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October 24, 2021
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About this title


Two hundred years in the future, in a fully colonized solar system, police detective Josephus Miller (Thomas Jane), who was born in the asteroid belt, is given the assignment to find a missing young woman; Julie Mao (Florence Faivre). Meanwhile, James Holden (Steven Strait), the first officer of an ice freighter, is witness to an unprovoked attack upon the ship, by craft believed to be from Mars (MCRN Federation). As news of the attack spreads throughout the system, the incident's flow-on threatens to destabilize already tenuous relations between Earth, Mars and The Belt. Far away from the struggles in deep space, on Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), a powerful United Nations executive and diplomat, works to prevent war between Earth and Mars by any means. Soon, the 3 find out the missing woman and the ice freighter's fate are part of a vast covert conspiracy which threatens all humanity.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: November 23, 2015

Also Known As: A Térség, Экспансия |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

planet mars
space travel

Company Credits

Production Co: Alcon Entertainment, Hivemind


Loreva Joy
as Nami
Morgan Kelly
as Lt. Mancuso/Mancuso
Joyce Rivera
as Secretary Cebotari
Alex Woods
as Victor Mesplede
Ahmed Moustafa
as Grizzled Belter
Hayley Pace
as Pella Crew #1
Isaak Bailey
as Refugee Belter Kid
Evan Annisette
as SIT Room Officer
Mark Charles Cowling
as Bartender
Robin Kasyanov
as Belter Man
Emily Nixon
as Belter Security Guard
Leah Madison Jung
as Mei/Mei Meng
Milton Barnes
as Nico
Peter D'Souza
as Mech Bot Movement Double
Thomas Mitchell
as Sullivan
Paulo Costanzo
as Shed Garvey
Amanda Cordner
as Hutch
Peter Outerbridge
as Captain Martens
Kenneth Welsh
as Franklin Degraaf
Julian Richings
as Vargas
Ryan Hollyman
as UN Chief of Staff/UN Admiral #1
José Zúñiga
as Bull - Tycho Chief of Ops
Daryl Patchett
as Proto Merc #2
Billy MacLellan
as Marama Brown
Chantria Tram
as Tech #3
Christian Bako
as Belter Commuter #1
Patrick Stevenson
as Dock Master
Seth Mohan
as Martian CEO
Kevin Hanchard
as Inspector Sematimba
Shawn Doyle
as Sadavir Errinwright
Sean Connolly Affleck
as Riot MP
Isaiah Rockcliffe
as Refugee Son
Cyrus Aazam
as Geir
Dwight Ireland
as T.P. Mess Hall Medic
Dewshane Williams
as Corporal Sa'id
Sabryn Rock
as Oshi/Pvt. Riko Oshi
Nick E. Tarabay
as Cotyar
Bola Aiyeola
as Older Voter
Eli Martyr
as CPM #15/Onudo
Ruben de Baat
as Young CPM #15
Alli Chung
as Samantha Rosenberg
Darren Marsman
as CPM #8/Heavy Shuttle Scientist #2/Mao Guard #5
Natalie Liconti
as Erich's Gang
Naomi Gaskin
as Woman in Hotel
Adriana Crivici
as RCE Guard #3
Jamie Robinson
as Ganymede Station Rep
Vanessa Smythe
as Michio
Jeremy Crittenden
as Medical Tech #2
Darryl Flatman
as Arms Trader
Sean Baek
as Commander Kunis
Madison Walsh
as Campaign Manager
Zach Smadu
as Fayez
Curtis Caravaggio
as Captain Malik
Anna Pugach
as Emily
Krista Morin
as Rebecca Byers
Alden Adair
as Staz
Rehan Suleman
as Colin
Kunal Jaggi
as Pilot
David Rosser
as Cordner
Ty Franck
as Man on Eros
Sam Huntington
as Solomon Epstein
Daniyah Ysrayl
as Young Voter #1
Chad Allen
as Belter Pirate
Justin Howell
as Proto Merc #5
Elva Mai Hoover
as Older Woman
Steven Allerick
as Benji Draper
Esie Mensah
as Proto Merc #3
Larissa Stadnichuk
as Prostitute Assassin
Samer Salem
as Josep
Hugh Dillon
as Lt. Sutton
John Kapelos
as Ren
Ruth Chiang
as Mao Guard #6
Brett Heard
as Belter Medic #2
Neven Pajkic
as Stunt Cop #3
Cara Gee
as Camina Drummer
Marco Bianco
as Star Helix #1
Ricardo Betancourt
Sharon Forrester
as Chetzemoka Pilot
Elias Toufexis
as Kenzo/Hybrid/Monster/UN Marines
Bauston Camilleri
as Street Kid #4
Ted Atherton
as Dr. Strickland
Ian Agard
as Belter Commuter #2
Dru Viergever
as Victor Sohiro
Gary Brennan
as Porter
Tommy Chang
as Civilian/Mao Guard #1
Kristen Hager
as Ade Nygaard
Huy Hao Tran
as UN Official
Soroush Saeidi
as Heavy Shuttle Technician
Florence Faivre
as Julie Mao
Dale R. Miller
as Fence
Jeremy Birrell
as Reporter #2
Cody Schindermann
as Interrogator #1
Jonathan Nathaniel
as Ceres Dock Belter #2
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Chrisjen Avasarala
Sarah Allen
as Hilly
Sugith Varughese
as David Paster
Jordan Dacol
as Katoa Hybrid
Danielle Bourgon
as Dignitary
Mike Chute
as Goth Assassin #2 (Hand Grenade)
Evan Sabba
as UNN Officer
Olunike Adeliyi
as Karal
Chris Owens
as Kolvoord/UN Scientist
Diana Bentley
as Sergent Grimes
Allison Wilson-Forbes
as Coms Officer/Nav
Yatharth Bhatt
as Avasarala's Grandson #1/Avasarala Grandson #1
J.D. Nicholsen
as Golden Bough Leader
Peter Miller
as Bartender
Robert Fulton
as Station Engineer
Ronn Sarosiak
as Chef Casey
Damien Howard
as MCRN Med Tech
Paul Fauteux
as Pinkwater Leader
David Tompa
as Theo/Panicked Tech
Peter Schoelier
as Old Man
Zion Forrest Lee
as Inaros Chieftain
Emmanuel John
as Pella Crew #2
Michael Xavier
as Thomas
Liza Balkan
as Woman
Phillip Samuel
as Bug Eyes
Simu Liu
as Lt. Paolo Mayer/MCRN Lt.
Simon Northwood
as Proto Merc #4
David Chinchilla
as Pilot
Maxim Respublicanschii
as Charlie
Ryan Maramieri
as Prospero Child
Patti Kim
as Carol Chiwewe
Alexandra Castillo
as Captain Espinoza
Brock Johnson
as Grigori
Sarah Scheffer
as Dying Woman
Christine Sahely
as Dahane
Chad L. Coleman
as Col. Frederick Lucius Johnson/Fred Johnson
Jeffrey Snape
as Father Tom
Matthew Bennett
as Lt. Durant
Billy Parrott
as Senior Officer
Brian Frank
as RCE Guard #1
Bruno Verdoni
as Carlos Davila
Michael McLachlan
as Swarthy Refugee
Adam Christie
as Scared Belter
Rachael Crawford
as Admiral Pena
Sydney Meyer
as Ensign Larson
Raven Dauda
as Namono 'Nono' Volovodov
Dylan Bailey
as MVPD Officer
Ellora Patnaik
as Ashanti
Lily Gao
as Nancy Gao
David Lapsley
as Martian Guard #1
James Lafazanos
as Belter #1 (Dealer)
Michael Ayres
as Scirocco Commander
Vanessa Matsui
as Val
Jack Birman
as Street Kid #2/Teen Belter
Kaden Jet May
as Melas Kamal
Nathaniel McParland
as Chike
Chris River
as Melas
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
as Cortazar/Cortázar
Aniko Kaszas
as RCE Scientist on the Israel
Mark Quigley
as Ganymede Refugee/Tyhco Dock Worker
Andrew Fleming
as Gavin
Graciela Martinez
as Medic
Michelle Roy
as Angry Belter
François Chau
as Jules-Pierre Mao
Michael Brown
as Lt. Lipson/UNN Aide - Lt.
John Kaye
as ND Stunt Civilian #2
Paul Almeida
as UN Marine
Brian George
as Arjun Avasarala
Kelly McCormack
as Loftis
Shailyn Griffin
as Eros Kid
Idrissa Sanogo
as Dock Tough
Damian Romeo
as Andrew
Jane Moffat
as Brothel Madam
Steve Moxley
as Bike Trick Kid
Tara Rosling
as Officer Adams
Samantha Madely
as Belter Commuter #2
Duane Murray
as Gero
Sara Sahr
as Nurse
Anna Hopkins
as Monica Stuart
Kiriana Stanton
as Rattana
Fereshteh Samimi
as Maid
Ted Jefferies
as Grimy Belter
Madison Oldroyd
as Little Girl
Greg Bryk
as Lopez
Bo Martynowska
as Evita
Karl Ang
as Pilot
Clyde Whitham
as MCR Prime Minister
Brian Bisson
as Head Cop
Dylan Brentwood
as Black Sky OPA Leader
Tyler Williams
as Marco's Guard
Kyle Mitchell
as Thoth Scientist
Kolton Stewart
as David Draper
Kiril Mitev
as Belter Medic #1
Obssa Ahmed
as Belter Cell Guard/Egan
Tim DeKay
as Admiral Sauveterre
Paige Williams
as Smiling Daughter
Joe Delfin
as Heikki Sobong/Heikki Sabong
Jean Yoon
as Captain Theresa Yao
Amanda Martínez
as Colony Ship Captain
Steven Strait
as Jim Holden
Rebecca Applebaum
as T.P. Med Bay Doctor
Chad Coleman
Rafferty Blumberg
as Flunky Thug
Michael Blake
as Joon
Sean Arnfinson
as Boarder
Stephen Farrell
as Scientist
Ngabo Nabea
as Young UNN Lieutenant
Emerson Wong
as CPM #12
Jasai Chase Owens
as Filip/Filip Inaros
Elisa Moolecherry
as Scientist
Andrew Rotilio
as Diogo
Marci T. House
as Soledad
Shane Clinton Jarvis
as Police
Austin Strugnell
as Comms Officer/Sensor
Scott Edgecombe
as Dock Foreman
Tommy Matejka
as Diplomat
Basel Daoud
as Belter Pirate Captain
Dayton Sinkia
as Theo
Tracey Ferencz
as U.N. Advisor
Ryan Turner
as RCE Guard Eugene
Nile Seguin
as Clerk
Boomer Phillips
as Konecheck
William Yong
as Shirtless Man
Colin MacPherson
as Captain Yvgeny
Mpho Koaho
as Private Travis
Boyd Banks
as Coroner
Blair Johannes
as CPM #11
Kyla Madeira
as Felcia/Felcia Mazur
Steven Yaffee
as Roma
Daniel Abraham
as Man on Eros
Adam Kenneth Wilson
as Extreme Belter
Kayla Cullity
as Civilian #1's Daughter
Adrian G. Griffiths
as Nikil
Alison J. Palmer
as MCRN Deputy Minister
Michael Murray Scratch
as Detective Cobb
Khalid Karim
as Agatha King Comms
Atticus Mitchell
as Ensign Sinopoli/Martian/Sinopoli
Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves
as Nalida
Patrice Goodman
as Hasami Lead Scientist
Dimitri Pavlakos
as CPM #10
Michael Benyaer
as Arjun
Grace Lynn Kung
as Doris
Ayisha Issa
as Matar Kubileya Leader
Jason Weinberg
as Crew Cut
Danny Waugh
as Dr. Alaoui
Arnold Pinnock
as Morris
Jacob Mundell
as Erich
Nadine Nicole
as Clarissa Mao/Melba Koh
Clé Bennett
as Lieutenant Commissioner Thorsen
Lindsay Christopher
as Medina Teen
Rheal Rees
as Luna Staffer
Jonathan Goldapple
as Decorated MCRN Officer
Burn Gorman
as Adolphus Murtry
John MacDonald
as Maritan Marine/Martian Marine
Rosa Gilmore
as Dr. Lucia Mazur
Phi Huynh
as Pella Crew #3
Thomas Jane
as Joe Miller
Paul Schulze
as Esai Martin
Ted Ludzik
as Pock Mark/Filat Kothari
David Klein
as Azure Dragon Pilot
Kevin Vidal
as Fred's Asst/Space Tech
Nabil Ayoub
as Behemoth Tech
Michael Irby
as UN Admiral Delgado
Craig Henry
as Bouillotte Dealer/Bouilotte dealer
Jesse Griffiths
as UN Marine
Keon Alexander
as Marco Inaros
Justin Gajewski
as Primo Arriaga
Graham Gauthier
as UNN Commander
Joe Pingue
as Captain McDowell
Hubert Boorder
as Proto Merc #6
Byron Mann
as Admiral Nguyen
Peter Yan
as CPM #13
Pearl Sun
as Heavy Shuttle Scientist #1
Leslie Takeda
as Puking Diplomat
Paul Popowich
as Darren
Adam Bogen
as Bizi Bitiko/Maneo's Brother
E. Nova Zatzman
as Belter Bystander #1
Andre Colquhoun
as Ceres Medic
Peter Williams
as Santichai Suputayaporn
Matia Jackett
as Young Belter Girl
Laura Mayz
as Desperate Girl
Brian Hamman
as Rutger Merc
Danijel Mandic
as AK Guard
Deney Forrest
as Secret Service Agent
Adam Savage
as Mission Specialist
Daniel Kash
as Antony Dresden
Bernadette Couture
as Belter Dock Worker #2/Belter Marcher #1
Geoff Scovell
as Refugee
Gabriel Davenport
as Erich's Gang
Tina Jung
as Wasted Girl
Stephen Tracey
as Bertold
Darryl Hinds
as Chief
Frankie Adams
as Roberta 'Bobbie' W. Draper/Bobbie Draper
Kataem O'Connor
as Young Sematimba
Dan Krantz
as Mormon Missionary
Spencer Birman
as Street Kid #3
Demi Oliver
as Rico
Ari Millen
as Stanni
Peter Spence
as Mormon Elder
Carson Durven
as Little Girl's Father
Hamza Fouad
as Agatha King MP
Meghan Allen
as Tynan XO
James Binkley
as Belter Shopkeeper
Anthony Grant
as Wan
Ted Whittall
as Dr. Iturbi
Craig Burnatowski
as Buyer
Brandon McGibbon
as Cohen
Chris Tarpos
as Baltimore Basic
Yanna McIntosh
as Captain Chandra Lucas
Emma Laishram
as UN Aide
Carlos Pinder
as UN Army Officer
Valerie Buhagiar
as Melissa Suputayaporn
John Chou
as NSA Analyst
Allison Hossack
as Umea
Katerina Taxia
as Katlin
Supinder Wraich
as Talissa/Talissa Kamal
Moti Yona
as Belter Man
Jonathan Banks
as Executive Officer
Gabrielle Graham
as Belter Prostitute
Wes Chatham
as Amos Burton
Nabeel El Khafif
as Scotty
Alicia Turner
as ND Stunt Civilian #1
Tim Campbell
as Beltran
Jess Salgueiro
as Chandra Wei
Tig Fong
as Thug #2 Kaipo
Jamillah Ross
as Belter Woman
Tannis Burnett
as Station Doctor
Nicholas LePage
as Freaked Out Belter
Wayne Downer
as Belter Bystander #2
Brent Sexton
as Cyn
Mike Vitorovich
as Security Officer
Martin Happer
as Survivalist
Gabriel Darku
as Yoan
Felicia Simone
as Thug #1 Lida
Maria Syrgiannis
as MVPD Detective
Ivan Wanis-Ruiz
as Martian Crewman
Natalie Jantzi
as Perky Tech
Eddy Kaye
as Boss Thug
Jas Dhanda
as Luna Pundit
Neil Girvan
as MVPD Detective
Heidi Matijevic
as The Wife
Benz Antoine
as McCourt
Laura Tremblay
as Belter Hottie
Isaiah Adam
as Tynan Crewman
Patrick Humphries
as Tamir
Gugun Deep Singh
as Champa
Wilex Ly
as Serge
Krista Bridges
as Capt. Sandrine Kirino
Shawn Ahmed
as Lieutenant Boyer/Lt. Boyer
Natalie Brown
as Rona
Matt Bois
as UNN Lt. Nemeroff
Kevin Claydon
as Edin
Konima Parkinson-Jones
as CPM #5
Jeffrey Weedon
as Young Dockworker #2
Alison Smiley
as Cook
Jordan Kanner
as OPA Leader
Kevin Alves
as Deck Cadet
Conrad Pla
as Colonel Janus
Russell Yuen
as Interrogator #2
Jeff Seymour
as Korshunov
Steven McCarthy
as Jakob/Jakob Mazur
Nolan Greenwald
as Mao Bodyguard #2
Joe Roncetti
as Arum Lee
Jeff Teravainen
as Welsh
Alain Chanoine
as Ranhofer
Patrice Henry
as Mother With Baby
Stephen Chambers
as UN Prison Desk Guard
Jarrett Downey-Shaw
as Flunky Cop
Caleb Olivieri
as Hustler
Jeff Clarke
as Elder McCann
Redd Ochoa
as Earth Pundit
Cole Pollock
as Angry Boy/Timothy
Athena Karkanis
as Octavia Muss
Craig Warnock
as Mission Commander
Alex Armbruster
as CPM #14
Ronnie Rowe
as Cameron Paj
Elizabeth Mitchell
as Reverend Doctor Anna Volovodov
George Tchortov
as Leveau
Alsseny Camara
as Young Man
Stacey Roca
as Lydia
Vicki Kim
as Avasarala's Aide #2/Avasarala's Aide
Colin McClean
as UN Assembly Delegate
Tom Farr
as Belter Marcher #2
Genelle Williams
as Tilly Fagan/Tilly
Zach Villa
as Maneo
Ahmed Mesallati
as Shady Dude
Ryan Stanley
as Great Dane
Jordan Van Dyck
as Cpl. Dookie
Adam Smith
as Mao Guard #4
Christopher Charles
as Luna Staffer
Simon Girard
as Thin Man Assassin
Martin Roach
as Admiral Souther
Ryan Singh
as Fisherman
Amish Patel
as Luna Party Goer
Caleb Ellsworth-Clark
as Vedasto
Aaron Cunningham-Adegaboruwa
as Baby
Anthony Gerbrandt
as Rock Hopper
Jaeden Noel
as Katoa
Ryan Blakely
as Basia Merton
Terry Chen
as Dr. Praxidike 'Prax' Meng/Praxideke Meng/Praxideke 'Prax' Meng
Jonathan Whittaker
as Sec-Gen Gillis
Christopher Weedon
as Young Dockworker #1
Michael Orr
as CPM Officer
Tim Post
as Surly Belter Crewman
Sara Mitich
as Gia
Michelle Alexander
as Pizzouza Skipper
Andrea Davis
as Tesfaye
Gage Munroe
as Jefferson Errinwright
Phillip MacKenzie
as Eros Dock Master
Tim Masterson
as George Cantor
Shomari Downer
as UNN Junior Officer
Nick Alachiotis
as Blue Falcon Clerk
Philip Akin
as Craig
Daniella Zappala
as Rana
Goran Stjepanovic
as CPM #6/Menacing Belter #2
Adolyn H. Dar
as Pvt. Jed Trepp
Nelu Handa
as Outreach Counselor
Jonathan Gajewski
as Segundo Arriaga
Dayle McLeod
as Leelee
Jay Hernández
Adrian Nguyen
as Riker
Drew Carrymore
as Background
Kiri Etzkorn
as Tech #2
J. Adam Brown
as Haggard Belter
R.J. Parrish
as Jorge Sohiro
Jake Gosden
as Belter/Diogo
Andrew Butcher
as RCE Guard #2/CPM #9
Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama
as Tycho Engineer
Lara Jean Chorostecki
as Lt. Babbage
Daniel Chichagov
as Young Voter #2
Derek Barnes
as Mao Guard #7
Cas Anvar
as Alex Kamal
Markus Parilo
as Thierry
Tyler Blake Smith
as JPM Bodyguard/Mao Bodyguard/Mao Bodyguard #1
Ish Morris
as UN Deputy
Briana Templeton
as Belter Waitress/Waitress
Ric Garcia
as Street Dealer
David Patrick Green
as Admiral
Nazneen Contractor
as Ashanti
Jamaal Grant
as Barbapiccola Captain
Kyle Gatehouse
as Gaunt Belter
David Strathairn
as Commander Klaes Ashford
Brian J. Graham
as Angry Dockworker
Alex Spencer
as Belter Commuter #1
Sam Kalilieh
as Clarke
Roger Shank
as Looter
Dave Lewis
as Star Helix #2
Christian Potenza
as Mason
Colin Glazer
as Val's Husband
Natalie Lisinska
as Lt. Shaffer/Shaffer
Marqus Bobesich
as Scruffy Guy
Madeleine Sims-Fewer
as Refugee Woman
Samora Smallwood
as UN Naval Attache
Kato Alexander
as Jianguo
Chai Valladares
as Aide Diaz/Avasarala's Aide
Paulino Nunes
as Reverend Doctor Hector Cortez
Brett Ryan
as Cpl. Mole
Rick Parker
as Eros Straggler #1
Gabriel Iglesias
as Street Kid
Bradley Gordon
as Kellan
Jesse Buck
as Galip
Sandrine Holt
as Oksana
Bahia Watson
as Sakai/Sakai - Tycho Chief Engineer
Lorenzo Damiani
as Farm Worker
Lola Glaudini
as Captain Shaddid
Frankie Faison
as Charles
Chris Gillett
as Father Cesar
Jarret Wright
as RCE Guard Liam
Alex Frankson
as Armoury Tech
Ana-Maria Alvarado
as Silje
Daniel Malik
as Tatted Belter/Black Sky Leader
Andrea Drepaul
as Caitlyn
Duncan McLeod
as Mao Guard #3/Belter Goon #1/Goth Assassin #1 (Machine Gun)
Barrington Bignall
as CPM #13/Desk Sergeant
Ethan Hektor
as Young Miller
Heather Dicke
as Reporter
Marvin Kaye
as Gambler
Kris Holden-Ried
as Coop
Dominique Tipper
as Naomi Nagata
Roberto Campanella
as Dancing Creep
Penelope Goranson
as Old Belter Woman
Moses Nyarko
as RCE Guard #3/Belter Dock Worker #1/Muscle Dockworker
Corey Wadden
as Tripoli X.O.
Jared Harris
as Anderson Dawes
Ese Beaudoin-Borha
as AWP Worker
Lyndie Greenwood
as Dr. Elvi Okoye
Etan Muskat
as Aide
Allen Keng
as CPM #1
Alex Hatz
as Secretary Yilmaz
Kerry Griffin
as UNN Tripoli Captain
Alex Karzis
as Mateo
Jay Hernandez
as Dimitri Havelock
Eric Woolfe
as Hasami Tech
Jung-Yul Kim
as CPM #7/Menacing Belter #1/Terraforming Guard
Natasha Roy
as UNN Officer
Tattiawna Jones
as Weapons Officer
Chris Wilson
as Businessman
Ava Cheung
as Distraught Daughter
Bradley Hamilton
as MVPD Officer
Kevin Bundy
as Mormon
Nicole Stamp
as Medical Tech
Frances Fisher
as Elise Holden
Tony Munch
as Rugged Man
Jonathan Collard
as Mao Guard #2
Matt Birman
as Unmc Supply Sergeant
Raven Stewart
as Kiri Brown
Dana Thody
as Female Marine
Dax Ravina
as Comp#2/Mikey KO
Rossif Sutherland
as Neville Bosch
Justin Michael Carriere
as Angeletti

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2020 | 10 Episodes

Season 6




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