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October 24, 2021
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About this title


A highly articulate, erudite and intelligent businessman and mastermind, "Red" Reddington, has allegedly been on the "10 Most Wanted List" of various U.S. law enforcement agencies for over 20 years. The legend is that Red is as elusive as he is clever, controlling a labyrinth of creative enterprises, coupled with uncanny ability to gather and finesse information at the drop of a hat. On the first day at FBI for a new female profiler fresh out of Quantico, Red offers to bandy wits with the FBI. Red promises to deliver various criminals and plots previously unknown to any branch of law enforcement... and all Red requests in return is to choose his muse.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: September 23, 2013

Also Known As: Černá listina, Crna lista |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

criminal mastermind

Company Credits

Production Co: Davis Entertainment, Universal Television |  See more »


Jillian Lebling
as Young Liz
Benjamin Farmer
as FBI Guard
Jeremy Gram Weaver
as Kit
Christine M. Campbell
as Leanne McGrath
Chris Walker
as Armed Guard
Esau Pritchett
as Anthony Elliot Hollis
Jenna Williams
as Claire Homan
Daren Donofrio
as Guard #1
Mirabelle Lee
as Sadie Loescher
Roberts Jekabsons
as Flannel Merc
Christine Spang
as Carly Ambers
Andy Do
as FBI TAC Agent
Deborah S. Craig
as Luli Zeng
Bill Cwikowski
as Martin Donnelly/Retiree
Diodato Grisi
as Oval Office Briefing
Samantha Soule
as Rachel Hobbs
Will Brill
as Gavin Delgado
Robb Sherman
as Orderly
Hakan Tolga Polat
as Attache
Leslie Shenkel
as Walter Pruitt
Rowan Olivia Tarmy
as Injured Child
Barrett Martin
as Agent/ND Agent
Brian Haley
as Jonathan Reese
Joe Lisi
as Private Investigator
Gail Yudain
as Hospital Visitor
Steffanie Leigh
as Corrine Egan
David Sedgwick
as Anchor
Stacie Morgan Lewis
as Ruby Hightower
Ben Kahre
as Tech #2
William Sadler
as Sam Milhoan
Barzin Akhavan
as Farhad
Lily Lewinter
as Young Masha/Masha Rostova
R.J. Foster
as Guard
Vincent Curatola
as Danny Vacarro
Julien Seredowych
as Computer Guy
Yuriy Turchyn
as Russian Rebel #2
Hank Strong
as Carlo
Eric Gravez
as Braxton's Man
Gloria Reuben
as Dr. Selma Orchard
Mike Keller
as Officer Michael Frye
Lola Pashalinski
as Apolonia
Robert Eli
as Howard Bishop
Stuart Zagnit
as The Haberdasher
Richard Clodfelter
as Dale Pettigrew
Robert Berlin
as Armed Man
Alexandra Milne
as Instructor
Rachel Napoleon
as Meryl
Kenneth Maharaj
as Clerk
Zuhdi Boueri
as Tech
Jun Naito
as Zhang
Ellie Bensinger
as Jackie
Stephanie Janssen
as AUSA Navarro
James Rutledge
as Heart Attack Juror
Byron Jennings
as Agent Alvin Stanton
Jon Conver
as Anarchist/Potential Juror #7
Alysia Reiner
as Judge Sonia Fisher
Jason Liebman
as Walter Reardon
Regina Schneider
as First Lady Miriam Diaz/Miriam Diaz
Russell Jordan
as Charles Gellner
John Vincent Mason
as Armed Guard #2
Elana Safar
as Agent Janet Anderson
Jonathan Rayson
as Ryan Healy
Amy Tribbey
as Midwife
Ari Fliakos
as Craig Gaynier
Jeremy Beiler
as Tech (Hive)
Fred O. Dery
as Team Member
Tony Jeffries
as Merc #2
Christian Felix
as Guard
Marcus Brandon
as Yellow Security Jacket
Michael-Scott Druckenmiller
as Paramedic
Andrea Morales
as Brooklyn Martinez
Julio C. Peña
as Eduardo
Steve Lord
as Armed Guard #1
Peter Albrink
as Calvin
Nadia Affolter
as Samar '92
Brett Cullen
as The Stranger/Ilya Koslov
Krista Donargo
as Agent/Homeland Agent #2
Carole Troll
as Waitress
Thomas J. Bellezza
as German Bar Patron/Hung Hunter
Nathan Lane
as Abraham Stern
Lynne Valley
as Sharon- Blair's Mom
Alice Chastain Levy
as Elsa Shulte
Joanne Lamstein
as Bank Hostage
Jaz Goodreau
as Customer #2
Melle Powers
as Customs Agent
Ayse Eldek
as Catering Manager
Mark Richard Goldman
as Airport Tourist
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Lucinda/Prison Guard/Teacher at Conference/Woman in park
Bob Gunton
as Nicholas Moore
Adam McNulty
as Viktor
Cliff Bemis
as Lawton Nuss
Grayson Eddey
as Young Tom Keen
Will Denton
as Harrison Lee
Catherine Curtin
as Connor
Jennifer Van Dyck
as Lillian Sharp
Brian Keane
as Captain Lasko
Johanna Day
as Eleanor Dawson
Anne Runolfsson
as Reporter
Margaret Ivey
as Staffer
Lisa Tharps
as Barbara
Tom Wopat
as Roy Cain
Frankie Verroca
as Imam
Aleksander Mici
as Beast
Angel Dillemuth
as Drug Runner
Mia Caress
as American Reporter/Reporter #1
Kathryn Leigh Scott
as Homeowner
Christopher Lambert
as Bastien Moreau
Marcel Simoneau
as Stephan Gervais
Sarah Hays
as Hayley Podschun
Gino Vento
as Angel
LisaGay Hamilton
as Dr. Grey
Kevin Blatch
as Lead Agent
Michal Vondel
as Point Man
Jamar Greene
as Security Guard
Hettienne Park
as Sasha Lau
Jeff Williams
as Myron Gordon
Yosef Kasnetzkov
as Bodyguard #1
Kossim Osseni
as Nigerian Gunman #1
Sung Yun Cho
as Nurse #1
Jeff Hayenga
as Doctor
Brian Edwards
as Man
Mark Linn-Baker
as Dr. Jonathan Nikkila
Dieter Riesle
as Edward Plumber
Michele Cannon
as Critter Cabin Groomer/Stylist
Gordon Tashjian
as Agent
Angel Pai
as Nurse #2
Christopher Tocco
as Silvio
Raul Aranas
as Deputy Minister Mahmoud
Olivia Twarowski
as Alice's Daughter
Becca Lish
as Loretta
Tracy Friedman
as State Trooper
Curzon Dobell
as Doctor
Fajer Al-Kaisi
as Firas
Alan Davis
as Tourist
Jennifer Keane
as Pregnant Mormon Girl
Bernadette Quigley
as William's Wife
Joseph Harrell
as HRT Team Leader
Gillian Alexy
as Victoria Fenberg
M. Rowan Meyer
as Officer #2
Goran Ivanovski
as Pavlovich Brother #1
Aamira Martinez
as Nurse #1
Alexis Garrity
as Teen
Kenyon Phillips
as Skinhead
Dylan Riley-McArthur
as Young Man #1
Anders Holst
as Swedish Bank Manager
Martha Plimpton
as Dr. Sharon Fulton
as Motya Morozov
Tia Speros
as Joyce Grant
John Adams
as Carl
Redman Maxfield
as Charles Albrecht
Dana Shiraki
as Acolyte
Benton Greene
as Geoffrey Entz
Jackson Loo
as Red's Doctor
Raymond Neil Hernandez
as CSI
Simmie Terrell
as Civilian
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Female Prisoner
Bob Roseman
as Chet/Merc #1
Matthew Kim
as Henry's Son
Bianca LaVerne Jones
as Byrse
Helen Coxe
as Irina Velov
Alok Tewari
as Indian/Alliance Member #3
John Finnerty Jr.
as Guard/Security Guard
Marc Kudisch
as Dr. Adrian McCaffrey
Andres Munar
as Editor
Lawrence Winslow
as Juror #6/Potential Juror #6/Veteran
Vasile Flutur
as Guard #1
Schecter Lee
as Ji Ming
R. Marcos Taylor
as US Marshall
Deirdre Madigan
as Margaret Teague
Timothy Zakerin
as Guard #1
George Bartenieff
as Man on the Beach
Bari Hyman
as Tupperware Lady
Bob Hiltermann
as The Colonel
Owain Yeoman
as Greyson Blaise
Stephen Schnetzer
as Lester Charles Conway
Ian Unterman
as Assistant #1
Marilyn Sokol
as Ruth Timmons
Ben Young III
as Redneck One
Rob Figueroa
as Kahil Shula/Sam Demarco
Lucia Spina
as CSP Officer
James Kidd
as Bookstore Guard #1
Sea McHale
as Caleb
Stefanie Brown
as The Double
Joel de la Fuente
as Dr. Guillermo Rizal
Avi Vichner
as KGB Doberman #1
Lawrence Wong
as Bodyguard
Gregory Connors
as CIA Asset
Bernard White
as Zarak Mosadek
Liana Mercado
as Jasmine's Niece
Kiley Liddell
as Maggie Driscoll
Tioka Bernard Schluter IV
as College Student/Polish Bank Customer
Aidan Christman
as Child Villager
Oded Fehr
as Agent Levi Shur/Agent Shur
Gregory Bastien
as Father
Alena Chinault
as Tech
Les Mau
as Tongji
Don Harvey
as Eli Matchett
Mick O'Rourke
as Bob/Sandman
Jorge Chapa
as Cop #1
Nick Mills
as Miles Gordon
Pascal Yen-Pfister
as Sommelier/Victor Manzon
James Leo Ryan
as Wilbur Eaton
Patrick T. Johnson
as Marcus Whitmore
Frank Whaley
as Karl Hoffman
Christina DeCicco
as Attending Doctor
MaYaa Boateng
as Jennifer Moores
Ted Williams
as Mopping Inmate
Franco Gonzalez
as Special Agent Ramirez
Katya Collazo
as Young Woman
Ramon O. Torres
as Local Officer
Enrique Murciano
as Julian Gale
Hunter Emery
as Houseman
Gaten Matarazzo
as Finn
Mike McVearry
as FBI Agent
John DiGiorgio
as Harvard Club Relative
Monica McCarthy
as Colleen Conway
Marcus Ho
as FBI Lab Tech
Ralph Adriel Johnson
as ER Nurse #1
Julie Nathanson
as Hotel Employee (Kathy Guard)
Wolfgang Scheitinger
as Boy on Subway
Edward Furs
as Polish Man
Tijuana Ricks
as Officer Collins
Madison Arnold
as Anton Velov/Karakurt
Benjamin Bauman
as Masked Man
Anthony Carrigan
as Harris Holt
Dave Neal
as FBI Tech
Jonathan Avigdori
as Ezra
Larry Blackman
as Bradley
David Carranza
as WB Merc/Wild Bunch Merc
Chaz Lamar Shepherd
as Tommy Markin
Irina Abraham
as Katja
Jeff LaMarre
as Sen. Bennett Cochran
Jodi Long
as Col. Wright
Matthew Montelongo
as DEA Agent
Zoe Watkins
as Second Nurse
Dennis Lauricella
as Corrections Officer
Kevin Martinez Rivera
as Guard
Eric Lommel
as Swat Team
Mir Rizvi
as Pedestrian
Tatiana E. Rivera
as Granddaughter
Jerry Lobrow
as FBI Swat Team Agent
Joel Hatch
as CIA COO Lansky
Matthew Lawler
as The Professor
Timur Kocak
as Juris
Warren Kelly
as Burt
Austin Iredale
as Cisco
Maxim Swinton
as Joey Tyche
Jean-Luc McMurtry
as Uniformed Guard
Amber Owens
as Nurse
Kyle Klaus
as Homeland Agent #1
Kathleen Littlefield
as Young Woman
Andrew J. Rodney
as Skinhead
Raushanah Simmons
as Wealthy Woman
Curtis Shumaker
as Truck Preacher
Elizabeth Bogush
as Elodie Radcliffe
Joey Slotnick
as Frank Merwin
Luis Carlos de La Lombana
as Fabricio
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Daniel Hutton
Dan Kellmer
as Field Agent
Erika Woods
as Officer Talbert
Kersti Bryan
as Alice Greeley
Gabriel Mann
as Ilya Koslov
Chris Tera
as Bell Hop
Kevin Rico Angulo
as Higgins
John-Patrick Driscoll
as Inspector Stevens
Laurence Blum
as Tac Team Leader
Alex Manette
as Tyler King
Scott A. Martin
as Desmond
Eric R. Williams
as Nurse #1
Garth Kravits
as Loan Officer
Mdivani Monroe
as Franton
Sky Smith
as Patrick Masuda
Kati Rediger
as Kate Ellison
Shirleyann Kaladjian
as Donna
Michael Alexander Henry
as Uniformed Cop
James P. Rees
as Officer Baldwin
Bobby James Evers
as Agent Fields
Joey Auzenne
as Arturo Ruel
Adam Gagan
as Officer #2
Ryan Kessler
as Agent Rapione
Seth Numrich
as Rakitin
Rasha Zamamiri
as Mona Najjar/Safiya Maroun
Serge Didenko
as Russian
Jason Jiang
as Alfred Yang
Brian D. Coats
as Argon Wright
Afton Williamson
as Lulu
Sullivan Jones
as MJ Ward
Kristen Sieh
as Carly
Steven Crossley
as Espen Van Der Merwe
Stephen Rowe
as Ilario Panetti
Andrew O'Shanick
as EMT Driver (Dutch)
Jessica Eleanor Grant
as Heather Walker
Michael Medeiros
as Colin Anglim
Keil Oakley Zepernick
as Russian Thug
James Lurie
as Arnold Blanton
Samantha Posey
as Assistant (Bosnia)
Lars Engstrom
as Uniformed Officer
Doug Drucker
as Face Tatted Con
Kenneth Israel
as Roger Eikendoll
Nina Kassa
as Collegue
Angus Costello
as Ressler's Young Cousin (Ben)
Lolita Brinkley
as Maintenance Woman
Richard Brooks
as Mitchell Young
Christine Cartell
as Rebecca
Roger Wayne
as FBI Agent/Lead Agent
Allison Jean White
as Woman
Robert Stanton
as Verdiant Boss
Robert Clohessy
as William Munson
Grant Lancaster
as Bartender
David Lavine
as AUSA Savino
Jason Tam
as Zeke
Christopher Durham
as Deputy Director
Clem McIntosh
as ERF #1
John Waters
as John Waters
Danny Boushebel
as Bank Manager
Aaron Lazar
as Agent Paul Salerno
On Mekahel
as Visitor
Mark Zeisler
as Matt Strickland
Kahlil Garcia
as Clerk
Nathan Wallace
as Isaiah Hull
Jennifer Blood
as Helen Sapperstein
Olek Krupa
as Leonid Javin
Kaija Matiss
as Anya Kedrov
Bryan Holden Chan
as Boy #2
Megan Byrne
as Mrs. Seivers
George Aloi
as Tom's Tailor
Sweta Keswani
as Maura
Joseph D Fisher
as Guard
Matthew Sean Blumm
as Officer Brad Lamply
Julian Gavilanes
as Driver
Anna Holbrook
as Mrs. Sue Fenberg
Hazel Anne Raymundo
as Newscaster
Joshua Cameron
as Barista
Anita Sabherwal
as Female Staffer
Bhavesh Patel
as Sayantan Shah
Yaron Urbas
as Singer
Will Cobbs
as Fireman
Linus Ignatius
as Till
Erin Fogel
as Uniformed Cop
Samuel Smith
as FBI Agent
Orease Bowers
as SWAT Commander
Kevin Cristaldi
as Morgue Attendant
Ryan Eggold
as Tom Keen
Katie Thompson
as Margo
Ryan Woodle
as Earl Wilson
George Deihl Jr.
as Staffer
Jillian Lawton
as Laura
Steven Boyer
as Stephen Altman
Kelly Hutchinson
as Tiffany Lepman
P.J. Sosko
as Ellis
Noelle Beck
as Dr. Lauren Kimberly
Denny Dale Bess
as Nexaco Driver
Gina Artese
as Ballerina
Laurence Mason
as Martin Walcott
Sue Kurowski
as Nurse Metzger
Alfredo Narciso
as Agent Galarza
Daniel Stewart Sherman
as Chester
Emmalyn Anderson
as Driver
William Franke
as Detective
Keith Pillow
as Doctor
Samantha Jones
as Jodi
David Vadim
as Pytor Madrczyk
Jeremy Lawrence
as Dr. Kleeb
Wayne Pyle
as Clark/Dr. Lewis Powell
Daryll Heysham
as Nigel Fellows
Francesca Ferrara
as Sheriff
Fenton Li
as Ambassador
Michael O'Keefe
as Mr. Deavers
Kyle Anderson
as Young Guy
Louis Butelli
as Mr. Briaux
Bruce Sabath
as Congressman Edelstein
Michiko Sasaki
as Board Member
James A. Stephens
as Kenneth Jasper
Kevin Mambo
as Big Willie Wilkins
Denver Milord
as SWAT Commander
Douglas Gibson
as Hewitt
Andy Lucien
as FBI Agent/George
Daniel Keith
as Head of Security
Michael Keyloun
as Death Row Doctor
James Yaegashi
as Alexander Frayne
Stefanie Vinopal
as Sneezing Woman
Vincent Farr
as Guard
C. Thomas Howell
as Earl Fagen
Jade Elysan
as Masseuse
Edward Baker-Duly
as David Roland/Justin Sperry
Kevin Weisman
as Dr. Jeffrey Maynard
Jack Dimich
as Emil Dusek
Kathleen Peirce
as Craig's Mother
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Hans Koehler
P.J. Marshall
as Atticus Rodrick
Jordan Lage
as Evan Mullen
Alissa Bourne
as Speakeasy Hostess
Gregory Konow
as Agent/Anatole Kuragin/ND Agent
Delyn Wall
as Corinne Walker
Francesca Faridany
as Mary Bremmer
Mary-Louise Parker
as Naomi Hyland
Shawn Andrew
as ND SWAT Agent/SWAT Captain
Patricia Squire
as Louise Hoffman
Alan Alda
as Alan Fitch
Robert G. McKay
as NCIS Agent Matthew O'Neil
Ibrahim Renno
as Omar Kabinov
Paolo Montalban
as Forensic Agent
Kate Abbruzzese
as Nancy James
Suzan Perry
as Cashier
Kathleen Butler
as Phoebe Attridge
Sipiwe Moyo
as Mother
Billy Eugene Jones
as WMD Directorate Agent
Kay Walbye
as Ida Albright
Paul Nugent
as Bellboy
Matthew Boston
as Howard
Kasey Marr
as Alina Park's Mother
Luciana Barbara Farias
as Rebekah
Hudson Osborne
as Child
Valarie Pettiford
as Charlene Cooper
Dave Stishan
as Redneck Two
Stephen Scott Scarpulla
as Jarret Moore
Amiya Steed
as Child Movie Goer
Donnetta Lavinia Grays
as FBI Lobby Guard
Roland Max
as Second Guard
Noah Racey
as Tim Gorman
Lou Lentino-Rodriguez
as Sullen Vendor
Samantha Rivers Cole
as PAC Employee
Linus Roache
as The Kingmaker
Steve Hanneman
as SWAT Commander
Ava Eisenson
as Female Co-Worker #2
Miki Hanta
as Human Trafficking Victim
Conor Leslie
as Gwen Hollander
Reid Jenkins
as Carrie Anne's Baby
Karen Pittman
as Interrogator #2/Miss Holt
Flint Beverage
as Herman Gossling
David Wohl
as Judge
Anastasia Griffith
as Emma Knightly
Celia Schaefer
as Mrs. Gansky
Jonathan Hartman
as Beefy Man
Tracey Lewis
as Popular High School Student
Vitaliy Shtabnoy
as Russian #2
Theodora Miranne
as Kat Carlson
Chris Monty
as Customer #3
Jamie Harrold
as Asa Hightower
Allan Corduner
as Aaron
Quinn Franzen
as HR Employee
Brandon Andrus
as SWAT Agent #2
Shannon Harris
as Admissions Clerk
Madeline Hoarle
as 12-Year-Old Katarina
Alex Gilbert
as Young Man
Marcia Jean Kurtz
as Edna Brimley
Daniel Covin
as Tyler Obermeir
Tony Moore
as Pedestrian
James Waterston
as Dale Rayburn
Koh Mochizuki
as Driver
Timo Schnellinger
as Agent
Ben Jeffrey
as Guard #2
Allan Gilbert
as Lecture Professor
Clifton Samuels
as News Reporter (Ken)
Ana de la Reguera
as Vanessa Cruz
David Dean Bottrell
as Conductor
José Báez
as Cuban Head Baker
Martin Pfefferkorn
as Trucker in Mobile Chapel
Caprice Benedetti
as Analia Beneventi
Addison LeMay
as Skinhead #1
Katarina Morhacova
as Nurse Becky
John Ventimiglia
as Warden Ramsey Mills
Jim Handly
as DC Anchor
Steve Rizzo
as Driver/Guard
Kazy Tauginas
as Lead BND Agent
Victor Costa
as FBI HRT Commander
Chetna Goel
as Gold Club Member
Pete Macnamara
as Officer
Toni D'Antonio
as Female EMT
Erin Cummings
as Calhoun
Michael Siberry
as Agent Kilpatrick
Danielle Davenport
as Sofia Burke
Thomas Schall
as Associate Director Wheeling
Bryan Batt
as Antony Eagleton
Dylan Martin Frankel
as Anton Mobley
Tony Roach
as Officer in Charge (Dan Lynch)
Alexandra Zorn
as Receptionist
Ryan Matthew White
as Server
Jimmie Saito
as Fudo
Andrea Jones-Sojola
as Nurse #2
Justin Rodriguez
as Attendant
Susan Misner
as Philomena
Tiffany Villarin
as Agent Aquino/Agent Kim
Ren Colley
as Young Boy
Lee Zarrett
as Bobby Dixon
Josh Sauerman
as Optimus Tech
Kenita Miller
as Female Clerk
Jonah Falcon
as Hostage
Freya Adams
as Sharon McManus
Justin Walker White
as Isaiah Hill
Adriane Lenox
as Reven Wright
Kevin Collins
as Oliver Fleck
Harlin C. Kearsley
as Senator Robert Wade
Audrey Heffernan Meyer
as Linda
Reggie Alvin Green
as Homeless Man
Jake Eavey
as Security Guard
Anthony Michael Hall
as Robby Ressler
Bill Timoney
as Pastor Ritzen
Noah Robbins
as William Benedict
Lance Reddick
as The Cowboy
James Biberi
as Pavlovich Brother #3
Leandra Ryan
as Med Tech
Zoltán Hódi
as Gunman/Operative
Annemarie Lawless
as Colette Jennings
Julie Hays
as Proprietor
Mahira Kakkar
as E.R. Doctor
Matthew Porretta
as Schmock
J.C. Montgomery
as Blackthorn VP Grant
Annika Boras
as Kaja Tomczak
Michael Joseph Murray
as Guard #2
Nuah Ozryel
as Lajbar
Harold Surratt
as Sadiq Asmal/Iman
Tobias Truvillion
as Officer
Gretchen Hall
as Maya
John Huh
as Addl FBI Tech #2
Ron Domingo
as Agent Morimoto
Yoriko Haraguchi
as Deidre Mori
Lauren Lim Jackson
as Agent Hobbs
Seth Barrish
as Dr. Alex Harper
Mat Hostetler
as Resident
Guiesseppe Jones
as Super
Erica Sweany
as Elise Paschen
Quinn McColgan
as Child Bride
Robert C. Kirk
as Port Security Head
Andrew Guilarte
as Jerry Jawal
Ian Lyons
as Funeral Officiant
Benjamin Thys
as Michael Hansen
Hugh Hysell
as James Robson
Gregory Korostishevsky
as Vlad Cvetko
Nili Bassman
as Mrs. Keller
Salem Murphy
as Padma
Matthew Jeffers
as Mr. Figaro
Stephen Scott Wormley
as EMT
Paul Calderon
as Manuel Esteban
Ian Blackman
as Carter Wilson
Kevin Hersh
as Priest
Jason Eddy
as Bartender
Alex Lorre
as Iranian man
Ned Van Zandt
as Leonard Caul
Stephanie Szostak
as Josephine
Christopher James Baker
as Clayton
Derek Roché
as EMT Captain
Alexa de Puivert
as Banker
Manu Narayan
as Arjun
Daniel Gerroll
as Stanley Birch
Elwin Cuevas
as Guard #2
Mario Brassard
as Croupier
Gibson Frazier
as Nathan Platt
Todd Faulkner
as Manager
Cory Kastle
as Pool Player
Neimah Djourabchi
as Operative #3
Matt Lauer
as Anchor
A.J. Shively
Blake J. Evans
as Kevin Wyatt
MaameYaa Boafo
as Lucinda
Jennifer Kim
as FBI Tech/Analyst (War Room)/ND Agent/ND Tech/Tech
Marcus Hester
as Cash
Michael Judson Berry
as Concierge
Maceo Oliver
as Sheriff Cothran
Aaron Yoo
as Bo Chang/The Troll Farmer
Salar Ghajar
as Everly
Jordan Wiseley
as Fingers
Andrew Weems
as Dr. Oren Huffnagel
Robert Torres
as Wiry Man
Michael DeBarge
as EMT/CDC Agent
Obaid Kadwani
as Embassy Guard #3
Terry O'Quinn
as Howard Hargrave
Fidel Vicioso
as Silvio
Nolan Lyons
as Michael Brodine
Jason Nuzzo
as Bolt
Lee Shepherd
as Justice of the Peace
Kendra Mylnechuk
as Oncologist
Arnold Vosloo
as Marko Jankowics
Ilinca Kiss
as Docent
Tate Ellington
as Miles McGrath
Khalil Maasi
as Joseph Batouala
Alton Fitzgerald White
as Steve Gorrell
Tank Kelly
as Eli Atticus
Chris LaPanta
as Officer
Beau Baxter
as Paul Wynn
Sean Patrick Higgins
as Young Daniel Hutton
Colin Bates
as Real Reddington
Manny Galan
as Uniformed Officer
Nastasha Strang
as CDC Official
David Patrick Kelly
as Heinrich Gerst
Sean Cullen
as Alexander Raskovitch
Natalie Kim
as Xiaoping Li
Michael Countryman
as Headmaster
Harry Smith
as Liam Gladstone
Teri Hansen
as Young Lisa Ressler
Connor Ratliff
as Max Frey
Emilea Wilson
as Langsfeld
Scott McCord
as Baldwin
Kevin Hogan
as Charles Maker
Marc Webster
as Squad Captain
Kam Perez
as Agent #2
Kelly Miller
as Therapist
Brian Calì
as Arthur
Sab Shimono
as Daniel Nakamoto
Simon Feil
as Dr. Sands
Timothy Carter
as Dutch Father
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Krantz
John Hickok
as Saul Biltman
Rob Yang
as Jin Sun
Cam Kornman
as Friend #1
Alex Shimizu
as Tadashi Ito
Ian Campbell Dunn
as Security Guard
Florencia Lozano
as Doctor
Sergio Delavicci
as Russian Gangster
Manni L. Perez
as Miss Isaacson
Meg Heus
as Waitress
Sammi Rotibi
as Geoffroy Keino
Remi Tuckman
as Andras (Townsend's Son)
Myles Clohessy
as Young Man
Michael Massee
as Karakurt
Brian Yang
as Matthew Cho
Evander Duck Jr.
as Cab Driver
Michael DeMello
as Garvey Mercenary #1
Erik McKay
as TSA Officer
Wynter Kullman
as Sarah
Simon Fortin
as Concierge
Alexis Suarez
as Armed Guard
Lusia Strus
as Marguerite Renard
Joe Tippett
as Jasper Skeehan
J.T. O'Connor
as Medical Examiner
Grizz Chapman
as Jenkins
Thelma O'Leary
as Beck Follower
Matt Dellapina
as Alan Tuppert
Ruy Iskandar
as Prison Guard
Tatsuo Ichikawa
as Chef Hanzo
Brittany Bellizeare
as Girlfriend #1
Julian Rozzell Jr.
as Robert Urwiller
Tadashi Mitsui
as Priest
Jorge Cordova
as Dr. Brock
Charles E. Gerber
as Estate Attorney (Ed Rosenberg)
Ralph Brown
as Roger Hobbs
William Mapother
as Bill
Ty Robinson
as Justin
Stivi Paskoski
as Fingers Pavlovich
Eric T. Miller
as Officer Cousins
Selena Nelson
as Administrator
David Armstrong
as Skinny Figure/The Druggist
Daniel Passaro
as SWAT Agent
Marylouise Burke
as Paula Carter
Nancy Farrell
as Judge Trisha Culpepper
Andy Dylan
as Wendigo
Robbie Tann
as Zeke Wilson
Sean Mulcahy
as Bomb Tech
Brian Rojas
as Security Agent
David Kallaway
as Pasha Kazanjian
Eric Stafford
as Agent Frederick (TAC Leader)
Graham Winton
as Support Group Leader
Jordan Gelber
as Holt Campbell
Babs Olusanmokun
as Yaabari's Soldier
Collin Ware
as Hans 'Happy' Eriksson
Brett Diggs
as TAC Team Member
Lorrie Odom
as Stenographer
Michael Schantz
as Dag Eriksson
Kristina Reyes
as Volleyball Player #1
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Team Member
Teren Carter
as Aide
Jean-François Ogoubiyi
as Bartender/Officer #1
Miguel Ragel Wilson
as Young Neville Townsend
Erik LaRay Harvey
as Agent Brandon Graves
Besanya Santiago
as Juror
Lucas Van Engen
as Karl Hartmann
Kresh Novakovic
as Winged Man
Kecia Lewis
as Esi Jackson
Linda Cameron
as Ressler's Aunt (Cindy)
Zoë Sophia Garcia
as Masseuse
Adam Lim
as Crisanto
Kyra Weeks
as Vivi Crabtree
Sahr Ngaujah
as General Yaabari
Yung-I Chang
as Shun Lee
Teddy Cañez
as Captain
Elizabeth Loyacano
as Caldwell's Assistant
Kelly AuCoin
as Benjamin Stalder
Callum Adams
as Lead Valet
Adam Desautels
as US Marshal
Sophia Greene
as Human Trafficking Victim
Lauren Yaffe
as Opera Guest/Pedestrian
Mariia Malyuk
as Daisy Hayes
Phyllis Somerville
as Skye Kincaid
Chad Knorr
as Krilov's Bodyguard
Ylfa Edelstein
as Alliance Member #4
Brooke Dwane
as Amy
Chris Carfizzi
as Mr. Cane
Tyler McGee
as Marine
Tawny Cypress
as Nez Rowan
Mike Mihm
as US Marshal #2
Miguel Gonzalez
as Third Officer
Peter Davenport
as Marlon Milch
Daniel Morgan Shelley
as Detective Evers
Michael Eric Reid
as W.P. Frost
Victor Williams
as Officer
John Wu
as Customs Officer
Janie Steele
as Rhona
Laila Robins
as Katarina Rostova
Kim Ramirez
as Allison Cruz
Andy Taylor
as Ken Judson
Gilbert Cruz
as Chef Guillermo
Peter Herrick
as Facilities Tech
Louis Lourens
as Father
as Baz
Frank C. Williams
as Red's Army #4
Philip N. Williams
as Merc
DeLeon Dallas
as Uniformed Cop
Jason Alan Carvell
as Owen Doherty
Blake DeLong
as Chris Perez
Rebecca Harris
as Mrs. Stansbury
Casper Andreas
as Bank Manager
Jon Collin Barclay
as Waats
Sacco Sarkis
as Underling
Cooper Grodin
as Bud
Maria Dizzia
as Jeanne Linley
AJ Cedeno
as Glasser
Vincent Yacovelli
as Football Playing Child
Carrie Kinui
as Protester
Jeffrey Omura
as Trey
Stephen Payne
as Maxwell Barrett
Sonia Debreczeni
as Pedestrian
Ricky Garcia
as Exterminator
Peter Von Berg
as Professor Belsky
Ulrich Thomsen
as Alexander Kirk/Constantin Rostov
Phil Nee
as Front Gate Guard
Peter Arpesella
as Auction Patron
Nurit Monacelli
as Amalia Collins/Doctor
Hannah Kelsy
as Diner Customer
Kenneth Welsh
as Werner von Hauser
Michael Rose
as Captain Philip Hyde
José Zúñiga
as Gonzalez
Jamie Jackson
as Ranko Zamani
Sean Labbe
as Third Guard
Jacinto Taras Riddick
as Alfonse Baldomero
Sarah Louise Lilley
as Jill Conway
Mike Boland
as Warden Jim Macatee
Christopher L. Graves
as FBI Agent
Daniel Davis
as Baldur Magnusson
Mike Doyle
as Patrick Chandler
Tony Torn
as Cleveland Bandicott/The Toymaker
Steve Beauchamp
as Trucker
Judy McLane
as Brenda
Richaud Valls
as Charles
Hans Marrero
as Red Army #1/Red's Army/Red's Army #5
Ben Horner
as Mr. Sandquist
Jeremiah Clarke
as Security Guard #2
Celestine Rae
as Mikela Pariente
David Aaron Baker
as Peter Kincaid
Kenny Morris
as Professor
Anais Lee
as Sadie Loescher
Annie Henk
as Denora Mejia
Scott Rapp
as Opera Guest
Don Noble
as Rodney Blakely
Valerie Lonigro
as Aide
John Mondin
as State Trooper/Trooper
Lotte Verbeek
as Katarina Rostova/Masha's Mom
Dipti Mehta
as Doctor
Alyssa Bresnahan
as Cynthia Rand
Rebecca Street
as Margaret Hopkins
Kristina Hanford
as Young Woman
Mike Smith Rivera
as Agent Truax
Dianne Wiest
as Ruth Kipling
Margaret Daly
as Realtor
Mark Puchinsky
as Pyotr (Young Man)
Lisann Valentin
as Ana Salgado
Griffin Cole
as Lost Boy
Kathie Kneese
as Ex-Stripper/Nurse
Anthony Azizi
as Farook al-Thani
Benjamin Pelteson
as Greg Hoffman
Dante DiGiorgio
as Boy on Bicycle
Yinka Adeboyeku
as Outpost Guard
Christina Rouner
as Anne Fleet
Valisia LeKae
as Gunman #3
Paul Reubens
as Mr. Vargas
Olli Haaskivi
as Theo
Ilan Krigsfeld
as Armed Guard #1
Elisabeth Waterston
as Molly Trettel
Peter Riga
as Auction Attendee
Katrina Lenk
as Carrie Anne Beck
Mike Cannon
as Wide Eye (FKA Brown Eye)
Victoria Clark
as Mrs. French
Rosa Arredondo
as Renata Ayela
Alen Kolenovic
as Nash
Tim McGeever
as Head Waiter (Joseph)
Deantre Williams
as Prison Guard
Greta Quispe
as Woman
Scottie Thompson
as Zoe D'Antonio
Sean Patrick Folster
as Charles Murphy
Stephen Sapienza
as Nurse
Krystin Goodwin
as News Reporter
Jake Hart
as Field Inspector
Max Lebow
as Russian Activist
Marcia M Francis
as Glen's Friend
Eyas Younis
as Syrian
Ronald Guttman
as Mads Eriksson
Juliana Aidén Martinez
as Silvina
Emmanuel Rodriguez
as Visitor
Arian Moayed
as Burke
Delphi Harrington
as Amalia Hammett
Mark Delabarre
as Dr. Taylor Rayburn
Clea Lewis
as Alexa Girard
Zac Shearon
as Will
Doreen Gentzler
as Newscaster
Samuel Ray Gates
as Mike Hobbs
Michael Laurence
as Maddox Beck
Adam Grupper
as Patrick Church
Frank Rodriguez
as Defense Minister
Donna Murphy
as Sophia Quayle
Charles Prendergast
as Luis (Reds Mercenary)
Hadi Tabbal
as Ali
Norma Chu
as Mama Lu Chang/Mama Lu Chung
Doug Darwin
as Agent Harris Gentry
Johanna Tolentino
as Nurse
Denise Pillott
as Officer Sharp
Anjuli Sanneman
as Edgy Art Student
Stephen McKinley Henderson
as Dr. Francis Woerner
Christina Bennett Lind
as Hannah
Kimiye Corwin
as Dr. Nguyen
Lance Henriksen
as Bill McCready
Jack Alcott
as Young Ressler
Pearl Rhein
as Tech #2
Lisa Bostnar
as Mrs. Dunning
Dion Sapp
as Symir
Jeff Talbott
as Liz's Lawyer
Richard Toth
as Principal Maxwell
Mike McGowan
as Liam
Christopher J. Domig
as Co-Pilot
Juan Carlos Diaz
as Patient #1
Jeremy Landon Hays
as Father
Greg Connolly
as Plant Manager
Krysten Ritter
as Rowan Mills
John Noble
as Raleigh Sinclair III
Yani Marin
as Merritt Marks
Salma Shaw
as Dr. Ambati
Ami Sheth
as Attendant
Steve Cirbus
as Mason
Emily Keefe
as Christina
Ed Moran
as SWAT Team Commander
Andrea Sooch
as Campbell/Lena Volkova
Andy Davies
as Surgeon
Jason Humble
as FBI Police
Colby Minifie
as Girl on Train
Danaya Esperanza
as Isabella Zuma
Elan Zafir
as Rhys Engel
Jarid Faubel
as Michael Hays
Jack Koenig
as Dr. Levin
Kyle Cameron
as Young Scientist
Angus O'Brien
as Young Robby
Chris Petrovski
as Oleg Gromov
Crystal Sha'nae
as Assistant
Sidney Titus
as Gummy Bear Kid
Rey Lucas
as Eduardo Martinez/Security Guard
Ana Marie Calise
as Craniotomy Victim
Lydia Gaston
as Shop Owner
Claire Siebers
as Personal Assistant
Vadim Kroll
as Franz Becker
Vin Knight
as Larry Hotchkiss
Jim Bracchitta
as Silas's Boss
Stink Fisher
as Marine
Caroline Strong
as Sales Manager
Gary Hilborn
as Farrow
Andrew Dits
as Simms
Gregory Russell Cook
as Volkens
Ahsan Ali
as Sai
Camari Brown
as Driver
David Roberts
as Desk Sergeant
Todd Lewis
as The Commissioner
Scott Turner Schofield
as Real Raymond Reddington
Kelly L. Moran
as Capitol Hill Staffer
Annie Heise
as Elise/Janet Sutherland
Gus Birney
as Angela Hendrickson
Robbin Banx
as Farmer's Market Shopper
Chinaza Uche
as Tom Hardekopf
Peter Muggleworth
as Park Walker
Waleed Zuaiter
as Dr. Daniel Rivera
Vitoria Setta
as Bartender
Dana Jacks
as Female Attendant
Scott Stangland
as Gerrit
Alex Foxx Krichevsky
as Spotter
Laura J. Hall
as Dark Haired Woman
Eisa Davis
as ND Agent
Sean Brody
as Man in Car
Brian J. Carter
as Douglas Young
Darrell Shipley
as Lead Investigator
Ron Perlman
as Luther Braxton
Gameela Wright
as ICU Nurse/Juror
Denise Scilabra
as Convention Attendee
Ellewillow Campagna
as Young Natalie Luca
Thad Turner
as Thad/Driver
Guy Olivieri
as Concierge
Khris Davis
as Agent Randolph
Michael Markiewicz
as Lonnie Perkins
Charlayne Woodard
as Allison Gaines
Vince Nappo
as Radley Jorgensen
Danielle Lee Greaves
as Administrator
Michael Padula
as Newscaster
Vasili Bogazianos
as Basil Vladakis
Matilda Maisie Lynton
as Waitress
Bernard Bygott
as ATF Agent/Matthew McClintock/Trooper #2
Miguel Cervantes
as Cristobal Rojas
Michael Devries
as Ames
Diana Henry
as Doctor
Fenton Lawless
as David Klein
T. Ryder Smith
as Rene Valmont
Andrew Mayer
as Nurse
Mario Corry
as Paolo Beneventi
Tara Anika Nicolas
as Ballerina #2
Jamil Mena
as FBI Agent #1
Matt Crabtree
as Office Worker #1
Jimmy Gary Jr.
as Guard
Kerry Flanagan
as Dorothy
Marko Caka
as FBI Bomb Squad
Will Burton
as Tour Guide
George Signoriello
as Upscale Patron
Gary Cruz
as Old Cuban Man
Tyler Bunch
as Big Boy
Benedita Pereira
as The French Woman
Ron Scott
as Evidence Clerk
Mandela Bellamy
as Property Clerk
Jeanine Ramirez
as Newscaster #2/Reporter
Catherine Wolf
as Ruby Lee
Jake Austin Robertson
as Guard
Jill Hennessy
as Margot Rochet
Jason Heymann
as Agent Ken Javerbaum
Carel Struycken
as Matthew Kincaid
Fiona Dourif
as Lillian Roth
William Prael
as Graham
Darren Goldstein
as Arthur Rodman
Scott Johnsen
as Shady Man
Yelena Noah
as Montreal Waitress
Christian Ryan
as Unknown Man
Dimitri Meskouris
as Rashid
Marquise Gary
as Young Dembe
Ivica Marc
as Head Guard (Aka Luka)
Maggie Lacey
as Fiona Driscoll
Booch O'Connell
as Berlin's Murdered Daughter/Murdered Girl
Keziah Wall
as Grace Draxton/Nora Mitchell
Alexander Blaise
as Bell Boy
Allen McCullough
as Dr. Michael Alexander
Chris J. Cullen
as State Trooper
Daniel Oreskes
as Teddy Russo
Christopher Stadulis
as HRT Team Leader
Tony Neil Butler
as Lawyer
Pat Patterson
as Wife #1
Elijah Guo
as Troll #2
Diego Klattenhoff
as Donald Ressler
Omid Abtahi
as Khan
Heland Lee
as Chinese Agent
Matt Tomasino
as Reporter #2
Roger Bart
as Scooter Rovenpor
Jeremy Holm
as Lead Guard
James Andrew O'Connor
as Detective Savino
Reg Rogers
as Neville Townsend
Jacob Saxton
as First Officer
Sarah Nicole Deaver
as Kimberly Owens
Henry Ayres-Brown
as Des Foy
Boris Kievsky
as Chauffeur
Robbie Gordy
as Auctioneer
Michael Patrick Lane
as Concierge
Ethan Hova
as Danush
John Ellison Conlee
as Judge Steven Velchek
E.J. Carroll
as Bernard Babbitt
Bruce Drummond
as Tourist
Thomas J. O'Brien
as German Bar Patron
Susan Oliveras
as ER Nurse #2
Yasu Suzuki
as Tanida Goon
James Carpinello
as Henry Prescott
Maryann Plunkett
as Ellenore Kornish
Jane Dashow
as Waitress
Christopher Kelly
as Ogden Greeley
Marty Grabstein
as Motel Owner
Kenny Wong
as Niu Quaing
James Murtaugh
as Charles Lassiter
James L. Ward
as Officer Parker
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Vera
Marc Menchaca
as Pierce
Stacey Sargeant
as Female EMT
Jes Dugger
as Nurse
Chanel Carroll
as TSA Agent
Kevin McCormick
as Janowski
Louis Tucci
as Driver
Josh Lamon
as Dungeon Master
Jade Wu
as Chinese Delegate
Evan Leone
as Karl
Skippy D
as Uncle Parker
Adrianna Mitchell
as Denise Young
Laura Sohn
as Alina Park
Eddie Allen
as Paul Lamar
Patrick Breen
as Congressman Russell Friedenberg
Charlotte Cohn
as Security Officer
Melissa Gangi
as Clubgoer
Maggie Low
as Justice Dept.
Jamie Tirelli
as Spanish Man
Angelita Esperanza
as Clinic Nurse/Nurse
Ilfenesh Hadera
as Jennifer Palmer
Neal Huff
as George Linley
Hal Ozsan
as Ezra
Dani Montalvo
as Melissa Randall
Cherise Boothe
as Shelter Worker
Michael Elian
as Guard/Iranian
Briana Pozner
as Girl in Bar
John Wojda
as Eric Copeland
David Zayas
as Manny Soto
Vanessa Kai
as Red's Driver
Doris McCarthy
as Funeral Attendee/Praying Lady
James Freedson-Jackson
as Little Boy
Richard Topol
as Paul Thorn
Marwan Salama
as Mateen Mosadek
Eric Buarque
as Other Crew
Michael C. Brennan
as Head Guard
Daniel Cosgrove
as Digby Tamerlane
Meredith Holzman
as Maddie Thornhill
Murphy Guyer
as Eye in the Sky
Cynthia Mace
as Shirley
Charlie Romanelli
as Farmer
Amelia Pedlow
as Lisa Thomopoulos
Jane Alexander
as Diane Fowler
Arpy Ayvazian
as Anna Elazar
Mara Davi
as The Cyranoid
Philomena Brennan
as Third Nurse
Joely Richardson
as Cassandra Bianchi
Porter Kelly
as Forensic Tech
Ray Bokhour
as Richard Potash
William Oliver Watkins
as Officer Flynn
Michael D. Joseph
as Onlooker
Krystel Lucas
as Receptionist
Thomas Beaudoin
as CIA Techie/Sweater Vest
Brennan Taylor
as Young Businessman
Eric Michael Gillett
as Judge Sanborn
Rade Serbedzija
as Dr. Bogdan Krilov
Elizabeth Ward Land
as Monique
Lisa Strum
as Abortion Doctor
Angela Jeanneau
as Agent/Agent Andrada
Mozhan Marnò
as Samar Navabi
Shane Patrick
as Judson
Danny Binstock
as DEA Agent Davenport
Zoey Deel
as 17-Year-Old Katarina
Damian Young
as Milton Bobbit
Michael Aronov
as Joe 'Smokey' Putnum
Sharon Washington
as Prosecutor
Graham Wolfe
as Katarina Guard #1
Richard Bekins
as Gold Club Member
Hélène Cardona
as Airport PA/German Voices/Interpol Agent/Party Guest/Police Dispatch
Kate Grimes
as Wife #2
John Damroth
as Operative 2
Andy Reinhardt
as Messenger
Derek Peith
as Nadeem Idris
Danny Wolohan
as Orson
Victoria Dean
as Young Girl
D.C. Anderson
as HR Officer
Gabriel Hansen
as Madigan
Matthew Jaeger
as Nervous Banker
Hugh Cha
as Guard
Bob Celli
as Surgeon
Hani Avital
as Abby Issa
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Danny Moss
James T. Alfred
as Officer Ronnie Glanton
Christianne Tisdale
as Family of Crime Victim/Juror #5/Potential Juror #5
Jeremy Shamos
as James Maddox
Yan Xi
as The Surgeon
Manoel Felciano
as Robert
Steve Grodewald
as Odin
Tim Smallwood
as Security Officer/Sergeant Townsend
John Hedges
as Wayne Otte
Geoff Schuppert
as Medical Examiner
Doug Trapp
as Ben Mitchell
Matthew James Ballinger
as Leo
Carson Lee
as Walter
Mia Mei Williamson
as Jamie Pierson
Adam Smith Jr.
as Marty
Adrian Martinez
as Dumont
Ahmad Maksoud
as Rahal
Piter Marek
as Nik Korpal
Vivian Chiu
as An Bai
Brian Faherty
as Impound Officer
David St. Louis
as Detective Quinn
Sathya Sridharan
as Bigsie Patel
Deborah Rush
as Stella Bisset
Tricia Parks
as Jackie
Erica Newhouse
as Female Banker
Olev Aleksander
as US Marshal #1
Jack Corcoran
as Mover
Dan Entriken
as Old Man #2
Aimee Laurence
as Annie Trettel
Tyerise Foreman
as Team Leader
Danae Nason
as Mother at Bank
Kevin O'Rourke
as Dr. Kelvin Mitchell
Precious Cruz-Dyson
as Parole Board Member
Ben Livingston
as Thomas McCloskey
Shiv Ajay
as Ethan Isaacs
Jake Soister
as Rat Farm Security
Jake Robinson
as Kristopher Eriksson
Igor Zhivotovsky
as Burly Attendant
Maxwell Korn
as Aide
Leon Rippy
as Hunter
Raphael Corkhill
as Bank Manager (Simon)
Franklin Ojeda Smith
as Boatman/Harbormaster
Jamaal Burcher
as Inmate
John Cullum
as Ted King
Shamika Cotton
as FBI Physician
Ron Raines
as Dominic Wilkinson
Robyn Hatcher
as Rosa
Jake Hanson
as Office Assistant
Hannah Eisendrath
as Teenager
Ian Lithgow
as Kleeman
Stass Klassen
as Anton Velov
Marceline Hugot
as Mother
Victoria Janicki
as Isabella Zuma
Keri Safran
as Female Client
Lee Tergesen
as Frank Hyland
Kelvin McGrue
as Braxton Man #2
Tom Noonan
as The Stewmaker
Sean Allan Krill
as Vance Palmer
Seth Reich
as Drug Dealer
Karan Oberoi
as Hannid
Celeste Den
as Li Zhao
Casey Roberts
as Child
Roman Roytberg
as Lev Pasternak/Ukrainian Man
Brit Whittle
as Eric Forrester
Janice Picconi
as Model
William Jackson Harper
as Security
David Shih
as Addison Wen
Marie Grace LaFerrara
as Waitress
Cristala Carter
as WFO SWAT Officer
Patrick Noonan
as Thick Man
Jon David Casey
as Man at the Bar (aka Bill)
Hoon Lee
as Mako Tanida
Jean Brassard
as Dr. Busson/Etienne Chiras
Charles Everett
as Marshal #2
Ruza Madarevic
as Catherine Madrczyk
Ramon Fernandez
as Jhosep Balzan
Lucky Harmon
as Precision Driver
Pascale Armand
as Ziggy
Richert Easley
as Male Elder
William Currid
as Birthday Boy
Roya Shanks
as Moderator
Cameron Faye
as Football Kid
Zach Grenier
as Novak
Ziv Zaifman
as Aaron Edelstein
Kim Sullivan
as Guest #1/Nolan
Maxwell Scott
as Howard Jasnoch
Kiff VandenHeuvel
as CSI Agent
Benim Foster
as Religious Expert
Kohler McKenzie
as Sierra #1
Bob Leszczak
as Man on the Street/Traveler with Luggage
Gary Littman
as Dr. Ed Clemons
Gary Perez
as Federal Warden
Jackie Sanders
as Corina Sarantos
Marielle Young
as Angela
Nick Duckart
as Response Team Member
Maia Karo
as Librarian
Andrew Dice Clay
as Abraham Maltz
James Moye
as Plant Security Chief Deavers
Fang Du
as Jake Li
Robert K. Benson
as Medical Examiner
Kathryn Erbe
as Lois
Consuelo M. Edwards
as Pedestrian
Susan Blommaert
as Mr. Kaplan
Jeff Mantel
as Longbeard
Christopher Halladay
as Fifield
Stephen Plunkett
as Jonas Kruger
Adam David Thompson
as Marcus
Barry Anderson
as Attorney
Matt W. Cody
as Anchor
Ben Hollandsworth
as Mason
Joselin Reyes
as Romina
John Keating
as Thom McCarty
Tim Moriarty
as Doctor
Todd Ryan Jones
as Udo
Daniel Jenkins
as Warren Kirby
Jeanine Bartel
as Realtor (AKA Pamela)
Kimberly Stern
as Darla
Mark Jacoby
as John Tadsen
Aldis Hodge
as Mario Dixon
Ethan Herschenfeld
as Hotel Security (AKA Tom Campbell)
Clinton Brandhagen
as Rocco
Torsten N. Hillhouse
as Heart Surgeon
Tom Brangle
as Mr. Stansbury
Philip Martin
as Paramedic
Paul Urcioli
as Lawyer
Edward Sass III
as Abbott Student
Alex Getlin
as Receptionist
David Cale
as Lucius Kuhlmann
Jay Klaitz
as Operator 3-8
Patrick Cann
as Sierra #2
Melody Marquez
as Deaf Girl
Jeffrey Bean
as Julius Hannelore
Frank Fernandez
as Opera Attendee
Kilty Reidy
as Preacher
David Call
as Brian Barrett
Kevin Yamada
as Henry Tanaka
Denia Brache
as Rosa
Melvin Lima
as Bank Guard
Zachary Unger
as Howie Keller
Katie Kreisler
as Lucille Bockes
Allie Gallerani
as Angela Chambers
John Leonard Thompson
as Mark Hastings
Tessa Kim
as Mrs. Cavanaugh
Gabriel Sloyer
as Gabriel Costa
Kevin Orton
as Storage Manager
Brent Spiner
as The Architect
Jack Topalian
as Little Nikos
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Working Class Commuters
Stacey Roca
as Hannah Hayes
Oryan Landa
as Water & Power Guy
Paulie Rojas Redding
as Ivelisse
Thursday Farrar
as Secretary
Allan Greenberg
as Virgil Jordan
Celia Weston
as Lady Ambrosia
Bruce Altman
as Jerry Fox
Tom Martin
as Male Hostage
Joseph Adams
as Medical Examiner
Joseph Mancuso
as Sven
Brennan Brown
as Dr. Nikolaus Vogel
Matthew Streeter
as Prison Guard #2
Julie Asriyan
as Silva Terzian
Wass Stevens
as Perry
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
as Adoption Agent
Peter Ganim
as Leader
Matthew Rauch
as Ted Caldwell
Howard McGillin
as Senator Chuck Christensen
Jennifer Tsay
as Troll #3
Kate Easton
as Assistant
Jason Babinsky
as Chester
Jess Nahikian
as Phoebe
Chandler Williams
as Elias
Satomi Hofmann
as Reporter #1
Tom Ashton
as Patron #1
Jan Pessano
as Nana
Yaegel T. Welch
as Lead Agent
John Edward Miller
as Homeless Man
Julian Alexander
as Real EMT
Ray Proscia
as Geert Klerken
Jacob Burton
as Frenchman
Matthew Carter
as Engineer
Todd Alan Crain
as Bryan Heller
Anthony Mangano
as Officer
Michael Mulheren
as Chief Devin Walker
Andrus Nichols
as Principal
Gonzalo Vargas
as Colombian
Nathan Darrow
as Jonathan Grimm
David Diaan
as Bahram Bakhash
Kathleen McNenny
as Lynda Kotsiopulos
Joe Loffreno
as Business Man in restaurant
Josh Breckenridge
as US Marshal
John William Watkins
as Daniel Lloyd
Polina Ionina
as Female Employee
Faran Tahir
as Ruslan Denisov
Tom Kemp
as Anchorage Sheriff
Rezeta Veliu
as Princess Sonya
Cillian O'Sullivan
as Skip Sutherland
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
as James Halloran
Alfred Sauchelli Jr.
as Tony Giannusa
Giovanni Celentano
as S.W.A.T.
Valerie Kingston
as Housewife
Adeola Role
as Annika Logan
Eric Frandsen
as Ian Bartleby
Jonathan Draxton
as Officer
Jeremiah Wiggins
as Concierge
Tenisi Davis
as Friend #1
Gene Gillette
as Walter Higgins
Evan Hall
as Joubert
Tobias Segal
as Timothy Peterson
James Pravasilis
as SWAT Commander
Ryan Love
as Dark Suit #1
Germar Terrell Gardner
as Bouncer
Kevin Pariseau
as Secretary of State
Mustafa Gatollari
as Guard
Larry Mitchell
as Detective Farwell
Jesse Bronstein
as Stoner
Bruce Louis
as Nshan/Nshan Kazanjian
Vincenzo Amato
as Marcus Caligiuri
Mary Looram
as Old Woman
Antoni Porowski
as Lead Officer
Aaron Roman Weiner
as Captain Ross
Ken Wulf Clark
as Bearded Employee
Quinn Jackson
as Margo
Jack Gilpin
as Mr. Fenberg
Jimonn Cole
as Dobbs
Anzu Lawson
as Mariko Ito
Richard Hughes
as Ashton Hirsh
Stacy Keach
as Robert Vesco
Brett G. Smith
as Security Guard
Lee Wong
as Alliance Member #1
Kristina Cole
as Helen Litke
J.W. Cortes
as Agent Suarez
Lee Aaron Rosen
as Dr. Ethan Webb
Lee Garrett
as Busbo
Craig DiFrancia
as Tommy
Qurrat Ann Kadwani
as Medical Tech
Pat Shay
as Reporter #3
Alicia Minshew
as Dr. Melissa Lomay
Kieran Mulcare
as T-Bone
Adele Heather Taylor
as Kendra Taylor
Annapurna Sriram
as Odette
Aja Naomi King
as Elysa Ruben
Vicki Lewis
as Marie Mortel
Tiara Jackson
as DC Pedestrian
Michael D. Xavier
as Christopher Miles
Jean Goto
as Scrub Nurse
Matthew Sanders
as German Bank Manager
Gregory Porter Miller
as Federal Warden
Tony Plana
as Mr. Diaz
Neal Matarazzo
as Mr. Brodine
Jenna Bosco
as Woman
Ruffin Prentiss
as Young Harold Cooper
Devale Ellis
as Chuck Shaw
Perry Yung
as Karokaro/Mr. Liao
Renne Gjoni
as Albanian Gunman #2/Clock Petrovich
Ari Werlein
as FBI agent
Ingalls Grant Wilder
as Sleeping Backpacker
Omar Ghonim
as Officer
Eliud Kauffman
as Santos
Robert Vataj
as Garik Sarkissian
David Agranov
as Vassily Komarov
Greg Lynch
as Agent Pierce
Marisa Marra
as Opera Guest
Kendrick Merdani
as Sevan Volkov
Emma R. Mudd
as Girl
Thomas Place
as FBI Driver
Mister Fitzgerald
as Petty Naval Officer Quinn
Guy Margo
as Factory Worker/Juror #3/Potential Juror #3
Emma Faith Bullard
as Sarah's Duaghter
Jessica Shea Alverson
as DMV Girl/Nurse/Parent
Chris Holliday
as Female Victim
Emily Dorsch
as Anna Neehoff
Veronica Reyes-How
as Nurse #1
Luis Moco
as Guard
Emma Thorne
as Assistant
David E. Harrison
as Eastern Friend/Ivan Stepanov
Manny Perez
as Johan Halbeck
Richard Busser
as Gunman One
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as Randy Brenner
Garret Riley
as U.N. Worker
Catherine LeFrere
as Mother
Khalil McMillan
as Agent King
Giorgio Panetta
as Rafael Vacarro
Cyndee Rivera
as Friend #2
Bobby Beckles
as Crew Member
Daoud Heidami
as Desk Clerk/Jalal Abbas
Shavey Brown
as Police Officer
George Goulart
as Pedestrian
Susan Kelechi Watson
as Ellie
Donna Lynne Champlin
as Guinevere Claflin
Maria-Christina Oliveras
as Lucinda
Colton Kraese
as Boy on Carousel
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Louis
Tyler Elliot Burke
as Preston/Skater Boi
Boma Akpore
as Nigerian Gunman #2
Rock Kohli
as Ravi Desai
Tanya Upshur
as Federal Marshal
Graeme Malcolm
as Man with the Apple
José Ramón Rosario
as Don Julio
Pierre Epstein
as Jean-Philippe Gaspard
Jon Freda
as Caio
Daniel London
as Drexel
Abbi Snee
as Anna Gardner
Caitlin Morris
as Teacher
Amy Russ
as Young Mom
Loren Omer
as Nurse
Royce Johnson
as Agent Heller
Rebecca Brooksher
as Beth
Chance Kelly
as Daniel Ryker
Laverne Cox
as Dr. Laken Perillos
Lindsay Mushett
as Lisa Parker
June Ballinger
as Madeline Tolliver
Joby Earle
as Clerk
James Lloyd Reynolds
as Hawthorne
Berto Colon
as Guard
Gus Zucco
as Spectator
David Gelles
as Russell Quinn
Mickey Solis
as The Gemologist
Kiran Merchant
as Wahid Davi
Paulina Mondragón
as FBI Tech
Landon G. Woodson
as Officer Ethan Pembry
Daphne Rubin-Vega
as Delores Knapp
Caroline Hewitt
as Pearl
Rich Petrillo
as Hospital Security Guard/NYPD
Sepideh Moafi
as Mary Henning
Anne Richardson
as Dominic's Mom
William G. Tomek
as Restaurant Patron
Tibor Feldman
as Judge Trotter
Alex Orthwein
as Patient #2
Yevgeniy Dekhtyar
as Pilot
Oleg Ossayenko
as Commuter
Gustavo Pace
as Ernesto
Leo Kennedy
as Scared Initiate
Daniel Sauli
as The Freelancer/Waiter
Nick Blaemire
as Analyst #2 (War Room)
Marc Damon Johnson
as Jeffery P. Seivers
Erik Frandsen
as Chechen
James Ciccone
as Gabinelli
Edward M. Kelahan
as DC Cop
Stefano Villabona
as Jazz Club Goer/Orderly
Oksana Lada
as Female Russian
Einar Gunn
as Nelson
Rocco Sisto
as Spiritual Director
Kathryn Meisle
as Mrs. Kilgannon
Talene Monahon
as Adalynne Gerrick
Richard Thomas
as David Foy
Julie Ann Dawson
as Auctioneer
Daniella Alma
as Eve
Mark Alhadeff
as Dr. Swanson
Michael Sean McGuinness
as Richard Game
Sandra Daley
as Principal Theresa Brezinski
Anthony Cochrane
as Rhinehart
James Sautter
as Sniper
Ricky Scola
as Danny Kornish
Andrew Divoff
as Karakurt
Paul Sadlik
as Guard
Coy Stewart
as Vontae Jones
Michael Cullen
as Cardinal Richards
Clark Jackson
as Mitchell Travers
Blake Russell
as VA State Police Officer
Jefferson Mays
as Norman Devane
Dominik Tiefenthaler
as Fyodor
Marcus Bishop-Wright
as Guard (AKA Bobby)
Joe Urla
as Samuel Rand
Gina White
as McGee Wife
Jeremy Crutchley
as Thelonius Prackett
Louis Arcella
as Luis Peña
Anthony J. Gallo
as Red's Associate #1
Christian Barber
as Harbor Cop
Aidan Fiske
as Young David Kenyon
Annie Hägg
as Nina Kurylenko/Waitress
Phillip James Brannon
as Tyler Schwartz
Los Jones
as Security Guard
Amanda Plummer
as Tracy Solobotkin
Simon Jutras
as Inspector
David Gautreaux
as Foley/The Cryptobanker
Finn Douglas
as Ethan
Frank Harts
as Court Officer
Anthony Reimer
as Cedric
Armando Acevedo
as Amador Castro
Tony Carlin
as Dr. Richard Pike
Joaquín Maceo Rosa
as PNR Officer
Cormac Bluestone
as FBI Tech/ND Agent
Mitchell Michaliszyn
as Ethan
Sala Iwamatsu
as Medical Examiner
Verity Azario
as College Girl
Sam Moazami
as Officer #3
Sam McCarthy
as Alex Gillette/Student
Jennifer Ehle
as Madeline Pratt
Max Baker
as Leo Andropov
Clifton Collins Jr.
as Hector Lorca
DeShawn Harold Mitchell
as Lieutenant
Tom Day
as SWAT Commander
Christopher Parker
as Intimidating Man #2/Security Guard
Kristian Wanzl Nekrasov
as Dmitri Sarkovski
Jonathan Stewart
as Police Sergeant
Stephen C. Bradbury
as Detective Harold Kotchwar
Nasreen Rahman
as Accounting Woman
Canedy Knowles
as Megan Shulte
J.Stephen Brantley
as Helldritch
Christopher Bizub
as Second Shooter
Jon Kit Lee
as Ambulance Driver
Miche Braden
as Motel Clerk
Drew Hildebrand
as Team Leader
Antonio Thompson
as Brother Joseph
Annie The Pom
as Critter Cabin Dog
John Pirkis
as Gernert
Lohrasp Kansara
as Operative #1 (Ahmet)
Grigory Gurevich
as Old Russian Man
Phillip Shinn
as Waiter
Jamie Soltis
as Female Villager
CJ Parson
as HRT Leader
Mourad Zaoui
as Roqan Ghaffari
Peter Patrikios
as Pee-Wee
James Mount
as Dave Sternberg
Ching Valdes-Aran
as Ruth Peasley
Alison Cimmet
as Librarian
Robert Neill
as Murphy
Hugues Faustin
as Tactical Leader
C.J. Wilson
as Young Dominic Wilkinson
Liza Francini
as Carousel Girl
David Adkins
as Paul Allond
Jorge Humberto Hoyos
as Delegate
Christian Rozakis
as Clerk
Brandon McClary
as Armed Guard
Eric Bryant
as FBI Agent
William Popp
as Garrote Man
Steve Routman
as Handler
Cara Marquis
as Everly
John Cariani
as Aaron Mulgrew
Henri Lubatti
as Gautier
James Michael Reilly
as Suit #1
Héctor González
as Santiago Vega (Roanoke)
Tyrone L. Robinson
as Landlord
Bill Walters
as Homeless/Kenyon Massacre Victim
Philip Hernandez
as Omar Lofton
Akira Takayama
as Hideo Ibuki
Nyahale Allie
as Receptionist
T. Shyvonne Stewart
as Receptionist
Andrew Beadle
as Third Agent
Al Sapienza
as Carlo
Nathaniel J. Ryan
as Security Guard
Hwalan Shub
as Dragon Lady/Korean Woman
Ezra Barnes
as Banker/Businessman
Ashley Brooke
as Allison Friedenberg
Mike Starr
as Balthazar 'Bino' Baker
Marcin Paluch
as Clerk
Rose Ftz
as J.Harden
George Kardulias
as Pedestrian with Sunglasses
David Costabile
as Dr. Linus Creel
Stephen Bogardus
as Justin Kenyon
Jamie Rezanour
as Officer #1
Tre Jamison
as Son
Robert Sedgwick
as Tyson Pryor
Tim Lajcik
as Shelly
Nancy Wetzel
as Shadow
Dante Nero
as Samuel Aleko
Harry Lennix
as Harold Cooper
Tommy Schrider
as Marty Sapperstein
Patti Goettlicher
as Ballerina #1/Ballerina 1
Morgan Priester
as Bobby Hobbs
Sawyer Devuyst
as Tech
Andrellos Mitchell
as Pedestrian
Andy Murray
as Marcus' Associate
Michael McKenzie
as Intelligence Staffer
Harry Bouvy
as Remy Noel
John Tague
as Desmond
Grant Koo
as CDC Guard/Vehm Follower
Hazel Mason
as Agnes Keen
Derek Johnson
as Child Soldier #2
Anna Malyuk
as Daisy Hayes
Dane West
as Storyteller
Laiona Michelle
as Medical Administrator
Quinn Shephard
as Abby Fisher
Stephen DeRosa
as Herman
Kanwar Singh
as Cab Driver
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
as Vickie Merwin
Joshua Benaim
as Figaro
Anthony Skordi
as Stratos Sarantos
Marianna McClellan
as The Double
Reese Madigan
as Pascal (Fka. Pasquale)
Mark Tallman
as E.R.T. Agent
Adam Pagdon
as HRT Leader
Raphael Sbarge
as Ned
Reza Salazar
as Young Man
Zilong Zee
as Assistant
Joshua Musgrave
as Dying Officer
Abraham Makany
as Captor Five
Andy Powers
as Jack Kinross
Shpend Xani
as Albanian Gunman #1
Kristen Choi
as Rosina
Stephen Christopher Marshall
as Mr. Gansky
Arnie Burton
as Dr. Kucera
Victor La Mantia
as Prisoner
Phoebe Jenkins
as Carrie Anne's Baby
Amy Spanger
as Tammy Lynn Thompson
Tadeusz Von Moltke
as Lead Official
Eric McKinley
as Student
Linda Kuriloff
as Passing Woman
Eugene Dmitriev
as Russian #1
Faiven Feshazion
as Shelter Worker
Michael Lewis
as Gerald Dugger
Tom Flynn
as Scott Middleton
Cindy Katz
as Susan Hanover
Suzy Jane Hunt
as Dawn Westin
Nancy Meyer
as Merriam Lockemy
Boris McGiver
as Tobias Reuther
Anthony Pasqua
as HRT Sniper/SWAT Member
Megan Boone
as Elizabeth Keen
Jane Fergus
as Newscaster #3/Reporter
Tom White
as Brian Shelow
Isabella Rossellini
as Floriana Campo
Matt Leisy
as Driver
Giuseppe Ardizzone
as Cuban Cop
Michael Beach
as Brad Marking
Norm Lewis
as J.P. Laskin
Rachel Brosnahan
as Jolene Parker/Lucy Brooks
Margarita Levieva
as Gina Zanetakos
Jennifer Ferrin
as Anna McMahon
Casimir Gregory
as Guard
Ward Billeisen
as Nurse
Tommy Kang
as EMT
Luke Lesko
as Stern Mint Goon
Ryan Spahn
as Roger Price
Adam Trese
as Volker Graves
William Connell
as Mikhail Kozlov
Kody Christiansen
as FBI Technical Analyst/Waiter
Michael Klesic
as Serbian Terrorist
Michael Park
as Captain Daly
Genson Blimline
as Morgan
Molly Price
as Mariana Vacarro
Ty Jones
as Agent Masik
Brian Tarantina
as The Courier's Brother
Max Darwin
as Young Alexander Kirk
Katie Paxton
as Sophie
Gia Crovatin
as OUC Assassin
Lynne Wintersteller
as Diane Tadsen
Christine Tawfik
as Nasim/Nasir Bakhash
Jason Altman
as HRT Officer
Wade Williams
as Edgar/The Debt Collector
Omar Koury
as Hamid Soroush
Sarah Hunt
as Amanda Bigelow
Hassan Johnson
as Pete Maguire
Will Bowden
as Hurley
Julia Aku
as Museum Director
Sophia Mahmud
as Elderly Woman
Peter Vack
as Asher Sutton
Clark Middleton
as Glen Carter
Joe Cummings
as Hotel Security #1
Merdix Antwinette
as Schoolgirl
Melora Hardin
as Isabella Stone
John Trejo
as Ricardo
Shirley Roeca
as Melissa Wilkinson
Larry Chan
as Man at Courthouse
Juan Carlos Infante
as Mando
Polly Lee
as Kim
William Ragsdale
as Carl Conway
Wesley Volcy
as Dembe's Brother #2
Kushtrim Hoxha
as Vasyl
Charlotte Schweiger
as Alexandra Ivers
Victor Boda
as Military Officer
Andrew Mihalko
as Good Samaritan
Desi Waters
as Court Clerk
Clark Carmichael
as Congressman #2
Patrick Cummings
as Security Guard #2
Chris Chalk
as John Addison
Polly Kreisman
as News Anchor
Liz Holtan
as Nikki Yoder
Anthony Goes
as SWAT Team Leader
Alvin Keith
as Security Officer #1 (Cobb)
Greg Fallick
as Mark (Clerk)
Nathan Reid
as Spokesman
Mark Gessner
as Chuck Kruse
K. Todd Freeman
as Hobbs
Jay Devore
as Seth Nelson
Massiel Mordan
as Woman
Nick Westrate
as Nicholas Obenrader
Jen Ponton
as Maisy
Teena Byrd
as Protestor
Michael Kostroff
as Martin Wilcox
Raul Torres
as Lead Thug
Rich Mollo
as Charles Radcliffe
Elliot Villar
as Loyd Munroe
Chad Ackerman
as Robert Ressler, Sr.
Jason Schuchman
as Man
Danny Olabi
as Aiden McCullough
Holanda Demeloitz
as Refugee
Boris Granolic
as Russian
Brandon Kalm
as Russell Chambers
Paul Hickert
as Captain Andrew Ridge
Keith Brown
as Tank
Orville Mendoza
as Semo/Semo Mapu
Cliff Samara
as Crime Lord #1
Robert Ray Manning Jr.
as Officer Hodge
Patricia R. Floyd
as Nurse
Daniel Eric Gold
as Robert Dahle
Buzz Roddy
as Trucker
Declan Mulvey
as Ressler's Vehicle Driver
Akintola Jiboyewa
as Interrogation Guard
Sandee Bengel
as Gerta
Hays Wellford
as Ethan Linley
Marisa Redanty
as Woman in Line
J.R. Whittington
as Concierge
Isaac Galizio
as Kid at Park
Brian O'Neill
as Gen. Warren Ames
Spencer Aste
as Motel Manager
Anthony E. Williams
as Security Guard #1
Chris Carlock
as Office Worker #2
Martin Fisher
as Associate Warden
Jakob Von Eichel
as Donnie-Wayne/Doorman
Peter Romano
as Guard Two
Keith Mackler
as Russian Clubgoer
Tony Shalhoub
as Alistair Pitt
Zonya Love
as Nurse #2
Michael Potts
as Iniko
Leslie Hendrix
as Shirley Lehman
Anthony Gagliardi
as Christian
Terence Archie
as Zack Loescher
Charles Brice
as Jay-Jay Brickman
Jamal Thomas
as Local Officer #2
Jamila Velazquez
as Homeless Woman
Star Tapia
as Mother
Joanna Christie
as Olivia Olson
Erik Jensen
as Francis King
Stephan Käfer
as Jurgen
Clem Cheung
as Warden/Zhao Wing
Christopher Alexander Chukwueke
as Lead Officer
Anne Carney
as Nurse
Taryn Wieland
as Gala Attendee
John Mazurek
as Officer in Charge
Allison Strong
as Alicia Vacarro
Tom Lipinski
as Marcus
Michael Mastro
as Frank Dobbs
Robert Arthur Wilson
as Business Man
John Bolger
as Clifford Hawkins
Michael Tow
as Cong Yang
David Wilson Barnes
as Spalding Stark
Neil Vincent Smith
as Bartender
Stephen Cerf
as HRT Officer
Michael Hauschild
as Cubicle Mate
Gracie Beardsley
as Anya Patinka
Larissa Laurel
as Zaftig Brunette
Hugo Armstrong
as Joko Kozinski
Jonathan C. Kaplan
as Operative One
Richard Meiman
as German Banker #1
Thomas Glen Baker
as J.L.
Shade Rupe
as Bomb Planter/Man Opening Church Door/Trucker in Portable Church
Gabrielle Reid
as Clerk
Michael Fawcett
as Lunch Buddy
Daniel Marconi
as Gunman (Edward Martell)
Adam Auslander
as Patient #5
Brian Dennehy
as Dominic Wilkinson/Dom
Francesca Root-Dodson
as Ana Dewan
Baylen Thomas
as Senator
Nathanael Small
as Max
Kika Cicmanec
as Mr. Kaplan's Female Muscle
Amir Darvish
as Male EMT
Kaelyn Ambert-Gonzalez
as Assistant
Guyviaud Joseph
as Guard
Allison Semmes
as Receptionist
Jillian Gottlieb
as Waiter
Amy Rutberg
as Annie Kaplan
Airon Armstrong
as Outpost Lead Guard
Caynen Couture
as Little Boy
Emmy Harrington
as Currator
Kevin Chew
as Guard #1
Ken Leung
as AUSA Michael Sima
Samantha Lee Johnson
as Court Clerk
Lou Sumrall
as Anton Wyndham
Geoffrey Cantor
as Phil Ryerson
John Bedford Lloyd
as Roman LeMarc/Susan's Man
Annie Unger
as Receptionist
Trish McCall
as Amanda Blankenship
Paul Mann
as Worker
Peter Allas
as Costas Korba
Luis Moreno
as Sam Whatley
Andrew Kaempfer
as Bouncer
Nathan James
as DC Cop
Katie Morrison
as Lydia
Maduka Steady
as The Academic
Joshua Dye
as Burly Man
Rayland Van Blake
as Police Officer
Ivan The Terrible Santiago
as Quintano
Christian Whelan
as Forensic Tech
Steve Sanpietro
as NYC Traffic Cop
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as Dr. Lydia Ralston
Juan Luis Acevedo
as Doctor
David Adams
as Team Leader
Benito Martinez
as Senator Diaz/President Robert Diaz/President Diaz
Inna Muratova
as Political Rally Goer
Kate Arrington
as Tammy Grimm
Azia Celestino
as Anchorwoman
Haley Rawson
as Jasper's Assistant
Sam Zang
as Booksign Attendee
Bradley Cashman
as College Student
Madeleine Plener
as Young Kate
Rodney Smith
as Court Clerk
Kevin T. Collins
as Bert
Bluend Mulbah
as Child Soldier #3
Michael Abbott Jr.
as The Auctioneer
John Finn
as Judge Richard Denner
Theis Weckesser
as Lieutenant Owens
Michael Cerveris
as Victor Skovic
Ken Holmes
as Park Pedestrian/Upscale Waiter/Waiter
Jayson Wesley
as MPD Officer
Will Blomker
as Dr. Collins
Jonathan Higginbotham
as Raf
Jed Peterson
as Guest (Mr. Krupin)
Robert O'Gorman
as Charles Blake
Jake Weber
as Gregory Devry
Osh Ghanimah
as Dirar Marwan
Stacey Yen
as Sarah Raimo
Christina Cole
as Alice
Sandor Juan
as EMT
Tonye Patano
as Judy Sickler
Casey Siemaszko
as Sam Raimo
Izzy Ruiz
as Nest Guard
David Little
as Kirk's Doctor
Max Talisman
as Beekeeper Man
Andrew Rothenberg
as Becker
Walker Hare
as Gregor Eriksson
Thomas Kopache
as Frank Gordon
Stephen Beach
as Ronald Cassell
Lara Raj
as Sara
Jim Vance
as News Anchor #2/Reporter
Tim Ewing
as Blackthorn CEO
Turhan Troy Caylak
as 'Not' Pytor/Pyotr
Rosa Krystle Rose
as Angry Woman
Rosalyn Coleman
as Court Clerk
Ron Cephas Jones
as Dr. James Covington
Robby Ramos
as Drunk Friend
Tyler Hardwick
as Attendant
Tanya Rivero
as News Anchor
Poppy Hays
as Maxine Wanderer
Victor Slezak
as Henry Krueger
John Hemphill
as Gerald
Aaron Vexler
as Tech #1
Erik Martin
as US Marshal #1
Nat DeWolf
as Man #1
Elaine Bromka
as Receptionist
Lyman Chen
as Phlebotomist
Patricia Lawrence
as Moderator
Okwui Okpokwasili
as Gordon Kemp's Lawyer
Evan Parke
as Detective Singleton/Detective Norman Singleton
Joanna Adler
as Young Kaplan
Lonnie McCullough
as Declan Salinger
Adam Lazarre-White
as Andrew Darvis
Valéry Lessard
as Assistant
Iqbal Theba
as Bhavish Ratna
Kenya Brome
as Sarah Wims
Peter Benson
as Hershey Hepworth
Andrew Hovelson
as Mark Walker
Kate Bornstein
as Cynthia Mallet
Mary B. McCann
as Meryl Starkweather
Dennis T. Carnegie
as NYPD Officer
Asen Grigorov
as Security Officer
Ryan Shams
as Kian Nouri
Frank Lewallen
as Head of Security
Marc Basil
as Leslie/Kaplan's Muscle #1
Cameron Pow
as Nikolaus
Don Stephenson
as Croft Thornberry
Raul A. Reyes
as Cuban Pilot
Robert Harrington
as TSA Worker
Brian Joseph Coote
as NYPD Officer #2
Aida Turturro
as Heddie Hawkins
Patrick Byas
as SWAT Agent
Brett Bartholomew
as Young Riot Officer
Eun Yang
as Anchor
John Leone
as Luis Lange
Logan Crawford
as Newscaster #1/Reporter/Reporter #1
Stephan Godleski
as Beans
Nicole Ansari-Cox
as Doctor
Thomas M. Hammond
as Husband #1
Matt Servitto
as Dr. Sebastian Reifler
Steven Bono Jr.
as Jogger
Amanda Barron
as Evelyn Foy
Theo Petelov
as Security Guard
Laakan McHardy
as Jenny Marciniak
Viet Vo
as Second Guard
Michael Maize
as Iverson
Kimberly Huie
as Dana Isaacs
Alex Monsky
as Blair's Father
Sal Rendino
as Warden McCaslin
Sandra Berrios
as Martha
James David Rich
as Camp Administrator
Katrine Hoyt
as Blackthorn Board Member #2
Jacqueline Antaramian
as Wahid's Wife
Roxanna Hope Radja
as Theresa Morris
Marlon Perrier
as Mingling Officer/SWAT
Joseph Anthony Sudol
as Berlin's Bodyguard
Jennifer Perry
as Caregiver
Andrew Frace
as Uniform
Brad Fraizer
as DEA Agent
Mary Bacon
as Nurse
Peggy Droz
as Patient #4
Tessa Frascogna
as Girl
Erick Huertas
as Cook
Monte Bezell
as Operative #2
Dorothy Lyman
as Delaine Uhlman
Laurie Williams
as Mrs. McClaire
Andrew Polk
as Staff Lawyer
Anthony Simone
as Lead Tech
Mark Johannes
as Roman Einhorn
Nicole Callender
as Betsy Nagel
D.K. Bowser
as Homeless Man
Michael Winther
as Surgeon
as Data Broker
Erika Robel
as Hawkins' Aide
Isaac Beauchamp
as Gunman
Sally Wilfert
as Diane Hoffman
Stephen Spinella
as Jordan Loving
Frank Wood
as Gerald Klepper
Margaret Reed
as Doctor
Ramsey Faragallah
as Ali Hassan
Tony Naumovski
as Shadow
Lindsey Gates
as Janice Kreuger
Robert King
as Whistleblower #1
Tom Titone
as Interrogator #1
Huey Lewis
as Huey Lewis
Ezra Knight
as Dr. Gideon Hadley
Timothy Sekk
as David Eckhart
Nimo Gandhi
as Abdul Kedir
Leslie Lyles
as Helen Jubal
Jonathan Walker
as Dean Walker
Anna Moon
as Female Co-Worker #1
Tanairi Sade Vazquez
as Lexi
Javier Molina
as Vega Montero
Justin Clarke
as Vontae Friend #2
Charles Baker
as Grey
Alan R. Rodriguez
as HRT Leader
Larry Paulsen
as Minister Dawkens
Kelley Rae O'Donnell
as Abigail
Sergei Ashurov
as Biker
Zoli Dora
as Driver/Unknown Man
Steve Ferrarie
as #2 Tactical Officer
Ed Heavey
as Worgul
Silas Pereira-Olson
as Skyler
Cassidy Thornton
as Zoey Mercer
Nastasia Many
as French Bank Manager
Maria Elena Ramirez
as Diane Hatch
Becky Ann Baker
as Judge Roberta Wilkins
Ramzi Khalaf
as Rasmus Ray
Joe Tuttle
as Assistant/Associate
Ty Doran
as Theo Wolf
Laura Campbell
as Operator 6-3
Doug Yasuda
as Mr. Chin
Otoja Abit
as Lead Commando
Jason Tottenham
as Asa Jacobi
Gerson Gomez
as Tony Montez
Jason Butler Harner
as Walter Gary Martin
Justin McCarthy
as Facility Manager
Kate Middleton
as Landry Knobbs
Ari Tomais
as Kohl
Edgar Fox
as Guard (Denver Mint)
Paola Turbay
as Dr. Sophia Gallup
Taylor C. Hays
as Mobile Crime
Marie-Pierre Beausejour
as Officer #3
Lars Gerhard
as Shadow/Bowler
Marva Hicks
as Judge
Jon Necaj
as Russian Boy
Bristol Pomeroy
as Stranger
Campbell Scott
as Michael Shaw/Owen Mallory
Jason Kravits
as Dr. Gordon Albee
Rita Rehn
as Female Physician (Janey)
Emma Sloan Jacobs
as Pearl Merwin
Rick Holmes
as Internal Affairs Representative
Chris Santangelo
as Male Passenger
Teddy Coluca
as Brimley
Shaun Toub
as Commander Kushan
Peter Rini
as FBI Director
Jonathan Gregg
as Wendell Willis
William Day
as Hazmat Tech
Ejyp Johnson
as Driver
Malcolm C. Murray
as Gunman
Billy Hepfinger
as Border Guard One
Dikran Tulaine
as Max
Fortuna Calvo-Roth
as Maria Rosa
Katherine Kell
as Agnes Keen/Agnes Keen (2 yrs)
Ian Jarvis
as Claude Hippeau
Steven Alan Black
as Dead Parking Attendant
Martha Karl
as Mrs. Klump/Mrs. Sutton
Kyli Zion
as Courier
Avril Lena Wei
as Young Alina Park
Timothy Doyle
as The Collector
Evelyn Twarowski
as Alice's Daughter
Amy Hargreaves
as Anne Forrester
Dave E. Baker
as Boy
Catherine A. Callahan
as Charlotte Hart
Dennis Flanagan
as Caleb James Cronin
Michael Crane
as Arlo Atkinson
Nicholas Tucci
as Flannel
Jeremiah Craft
as Dembe's Brother #1
Madia Hill Scott
as News Anchor
Rachel Stern
as Reporter #1
Nicholas B.A. Nicholson
as Auctioneer
T. Oliver Reid
as David Quentin
Ruth Solorzano
as Luciana
Daisuke Tsuji
as Cambodian Carl
James Colby
as Bobby Johnson
Kevin Ryan
as Colin Kilgannon
Patrick Hamilton
as Agent Tyson
Hilary Kehoe
as Anchor #2
Merik Tadros
as Salaam
Jon Rua
as Oscar Sandoval
Harley Yeager
as Smoker
John Glover
as Dr. Bruce Sanders
Karl Jacob
as Ex Con
Mary Liz Lewis
as Mr. Kaplan's Decoy
Danielle Nicolette Najarian
as Customer #1
Marc Prizov
as Bodyguard #1
John Thomas Cramer
as Mr. Keller
Jack Ferry
as Officer
Alec Kirazian
as Liam/Tech
Harper Steed
as Religious Radical's Child
Hisham Tawfiq
as Dembe Zuma
Sejal Shah
as Puja Patel
Abigail Friend
as Child at the Zoo
Emily Tremaine
as Audrey Bidwell
Gerrard Lobo
as Omar Najjar
Mark Price
as Miles Dawson
Timothy Adams
as Dean Bradley
Paige Jennifer Barr
as Impatient Customer
Mauricio Alexander
as Armored Truck Guard
Anna Rapp
as Girl in 8mm Film/Girl with Bubbles
Ben Graney
as Chief Resident
J. Cameron Barnett
as Hairdresser
David Strathairn
as Peter Kotsiopulos
John Mitchell
as Capitol Hill Lawyer
Michael Quinlan
as Gregory Flynn
Nikki M. James
as Rose
Reg E. Cathey
as The Caretaker
Dolores Rice
as Whitehaven Leader
Annabelle Zasowski
as Jenna
Harper J. Harris
as Reporter #3
Karl Miller
as Pete McGee
Michael Hays
as Jarid Fabuel
as Wendy
Wendy Rieger
as News Anchor #1
Lenny Thomas
as Guard
Mohammed Hossain
as Family member
Sarah Rich
as Romi
Jason Cottle
as Mr. Cotton
Thaddeus Daniels
as Detective Barrows/Pascal
Christopher Ryan Grant
as Wyatt
David Fierro
as Specialty Gun Maker
Edi Gathegi
as Matias Solomon
David Christopher Wells
as Aide
Jonathan Brody
as Gravedigger
John Schiappa
as Konstantin
Geoffrey Murphy
as Bathhouse Man
Frankie Faison
as Abraham Moores
Terrence Shingler
as Pedestrian
Levi Arielle Ricks
as Girl/Young Rose
Gideon Emery
as Edward Lussier
Kj Hippensteel
as Employee (Eric)
Dawn McGee
as Prosecutor
John Bolton
as Bran
Ai Kiyono
as Hostess
Gavin Lodge
as Jon Isaacs
Angela Grovey
as Ann McCullough
Liz McCartney
as Pug Lady/Juror #4/Potential Juror #4
Guy Lockard
as Driver
Jason Hochman
as Mateo
Ramon Aleman
as Anxious Man
Katie McCarty
as Young Woman
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Calvin Dawson
Rick Zahn
as Paul Halperin
Ivan Goris
as Cuban Guard
Camille Gaston
as Father
Don Castro
as Bomb Tech
Olamide Candide-Johnson
as Jessica
Justin R.G. Holcomb
as Skittish Man
Roxanne Hart
as Ava Ziegler
Thamer Jendoubi
as Thug
Kimberly Doreen Burns
as Woman in Red
Folami Williams
as Emma Foster
Michael Thomas Holmes
as Charles Totten
John Fico
as Nervous Man
Don Guillory
as Agent McKenna
Robert Sean Leonard
as Frederick Barnes
Leslie Silva
as Caroline Eikendoll
Neil Hellegers
as Husband #2
Steven Medina
as Police Officer
James Hindman
as Judge
Kevin Cutts
as Haskell Twain
Gene Gabriel
as Detective Elijah Bell
Brooke Liddell
as Maggie Driscoll
Bradley Dean Jones
as Emil Dusek's Lawyer
Sini Hill
as Dutch Wife
Michael Stoyanov
as Walter Stevens
Bruce Smolanoff
as Police Impound Clerk
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as Gunman #1
Brad Aldous
as David Beckner
Ashley North
as Protester
Ariel Shafir
as ADA James Folta
Taprena Michelle Augustine
as Madeline Cohen
Joyce Philbin
as Woman on the Beach
Victor Joel Ortiz
as Federal Officer
Brian Hotaling
as Arnie Gelber
Michael Braun
as Bahar
Fredric Lehne
as Leon Cox
Gerard Ender
as Electrician
Rob Richardson
as Officer Chris Phalen
Ritchie Coster
as Anslo Garrick
C. David Johnson
as Caleb Hess
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as Lawrence Devlin
Anastasia Barzee
as Staff Lawyer
Ahmed Lucan
as Arkani/Ismael Aknoz
Damiyr Shuford
as FBI Swat Leader/Marshal/Team Leader
Pamela Dunlap
as Ms. Moore
Brian Foreman
as DC Pedestrian
Brent Langdon
as Fullerton Chemical Plant Employee
Angela Reed
as Anna Mitchell
Leslie Jones
as Chatty Woman
Alexei Bondar
as Russian Man
Erin Quill
as CSI
Patch Darragh
as Bobby
Eva Kaminsky
as Ellen Wyatt
Tom Flagg
as Owner
Beth Fowler
as Lisa Ressler
Jamie Forbes
as Priest
Brian Roland
as CDC Tech
Austyn Johnson
as Maybelle
Sabina Friedman-Seitz
as Young Woman
Frank Deal
as David Fisher
Eric Nelsen
as David Kenyon
Rosemary Howard
as Survivor/Teacher at Baby Shower
Robert Levine
as Husband
Joe Holt
as Agent Gavin Tucker
Andrew Dolan
as Gerald
Ryan Jonze
as Scott 'Scottie' Stansbury
Russell G. Jones
as Agent Colby
Celia Howard
as Female Elder
Kelly Deadmon
as Mary
David Perlman
as Bico's Waiter
Nick Denning
as Gunman
Cameron Scoggins
as Duncan Prince
Dan Ziskie
as Senator Albert R. Mitchell
Christopher Shyer
as ATF DA Charleston
Hayley Podschun
as Sarah Hays
Paul Lazar
as Hugo
Peter Bradbury
as Berdy
Chris Griggs
as Dennis Cauley
Moti Margolin
as Co-Pilot
Daniel O'Shea
as Ressler's Uncle
Doug Barron
as Polygrapher
Matt Loney
as Mitchell Dunning
Quincy Chad
as Trooper #1
Louise Starks
as Protester
Kate Franz
as Charlotte Patterson
Brendan Walsh
as Security Officer #2
Luke Robertson
as Pablo
Irungu Mutu
as Administrative Assistant
Louis Troche
as Court Officer
Jami Simon
as Postal Worker #2
Scot Zeller
as Chief of Staff
Vick Krishna
as Airline Rep
Jude Severin
as Driver
Sue Jean Kim
as Sakiya
Ari Barkan
as Tow Truck Driver
Sam Freed
as Dr. Fredrick Osborn
Rebecca Kling
as Ronson
Alex Anagnostidis
as Bino Thug
Carole Denise Jones
as Carol
Kelley Curran
as Co-Counsel
Randy Kovitz
as Committee Chairman
Liza J. Bennett
as Pattie Sue Edwards
Brian Patrick Russell
as Adm. Richard Abraham
Brian McCormack
as Police Chief
Lukas Hassel
as Vandyke/Vincent
Lou Martini Jr.
as Cab Driver/Potential Juror #1
Adam Ratcliffe
as Interviewer
Frank van Putten
as Swiss Banker
Landon Maas
as Child/Parker Grimm
John Cannon
as Johann
TerriAnn Peters
as Sharon Ames
Tim Farley
as Clerk
Misha Kuznetsov
as Russian Ambassador
George Merrick
as Christopher Atwell
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Earl King
John Sharian
as Dimitri
Miriam A. Hyman
as Reporter #1
John Roque
as Roque/Kaplan's Muscle #2
Raquel Almazan
as Rosa Heredia
Robert Knepper
as The Courier
Stephen Barrington
as ERF #3
Christopher Gurr
as Godwin Page
Erinn Anova
as Roxanne
Hany Kamal
as Older Man
Kevin Isola
as Bradley Clark
Shezi Sardar
as Farid
Arash Mokhtar
as Victor Elazar
Anthony Gaskins
as Officer Haynes
Joe Diomede
as Wilson Bishop
Andrew Sellon
as Henryk Worboliski
Lenny Venito
as Tony Pagliaro/The Mailman
Antony Hagopian
as Mitchell
Korey Jackson
as Matt Pierson
Trevor Long
as Alan Ray Rifkin
Adam Bradley
as Assistant
Lauren B. Martin
as Nurse Supervisor
Jose Febus
as Pascual
Sammy Sheik
as Shahin Navabi
Raissa Dorff
as Female Captain
Aiden Eyrick
as Shahin '92
Peter Fonda
as Geoff Perl
Oberon K.A. Adjepong
as Leader
Luke Vexler
as Officer/Peter Dereamer
Akeda Abrams
as Campus Guard
Drew Beasley
as Ike
Alexis Bronkovic
as Kelly Carter
Constance Shulman
as Fiona
Danni Wang
as Waitress
Regina Taylor
as Doctor Hannah Moshay
Brandon Schraml
as NYPD Officer #1
Alia Attallah
as Helai
Tamara Torres
as Lana
Tahmina Rafaella
as Adali
Raoul Max Trujillo
as Hitman/Mato
Catherine Missal
as Tara Rayburn
Benjamin Eakeley
as ER Doctor
Adam Budron
as Bayram
Gary Lee Mahmoud
as Reporter #2
Mark Hawk
as Pickpocket Victim
Fedna Jacquet
as Emma
Paul Cosentino
as Mr. Hastings
Brandon Thane Wilson
as Bradley
Tony Cheng
as Husband
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Cynthia Panabaker
David Pittu
as James Wagner
Danielle Burgess
as Jilly
James Andrew Fraser
as Officer
Jon DeVries
as Early
Gary Dooley
as British Man
Migs Govea
as Agent #1
Geraldine Singer
as Mrs. Koehler
Maxine Wanderer
as Poppy Hays
David M. Raine
as Duke White
Andrew Breving
as Chris
Jeremiah Zinger
as Agent/FBI Agent #2
Michael Stewart Allen
as Detective #2
Michelle Santiago
as Baltimore Police Officer
Chantal Maurice
as Cashier
Alfredo Huereca
as Chui Mendez
Robert Joy
as Dr. Haverkamp
Olan Montgomery
as Motel Manager
Mihran Slougian
as Nesrin
Rhianna Radick
as Waitress
Catherine Peppers
as Old Woman
Chris Ashworth
as Sankov
Sean Gormley
as Mr. Foley
Mary Pat Gleason
as Agathe Tyche
Rufus Collins
as Dr. Grundig
Paul Woodburn
as Clerk
Irina Dvorovenko
as Angela Banks
Martin Barabas
as Coach
Pedro Carmo
as Rossi
Joe Curnutte
as Officer Brandt
Andre Da Silva
as Alvaro
Justin Swain
as FBI Agent
Stan Demidoff
as Ivan
DonnaMarie Recco
as Deborah Salinger
Jonathan Dwyer
as Officer Cavallo
Narada Campbell
as Gudonov
Russell Gibson
as Barber
Zack Abramowitz
as Security Guard
Julian Gamble
as Feliks Kloza
Marquise Vilson
as Gunman #2
Katie Hartke
as Patty Sweeney
Danny Burstein
as Mossad DC Station Chief
Mark Margolis
as Jakov Mitko
Brett Azar
as Armed Guard #2
Harris Yulin
as Sir Crispin Crandall
Angela McKenzie
as Emergency Room Nurse
Josh Philip Weinstein
as Phillip Rosenberg
Dan Truman
as Postal Worker #1
Anton Koval
as Albanian
Julian Sands
as Sutton Ross
Daniel Olson
as Steadman
Antwayn Hopper
as Clerk
Anthoula Katsimatides
as Detective
Yu Lew
as Nick's Delivery Boy
Holly Curran
as Sophia
Mazin Akar
as Al-Harbi
Meadow Nguy
as Girlfriend #2
Kelly J. Grant
as Mrs. Jaden Alexander
Elizabeth Roma Granda
as Crazy Neighbor
Vincent Tumeo
as Parisian Cafe Patron
Emily Nicole Hansen
as Josephine Sullivan
Gabriel Aprea
as Unit 2
Kwabena Ampofo
as Guard #3
Rafael Poueriet
as Markowitz
Adam Harper
as Trucker/Young Constantin Rostov
Mark Elliot Wilson
as Noel Gerrick
John B. McCann
as John Paul
Al Nazemian
as Businessman
Mark Doherty
as NYPD Commander
Happy Anderson
as Bobby Navarro
Josh Mostel
as Mickey
Michael Horse
as Twamie Ullulaq
Eden Marryshow
as Orderly Todd
Timothy John Smith
as Gabriel Stockwell
Brittany Joy
as Nurse
Sergey Nagorny
as Adin Markovic
Paul Castro Jr.
as Tyler
Tye Alexander
as Mason Dieterle
John Cashin
as Thug
Ingrid Jean-Baptiste
as Female Officer
Richard Armistead
as Stagehand
Michaela Waters
as Mrs. Chandler
Christopher M. Smith
as TAC Team Leader
Bardia Salimi
as Guard #2
Colin Walker
as Head of Security
Tyler Graham
as Young Man #2
Adam Cohen
as Headmaster's Son/Protester
Ryan Peterson
as Butcher
Omar Bustamante
as Prison Guard
Neal Lerner
as State Police Forensics Lead Investigator
Jennifer Roszell
as Dr. Tracy Long
Riann Steele
as Anna Cartwright
Angus Hepburn
as Priest
Aaron Serotsky
as Mr. Johnson
Zarif Kabier
as Denisov's Man
Nick Tate
as Arthur Kilgannon
Jonathan Raviv
as Rasil Kalif
Peter Rudzinski
as Driver
Masa Dakic
as Female Guest
Robert House
as Large Orderly
Linda Emond
as Dr. Adrian Shaw
Amy Hohn
as Dr. Friedman
Richard Cline
as Hungover Carnival Worker
Cullen Wheeler
as Unknown Man
Chazz Menendez
as Inmate
Fawad Siddiqui
as Cooper's Driver
Paul A. Schaefer
as Support Agent
James Hong
as The Coroner
Jon Wolfe Nelson
as Maitre D'
John Nielsen
as Paul Wyatt
Roy Jackson
as Bouncer/Vincent Martin
as Anne
Gillian Glasco
as Agent Miller
Liam Campora
as French Boy
Alex Breaux
as Reggie Deeks
Tamara Della Anderson
as Marion Stamps
James Wilcox
as Lawyer
Paul A Nielsen
as State Trooper
Peter Stormare
as Milos 'Berlin' Kirchoff/Figure/Milos Kirchoff
Mark McKinnon
as Guard One
Stu 'Large' Riley
as Maurice
Val Rich
as Irina's Boyfriend
Bryce Pinkham
as Newton Purcell
Dave T. Koenig
as Loan Officer
Katherine Willis
as Moira Tyche
Lois Smith
as Lucy Game
Mark Lehneman
as Debate Viewer/Man On Cell Phone/Man in Security Video/Miami Hotel Guest/Restaurant Patron
Ted Koch
as Andrew Wyatt
Mariann Aalda
as Mrs. Wempon/Risa Peña
Sulekha Ebelle
as Teacher
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as David Levine
Dominic Comperatore
as Security Captain
Tamara Fay
as Vivian
Amir Arison
as Aram Mojtabai
Sarah Stiles
as Receptionist
Adam Lindo
as Joe
Bruce Faulk
as Bobby J
Ras Enoch McCurdie
as Kasim
Amar S.
as Sebastian
Alana O'Brien
as Monica
Jay Wilkison
as Colin Knox
Agneeta Thacker
as Reva Jawal
David Pendleton
as Old Man #1
David Shumbris
as Agent #1/Detective #1/TAC Officer
Millie Tirelli
as Ana Hernandez
Jared Johnston
as Stav
Louis Cancelmi
as Gaia
Thomas Philip O'Neill
as Abe
Richard Tovish
as Garvey Merc #2
Josh Bonzie
as Dino Dixon
Roger Brenner
as Pedestrian/Washington DC EMT/EMT/Park Goer/WashingtonDC/Bar Patron/Brussels Paramedic/DC Police Officer/Library of Congress Tour Guide/Maryland EMT/Maryland State Trooper/Medical Exaiminer/Miami Dade County Paramedic/NSA Government Employee/News Cameraman/Teacher
Finnerty Steeves
as Linda McFaden
Jonathan Holtzman
as Chuck
Chloe Freeman
as Jax
Angela Pierce
as Libby Bishop
Isabella Way
as Diane
Mary B. Ward
as Donna Hastings
Kristina Behr
as Reporter
Ginger Mason
as Agnes Keen
Joe Pallister
as Fire Captain
Spenser Granese
as Jason
Nikolai Tsankov
as Petrov
Joy Suprano
as Female MC
Michael Pauley
as SWAT Commander
Jonathan Lee
as Red's Associate #2/Vargas' Man
Nikiya Mathis
as Jennifer
Alexander Martin Jones
as Large Man (AKA Silvio)
Dave Konig
as Jerry Lonnergan
Sherman Howard
as Peter Pruitt
Thea McCartan
as Anesthesiologist/Detective
Ray Crisara
as Chief of Hotel Security
Natasha Straley
as Nurse #2
Michael J Rogers
as Tommy Wattles
Emily Bennett
as Young Mother
Alex Drummond III
as Community member
Joe Gately
as Detective Gibbs
John Sanders
as Jeff Gregg
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Judge
Michael Pemberton
as Heidegger
Nicole Lewis
as Pre-Op Nurse
Ross Degraw
as Mr. Crane
Vinny DeGennaro
as Bodie Fuqua
Justin Saj
as Driver
Julia Blanchard
as Daughter
RJ Brown
as Malik Roumain
Kadia Saraf
as Maya Elazar
Sarah Kell
as Agnes Keen/Agnes Keen #3
Reed Birney
as Tom Connolly
Demosthenes Chrysan
as Farzin
Kate Nowlin
as Karen Brodine
J. Alphonse Nicholson
as Vasilis
Toussaint Raphael Abessolo
as Haitian Buyer
Doug Montgomery
as Team Leader
Joel Bissonnette
as Lyle Fisher
Chris Kipiniak
as Gunman Two
Adam Godley
as Silas Gouldsberry
Chris Lazzaro
as Mossad Agent
Patrick Husted
as Justice
Tim Ruddy
as Interpol Agent
Karl Kenzler
as Jacob Mercer
Christine James Walker
as Cooper's Aide
Rob Giumarra
as Cop #5
Kineta Kunutu
as Blake Brown
Lawrence Jansen
as Albert Dennison
Zina Wilde
as Nurse
Richard R. Corapi
as Equity Employee at Desk
Anthony Fazio
as Jared
Linda Glick
as Guest #2
Pearl Sun
as Dr. Dara Lin
Emeka Guindo
as Boy #1
Mark Blum
as Noah Shuster
Gabriel Ebert
as Theo
Jojo Gonzalez
as Oscar
John Shea
as Senator Brian Warwick
Bernard Rachelle
as Lou Tyche
Janel Moloney
as Kat Goodson
Mark Zimmerman
as Warren
Jabari Gray
as Bomb Tech #2
Jim O'Hare
as Dr. Marcus Joffe
Cathy Salvodon
as Potential Juror #2/School Teacher
Mark Deklin
as Gov. Richard Sweeney
Oliver Henzler
as Smuggler
Carey MacLaren
as Student
Renata Hinrichs
as Reporter #4
Christine Lin
as Nurse #1
Andhy Méndez
as Med Tech #1
Joseph Siravo
as Niko Demakis
Beth Dixon
as Jill Lassiter
Michelle Vo
as Susan
Anastassia Krainik
as Irina
Heidi Armbruster
as Wendy Roland
Sujata Eyrick
as Crime Lord #2
Ellen Harvey
as Anne Mauler
Otto Sanchez
as Michael Carpus
Camila Perez
as Sofia Salgado
Andrew Pang
as Henry Cho
Anna Fikhman
as Employee
Matt Wall
as Partner
Quentin Earl Darrington
as Lieutenant Cobb
Cory Stonebrook
as Tech
Andrew Howard
as Milo
Joseph Daniel Murphy
as Boardwalk Child/Park Goer
Tracey Ilgner
as Receptionist
Jeremy Burnett
as Strip Club Worker
Poorna Jagannathan
as Nirah Ahmad
Marcia DeBonis
as Delores
Carey Van Driest
as Bronwyn
Greg Cohan
as SWAT #2
Ana Nogueira
as Lena Mercer
Ajay Naidu
as Mahmoud Iqbal
Wade Mylius
as Fischbauch
Parminder Nagra
as Meera Malik
Johnny Bermudez
as Officer #2
David Fonteno
as Senator Sheridan
Eric Freeman
as Tyler Whitmore
Roman Blat
as Serbian
Al Roker
as Al Roker
Joy Lynn Jacobs
as Assistant
Matt Meinsen
as Suspicious Guard
Faith Logan
as Airport Traveler/Diner Patron/Onlooker
Reathel Bean
as Officer Duncan
Matt Golden
as Dog Owner
Dan McCabe
as Borakove
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Matt Quill
Olivia Boreham-Wing
as Blair
Todd A. Horman
as Manager
Brian Corrigan
as Clerk
Aman Singh Mukar
as Officer
Kevin Kilner
as Chris Farnsworth
Mamie Parris
as Janet/Prescott's Wife
Darren Lipari
as Charlie
Meng Ai
as Troll #1
Arturo Luís Soria
as Rory
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Hospital Orderly/Pedestrian
Lilli Stein
as Riley Emerson
Tristan Laurence Perez
as Bomb Tech #1
Katherine Roarty
as Host
Ava Paloma
as Woman
Ryan Jordan McCarthy
as Officer
Bobby Mittelstadt
as Unit 1
Wayne Maugans
as Man in the Ballcap
Katie Kocik
as Mom with stroller/Park Goer
James Moses Black
as Adika Buhari
Elizabeth Lail
as Natalie Luca
Terrence Mann
as Harris Van Ness
Jack Hammel
as NA Group Leader
Anthony Bells
as Samir
Jonny Coyne
as Ian Garvey
Maury Ginsberg
as Dr. Campbell Meyer
Malcolm Nicholas
as Victor Fokin
Brian Smyj
as Mover #1
Justin Morck
as Meeks
Geoff Lee
as Jin
Famke Janssen
as Susan Hargrave
Emily Kell
as Agnes Keen/Agnes Keen #2
Sanjit De Silva
as Navabi's British Embassy Contact
Christopher Dylan White
as Jacob
Steve Mason
as Henchman
Mark Campbell
as Swat Agent
Verlon Brown
as Correctional Officer
Jason Martin
as Werm
Rana Roy
as Priya Laghari
Dan Domingues
as Rafael Gallejo
Scott Eliasoph
as Swat FBI
Annet Mahendru
as Agent Rosen
Caitlin Mehner
as Amy Dowd/Lisa Neil
Vesselin Todorov-Vinnie
as Ordinary Man/Ordinary man
Kerri Lynn Miller
as Stroller Lady
Fisher Stevens
as Marvin Gerard
Larry Bryggman
as Rod Uhlman
Peter Scanavino
as Christopher Maly/Craig Keen
Sharon Talbot
as Grandmother
Geraldine Hughes
as Dr. Nina/Dr. Nina Buckner
Matthew Miniero
as Vincent Peretti
Octavio Gómez Berríos
as Tony Mejia
Armand Schultz
as Marlin Heiden
Sarah Wynter
as Rebecca Thrall
as Mercenary
John Halas
as ERF #2
Corey Mach
as Marshall #2
Kevin Sibley
as Security Guard
Nicholas Robertson
as Afghan boy
Holly Chou
as Dr. Briggs
Jelena Stupljanin
as Vasilia Patinka
Juan Carlos Hernández
as Ceasar Bico
Elizabeth Gallagher
as Volleyball Player #1
Frank Pando
as George
Donnie Lyons
as Phil Yoder
Joseph Dellger
as Lawyer
Peter McRobbie
as Man on the Phone
Brian Sheppard
as James Dalman
Stephanie Berry
as Susan Ames
Steven Cambria
as Liam
Adam Griffin
as Hostel Manager/National Diagnostics Lab President
Richard Gallagher
as Morgan Brujo
Cristian Balint
as Dmitri
David Meunier
as Louis T. Steinhil/Rene Oban
Patricia Kalember
as Anna Hopkins
Steven Hauck
as Russell Pritchard
Jorge Luna
as Bartender
Juan M. Encarnación
as TAC Team Leader
Patrick Page
as Rene Le Bron
María Cellario
as Art Collector
Brian Myers Cooper
as AUSA Ken Spears
Jeff Auer
as Mason Carlton
Ben Hernandez Bray
as Gunman on Bridge
Ron Yuan
as Quon Zhang
Lucy Martin
as Wife
Marsha Stephanie Blake
as Janet MacNamara
Alon Aboutboul
as Kiryl Morozov
Michael Oldroyd
as Party Attendee
Nick Reynolds
as Zach Smoll
Andy English
as Leander
David Mason
as AUSA Sam Horan
Josh Alscher
as Skinny Mechanic
Cindy Lee
as Wife
Tara Gadomski
as BBC Reporter
Jenn Harris
as Auto Tech
Jim True-Frost
as Gordon Kemp
James Naughton
as Hayworth
Drew Reade
as Spotter
Marty Lawson
as Townsend's Man
Edmund Donovan
as Tobias Carlyle
Ben Gougeon
as Hotel Employee
Jeff Panzarella
as Freight Manager
Ito Aghayere
as Jessica Piha
David Hywel Baynes
as Paris Genet
David Millstone
as Coogan Hudnutt
Blair Busbee
as Zoe
Richard Hollis
as Michale Muhlbach
Barbara Thomas
as CDC Agent
Bradley Icart
as Tyler
Candice Lam
as Young Woman
Robby Johnson
as Big John
Jasmin Walker
as Aide
Natalie Paul
as Frankie Campbell
David Andrew Macdonald
as Wujing's Associate
Emilie Miller
as Nurse
Andre B. Blake
as Dr. Mark Child
Christian Frazier
as HRT Operator
Amaia Arana
as Jenna Randall
Thedra Porter
as Jury Foreman
Boris Zilberman
as Russian Rebel #1
David Berman
as Dr. Ogden Maguire/Dr. Maguire
Jonathan Tindle
as The Technician
Camille Natta
as Liam's Wife
Dawn Yanek
as Reporter
Victor Cruz
as Paul Blankenship
Luis Da Silva Jr.
as Carlos
Bjorn DuPaty
as Nestor
Jacqueline Knapp
as Anne Lance
Matt Stadelmann
as Buck Miller
Nellesa Walthour
as Agent Paula Danforth
Sean Bridgers
as Nyle Hatcher
Joshua Close
as Julian Powell
Mark Ivanir
as Ivan
Leajato Amara Robinson
as Crime Lord #3
Robert Emmet Lunney
as Geoffrey Hill
Alexander Pennecke
as Drug Dealer
Jennifer Knox
as Piper
Julia Cusworth
as UN Tour Guide
Linda Marie Larson
as Mrs. Margaret James
Laith Nakli
as Yousef
Greg Brostrom
as Guard
Ryan Scott Thomas
as Patron #2
Mary Elaine Ramsey
as Eileen
Ryan M. Shaw
as Guitarist
Corey Brown
as Guard #1
Amani Emanuel
as Child Soldier #1
Scott Jaeck
as Chief Bill Russell
Daniel Danielson
as Motel Manager
David Alford
as Mysterious Man
Panama Redd
as Customer Service Rep
Chris Kies
as Douglas
Rajesh Bose
as Agent Patel
John Rue
as General Baxter
Aaron Walker
as Security Officer
Jeremy Parise
as Guard #1
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Berlin's Assistant
James Riordan
as Ian Wright
Miles Arcan
as Officer #4
Joseph Melendez
as SWAT Nick Reyes
Delphina Belle
as Beth
Amr El-Bayoumi
as Alliance Member #2
Ruth Aguilar
as Administrator
Jordana Keller
as Eileen Krupp-Senator's Daughter
Josh Evans
as Male Hostage
Brian Nemiroff
as Abductor
Chin Han
as Wujing
Omar Evans
as Ward Clerk
Barbara Schulz
as Laurence Dechambou
Paul Niebanck
as Mitchell Pruitt
Jonathan Wilde
as Radio Merc
Stephen Conrad Moore
as Cornelius Goga
David Furr
as Ben Charnquist
Nathan Maurice Goldberg
as Jimmy
Constantin Tripes
as Orderly
Jearnest Corchado
as Anna-Gracia Duerte
Ann Arvia
as Gretchen
James Chen
as Lee Chung
Alexandra Neil
as Giny Mitchell
Ivan Quintanilla
as Adjunct
Tommy Buck
as Second Guard
Laura Shoop
as Sara Mitchell
Max Casella
as Henry Morris
Gary Private
as Meathead
Michael Frederic
as Treasury Chief
John Weigand
as Banker
Susan Blackwell
as Judge Drucker
James Spader
as Raymond 'Red' Reddington
Albert Jones
as Richard Vitaris
Larry Bull
as HRT Commander
Gerardo Rodriguez
as Rogelio
Tyler Hanes
as Pittsburgh Agent
Curt James
as GEN Reporter
Elizabeth Inghram
as Nicole Baldwin/Surgeon
Dominique Lawson
as Reggie
Betsy Aidem
as Della Whitmore
Sharon Gee
as Shopkeeper
Patrick Cooley
as Nolan
Aaron Morton
as Security Guard #1
Elena Hurst
as Dee Torres
Christine Toy Johnson
as News Anchor
Richard Shoberg
as Edward Knobbs
Henry Lopez
as ND Agent
Dominic Marcus
as Quiet Man
Marie Zoumanigui
as Ella
Justin Kirk
as Nathaniel Wolfe
Julie DeBellis
as Human trafficking victim
Geoffrey Owens
as Dresner
Brian Wiles
as Officer McGinnis
Tom Kemnitz Jr.
as Bellhop
Blaire Brooks
as Pharmacist
Paul Schoeffler
as Mr. Brun
Timothy Devlin
as Mr. Coleman
Aria Kane
as Young Liz Keen
Sean T. Krishnan
as Adesh Patel
Amber Skye Noyes
as Pepper
Matthew McCurdy
as Shooter
Ryan O'Nan
as Eric Trettel
Tim Barker
as William Dowd
Dion Graham
as Gib Horn
Michael Wetherbee
as Marshal #1
Ryan Andes
as Sofia Burke's Partner
Kapil Bawa
as Dariush
Dominic Colón
as Arturo Ruiz
Frederick Weller
as Joe Peracchio
Mauricio Ovalle
as Alejandro Gomez
Pilar Witherspoon
as Susan Pelt
Nathaniel Stampley
as NSC Official
Trevor Zhou
as FBI Clerk
Christine Lahti
as Laurel Hitchin
Drew Gehling
as Skip Hadley
Galway McCullough
as Driver
Mylinda Hull
as Waitress
Nico Coucke
as Operative #1

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 23 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2017 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 22 Episodes

Season 7

2019 | 19 Episodes

Season 8

2020 | 22 Episodes

Season 9

2021 | 1 Episodes




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