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October 19, 2021
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About this title


"The Affair" explores the emotional/psychological effects of two affairs. Young diner waitress Alison and her husband, rancher Cole, are struggling -- personally and financially -- in the wake of tragedy. Noah, a settled teacher and would-be novelist, is summering at his in-laws' Hamptons estate with his wife, Helen, and four kids. When Noah meets Alison, they begin an affair. For her, he's a welcome escape; for him, she's a pretty distraction. But, they could end two marriages -- one that's a bit shaky, the other that was on solid ground.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 12, 2014

Also Known As: The Affair, El affaire |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

husband wife relationship
extramarital affair

Company Credits

Production Co: Showtime


Ashley North
as Farmers Market Patron
Alfredo Diaz
as Cook/Line Cook/Lobster Roll Chef
Russell Hornsby
as Carl Gatewood
Wyatt Hinz
as Bro
Victoria Vance
as Presenting Woman
James Lloyd Reynolds
as Clerk
Artie Brennan
as Doctor
KeiLyn Durrel Jones
as Officer Chris Gibbons
Emily Browning
as Sierra
Jenson Smith
as Gushing Young Woman
Michael Braun
as EJ
Symonne Harrison
as Lillian
Brian Oblak
as Tall Passenger
Daniel Gibson
as Musician #1
Lindsay Perry
as Nicole
Beatrice Tulchin
as Dancer #2
Anastasia Barzee
as Trish
Perrey Reeves
as Andrea
Tyler Clark
as Tali
Jennifer Jason Leigh
as Adeline
Luke Matthew Simon
as Boy Playing Bruce
Carolina Ravassa
as Jules/Young Woman
Alexandra Mountsier
as A Cappella Singer
Topher Mikels
as Employee
Thomas Murphy Sr.
as Restaurant Patron
Jessica Hecht
as Carolina
Billy Choi
as Male Cashier
Marquis Rodriguez
as Moving Van Kid #2
Elizabeth Stanley
as Cynthia Rainer
Jakeim Hart
as Surfer #2
Jacob Goodhart
as Undergraduate #2
Aaron Coleman
as Producer
Aurora Leonard
as Waitress
Christopher Avila
as Jaime
Karina Logue
as Dana Klass
Eric Nelsen
as Bram
Donovan Scott
as Neighbor
Jojo Nwoko
as Tarell
Sandra Daley
as Shandy
Lance Roberts
as Big Guy/Head Librarian
Marin Hinkle
as Therapist
JoNell Kennedy
as Kristina
Steven Ted Beckler
as Citizen 1
Caylie Rae Kalmbach
as Delilah
Elizabeth Gaba
as A Cappella Singer
Paulina Alvarez
as Gabrielle
Anastasia Antonia
as Dancer #1
Kelly Deadmon
as Tory
Annie Funke
as Hotel Clerk
Christopher Chen
as Man in Bathroom
Christine Duke
as Waitress
Kaylah Sharve' Baker
as A Cappella Singer
Bettina Skye
as Hamptonite
Brendan Fraser
as John Gunther
Chelsea Maidhof
as Megan
Alex J. Joseph
as Bro #1
Megan Russell
as Perky Dancer
Jocelin Donahue
as Anna
Dan O'Brien
as Seth
Emily McKinley Hill
as Tattooed Girl
Peggy Dunne
as Midwife
Nadia Gan
as Madeline Lim
Christine Horn
as Sarah
Geoffrey Arend
as Leif Devlin
Phil Oddo
as Party Guest/Restaurant Customer
Danielle K. Thomas
as Young Nurse
Tracy Shayne
as Party Guest
Charles Techman
as Elderly Man
Johanna Day
as District Attorney
Savannah Grella
as Joanie/Joanie Lockhart
Didi Costine
as Young Girl
Clea Lewis
as Simone
Dana de Celis
as Waitress
Danny Fischer
as Hal Lockhart/Hal
Keilly McQuail
as Waitress
Landen M. Lomot
as Gabriel
as Officer Santos
Courtney Leigh Goodwin
as Winter Traveler
Terryn Westbrook
as Reporter
Ana Reeder
as Kaylee
Marcus Callender
as Reggie
Lohrasp Kansara
as Maurice
Manon Balay
as Whitney Look-a-Like
Sabina Gadecki
as Hannah
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Dr. Henry
Morgan Wolk
as Beautiful Girl
Roderick McCarthy
as Guard
as Young Woman
Ron Canada
as Judge Polk
Tim Guinee
as Grant Finley
Melissa Navia
as Waitress
Ryan Alvarez
as Airline Employee
Tracy Thayne
as Party Guest
Olivia Twarowski
as Birthday Party Guest
Ramon Rodriguez
as Ben Cruz
Sharon Omi
as Greeter
Lucius Baybak
as Campbell
Jasmine Batchelor
as Charlette
Kay Aston
as Michelle
Cindy Cheung
as Woman at Ballet Class
Charlotte Rothwell
as British Woman
Phoebe Tonkin
as Delphine
Cameron Deyell
as Musician #4
Mark Hattan
as Pastor
Sean Kleier
as Will
Tom Galantich
as Tory's Husband
Donna Wandrey
as Event Guest
Howard W. Overshown
as Mechanic/Jake the Mechanic
Nick Epper
as Cop #2
Lyriq Bent
as Paul
Joshua LeBar
as Adam Shapiro
Jeff Pierre
as Jordan
Ed Moran
as J.P.
Ellison Randell
as Baby Eddie
Liza Fernandez
as Clipboard Nurse
Moise Morancy
as Kareem
Mare Winningham
as Cherry Lockhart
Courtney Reed
as Attractive Woman
Dominic West
as Noah Solloway
Lyrica Okano
as Chrissy
Alexis Bronkovic
as Waitress
Kathleen Chalfant
as Margaret Butler
Lizzie Prestel
as Suzie
Zenobia Shroff
as Priya Ullah
Kate Greer
as Alina Murphy
Susie Stewart Rubio
as Noah's Mom
Teddy Bergman
as Brian
Ana Tuazon Parsons
as Ultrasound Technician
Morgan Grace Jarrett
as Samantha
Maura Tierney
as Helen Solloway
Joanna Gleason
as Yvonne
AJ Velasquez
as Hamptonite
Sarah Wilson
as Melanie
Max Lawrence
as Beverly Hills Car Salesman
Kyle Schliefer
as Tall Student
Grasie Mercedes
as Breathy Woman
Shirley Jordan
as Foundation Chairwoman
Frédérique Tirmont
as Celia Desroches
Charlie Le Grice
as Party Guest
Olivia Baptista
as Waitress
Eileen Galindo
as Mariel Rodriguez
Tobias Jelinek
as Joey Nichols
Pierre Aussedat
as Dr. Herbert
Elia Monte-Brown
as Dr. Bachvarova
Hunter Emery
as Security Guard
Danielle Lee Greaves
as Marlena
Tessa Auberjonois
as Ellen
Cindy Katz
as Chairwoman
Max Fowler
as Colin
Adam Shapiro
as Joel
Lauryn Kennedy Hardy
as Girl Playing Small Alison
Jane Fergus
as Reporter #1
Robin Skye
as Party Guest #1
Emmett Ferguson
as Noah's Classmate
Mark Margolis
as Arthur Solloway
Peyton Lusk
as Ollie
Avey Noble
as Son
Jack Haley
as Santa
Mandell Maughan
as Cashawn
Tijuana Ricks
as Policewoman
Rich Chew
as Customer #1
Colin Donnell
as Scotty Lockhart
Sawyer Shipman
as Sick Child
Kandiss Crone
as Molly
Xander Franco
as Jaden
Omar Metwally
as Dr. Vik Ullah
Kerry Flanagan
as On-Looker #1
Rachel Hilson
as Student Tour Guide
Marko Caka
as Party Guest
J.J. Gonzalez
as EMT Tech
Pressly Coker
as Jake
Dominique Fishback
as Keisha
Genson Blimline
as Bartender
Kaili Vernoff
as Joan
Vincent Tumeo
as Wedding Guest
Natalie Wetta
as Student #1
Kwabena Ampofo
as Mover
Phil Cappadora
as Orderly
Darren Goldstein
as Oscar Hodges
Regina McKee Redwing
as Hospice Nurse/Hospice Nurse Regina
Nicolette Robinson
as Jane
Jo Yang
as Dr. Parry
Jolene Andersen
as Lois
Tim Matheson
as James
Mason Jennings
as Singer
Deborah Rayne
as Officer #2
Brittany Ishibashi
as Jules
Wendy Pearson
as Athena's Friend
Jose Velazquez
as Carlos
Laurence Blum
as Delivery guy
Eric B. Anthony
as Valet
Kate Skinner
as Female Realtor
James Thomas Bligh
as Police Officer
Sarah Ramos
as Audrey
Virginia Kull
as Dr. D'Amato
Noa Tishby
as Conference Woman
Sebastian Quinn
as Nude Man
Megan Duffy
as Erica
Caroline Lindy
as Brianna
Sunit Gupta
as Hindu Priest
Vincent Reina
as Nate
James Andrew O'Connor
as Stevie
Max Emerson
as Hot Guy
Mary Beth Kraese
as Hamptonite
Elliot Villar
as Andrew Nunez
Brandon Smalls
as Young Guy
Sam Oz Stone
as Cashier
Anna Friedman
as Girl #1
Marilyne Canto
as Isabelle
Danny Ramirez
as Moving Van Kid #1
Elisabeth Hower
as Hailey
Joel-Ryan Armamento
as Waiter #2
Clay Hollander
as Brooklyn
Blair Brown
as Dr. Gunderson
Michael Genet
as Headmaster
Sofiya Akilova
as Isla
Frank De Julio
as Bradley
Keith Mackler
as Farmers Market Vendor
Brooke Lyons
as Eden Ellery
Kenneth Kopolovicz
as Fire Chief
Lois Smith
as Mrs. Gunther
Jennifer Esposito
as Nina Solloway
Agathe Dronne
as Catherine
Alyssa Cheatham
as Dancer #3
David Lavine
as Stranger
Kim Sykes
as Gigi
Lavinia Jones Wright
as Lavinia Lockhart/Lavinia
Cade Lappin
as Henry
Nick Sullivan
as Doug
Maci Ferrigno
as Joanie
Wakeema Hollis
as Hot Female
Mireille Crocco
as Nude Woman
Dina Meyer
as Julie Christiansen
Annika Marks
as Abby
Eliot Millman
as Auctioneer Codger
Chet Anekwe
as Guard
Clem Cheung
as Mr. Yang
Tricia Brouk
as Ballet Teacher
Jamie Theurich
as Court Gallery Member
Kaija Matiss
as Mary-Kate Lockhart
Gabrielle Lee
as Trauma Doctor
Edan Heymann
as Young Noah
Matt Walton
as Police Officer
Bill Winkler
as Man
James Lorinz
as Sal Laterza
Neal Huff
as Mr. Guttman
Kelsey Fowler
as Girl Playing Medium Alison
Kc Monnie
as Wedding dancer
Roger Brenner
as Hospital Administrator
Stella Tapis
as Joannie
Carmen Cabrera
as Triage Nurse
Eliza Shin
as Receptionist
Stephen Kunken
as Harry
Kiri Hartig
as Alison/Pru
Karen Morris
as Party Guest
Samuel Smith
as Danny
David Goldman
as Medical Examiner
Nadine Ellis
as Amy
Julia Goldani Telles
as Whitney Solloway
Jim Carlson
as Police Officer
Thai Douglas
as Passenger 2
Richard Schiff
as Jon Gottlief
Katya Martín
as Lily
Patrick Devaney
as Party Guest
James Cavlo
as Patricio
Amie Markowitz
as Hamptonite
Mircea Oprea
as Production Crew
Reagan Grella
as Joanie/Joanie Lockhart
Jaidyn Triplett
as Thea
Caitlin Brown
as Young Teacher
Denise Cormier
as Dr. Sussman
Deborah Ayorinde
as Jessa
Gian-Murray Gianino
as Young Arthur
Catalina Sandino Moreno
as Luisa Leon
Norman Towns
as Jonathan
Stephen Sullivan
as Hippie
Raleigh Dean Craighead
as Weekender
Michael Pemberton
as Justice
Jessalyn Wanlim
as Lizzie
Ross Degraw
as Cab Driver
Ngozi Jane Anyanwu
as Prostitute #2
Juliet Lopez
as AD/Lisa
Julian Works
as Angel
Mozhan Marnò
as Petra
Giselle Monterroso
as Cherise
Ali Saam
as Imam
Tyrone Marshall Brown
as Blake
Josh McClenney
as Karaoke Emcee
Hélène Cardona
as Voice
David Starzyk
as Ron
Jamie VanDyke
as Rolled Oats' Grocery Shopper
James Eckhouse
as Fertility Specialist
Danielle Thorpe
as Teacher
Haley Rawson
as Mom
Kristen Bush
as Phoebe
Dylan Bluestone
as Teenage Boy
Kate Simses
as Rebecca
Tyler Evans
as Reporter #2
Max von Essen
Onika Day
as Stylist Amy
Janel Moloney
as Ariel
Dawson Randell
as Baby Eddie
Jordan Carlos
as Ernest Schiffbaum
Ava Settel
as Sabine
John Doman
as Bruce Butler
Jeremy Shamos
as Jeremy Kramos
Ella Dershowitz
as Undergraduate #1
Lynn Chen
as Mrs. Wong
Tim Peper
as Jack
Doug Trapp
as Pastor
Guy Burnet
as Mike Cornwall
Arielle Ingrassia-Smith
as Bookstore Patron
Emma Beloserkovsky
as Dancer #1
Kenneth Lee
as Mr. Chen
Claire Glassford
as Girl in Crowd
Rachel Nicks
as Waitress
Amira Guindo
as Stella
Joshua Jackson
as Cole Lockhart
Natalie Roy
as Jenny
Nikita Tewani
as Female Student
Breeda Wool
as Mrs. Cruz
Megan Ketch
as Gaelle
Jacy King
as Flight Attendant
Meghan Wolf
as Michelle-Like Customer
Feodor Chin
as Chen
Ashley Rideaux
as Cop #1
Justin Adams
as Photographer
Tracie Thoms
as Joyce
Irene Ng
as Ms. Ma
Kaytlin Borgen
as Female Flight Attendant
Jorga Caye
as Meeting
Elizabeth Brown
as A Cappella Singer
Fernando Martinez
as Victor
Meadow Ferrigno
as Joanie
Paul Bomba
as Male Nurse
McCristol Harris
as Midwestern Guy
Nat Cassidy
as Moderator
Zuhair Haddad
as Abdul Ullah
Lou Liberatore
as Paul
Phoebe Dorin
as Woman
Elise Kibler
as Salesgirl
Elisabeth Gray
as Young Mother
Mykal-Michelle Harris
as Madeline
April Szykeruk
as Prisoner's Wife
Kenya Brome
as Nurse Reagan
Odette Warder Henderson
as Upper Class Lady
Nick Fondulis
as Clay
Teresa Yenque
as Miranda
Kate Hamilton
as Cass
Odiseas Georgiadis
as Male Student
Iba Amar
as Adam
Liz Eldridge
as Singer
Patrick Bauchau
as Etienne/Guillaume
Christopher Meyer
as Anton Gatewood
Charise Greene
as Lobster Roll Server/Waitress
Starla Benford
as Cassandra Perry
Justin Morck
as Handsome Russian Man
Samantha Sherman
as Prostitute #1
David Gibson
as Musician #2
Brian Dykstra
as Paul
Tony Roach
as Hammond
Nina Nelson
as A Cappella Singer
Kailani Coba
as Teenage Girl
Mei Melançon
as Young Doctor
Stew Jetson
as Evacuee
Christian Navarro
as Jed
Dakota Shapiro
as Isaac
Steven Fierberg
as Taxi Driver
Jake Siciliano
as Martin Solloway
Nancy Ma
as Grace
as Belly Laugh Man
Irène Jacob
as Juliette Le Gall
Annmarie Murphy
as Restaurant Patron
Allison McAtee
as Laine
Kimberly Huie
as Customer
Chris Meyer
as Officiant
Donna Mitchell
as Old Woman
Mitch Eakins
as Wavelength Surf Employee
Kelly Allen
as Dancer
Remy Ortiz
as Male Flight Attendant
Kate Levy
as Shopkeeper
Opal Alladin
as Dee Dee
Richardson Cisneros-Jones
as Nurse
Lisa Randleman
as Party Guest #2
Robyn Payne
as Nurse
Joseph Anthony Sudol
as Ranch Worker
Jo Twiss
as Linda
Esteban Benito
as Mick
Pete Spano
as Award Ceremony Guest
Karine Plantadit
as Margaux
Amber Borycki
as Hopeful Blonde
Tessa Hope Slovis
as Waitress
Cynthia Nixon
as Marilyn
Raul Roy Berrios Jr.
as Hospital Visitor
Jason Furlani
as Police Officer
Jeff Auer
as Homeowner
Lucy Martin
as Proprietress
Denell Johnson
as Parking Lot Attendant
Shaw Jones
as Traffic Cop
Tom Titone
as Judge
Mariachi Mexico en America
as Mariachi Mexico en America
Quinn VanAntwerp
as Luke Earl
Timothy Sekk
as Timothy
Allison Mackie
as Owner
John Parla
as J.P.
Dean Francois
as Parent
Alan R. Rodriguez
as Security Guard
Lynn Cohen
as Joan Bailey
Sergei Ashurov
as Court Demonstrator
Anna Paquin
as Joanie Lockhart
James Naughton
as Rodney Callahan
Gus Cooper
as Armando Solis
Vincent Cucuzza
as Security Guard
Ajna Jai
as Lila
Paulina Singer
as Ruby
Craig Markowitz
as Hamptonite
Avianna Mynhier
as Waiter #1
A Leslie Kies
as Bree
Diane Kagan
as Estelle
Ryan Forsythe
as Photographer
Ali Marsh
as Lucy
Sophina DeJesus
as Tessa
Misty Monroe
as Check-In Woman
Jadon Sand
as Trevor Solloway
Graham Sibley
as Dale
Lauren Frandsen
as Other Woman
Amy Stewart
as Corinne
Peter Friedman
as Robert
Michael DeBarge
as MTA Attendant
Satomi Hofmann
as Nadine
Katie Flahive
as Cater Waitress
Christopher Wallinger
as Rich Asshole
Kenna Wright
as P.A.
Shaun O'Hagan
as Bartender
Robyn Lively
as Lauren
Heather Ayers
as Wendy
Eric M. Myrick
as Valet
Ruth Wilson
as Alison Bailey
Tate Ellington
as Dashiell
Robert Leh
as Barry
Amy Irving
as Nan
Francis Lloyd Corby
as Frank
René Ifrah
as Detective Romero
Gonzalo Vargas
as Hector
Bettina Bilger
as Weeping Woman
Kathleen McNenny
as Willa
Ava Ulloa
as Jenna
Elizabeth Anweis
as Tria
Devon Lawrence
as A Cappella Singer
William Christopher Stephens
as Sheriff
Adam Mucci
Gina Vitori
as Girl #2
Evelyn Twarowski
as Birthday Party Kid
Lawrence Ballard
as Dad
Jeté Laurence
as Dancer #4
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Detective Stanton
Robert LuPone
as Dennis
Quinn D'Andrea
as A Cappella Singer
Dylan Bibb
as Child at Party
Marisela Zumbado
as Blanca
Austin Ku
as Student #2
Jeff Pomerantz
as John
Jonathan Chang
as Student
Evander Duck Jr.
as Super
Michael I. Goode
as Turf Patron
Richard Wharton
as Funeral Director
Alexandra Jimenez
as Martina
Nicole Elliott
as Rebecca
Laura Leyva
as Mrs. Velez
Nicole Delgado
as Young Woman
J.T. O'Connor
as Detective Woods
James Sloane
as Dad
Josh Stamberg
as Max Cadman
Peggy Blow
as Esmelda
Nicole Brydon Bloom
as Lila
Sophie Mae Reppert
as Natalie
Alexander Stine
as Student
Aleta LaFargue
as Manicurist
Ann Arvia
as Citizen 2
Frank Bernard Smith Jr. III
as Valet
Brett G. Smith
as Police Officer
Todd Cerveris
as Hotel Clerk
Maren Lord
as Student Demonstrator/Young Woman
Dana Drori
as Christianna
Marjorie Johnson
as Secretary
Norman Aaronson
as Cold Springs Diner Patron
Marylouise Burke
as Donna
Chris Lylez
as George
Toy Lei
as Rita
Pallavi Sastry
as Customer
Brenda Ballard
as Gate Attendant
Emilie Chesnais
as Waitress
Adam O'Byrne
as Tony
Michael Godere
as Caleb Lockhart/Caleb
Albert Jones
as Geordie
Christin Marie Nichols
as Dance #2
Rebecca Yim
as A Cappella Singer
Maz Siam
as Jim
Leya Catlett
as Stacey Solloway
Austin Cauldwell
as John
Melinda Tanner
as Older Woman
Tony Plana
as Ben Cruz
Julienne Hanzelka Kim
as Nurse Ligaya
Sebastian Junger
as Sebastian Junger
Douglas Taurel
as Detective Clark
Geoffrey Owens
as Victor
Adrian Gonzalez
as Alex
Dennis Jay Funny
as Swimmer
Abigail Dylan Harrison
as Stacey/Stacey Solloway
Linda Park
as Dr. Woo
Alita LaShae
as Jacqui
Daniel Polo
as Patrick
Tehillah Alphonso
as A Cappella Singer
Julie Jesneck
as Young Mother
Jaymes Jorsling
as Store Clerk
Claes Bang
as Sasha Mann
Jonathan Cake
as Furkat
Cindy Jordan-Meryll
as Leanne
Franck Mercadal
as Coroner
Donal Lardner Ward
as Firefighter Dan
Elizabeth Loyacano
as Denise
Nick Sakai
as Anesthesiologist
Olivia Rose Eierman
as Running Girl
Guy Lockard
as Guard
Alex Ziwak
as Prison Inmate
Deema Aitken
as Sean
Eden Riegel
as Mother
Mick Hazen
as Hot Counselor
Kate Rene Gleason
as Diane
Hope Olaidé Wilson
as Kendra
Shevy Katan
as Jane Look Alike
Mercer Boffey
as Nat
Ariel Kiley
as Yoga Instructor
Michael Gross
as Dr. Ezra Kaplan
Don Castro
as Male Nurse
Roman Fanelli
as Ben/Little Boy
Danny Zuhlke
as Student #1
Sanaa Lathan
as Janelle Wilson
Abigail Kate Thomas
as Girl Playing Alison
Tricia Paoluccio
as Anna
Pedro Morillo Jr.
as Valet
Susan Deming
as Passenger 1
Finnegan George
as Jamie
Matt Van Orden
as On-Looker #2
Victor Williams
as Detective Jeffries
Elizabeth Twining
as Young P.A.
Germain Arroyo
as Eduardo
Sevans Martinez
as Female Nurse
Sarahjane Gibson
as Musician #3
Deirdre O'Connell
as Athena Bailey
John Gleeson Connolly
as Assaulted Passenger
Rebecca Rittenhouse
as Jocelyn
Sini Hill
as VIP Party Guest

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 11 Episodes




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Golden Globes, USA 2015


Golden Globes, USA

Best Television Series - Drama


Golden Globes, USA

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama


Golden Globes, USA

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama

Satellite Awards 2015


Satellite Awards

Best Actress in a Series, Drama


Satellite Awards

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