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October 24, 2021
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About this title


'The L Word' follows the lives and loves of a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles. The main character, Jenny, is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, who moves to Los Angeles to live with her boyfriend Tim and begin a professional writing career. Jenny's life is turned upside down when she attends a party hosted by Tim's next-door neighbors, Bette and Tina, a lesbian couple who are about to take the step into parenthood after being together for seven years. A brief encounter at the party with Marina, the owner of the local coffeehouse, suddenly has Jenny thrust into a whole new world that makes her question her own sexual orientation. Other friends of Bette and Tina include Dana, a professional tennis player who is shy but eager to meet the right woman; Alice, a magazine writer who has a brief relationship with a self-identified "lesbian" man; and Shane, a hairstylist who can't stick to just one woman, and Kit, Bette's half sister who struggles with alcoholism.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: January 18, 2004

Also Known As: エル・ワード, The L Word - Wenn Frauen Frauen lieben |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

female friendship
lesbian relationship
los angeles, california

Company Credits

Production Co: Anonymous Content, Dufferin Gate Productions |  See more »


Maiko Yamamoto
as Principal
Shay Kingston
as Jimmi/Performance Artist
Chris Shields
as Cop
Linley Subryan
as Restaurant Customer
Jill Christensen
as Claybourne
Camille Sullivan
as Helen/Valerie Goins
Elizabeth Keener
as Dawn Denbo
Megan Alda
as Alicia- Dancer 4
Peter Hanlon
as Preston Gavin
Kevin O'Grady
as Key Grip
Kimberly Sato
as Jamie's Kids
Jenn Forgie
as Aimee
Joe Howard
as Production Cop
Andrew Fallows
as Guy Gallo
Lucy Lawless
as Sgt. Marybeth Duffy
Andrew McIlroy
as John James
Jason Schombing
as Joe
Marsha Regis
as Maria
Paralee Cook
as Sally
Natasha Jean
as Nadia
Kim Paris
as Teenage Daughter Freak
Tom Pickett
as Gospel Choir
Babs Chula
as Gurudev
Sonia Mais
as Housekeeper
Tina G.
as Self - Vocalist
Kea Wong
as Feef
David Orth
as Mr. Wincorn
Evan Adams
as Dr. Bell
Tony Goldwyn
as Burr Connor
Ty Olsson
as Jim
Guy Demong
as Engineer
Grace Sherman
as Megan
Melanie Lynskey
as Clea Mason
Leigh Lee
as Beth Gill
Katherine Moennig
as Shane McCutcheon
Ron Selmour
as Security Guard
Stephen J.M. Sisk
as Clown/Mentally Challenged Nightclubber
Eric Mabius
as Tim Haspel
Katie Messina
as ER Nurse
Mikka Dargel
as Lather Receptionist
Lynda Boyd
as Fiona Shaw/Isabelle Halsey
Anwar Hasan
as Bus Boy
Mark Houghton
as Robin Bookman
Juan Carlos Velis
as Paco/Paco the Cook
Jeff Ellingson
as Veronica's Assistant
Sarah Strange
as Annette Bishop
Callum Keith Rennie
as Danny Wilson
Dominic Zamprogna
as Greg/Jim
Miriam Smith
as Lamaze Instructor
Olivia Windbiel
as Angelica/Angelica Kennard-Porter/Angelica Kennard/Angelica Porter-Kennard
Sean Allan
as Dick Shaw
Luvia Petersen
as Cowboy/Dax
Robert Quinnel
as Salesperson
Jacob Blair
as Richard
Kyle Labine
as Gus
Natasha Gorrie
as Jamie's Kids
Brent Stait
as Bob
Isabella Hofmann
as Marilyn
Yvette Narlock
as Elvis Drag Girl
Jennifer Ludek
as Bar Patron
Debra Donohue
as Diner
Max Fomitchev
as Frank
Claude Duhamel
as Tim's Friend
Jim Shield
as Simon Frunn-Bonham
Ken Camroux-Taylor
as Father O'Shea
John Reardon
as Resident/Young Dad
Michael Ryan
as Senator Horsey
Jordan Medina
as Little Girl
Brenda Crichlow
as Loan Officer/Sports Reporter
Lisa Howell
as Girl
Roy Duquette
as Burr's Trainer
Caitlin Stryker
as Woman
Robert Henley Starr
as Grip Guy
Gena Vazquez
as Dancer
Andrew Hedge
as 1st A.D.
Matty Finochio
as Staffer
LisaGay Hamilton
as Art Show Attendee
Apollonia Vanova
as Renée
Obi Edwards
as Dancer
Michael Chase
as Robbie
Joanne Wilson
as Megan Swisher
Cheryl Hunter
as Specialist Sochynsky
Randi Lynne
as Nurse
Sarah Widdows
as Young Tiffany
Patti Allan
as Dr. Kaufman
Patrick Sabongui
as Jamal
Derek Baynham
as Dr. Wyler
Kyle Cassie
as Eric
Franco Maravilla
as Freddy
Zak Santiago
as Oscar
Kevin Lorage
as Art Patron #1
Jason Benson
as Officer #1/Police Officer
Michael Wu
as Boy #1
Lolita Davidovich
as Francesca Wolff
Sandra Mayo
as First A.D./First AD
Luciana Carro
as Lisa
Marlee Matlin
as Jodi Lerner
Jonathan Scarfe
as Matt
James Michael Bobby
as Phyllis's Assistant
Kris Pope
as Cycling Dude #1/Emile
Michael-Ann Connor
as Mikela
Carrie Colak
as Mindy
Diana Pavlovská
as Heterosexual Woman
Camille Atebe
as Cute Girl/T
Lyn Alicia Henderson
as Professor
Brett McCord
as Second A.D./Second AD
Pablo Coffey
as Priest
Meg Roe
as Deena
Claudette Mink
as Marlene
Ryan Cowie
as Thief
Matias Hacker
as Gustavo
Kaaren de Zilva
as Evi
Julius Chapple
as Arson Investgator
Katie Ritchie
as Organ Member
Andrew Airlie
as Dr. Shapiro
Luis Javier
as Latino Man
Michelle Candido
as Woman Passing Granola
Margot Kidder
as Sandy Ziskin
M. Evan Jensen
as Helicopter Pilot
Lawrence Bender
as Self
Greg Vernon
as Helicopter Ground Safety
Aurelio DiNunzio
as Health Inspector
Shawn Ayers
as Hustler #1
Michael Inez
as Self
David Berner
as George Parson
Steve Lawlor
as Richard
Warren Christie
as Leo Herrera
Tamara Lashley
as Bisexual Girl
Corin Tucker
as Self
Debora Cohn
as Organ Member
Fraser Aitcheson
as Garbage Man
Brandon Arron
as Man on Sling
France Perras
as Mrs. Greif
Carrie Close
as Sports Fan
Jeanie Cloutier
as Woman at school
Matt Ward
as Jamie's Kids
Carlo Fanella
as Pablo
Katrina Fields
as Bar Girl
Taayla Markell
as Lei Ling
Fin Gareau
as Stanley
Rachel Shelley
as Helena Peabody
Bruce Harwood
as Hotel Manager
Winston Brown
as Tim's Friend
Alicia Thorgrimsson
as Woman at school
Colin Cunningham
as Harry Samchuk
Melissa Rivers
as Self
Bruno Verdoni
as Sean Heaney
Karen Holness
as Dancer
Jeffrey Ballard
as Clerk
Nicki Clyne
as Delilah
Luba Dulpang
as Croupler
Haley Beauchamp
as Maggie Sweeney
Christina Schild
as Allison
Linnea Sharples
as Gretchen/Nina
Kirby Morrow
as Randy Griff
Ingrid Tesch
as Christine Beech
Ryan Robbins
as Bus Stop Man
Gabriel Carter
as Suit #2
Rasika Mathur
as Student #1
Zack Carter
as Handler/Mitch, the Valet
Charlotte Chalmers
as Chanter
Rekha Sharma
as Lori
Audra Ricketts
as Baby Dyke/Hot Tub Girl/Tess
Tanja Reichert
as Entourage Friend #1
Lara Babalola
as Counsellor
Fraser Corbett
as Cute Male Student
Quinn Lord
as Roland
Joy Walker
as Girl #1
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
as Cowboy
Peter James
as Bicycle Cop
Gustavo Febres
as Drag Queen
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Michael Angelo
Bill Mondy
as Movie Type
Joanna Reid
as Prisoner #1
Kim Sato
as Dancer
Angie Pollock
as Self
Beverley Elliott
as Martha
Biski Gugushe
as Protester
Anna Hagan
as Samantha
Moses Layco
as Jamie's Kids
John Murphy
as Protester
Cole Walliser
as Dancer
Tom MacNeill
as Dance Patron/Dance Patron #35
Anne Archer
as Lenore Pieszecki
V.J. Delos-Reyes
as Taxi Stand Supervisor
Irene Olga López
as Mercedes Morales
Bryan Demore
as Messenger
Michael Phenicie
as Brian
Will Sanders
as Gospel Choir Member
Ryan Jefferson Booth
as Moving Man
Beverley Breuer
as Marian/Ms. Rapson
Daniela Buzzi
as Nanny
Anthony Sherwood
as Roger
Alison Fraser
as Party Animal
Laurel Holloman
as Tina Kennard
Nona Hendryx
as Self
Arianna Huffington
as Self
Rosette Sharma
as Wedding Guest
Jeremiah Klein
as Drummer
Guy Fauchon
as Burt
Mia Kirshner
as Jenny Schecter
Mikela Jay
as Iris
Christine Anton
as Xandra Rosenman
Dorothy Fehr
as Semi-Drunk Lesbian
Jay Williams
as Dancer
James Purcell
as Steve Jaffe
Aaron Grain
as Hamilton Green
Holland Taylor
as Peggy Peabody
Anthony McRae
as Guard
Valerie Murphy
as Girl in Airport
Sylvia Rhue
as Owl
Alf Humphreys
as Dick Petersen
Jonathan Cruickshank
as Attendant
Tara Janicki
as Dana's Butch Girl
Tim Henry
as Security Guard
Alistair Lochan
as Aaron
Garry Marshall
as Self
Michael Hogan
as Irwin Fairbanks
Sarah Cole Burnett
as Teenage Girl
Craig March
as Concierge
Sergio Garcia
as Luis
John Gray
as Teenage Boy
Jeffrey Schann
as Male Having Sex #4
Gillian Hutchison
as Margie Adams
David Richmond-Peck
as Eric Sonnenberg
Esmeralda Fortin
as Abuela
Heather Douglas
as Baby Dyke/Girl with Shane
Stephen Powell
as Chair Umpire
Antonio Cupo
as Beck Bishop
Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe
as Cocktail Waitress
Mark Krysko
as Isaac/Issac
Dana Delany
as Senator Barbara Grisham
Dave McGowan
as Roadie
Klodyne Rodney
as Klodyne
Eileen Bui
as Jun Ying/Jun Yin
Patricia Velasquez
as Begoña/Karina
Samantha Ferris
as Meryl Rothman
Michael Soltis
as Hotel Desk Clerk
Lydia Castro
as Farmer Woman
Craig Bartock
as Self - Heart Member
James Pizzinato
as Boy #4
Rachel Hayward
as Ellie
Jasmine Lukuku
as Nicole
Sean Tyson
as Detective Sean Holden
Elizabeth Berkley
as Kelly Wentworth
Mackenzie Gray
as Venus de Myler
Tatiana Turner
as Zanne
Ulla Friis
as Hazel
Heidi Iro
as Hot Tub Girl/Stacy
Elias Lucero
as Little Boy
Marcia Moulton
as Jolene the Receptionist
Dawn Petten
as Significant Other
Wendy Glenn
as Bev/Isabella
Malaika Jackson
as Basketball Player
Elena Murzello
as Anna
Patricia Melone
as Woman #1
Karin Konoval
as Dee Dee
Michael Tiernan
as George
Miles Meadows
as 'Cooper' The Waiter/Wax Customer
Alisen Down
as Priscillia
Paul Popowich
as Josh Becker/Josh Brecker
Erin Karpluk
as Alysse/Susan
Ken Tremblett
as Webster Ash
Derek de Lint
as Manfredi Ferrer
Tamara Lee Noonan
as Prisoner #2
Clint Carleton
as Cyclist
Shanelle Renet
as Chief Warrant Officer Fuller
Josephine Jacob
as Cute Girl
Shawn Colvin
as Self
Terence Kelly
as Phil
Maya Washington
as Club Girl
Rukiya Bernard
as Babysitter
Janina Gavankar
as Papi
Kelly Parks
as Girl #2
Denalda Williams
as Joan North/Joam Noord
Reese Alexander
as Security Guard
Kim Hawthorne
as Yolanda Watkins
David Abbott
as Older Man
Mark Epstein
as Self
Rowan Oliver
as Self
Erin Daniels
as Dana Fairbanks
Nicole Fraissinet
as Jordina Garber
Peter Kelamis
as Movie Type
Hal Myshrall
as Fetish Night Bouncer
Pablo Silveira
as Waiter at house
José Vargas
as Mexican Guy
Samantha Kaine
as Vanessa
Daniella Evangelista
as Rebecca
Robin Nielsen
as Greg
Tristin Leffler
as Marta/Policewoman
Alex Rockhill
as Chef
Peter Benson
as Dad
Don Thompson
as Victor
Charlie Carrick
as Waiter
Tamara Prescott
as Louise
Nancy Wilson
as Self
Cynthia Loewen
as Club Patron
Charles Andrew Payne
as Triple
Candus Churchill
as Gospel Choir Member
Jason Gaffney
as Mark
Chelah Horsdal
as Sally/Psychic
Tara Fynn
as Beautiful Monk/Female Monk
Duncan Minett
as Reporter
Rehema Andeku
as Prisoner #2
Elizabeth Weinstein
as Receptionist
Mei Melançon
as Jamie Chen
Michael Challenger
as Daryl Brewer's Lover
Frazey Ford
as Sister Christine
Nicholas Treeshin
as Tom
Dallas Roberts
as Angus Partridge
Russell Zishiri
as DJ/Emcee
Gabrielle Rose
as Carol
Andre Fex
as Mr. Stewart
Sarah Lind
as Alyssa Neros
Maggie Blue O'Hara
as Lesbian
Katharine Isabelle
as Marci Salvatore
Francine Cohen
as Stripper
Holly Elissa
as Chandra
Fabrice Grover
as Aaron Engleberg
Bruce Carmichael
as Man on Sling
Michael Tayles
as Ewan
Stephen Aberle
as Orthodox Man/Warren Ziskin
Shannon Munro
as Katie
Caroline Cave
as Lindsey English
Jennifer Kitchen
as Goombah Girl/Party Animal Lesbian #2
Dawn Chubai
as EPK Host/Piper
Benjamin Ayres
as Lorenzo
Rosanna Arquette
as Cherie Jaffe
Alonso Oyarzun
as Eduardo
Julie Patzwald
as Sally
Pamela Sue Martin
as Linda Kennard
Aaron Brooks
as Redneck Boy #1
Mike Azevedo
as Attractive Man
Cameron MacDonald
as Director
G. Patrick Currie
as Miles
Jennifer Oleksiuk
as Jamie's Kids
Sarah Penikett
as Twin
Michele Goyns
as Leah
Donna White
as Sydney
Ashley Webber
as Organ Member
Guinevere Turner
as Gabby Deveaux
Joseph Marshall
as Bronc
Donnelly Rhodes
as Colonel Jon Smythe
Larry Kennar
as Self
Matthew Currie Holmes
as Clive
Geoff Gustafson
as Male Nurse
Rose Sias
as Seminar Attendee
Victoria Bidewell
as Nurse
Trish Allen
as Bike Organizer
Eve Ensler
as Jenny's Editor
Scott Logie
as Graham
Alicia Leigh Willis
as Cindi Annabelle Tucker
Barbara Kottmeier
as Madison Halsey/Young Bette
Maria Louisa Figura
as Chanter
Lucia Walters
as Mom/Camilla
Michael Karl Richards
as Roman Brown
Caleb Rogers
as Mikey
Tygh Runyan
as Gene Feinberg
Gina Holden
as New Girl at 'Milk'/Twink
Wendy Dawson
as Concierge
Shira Moss
as Bunny
Devon Casagrande
as Leslie
Melanie Blackwell
as Receptionist
Paula S. Kyan
as Third AD
Lesley Ewen
as Butch Lesbian
Aubrey Arnason
as Patty
Layla Barron
as Cute Girl
Jason Collins
as Daryl Brewer
Emile Shams
as Emile
Heather Matarazzo
as Stacy Merkin
Morris Chapdelaine
as Judge
Matt McColm
as Bouncer
Dean Paul Gibson
as Douglas Chibi
Ian Thompson
as LA Bus Driver
Kasper Michaels
as Photographer
Paul Macherey
as Parent
Deryl Hayes
as Man at Shelter
Julie Pepin
as Phone Girl
Alyson Palmer
as Self/BETTY Member
Christina Jastrzembska
as Older Woman
Sara Botsford
as Allen Barnes
Patricia Mayen-Salazar
as Begonia/Aunt Begonia
Gina Chiarelli
as Dr. Mandy
Tara Hungerford
as Clarissa
Glynis Davies
as Victoria Van Kleef
Wallace Shawn
as William Halsey
MacGareo 'Mank' Thomas
as Waiter at restaurant
Silvana Kane
as Linda
Lisa Robison
as Editor
Aaron Craven
as Kevin Mador/Young Minister
Justine Warrington
as Woman at Retreat
Camille Mitchell
as Becca/Becca Voynovich
Alex Ferris
as Wilson
Chantal Jarry
as Melinda
Monique Ganderton
as Woman in Stairwell
Jason McKinnon
as Boy
Graeme Duffy
as Counter Clerk
Marcus Mosely
as Gospel Choir Member
Noel Johansen
as Martin
Camille Martinez
as Alma
Andrea Whitburn
as Young Dana at Age 16
Meghan Gardiner
as Opera Singer
Aaron Dudley
as Alan
Melissa Leo
as Winnie Mann
Jessica Capshaw
as Nadia Karella
Valerie Tian
as Dierdre
Shawna Merrell
as Waiter
Michael Tomlinson
as Franklin Phillips
Shiraine Haas
as Cat/Cheryl/Lexi
Zoran Vukelic
as Orlando
Kate Pierson
as Self - The B-52's
Ricardo Cordero
as Vinny
Tamiko Whitsett
as Pat
Roan Curtis
as Kid
Sandra-Jessica Couturier
as Shane's Friend
Tanya Champoux
as Female Employee/Gloria/Woman at Copier
Philip Maurice Hayes
as Sheriff Sammy Craff
Tarita Virtue
as Gorgeous Actress
John Stockwell
as Self
as Opera Singer
Penelope Corrin
as Party Animal
Stephen Park
as Waiter
Lisa Bunting
as Group Leader
Shelby Stocks
as Organ Member
Alberto Davila Jr.
as Student #3
D.J. Hicks
as Richard
Stephanie Penikett
as Twin
Leanne Jijian Hume
as Lesbian
Peter Bryant
as Major Dixon
Igor Morozov
as Boris
Nicole Lyn
as Vanessa
Andrew Hrankowski
as Male Having Sex #3
Rhys Williams
as Freddy
Ona Grauer
as Sandy
Matt Connelly
as Waiter
Sammie Denham
as Dancer
Heather Ashley Chase
as Dancer
Ecstasia Sanders
as Dancer
Marc Dion
as Waiter
Jeremy Kulyk
as Boy #2
Brendan Penny
as Coleman Alt/Young PA
Roger Cross
as Sunset Boulevard/Sonny Benson
Kirsten Alter
as Dawn/Nervous Lesbian
Tahmoh Penikett
as Sheriff
Doris Chillcott
as Bus Stop Woman
Christine Chatelain
as Marilyn
Gina Stockdale
as Tipsy Woman
Janet Glassford
as Woman at Computer
Dimitri Zaborajnyi
as Male Having Sex #5
Nina McNeely
as Dancer
Peter Jenkins
as Buttoned Up Employee/Passerby
Iris Paluly
as Orthodox Woman
Benjamin Arthur
as 70's Faggot #2/Hip Guy
Katey Wright
as Script Supervisor
Will Radford
as Steven, Process Server
Leslie Jones
as Volunteer
Cyrcee Perreault
as Woman Whipping
Matt David Johnson
as Dan Halter
Maya Massar
as The Artist
Rob deLeeuw
as Garbage Clerk
Shekhar Paleja
as Eric
Marco Galvani
as Boy #3
Brittany Willacy
as Student
Gerry Morton
as Cycling Dude #2
Nels Lennarson
as Sam
Cindy Maines
as Ralph's Mom
P. Lynn Johnson
as Jan Martin
Janet Weiss
as Self
Sandra Bernhard
as Charlotte Birch
Brenda Campbell
as Mary Lamm/Policewoman
Élodie Bouchez
as Claude/Claude Mondrian
Angela Bohn
as Hollywood Woman
Nancy Anderson
as Dancer
Matt McInnis
as Veronica's Assistant
Ron Chartier
as Ralph's Dad
Tom McBeath
as Hal
Genoa Smith
as Organ Member
Thomas Bradshaw
as Security Guard
Daniela Sea
as Max Sweeney/Moira/Moira Sweeney/Max Sweeny/Max
Paul Edwards
as Gym Queen
Uldouz Wallace
as Maria
Christopher Shyer
as Rod Sebring
as Self
Kristanna Loken
as Paige Sobel
Chris William Martin
as Hunter Kirby
Bruce James
as Mark
Sean Bell
as Major Dorough
Annabel Kershaw
as Mindy
Kennedy Goodkey
as Guard
Nikki Boyer
as Student #2
Steven Eckholdt
as Henry
Danny Wynands
as Bouncer
Danielle Kremeniuk
as Sam Makavejev
Shana Orlowsky
as Kelly
Magda Apanowicz
as Redneck Girl
Ben Immanuel
as Dan/Suit #1
Nicole Oliver
as Chanter
Richard Keats
as Anesthesiologist
Amy Ziff
as Self/BETTY Member/Self - Cellist
Jeremy Crittenden
as Customer
Matt Ellis
as Mo
Aynsley Amy
as Shane's Redhead
Daryl Shuttleworth
as Dan Foxworthy
Simone Bailly
as Grace
Harley Reiner
as 11-Year Old Dana/Young Shane at Age 8
Carmen Aguirre
as Isabella Pernao
Katy Selverstone
as Phoebe Sparkle
Leanna Nash
as Vera
Venus Terzo
as Andrea Jills
Alyssa Pridham
as Ruby
Holly Ferguson
as Claudia
Angela Gots
as Cammie/Shaun
Gerry South
as A.D.
Samantha McLeod
as Clea Jaffe
Kinnie Starr
as Self
Rose Bryant
as Dancer
Fran Gebhard
as Connie
Mark Gibson
as Marcus Allenwood
Ruth Nichol
as Dotty
Lori Triolo
as Curator/Gallery Worker
Victoria Billingsley
as Young Jenny
Derek McIver
as Frank/Pastor Frank
Emily Holmes
as Lola
Andrew Wheeler
as Paul
Dwight Koss
as Art Patron #2
Eric Roberts
as Gabriel McCutcheon
Carl McDonald
as Ginger Vitus
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
as Prison Guard
Sarah Shahi
as Carmen de la Pica Morales
Meredith McGeachie
as Tonya
Sonya Anand
as Nurse
Kimberly Paris
as Teenage Daughter Freak
Agam Darshi
as Waitress
Kate Clinton
as Dr. Farber
Shawn Reis
as 70's Faggot #1
Saskia Gould
as Mark's Club Date
Clementine Ford
as Molly Kroll
Ann Wilson
as Self
Chuck Mayne
as Dr. C Lomort
Nathaniel Marten
as Mark Bryant
Kelly McGillis
as Colonel Gillian Davis
Laura Mennell
as Sister Toni/Toni
Preston Cook
as James
Zachary Alford
as Self - The B-52's
Andrew Binks
as Darren
Ellie Harvie
as Janice
Lois Anderson
as Margaret
Tara Frederick
as Sioban Sweeney
Jane Lynch
as Joyce Wischnia
Lenka Stolar
as Brenda
Laura Drummond
as Mom
as Tegan & Sara Groupie
Marion Eisman
as Elderly Woman
Ali Liebert
as Rebecca
Tracy Spiridakos
as Pretty Young Woman
Alastair Gamble
as Male Having Sex #1
Jessica Lucas
as Roxanne
Melissa Robertson
as Denise
Shawn Ridout
as Skater
P.J. Prinsloo
as Cycling Dude #3
Barclay Hope
as Bert Gruber/Bert Guber
Donna Lea Ford
as Chanter
Anne Ramsay
as Robin
Kristopher Shepard
as Sergio
Morgan Brayton
as Marti
Marco Soriano
as Gallery Curator
David Udow
as Guide
Madison Graie
as Karaoke Girl
Deanne Henry
as Minister
Woody Jeffreys
as Dana's Coach
Suzanne Bastien
as Nurse
Nicola Cavendish
as Prison Matron
Jill Teed
as Teri
Adrian Holmes
as Duane
Adam Thomas
as Gregory
Ann-Marie MacDonald
as Julia
Nicola Anderson
as Marrissa
Tyler Johnston
as Boy #1/Redneck Boy #2
David Lovgren
as Brad
Julian Sands
as Nick Barashkov
Mark Oliver
as Photographer
Karina Lombard
as Marina Ferrer
Ossie Davis
as Melvin Porter
Lucia Rijker
as Dusty/Dana's Trainer
Russell Simmons
as Self
Ted Salvatore
as Self - BETTY Member
Tony Alcantar
as Man in Suit
Stefanie von Pfetten
as Kelly
Tina Milo Milivojevic
as Italian Translator
Sarah Hayward
as Mimi
Lisa Langlois
as Andrea
Jamie Daniel Wayne Desjardins
as Entourage Friend/Entourage Friend #1
Colin Lawrence
as David/David Waters
Jonathan 'JoJo' Zolina
as Jamie's Kids
Tanja Dixon-Warren
as Weezie
Sophie Holt
as Dee Dee Steinberg
Erica Cerra
as Uta Refson/Dancer
Charlie David
as Speed Dater
Aleks Holtz
as Private Brown
Cassandra Sawtell
as Jane - Age 8/Jenny - Age 8
Gwenm Carsley
as Young Woman
Snoop Dogg
as Slim Daddy
Tina Gassen
as Self
Seyhan Demir
as Dance Patron
Jennifer Beals
as Bette Porter
Kurt Max Runte
as Mysterious Man
Leisha Hailey
as Alice Pieszecki
Camryn Manheim
as Veronica Bloom
Eric Breker
as Doctor
Robert Weiss
as George Charles
Dena Robb
as Stripper
Dwayne Bryshun
as Ed
Donny Lucas
as Director
Tracy Bonham
as Self
Tara Brook
as Dancer
Susan Mosher
as Ruth
Alison Matthews
as Associate Producer/Betty
Denis Krasnogolov
as Ludvig
Vanesa Tomasino
as Little Nicki
Emma Lahana
as Missy P
Naomi Joy Gallagher
as Sister Agatha
Lindsay Maxwell
as Lexi
Jon Wolfe Nelson
as Tom Mater
Devon Gummersall
as Lisa
Conor Roche
as Bartender
Oscar Parry
as Gus
Marci T. House
as Grand Marshall
Dylan Neal
as Caleb Cooper
Benjamin B. Smith
as Boy #5
Lovie Eli
as Gospel Choir Member
Bradley Minielly
as 5-Year Old Howie
Elizabeth Ziff
as Self/BETTY Member
Robyn Ross
as Marnie/Marni
Gary Jones
as Eric Beener
Sarah Dubrovsky
as Molly's Girlfriend
Eric Lively
as Mark Wayland
L. Harvey Gold
as Barry Burd
Michael Daingerfield
as Security Guard/Talk Show Host
Marilyn Norry
as Eve
Dion Luther
as Real Estate Agent
Tommy Danielowski
as Waiter
Kate French
as Niki Stevens/Jessie
Alana Husband
as Marcy
Peter Wingfield
as Whit Strobel
Jenn Griffin
as Kathy
Graem Beddoes
as Ryan
Bruce Davison
as Leonard Kroll
Wendy Donaldson
as Mother
Cindy Wilson
as Self - The B-52's
Helen Shaver
as Faye Buckley
Bethany Brown
as Entourage Friend #2/Nikki Crew #1
Christine Clarke
as Administrator
Michael Benyaer
as Marc
Jo-Ann Fernandes
as Chanter
Vicky Lambert
as Dancer
Bob Glouberman
as Older Man
Jenny McDonell
as Prisoner #1
Omar Forrest
as Hot Buff Guy
Shay Kuebler
as Redneck Boy #3
Aaron Pearl
as Lieutenant Finnerty
as Self
Natasha Powell
as Jamie's Kids
Nadine States
as Gospel Choir Member
Leanne Adachi
as Baby Dyke/Gay Girl
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Carla McCutcheon
Sefton Fincham
as Teenage Son Freak
Charlie Jones
as Self
Irene Karas Loeper
as Assistant/Jill Lion/Show Producer
Brendan Bailey
as Hustler #2
Lorena Gale
as Delores
Brynn Horrocks
as Flight Attendant
Evin Taylor
as Ed
Sarah Taylor
as Sammie
Carrie Brownstein
as Self
Maggie Moore
as Drag Ann-Margaret
Joey Aresco
as Director
Peter Shinkoda
as Art Director/Bryan Karikawa - Subaru Rep/Rep/Subaru Art Director/Subaru Rep
Aidan Jarrar
as Shay McCutcheon/Shay
Tammy Bentz
as Butch Dyke
Nina Pousette
as Hipster Waitress
Chilton Crane
as Tricia/Trisha
Stacy Fair
as Nora
Brad Dryborough
as Man On All Fours/Stephen Green
Jacqueline Samuda
as Saundra Houston/Movie Type
Jennifer Jasey
as Kerry
Amanda Barrett
as Ditty Bop #1
Chris Gauthier
as Cheering Guy
Jason Hagemester
as Yoga Instructor
Malaya Rivera Drew
as Adele Channing
Kyle Downes
as Aaron Sanborn
Fred Schneider
as Self - The B-52's
Stephen Richard Lofstrom
as Manny
Susan Love
as Self
Jackson Allan
as Jared Sobel/Jared Solbel
Christine Lippa
as Woman at Party
Tegan Quin
as Self
Colin Askey
as Jack
Dan Payne
as Policeman
Andrew Francis
as Howie Fairbanks
Leslie Hopps
as Marilyn
Carrie Anne Fleming
as Saskia Phillips/Teaser Woman
Byron de Marse
as Bev's Husband/Isabella
Miggi Hood
as Serena
Tara Wilson
as Ralph
Yvonne Myers
as Swimming Teacher
Alfonso Quijada
as Esai
Lester G. Reynolds
as Diner Patron
Kate Robbins
as Older Lesbian
Crystal Bublé
as Anita Martinez
Leah Beckingham
as Summer Adams/Nearly Naked Girl
Marnie Robinson
as Second A.D.
Alexandra Kondracke
as Alex
Landy Cannon
as Harrison
Marrett Green
as News Anchor #1
Chelsea Hobbs
as Brooke
Tammy Hui
as Assistant
Jacy King
as Karen
Ginger Page
as Hailie
Claude Knowlton
as Charlie
Myk Gordon
as Racetrack Clerk
Tom Butler
as Skip Connelly
Aaron Douglas
as Citizen/Concerned Citizen
Angela Uyeda
as Sales Clerk
Elizabeth Marleau
as Rochelle
Heather Doerksen
as Karen/Waitress/Woman with Clipboard
Michaela Mann
as China
Cybill Shepherd
as Phyllis Kroll
Colin Foo
as Herbalist
Kelly-Ruth Mercier
as Go-Getter
Ivan Vance
as Hive Employee
Ted Whittall
as Captain Curtis Beech
Veena Sood
as Reporter
Tiffany Sweeney
as Bunny
Christopher Gaze
as Waiter
Sam Easton
as Gomey
Tammy Gillis
as Tammy
Abby DeWald
as Ditty Bob #2
Susan Mayo
as First A.D.
Alan Cumming
as Billie Blaikie
Linda Ko
as Shelly Greenlee
Billie Jean King
as Self
Angela Robinson
as Angela
Sean Carey
as Gay Boy
Tammy Lynn Michaels
as Lacey Haraway
Katie Stuart
as Marie
Deanne Bray
as Amy Reed
Agnes M. Laan
as Tammy's Girlfriend
Georgia Hacche
as Luchi Santis
Lisa Eaton
as Dancer
Jeremy Beck
as Gay Boy
Maria Dimou
as Patricia
David Lewis
as Mitch
Rhys Lloyd
as Cheering Guy
Karen Kruper
as Lorraine
David Quinlan
as Bones
Andrew McNee
as Brian
Kalyn Miles
as Karo Myer
Judith Maxie
as Dr. Wilson
Annabella Sciorra
as Kate Arden
Jessica Erwin
as Tina's Assistant
Kelsey Chace
as Dancer #1
Bif Naked
as Cynthia
Charles S. Dutton
as Dr. Benjamin Bradshaw
Cynthia Stevenson
as Roberta Collie
Kristin York
as Waitress
Paul Anthony
as Felix/Felix - Young Waiter
Amber Borycki
as Donna/Marci
Sandra Bennett
as Extra
Ted 'Mino' Gori
as BETTY Member/Self - BETTY Member
Lauren Lee Smith
as Lara Perkins
Alain Chanoine
as Hunky Guy
Jennifer Copping
as Carolyn Varajian/Carolyn
Stacy Sheard
as Co-Pilot
Keram Malicki-Sánchez
as Chase
Sherry Thoreson
as Karen
Jade Tamzin Robertson
as Amber
Adrien Dorval
as The Trucker
Sonya Salomaa
as Emma
Tara Wilkinson
as Cute Girl
Janine Cox
as Susan
Sam Stefanski
as Sound Guy
Rose Rollins
as Tasha Williams
Robin Douglas
as Racetrack Clerk
Gloria Steinem
as Self
Cobie Smulders
as Leigh Ostin
Elise Lebrun
as Ivanova
Lenore Zann
as Jackie
Claire Carreras
as Drag King
Crystal Balint
as Lisa Johnson
Wanda Ayala
as Woman in Bathroom
Brian Markinson
as Aaron Kornbluth
Bruce Dawson
as Donald
Mimi Kuzyk
as Isabel
Toshi Reagon
as Self
Alex Pesusich
as Choreographer
Debbie Shair
as Self (Heart Member
Tara Nicole Hughes
as Dancer
John Innes
as Jerry
Catherine Lough Haggquist
as Davina
Joe MacLeod
as Delivery Man/Young Man
Juan Riedinger
as Rocker Dude
Alberta Mayne
as Gina
Pamela Diaz
as Billie/Rosie
Andy Stahl
as Ranking Member
Richard O'Sullivan
as Choreographer
Pam Grier
as Kit Porter
April Telek
as Nell
Mittita Barber
as Clipboard Girl
Vangelis Stolidis
as Handsome Man
Eliza Norbury
as Technician
Robert Gauvin
as Jean-Paul Chamois
Tom Bulmer
as Professor
Tosca Baggoo
as Security Guard
Anna Campbell
as Lesbian Fan
Mike Dopud
as First A.D.
Michael Jansen
as Valet
Samantha Simmonds
as Mandy
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Randy Jackson
Darrin Klimek
as Andrew
Sharon Isbin
as Self
Tony Forsyth
as Teamster
Torie Osborn
as Self
Zara Taylor
as Woman
Malcolm Stewart
as Dr. Geld
Laurie Papou
as Artist
Justine Clark
as Dancer
Grace Del Rey
as J.J. Jones
Ion Overman
as Candace Jewell
Wayne Bernard
as Curt
Ivan Cermak
as Heterosexual Man
as Self
Brent Clark
as Gavin
Damon Johnson
as Video Director
Enid-Raye Adams
as Tiffany
Michelle Harrison
as Helen/Lauren/Mara Atwood
Georgia Craig
as Becky Haspel/Resident Nurse
Kevin Crofton
as Clubster
Winston Rekert
as Bon Sweeney
Taylor James
as Jamie's Kids
Marta Jaciubek-McKeever
as Tayo
Erwin Rosales
as Mexican Employee
Ari Cohen
as Conrad Voynow
Karma Ritchie
as Betty Dancer
Alexandra Hedison
as Dylan Moreland
Ann Troyer
as Caterer
Shaun Taylor
as Jim
Alison Goldfrapp
as Self
Rob Daly
as Chip
Randall Barkman
as Ferret Man
Elena Calogeros
as Iraqi Girl
Nolan Gerard Funk
as Malcolm
Lyza Ulrych
as Woman at Shelter
Adrian Hough
as Waiter
Patricia Idlette
as Technician
Sandra Timuss
as Receptionist
Paul Silveira
as Engineer
Susan Hogan
as Sharon Fairbanks
Nicole McKay
as Trish Peverell
as Hewitt Shepard
Jill Morrison
as Randa
Sandrine Holt
as Catherine Rothberg
Hugo Ateo
as Drag Queen
Kelly Lynch
as Ivan Aycock
Val Cole
as News Anchor #2
Rebecca Harker
as Stephanie
Brett Owen
as Dancer #2
Holly Dunlap
as Grip/Party Goer
Rachel Anne Scott
as Susan
Nahanni Arntzen
as The Model
Elfina Luk
as Femme Roulette Dyke
Michelle Morgan
as Abigail
Alexis Kellum-Creer
as Denise
Clifton MaCabe Murray
as File Organizer
Jana Mitsoula
as Luca
Melanie Bray
as Lani Shipman
Gina Doty
as Nelly
Nelson Wong
as Colorist
Tina L. Klassen
as Chanter
Brent Chapman
as Hotel Bardenter
Keith Strickland
as Self - The B-52's
Sam Sabbah
as MP
Sean Campbell
as Cop
Davide Rossi
as Self
Joe Towne
as Chris
Ian Jamieson
as Male Having Sex #2
Rufus Dorsey
as Officer #2
Tony Salvatore
as BETTY Memeber
Roger Haskett
as Harley
Kendall Saunders
as Kim Steerman
Delpaneaux Wills
as Production Assistant
Julia Anna Barrios
as Lesbian
Laura Ward
as Sarah
Conrad Whitaker
as Officer l
Carlos Andrés Gómez
as Airport Official
Heather McEwen
as Sharon at 17
Tony Abatemarco
as Mad Man
Daniel Bacon
as Bob/Guy Co-Worker/Male Employee
Deirdre Blades
as Beautiful Older Woman
Justina Kervel
as Tat Artist Kim
Sara Quin
as Self
Brett Le Bourveau
as Gallery Patron

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