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October 22, 2021
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About this title


Marvel expands its footprint on the television landscape with this new family adventure series about an ordinary suburban family whose lives change course forever when they discover their children have developed mutant powers. When the threat of a hostile government forces the family to go on the run to protect themselves, they join the ranks of an underground network of mutants. Together, the group fight to survive in a world where fear and misunderstanding put them at constant risk. "X-Men" alums Bryan Singer, Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg are among the executive producers.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: October 2, 2017

Also Known As: Kiválasztottak, X-Men: Nová generace |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Canada (14A) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on comic
on the run

Company Credits

Production Co: Flying Glass of Milk Productions, Donners' Company |  See more »


Kristopher Charles
as SS Tech/SS Tech #1
Curtis Lyons
as Strong Morlock
Mya Cobb
as High School Student
Joe Nemmers
as Agent Weeks
Billy Blair
as Truck Driver
Charles Green
as Political Strategist
Matt Doman
as SS McAuley
Persephonie Rose
as Business Woman/Mutant
Ivy Odame
as Dance Photographer
Paul Caraway
as Sentinel Services Tech #1
David Alessi
as Cop
Vinny Costa
as Campaign Worker
Michelle Davidson
as News Broadcaster #1
Alex Collins
as Jack Campbell
Jason Davis
as Mr. Hoover
Courtney Dietz
as Angry Mutant Girl
Carsten Norgaard
as Andreas Von Strucker
Mike Senior
as Substation Guard
David E. Collier
as S.S. Agent
Houston Ries
as High School Student at Dance
Sharif Atkins
as Quinn
Stephan Jones
as Driver
Ilan Muallem
as Interpol Agent
Rahiem Riley
as Purifier
Aden Stay
as Man in Truck
Paul Pillsbury
as Purifier
Paden Fallis
as Doctor
Clare Margaret Donovan
as Clare
Ray Campbell
as William
Brad Carter
as Wire
Naomi Malia Davis
as High School Student
Clark Sarullo
as Waitress
Garret Dillahunt
as Dr. Roderick Campbell
Christine A. Jordan
as Regular Mutant
Zach Roerig
as Pulse
Sarah Fawaz
as Mutant Refugee
Elliott Dixon
as Clairvoyant Hound
Zachariah Rogers
as Protestor #2
James Sterling
as Mutant Refugee/Mutant
Agustin Reiter
as Flag Football Player
Dayo Abanikanda
as Security Guard
Gurie Sheffield
as Chaperone
Laysla De Oliveira
as Glow
William Mark McCullough
as Michael
Elizabeth Davidovich
as Tough Woman #1
Cooper Roth
as Scott
Michelle Kim
as Chloe Tan
Angela Oh
as Sarah, Chief of Staff/Chief of Staff
Robert G. McKay
as Sergeant Lopez
Jordan Eli Arellano
as Young Boy
Michael Luwoye
as Erg
Christian Adam
as Obnoxious Guy #1
Jordan Patrick
as Loitering Mutant
Diana Chiritescu
as Worried Morlock
Ernest Owens
as Summit Employee
Coby Bell
as Jace Turner
Andrea Maiuro
as Bar Patron
Tyshon Freeman
as Tico
Mia Ella Clyburn
as Jazmine
Denise Arribas
as Mother
Sharon Gless
as Ellen Strucker
Sumalee Montano
as Dr. Taylor
Shawn South
as Chuck's Crew/Dreamer's Trask Guard
Bob Jennings
as Lodo
Kate MacCallum
as Inertia Hound
Floyd Anthony Johns Jr.
as Trask Agent
Stephen Moyer
as Reed Strucker
Diesel Madkins
as Sentinel Service Officer
Justin Matthew Smith
as Thomas
Morgan Brown
as Grizzled Purifier/Injured Purifier
Hayley Lovitt
as Sage
Will Jones
as Cop #1
Michael James Anders
as Police Officer
Noelle Messier
as Screaming Mutant
Grace Byers
as Reeva Payge
Jackson Che
as Bearded Purifier
John Confer
as Law Office Worker
Kage Havok
as Mutant Soldier
Dave Blamy
as Father
Cristian Gonzalez
as Insurance Agent
Lauran Foster
as Cocktail Waitress
Frances Turner
as Paula Turner
Josué Gutierrez
as Francisco
Forrest Briggs
as Diner Patron/Rally Attendee
Kamar de los Reyes
as Sebastian Diaz
Liza Fagin
as Norah
Given Sharp
as Lilly
Timothy Newton
as High School Student
Cal Johnson
as Purifier
Chris Butler
as Dr. Watkins
Josh Henry
as Ben
David Chin
as Alexander
Jacinte Blankenship
as Mutant Mom
Michael Chandler
as Dr. John
Kat Conner Sterling
as Teenaged Daughter
Peter Gallagher
as Benedict Ryan
Imani Vaughn-Jones
as Spark Girl
Emma Dumont
as Lorna Dane/Polaris
Roscoe Johnson
as Guard
Mac Wells
as Security Guard
Tom O'Keefe
as Officer Wilson
Gino Vento
as Juan
Christine Dunford
as DOJ Official
Matthew Cornwell
as Hound Tech
Vince Pisani
as Dr. Kelsey
Ava Culpepper
as Daughter
Mahdi Cocci
as Security Guard
Duke Jackson
as SS Agent
Carl Palmer
as Agent Myers
Lily D. Moore
as Shawna
Ken Kirby
as Noah
Robert Tinsley
as Mutant
Caitlin Mehner
as Andrea von Strucker
Leah Lewis
as Young Clarice
Lloyd Pitts
as SS Stunt Agent #2
Elena Satine
as Dreamer
Glenn Magee
as Another Man
Jessica Robinson
as Pedestrian
Jordan Cox
as Mason
Rocco Hill
as High School Student
Anissa Matlock
as Porcelain Mutant
David Norona
as Senator Matthew Montez
Jeff Foxworth
as Trask Guard #3
Skyler Samuels
as Esme Frost/Phoebe Frost/Sophie Frost/Esme/Esme Cuckoo/Phoebe Cuckoo/Sophie Cuckoo
Braylon Andrews
as Mutant
Susanna Skaggs
as Young Polaris
Damian Michael Pearsall
as Bar Patron
Andrew Masset
as Franklin Bennett
Clarence Cross
as Diner Patron
Robert C. Treveiler
as Dan
Omer Mughal
as Crying SS Agent #1
Stan Lee
as Man Leaving Tex's Lounge
Agam Darshi
as Benazir
Blair Redford
as John Proudstar/Thunderbird
Tommy Campbell
as Mutant
Van Marten
as Elixir/Sentinel Services Agent
Barbara Hawkins-Scott
as Desk Nurse
Jeffrey Nordling
as Danny
Kevin Kedgley
as Pedestrian
Kathryn Erbe
as Aunt Dane
Scott Parks
as Passenger Cop
Craig Cole
as Cop
Mark Rowe
as David Hine/Facility Owner
Shelley Kaehr
as High School Chaperone
Amber Erwin
as Production Assistant
Jared Hasmuk
as Fight Club Member
Wayne Hughes
as Art Rael
Ryan Monolopolus
as Police Officer
Timothy M. Steele
as Mutant Bar Patron
Adam David Thompson
as Graph
Isaiah Cox
as High Schooler
Vishesh Chachra
as Agent Novak
Chase Anderson
as Purifier #1/Young Purifier
Mimi Fletcher
as Nurse
Terrie Cooklin
as Diner Patron
Aaron Quick Nelson
as SS Winkler
Elliott Grey
as Director Wolcott
Alicia Kelley
as Human Woman
Desmond Phillips
as Lead Purifier
Jennifer A. Martin
as Worker #1
Roy Luke
as Mall Patron/Purifier
Olivia Grace Applegate
as Pam
Dave Cutler
as DC Cop
Tony Demil
as Guard #2
Danube Hermosillo
as Cristina
Bryan Brendle
as Terrified Mutant
Kurt Yue
as Trask Employee
Gabriel Manak
as Lab Tech
Jon Levine
as Administrator
Bobby Hoskins
as Chuck's Crew
Jose David Acevedo
as Police Officer
Monique Grant
as Guard #1
Karen Ceesay
as Gina
Charlie Parrish
as Gate Guard
Dango Nu Yen
as Purifier
James William Ballard
as Mutant/SWAT
Renes Rivera
as Bulk/Hulking Mutant/Mark (Hulking Mutant)
John Crow
as Reporter #2
Timothy Carr
as Tough Military Mutant
Greg Weeks
as Frank/Purifier #2
Andrew Hunter
as Activist Mutant
Sierra Nicole Krug
as Teenage Girl
Drew Youngblood
as Young Andy
Jamel Chambers
as Mutant Hater #1
Chris Stein
as Regular Mutant
Andrew Benator
as Aide (Hound)
Cassidy Gatlin
as High School Student
Raymond J. Barry
as Otto Strucker
Giovanni DeVito
as Dax
Chris Fernandes
as Ray Santiago
Michael Aaron Milligan
as Gravity Hound
Rose Bianco
as Nun
Christopher Padilla
as Purifier #1
Reece Fleetwood
as Cold Storage Security Guard
Dale Godboldo
as Ted Baird
Christian Anderson
as Rahul
Jeff Pearson
as Protestor #1
Jacob Evans
as Mutant Refugee
Jennifer 'Ms Fer' Russell
as Park Pedestrian
Faith Dillon
as Nurse
Toks Olagundoye
as Carla Jackson
Rob Demery
as Bank Guard
Adam Horwitz
as Cartel Soldier #2
Benjamin Weaver
as Mutant
Jonathan Randall Hunter
as Campaign Supporter
Mason Pike
as Conference Attendee
Anjelica Bette Fellini
as Rebecca/Twist
Gunnar Anderson
as Ryan's Assistant
Katie Fairbanks
as High School Student
Dana Chambers
as Pedestrian
Maxwell Highsmith
as Campaign Supporter
Kent Wagner
as Mutant Prisoner
Javier Vazquez Jr.
as Crying SS Agent #2
Tod Lautenberg
as Bounce Man
Ryan Czerwonko
as Angry Looking Man
Evan Mclellan
as Police Officer
Anthony Nguyen
as Joshua
Chris Claremont
as Theorist
Margo Moorer
DJames Jones
as Trader/Harry
Maureen Mountcastle
as Mrs. Hoover
Eric Benson
as Chris
Jim Dougherty
as Pastor
Brian A. Prince
as Wall-Run Mutant
Jessica Lia
as High School Student
Athena Bitzis
as Mother
Fedor Steer
as Membrain
Sean Teale
as Eclipse/Marcos Diaz
Pierce Bailey
as Trevor
Jaxon Rose Moore
as Grace
Charley Bauman
as High School Student
Darren Goldstein
as Chuck
Jessi Goei
as Naya
Julia Farino
as Andrea Von Strucker
Devon Ryan
as Mutant Prisoner
Spence Maughon
as Hospital Administrator
Marco Schittone
as Young Boy
Steven Sean Garland
as Bank Manager
Hannah Mathes
as High School Student
Clyde C Harris
as Metro Police Officer
Harrison Chandler
Folake Olowofoyeku
as Scar
Paul Cooper
as Andreas von Strucker
Scarlett Blum
as Dominique
Jermaine Rivers
as Shatter
Adam Fisher
as Party-goer
Dinarte de Freitas
as Pedro
Darion Costley
as Student
Vanessa Aranegui
as SS Tech #2
Bianca Berry Tarantino
as Dawn
Rebecca Ray
as Iris
Devin McGee
as Mutant Prisoner
Tess Malis Kincaid
as Campaign Manager
Jason Ligon
as Side-Eye
Leonie Hanson
as Frightened Mutant
Adam Boyer
as Trask Security Guard
Jamie Chung
as Blink/Clarice Fong
Christopher Cousins
as Lawrence Hayes
Chelle Ramos
as Heather
Saree Mcintosh
as Young Frost Sisters
as Empower Academy Student Principal
Lucie Carroll
as Morlock
Frieda Jane
as Young Ellen Strucker
Jesse O'Neill
as SS Guard #3
Seth Gowans-Savage
as Strip Mall Customer
Jessica Medina
as Morlock
Percy Hynes White
as Andy Strucker
Lauren Bonetti
as Foster Mom
Casey Hendershot
as Air Blast Morlock
Andrew S. McMillan
as Morlock/Mutant Patient
Matthew Tompkins
as Cal Jameson
David Shae
as Molecule Hound
Shellita Boxie
as Cop #3
Marc Farley
as Shopkeeper
Erinn Ruth
as Evangeline
Diane Villegas
as Nurse
Tanya Wheelock
as Bar Patron
GlenNeta Griffin
as Sentinel Service Agent
Jordan Eli
as Young Boy
Danny Ramirez
as Wes
Ethan McDowell
as Young Otto
Gabriella Garcia
as Gabby
Katelyn Farrugia
as Nurse
Tang Nguyen
as Chip
Melissa LeEllen
as Mother
Hayden Smith
as Road Officer
James Carpinello
as Max
Matthew Atchley
as Mutant
Colin Beaton
as High School Student
Christian Finlayson
as Young Reed
Natalie Alyn Lind
as Lauren Strucker
Aerli Austen
as Amber
Chase Steven Anderson
as Ray
Steven Johnson
as Strip Mall Customer
Tom Glynn
as SS Guard #2
Matthew Rimmer
as Furious Mutant
Adam Murray
as Worker #2
Aleia Kristene
as Inmate
Nicci T. Carr
as Detective
Kraig Dane
as Miles
Parker Jaye Whipple
as Young Frost Sister
Cynthea Mercado
as Latina Prisoner
Fin Argus
as Jack
Steve Alderfer
as SS Agent
Demi Castro
as Father
Octavio Meza
as High School Student
Aaron Beelner
as Small Mutant
J Michael Grey
as Mutant Father
Amy Acker
as Kate Strucker
Kevin Narwich
as Large Flailing Mutant
Paul Ryden
as News Broadcaster #2
Casey Crow
as Law Office Worker
Rick Espaillat
as Indignant Mutant
Robert Bryan Davis
as Purifier
Cynthia Jackson
as Waitress
Christabelle Rose
as Obnoxious Girl
Kate Burton
as Dr. Madeline Risman
Bobby Hernandez
as Cartel Soldier #1
Jayvo Scott
as Gangbanger
Sofia Pavone
as Mara
Jason Bremer
as Sentinel Service Man
Erin Way
as Shelia
Brooke Jaye Taylor
as SS Tactical Commander
Dalton E. Gray
as Jake
Mark Weinhandl
as Cop
Dani Deetté
as Sentinel Services Guard
Shelby Delaney
as Young Lauren
Caleb McCoy
as Militant Purifier
Dayna Beilenson
as Pedestrian/Pedestrian #1
David A MacDonald
as Officer #1
Tyler Galpin
as Leroy
Jeff Daniel Phillips
as Fade/Tex
Lowrey Brown
as Kyle
Charlie Nix
as Skyler
Eric Hunter
as Mutant Amputee
Juan Gaspard
as Bar Patron
Michelle Veintimilla
as Carmen Guerra
Jason Burkey
as Nate
Troy Parker
as Cop #1

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2018 | 16 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Young Artist Awards 2018


Young Artist Awards

Best Performance in a TV Series - Leading Teen Actress


Young Artist Awards

Best Performance in a TV Series - Leading Teen Actor

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