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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Ethan Hawke stars as abolitionist John Brown in this limited series based on the National Book Award-winning novel. The story is told from the point of view of "Onion," a fictional enslaved boy who becomes a member of Brown's motley family of abolitionist soldiers battling slavery in Kansas, and eventually finds himself in the famous 1859 Army depot raid at Harpers Ferry, an inciting incident of the Civil War. It's a humorous and dramatic tale of Antebellum America and the ever-changing roles of race, religion and gender in American society.

Country: United States

Type: Miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 4, 2020

Also Known As: Птичка Господа милосердного, El pájaro carpintero |  See more »

Parents Guide: Spain (16), United States (TV-MA)


Plot Keywords

based on novel or book
dark comedy

Company Credits

Production Co: Blumhouse Television


Tom Thon
as Ancient Man
Rafael Casal
as John Cook
David Morse
as Dutch Henry Sherman
Kyle Riggs
as Williams
Scott Wichmann
as Ticket Attendant
William Flaman
as Homesteader
Paul D'Elia
as John Brown's Soldier
Kelly Mizell
as Hotel Manager
Orlando Jones
as The Rail Man
Paul Wallis
as Cowboy/Drunk/Townsperson
Chuck Taber
as John Brown's Soldier
Jerry W. Morgan
as Marine
Johnna Leary
as Bathing Prostitute
Porsche Noire
as Affluent Carriage Woman
Ivan Mbakop
as Matthew
Derrick Baskin
as Gus Shackleford
Kevin Murray
as Ben Blossom
Cindy Maples
as Townswoman
Daveed Diggs
as Frederick Douglass
Kaye Boone
as New York Woman/Rochester Woman
Joshua Caleb Johnson
as Henry 'Onion' Shackleford
Zainab Jah
as Harriet Tubman
Victor Love
as George Watson
Brad Brinkley
as Fergus
Ro Underwood
as Mother
Kelley Davis
as Miss Abby
Grainger Hines
as Captain Henry Clay Pate
Adam Shapiro
as Jew Weiner
Sabrina Pearl
as Townswoman
Killer Mike
as Clarence
Ellar Coltrane
as Salmon Brown
Vince Eisenson
as Deacon Lee
Ryon Marshall
as Town Crier
Molly Graves
as Beth Turner
Drew Davenport
as Son
Alexis Louder
as Libby
Dillon Ahlf
as Doyle Son #2
McKinley Belcher III
as Broadnax
William Kaffenberger
as Cowboy in Tavern/Pikesville Resident
Mallie McCown
as Ursuline Nun
Beatrice Bush
as Older Black Woman
Natasha Marc
as Pie
Luray Cooper
as Luke
Justin Welborn
as Kelly
Ben Swilley
as Ogdin Hayes
LB Brown
as Calvin
J. Adami
as Gardener
Gia Crovatin
as Martha
George Ludden
as Train Passenger
Duke Davis Roberts
as Frederick Brown
Charlie Sexton
as Reverend Martin
Darcel Danielle
as Woman
Darren Goldstein
as Hugh Forbes
Beau Knapp
as Owen Brown
Joel Ashur
as Attucks Copeland
Eddie Waters
as Parade Soldier
Nick Eversman
as John Brown Jr.
Lex King
as Ottilie Assing
Matt Boliek
as Slave Trader
Zachery Noah Kiffer
as Boy
Patricia French
as Mrs. Huffmaster
Phil Burke
as Harry Redshirt
Austin Alexander
as Train Passenger
L. Warren Young
as Mark
Brooke Bloom
as Doyle's Wife
Russell Sams
as Peabody
Michael Gaston
as Mayor Fontaine Beckham
Gerry Rose
as Pardee
Jourin Hannah
as Slave
Steve 'Stevieweevie' Jones
as Canadian Free Slave
George Boaitey
as O.P. Anderson
Joe Tippett
Jeremy Childs
as Judge Fuggett
David Hammond
as Townsman/Shooter
Wyatt Russell
as J.E.B. Stuart
Bostin Christopher
as Dirk
Jacob Brankley
as Fireman Hostage/Redshirt
Keith Flippen
as Slave Master
Phil Notarange
as Affluent Train Passenger
Arykah Naomi DeVaughn
as Rochester Girl
Michael Vitovich
as Hangman
Rick Ford
as Chatham Resident
Maya Hawke
as Annie Brown
Wes Robertson
as Man
Russell Shealy
as Randy
Kim Cheek
as Townswoman
Joseph Carlson
as Sergeant (Marine)
Ethan Hawke
as John Brown
Jasmine Shea
as Temperance Lee
Joshua Sharper
as Young Man
Myra Thibault
as Hysterical Woman
Jack Alcott
as Jason Brown
Seth Kemp
as Soldier 1
Kwame Patterson
as Darg
April Turner
as Constance Watson
Ritchie Montgomery
as Alderman
Kraig Dane
as Eustis Bucks
Chance McCoy
as George Turner
Roger Tyler
as Harpers Ferry Resident/John Brown's Soldier
Hubert Point-Du Jour
as Bob
David Milks
as Slave Trader
April Buckles
as Rochester Woman
Ashley Shelton
as Mary
Wendy Renee Cade
as Prostitute
Natalie Cassell
as Townswoman
Chris Moulthrop
as Slave Hunter/Soldier
Alex Sharp
as Preacher
Crystal Lee Brown
as Sibonia
Ali Amin Carter
as Lewis Leary
Tamberla Perry
as Anna Douglass
Steve Zahn
as Chase
Brooks Ashmanskas
as Lewis Washington
Aaron Angus
as John Brown's Soldier
Oz Keenum
as Trader
Ben Dickey
as Ian Brown
William Tokarsky
as Crusty Patron
Victor Williams
as Coachman Jim
Michael Harding
as Captain William Shore
Brady Gentry
as Jimmy Doyle
David Abernethy
as Engineer Hostage/Red Shirt
Miles Mussenden
as Dangerfield Newby
Quentin Plair
as Emperor
Keith David
as Herbert
Tamara Hopkins
as Rich White Woman
John Dever
as Old Man Hostage
Mo Brings Plenty
as Ottawa Jones

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2020 | 7 Episodes




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Camerimage 2020



AARP Movies for Grownups Awards 2021


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