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October 21, 2021
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About this title


The First is a near-future drama about a crew of astronauts attempting to become the first humans on Mars. Under the direction of visionary aerospace magnate Laz Ingram, the crew contends with peril and personal sacrifice as they undertake the greatest pioneering feat in human history.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: September 14, 2018

Also Known As: Первые, The First: Viagem a Marte |  See more »

Parents Guide: Brazil (12), France (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

planet mars
drug addiction
space colony

Company Credits

Production Co: Westward Productions, AG Capital |  See more »


David Jay Schneider
as Young Man Shooting Up
Cara Ronzetti
as Myk
William Schaff
as Engineer #3
Ana Lucia Souza
as Ballet Dancer
Kelly Murtagh
as Engineer #2
Oded Fehr
as Eitan Hafri
Paisley Gant
as Senate Gallery
Natascha McElhone
as Laz Ingram
Andre De'Sean Shanks
as Rehab Receptionist
Patrick Weathers
as Spencer's Father
Bruce Vincent Logan
as West Brother
Rachel Whitman Groves
as Hagerty Buddy #2
Katherine Harris
as Young Woman Shooting Up
Sylvia Grace Crim
as SRO
Kristen McFann
as News Anchor with Hagerty
Tyler Humphrey
as Denise's Boyfriend
Billy Slaughter
as Vista Lawyer
Gordon Dexheimer
as Department Head
Sol Miranda
as Mrs. Castillo
Sean Tasker Jr.
as African Village Kid
Melissa George
as Diane Hagerty
Sean Penn
as Tom Hagerty
Keiko Agena
as Aiko Hakari
Franco Gonzalez
as Luis Castillo
Betsy Holt
as Dancing Bachelorette
Katherine Sigismund
as Adrienne West
Terese Aiello
as Photographer
Michelle Torres
as Engineer
Edward Parker
as Bar Patron
Matt Collins
as Lawyer Escort
Jeffrey Klemmer
as Vista Department Head
Timothy Givens
as Project Manager
Julia Holt
as Pearl Partygoer
John C. Coffman
as Senator
GiGi Erneta
as News Anchor
Amber Patino
as Amanda Ingram
Norbert Leo Butz
as Matthew Dawes
Kerry Umberger
as Hero Suit Tech
Brad Napp
as Pilot
Giovanni Cohea
as Spencer Double
Michael Robert Hendrick
as U.S. Senator
Jim Gleason
as Doctor
Kate Kuen
as Party Girl
Judy McGee Burley
as Boateng's Aunt
Mike A. Young
as Bar Patron
Shane Pagano
as NASA Executive
Angela Conner
as Middle Aged Woman
Brady Box
as Tech
Julia Badinger
as Young Laz
Ethan Airhart
as Security Guard
Wayne Ferrara
as West's Father
Andrew Black Dillon
as Police Officer
Spence Maughon
as HR Director
Paul Hughes
as Hagerty Buddy #1
James Ransone
as Nick Fletcher
Tonya Maldonado
as VIP
Jeannie Berlin
as The President
Orelon Sidney
as News Anchor - Grandstands
Chad Governale
as NASA Executive/Security Officer Smith
Lisa Marie Peranio
as Vista Technician
Taylor Aikins
as Photographer
Ravi Naidu
Annie Parisse
as Ellen Dawes
Brandon Fontenot
as Hero Suit Tech
Kenzie Greene
as Journalist
Douglas Wilcox II
as Vista Security Guard - Grandstands
Colin Walker
as Jeff Stiegler
Jason Edwards
as Patrol Cop
Escalante Lundy
as Chicken
Anthony Marble
as Engineer #1
Asher Lee
as Aiko's Son #2
Bob Hartnack
as Government Dignitary
Tracie Thoms
as Nancy
Anna Karin
as Swedish Broadcast Anchor
Scott Takeda
as Todd
Caroline Cole
as College Girl #1
Jenny Ballard
as PAO
Diogo de Lima
as Ballet Dancer
Aaron Mitchell
as Vista Worker
Joseph Toves
as Luke
Jenna Harvey
as College Girl #2
Patti Brindley
as NASA Executive
Cynthia LeBlanc
as Launch Viewer
Kanesha Washington
as Boateng's Wife
Julie Moss
as Senator Mills
Anna Jacoby-Heron
as Denise Hagerty
Fallon Katz
as Charlotte Dawes
Rebecca Henderson
as Cathleen Spencer
James Moses Black
as Senator Wheaton
Frank Duffy
as Head Guard - Laz's Home
Toney Chapman Steele
as Media/African Villager/Camera Man/Waiter
John McConnell
as Senator Thibodeaux
Alexis Holloway
as Main Chef
James E. Guidry
as Technician
Mikaela Kimani Armstrong
as Young Kayla
Patrick Kennedy
as Ollie/Ollie Bennett
Tracy Brotherton
as Mission Control Management
DaJa Joseph
as Boateng's Daughter
LisaGay Hamilton
as Kayla Price
Mike R. Moreau
as MAV Engineer/MLV Dept. Head/White RoomSuit Tech
Akeem Biggs
as Purrfect Human
Jay Oliver
as Spectator
as Mission Control Specialist
Bill Martin Williams
as Board Member
Michael Lee Kimel
as Systems Officer
Devyn A. Tyler
as Samantha
Matthew Rush Campbell
as Vista Worker
Michael Scott
as Flight Attendant
Steve Kish
as Vista Security Guard
Andreanna L Jenson
as Background
Sharon Omi
as Edith
Jonathan Holcomb
as Detective
Sheenan Cole
as Mechanical Engineer
T.C. Matherne
as Jason
Sharon Gee
as MAV Director
Karen Lemoine
as Old Woman
Jordan Salloum
as Denise's Older Boyfriend
Alfred Carter IV
as Hotel Guest
Bill Camp
as Aaron Shultz
Kofi Boakye
as Kwame Boateng
Mikki Val
as Stacy Graham
Chloe Incaprera
as Teen Girl #2
Eden Grace Redfield
as Young Denise
Gretchen Koerner
as Reporter at Hagerty's House
Samantha Czosnek
as Vista Department Head
Summer Selby
as Boateng's Mother
D.W. Moffett
as Bob Cordine
Galen Lee
as Aiko's Son #1
Lawrence Turner
as Bartender
Rey Reynaud
as NASA Executive
Nina Leon
as Chairwoman
Brian Lee Franklin
as Lawrence
Charlotte Dimitri
as Teen Girl #1
Timothy Hinrichs
as Mechanical Engineer/Vista Worker
Andrew j Spinks
as Laz's Security
Jeff Caperton
as Castillo's Lawyer
Marcus Lyle Brown
as Launch Director
Johnny Chapman
as Vista Mission Control
Hannah Ware
as Sadie Hewitt
Chase Stokes
as Finn
Jessica Taylor
as President Senior Staffer
Charlotte Hayes
as Franny
Miguel Nájera
as Mr. Castillo
Jennifer Hamilton Collins
as Spencer's Mother
Selena Anduze
as PAO
Anthony Michael Frederick
as Castillo's Lead Lawyer
Rey Lucas
as Matteo Vega
Shaye Cohn
as Trumpet Player
Jane Rumbaua
as News Correspondent
Doug Gagnon
as Press Photographer
Elton LeBlanc
as Gov't Dignitary
Justin Toney
as Press
Wednesday Tomorrow Bird
as Avery
Fernanda Andrade
as Camila Rodriguez/Camila
Bobby Gilchrist
as Sim Operator
Robyn Nolting
as Systems Officer
Kurt Yue
as Rover Director
Charles Barber
as Hagerty Friend
Karen Dalferes
as Mechanical Engineering Supervisor/Vista Executive
Rhonda Johnson Dents
as Commander Laveaux
Alex Rubin
as Devon Ingram
Stacie Davis
as Kayla's Mother
Jacqueline Harris Matherne
as Launch Attendant
Joseph Marshall
as Cameraman

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 8 Episodes




Awards & NominationsSee more »

Golden Trailer Awards 2019


Golden Trailer Awards

Best Drama/Action Poster for a TV/Streaming Series

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA 2019


Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Sound Effects and Foley for Episodic Short Form Broadcast Media

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