
Leslie Jones
as Stand Up Student
Matt Kalil
as Matt Kalil
Audrey Lazzara
as Waitress
Matthew Broussard
as Matt
Alyssa LeBlanc
as Actress #1
Sydney Blair
as Chelsea
Rob Huebel
as Russell/Dr. Deramo
Taylor Lewan
as Taylor Lewan
Michael Patrick McGill
as Umpire
Amanda Lund
as George
Jay Ratliff
as Jay Ratliff
Amanda Danielle
as Amanda the Jetta Girl
Da'Vone McDonald
as Bouncer
Echo Kellum
as Mr. McGibblets
Zahra 'Jeskilz' Hamani
as Husna
Stacey Durkett
as Tough Woman
Marshawn Lynch
as Marshawn Lynch
Keegan-Michael Key
as Carmenjello
Timothy Olyphant
as Wesley
Lewis Dauber
as Priest
Alfie Silas
as Choir Singer #2
Epic Lloyd
as Dr. Andre Nodick
Kayla Madison
as Little Girl
Blair Walsh
as Blair Walsh
Jerry Minor
as Greg
Caleb Alexander Cohen
as Tyler
Mike Evans
as Mike Evans
Marcella Gibson
as White party attendee
Nick Smoke
as Mordechai
Ray Liotta
as Ruxin's Boss
Brad Morris
as Glovsie
Addison Timlin
as Girl in Bar
Marianne Chambers
as Nurse
Kandis Mak
as Misha
Jamison Haase
as Draft Kings Moderator
Rich Sommer
as Freddie Mandino
Larry David
as Future Ruxin
Trent Richardson
as Trent Richardson
Robert Seay
as Robert
Beth Crosby
as Lady in Street #1
Evan Shafran
as Mr. Rosenberg
Lori Alan
as Mrs. Shtotelman
Jason Johnson
as Mr. McGibblets
Owen Burke
as Blind Waiter
Krista Kalmus
as Elevator Girl
Elizabeth Hendrickson
as Abby
Corbin Bernsen
as Bruce
Franchesca Patton
as Race Winner
Ali Larter
as Georgia Thompson
Andrew Secunda
as Dr. Ewing
Jessica Kim
as Sushi Bar Hostess
Lee Meriwether
as Gumma Eve
Rebecca Delgado Smith
as Hostess
Lanette Fugit Hannah
as Banquet Attendee
Owen Hochfeld
as Chalupa Batman
Steven Donahue
as Dre Tone #3
Dan Bakkedahl
as OB Doctor
Mike Mitchell
as Police Officer
Hunter Cope
as Shoe Store Clerk
Jayma Mays
as Trixie Von Stein
Claire Coffee
as Claire
Mike Pereira
as Mike Pereira
Neil Casey
as Neal/Neil
Cici Leah Campbell
as White Collar Criminal
Tate Richard
as Young Pete
Megan Green
as Waitress
Lamont Vanhook
as Choir Singer #6
Gary 'G. Thang' Johnson
as TSA Guard
Christopher McDonald
as Judge Hardy
Sabina Gadecki
as Tiffany
Megan Ferguson
as Crazy Tiffany
Samuel Zachary Primack
as Young Kevin
Matt Price
as Jeremy
Hazuki Kato
as Yumi
Jason Witten
as Jason Witten
Jordan Cameron
as Jordan Cameron
Lila Lucchetti
as Cool Bar Girl
Michael Scott Allen
as Sven
Anthony Warfield
as Gold Guy
Steve Agee
as Piano Store Guy
David Saucedo
as Foreman
Rocco Risoli
as Baby Geoffrey
Jared Quay Campbell
as Ref
Courtney Merritt
as Future Ellie
Benton Jennings
as Brassy Judge
Nina Nayebi
as Algerian Mom
Oren Waters
as Choir Singer #4
J.D. Walsh
as JD
Marshall Manesh
as Valet
Richard Riehle
as Santa Claus
Alison Becker
as Darcy
Erinn Hayes
as Heather
Natalie Cohen
as Tiffany
Thomas Lennon
as Bryce
Aaron Lustig
as Mr. Mitchell
Greg Jennings
as Greg Jennings
Sydney Castillo
as Cop
Glenne Headly
as Gloria
Bob Clendenin
as Homeless Man #1
Felix Jones
as Felix Jones
Hilary Pingle
as Mother at Party
Ben Griffith
as Scared Kid
Robert Amico
as Al The Barber
Tristan Chase
as Taco's Kid Patient
Candice A. Buenrostro
as Bar patron
Zach Woods
as Lane
Carlos Hyde
as Carlos Hyde
Bryan Ruttkay
as Seahawks Official
Dan Castellaneta
as Dr. Harvat
Bridget Powers
as Candy
Calais Campbell
as Calais Campbell
Yong Kim
as Minister
Ike Barinholtz
as Frank 'The Body' Gibiatti/Frank Gibiatti
Jessica Chaffin
as Mrs. Shapiro
NaVorro Bowman
as NaVorro Bowman
Brooke Newton
as Brooke
Wayne Federman
as Principal Frazier
Brian Parker
Will Forte
as Chuck
Heather Brooker
as Pedestrian
Craig Gellis
as Check-In Guy
Darren Sproles
as Darren Sproles
Shoshana Bush
as Lanie
Ayman Samman
as Algerian TV Announcer
Lindsay Sloane
as Lindsay/Lindsey
Amie Farrell
as Rafi's Wife
Ryan Kalil
as Ryan Kalil
Bryan Ryan
as Bar Guy
Jonathan Lipow
as Football Commentators/Referee
Antonio Gates
as Antonio Gates
Adam Brody
as Ted
Dylan Neet
as Kid
Gianni DeCenzo
as Young Ruxin
Andrew Santino
as Shapps
Evie Nicholson
as Hot girl in VW Jetta
Kristen Bitting
as Draft King Girl
Christopher Gehrman
as Chris/Condom Customer
Cameron Jordan
as Cameron Jordan
Eric Winzenried
as Tow Truck Driver
Josh Latzer
as Security Guard
Josh Cribbs
as Josh Cribbs
Affion Crockett
as Randall
Ryan Fitzpatrick
as Ryan Fitzpatrick
Kayden Kross
as Kayden
Rox Ann Gonzalez
as Tacos girl
Shannon McClung
as Jeremy
Rick Irwin
as Male Classmate
Jeff Goldblum
as Rupert Ruxin
Katie Gill
as Katie
Vernon Davis
as Vernon Davis
Franklin J. Sterns
as Mental Patient
Lucille Soong
as Security Line Woman
Seth Morris
as Bill Haddock/Bill
Eve Brenner
as Wanda
Connor Kalopsis
as Charlie McCrudden
Erin Heatherton
as Coach Crowley
Tony Daly
as Angry Husband
Mike Mauloff
as Trophy Store Employee
Angela Shelton
as Mrs. Hobart
Will McLaughlin
as Neighborhood Patrol
Kayla L. Chaikin
as French Maid
Taryn Southern
as Taco's Sober Girl
Ryan Shazier
as Ryan Shazier
Wade Williams
as Ruben
Sandra Rosko
as Taco's Truck Customer
Deanna Russo
as Brittany Barber
Saginaw Grant
as Sam
Matt Walsh
as Mr. Friedman
Patrick Engler
as Bar patron
Dale Waddington
as Screaming Lady
Tom Condon
as Tom Condon
Levi Neiter
as The Cutlet
KayCee Stroh
as Cathy
John Cramer
as Rump Burglar
Brenda Song
as Rosette
Ruzena Zatko
as Breast Cancer Patient
Mark Duplass
as Pete Eckhart/Pete
Marianne Muellerleile
as Nurse Bernice
Bryan Theodore
as Imaginary Andre
Alice Lo
as Waitress
Snoop Dogg
as Snoop Dogg
Gwen Van Dam
as Margaret
Tom Yi
as Mr. OO
Jerry O'Connell
as Father Muldoon
Nathan Reid
as Angry Friend
Adrian Peterson
as Adrian Peterson
Adam Jackson
as Choir Singer #5
Roxana Ortega
as Mommy & Me Class Instructor/Various
Mark Gagliardi
as Bakery Employee
Ingrid Haas
as Michelle
Morgan Krantz
as Ruben
Nick P. Ross
as Taco's Addict Patient
Edi Patterson
as Shauna
Kenji Nakamura
as Japanese Sushi Chef
Alexandra Brown
as Choir Singer #3
Gregory Allen Gabroy
as League Pool Friend
Jamey Sheridan
as Ted
Chelsey Crisp
as JoBeth
Nicol Paone
as Colonoscopy Nurse
Ken Marino
as Donny 'The Seed' Sedowsky
Jasyn Jefferies
as Groom at Wedding
Elizabeth Tripp
as Chloe
Jay Glazer
as Jay Glazer
Jorma Taccone
as Spazz
Duncan Bravo
as Festival Guest
Sierra Fisk
as Stewardess
Rick Overton
as Mr. Rosenthal
Paul Schackman
as Rabbi Shtotelman
Paulie Litt
as The Oracle
David Dastmalchian
as Morgue Worker
Hannah Grunow
as Allison
Larry Guli
as Thomas Rivers
Christine Lakin
as Pete's Girl
Richard Fancy
as Rabbi Kirschenblatt
Melorine Adler
as Draft King Model
Elizabeth Shapiro
as Stacy
John Omohundro
as Andre Jr.
Stephen Rannazzisi
as Kevin
Noel Gugliemi
as Perp
Patrick Cox
as Orderly #1
Jesse Einstein
as Jessie
Rich Skidmore
as Security Guard
Cameron Bender
as Ryan
Kevin Nealon
as Chuck Falcon
Amanda Carlin
as Coma Patient's Wife
Aden Schwartz
as Rafi's Son
Nick Kroll
as Ruxin
Kaori Taketani
as Yumiko
Batia Parnass
as Waitress 2010
Jonah Ray
as Gus
Diana Gitelman
as Jogger
Rick Shapiro
as Bum
John DiMaggio
as Bartender
Elaine Kagan
as Mrs. Klein
Matt Forte
as Matt Forte
Ithamar Enriquez
as Cabbie
Bob Glouberman
as D.A. Lipscombe
Renee Pezzotta
as Mrs. Friedman
Brett Gelman
as Gavin
Ankur Bhatt
as Algerian Fan
Adam Karchmer
as Baby Geoffrey
Terry Bradshaw
as Terry Bradshaw
Andrew Daly
as Ethan Cocque/Ethan Coque
Dana White
as The Goon
Cameron Brinkman
as Basketball Player
Jerry Jones
as Jerry Jones
Janet Montgomery
as Ambrosia
Martin Starr
as Stu Pompeu
Charlie Carver
as Trophy Kevin
Bob Odenkirk
as Miles Miller
Jax Malcolm
as Future Chalupa
Jason David
as Chalupa Batman
Paul Scheer
as Andre
Kathleen Gati
as Andrea
Adam Caplan
as Adam Caplan
Rebecca Olejniczak
as EBDBBnB Couple
Angela Trimbur
as Andre's Girl (2009)
Antonio Sabato Jr.
as Father Zaragosa
Mindy Sterling
as Nadia
Elaine Carroll
as Credit Card Lady
Sara Erikson
as Vanessa
Guy Stevenson
as Angry Bar Patron
Peter Chan
as Mini Mart Owner
Devon Abner
as Hotel Bartender
Ori Kalmus
as Basketball Player
Bobby Lee
as Chu/Lee Wei Lee
Seth Rogen
as Dirty Randy
John Marshall Jones
as Referee
Paula Rhodes
as Fiona
Runa Lucienne
as Sticker Bitch #1
Maria Thayer
as Cheryl
Robert Wagner
as Gumpa Duke
Exie Booker
as Kale
Colton Dunn
as Cop
Leslie Bibb
as Meegan
Eric Pumphrey
as Men's Boutique Worker
Punnavith Koy
as Korean Church Goer
Rich Fulcher
as Luther the Hobo
Chris Tallman
as Mr. Swall
Michael Naughton
as Taco's Abandoned Patient
Edward James Gage
as Bailiff
Irene Choi
as Pool Waitress
Jayde Rossi
as Sticker Girl
Mark Cuban
as Mark Cuban
Afrim Gjonbalaj
as Juror
David Krumholtz
as Joel Cocque
Janina Gavankar
as Shiva
Ashley Hinshaw
as Rachel
Michael Villar
as Orderly #2
Stephanie Lemelin
as Waitress
Cort McCown
as Pit Boss Joe
Jacquie Barnbrook
as Taco's Lady Patient
Jeremy Timmins
as Training Camp #34
Monica Thomas
as Women in waiting area
Alia Shawkat
as April
Moshe Kasher
as November
Eliza Dushku
as Kristen
Amy Hill
as Mrs. Hatch
Amber Coyle
as Twin
Laura Clery
as Yoga Instructor
Michael Edwin
as Hardware Store Clerk
Karina Bonnefil
as Lady in Street #2
Julia Duffy
as Martha
Joanna Sanchez
as Sofia's Mama
Brooklyn Decker
as Gina Gibiatti
Anna Camp
as Penny
Fatimah Hassan
as Marathon Runner/Pedestrian
Meredith Giangrande
as Lauren
Colin Flynn
as Wrestler
Brian Palermo
as Brian/Taco Truck Customer
Dichen Lachman
as Marbella
Ken Reid White
as Dre Tone #4
Zuhair Haddad
as Algerian Dad
Steve Zissis
as Craig
Marques Ray
as Motel Manager
Kyle David Pierce
as Paul
Stephanie Escajeda
as Nurse
Ben Lawson
as Dr. Levenson
Timothy Donovan
as Angry Man/Thurber-Horngoode Sufferer/Tim
Kathleen Leary
as Taco Truck Patron
Nadine Velazquez
as Sofia
Phil Reeves
as Judge Hobart
Bobette Jamison-Harrison
as Choir Singer #1
Casey Wilson
as Claire
Pedro Lopez
as Rafi's Landlord
Barry Squitieri
as Dom ( Italian Waiter )
Jasmine Dustin
as Magic tattoo
Alina Foley
as Ellie
Franco Vega
as Police Officer
Stacey Travis
as Judge Humphrey
Marc Evan Jackson
as Mr. Rappaport
Nick Greco
as Waiter
Rich Dalrymple
as Rich Dalrymple
Robert Griffin III
as Robert Griffin III
Melissa Ordway
as Sutton
Christian Boyd
as Young Taco
Meghan Markle
as Meghan
Carlson Young
as Callie/Jaywalking Girl
Leonard Robinson
as Leonard
Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst
as Kylie
Sarah Ruttkay
as Sarah Ruttkay
Jeremy Kocal
as Dre Tone #1
Jay Cutler
as Jay Cutler
Chad Johnson
as Chad Ochocinco
Dov Davidoff
as Sergeant Panico
Miriam Tolan
as Maude
Julia Kuzina
as Nurse
Romy Rosemont
as Jenny's Doctor
Golden Tate
as Golden Tate
Rachel Sterling
as Stripper #2
Stephen Holland
as Lawyer
Brooke Nevin
as Lily
Carlease Burke
as Nurse
Toby Huss
as Flanagan the Drug Dealer
Anya Monzikova
as Ulyanna
Nick Blazy
as Young Andre
Gerald McCoy
as Gerald McCoy
Frederick Lawrence
as Paintball Employee
Tava Smiley
as Tricia Valence
Jim McMahon
as Jim McMahon
Lizzy Caplan
as Rebecca Ruxin
Bill Blair
as Genesis Council Master
June Diane Raphael
as Nurse Pam/Teacher Pam
Chasty Ballesteros
as Stripper #1
Ken Tipton
as Petting Zoo Owner
Elizabeth Schmidt
as 911 Dispatcher
Jackson Rannazzisi
as Geoffrey
Sam Vance
as Football Announcer
Carl McDowell
as Homeless Man #2
Desi Lydic
as Waitress
C.S. Lee
as Assistant Minister
Haneefah Wood
as Teacher
Maree Cheatham
as Elderly Woman
Hemky Madera
as Ernesto
Porscha Coleman
as Camille
Jason Mantzoukas
as Rafi
Devin Crittenden
as Tanner
Molly Schade
as Molly
Steve Little
as Casket Salesman William/William
Mikaela Hoover
as Taco's Girl
Albert Owens
as Company Guy
Tony Mirrcandani
as Priest
Milo Ventimiglia
as Agent Baker
Griffin Dunne
as Burt
Fiona Gubelmann
as Berkley
Rich Eisen
as Rich Eisen
David Barton Harris
as Man on Street
Andrea de Oliveira
as Melanie B.
Sarah Dumont
as Emma
Nathan Fielder
as Evan
Ryan Hansen
as Ben
Erik R. Norris
as Traveler
Karina Colon
as Alison's Mom
Randall Cobb
as Randall Cobb
Carlos Linares
as Latino Worker
John Schneider
as John Schneider
Stephanie Danielson
as Sex Bruises
Natasha Leggero
as Stand Up Teacher
Will Shadley
as Collin
Jack Nathan Harding
as Cowboy
Ethan Dizon
as Classmate #1
Joseph Aviel
as The Wrestler
Anna Clark
as Falcon's Daughter
Samir Patel
as Festival Goer
Maurice Jones-Drew
as Maurice Jones-Drew
Larry Chang
as Waiter
Carlos Alazraqui
as Papi
Patrick Rafferty
as Burger Joint Customer
Thomas Barbusca
as Copper Harris
Jamey Schrick
as Dre Tone #2
J.P. Manoux
as Donald
Talia Tabin
as Waitress
Milana Vayntrub
as Cute Girl in Bar
Melissa Bickerton
as Mrs. Rappaport
Heather Hegeman
as Dr. Melvoy's Daughter
Steven Lee Allen
as Steve
Bob Rumnock
as Priest
Katie Aselton
as Jenny
Megan Kathleen Duffy
as Meg
Tonita Castro
as Theresa
Abbey McBride
as Cake Manager/Race Winner's Mom
Jimmy Clabots
as Extra
Matt Knudsen
as Abe Lincoln
Rolando Molina
as Various
Andy Buckley
as Tony Thompson
Deon Cole
as Mugger
Deion Sanders
as Deion Sanders
Rachel Ann Mullins
as Lourdes
Jason Matthew Smith
as Angry Boyfriend
Nicole Marie White
as Taco's Mistress
Bonnie Hellman
as Old Lady #1
Sidney Rice
as Sidney Rice
Brie Larson
as Ashley
Jonathan Joss
as Takoda
Sarah Silverman
as Heather
Brenda Ballard
as Old Lady #2
Heidi Niedermeyer
as Bookish Girl
Rebecca Drysdale
as Nurse
Christen Sussin
as Pam
Stephanie Allynne
as Sarah
Anna Maria Horsford
as Trina Richardson
Tom Fitzpatrick
as Coma Patient
Will Sasso
as Officer Bungalon
Tino Struckmann
as Husband
Robbie Tucker
as Library Boy/Tiny Tim/Tiny Tim..
Nanami Iwasaki
as Aiko
Kristi Clainos
as Das Dinga
Tracy Rannazzisi
as Tracy
Craig Bierko
as Craig O'Connor
Kristin Cavallari
as Kristin Cavallari
Kendra McDermott
as Bride
Stephon Tuitt
as Stephon Tuitt
Eli Jane
as Bartender
Leonard Earl Howze
as Sky Cap
Thomas Middleditch
as Julian
Leonard Roberts
as Tyree
Dale Stern
as VW Boss
Andrea Harrison
as Leslie
Cade King
as Mental Patient
Rizwan Manji
as Maitre D'
Brent Grimes
as Brent Grimes
Richard Clarke Larsen
as Bum #1
Brandon Carr
as Brandon Carr
Allison Williams
as Danielle
DeSean Jackson
as DeSean Jackson
J.B. Smoove
as DeRon
Jim Garrity
as Ruxin Traffic Cop
Miles Elliot
as Classmate #2
Alexandra Grossi
as Pete's Date
Jonathan Lajoie
as Taco
Frances Callier
as Twyla
Cici Lau
as Ming Wu
T.J. Miller
as Gabriel
Tarina Pouncy
as Louisiana Woman
Andrea Savage
as Gail
Lake Bell
as Brooke
John Hansen
as John Hansen
Ken Lerner
as Rabbi
J.J. Watt
as J.J. Watt
Phoenix Cirillo
as Baby Geoffrey Double
Bill Glass
as Ref Dave
Alyssa Casa
as Birthday Party Child

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2011 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 6

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 7

2015 | 13 Episodes




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Young Entertainer Awards 2016


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