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Jay Sherman is an overweight and somewhat snobbish New York TV movie critic who is forced to review the most pathetic films to which is he always says, "It stinks." In addition to the film parodies, the show also deals with his professional life working for his tyrannical media mogul boss and his personal life with his friends and family. In a world that seems determined to snub him both in the asinine arts he has to endure and his own difficult relationships, Jay gets along as best he can, while enjoying life's bright spots.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 26, 1994

Also Known As: O Crítico, ザ・クリティックKritikern, Кинокритик, Profession: critique, El crítico, Rýnirinn, Kritikeren, Kritikos se krisi, The Critic, Критичар, Krytyka, El critico, Criticul |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Columbia Pictures Television, Film Roman Productions, Flinch Studios, Gracie Films, Jet City Studios Inc.Sony Pictures Digital, Unbound Studios Inc. |  See more »

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Jon Lovitz
as Jay Sherman
Christine Cavanaugh
as Marty Sherman
Gerrit Graham
as Franklin Sherman
Rod Steiger
as Rod Steiger
Margaret Cho
Charles Napier
as Duke Phillips
Rex Reed
as Rex Reed
June Lockhart
as June Lockhart
Valerie Levitt
as Jennifer
Gene Siskel
as Gene Siskel
Judith Ivey
as Eleanor Sherman
Kath Soucie
as Various Characters
Michael Carrington
as Chauffeur
Steve Allen
as Steve Allen
Sam McMurray
as Cyrus Tompkins

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1994 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

1995 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2000 | 10 Episodes


Awards & Nominations

Annie 1994



Best Animated Television Program

Annie 1995



Best Individual Achievement for Creative Supervision in the Field of Animation

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