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October 24, 2021
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About this title


This show focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a young newlywed faced with leading the world's most famous monarchy, while forging a relationship with legendary Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The British Empire is in decline, the political world is in disarray, but a new era is dawning. Peter Morgan's masterfully researched scripts reveal the Queen's private journey behind the public façade with daring frankness. Prepare to see into the coveted world of power and privilege behind the locked doors of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

Country: United Kingdom, United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: November 4, 2016

Also Known As: The Crown, Taç |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (16, 14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

palace intrigue
british royal family
queen elizabeth ii

Company Credits

Production Co: Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK


Arran Tinker
as Prince Harry
Salton Maepa
as Sagana Lodge Hotel Manager
Bharat Mistri
as Indian Diplomat
Karen Smyth
as Ghana State Visit Guest
Claire Foy
as Queen Elizabeth II/Princess Elizabeth/Young Elizabeth
Oliver Maltman
as Jim Orr
Jacqueline Defferary
as Balmoral Guest 2
Jacob Shaw
as Jazz Band
Lesley Manville
as Princess Margaret
Karl Burrows
as Maori Dancer
Flora Higgins
as Anne Bolton
Bertie Carvel
as Robin Day
Christopher Ravenscroft
as Page (Sandringham)
Felix Cann
as Gordonstoun Pupil
George Asprey
as Walter Monckton
Leon Hutchings
as Page Boy
Anna Chancellor
as Lady Rosse
Arihia Cassidy
as Maori Dancer
Zak Holland
as Australian Sailor/Naval Officer Cadet
Andy Clarkson
as Earlswood Nurse 2
Sam Crane
as Patrick Plunket
Gwyneth Keyworth
as Gwen Edwards
Nick Donald
as Workman
Samantha Baines
as Mary
Thea Balich
as Clarence House Maid
Angus Imrie
as Prince Edward
Michael Buerk
as Newsreader
Skye Hallam
as Lee Radziwill
Charles Panapa
as Maori Dancer
John Sackville
as S.I.S. Controller/SIS Controller
Anthony Brophy
as James Jesus Angleton
Treasure Tshabalala
as Chief Pelipel
Simon Paisley Day
as Meryn Lewis
Anthony Edridge
as Equerry (Clarence House)
Graham Vanas
as Doorman
Bu Kunene
as New Yorker
Peter Pacey
as Lord Soames
Sam Wilkinson
as Royal Australian Navy Officer
Simon Chandler
as Clement Attlee
Louis Zegrean
as Young Ted Heath
Josh Cook
as Footman (Buckingham Palace)
Steven Blake
as Buckingham Palace Press Secretary/Palace Press Secretary
Vash Singh
as Crowd
Pip Carter
as Colin Tennant
Luke Juby
as Jazz Band Musician
James Greene
as Royal Horological Conservator
Fred Broom
as Cliff Michelmore
Andrew Steel
as Photographer
Shaid Parvaz
as Dakar Rally Driver
Lucy Russell
as Lady Mountbatten
Colin Stinton
as Lawrence E. Spivak
Andrew Whiffin
as BOAC Captain
Anthony O'Donnell
as Mayor of Merthyr Tyfdil
Bern Collaço
as Press Photographer/World Leader
Jonathan Pryce
as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Alan David
as Ben Bowen Thomas
Madeleine Bowyer
as Earlswood Nurse 1
Rosalind Knight
as Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark
Emmanuel Jerwitz
as Squatter
Peter Jonathan Moore
as Coal Miner
Jared McNeill
as New Yorker
Takatsuna Mukai
as Japanese Guest
Stephen Greif
as Speaker of the House
Patrick McBrearty
as Francis McGirl
Tim Steed
as John Profumo
John Standing
as Imbert-Terry
Martin Wimbush
as Dr. Bodley Scott
Jesse James Sims
as Naval Officer
Sandra Capel
as Ball Guest/Wedding Guest
Mark Field
as Cavalry Officer
John Stableforth
as James
Rhys Parry Jones
as Local Man 2
Oliver Milburn
as Chris Patten
Isobel Eadie
as Sarah Spencer
Tom Espiner
as Simon Freeman
Jacques Boudet
as President de Gaulle
Lizzy McInnerny
as Bobo Macdonald
Jonathan Rhodes
as Impact Producer
Catherine Lamb
as Mrs. Wills
Michael Colgan
as IRA Lieutenant
Jo Herbert
as Mary Charteris
Simon Armstrong
as Councillor
Andrew G. Ogleby
as Aide To Margaret Thatcher/Aide to Margaret Thatcher
Anne Lambton
as Gloria
Daniel Ings
as Mike Parker
John Neville
as BBC Technician
Tom Byrne
as Prince Andrew
Burghart Klaußner
as Kurt Hahn
Edward Wolstenholme
as BAS Team Leader
David Bromley
as Footman
Daniel Donskoy
as James Hewitt
Nicholas Rowe
as Jock Colville
Linda Small
as Elderly Ghanaian Servant
Claira Watson Parr
as Press Secretary
Oscar Foronda
as Constantino Davidoff
Christopher Gxalaba
as Kenyan Policeman
Mark Tandy
as Cecil Beaton
Jorge Leon Martinez
as RAF Royal Family
Stella Gonet
as Margaret Lambert
Marlo Woolley
as Prince Andrew
Adam Fitzgerald
as Graham Evans
Lampros Kalfuntzos
as Algerian President/Soldier
Robert Jarvis
as Police/MOD man/Riot police
Guy Siner
as Francis Pym
Jessie Aquilina
as Sarah Ferguson
Richard Allinson
as Radio DJ
Peter Wight
as Newspaper Editor
Colin Morgan
as John Armstrong
Charles Dance
as Lord Mountbatten
Ivanhoe Norona
as Polynesian Islander
Christian Jenner
as Fagan's Friend
Alasdair Craig
as Co-Pilot
Vic Cooper
as Royal Driver (Lincoln Town Car Limousine)
Henry Pettigrew
as Neil Armstrong
Alice Hewkin
as Jacqui Chan
Ross Burns
as Maori Dancer
Paul Thornley
as Bill Matheson/Bill Mattheson
Keith Milner
as French Policeman
Ryan Early
as Radio Producer/Television Producer
Rhys Bond
as Buckingham Palace Head Butler
Leanne Everitt
as Christine Fagan
Garry Lake
as Journalist #2
Miltos Yerolemou
as Chronos
Aden Gillett
as Richard Crossman
Peter Ellis
as Sandringham Gamekeeper/Land Agent
Tom Fairfoot
as Royal Detective
Gala Gordon
as Christine Keeler
Francis Adams
as Photographer
John Humphrys
as Newsreader
Martin Chamberlain
as Aneurin Bevan
Guy Oliver-Watts
as Lord Chamberlain
Dennis O'Donnell
as Irish Butler
Andrew Watson
as Pall Bearer
Pierre Bergman
as Aide to Speaker/Garden Party Guest
Matt Rippy
as US Intelligence Officer
Billy Jenkins
as Prince Charles
Simon Kirk
as Andrew's Co-Pilot
Annette Edwards
as Earlswood Patient 2
Pierre Scot
as French Journalist
Jerry Cooke
as Newsreader
Geraldine Chaplin
as Wallis Simpson
Tom Durant Pritchard
as Billy Wallace
Jason Watkins
as Harold Wilson
Nicholas Burns
as Anthony Nutting
Jonathan Hansler
as Balmoral Guest 1
John Vaughan
as Mountbatten Staff
Michelle McTernan
as Local Woman 3
David Gambier
as Horological Assistant
Rebecca Saire
as Baba Metcalfe
Fares Boulos
as Ken Russell
Kit Redding
as Young Jim Orr
Yolanda Kettle
as Camilla Fry
Ben Miles
as Peter Townsend
David Shields
as Colin Tennant
Richard Ritchie
as Dean of St Paul's
Stuart McQuarrie
as George Thomson
Martin Fisher
as Peter Lilley
Sam Parks
as Priest 2
Clive Francis
as Lord Salisbury
Jay Webb
as Wayne Sleep
Paul Baker
as Journalist #3
Nicholas James Mead
as Jazz Band Musician
Rory Clark
as Maori Dancer
Fenias Timbe
as Kenyan Boy
Michael Odin Cartwright
as Soldier
Ruby Richardson
as Young Ted Heath's Mother
Mark Lewis
as Local Man 1
Kimiora Burrows
as Maori Dancer
Sean Berry
as Chef
Jesse Mutu
as Maori Dancer
William Ellis
as Queen's Flight Captain
Daniel Betts
as Ernst von Hannover/Prince Ernst von Hannover
Naomi Allisstone
as Hazel Hawke
Jonathan Broadbent
as James Burke
Gerry Williamson
as Maori Dancer
David Maybrick
as Security Man 1
Grace Stone
as Anne Tennant
Ben Stylianou
as Pawnbroker
Callum Coates
as Butler at Althorp
Clancy Brown
as Lyndon B. Johnson
Valerie Sarruf
as Dowager Lady Brabourne
Felix Scott
as Buzz Aldrin
Charlotte Gray
as Beryl Moss
Cadyn Page
as Choir Boy/Eton School Boy
Yves Aubert
as French Historian
Daniel Gosling
as TV Commentator
Mark Lewis Jones
as Edward Millward
James Murray
as Prince Andrew
Lewis Macleod
as Iain Tennant
Nigel Cooke
as Harry Crookshank
Andrew Bone
as F.O. Aide
Ronald Moger
as Reporter
Jeffrey Ho
as Sultan of Perak's Interpreter
Gary Kiely
as First Reporter/Flustered Commuter
Nicholas Farrell
as Michael Shea
Harry Treadaway
as Roddy Llewellyn
Dean Weir
as Junior Doctor
Jack Parry-Jones
as Teacher
Beau Gadsdon
as Young Princess Margaret/Young Margaret
Jessica De Gouw
as Lucy Lindsay-Hogg
Bernardo Santos
as Protester
Ruth Horrocks
as Peeress
Jo Stone-Fewings
as Collins
Jack Chissick
as Vendor
Harriet Benson
as Patricia Knatchbull
Judith Alexander
as Ann Parker Bowles
Ashley Hope Allan
as Peebles Shop Assistant
John Woodvine
as Archbishop of York
Ifan Huw Dafydd
as Howell
Ollie Pitman
as Simon Harper
Mariola Sanz
as Chronos's wife
Gemma Jones
as Penelope Carter
John Finn
as Arthur 'Bull' Hancock
Christopher Naylor
as Lord Snowdon's Valet
Sidney Jackson
as Prince Edward
Phil Tillott
as Workman
Acushla-Tara Kupe
as Maori Dancer
Verity Russell
as Young Princess Elizabeth/Young Elizabeth
Max Sinclair
as 3rd Telephonist Rhodesia
Samuel West
as Anthony Blunt
Tim Sanders
as Judicial Guest
Hugh Thomas
as Bishop of Llandaff
Clifford Rose
as Dean of Windsor
John Moraitis
as New Yorker
Peter Ormond
as Captain
Douglas Reith
as Admiral Leach
Pauline Hendrickson
as Nerissa Bowes-Lyon
Jeremy Wheeler
as Doctor Jacobson
Alan Gill
as Winkie
Elliott Hughes
as Baby Prince William
James Millard
as BBC Roving Reporter
Nadia Townsend
as Florist
Greg Lockett
as US Military Courier
Robert Yeo
as Jazz Band
Adel Tuzani
as Nasser's Aide
Geoffrey Breton
as Mark Phillips
Rupert Vansittart
as Cecil King
Joey Grima
as Archiving Assistant/Mr. David Smith
Janette Sharpe
as Demonstrator/Horse Race Spectator/Malta Wife/Naval Wife/Passerby/Well Wisher
David Clatworthy
as Eric Sherbrook Walker
Martyn Mayger
as Downing Street Official/Post Office Official/Tailor
Alex Harland
as Newsreader
Caroline Garnell
as The Duchess of Devonshire & Aristocrat
Richard Elfyn
as Selwyn Lloyd
Gillian Anderson
as Margaret Thatcher
David Phelan
as Dickie Arbiter
Charles Maddox
as Gordonstoun Schoolboy
Michael Sheldon
as Alec Cadogan
Aliya Tanikpaeva
as Galina Ulanova
Roger May
as Cabinet Photographer
Robert East
as Director
Alisha Tarran
as Margaret's Friend/Mrs. Loomis/Pretty Girl
Bronwyn Baud
as Brisbane Polo Crowd Member
Ben Fox
as Princess Margaret's Private Secretary
Sanchia McCormack
as Buckingham Palace Maid 2
Bo Ponomari
as Martin (footman)
Graham j Reeves
as VIP Guest
Steve Carroll
as Press
Teresa Banham
as Mary Wilson
Eddy Jones
as Gordonstoun Pupil
Jamie Chapman
as Reporter
Dan Renton Skinner
as Alastair Burnet
Tim Bentinck
as John Betjeman
Oscar Swire
as Masterson
Bongo Mbutuma
as Outspan Hotel Manager
Steven O'Neill
as BBC Commentator
Connie M'Gadzah
as Sydney Johnson
Will Keen
as Michael Adeane
Peter Sandys-Clarke
as BBC Producer
Adrian Lukis
as Vice-Admiral Conolly Abel Smith
Iain Wilkie
as Minor Royal/Sir Angus Ogilvie
Aitor Viscarolasaga Lopez
as Ballet Dancer
Tony Jayawardena
as Sir Sonny Ramphal
Hilton Gibbons
as Maori Dancer
Edmund Wiseman
as Radio Announcer
Eliza Sodró
as Princess Sophie
Adam Stevenson
as Ghillie
Julian Glover
as Cecil Boyd-Rochfort
Kenneth Coombs
as Victoria Station Newspaper Seller
Nigel Lister
as Anaesthetist
Al Barclay
as Michael Howard
Paul Dewdney
as Charles W Wilmot/Returning Officer
Samuel Dubois
as Steel Band Leader
Michael Cochrane
as Vice Provost Sir Henry Marten
Ian Porter
as U.S. Department Aide
Aimee Hodnett
as Singer
Paul Bigley
as John Nott
Tristan Sturrock
as John Wheeler-Bennett
Roy Sampson
as Laurens Van Der Post
Vanessa Kirby
as Princess Margaret
Ana Morgan
as Helen Edwards
Mike Sengelow
as Australian Doctor
Denver Isaac
as Journalist
Thom Tuck
as Journalist #1
Mark Brennan
as Thomas McMahon
Mark Sayer
as Detective
Stephen Chance
as Director (Met Office)
Terrence Hardiman
as Doctor Evans
Emilia Rose Arnò
as Model (Blue Kennedy Dress)
Lasco Atkins
as Club member/Concorde Passenger/Riot Policeman/Socialite/Thursday Club Member
Rahima Delvero
as Mrs. Patel
John Heffernan
as Lord Altrincham
Andrea Deck
as Jean Wallop
Guy Chambers
as Pianist
Peter Symonds
as Hardy Amies
Robert Benedetti-Hall
as Major Bruce Shand
Sara Vickers
as Marion Crawford
Dafydd Hywel
as Shopkeeper
Francis Chouler
as Australian Cameraman
James Francis Andrews
as Journalist
Dávid Kiss
as Mourning Gentleman
Richard Shanks
as Clarence House Equerry
Patrick Toomey
as Philip's Private Secretary
Imelda Staunton
as Queen Elizabeth II
Rob Curling
as Showjumping Commentator
James Woolley
as Page (Marlborough House)
Togo Igawa
as Emperor Hirohito
Oliver Crocker
as Mourner
Maximilian Dirr
as Junkers Pilot
Wayne Harrison
as Governor General of Kenya
Clare Foster
as Nancy Lewis
Richard Harrington
as Fred Phillips
Kristian Drew
as Dinner Guest
Grahame Fox
as Worker 1
Julian Baring
as Prince Charles
Guy Williams
as Prince Andrea
Tobias Menzies
as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Eva Feiler
as Young Margaret Thatcher
Nick Owenford
as Press/BBC Cameraman/Delegate/Dignitary/Earl Spencer/Milkman/Peer/State Delegate/Theatre Press Cameraman
David Gillies
as Telephonist (Clarence House)
Graham Curry
as Rugby News Cameraman
Daniel Geddes
as Gordonstoun Pupil
Pippa Winslow
as Blinkie
Robin Bowerman
as Page (Rhodesia)
Nigel Whitmey
as Marquis Childs
Nicholas McGaughey
as Supervisor
Angela Sims
as Princess Margaret's Dresser
Jason May
as Worker 2
James Tufnell
as Journalist
Jeannie Kinkaid
as Telephonist (Sandringham Stables)
Aaron Hotfelder
as White House Aide
Nick Davison
as Airport Spectator/Friend of the Royal Opera House/Hobart Dinner Guest
Eileen Atkins
as Queen Mary
James Sobol Kelly
as American Journalist 1
Simon Nehan
as Worker 3
Matthew Bates
as Deputy Under-Secretary
Richard Stirling
as Showjumping Timekeeper
Clive Flint
as Arthur Cunningham
Amir Boutrous
as Nasser/President Nasser
Julius D'Silva
as Baron Nahum
Robert Powell Jones
as Andras Millward
Alison Jones
as Mary Phillips
Gerrard McArthur
as Garter at Arms
Stephen Samson
as Lieutenant Colonel
Avenda Burnell Walsh
as Nursery maid to the young princesses
Aleesha Gordon
as Maori Dancer
Leonie Benesch
as Princess Cecile/Princess Cecilie
Marion Bailey
as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Daniel Philpott
as Adolf Hitler
Simon Connolly
as Marvin Miles
Bradley Wj Miller
as Gerald
Jesús Gallo
as Party Guest
Greg Wise
as Lord Mountbatten
Nicolas Dekkers
as James Ogilvy
Charlie Richards
as Queen's Page
David Charles
as George Thomas
Grant Gillespie
as Messenger
Laura Cairns
as Balmoral Maid
Nina Mangold
as Lady in Pink
David Summer
as Thomas Parry
Ailema Sousa
as Linda Correa
Péter Barbinek
as German Valet
Michael Haydon
as Hugh Dalton MP
Attila G. Kerekes
as Grenadier Guard 1
Luke Classon
as Maori Dancer
Matthew Goode
as Tony Armstrong-Jones
James Laurenson
as Doctor Weir
Pierre Philippe
as Jean Garnier
Josh O'Connor
as Prince Charles
as Ghanan Soldier
Amy Searles
as Kanga
Alan Faulkner
as Dakar Rally Spectator
Alex Jennings
as David, Duke of Windsor
Stephen Boxer
as Denis Thatcher
Matt Beauman-Jones
as Press Journalist
Yasmin McCullough
as Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones
Monty D'Inverno
as RAF Officer
Martin Bishop
as King's Valet
Helen Vine
as Lady in theatre box
Jonathan Wayre
as Projectionist/Royal Usher
Matthew Lee
as Army Officer
Martin McDougall
as W. Marvin Watson
Freddie Meredith
as Secretary (Lambeth Palace)
Evan Whitt
as Nicholas Knatchbull
Robert Cavanah
as Psychiatrist
Claire Jeater
as Receptionist
Jonathan Rushby-Taylor
as Royal Page Gentleman
Karl Farrer
as Commadore/Commodore
Eileen Dunwoodie
as Diana's Maid
John Surman
as Cecil Mann, Crown Jeweller
Marc Ozall
as John Major
Ed Eales White
as Foreign Office Translator
Kirsty MacLaren
as Violet
Don Gallagher
as Willie Whitelaw
Michael Fenton Stevens
as Peter Beck
Alister Hobdell
as Maori Dancer
Shaun Newnham
as Northern Ireland Dignitary
Nia Roberts
as Silvia Millward
Roderick Gilkison
as Simon Harper's Friend
Jacob Trup
as Scotsguard
Richie Garrison
as Jazz Band Musician
Pip Torrens
as Tommy Lascelles
Jayne Edwards
as Brisbane Crowd Member
Ruth Shaw
as Dress Maker to the Queen
Jeremy Northam
as Anthony Eden
Ed Cooper Clarke
as Jeremy Fry
Jenny Ogilvie
as Scottish Housekeeper
Oliver McKinnon-Wardell
as Page Boy #2
David Roper
as Bishop of Norwich
Roger Evans
as Editor
Kaitlan Potter
as Maori Dancer
Ian Hallard
as Analyst
Zaiya Mahutariki
as Maori Dancer
Robert Wilfort
as Documentary Director
James Garnon
as Stanislaw Radziwill
Lamar Bonhomme
as Egyptian Colonel
Matt Blair
as American Historian
Jane Lapotaire
as Princess Alice
Andy Sanderson
as Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester/Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester
Christopher Peter Jenkins
as BBC Crew Member
Kate Phillips
as Venetia Scott
Matthew Marsh
as President Eisenhower
Jacob Shephard
as Page
Mark Pusey
as Jazz Band
Obie Matthew
as Ghana Gala Guest
Tony Guilfoyle
as Bishop of Durham
Matt Townsend
as Theatre Goer
Thomas Arnold
as BBC Cameraman
Lia Williams
as Wallis Simpson/Wallis, Duchess of Windsor
Simon Poland
as Chief Scientist (Met Office)
Harriet Walter
as Clemmie Churchill
Denise Mack
as Jobcentre Employee
Dominic Applewhite
as Dermot
Clare Perkins
as Social Worker
Laura Vivio
as Londoner
Paul Jesson
as Sir Geoffrey Howe
Matt Harris
as Mountbatten's Page
Suzanne Kopser
as 'Ladybird' Johnson
Helena Huang
as Vox Pop Woman 1
Billy Mack
as Ghillie
Michael Parker
as Documentary Narrator
Freddie Fox
as Mark Thatcher
Shane Askam
as Guardsman
David Yelland
as Commander Vyner
Keith Bunnett
as MOD Staff
Michael Bertenshaw
as Master of the Household
Dominic West
as Prince Charles
Jim Creighton
as MI5 Officer
Daniel Beales
as Patrick Moore
Annette Badland
as Doctor Margaret Heagarty
Kate Parr
as Singer
Keenan Arrison
as Egyptian Interpreter
Henry Dimbleby
as Richard Dimbleby
Nathan Vale
as Tenor
Michael C. Hall
as President Kennedy
Ivy Nkutha
as Treetops Housekeeper
Luke Steele
as Radio Reporter
Emma Clandon
as Royal Bridesmaid
Bodo Friesecke
as Carl von Loesch
Richard Sutton
as Gunnery Instructor
Andrew Buckley
as Priest 3
Anastasia Zabarchuk
as Squatter Woman
Duncan Duff
as Cecil Parkinson
Stephen Riddle
as Derek Parker Bowles
Harry Hadden-Paton
as Martin Charteris
Timothy Knightley
as Australian Interviewer
David Troke
as Jazz Band
Gerald Maliqi
as US Marine
Peredur Hedd Llywelyn
as Geraint Moss
Harry Gostelow
as Mountbatten's Valet
Gareth Marks
as Fruity Metcalfe
Todd Boyce
as U.S.A.F. General
Richard Syms
as Lord Hailsham
Christopher Amos
as American Boom Operator/Lieutenant Colonel Royal Marines
Richard Cant
as Fagan's Local MP
Rebecca Poole
as Singer
Rita McDonald Damper
as Princess Marina of Denmark and Greece, the Duchess of Kent
Peter Forbes
as Barrister
Reilly Shanahan
as Hoare
Johanna Smitz
as Screaming Girl
Dugald Bruce-Lockhart
as John Moore
Mirrah Foulkes
as Helen King
Antony Barlow
as New Yorker
Jonny Lee Miller
as John Major
James Vaughan
as Hairdresser
Janet Suzman
as Literary Agent
Robert Nairne
as F.O. Telephonist
Manoj Anand
as Dakar Rally Spectator/Job Centre Client/New York Press Cameraman/Theatre Royalist
Karina Beuthe Orr
as Anne-Charlotte Verney
Luke Vernon
as US Soldier
Scott Hume
as Royal Detective (for Prince Charles)/Royal Detective
Garrick Hagon
as John F. Dulles
Ed Hartland
as Benefits Officer
Stevey Taylor
as Maori Dancer
Alexsandra Silva
as Henry Street's Staff
Ronald Pickup
as Archbishop of Canterbury
Neil Barrett
as Rioting Miner
Douggie McMeekin
as Sunny Blandford
Luke Stenner
as Jazz Band Musician
Lewis Reynolds
as Radio Operator
Robert William Carlisle
as Society Mourner/Striking Miner
Michael Shelford
as Duke of Windsor's Valet
Clifford Barry
as Detective
Miles Richardson
as George Allen
Richard Griffiths
as Gordonstoun Pupil
Amy Doyle
as Colville's Secretary
Olivier Raynal
as French Journalist
John Warman
as British News Reporter
Richard Goulding
as Edward Adeane
Rebecca Humphries
as Carol Thatcher
Dan Sitoe
as Chief Sironka
Rachel Donovan
as Photographer 1
John McCormack
as Earlswood Nurse 3
Josh Taylor
as Johnny Dalkeith
Jodi Balfour
as Jackie Kennedy
Trudie Emery
as Katherine Bowes-Lyon
Steven Elliot
as Geoffrey Morgan
Sam Phillips
as Equerry
Milly Thomas
as Mirror Group Secretary
Victoria Hamilton
as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother/Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother/Queen Elizabeth
Tim Scragg
as Crown Jeweller
Philippe Smolikowski
as Alec Head
Andrew Lee Potts
as Michael Collins
Pankaj Chandak
as Margaret's Surgeon
Cory Peterson
as American Guest/Party Guest
Elise Lamb
as White House Guest
Andrew Piper
as Balmoral Master of the Household
Paul Sheridan
as Eden's Aide
Dyfrig Morris
as Thomas Edwards
Davey Jones
as Hotel Commissioner
Olivia Colman
as Queen Elizabeth II
Lyla Barrett-Rye
as Princess Anne
Richard Curtis
as Royal Navy Officer
Mark Dexter
as Tony Benn
Andrew Cullum
as Race Commentator
Shane Griffin
as Salior
Lucas Barber-Grant
as Prince William
Paul Clayton
as Bob Boothby
Lucas Hare
as John Barratt
Jasper Jacob
as Bank of England Lawyer
Stephen Dillane
as Graham Sutherland
David Kerr
as Showjumping Judge
Ben Daniels
as Lord Snowdon
Ed Stoppard
as Tony Longdon
Philip Philmar
as Embalmer
Sinead Matthews
as Marcia Williams
Richard Keane
as Maori Dancer
Roy Beck
as George Wigg/'Temple Bar' Race horse owner
Anthony Flanagan
as Thurman
Jasper Hughes
as Baby Prince William
Tom Lawrence
as Reporter
Rebecca Benson
as Nurse
Rayhaan Kufuor-Gray
as New York Boy
Luke Cinque-White
as Wayne Sleep's Assistant
Charles Edwards
as Martin Charteris
Chris Kyriacou
as Police Chief
Caroline Goodall
as Lady Doris
Alice White
as Bethan
Rebecca Harries
as Local Woman 1
Jonathan Newth
as Page (Buckingham Palace)/Buckingham Palace Page
Atul Sharma
as Indian Radio Broadcaster
Georgia Howlett
as Ballet Dancer
Joshua Lacey
as Jonathan Miller
Paul A Munday
as Rudolf Hess
Barnabás Tóth
as French Diplomat
Elizabeth Debicki
as Princess Diana
Chloe Pirrie
as Eileen Parker
Chris Gordon
as Duke of Edinburgh's Valet
Pino Maiello
as Priest
Alison Pargeter
as Buckingham Palace Maid 1
Emma Corrin
as Princess Diana/Lady Diana Spencer
Peter Straker
as Elevator Operator
James M.L. Muller
as Boyscout/Journalist
Richard Teverson
as Colin Tennant
Dominic Andersen
as Camilla's Date
Brandon Whitt
as Timothy Knatchbull
Johnny Vivash
as Mustique Photographer
Sam Spiegel
as Christian Pineau
Richard Lintern
as Stephen Ward
Shane Cahill
as Maori Dancer
Yule Masiteng
as Chief Kungu Waruhiu
Robert Irons
as Freddie Bishop
Sebastian Lamour
as Prince Charles' mate
Patrick Warner
as Peter Cook
Tom Burke
as Dazzle Jennings
Georgie Glen
as Ruth Lady Fermoy
Patrick Bailey
as Security Man 2
Julian Ovenden
as Bobby Kennedy
Andy Mihalache
as SS Captain Karl Schulz
Georgina Strawson
as Buckingham Palace Maid
Olivia Beardsley
as Australian Make-Up Girl
Tina Byrne
as Earlswood Patient 1
Josie Kidd
as Secretary
John Lithgow
as Winston Churchill
Clive Arrindell
as Newspaper Proprietor
Katie Monk
as Aristocrat/Theatregoer
David Rees Talbot
as Alun Jenkins
Matt Smith
as Philip, Duke of Edinburgh/Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Nicholas Blatt
as Palace Press Officer
John West
as Press photographer
Robin Kermode
as Interviewer
Joseph Kloska
as Porchey
Hugh Futcher
as David Ben-Gurion
Nicholas Jones
as Lord Moran
Alan Williams
as Professor Hogg
Gerardo Gabaldón
as Tourist
Kemal Shah
as Lawyer/New Zealand Guest/VIP Guest
Sam Harris
as Etonian
Reis Daniel
as New Yorker
Jeska Pike
as Downing Street Secretary
Danny Sapani
as President Nkrumah
Seb Carrington
as Alan Bennett
John Rowe
as Chief Telephonist (Buckingham Palace)
Arthur Nightingale
as Tailor
Alistair Moulton Black
as Brisbane Reporter 2
Tahlia Norrish
as Brisbane Fan 1
Janet Henfrey
as Vita Sackville-West
Eileen Ross
as Nanny Barnes
Paul Sparks
as Reverend Billy Graham
Alana Ramsey
as Sarah Lindsay
Angus Wright
as Martin Furnival Jones
Sidwell Ralitsoele
as Nkrumah's Aide
Kiwiroa Marshall
as Maori Dancer
Gintare Beinoraviciute
as Debutante
Nancy Carroll
as Anne Tennant
Richard Clifford
as Norman Hartnell
Andrew Buchan
as Andrew Parker Bowles
Chris Carrico
as BBC Crew Member/Master of the Household
Baltazar Oliva
as Press/Royal Party Guest
Miles Jupp
as Humphrey
Judith Paris
as Wendy Mitchell
Paul Longley
as Footman (Abbey)
David Shaw Parker
as Hawker
Catrin-Mai Huw
as Local Woman 2
David Wilmot
as Arthur Scargill
David Annen
as Alec Douglas-Home
Vaughn Johseph
as U.S. TV Reporter
Martin Marquez
as Royal Detective
Jonathan Addis
as Royal Detective
Lindy Barrett
as Child on Riverbank
Edward Tidy
as Junkers Crew Member
James Hillier
as Equerry/Equerry (Buckingham Palace)
Martin Bratanov
as Photographer Assistant
Kevin McNally
as Bernard Ingham
Michael Thomas
as Duke of Gloucester
David Anthony Green
as Michael (Waiter)
Donald Douglas
as Lord Chambarlaine
Alisdair Gilbert
as Press
Kevin Hand
as Margaret's Butler
Maya Raskin
as Londoner
Tina Simmons
as Lady Cynthia Brookeborough- Wife of the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland
Penelope McGhie
as Henrietta Woods
Sarah Muhoho
as Sagana Lodge Housekeeper
Marco De Marlo
as Lord Mountbatten's Tailor
Siyabonga Xaba
as Kenyan Boy
Clayton T. Smith
as American General
Leigh Thompson
as Maori Dancer
Ryan Sampson
as Dudley Moore
Patrick Drury
as Lord Chamberlain
Richard Price
as Scots Guard
Dominic Rowan
as Charles Powell
Matthew Steer
as Wilson's Aide
Ty Hurley
as American Secret Service/Prince Charles Aide/Protester
Tom Brooke
as Michael Fagan
Richard Walsh
as Joe Gormley
Péter Fancsikai
as German Passport Officer
Daniel Fraser
as Queen's Equerry
Tim McMullan
as Robin Woods
Nick Wymer
as Kenneth Clarke
James Borthwick
as Leonid Brezhnev
Hanako Footman
as Lily
Abigail Parmenter
as Judy Montagu/Judy Montrague
Sophie Stone
as Princess Alice
Claire Ashton
as Investiture Ceremony Guest
Kevin Eldon
as Priest Michael
Edward Olhausen
as Choirboy
Thibault Charrin
as French Stables Man
Alec Nicholls
as Downing Street Aide
Héléna Soubeyrand
as Marie-Antoinette de Bellaigue
Keith Chopping
as Norman Lamont
Michael Eaves
as Dean of Windsor
Nadia Williams
as Verona Middleton-Jeter
Andrew Joseph
as Jazz Band Musician
Michael Culkin
as Rab Butler
Noni Harrison
as Indira Gandhi
Des McAleer
as Philip Kinghorn Burbidge
Jonathan Coote
as Priest 1
Anna Madeley
as Clarissa Eden
Matt Newman
as Morris
Gemma Whelan
as Patricia Campbell
Tony Atherton
as Clergy Moutbatten Funeral/Highland Games Steward/Priest St Paul's Cathedral
Oliver de Rohan
as Australian Reporter 1
Dai Tabuchi
as Japanese Journalist
Stefan Kopiecki
as Reporter/Army Intelligence Officer/Party Guest
Miriam Lucia
as Australian TV Reporter
Ashley Alymann
as Sultan of Perak
Michael Mears
as Malcolm Rifkind
Denis Khoroshko
as Russian Naval Captain
Moya O'Shea
as Vox Pop Woman 3
Hugh O'Brien
as Government Telephonist
Helena Bonham Carter
as Princess Margaret
Emerald Fennell
as Camilla Parker Bowles/Camilla Shand
Tony Bell
as Guardian Editor
Penny Downie
as Duchess of Gloucester
Finn Elliot
as Young Philip/Young Prince Philip
Letty Thomas
as Virginia Pitman
Catherine Monfils
as Nurse/Jaguar Factory Worker
Matt Emery
as Photographer 2
T. Mark Owens
as Department of Justice Employee/Funeral Mourner
David Rintoul
as Michael Adeane
Thomas Padden
as Page (Clarence House)
August Wittgenstein
as Grand Duke Georg Donatus
Catherine Bailey
as Elizabeth Cavendish
Anthony Harwood
as Australian Photographer
John Hollingworth
as Porchey
Lorraine Ashbourne
as Barbara Castle
Philip John Patrick Oliver
as Charles Aide/Member of Parliament/Photographer
Lucy Newman-Williams
as American Journalist 2
Dardan Kolicaj
as Junior Archivist
Mark Rawlings
as Royal Policeman
Matthew Baldwin
as Kenneth Harris
Lin Sagovsky
as Elspeth Howe
Harrison Burnside
as Jameson
Jamie de Courcey
as Doctor
Nick Hendrix
as Billy Wallace
William Tapley
as Base Commander
Tim Benton
as Alice Springs Official
Charlie Baron
as Rhys Edwards
Mark Carlisle
as Lord Brabourne
Marian Lorencik
as French Security Protocol of Sèvres/Soviet Diplomat
Amelia Bullmore
as Kathleen Sutherland
Eloise Henwood
as Royal Party Guest
Elliot James
as Club member
David Shackleton
as Provost
Nesba Crenshaw
as Rosalind Shand
Richard Roxburgh
as Bob Hawke
Roseline Yale
as Lady at train station/Protester
David Cary
as Australian Reporter 2
Lex Lamprey
as Journalist/Paramedic
as Maori Dancer
Mikaél Frimpong
as Messenger
Michael Maloney
as Edward Heath
Angus Scott
as Resident Factor of Balmoral
Alexandra Fisher
as Australian Radio Interviewer
Attila Bardóczy
as French Orderly
Robert Lindsell
as Lord Wakehurst
Michael Simkins
as Patrick Dean
Emma Louise Webb
as Geraldine
Josef Davies
as Christine's Boyfriend
Clare Holman
as Princess Marina
Derek Jacobi
as Duke of Windsor
Edmund Digby-Jones
as Junior Press Secretary
Patrick Ryecart
as Duke of Norfolk
Jemma Lewis
as Main Switchboard Operator
Erin Doherty
as Princess Anne
Euan Macnaughton
as Lord Caithness
Teddy Lewis
as Groundskeeper
Tom Turner
as Patrick Jephson
Pierre Azéma
as French Doctor
Jared Harris
as King George VI
Jon Bentley
as Press Reporter/Protester
Sylvestra Le Touzel
as Dorothy MacMillan
Gerard Ban Lavery
as Fisherman
Nicholas Day
as Jim Prior
Wendy-Lee Purdy
as Vox Pop Woman 2
Ryan O'Donnell
as Brisbane Reporter 1
Neil Martin Jr.
as Party Guest
Paul Hilton
as Michael Straight
Anton Lesser
as Harold MacMillan
Errol Francis
as Household Help in Ghana
Fyfe Dangerfield
as Pianist
Allegra Marland
as Carolyn Pride
Olivia Williams
as Camilla Parker
Bea Stevens-Johnson
as Sarah Edwards
Katie Bird
as Soprano
Lynn Hunter
as Colliery Secretary
Izabella Ferencz
as Masked Ball Guest

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